Why is Nicole so hell-bent on revisiting this?

I think I know, but that’s coming later.

I would love to see all this money she thinks I’m making. Here’s the deal with that.  Nicole does what she does, running Facebook pages, blogging, for no other reason than to get donations. It has worked in the past. It probably works to some extent now. She makes stupid crappy bows and shit and sells them on the internet and gets people to buy them out of pity. It’s online begging.

And she thinks everyone does this.

So, she concludes that I have to be doing it too.

Nicole, you idiot, I do not need to beg online.  It’s the last thing I would do ever in my life.  The trolls really are being sold for charity. Really.  Call the Ranch and ask for Tracy. She will tell you.  I won’t even give you the number.  Look it up so you know it’s real. Call her and ask her about me.

For now, there’s this – the comments under that post.

What in the hell is she talking about?

Nicole, you need to explain this.

In the first place, I almost never leave our property at night. In fact, I rarely leave our property at all. We have a milk cow and baby calves.  Own one for two days and you’ll understand. We can’t leave.  We have to be here every twelve hours to milk and feed babies.

To go anywhere for any length of time, and that includes going to Breckinridge County to see Al, or to Bowling Green to watch an eclipse, or to Lexington to march, we have to get Jason to come do our chores and unlike the Nauglers, we pay him for doing that for us. We don’t just hope he does it because he likes us.  We don’t abandon our animals and let them starve, get run over, or shot.

Nicole is accusing me publicly of doing something I have never done, ever.

You need to clarify, Nicole, what you are talking about. Put up your evidence or retract your statement.

The threat is noted—as a threat. You are threatening me with bodily harm for no reason at all.  Like you, I document.  And document. And document. Just keep it up.

Let me tell you who is creepy.

Watch Joe Naugler, this fat, disgusting, sweaty, ugly piece of protoplasm, come waddling out of the weeds into the road yelling at you incoherently. Watch him guzzle a beer like it’s the most wonderful thing he ever tasted.

Do that.

Then come back and we’ll talk about creepy.

And to update:

Really, I cannot give any serious thought to the silly accusations of a fake profile person and a man who lost all parental rights to his first-born child and currently is in a situation where his legal right to his others is at best iffy.

I have never been cited in court for anything in my life, ever. Not even a traffic ticket.  I can’t say the same thing for Joe and Nicole who make it a sort of date.

Nor have Dave and I ever been told by anyone that we cannot see our granddaughter.

We opted out.  Our choice.

But I do agree that the patterns are there in the long game.  Patterns like “let’s go to court” and “let’s let our animals run loose” and “fuck the neighbors” and “let’s start a GFM and see if we can beg a little.”  Patterns like trash, and filthy children, and educational neglect and plans that never happen.

Those kinds of patterns.  The long game.



44 thoughts on “WTF?”

  1. “Own one for two days”-because after day 1 they would stop caring for it, set it free, and it would be dead by the end of day 2. Animals are far too much work for someone who doesn’t even work (that’s you, Joe).
    Her recent comments have been of concern to me. She’s getting real bold, isn’t she? And by “bold” I mean bat shit crazy. Calling Deb a sex worker, now that was weird.
    Maybe she’s jealous, you need to name a cow after her. Poor thing feels left out.


  2. I wouldn’t sweat it. They have zero credibility in real life, imho. Nicole testified in sworn testimony in court that I had been by her place when I hadn’t and I wasn’t even in the country. NIcole is a liar.


  3. She refers to the one and only time you were close to their property: the night Joe came “yelling at you incoherently” only to happily gulp down a beer when offered one. In your recent post “Gridlock”, you mention that

    I know for a fact that they run a generator a lot. I was there right after dark one night and it was going.

    You had told us before that, as you were trying to calm down the Prophetising Patriarchal Polygynous Pothead, you could hear the generator going kazoomzoomzoom in the night.
    So, obviously, Nicole phrases it so as to make those still blissfully blind to the Naugler truth believe that you sit and listen in the dark near her property regularly.
    And this, my friends, is how defamatory rumors are started. Your’re welcome. Don’t forget to visit my Gofundme on the way out 🙂


  4. Amazing their inane twaddle seems to be getting even nuttier. Life clearly isn’t good in Shitville. The Wonderful life video made me truly sad and so upset that those kids are being left there to rot by the child services. However instead of making Nic and Joe ashamed I think it just made them angry. Their narrative/reality must never be challenged.
    When is the interview being shown?


