I clipped off the photo that Nicole shared here.

But I want to make a comment.

For those wondering. . .

You know who is wondering?


Not a single soul.  Nada. Nobody.

But I’m gonna share something of my own.

For those wondering, this is the woman who publicly, repeatedly, has accused me of driving my own child to commit suicide. I didn’t, and he didn’t.  Doesn’t matter, she still insists on it.

She is a dog groomer who owns the Blessed Little Grooming Company in Radcliff, Kentucky.  I bet your dog would look great after she got through with it, don’t you think?


28 thoughts on “Wondering”

  1. She’s such a fucking coward, immediately deleted it when it didn’t accomplish what she hoped it would.


  2. You were quite kind to Nicole in your choice of photo.

    I have no idea why she feels the need to poke at Al when he has seemed to leave her alone for several days at minimum. I think she really does miss it when “her trolls” aren’t paying attention to her.


  3. She would not, in a million years, touch my dogs. She did a tour of her grooming facility, and surprise, no place to sterilize equipment between dogs. I asked her about it and Chucky blasted me for making such a suggestion.


  4. That woman, cant even take care of her own, much less herself. I wouldnt take my fake stuffed dog to her to make pretty. If you cant take care of yourself how can you care for pets? Just saying, unless your goats stomped on you on the way to work.


  5. If the Blessed medical emergency had taken place at the shitstead, rather than the shop, would she have objected to Al or any other pilot flying over her property to pick her up? I’m guessing not so much. I would say that she reminds me of a toddler, kicking and screaming, fists flailing, “look at me, look at me.” But toddlers grow out of that behavior.

    FYI, Nicole. We have used the same grooming salon for over 20 years. Like your shop, it is a small family business. Never have I seen child labor in there, nor have I seen unkempt groomers. There isn’t a chance in hell I would let you near my dogs, based on your appearance alone.


  6. I am a certified home day care provider. I have 2 children of my own. No, I am not a perfect mother but my children are loved, clean and taken care of and generally well behaved. I feel sometimes people like to come to meet me while my children are there before they hire me to see how my own children are. I absolutely understand that and would be the same way if I were in the market for a day care provider.
    I could not imagine someone would look at Nicole and feel a woman who can not groom herself or her children would groom your beloved pet. I am not a “hater” but a truth teller. I am shocked she has customers and I am mean that.
    Sally, I just want to say mother to mother I hate the fact that that piece of shit wants to hit below the belt and attack your child who can not defend himself.


  7. What??!!

    Who is she stalking now?

    Would anyone take this woman seriously? Her and her impish, childish drama. Isn’t she like 41 years old?


  8. She looks anemic and pale. Is that a fairly recent photo? I’m mildly anemic per my test about a week ago despite being on iron supplementation for a month because I was that depleted by the time I found out about my low iron. The diet they consume really isn’t rich in what is needed to prevent the various types of anemia.


  9. S – I think you meant disinfection. I wouldn’t expect a groomer to sterilize equipment, but I damn well expect them to disinfect it between animals. Chlorhexidine is frequently used by all sorts of medical types, including dentists and veterinarians.

    Cosmetologists are required to disinfect their equipment. You would think someone who is expressing anal glands would do the same.

    A sterilizer would either be an autoclave (steam and pressure) or ethylene oxide which requires four conditions to ensure succes: heat, moisture, gas concentration and time. Plus EO is flammable and explosive when permitted to mix with air. Nicole couldn’t be bothered to explain to her kids why you shouldn’t use gasoline to start a fire, I wouldn’t trust her with EO. See below.


  10. Once again Nicole reveals herself for the pathetic person she is through her writing.
    Nicole hears a helicopter go over and imagines it’s Al flying high over her shit strewn hovel and she immediately attempts to provoke Al, or at the very least get the attention she craves.
    But instead, she reveals her jealous and angry “personna” while likely cooped up in her overcrowded smoky shack lying next to HH, who will never accomplish anything greater than getting stinkin’ high.
    Getting high isn’t flying high and it’s kicking her ass.


