You’re Kidding, Right?



This from the woman who does not spay or neuter her dogs, who does not take her dogs to the vet, who does not vaccinate her dogs.

Her dogs have never had so much as a rabies vaccine, folks.

Furthermore, due to her complete irresponsibility, her Pyr mutt and her boxer mutt conceived a litter of pups.  Pretty much useless, unwanted dogs.  She had to really work (meaning she had to post repeatedly on her page) that the pups were “available” (translation: for sale).

And then she threatened to kill one of them if somebody  didn’t take him off her hands.  She couldn’t even be bothered to post anything about him on her own business page for fear that her clients would find out what a worthless pet owner she is.

To boot, she tells us that the mother of these useless dogs was pregnant yet again when she was shot by a resident for being aggressive after they abandoned the dogs on their property and went to enjoy themselves in a motel.

What we don’t care about, Nicole Naugler, is you.


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  1. They had $45,000 and didn’t think to HIRE someone to stay at their residence/open air camp for the two weeks that they were elsewhere. Stay classy, Joe & Nicole. Nor did they use any of that money to get any of their dogs or cats spayed/neutered.

    They have shown photos of cats at the Blessed Little Abattoir. I don’t recall any mention of them altered.


  2. two weeks that they were elsewhere

    Two months.

    And of course they didn’t. Animal welfare is low on the priority list.


  3. Two months? Two months?!?! They left their animals alone for that long. Yeah I wasn’t following them closely when the kids were taken, I had already washed my hands of those nut jobs by the time the kids were taken. I had heard rumors that they were staying in a hotel but I had no clue they were there that long. What kind of cruel human being abandons their animals? I certainly know I would never trust my animals to some piece of crap willing to abandon animals, let alone a pregnant dog.


  4. Whoops. Well, that just makes it exponentially worse, doesn’t it. So Angel the boxer was pregnant and the average gestation for a dog is 58-68 days (let’s say 65 days for Angel). So someone was also supposed to take care of their dog after she’s whelped and corral all the puppies and contain them…somehow?

    I wonder if Joe and Nicole charged their friend for the privilege of driving up their craptacular driveway to feed and water all their animals. Did they have to provide water from their own home to take care of the critters too? I can’t imagine Joe or Nicole driving back daily with 50 gallons or so.


  5. I swear if I see “liable” instead of “libel” one more time I am going to jump in my car and drive straight down to Kentucky to administer some nose punches.


  6. “I swear if I see “liable” instead of “libel” one more time I am going to jump in my car and drive straight down to Kentucky to administer some nose punches.”

    Don’t forget misusing “affect” for “effect” and vice versa.


  7. What? And wasn’t it Nicole that said she had checked the shelters and there were no vacancies, for Ranger? She was already set to make Ranger another “red flagged” dog.

    Does she feel elevated, after posting the Ranger ultimatum post. To appeal to dog lovers to find him a home or else he would meet his demise in a week.

    With her pet dog ownership practices, she is most assuredly a contributor to the problem of overfilled shelters. Passively or intentionally breeding for mixed mutt pups. No neutering/spay. Who knows if there was possibility of inbreeding. No vet check ups for worms, diseases and so on. No puppy shots and worming. Training issues. The shelters are full of these types of discarded pet dogs. You know, the ones that “don’t fit in”.

    Like the red flagged at the shelter, there should be a white flag at the ‘stead. SOS..


  8. Nicole is desperate to deflect her stupendous error of threatening to kill Ranger if others didn’t solve the problem she created. She is posting really stupid shit like this at a pace that is feverish even for her. She is cussing at people on her business page which is making her look really, really bad. This is my personal favorite:
    “Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC Not really appropriate language for this page but it’s my page, so…
    I’ve had this on my phone for a few weeks” What follows is a meme that features these words: Fucktards, Asshats, Twatwaffles, Cuntcakes and Dicknipples.
    She is truly an idiot. Even if I didn’t believe any of the negative reviews, if I had read these words I would not have given her my business and would have made sure everyone I knew understood how vulgar she is.


  9. She is so far removed from reality as are a good number of her sycophants. She expected sympathy upon the revelation that Angel was pregnant again with more hard-to-place mutts when she met her demise. Indiscriminate breeding of unwanted companion animals for a few bucks is disgusting.

    Now she is trying to murk the waters by mixing issues. She claims that people do not understand difference between pets and livestock. Baloney. Her free-ranging inhumanely-slaughtered livestock fare no better than her pets.


  10. Peg,

    I don’t know much about Nicole’s business other than where it is and how to avoid it (she’s about as stable as a static pencil balancing on its point) but I have seen her in action. My opinion is that she cannot handle people who have done something worthwhile with their lives and who have contributed to the world in a good way. She is sooooooo jealous. And no, Nicole, having nearly a dozen kids you cannot provide for is not a contribution, achievement, or anything that you should be proud of. Rather it is a monumental display of dreadful judgment as are nearly everything you have ever posted on your several accounts through the years. But I digress. I think that Nicole slapped those charming nouns and adjectives on her business’s image because that’s the kind of clientele she relates to and wants. In her circular way she shows all how she regards herself with those vile terms.


