Wicky Bad

I remember well sitting in church once while a guy filling in for our preacher shouted out his sermon, and shout is the appropriate word.  He was telling a little story about some kid whose father was an alcoholic and how the little child would say “Wicky bad, Daddy! Wicky bad!”

I don’t remember the whole story because after fifty million of these, they all run together, but the idea was that the little child was leading his father to righteousness.  What was memorable was the preacher yelling “Wicky bad!” and scaring most of the little kids in the audience.  That’s all most of us remembered about the man.  Not his name, nothing.  Just the “Wicky bad” preacher.

There are entire books containing little stories like this for preachers to use.  There are whole websites now devoted to them.

Some have attribution, but many, maybe most, do not.  Really often, the preacher will alter the story making it sound as though he was the counselor or the witness to the events.

At any rate, they have a pattern.  They always are tear-jerkers or cautionary tales. Come to Jesus now before this happens to you!  Vote Republican because Democrats kill little babies!

But let’s look through this one because I feel badly that Nicole’s heart is breaking for no reason at all.

First, this wasn’t written by an American. The person writing uses British spelling (labour).

Second, if the person is an actual doctor, English is not his/her first language.  If English is the person’s first language, he/she is not a doctor at all because nobody educated to that level would use such poor grammar or such inaccurate medical allusions (“fibroid melting”).

Third, there is no real reason given for why the woman supposedly died.  “We lost her,” he says and that’s all.

Fourth, there are too many religious expressions. This is a sermon illustration, probably used for something like Mother’s Day, or perhaps as an anti-abortion campaign story.  Examples are “give up the ghost” and “so many method [sic] known to man” and “barren” and “valley of death” and “giver of life” and “deliver your babies like the woman of Hebrew [sic].”

The person who wrote this was a preacher, not a doctor.  And he isn’t an American preacher.

I bet this comes out of some third-world country.  But mostly,  I bet it never happened at all.

If Nicole’s heart is gonna break, it ought to be breaking with the guilt she feels for depriving her son of medical care to the point that he never breathed once.

Oh, and I was grown before it dawned on me that these stories were mostly all fake, and that there is a such a thing as good whiskey.



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  1. I don’t care what language is this person usually speaks but the mutilation of English seen here along with zero medical language shows they are not a Dr. This is religious propaganda bullshit and it is disgustingly manipulative.


  2. Just odd that she would post something like that considering it was her own being a ass that caused the death of her son. On another note I see that she is scrubbing her comments, when she herself has said she never does that, even the comment from chuckles was scrubbed. what a low life bunch


  3. My husband and I have been having a come to Jesus meeting ourselves lately. I want my kids to be involved in good activities and to have good friends, but the hokeyness of a lot of things surrounding our church has been wearing on us.

    What was the final straw for you to just chuck it all and not go back?


  4. I googled “saddest day of my life doctor” which resulted in a snopes link. The photographer did not know that the photos were being used for this story. The father was crying in the photo because his wife (very much alive) had delivered a healthy baby. Snopes points out that medical doctors identified the weak details of this story (you pointed that out as well, Sally).


  5. This post made it to Snopes!

    “In just over 24 hours, the post was shared more than half a million times. The page appeared to be affiliated with an online baby supply shop (babbyy.com), which listed a California phone number and Delaware address as its contact information. However, the babbyy.com web site was registered to an owner in Nigeria. The details of the story suggested that the tale was fabricated to rack up Facebook likes and shares.”

    Read the whole post on Snopes. A ‘Labor and Delivery’ nurse called bullshit on the post and more joined in.

    If I wasn’t so worried about being harassed by NicNog, I would point this out to her. I have flown under the radar so far with them and intend to keep it this way!


  6. What was the final straw for you to just chuck it all and not go back?

    Well, there were two such moments.

    One came when we left the Fundy Church From Hell (Calvary Memorial Church, Southern Pines, NC). They had been simply abominable to Nathan as he became a teenager and started with his music.

    We left primarily for his sake, and began attending what we hoped was a kinder, gentler, more evangelical church. It was Christian and Missionary Alliance and we liked it there. They were nice to Nate, and he even performed in church a few times.

    But then, we moved to Alaska, Nate moved out on his own, and we started attending the local Baptist church. Cooper Landing was a very small village. There were only two churches in town. If you were Catholic, you went to the Catholic church. If you were not Catholic, you went to the Baptist church.

    We never had any problems there.

    I did not leave religion because somebody was mean to me, or there were hypocrites in the church. Nothing like that. I was the church choir director and thoroughly enjoyed what I did.

    I left because I realized it was not true, that “saved” isn’t a thing, that “sin” isn’t a thing, that “God” isn’t a thing, that Jesus, while probably a real human being, never said anything in the New Testament, and that almost nothing recorded about his life is accurate or true or actually happened.

    To say that this was gut-wrenching is an understatement. It wasn’t about leaving a church because of assholes (that was the Fundy Church From Hell). It was about abandoning the faith altogether.

    I’ve written a bit about the whole leaving thing. Here. And here.


  7. I don’t know, perhaps her ‘huge load of fibroids’ got her. I mean, sure, one melted, but what of the others? Anyway, it must have sucked for her husband to have his day turned sour like that.

    If this is supposed to bring me to god, I’m afraid it has failed as I simply question why, after going to the trouble of inserting a fetus into the woman, he didn’t feel it necessary to step in with aid once again before she ‘lost her live’.

    If Nicole thought this was a true story my estimation of her has decreased. I wouldn’t have thought it could go any lower.


  8. “Oh, and I was grown before it dawned on me that these stories were mostly all fake, and that there is a such a thing as good whiskey.”

    Yep there’s such a thing, in fact some of that thing is sitting in my dining room in a bottle labeled McCallan 18 (that’s beyond good and into the great category). Given how this day is going by 7 oclock there will be one big ass shot less of that thing. I’ve been dealing with fake stories of a different nature all day.

    I think there ought to be a limit to how many memes one can post. If you hadn’t picked this one you could have had 4 or 5 others to write about and that’s just today.


  9. Personally? One day I said to myself….how does letting your child be tortured and die…save your creation? I mean..if you’re God…why not just wave your magic wand and make everything ok. Why does someone’s CHILD have to die? It occurred to me that the Jesus salvation story is military propoganda. If God can send his child to die for you….surely you can send your child to die for the cause, too!

    In other words….Christianity is a way for smart selfish people to control dumb fearful people…and get wealthy off the blood of their children fighting for resources. Religion is a surprisingly effective technique if you want to control the masses and complete any objective you want. It’s truly evil that way. Fear is a strong motivator. Particularly, for those who are born into fear/inferiority culturally.

    Prejudice and tribalism work the same way. Give a man a scapegoat and someone to feel better than…and suddenly his circumstances don’t seem as bad. Suddenly, he can live with his low position and disadvantage and his fears.

    These are sick tools used by smart strategic people to control the world.

    Be smarter than falling for either of them.


  10. The story was stupid at best. I know women do die in pregnancy and delivery, my sister developed HELP syndrome( I think that’s what is was called ) her OB was just finishing with a bad outcome from pre-eclampsia. So I do know things can and do go south. I was so fortunate I never had real complications from pregnancy, now I did develop a problem that being pregnant was making a bigger problem. But all is well now, I have raised 7 strong adults that are now giving me strong, healthy ,and interesting grandchildren.


  11. Since leaving religion you could say I’ve become more cynical. I guess my eyes have just been opened. I am still charitable just not in the same way. I see how religions manipulate people, especially with shit like this.

    I’m not involved in anyway in the medical field and this story made this layman laugh. Nicole is a moron.


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