  11. There isn’t a chance in hell I would let you near my dogs, based on your appearance alone.

    Don’t forget the smell of advanced periodontal disease that probably precedes her by a few paces.

    One way dentists measure stench via gas chromatographies known as halimeters, it measures volatile sulfur compounds. I bet she could get one to ring bells. The other way is an organoleptic test.


  12. When considering a Grooming Company to use the following stood out as red flags to me.

    Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC does not seem to advocate for vaccinations of pets.

    Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC posted a video basically telling people if their dogs have fleas that they got them elsewhere.

    Nicole C Naugler has talked about how she only does laundry once or twice a week. The Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC has a dryer but for a washer must go to the laundromat. How many dog towels do you think the business has? A question I would have is are they washing the towels between each dog or just drying them?

    There do not seem to be any chairs in the reception area of the Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC so that a customer can wait for their pet. Nor does there seem to be a way for the customer to watch the grooming process through a window or by video in the reception area.

    Upon reading legitimate negative reviews (those not removed by the owners) of the Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC it does not seem like the business owners take responsibility for any errors and resort to their policy of stating there is a 72 hour guarantee on services without explaining the policy coupled with denial, excuses, claims of video (not produced) and then an attack by the online fans of Nicole C Naugler.

    Far too many of the positive reviews come from out of state and seem not to reflect on the Grooming services.

    Liability to the customer should their pet injure one of the underage workers. I assume since they are not salaried that they are not covered by workers compensation or any other insurance policy. The photographs of customers animals loose with the infant.

    Nicole C Naugler appears to promote her business by denouncing other local groomers rather than having a good relationship with others in the field.

    These are some of the red flags that would prevent me from utilizing the Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC for my grooming needs.


  13. Nicole, I wouldn’t use you as a groomer as I don’t think you’re a good person. Call me a hater. I don’t think your husband is a good person. The language he uses towards women is awful and I wouldn’t want anyone I love around him.
    I wouldn’t use a groomer (or any other business) who used child slave labor. I am almost positive you aren’t paying your children minimum wage. I also wouldn’t use a groomer (or any other business) that didn’t pay their bills and skipped out on rent. I just couldn’t support that type of behavior and I don’t think most people would.

    You say your business is booming, people love you, you’re a persona with a large following. I don’t see that your business is booming, other than you are able to spend money to boost stupid posts, pay for on line social stuff, buy kindle covers, video games, gaming systems, a horse (I thought you had to sell), pure bred dogs, goats, chickens, fireworks, but sadly no up keep to your car, your teeth, your water situation, or fire safety. I wouldn’t buy a bow from you or a child’s cape. I look at the bows and know that you have no sanitary conditions and no real place to wash your hands after using the bucket and well, it grosses me out.

    Nicole, just what are you getting out of all this on line persona? Is it strictly for entertainment? I only follow you to see the train wreck that you and Joe are. It’s entertaining (sad really, but somewhat like a reality show). I’m not jealous of you, nor do I admire you. I no longer feel sorry or pity for you. You are just entertainment. That’s it. Soon I will be bored of you and your antics, just like everyone else gets bored with you. There will never be another 45k windfall. I bet you wish there was as you probably think that you could handle it now and not waste it.

    PS your post on the breastfeeding mom smoking weed was a true picture to the soul you are. You are disgusting. Please study the harmful aspects of weed.


  14. She would not, in a million years, touch my dogs. She did a tour of her grooming facility, and surprise, no place to sterilize equipment between dogs. I asked her about it and Chucky blasted me for making such a suggestion.

    No sterilization between dogs? So she can be spreading mange and ringworm between dogs or even to her own children since they get their hair cuts at the shop. It’s possible she has separate clippers for the children but I suspect that is not the case.