  11. “Vaccine Policy It is our policy to allow medical professionals to determine which vaccines your pet needs. It is up to you and your veterinarian to provide a safe level of protection for your pet”

    Ironically, Nicole admits that her policy is to “allow medical professionals to determine which vaccines your pet needs.” HA! She will not let her children anywhere near a Physician, never mind the premise of a medical professional determining vaccines for her pet’s needs.

    As if there weren’t enough evidence, her policy is polar to that of her negligible at-home standard.

    Further, she states that “It is up to you and your veterinarian to provide a safe level of protection for your pet”

    Thus, she recognizes that it is both her and her Vet’s responsibility (to work as a team) to provide for her pet’s health and safety. Even according to her own standards, she is negligent.


  12. “Vaccine Policy It is our policy to allow medical professionals to determine which vaccines your pet needs. It is up to you and your veterinarian to provide a safe level of protection for your pet”

    What is really about this, and it’s the reason my dog would never enter the door of that place, is that all the people who don’t bother with vet care go to her. That means that my dog could be exposed to anything while there.

    The risk isn’t worth it, no matter how cheap the price.

    Rabies vaccinations are required by Kentucky state law.


  13. About a month ago we adopted a puppy from the Breckinridge County Animal Shelter. On the adoption papers it states that we have to give then a copy of his rabies shot and we have to get him nutered and give them a copy of that as well.


  14. The vaccination policy is classic Nicole: Wishy-washy, Slippery language, passive voice, and passing the buck.


  15. I don’t know a groomer in my area that doesn’t require that your dog have at least a current rabies tag before they are even allowed into their shops. You would think Nicole would have the same policy in order to protect her client’s pets, or isn’t rabies a concern in Kentucky? Generally here in Colorado there is an outbreak of terrestrial rabies among skunks, raccoons and rabbits etc. every year and then those animals come in contact with household pets. My husband shot a raccoon a couple years ago that was out in broad daylight in our pasture that he brought to the health dept. that tested positive for it. I think you’d be nuts not to have your animals vaccinated if you lived in a rural setting ESPECIALLY if you have kids!


  16. 45,000 could have bought two sheds, furnished for 16,000, with sinks, toilets, and beds.

    She’s right..people will always judge her…she can not parent, cook, take care of animals or do proper hygiene on any person or animal.


  17. So, I looked back through my facebook comments to refresh my memory about what and when I posted on BLH about the dogs. I first heard of the Nauglers on 5/12/15 and right away got sucked in trying to figure out what the real story was. It didn’t take long to figure out, as Jack says, that Nicole’s actions contradict her stated beliefs.

    I sensed right away that they had probably bailed on the homestead and that meant that they had left the animals to fend for themselves. My style on facebook was to make comments and ask questions in a positive, non-confrontational tone to evade the ban hammer and to gently and subtly shine a light on her hypocrisy for followers who might be slower to see it. As part of a larger comment on 5/14, I posted this on one of Nicole’s posts.

    I bet people would love to see how this year’s garden is progressing and see what you’ve got planted. Also, they’d probably like to hear how all the animals are doing. Are you getting many eggs from the chickens? Will there be any new baby goats or puppies this year?

    On 5/17 I posted this.

    I’ve been worrying about the animals on the homestead. Is someone there taking care of the dogs and the other critters?

    And this.

    Yes, I hope someone is making sure they’re fed while the parents are away this weekend. I’m also kind of worried that the animals might be doing damage to the property if no one is there to watch them. I hope the goats haven’t gotten into this year’s garden or anything else they could harm. And hopefully someone is keeping the animals’ waste cleaned up so there won’t be a mess that might impact whether the kids get to come back.

    And this.

    I guess that with having their kids removed and wanting them back I was hopeful they would prioritize keeping their place clean even if they hadn’t always before. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t. Aren’t there some people who have offered to give them a hand who could do some pet sitting and animal care this weekend? Or they could pay someone to do it with that portion of the gofundme donations that they said they would use for miscellaneous expenses related to attending hearings and court proceedings and such.


    Also, how are the dogs doing? I have a big soft spot for dogs. We lost our sweet dog a few years ago. We’d had her for more than 15 years since she was a year old. She was such a part of our family.

    As I’m sure you know, dogs are so smart and I really believe they have genuine emotions. How are yours doing with the kids being gone? Hopefully they’re coping with the absence of the kids. I imagine you had someone taking good care of them (and all the animals) over the weekend and they got lots of love and attention then and they’re getting even more now that you and Joe are back home.