  5. Off-topic but related:

    Joe seems to think (I can only presume Nicole does, too) that all the critics (aka “trolls”) of their lifestyle were recruited by Sally, Lisa, Debra or Al.

    For the record, even and especially, for historical documentation, that is exactly what did not happen.

    What *did* happen is we took a closer look at your game and saw the truth about you. We recognized your con. That realization drew us together, not any of the aforementioned individuals. Like-minded folks who refuse to swallow the bullshit you regularly publish for those gullible enough to open their mouth and ask you to fill them up with it.
    Sally suggested you would understand how much time was involved if you had some livestock but you wouldn’t. Your history suggests you subscribe to “no-till” gardening and free-range animal husbandry. Cows and calves mean nothing if the kids are gone, even and especially, if the motel calls.


  6. They are a fucking joke. They make idle passive threats that will never amount to anything. This type of post is what we call baiting. She thrives on the drama. And this probably is a way to offset the rumor mill about her upcoming court appearance. And the fact that the CHFS still has an open case. Pitiful way to do it.

    She will never learn and he has to whip out his sorry excuse for a dick and spout off like some caveman. Doesn’t he have a kid to abuse – um I mean educate #teamalex

    They couldn’t make a primitive booby trap if they tried. That requires effort. Effort is not in their vocabulary.

    I would love love love to see a booby trap by these two. It probably consists of a hole filled with two year old Naugler shit and burned cans. Honest to fuck – I would probably sit there and just laugh at the pitiful attempt.

    Thank goodness for the the Nauglers. They are at least entertaining. And probably the reason why this country has directions on shampoo. It is cheaper to watch them and not pay for reality tv.

    What is the over/under on the next pregnancy?

    That is all they seem capable of doing. Gross as that is.


  7. I think this is what she’s referring to, Sally.

    “I know for a fact that they run a generator a lot. I was there right after dark one night and it was going. Nicole mentions it a good bit, enough that I suspect they run it every evening, all evening, until bedtime.”


  8. Sally, I love ya girl. It sounds like you have a full plate right now and while I would hate if this happened, I’d understand if you stepped back a day or two from the shitfeast to do what you gotta do. We know you and Dave are doing everything you can to take care of Frances. I bet my last dollar if something horrific was going on you wouldn’t be blogging right then.

    With the above said. I thank you for documenting Frances. I lived in a rural area for 20 years and never saw a calf born. I’m grateful for the things you bring to my life. You enrich my life by reading your blog.

    On this subject of the WTF I will also comment. Of course, you may edit my language or my comment.

    Nicole, just because you are scum of the earth does not mean everyone else is. There are people on this earth that rise to help others. Look at the boats lined up headed to Texas on their own time and own dime. Bitch, please. Take a seat. Get the fuck over yourself. You mean nothing. Your children are the future of this country and that is why I can’t look away from this train wreck. Not you, I watch for your children. I donate to the Ranch in the hopes one of your kids can go. I donate to the Ranch to enrich the lives of other children.

    Sally, I think (and again, this is my thinking) Nicole put this negative black energy out there to bait you! Yes! She baited you, knowing your moral character would be to respond. This gives her power and this is a woman with literally no power unless she has a generator running or is at her shop. I understand you feel she is making a threat and you want a retraction. What I see her doing is stirring a pot of shit. Each time she does that she gets more and more shit on her; yet, she fails to see this. She’s trying to discredit you and guess what? Lawds NO! Your numbers are going up and up. More and more people are reading. Nicole is crying she’s being threatened and watched by you – a retired lady who lives several hours away with a dairy cow. Now that is the WTF! Hello? Can we say delusional together? I know delusional is a big word so lets break it down. It’s de lu sion al. Nicole has contradictions of reality.

    I haven’t made my September 1st donation to the Ranch yet. I know everyone can’t donate, sometime I struggle too. I’m not to proud to ask. I’m not asking for Sally.