  15. [Note to Editor: If youre going to open to gates, so to speak, I should like to contribute… Otherwise, please discard my comment, and I apologize for the misunderstanding. Regardless, thank-you for your time, Sally!]

    Years ago, before I realized it wasn’t for me, I tried trained under a groomer extraordinaire, who took out an inordinate amount of extra time to artfully snip the hair around the face perfectly, like a true artist. On every dog. And then there’s Blessed Little Grooming Company’s photos… From a professional perspective, I don’t know why they even document those travesties! It’s bad publicity. The grooming job on those poor dogs are rushed, messy, uneven and choppy – and not just on the face, but all around! This should be obvious to even the non-groomer’s eye. Now, I do not think that California has better standards for grooming. Rather, I think Nicole is plain lazy, and rushes through her grooming jobs because she cant focus. This results in hack-jobs. She just wants to finish already, so she can go back to scrollin’ and trollin’ on Facebook. Worse, she documents her horrible grooming on Facebook. Proof that she is delusional.


  16. I’ve always wondered if the customers know that children are actually doing the grooming. I can’t imagine many would be okay with that. If I took my dog to a groomer and then found out a child bathed her and clipped her nails, I would be furious.


  17. On November 21st, Nicole’s grooming page posted this article and advised people to read it. I think that all people considering leaving their pet in her care should do just that….Read this article that Nicole so approved of:

    Mark Singer Dog Behaviour Specialist
    November 21 at 7:33pm ·
    Affection must be earned
    It’s the humanising of dogs that is in the majority of cases causing dogs to become psychologically unbalanced. Too many dog owners are too freely handing out affection, and mollycoddling their dogs too much.

    I certainly feel that it’s this type of relationship dog owners are having with their dogs that is contributing to such a high rate of anxiety in dogs, and therefore in a lot of cases, the major reason behind dog to human and dog to dog aggression.

    I put a lot of the blame on what is being taught in so many puppy preschools, that all pups really need is lots of love and affection, and that any behavioural issue can be sorted out with a treat and heaps of love and affection. If you watch how a mother interacts with her pups and how dogs interact with each other, you will observe that they try to maintain balance through discipline, and not by heaps love and affection. That is not to say we shouldn’t show our dog love and affection, but that affection must be earned, and not handed out so freely, as so many dog owners do. Dogs don’t view affection the way humans do, and by handing out to much affection we can create a lot of confusion in our dog. Always view affection as a way of reinforcing behaviours you want from your dog, and not just as a way of making you feel good.

    Sometimes we as humans can get so caught up in our own emotional needs, that we put our dogs instinctive needs last. Most puppy preschools don’t even focus on how to have a well balanced relationship with your dog. They don’t teach what your puppy needs to develop into a well balanced dog. It’s all about how puppies can make us feel good by being overly affectionate and wrapping them in cotton wool. Puppies need structure, they need boundaries, and yes they need enforced discipline, to help them develop into a well rounded and well balanced dog. This type of relationship must be maintained for the life of your dog.

    Its no different when bringing a new rescue dog into your home. The last thing your new dog needs is lots of love and affection. It’s structure, boundaries and discipline that helps your dog settle more naturally into its new environment. Dogs instinctively need this to feel secure within their new social group. Love and affection for a dog is weak energy, that doesn’t indicate strong supportive leadership. Too much love and affection only creates more insecurity in the dog, and therefore anxiety, which then eventually builds to so many behavioural issues, such as the strong possibilty of insecure based aggression.

    We need to get back to treating dogs as dogs, and understand the importance of strong leadership and discipline. I firmly believe that the continuing rise in dog bites and aggressive behaviour, and why so many dogs are being dumped in pounds, is due to not respecting our dogs instinctive needs, and unless we begin too, the rise of these antisocial and insecure based behaviours are going to continue to increase at an alarming rate.

    We need to open our eyes to see why aggressive behaviour is on such a massive increase, and that it’s not our dogs fault. Our dogs are actually trying to tell us something, and we better start listening to them before it’s to late.


