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  1. I got lots…

    Kids clog toilets. Adults clog toilets. It happens. Here’s my takeaway from this.
    1. The shop toilet was out of commission for a week, for no good reason. If you can’t fix it, the property manager will. They prefer you call, so the property isn’t water damaged.
    So, I gather they just moved some shit buckets into the shop. Where they sat for a week without being emptied. In a place that grooms other people’s pets. Yeah.
    2. You’re​supposed to be the groomer, so you should know exactly where the hair is going. This is 100% your fault. You are not paying enough attention.
    3. It happens. Pass.
    4. You should have caught that injury long before a maggot infestation. Injuries happen, neglect is on the adults.
    5. Pregnancy hands. I’d give a pass on this, if you were getting prenatal care. You’re not, and this could nothing, or it could be serious. But you know that, and you don’t care.

    Vehicles and tools always need maintenance, and sometimes need work. Pass.

    The children aren’t responsible to fix everything. Your job, let them help. Not their job, and you might help.


  2. Congratulations you’re a parent. You taught your kids life skills. All parents should do this. Why do she continually need to be patted on the back?


  3. Imagine having nearly a dozen children and just getting them bathed is a difficult process. I can’t even go there.


  4. How I’m the hell is her daughter going to be able to get her DL. She needs, what for it, a birth certificate and a social security number. I also had to get a form my son’s school when I took him for his permit.


  5. “Mom magic” = watch me make responsibilities disappear!
    “Teachable moments” = punishments
    “Curse” = Cause and effect in action.
    “The test” = All problems are about how they affect Nicole.
    “Plumbing problems” = Bored kids at the shop. There is no plumbing at home.
    “Puncture wound with maggots” = inadequate shelter and animal neglect.
    “Dad has it too” = We don’t doubt that for a second.
    I eagerly await how Nicole will teach her children to build a wagon and a stagecoach for the horse to pull since it is going to be pressed into service when “the curse” claims the family automobile.


  6. This is stuff that happens all the time. I unclogged a toilet filled with dixie cups, I unclogged a sink that had hair, toothpaste and soap in it, I fixed a broken screw on sunglasses, I rebalanced the washer, I also did this without my kids.

    Whhop de do, same thing you should do, like showering, brushing teeth etc.


  7. The clogged toilet has to be at the grooming shop. Like Bethannie said, she should have contacted the landlord when the initial attempts to unclog the toilet failed. If she’s got her children trying to #unskool themselves about plumbing issues, it shouldn’t be on the toilet owned by another entity. If they do some further damage, the landlord is not going to be happy about it.

    Agree also that she’s not supervising her “helpers” appropriately, if dog hair is going down the wrong drain, or a chain is getting put down another drain.

    And a wound on one of their animals that has maggots in it? I grew up on a small piece of property out in the country and we had a variety of animals. Yes, sometimes they have an injury of one kind or another (thankfully that was fairly rare for us). But you call the vet. For the larger animals, our vet came out. The smaller animals we took it. Got the injury treated, problem solved. Never a maggot in sight. Was my family the exception to the rule, or are maggot-infested wounds more common that I think?

    The reason she and Joe debunked post haste from that property when the children were taken is because the kids are the ones who run that place. If something is going to get fixed, you can bet it’s a kid that fixes it. If dinner is to be made, a kid fixes it. If a toilet needs unclogging, leave it to the kids and call it #unschooling! Joe and Nicole freaked out because their free labor was gone and Nicole knew it would all fall right on her shoulders, as Joe is just about the laziest and most worthless person to have around if you want anything done.


  8. How is her daughter going to be able to get a drivers license with no birth certificate??? Have they changed their minds on that? So if she is holding that over her head for not learning to change the oil, she should question that.


  9. I have always figured they all bathe at the shop, or in the pond or the place on the river where they go swimming.


  10. Bathing is a pain in the ass??? I guess it is if you don’t have a tub, shower or even a garden hose to wash off with. I feel bad for her kids who don’t get to go to bed clean & sleep in beds with clean sheets. I know that many people in the world don’t have beds or clean sheets and don’t have access to sanitation, but this isn’t one of those places. So sad she is making her kids live in poverty.


  11. Poor little bunny. She said a cage was broken in to. I guess she’s going to blame the rabbits injury on the trolls?


  12. Leaving a toilet clogged for a week, in a business establishment? Get a rooter. If you were on good terms with the community, someone might loan you a rooter or do it for you for free. Being nice to neighbors, instead of calling them cunts, has its perks. And why not call the property manager? Just didn’t think of it….or they don’t want to deal with you?

