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  1. I’m not usually one to comment on what people do with their hair but I don’t mind doing it about Nicole. She calls peoples employers, calls CPS on people, calls posters parents and because she is a public figure and a bitch her hair is free game. Her hair looks like hell. I can smell it from here. It’s nasty. I’ve seen plenty of dreads in my life and none have ever been that grotesque. How hard is it to brush her fucking hair? I know she is a toddler and has to be all counterculture but dreads aren’t really that big of a deal. She’s just all together nasty.

  2. I am sure that I can see a goats leg in there! including a hoof!

    Each to their own, but there is no way on earth would I take a dog to be groomed by someone with a head full of matting. That is matting and not dreads no matter what she says. I just googled bad dreadlocks and the photo’s were nothing like as bad as this.

    If she likes it then fine but I can’t see past big lumps of manky matted nastiness. My face is so screwed up as I type this!

  3. I’m guessing the second picture is a horribly matted schnauzer. Mine has similar, but unmatted hair.

    Pulis have beautiful, natural dreds, unlike the first photo. Nicole’s are just large mats and gross. If they were smaller and neater, I’d say they were dreds. She gives them a bad name.

  4. Those look like owl pellets. Giant, rodent bone infested owl pellets. WTF is right. That is some nasty shit people!

  5. It is the epitome of irony that a groomer would think this hair looks good. I feel like she’s punking everyone.

  6. This is going to sound gross and TMI, but I am taking car of my sister. She has to use a bed pan and a commode next to her hospital bed that we have set up in our living room. I’m the one who gets to clean her mess up and empty the grey bucket & bedpan. Well, those mats of hair remind me of her poop. There, I said it. Call me a hater. Whatever. I look at her hair and I’m reminded of my sisters shit.

  7. Komondors, Pulis, and Poodles (when allowed) have lots of flippy mats packed together like the strings on a mop. You can play with their mats like the yarn hair on a rag doll. Nicole’s mats are more like what gets cut off rescued dogs who can barely walk, poop, or see because of all the hair. Like Bob Marley, the dog in the bottom photo. (Choice quote from the linked article: “The smell was unbelievable.”)

    (Anybody who wants to see incredible transformations with a garnish of general rage at humanity, search on “rescue grooming videos.” Be warned: Bob Marley actually isn’t that badly off in his before pictures.)

  8. Many, many, many moons ago, after I purchased my first piece of wilderness property, I had a friend spend the summer with me. She helped me fix up the existing cabin and also helped to erect fencing and build animal enclosures. She was also a gardening goddess and taught me a great deal, because up until then I couldn’t grow anything except weeds.
    My friend is white and had beautiful dreads. She had a daily routine with her hair and it was fascinating to watch. She told me it was almost a Zen thing for her to take care of her hair.
    That property was way off-grid and we had a large pond that was alive with fish, beaver and ducks. Because of the beaver, we couldn’t use the water for consumption but it was clean enough to take a bucket and get enough to bathe in. A natural spring provided our need for clean, safe water.
    As you can imagine, showers weren’t on the daily or even weekly agenda. And yet we stayed clean and healthy. Her dreads were never gross, nor did they ever smell. Nicole’s just look like dried dog shit hanging off her head. I can imagine the smell, the fleas and the mold and I feel nauseous.

  9. It looks like she’s using the “don’t wash or comb your hair” method of creating “dreadlocks.” That doesn’t create dreadlocks, it creates large matted sections of hair. It also looks like she’s attempting to do it starting at the middle rather than the ends or roots. Creating locs isn’t that simple, it takes hours to install them, and regular maintenance to keep them. Her hair makes my scalp itch and hurt. She’s going to end up with bald patches on her scalp if she keeps doing this. If she’s fortunate, it won’t be permanent.

  10. They look like she has taken hair balls, coughed up by a cat, which she has collected over the years, and fashioned them into that monstrosity hanging off the back of her head.

  11. Now, this might just be me….but very seriously…if I were shopping for someone to groom my freaking pet, I would probably not pick a groomer who can’t keep her own head unmatted. Nor would I pick someone who thinks mats look nice. It’s absurd, isn’t it? Talk about bad advertising.

    Looking at the increased width of her hair mats over the years, one has to wonder how much shed hair is trapped in those things. How much weight can the attached hairs comfortably support?

    I’ll play devil’s advocate here a minute and say I don’t think it’s quite fair to say her hair looks like turds. But it very fairly DOES look like something my plumber pulled out of a clogged shower drain that stunk to high heaven.

    Women who have beautiful dreads rarely wear them over an thumb width in diameter. Nick’s dreads are “dick thick dreads” and are typically only worn by men. Kinda skeezy men in my opinion.