    There isn’t a chance in hell I’d leave an animal in this woman’s care.


  18. Here is a little clause that would be good for NicNaug and her fat turd to learn: Turnabout is fair play. And while I do believe she does post things to get her little victimhood going on, I really think she believes there are lines we won’t cross, which does speak to her real view of the “trolls” as being better than her ass because there isn’t one line she won’t cross. But, what we do know about the blessed bitch is that she doesn’t have a normal learning curve; it takes her a while to learn the lessons that many of us learn in our early youth. Here are areas in which learning should have but sadly didn’t occur: 1) When NicNaug attacks a woman whose grandchild isn’t in her life and suddenly quick as a phone call to the cops, her daughter-in-law packs up and runs back home where there is plumbing and food and warmth and reason with a little piece of paper in her hand to keep not only the alleged blessed wife beater at bay but the blessed snuggle tooth and fat turd as well; 2) I wonder if she remembers how she blamed all those mothers whose children died; well, slap me silly and call me chilly, it didn’t take long before she learned a little something about grief and I’d normally say the universe tired of her shit and slaps her with a little retribution, but in this case, she is solely responsible for the loss of her son. And finally, she just keeps right on messing with people’s livelihoods by playing these stupid ass victim games and guess what, yep, it’s happening. Listen, do you hear that? It’s her business slowly going down the drain. Karma is a bitch! Absolutely no one wants to hear or read what she thinks.


  19. Just another quick comment: some have wondered if she is in the family way…look at that picture of her. She looks like shit. But, when I was pregnant the first time and each time thereafter, whether I carried a full-term fetus successfully or ended in miscarriage, the doctor knew I was pregnant before the blood test. He said he cold tell because I had what he referred to as the mask of pregnancy. All of my sisters had it too and my daughter got it with all three of her kids. I guess it’s like stretch marks, some get it and some don’t but damn if that silly NicNaug doesn’t look like she is sporting a mask….


  20. Jeannie, if she is, then she’s got some kind of death wish, and useless HH should be ashamed of himself. Condoms, fucker. I know they were warned.

    I hope not. The kids don’t deserve that.

    Oh, gawddamit, that looks like concern on my part. I truly didn’t mean to sound slightly nice.


  21. KatataFish,

    Thanks for that share from the business page. I don’t follow it.

    What a load of shit. I raised my Kangal/Anatolian with love, affection and treats and she is a friendly, wonderful and obedient dog. It’s the nature of her breed.
    I raised my Border Collie the same way and he is obedient, loyal, ever watchful for my mood and desires and he will rip a stranger’s throat out if I’m not there to tell him no and okay that person. It’s the nature of his breed.
    He, however, has been training the Kangal/Anatolian to be more of a watch dog and wary of strangers. I consider this a good thing. That is their job. To be our protectors when necessary and our loving companions when not.
    The point, lost there for a moment, being that with love, affection and treats my dogs are calm, disciplined, attentive, obedient and loving. I can take them to the park or to a hotel and they will be extremely well behaved. It didn’t take any “discipline” more than expressing my disappointment of poor behavior when they were puppies and temporarily withholding that very love and affection. They were willing to be the best that they can be because of our loving relationship and the time spent in training.


  22. Nicole take the remaining tooth you have and go eat shit!

    My groomer runs a small shop brings her house. It is always packaged and no way could I get a same day appointment . Most times not even a same week appointment! She is wonderful and my dogs never leave looking messy and unfinished.


  23. Sally,
    Your nuthin but a mean viscious old troll hag. What has Nichole ever dun too you? Why can’t you bullys just leave her alone???!! I’m in her closed group and she is sharing all the truth about what yous all is doing to her N all her familie . Now you is talking bout her business?


  24. Is Leave Nikki Alone for real? Can we get your address, leave nikki alone? Yous needs a dictionary. Or another round of 7th grade English.


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