    Everyone who reads here: I saw the outpour when the troll idea came out. I ordered myself. I’m anxiously awaiting. Can I ask everyone to give a small donation so we can have another blog about the amount sent to the Ranch? I know this is just a thorn in Nicole’s side. A thorn that people will give to the blog for the Ranch but not to her on her shitshed.

    Thanks for listening. Very therapeutic.


  9. Holy. Wow. I really have no words for those two. Just when I think they can’t stoop any lower, they do!

    I 100% believe in Karma. And after those posts, theirs is coming. Fast and furious!


  10. I would think the up coming court date is about animals at large, but I know it’s the wrong county. So ……


  11. I think this is what she’s referring to, Sally.

    “I know for a fact that they run a generator a lot. I was there right after dark one night and it was going. Nicole mentions it a good bit, enough that I suspect they run it every evening, all evening, until bedtime.”

    Oh good grief. I was there, yes. And so was that fat fucker JOE. He was standing right there with me, having a beer. TWO YEARS AGO.


  12. Do, are they recording court proceedings? If they are, atent they breaking the law? Here im mn its against the law to personally record court proceedings.


  13. Do, are they recording court proceedings?

    There are no court proceedings to record that I know anything about.


  14. With the above said. I thank you for documenting Frances.

    I didn’t document Frances. Debra did. I messaged her and Al as it was happening with some video and voice messages. I was frantic. Al has animals, and knows shit. Deb is my friend and gives me moral support.

    Debra took all that video and those voice messages and made those videos.


  15. When is the interview being shown?

    It’s coming. It really is coming and it will be worth the wait. I’ve seen some short clips.


  16. Maybe she’s jealous, you need to name a cow after her.

    We do have an unnamed new little boy (the little guy who came from the dairy). We’ll name him Nick.


  17. Dear Nicole,

    Here’s my theory of who is watching you (if anyone is……which I highly doubt).

    But if there is someone out there? I’d be willing to bet money it’s a pedophile who has been attracted by your million posts and pictures documenting your “free range” children who run around half clothed with no one keeping track of them….in addition to your many advertisements that the adults are often away.

    You have sent photos of your babies looking unsupervised, vulnerable and desperate into the homes of tens of thousands of strangers. Your children’s pictures can be copied and kept by normal people, sick people, people who don’t like you, people who idealize you, people from all walks and with god-knows what degree of mental illness. There is a certain kind of sick fuck who could be one of your children’s “biggest fan”, and you’d never see the sick bastard coming. And you wouldn’t be home to stop him.

    Nicole? If you care even the tiniest amount about the safety of your kids…. STOP FEEDING POTENTIAL PERVERTS THEIR IMAGES. Normal people do NOT share photos of their kids where they also post their last name, street address, and intimate details about their children’s lives and schedules with strangers. IT’S DANGEROUS. What the hell kind of mother are you? Do you have any common sense? Do you have any concept of internet safety?

    We warned you until we were blue in the face about endangering yourself and your baby, and you didn’t fucking listen. If some some sick bastard snatches one of your poor kids, who will even be surprised? You don’t fucking listen.

    Grow a fucking brain you dimwitted toothless hag and for ONCE IN YOUR LIFE…put your kid’s safety and welfare before your tree-pissing games and grifting on the internet. THEIR SAFETY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FOR YOUR FUCKING BEGGING WEBSITE.

    You know…I hope with my whole heart that nothing so horrible ever happens to your family. I worry about your children daily. I’m disgusted that I have a better protection instinct about your kids…than you do.


  18. I think the Ns impulse buy animals. I can understand the desire, but I also know you don’t just buy animals and assume you’ll figure it all out when you get home.

    Yesterday when I visited the farm supply store they had fall chicks and some bunnies. Yes, I wanted to get some. Yes, we probably could figure something out when we got home. No, I didn’t buy any bunnies or chicks because you should have what you need before taking on living things, and we didn’t really have what we needed yet. By spring we will have what we need, and I will take home chicks and bunnies knowing that I can care for them.

    Seattle has a park called Greenlake. Residents of the city dump off their pet bunnies there all the time. At dawn some areas are literally covered in bunnies. It’s really pretty amazing to see hundreds of bunnies that clearly aren’t a native species, with eagle and hawk circling at dawn.