    Again….imagine sleeping on that. Imagine a baby barfing on one. Imagine the fleas leaving the dog in the tub and getting lost in that mess. Imagine Joe’s armpit wrapped around that in the night. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

  12. What’s sad is, that’s the new and improved version. Joe had to spend a lot of time to get it to even look like that.

    Worse, she used, #realmenspoiltheirwives on that recent post where Joe had to intervene in her hair situation! What a joke. Thats the very least he could intervene on. What a mess.

    Its insulting to a large community of people, to call those locs.

    Lets just call them turdbraids, instead.

  13. Odds are good that her hairline is receding and she’s going bald due to the weight of those things. They’re also badly maintained. Imagine snipping a portion of one off then taking a look at the cross-section with a nice dissecting scope. Get a whiff of it too. I bet that wouldn’t be particularly pleasant.

    Theskyisfalling – I’m so sorry your sister is going through this and you are too. I hope she is improving and will soon be able to care for herself. If not, well, maybe you can look into some caregiver respite programs? You deserve time away to be yourself too.

  14. Someone should tell her that dreads require work and grooming. And they need a lot of care once they are formed. She doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand hygiene. Or parenting. Or being an adult. Or accepting responsibility. Or …. insert whatever here.

  15. I guess the hair looks a little more… on purpose? than it did before Joe did whatever he was so focused on in that one pic Nicole posted. It’s still not a good style for her.

    I had forgotten that she dyed a chunk of it and spent way too much time trying to figure out what that was. lol

  16. I know a GOOD groomer that could take care of both of those animals. Might have to change the blade in the clippers a few times, but can definitely clean up those nasty messes.

  17. There is nothing good you can say about that chunky, matted mess. Some have said Caucasian hair cannot be made to look good dreaded but that is bs. I’ve known several Caucasian people with dreads and all of them looked great. A golden haired friend would pin them up intertwining them so she looked like a Druidic princess wearing a crown. None of them looked remotely like this in anyway. Why would she do this to herself? It’s like she almost wants to obliterate herself pre-shack.

  18. Back when this whole thing first became VIRAL. I read somewhere that Nicole’s sister had dreads. Jo wanted Nicole to have dreads. Jo thinks dreads are sexy.

  19. I am amazed and baffled that she has any repeat grooming clients, with the matted mess she sports. It probably smells too.

  20. Evelyn, I’ve been hearing that she’s pregnant, and that she is putting it out there by her vailed comments to those around her. I don’t think she is, I think she wants everyone to be guessing as it keeps her in the spotlight.

  21. Joe thinks a Big Mac is Sexy too or a slab of pig or a side of beef. Joe thinks a hole in the wall is sexy! That matted mess is NOT SEXY lol This is the perfect example of Mental Illness. I agree with some others a Nastyho like this would NEVER EVER touch my pets.

  22. Like everything I think Nicole likes the idea of dreads, just like she likes the idea of homesteading, or the idea of a garden, or the idea of raising rabbits, or … whatever tickles her fancy and makes her feel all hipster and radical and stuff. What she doesn’t have is follow through. Poor impulse control sets her on the course wasting time and money. Poor planning almost guarantees failure. Lack of follow through puts the nail in the coffin. Quasi dreads, like quasi homestead, quasi homeschooling, quasi human.

  23. @Dreamer Not A Doer: Yeah…it’s like all the things you mentioned and three times as many besides. One or the other or both of them will decide that [thing] is really, really neat, then produce something that (if you turn your head and squint, and possibly get very drunk) resembles [thing] at first glance, then let [thing] fall into ruin while declaring that they are super duper at making/doing [thing], then completely forget [thing] when the ruin becomes too obvious. Homeschooling. Building a home. Building a fire. Being Mennonite (or whatever it was, with the caps). Building an outdoor kitchen. Pig keeping. Horse keeping. Rabbit keeping. Whatever.

    Of course, sometimes they make their kids do [thing]–without any help, even though the parents have the whole wide Web in their stupid phones–and then the kids get to watch their untrained desperate efforts go the same way.

    Oh, Nicole, just a reminder: the fact that your younger kids can read and do math at all? It isn’t because you blathered about unschooling and posted purty pitchers. They didn’t “just learn.” The older kids taught them. You failure.

  24. Defamation per se, libel per se and slander per se have very definite legal definitions. Joseph E Naugler and Nicole C Naugler should look it up.

    Some examples:

    If someone publicly broadcasts that X is a sexworker and they are not.
    If someone publicly broadcasts that X is an alcoholic and they are not.
    If someone publicly broadcasts that X is a stalker and they are not.

    Examples that are not:

    If someone publicly broadcasts that N has been convicted of a crime and he has been.
    If someone publicly broadcasts that N has been accused of sexually molesting their child and they have been so accused.
    If someone publicly broadcasts that N had their children removed by CPS and they were.
    If someone publicly broadcasts that N has done X,Y,Z and N has indeed done X, Y, Z.

    Get the picture Joseph E Naugler.

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