    Wouldn’t shitting in buckets in a business establishment constitute a health code violation? Never mind that a paying client might need to use the loo. Now the “lore” about the Nauglers using white buckets in their previous rental houses seems perfectly plausible.


  13. Has anyone noticed that Nicole is sounding more and more like her own mother, Joann, these days? That apple doesn’t seem to have fallen far from the tree. I notice it in particular when Nicole is gossiping about her eldest son and his woman’s business. So much for the young couples privacy. Locked down Facebook pages won’t save them from Nicole blasting their private moments all over the Internet. Let’s play a game. Who do you think will publicly post photos of the grandchild first?

    While I’m on the topic does anyone else think it is beyond weird that Nicole can’t seem to post about her daughter in law’s pregnancy without making it into some kind of competition with her own pregnancy? Or that most of what she writes about her eldest son these days seems to be a slight or mini put down?

    It seems so tawdry and bizarre.


  14. are maggot-infested wounds more common that I think?

    All I know is that we raise Jersey bull calves and sometimes they get hurt. We currently have 11 of them, and they are adolescent boys and behave exactly like you’d expect.

    We’ve done this for six years. We’ve never seen a maggot.

    And sometimes we only eyeball those boys once a day. The older ones get grain only so they come to the barn every evening and we can give them the once-over.

    We have chickens most of the time (not right now, but generally we do). No maggots.

    We raise a pig every year.

    No maggots.

    Our cats have gotten hurt a time or two. No maggots.


  15. All the animals that we raised never had maggots. Our garbage can outside has had maggots a few times cause the lid wasn’t on properly. No worries as waste management took it anyways. Poor lil bunny.


  16. I’m sure we’ll soon be treated to a post from Nicole telling us why it is TOTALLY NORMAL for homestead animals to get maggots and that they don’t need to be taken to the vet because they are “only” lifestock and not pets. And that none of us understands that because we have lost touch with nature.

    About the toilet… Maybe they have two at the shop and that’s how they managed?

    Still, I don’t see what is “(mom) magic” about any of the things Nicole did.
    Unclogging sinks/toilets isn’t particularly difficult nor is soldering small items. Maybe it became difficult and “magic” by not actually doing them but “guiding” the kids in doing them?

    It’s really strange how Nicole feels the need to point out “Look! I taught my children something! My children taught themselves something!” as if something really special was happening there.
    Kids learn things. Yes. Surprise.
    Nicole’s kids are just learning very little academically, so maybe that’s why she’s so happily surprised by every small learning experience when it happens?

    Concerning the driver’s license. This is one of the things that actually make me sad. That the kids are going to have such a hard time in life because they don’t have birth certificates and social security numbers.
    That in combination with the lack of academic education means Nicole is really setting them up for failure. And I don’t understand why.


  17. I’ve owned plenty of animals through the years: horses, chickens, dogs, cats, sheep. Never had one with a wound that also had maggots. Why? Because injured animals are treated as soon as it’s noticed.

    Maggots are only present when the flesh is necrotic, so it means it wasn’t tended too in a timely manner. Probably festered and stank too. Was this the shop rabbit?

    Child wasn’t supervised very well if a bar of soap was flushed.

    Teaching your kids how to make minor repairs isn’t special, Nicole. Many people do it. I hope that when you change the oil in your vehicles you’re collecting it and then disposing of it properly, not just dumping it on the ground or into a stream. Oh, I know you SAY you’re into recycling and are so green and so on, but let’s stop kidding ourselves. Running that generator on statist oil as much as you do is far less efficient than hooking up to the grid. I bet you can’t afford to do so at the Shitstead though if you’ve run out on your utility bills in the past. I bet the hook-up charge and fees they would charge you are outrageous. Hanging clothes on the line isn’t special either. There are these nice folding INDOOR drying racks that people use, even in apartments or homes if they aren’t permitted to use a balcony or have a clothesline.

    Ever seen a photo of a ragged multiparous cervix?


    This is why Nicole should be seeing an obstetrician. Well, among many good reasons. The risk of having and passing on a Group B Strep infection is another darn good reason.