  19. Oh now they are paying for damages? Sweet! I’d like the 300.00 vet bill you promised to pay half of finally paid.
    Money order please.
    I know your record with checks


  20. If it’s her baiting to get a response. What the hell. I’ll throw that old dog a bone once in a while. After all what else has she got? I’m generous that way. 😉


  21. I think the Ns impulse buy animals.

    I don’t think they buy animals at all. Their goats were scrubs. Their chickens are all scrub game crosses. Their dogs are all mongrels nobody wants. The horse was probably given to them. And it’s obvious that the rabbits and pig meant nothing because they disappeared almost as fast as they arrived. Undoubtedly given to them. If you pay for something, usually you take at least some care of it.


  22. Well I tried to crawl out of the rabbit hole after the baby tragedy but had to comment on this one!

    Nikki seems to have lost the plot! WFT has a court citation got to do with this blog? I am pretty sure that the court didn’t go “oooh the tabloid blog said the goats were loose – lets get the nozzlers in because the blog is gospel”. I would imagine that that the charge was as a result of a complaint and evidence. I do believe that Lisa has confirmed that evidence was presented in court. (I bet it wasn’t presented in the nozzler paper shuffle manner either!)
    The fact that you may choose to do a blog post about the goats is “as a result of” and not “the reason for” one of their many court cases. (I wonder if the court employee’s see the nozzler name and all rush to try and book the day off?)

    As for the reply from Mr Nozzler. Again I have to say WTF??? “Our goats/horse have and were never loss for long” what does that even mean? what language is this?? Was the hoss loss? is “have and were never” the same as even and especially??
    Joseph mate – you talk shit! in fact you are truly the producer of the worst verbal diarrhoea I have seen in a long time. Seriously, I dare not play the nozzler shot bingo game any more for fear of damage to my liver!

    Does anyone else think that Stacey is actually taking the piss out of Nikki? She always seems to add a little something to her posts. Her replies are all so gushing yet there always seems to be something at the end of her posts that makes me wonder. She comments often and yet often appears to not know something quite obvious. I have noticed her end with an odd question or comment before.
    Something not right about how she comments. My hmmmmmmm meter sizzles when she posts.

    I love patterns especially ones made by a certain sock puppet who demonstrates on a regular basis his/her/it’s ability to snoop around and post snippets of information about people. Yet no one ever seems to comment about this without getting banned. “Oooooh 60 million people messaged me today or a little birdie told me or such and such is a stalker/creeper/blah blah blah” – all you get in response is either silence or a reply from a nozzler or a regular sock fan.

    Be careful calling the calf Nick! the nozzlers may take this as an instruction! “Nick the cow”!


  23. Wow! I sure hope CPS is reading their FB pages. I can’t imagine having booby traps on my property, even and especially with children all around!! What is wrong with these two??

    What turned me off to the Nauglers and made me regret ever giving them money was three things, and none of them to do with Sally.

    1. The fireworks. I work hard and kindly gave you some of my earnings to help out and you spent not only my hard earned money, but hundreds of other people’s hard earned money. Money that we could have spent on fireworks for our own families. I won’t even mention the rest of the crap you wasted money while living homeless (purebred dogs, goats, animals, plaster figurines, etc).

    2. Chuckie Cheesehead Charles Smith. What a vile sock you are! You stalked my page! You stalked some poor woman you thought was me! I have the messages she sent me!! I told you that Chuckie is not helping you at all, but you can’t dump the sick sock. I think the reason for not getting rid of Chuckie is because you are in too deep with him and it would look suspicious if he suddenly disappeared. I can’t count how many times you two both accidentally forgot what name you were using and posted as Chuck or Chuck posted as Nick or Joe. The 2nd reason why you use Chuckie is it allows you to post your most vile thoughts and actions thinking no one would know it’s you. Chuckie is so transparent even a child can see it.

    3. My own research. The research started after the fireworks post. Then my research got real heavy after Chuckie stalked me. Why don’t you address him? Why don’t you reel him in? Because you can’t control yourself.

    Chuck comment about the grandchild came from your own comment two years ago. So why act surprise? How much stalking did you have to do to find out about a grandchild? Was it on Sally’s FB?? You call her a stalker when all she does is post about what you yourself have shared. So go screw yourself and get pregnant again. I feel so bad for your children.