    When I made these comments, I had figured out that Joe and Nicole were probably not staying at the homestead but could see that most of the followers were assuming Joe and Nicole were. I would make these kinds of comments, explicitly stating what I believed to be assumptions of followers, to give Nicole, or anyone, an opportunity to set the record straight. Of course, she never did.

    Even though Nicole was responding to other comments and posting all over the place, she evaded addressing what was happening with the dogs. That just confirmed to me, that whatever was happening wasn’t good. To me it was obvious that Nicole and Joe were spending minimal amounts of time, if any, at the homestead (this was before it was discovered that were at a hotel but they had admitted to being away for a weekend and were spending long days at the salon and I think maybe had said they had stayed some nights with friends) and that there was virtually no care or control of the dogs or other animals.

    Nicole, and many of her followers, knew she was willfully neglecting her dogs but they just didn’t care. She knew abandoning the dogs was going to end badly, but she did it anyways. Part of my motivation for leaving those comments was so she and her ardent enablers/defenders couldn’t deny their responsibility for the inevitable harm that would come to the dogs. Of course, by now, we all see that Nicole never takes responsibility and her wacky enablers, for whatever twisted reasons, support her in this. It’s like the more of a hypocrite she is, the more they love her. I just do not understand these people.


  18. Great, a groomer who does not require clients’ dogs to have minimum vaccinations for rabies. Does CPS know that she does not require this and that her children, the elfish slaves in her business, are potentially exposed to this and other diseases?


  19. If the rabies vaccine is required for all dogs in Kentucky, do you think that the Naugler parents at least got that vaccine for their own dogs? I know that in my area, local vets will periodically offer low cost vaccination clinics. Years ago, I took our cats to one when I was a financially-strapped single mom. I was so grateful to those vets who offered the clinic.
    I imagine her grooming clients might be quite horrified to find out she abandoned her own animals for two months, the minute she and Joe realized they would have to care for them when the children were removed from the home. Joe’s tag line ought to be: What me, work? Never gonna happen!


  20. That meme she put on her business page was yet another self destructive act that she will later blame on the so-called trolls when she goes belly up again.

    What that meme did do is throw away any chance she had at a big win defamation and liable (sic) case. Like the shit from her white buckets she just threw any potential money grab into the quasi wilderness.

    Imagine if you will the following scenario:

    She already is an attorney’s worst nightmare. The innumerable phone calls, texts, messages and Facebook posts directed toward the attorney at all hours of the day and night. Does that woman ever sleep? Trying to explain the law to her to have her tell you that you’re wrong because she knows it all, here she has a meme for you that explains it. Talking over everyone in that shrieking staccato method of hers.

    Trying to get real documents from her. Not index cards of all her sock accounts. Not edited videos. Not faked screenshots. Not forced and falsified testimony from her children, or forbid the bloviator himself. Actual authenticated evidence.

    Discovery would be a real eye opener for an attorney of hers. “I don’t care if it says it is my name, it’s my IP address or it traces back to my device. It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it. I never said that. I deleted that so it doesn’t count.”

    Can you imagine asking her a question on the stand that she answers with her own questions, her anger clearly visible. As answer she does give devolves into “it’s your (sic) fault.” As she tells opposing counsel “you are stalking me”. As she tells the judge “you have no authority over me.” It might be worth it just to force her to read that meme aloud to the jury. The jury might stay awake for a change.

    In the end, your case is only as good as your client.


  21. Has anyone read her blog on teaching her children responsible spending and sharing or not sharing, blah blah blah? She talks about the oldest daughter saving over $1000 and now having big responsibilities and someone commented asking if all four of the horses belong to the girl! Oh please tell me it isn’t so!


  22. Oh My…Sally, Sally, Sally. I take a few days off from the cyber world so that MOF (my old fart) and I can get our little weekend fixer upper in the first stages of fixing up and I come back and all of this…I bite my hand in total giddiness of knowing I will have many comments to make and respond to….Yes…to all of what you all are saying but also think about this for just a moment. N is one of those mothers who likes to blame her trendy anti vax ideologies on her resistance to getting her little nuggets vaccinated. She crones on and on about the good dose of natural immunity her children will get should they come down with those pesky but not deadly little childhood diseases like polio, measles, small pox, whooping cough, etc. While I don’t consider her a critical thinker, she isn’t stupid. She knows that the herd immunity will probably keep her children safe from those little childhood annoyances because if there were an outbreak near her, bitch would be down at the health department demanding her nuggets get their dose of the polio vax. I am also pretty certain she is less anti-vax and more too damn lazy to get the kids cleaned up and taken to the health department to get their shots. Imagine taking all those little ones anywhere…let N have all those kids but don’t expect her to take care of them. Nonetheless, she is guaranteed with some certainty that her children are pretty safe from the most deadly of the childhood disease or at least I believe in her stupidity she believes it. For her, it’s let others immunize their kids; let others pay taxes; let others enter the political arena to determine the best person to run our county; let others take care of my dogs when we leave them alone without food or water; let others send me money so I can stay in a hotel and swim and enjoy TV…. She doesn’t even take her children to the doctor or for emergency care when they are lying on the ground puking their little guts out, so why would she even once think her animals would deserve better than her nuggets? I am not surprised that she doesn’t feed her animals because she doesn’t feed her children…they forage. I am also not surprised that she doesn’t provide her animals with vet care or any of the vaccinations that will prevent them from getting those very communicable diseases such as rabies (by the way N, rabies isn’t just a dog and cat disease so there isn’t a herd immunity for those animals that are not vaccinated). Wild animals of which the N’s poor dogs must hunt and eat pass rabies around as fast as sister wives pass around herpes (no offense to those in that kind of relationship but if the herpes fits, wear it).