  18. Maggots will clean a nasty wound and have a long history of being used deliberately to do just that.
    As a student nurse, I sometimes suffered from being treated to some twisted jokes played on me by doctors.
    I was standing in the nurses station, having finished my assignment when one of my favorite doctors came in and told me to go in and remove a dressing from one of his patients who had suffered a nasty rattlesnake bite. He would be in shortly to debride the wound.
    I put on my gown, mask and gloves, went into this sweet man’s room, told him what I was going to do, put a clean field under his leg and started removing the dressing.
    The odor was over whelming.
    As I was getting closer to the wound level under the bandages, maggots started tumbling out of the gauze.
    I kept acting like every thing was going as expected, said excuse me a moment, step out side the door to get someone to call his doctor immediately and there he stood, with a big grin on his face.
    He told me that maggots could clean this mans wound better than any surgical debridement and that it was An ancient technique.
    I took a deep breath of clean hall air, and went back in to watch the rest of the procedure.
    This man became my patient, and I was fascinated to watch this horrible deep wound that was full of necrotic tissue nearly healed up in two weeks…by using maggots.
    Maggots can be good thing if there necrotic tissue.


  19. Oddly, when I was a pre-teen, my brother and I were mowing the lawn and found a little bunny with a puncture wound on his leg, probably from a coyote or dog tooth. It had 2 maggots in it. We picked them out with tweezers, disinfected the area (we figured the reason the wound was not infected was because of the maggots) with peroxide and than dressed the limb with polysporin and gauze. It was not a gross or long task, the bunny rested in one of our rabbit hutches a few days, than the dressing came off and he hopped away into the brush.

    I honestly don’t think we ever even told our parents.

    BTW, where are all the cool kids hanging out these days? Does anyone care to hook me up with the secret access code to the ultra private meeting space for the National news?


  20. A week for a toilet clogged by soap? Wouldn’t it have dissolved in that time anyway? It really doesn’t take long to take out a toilet and blast water from a hose through it to clear any blockages. Assuming that a thorough plunging and snaking didn’t work first. As building owners who deal with blocked toilets more often than we’d like, a toilet should not be blocked for a week under any circumstances.

    A sink clogged by dog hair? Has Nicole never heard of strainers for drains? If it shouldn’t have had dog hair in it and it was clogged, she’s clearly not supervising/unschooling very effectively.

    Maggots are just a sign that the flesh was rotting before she got to it, so yeah, she should have noticed the injury before then.


  21. A drivers license also requires….A cerified class , tests and behind the wheel, you cant homesc….i mean unschool drivers ed.


  22. My kids will sometimes help with repairs. As parents the house is our responsibility. Yes we have a medium sized family, large by some accounts, minuscule compared to Nicole and Joe’s brood. Anyhow we haven’t had many issues over the years of parenting.

    I’ve unclogged toilets, no biggie, we bought a snake years ago to deal with clogged drains. They are fairly inexpensive. I’ve never had a kid flush a bar of soap though, but then again when my kids were young there wasn’t social media and if there was I wouldn’t have had time to even be on it.

    The rabbit with maggots upsets me. We’ve had animals get injured, we’ve had kids get injured. Animals go to the vet, kids go to the doctor.

    As far as baths I think that comment was the saddest. I’m a bit of a clean freak. I couldn’t live without access to clean water on a demand. When the kids were little they always got baths ever night. It was time consuming but necessary because kids get dirty. I feel so bad for those kids.

    And once again Nicole, it’s not the kids job to fix stuff, it’s not the kids job to do everything around the damn shitstead. You had them, Joe helped create them, it’s your responsibility to tend to them. One thing that pisses me off about large families is shoving parenting responsibility off onto older siblings. We stopped at five children because I knew that was the max I could take care of. My kids have never had to parent their siblings and except for helping me around the house they’ve never had to do something so that it got done. That’s my husband and my responsibility.


  23. Toothandnail, it IS weird she keeps seeking praise for doing something completely normal. One of these days, I expect her to have a little ditty about one of the kids mopping the floor, with the ubiquitous #unschool tag, and her peeps will gush about it.

    There is nothing in her whole post that is unusual for any other family, save maggots in a wound and a clogged toilet for a week.

    One of their former house rentals, they managed to clog the toilet. They refused to allow the landlord to send someone over to fix it, and they just shat in buckets. For an extended time period. Then begged for help cleaning the place. From what I understand, the people that came by to help called CPS due to the feces and other filth.

    They boogied.

    Posts like this one today just make stories like that so much more believable.


  24. Maggots can be good thing if there necrotic tissue.

    I remember doing that – debriding with maggots. It was beyond gross. If it didn’t work, amputation came next.


  25. I forgot to add, the doctor killed off the maggots with hydrogen peroxide and then thourally rinsed with normal saline. Then I was in charge of wet to dry normal saline gauze packing until he went home.
    Nicole, don’t try this at home, he was also on IV antibiotics and three times a day doctors visits… with little ol me and trained nurses at his beck and call. Not to mention a very clean environment…
    The maggots in the rabbit meant necrotic tissue… not a clean wound and if it was a deep wound, just cleaning it out with out proper knowledge and follow up care is certain death.