  24. How much stalking did you have to do to find out about a grandchild?

    Very little. It’s on Nathan’s website, I think. It’s not a secret.

    It’s the only thing they can find to twist. I mean, she already tried to find out if Frances was being starved because she has visible ribs (as all good dairy cows have). She wanted to accuse me of animal cruelty – the woman who threatens to kill her own dog on her public FB page.

    Really, you know, Nicole and Joe now have a granddaughter. They need to understand something. Their son isn’t even married to the mother. If she chose to up and leave and take that baby with her, there’s not a damn thing they could do. And once that happened, they would be totally at the mercy of their son as to whether or not they saw that child. Let Jacob die, and it’s all over.

    Paternal grandparents have almost no rights at all. A paternal grandparent whose son is dead has zero.

    Assuming their children are anywhere near as fertile as they’ve been, they’re going to have a lot of grandchildren.

    I distinctly remember that Nicole mocked a woman with taunts of “You can’t even keep your baby alive.” Remember that? It bites, doesn’t it, Nicole? I will bring it up again and again and again, as many times as necessary. Nicole was irresponsible and her baby died as a result. I take better care of my cow than she did of her own child.


  25. I think she is jealous of the GENUINE concern we ALL feel for you and Frances. She is gonna try and start shit when she knows you have more important things at hand. That bitch needs to realize there are ALOT of people that’s behind you Sally, and that no one is worried about her big ass mouth spouting off once again. Words are cheap, Nicole. You and Joe are absolutely REVOLTING.


  26. It pisses me off to no end and saddens me at the same time that Joe and Nicole fill their children’s head with ludicrous notions and breed fear and hate into them. You know they have told the kids how everyone is out to bring harm to them. And Joe saying to his children, “Do you see why we live the way we do?” It’s not Joe and Nicole’s fault that the children live in abject poverty and have to suffer through the discomforts of their living situation. It’s everyone else’s fault.

    If there are primitive booby traps, it’s because the children made them in fear after being told someone was lurking around at night trying to bring harm to them.

    Can you just imagine the constant level of stress the children suffer from with that kind of nonsense fed to them all the time? How will they ever learn how to trust after being cacooned in their environment of hate, fear with a little bit of “we’re better than everyone else” mixed in.

    Jacob was a perfect example of not knowing what love, social norms and reality meant. Not even a week after meeting a girl at his fast food job, he couldn’t contain himself. Now he’s relegated to “tipping trash cans.” Which would have been fine if he CHOOSE to do that, but now he has to because he has a family to support. He had wanted to go into horticulture. I hope someday he can still pursue that dream.

    From what J & N’s second oldest has said , he already has it firmly planted in his head that everyone is out to get them. He wants to do woodworking and maybe construction, but he’s 17 and just learning units of measures which any 6th grader already knows.

    I got in on this story after seeing it in the news on the Internet and after following it for a bit I had Joe and Nicole pegged for what they are. No, no Nicole and Joe Naugler, I, like everyone else here, was not recruited to have an unfavorable impression of you. You made that happen yourselves. I don’t think anyone, especially the authorities, should turn a blind eye where the Nauglers are concerned.

    Sorry for the rant, but this ration of Joe and Nicole’s BS really chapped my hide. Sally, bless your heart for putting up with Joe and Nicole’s accusations and BS. Any half wit knows it’s all a bunch of crap.


  27. Let loss with the insidious, even and especially, defamatory smear and liable campaign.

    It’s the Naugler version of Mad Libs. Also, the only way that sentence wasn’t painful to write or read.


  28. What happened to their sitdown with the FBI? Their RICO case? Even and especially all of those promised lawsuits for liable and defamation? Never. Going. To. Happen. Giving credit where credit is due, someone on FJ made a comment to the effect of “What’s Nicole going to do? Gum your ankles?” She’s impotent, and he is too (just not in the way that most matters).


  29. That property is a booby trap anyways. Shit, garbage, and junk everywhere. Anyone going there would leave with tetanus at the least. You’d trip your first step in on garbage…..or a bucket.
    My mom had a toothless dog for the longest time. She would try to bite my ankles. Dumb little dog.