    Also, I am not shocked that she doesn’t get her animals fixed because she thinks worth is determined by how many little lives can shoot out those cee you next Tuesday (also known as Cunt for those who haven’t been a Sex in the City fan). Hell, she is so proud of her reproductivity that she allows her children to shoot videos of their siblings coming out of that you know grossness. And the breast feeding boasts….I breast fed my two kids and worked a full-time job and my kids were barely 12 months apart so for a while I was feeding daughter and son at the same time and pumping at work and that was in the 70s; a time when you couldn’t just pull out a boob and feed the kid in public…you had to go sit on the toilet and balance the baby and sometimes use your foot to hold the door….it wasn’t quite the freedom it is today. And the poor dog…yep, she had one of the older kids shoot it… Look, I was raised on a farm way back in the fifties and it wasn’t unusual for me to come home from school and find one or more of our pigs that we had raised and named and loved hanging up by their feet while my mom and grandparents and neighbors were there after killing the pigs bleeding, gutting, and scalding them…. I watched as my mom held many of our meat chickens (one at a time) between her knees, gently calming them, and once calm, watched as she used a razor to cut the neck…. My older brothers hunted and fished so death of animals was nothing new to me but there was never a time that my mother invited me to take a gun or a knife or a razor and end the life of any of our farm animals. Back before I was banned from the blessed dog killer’s Facebook, I watched as her kids killed and butchered a goat. I am certain if the dog was shot, it was one of her kids who led the poor thing off and pulled the trigger. And…you know they didn’t bury it; they don’t even bury their shit.

    I have so much more to say but am going to read more and post more….damn…this is good.


  23. Poor dogs are probably eat up with heartworms..Kids probably have parasites too..what a shame


  24. Way back in the day, the kids butchered some other pet/animal. Maw either had it on her old blog or on Facebook( I’ve actually tried to forget it).was it butchered on the table they used to eat from? Someone else has to remember this! ?


  25. 1/55, damn right others are expected to care for her dogs:

    Kay Riffe Burns If what they say is true, which I know it’s not, why didn’t they step up and take care of the dogs. POS neighbors. Smh.

    That’s a comment on the post about Angel. Other people should just suck it up with a dg gets vicious and take care of the, grow attached, spend lots of money on the puppies they legally can’t rehome without the owner’s consent, and end up with half a dozen more dogs they can’t leave home for a weekend without paying someone else to watch.

    And that’s even if they can get that dog to not attack them in desperation for food or out of fear.

    Sadly, it was for the best that Angel was quickly shot. She and her pups would have had horrid lives and died slower deaths.


  26. For my area, no where I know of for grooming states you have to have vaccines for dogs, and most grooming is mobile groomers. Demanding papers from a vet would kill of grooming businesses in my area. It’s just a given that dogs will all have at least rabies, which is the only mandated vaccine. You can only get that one from a vet. A lot of people, myself included, order the rest and administer those at home. It’s about $35 to give all our animals the rest of the vaccines ourselves, or about $300 at a vet on top of appointment fees (our vet is $40 per animal, $35 for each additional at the same time). The Humane Society hosts monthly rabies days, with a vet, for $5 flat an animal. Going to a vet will set you back $35 or so on top of the appointment fee. Hop your butt in the car every 3 years and pay $5. It’s every 3 years here for rabies after the first booster, which is a year after the first shot.


  27. “This poor child in California has Tetanus because her mother wouldn’t vaccinate her. All I can think about are those poor babies walking around barefoot with all that trash and debris in the Blessed Little Landfill.”

    Yeah and while her mother is all upset that the stepmother called her out for not vaccinating her daughter, nowhere in her newest justification does she state, “She was vaccinated and this was just a fluke. Now I need YOU to pay her medical bills that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred if I’d had her vaccinated.”

    Bah. I have a bad taste in my mouth.


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