  26. I’ve seen maggots on dogs we have rescued. Typically they were found in wounds from collars that were placed on pups and then left on to become an embedded, festering mess. The maggots themselves don’t smell, but the sour stench of a maggot-filled wound is hard to miss. And they require vet care. Either the smell at the shitstead is so bad that you don’t notice stinking, necrotic tissue or; as I suspect, the animals are pretty much ignored and cared for so little that they are left to suffer.
    I would be willing to bet that this rabbit was bitten by the beagle pup who Nicole admits is excited by the noise the rabbits make when she plays too rough with them. That the rabbit is making a distress noise is disturbing because by instinct they are quiet creatures. It is when they are injured that they make sounds – some of them quite disturbing depending on the situation. It isn’t going to be long before that youngest girl sees her pet due what beagles were bred to due.
    I bet Nicole’s next post will be about the medical benefits of maggots and how they eat only dead tissue. That is scientifically untrue for some maggots will migrate to live tissue. Maggot therapy is a prescription only medical device approved by the FDA but it is under controlled conditions and with disinfected, medical grade maggots.
    I have included a link for those who are dying to know more about maggots.

    P.S. They also make great fishing bait.

  27. I am with @SD, where the hell is everybody? I’m so, so missing “the news”. And I’m beside myself that The Nation is gone. (Yes, I comment under my real name there and elsewhere.) I loved that podcast! Anyway, as far as this post, I got nothing, too, Sally. It’s just so weird. (And email me with the new site for news. Please.)


  28. Many moons ago when I was a teenager in rural KY I had a cat that I dearly loved. We lived way out in the country so we let him ‘free range’.

    One day when I was petting him he looked up and I saw a wound on his neck right under his chin.

    I took him to the vet. The vet squeezed the wound and a maggot popped out… I almost fainted.

    I’m not sure how long my poor kitty suffered with this. He always seemed perfectly ok.

    The vet removed the maggot and stitched the wound up and my cat lived a long and happy life after that, thank goodness.


  29. Yes, I’m familiar with medical-use maggots. Thank goodness for reliable sources of them so you don’t have filthy flies landing first to introduce still more issues. Leeches are also used after re-attaching digits & such. Again, sourced, not randomly pulled out of a river.

    I wish they would stop trusting to luck. Someday it will run out & I hope the kids aren’t directly affected when it does.


  30. Yeah, once you’ve heard a rabbit screaming in pain it’s not a sound you forget. They will growl if upset or injured. You have been warned. Whining and whimpering also indicate a problem. Happy (quiet) rabbit sounds are clucking, purring and humming.

    A loud rabbit is an unhappy, frightened, angry or badly injured rabbit.


  31. Yesterday Nicole invited everyone to “play a game” about her recent pregnancy.

    My answer: Nicole birthed a boy on June 20, 2017.

    As to the young couple. Since they have chosen not to publicize their lives I will respect their privacy. Someone has to, because Nicole won’t.


  32. Old Miss I think Facebook shut them down. Nicole’s minions are on a hunt to get them shut down.


  33. @Lisa: I think I predicted this some posts back. If she couldn’t turn her DIL into a perfect Mini-Me who never had a thought of her own, she was going to view her as competition. All that’s missing now is for Nicole to start calling her new grandchild “my baby” and insisting that she is the baby’s only fit caretaker.

    @Bethannie: This is also straight out of the playbook of people like Nicole. Simple little parenting things are such a big huge deal that they expect to be cheered for every time they do something this basic. Here’s another prediction: Within the next decade, at least one of the adult Naugler children is going to be presented with a bill for the cost of raising them.


  34. One thing that pisses me off about large families is shoving parenting responsibility off onto older siblings. We stopped at five children because I knew that was the max I could take care of. My kids have never had to parent their siblings and except for helping me around the house they’ve never had to do something so that it got done. That’s my husband and my responsibility.

    I’m with Dinah on this point! This is why parents with lots of kids are able to sit back and be so arrogant. It’s because they don’t technically parent! They think they’re special somehow because they have such a huge tribe, yet they fail to admit to themselves and others that it’s the older siblings who do all the work. My mom came from such a family and she was the second to oldest. I know other older siblings who will tell you the same thing. These children, generally speaking, do not have a childhood because they are thrust into an adult role almost immediately.