  30. How is Frances doing? Did the antibiotics do their thing and clear up her breathing problems?

    Nicole is grasping at straws and she keeps getting the short ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has post partum depression, going back to work 10 days or so after losing a child isn’t very conducive to being able to grieve the death. And Joe sitting on his fat fat ass isn’t helping. He needs to get a J O B. Stand up and take care of those children at home by providing them with healthy meals, clean clothes, a warm bath and a clean bed. If that means going back into Foster care, so be it. Winter is coming and huddling together isn’t exactly the best way of keeping warm.


  31. How is Frances doing? Did the antibiotics do their thing and clear up her breathing problems?

    Doing well, and yes, the antibiotic was miraculous. About 12 hours and she was right again, except for the tummy issues. And that’s better today. Not perfect, but better.

    grieve the death.

    Being on FB arguing with everyone on earth isn’t conducive to that either. And she was doing that within hours.


  32. She exaggerates AND flat out lies. How people can’t see the crazy I will never understand.

    You have a grandchild-they both just make up the rest of the crap they said and it’s ridiculous.

    One strange comment on your blog and there’s people on her property and going to disturb Williams grave. I will admit the comment was a little odd but that’s a real stretch there. Did she find the “doll”? If so then maybe I can understand it, but we know if they did she would really be losing it right now.

    Your now stalking her at night now too because of the generator comment from the night you were on golf carts. I think she needs a beer too!

    I saw a post about reporting her multiple profiles as well as Joes. Unless I missed it I seen NO MENTION of the kids or their profiles. She claims they are going after the kids too. But if they aren’t violating fb rules then there shouldn’t be any issues there anyways. So she’s crying they are breaking the rules and people are telling on them.

    I would love to see those $7000 forensic evaluations cause I call BULLSHIT on that too!

    Good grief. You would think by now I wouldn’t be so shocked by these behaviors but I am. It’s disturbing on soooo many levels.


  33. In the case of the Nauglers, there’s a reason I can’t just shut it out. It’s a picture of five or six filthy young Naugler children laying on dirty mats around a camp fire circle retching their guts out into buckets held by other young kids while lying in goat shit because they ate pancakes that had gone bad. That picture captures the neglect on every level – lack of adult supervision in both eating and while sick, lack of nutritional food properly stored (like, with refrigeration which requires electricity), lack of access to clean water, proper disposal of waste, direct exposure to feces of farm animals in and around the house and “sick beds,” lack of the items, heated water and privacy necessary for proper hygiene, torn and soiled, ill fitting clothes and, most importantly, not a GOD DAMNED PARENT in sight HELPING these children, just Nicole doing her usual snap a pic for social media obsession bullshit. Oh, and also, to place blame ON THE KIDS for eating the bad pancakes. Guess what, you narcissistic psycho bitch, starving children will eat ANYTHING when they are hungry and malnourished, up to and including the toxic turtle they fished out of the scummy pond. Oh, right, the pond. The one that child protective services made you fence to secure it from your infant and toddler children for their safety. I wonder when they read your post about booby trapping your land, how they are going to view that particular safety hazard (and, also, breaking of the law). I continue to follow this and comment in the desperate hopes that when the first child who starts to wonder if their childhood was right, if it was appropriate, if it neglectful or if it was abusive needs to know how others who work to feed their families and provide their children not just with necessities, but with childhoods filled with wonder and the ability to pursue their dreams, how those people view what was done to the Naugler children, they will know they are not crazy, that they are not alone, that there were witnesses (I know in experiencing abuse of my own that having witnesses affirming what I knew to be true was desperately important), and that there are much better ways of being.


  34. Joey said recently he boiled that old male goat first and then grilled it. Juicy he said, uhmm I doubt it. The pictures they showed of the kid eating looked stringy and he said it was good. I’ve never butchered a goat, but I hear uncastrated males stink and have (to be kind) an undesired flavor. If that’s good, those dented can, walmart and salvage store meals must not be that great. “Here random kid, knaw on this stringy leg from the pet goat your sister shot.”

    I wish I could do the copy and paste like others, but I’m on my phone.

