Keep the money and let me stay longer. . .

Is it just me or is this a little weird?

Don’t they already have a tiny little garden shed? Why is that so different from a tiny little log cabin?

Or is she talking about having all the food and water and firewood she needs?

If she wants to get rid of the internet and her cell phone, nobody is stopping her.


10 thoughts on “Wishing”

  1. It’s not clear from the post if someone would be permitted to leave the property at all or if they have to stay there for an entire month. No trips to see the local sights. There was no mention of where morning ablutions take place. Indoors or outdoors. Maybe the prospect of taking care of such things indoors 24/7/365 has turned her head away from their chosen path of true homesteading.

    I would imagine that an ill-prepared outdoor humanure system gets old, even in the wintertime.

    Maybe they should have insulated that roof and installed a ridge vent after all.


  2. Personally, I think Nicole is a cold, mean-spirited woman. I think the years of being with Joe have hardened her. There is a sadness in her for things she wishes were different but she doesn’t see her responsibility in any of it. I believe Nicole would love to have a real home. A conventional life of as stay at home mom with a hard-working husband. But she would never admit to this. Because that would be admitting her own failure as a mother and human being.

    Those children are basically being held captive by J and N. I still cannot believe the state returned them. They are so brainwashed it would have taken at least a year for the kids to live in normalcy and begin to see the light and understand the life that J and N have them living isn’t normal.

    Thank you for this blog. I have read everything. I appreciate you and the other commenters taking the time to present the facts Like all of you I have strong opinions about this very complex situation.


  3. The Mrs is as much in it as the Mr, if not more. IMO she wears the pants in the family, thus her being the bread winner and having most of the say as to what they do. I see her throwing it out there now and then that something was the Mr’s idea so to not make him look hen pecked and to be able to have a place to cast blame other than herself. Her mother posted that the Mr wanted her to come and stay with them to help with the kids (the Mr can not even function as stay at home Dad by his own admission through mommy inlaw). JoAnn also post that theMrs put her foot down on her coming there to help.


  4. @Old time farm girl – I thought Nicole’s mother wasn’t really keen on that idea because it would have been really hard on her body to sleep rough at her age. I thought she mentioned she has a touchy back. Regardless, I can’t imagine why anyone would suggest that a retired person would relish the idea of helping raise 10 plus children while sleeping on a board with a sleeping bag, no indoor plumbing and an unreliable source of potable water for any length of time whatsoever. Maybe a week or two, in the middle of the summer but longer than that seems mean to me.


  5. I am of belief that the Mrs’s mother would almost endure any thing so she can have a real relationship with her grand kids. That is the tone I get from her very sad posting about the grand kids


  6. As usual, too, Nicole shares things on facebook without doing any kind of checking of the veracity of the content. There isn’t any link in that post to an actual contest, likely because none exists. A google search leads nowhere.

    She shared an article the other day about nonconformity, freethinking and mental illness that was outdated and riddled with inaccuracies (actually a lot of the content appeared to be outright fabrications).

    I just don’t get the appeal of sharing things you don’t even read or fact-check in any way. What is the point? Is her need for attention that intense? It just further erodes her credibility, at least among people who are reasonably intelligent critical thinkers. She still has her sycophants, of course, who reliably accept everything from Nicole at face value.


  7. “Is her need for attention that intense?”

    Yes. Don’t underestimate the need and what she will do to get it.


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