    As to the rest of Nikki's post…Barf! As usual, she is her own biggest fan. Her ego knows no limits, and while it's repulsive, it's equally hard to look away because her disconnect from reality is simply stunning to behold. Me thinks she read "mom magic" somewhere and was just dying to use it in a post. She has a word fetish, it seems, and likes to impress herself with her use of the English language. Bleh.


  35. I don’t know why I can’t remember how to block quote. It looks like I block quoted myself and left Dinah’s comment unblocked. I don’t know how to fix. 🙁


  36. I just wanted to add that Nicole likes to say that she is superior to all of us because she can do so much while having so many kids. But she only can do so much because she is not a parent. She doesn’t get a pat on the back for forcing her children to do what is her responsibility. She likes to mock parents who have small families. But the fact is that being a good parent has nothing to do with the amount of children you have and everything to do with how you are raising them. Nicole and Joe aren’t raising those kids, they are raising each other. It’s frankly gross and wrong on so many levels. So fuck you nicole, you can pop them out but you are one of the shittiest mothers I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.


  37. So, it’s Sunday afternoon at my Homestead (which is only a homestead when the grass isn’t cut, the kids aren’t dressed, the teens are napping and I need to do a weeks grocery shop and remember to pay the Hydro bill while I’m surfing the net to see if anybody has liked any of my blog comments)

    I grew up Naugleryish and often at times like this I really get broody about some of the dumb shit Nicole says.

    Life is hard lady, even if you don’t pick a hard life. You simply can’t control people. Not little ones, not middle ones, not teen ones or grown ones and not internet ones.

    I’d love for you Nicole to switch your cycle, spend one week, being a real damn person living a life that’s not “average”. I’ll start, just to show you how it’s done.

    Things that happened today in SD’s world.

    Teen DD pulled a fast one last night and went to the drive in with a group of friends pretending like she had a ride home and the intention to actually use it. I had to pick her ass up quick first thing this morning before her dad got wind of it. I’d really have rather saved the gas and slept in. Now she won’t get up off the couch to help.

    6 year old DS wants to go to the skate park in town so I caught him hauling a white bucket of dead toad and snail water in through the living room to dump on DD.

    Diapers are expensive and can’t be burned and cloth is just a big ole bother, so 2yo DS is getting toilet trained. He’s peed on the floor 3 times this morning took a dump in the front porch flower pot. (Don’t worry, there are no flowers in it this year) I was sitting right there “supervising” but didn’t notice because I was surfing Facebook.

    DS 20 has called and texted 3 times from his flea market job to ask for money that I don’t have to give him. I’m to sad to tell him, because he wants it to take DS15 for ice cream because his pick up basketball team is kicking butt this year against boys from the well funded public school.

    DD19 has decided that our rural wifi is too spotty and she’s better than us anyway so she hasn’t been home since university let out. Since her room is empty and my back has been out, her bed is now covered in a weeks worth of clean laundry I need to fold.

    Our crazy semi feral barn cat had kittens last night and our boxer is going insane trying to find where she hid them.

    DH is a great guy, but he flat out refuses to take his work boots off in the house, so the kitchen floor has actual chucks of mud on it. I don’t feel like sweeping again today.

    SO, I’m leaving the delinquent girl bum on the couch, continuing to ignore the boys at the flea market. Not yelling at DH and loading the little boys into the car to go sit at my friends house and drink a beer.

    Your turn Nicole!


  38. So. A child was using a bar of soap over – or at least, very near – the toilet, somehow resulting in a week-long plumbing dilemma…

    Considering that they all bathe at that dog-grooming-salon-turned-family-bath-house, it would not surprise me if the “littles” were indeed, using the toilet running water to wash themselves. Or maybe, just marveling in it’s technology!! Cant blame ’em.

    …To think, the bucket is all they know – so confusion or curiosity seems natural. And this just shines more light on the deep-seeded emotional, cognitive, and behavioral problems that manifest at BLH (before the “kidnapping” and ongoing) – an example being the child who had to be placed and replaced over and again in a challenging bid to help this wild 4 year-old find the stability he lacked at home. Anyway, having mostly grown up without access to running water or standard hygiene practices in their own home – the “littles” are probably not going to be picky when they’re actually treated to the privilege of such amenities. #unschoollife

    Additionally, that bathroom is probably the only place to find privacy. As such, I can see any one of those children retreating there for a moment’s privacy – for whatever purpose!
    I mean, I’d choose the bathroom over sharing an open-floor-concept bath house among a dozen family – all varying greatly in age and development – especially if I had a dad who described the relationship he keeps with his children as being “intimate”. ::shudder:: It all sounds so off.


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