    Joey also plans on hunting, getting more chickens and having them procreate. That is laughable! I certainly hope they don’t break any more laws and use the correct functioning rifle. Maiming animals is fucked up, but ya know, zip ties and duck tape make it work in Naugville. I certainly hope they get grown chickens, but I doubt it. Chicks and other animals have short life span there. I have 20 cute little chicks in my office right now, they were $60. I raise chickens, ducks and rabbits. MILKING goats possibly in the Spring. I need the right ones and the rest of winter to finish research.

    I can’t stand the disposable life her animals live, I know what my feed, hay, supplements, straw, pine shavings and proper housing and fencing cost. They can’t “foliage” everything”! By the way Joey, it’s forage dumbass. I hope they don’t starve more chicks or leave them to toddlers, predators and family dogs. Those of us that actually value animals provide proper housing. Sure, shit happens, but it should not be the norm.


  35. Nicole is beyond dumb and, if you have any experience with her or her husband of less than 10 years, is completely projecting her own actions and instincts onto Sally and anyone else she can. Threatening bodily harm with booby traps is so stupid. Any reasonable person would interpret that comment from Nicole as a threat. Any reasonable person would be disturbed at the thought of free-range little children wandering around a property where their own mother indicated that there were booby traps as a fairly hard to miss threat. Police and CPS would probably approach the property quite differently if they thought the place had been booby-trapped. Aka, I don’t think they would come near it with merely one or two officers. But Nicole is not reasonable. Nicole is the same little pathetic fool that has succeeded at making herself one of the most despised and disgusting people I have ever encountered.

    Nicole never, ever thinks about consequences beyond a day. Only her self-importance matters. She would rather indulge in flagrant child-endangerment, overt threats on the internet, and continue being ludicrously pathetic (particularly in hanging onto Joe) than be remotely adult. Long-game? Well Nicole scratches herself constantly, made herself a laughing stock in court with her haphazard and irrelevant documentation that is her childish retort to everything, has two front teeth left, and lives in a precariously-balanced garden shed jammed full of children with no water and no flushing toilet but a generator. Her neighbors and critics have teeth, regular showers, clean laundry, and real houses with not only real live utilities but things like refrigerators and stoves and who rarely ever go to court much less try to represent themselves. Who is coming along here better in the long-game?


  36. Speaking of the fencing Nicole is highlighting in that photo – it’s inadequate for goats. It’s not strung tightly enough, it’s not high enough, they can climb right up it and get out easily. Apparently, that is exactly what they did too. First Nicole says they never got out, then Joe says that they did get out, but they got them before “anyone noticed” and “they didn’t cause any damage”. Well, that’s bullshit because they were dragged into court and told to keep their animals on their property. Joe says they weren’t assessed any fines for the damage. Well, you can’t get blood out of a turnip – or a Naugler.

    Here’s a link to a video of a goat getting out. I can readily imagine the N’s goats doing just this and going to feast on the Sneed family’s garden, ornamentals and then hitting the crop planted across the road.

    And those goats have GOOD pasture and look well fed.

    The following video is of a goat defeating goat panels:

    Now put hungry goats alongside Joe’s work ethic and let’s go revisit Goat Court.


  37. I doubt she makes most of the bows & collars she has for sale. They look like Alibaba or Oriental Trading Post items that she sells for twice what it cost her to purchase them. I suspect SOME are made by one child or another, but not most.


  38. I was in a mood yesterday when I posted and I wanted to make another comment.

    In my work, I see a lot of deflection. A lot. I’ve worked with a lot of different people from birth parents, adoptive parents, inmates, families of victims, people I would call victims, lawyers, ect.

    When I read something Nicole writes – all I see is deflection. Let us take the bullshit with the shop owner in the Plaza. Nicole posted the whole dog tied up video. Rather than rationally think it out, apologize and delete the video she deflected. It was some unknown person’s fault this blew up because that person (off Facebook) was saying she tied dogs up at her shop, outside.

    We see deflection all the time. This is becoming a problem. I’m an adult and like to think I know right from wrong. As a kid, I was that dummy that would do something marginal and when asked proudly proclaim I had done the deed. I was taught if I was proud enough to do something stupid; take accountability.

    This family doesn’t do that until trapped into a corner with video proof such as in the case of the Chariot. Plus they still didn’t see why they should apologize. If you are proud enough and man enough to yield a machete at a woman then you don’t deflect and make a lame excuse about wolves.

    Whenever Nicole is asked a question, she deflects and asks another question rather than simply answer. She then spins a long, tangled web of a story rehashing information that has nothing to do with the issue at hand attempting to confuse and manipulate the situation.

    I mean for gosh sakes watch the court video.


  39. One of the many things that differentiates reasonably healthy people from sociopathic assholes is the understanding that there are certain topics that should be off limits. When our family was targeted for coming forward to discuss how we had been defrauded out of over 22k we talked about specific behaviors that indicated we had been defrauded. The con artist (who pled guilty to a lessor charge and was ultimately sentenced to two years in federal prison) didn’t address our allegations specifically. Instead he attacked our parenting of our medically complex special needs child.

    It makes me sad to know that Sally and Dave don’t get to spend time with their grandchild, because they seem like they have a lot to give and I think any kid would benefit from being around two incredibly intelligent and loving people. With that said, family estrangement happens. It doesn’t mean that anyone involved is evil, it just means that for whatever reason it’s not healthy for them to continue to be engaged with one another.

    I know how it feels to have someone rifle through your life in an attempt to shut you up so they can continue to victimize other people. I’ve had to publically discuss some of the most intimate and painful aspects of my life in order to defend myself from a sociopath intent on shutting me up. It fucking sucks. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, it still hurts. Sally, I’m sorry that there isn’t a single aspect of your life that is considered “out of bounds.”

    Painting a small piece of painful history as somehow nefarious and ugly isn’t a particularly novel tactic. Malignant shitstains do it because it’s often effective- It’s a mark of their idiocy that these two pieces of non composted human excrement don’t get that while this might have worked on others it doesn’t mean that it’s going to work now.

    I know that nothing I’ve said here is news, but I want you to know that I appreciate the energy that it takes to refuse to back down. You’re one hell of a person.


  40. I just think she’s a bitch. Hi Nicole! If you hadn’t put my name on list of 55 I wouldn’t be here. Thank you though. Very interesting people post here & I love Sally’s blog.

    You should have sought prenatal care. Now pay the hospital instead of running out on your bills AGAIN. I remember the list of creditors from your bankruptcy. Irresponsible then, criminally stupid now.


  41. I live in Colorado farm country. In my neck of the woods, animals get lose from time to time but they are never free to just “free range” onto everyone else’s property. Chickens occasionally free range on their owner’s property but it is understood that free ranging chickens are fair game for predators. Part of the costs in keeping animals is adequate housing, adequate fencing, enough healthy feed and proper vet care. Even the farm groupies, hobby farmers and wannabes (that’s me) understand that so who the hell just buys animals without having proper, or any, shelter and fencing?

    As for those unfortunate children, KatataFish said it perfectly. Half naked, unattended children run wild, without any adult supervision, posted all over the internet are ripe targets for some sicko. Hell, Nic posted all over the internet that her youngest daughter routinely “goes for walks” all the time when she ran away and was picked up by a total stranger and brought home by the sheriff. I’m truly surprised none of those kids have died from disease, drowning, exposure, an accident, predation or abduction.


  42. @BLB: Oh, grandparents’ rights! Yeah, that’s a square on the narcissistic (or might as well be) parent Bingo card, all right.

    For readers unfamiliar with the term: If grandparents can prove extensive previous contact with and responsibility for their grandchildren, they may, depending on the state, be able to sue for visitation or even custody. Naturally, greedy, possessive parents who want to have children at that isolatable and suggestible age all over again are quick to scream for grandparents’ rights as soon as their kids have kids. They may even believe that they have a basis for their suit because they stayed over for three weeks one time while their own house was being repaired or something like that. But when the judge looks into the actual facts of the case, 99 percent of the time it gets thrown out.

    Being who they are, I expect the Nauglers to go for grandparents’ rights if Nicole’s eldest starts closing them out of his family’s life. Grandparents’ rights are extremely broad in Kentucky. But all the parents would have to say was, “Your Honor, please take 5 minutes to Google these two,” and pffft no more case.


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