Why Are You Afraid?

I haven’t said much about this as yet, although I cannot describe how angry it made me.

Nicole C.  Naugler called Al’s employer and complained the other day. This is basically what she said.  She accused Al of flying very low over her property and “scaring her children” and taking photos.

Here’s what happened.  Al made a comment someplace in response to Nicole insisting that their property is all neat and tidy that it didn’t look that way from the air.

It doesn’t look that way from the ground either.

From that one comment, Nicole and Joe went apeshit and concluded that Al is flying his helicopter over their property to spy on them.

Al is a medical evacuation helicopter pilot. He flies for a private, for-profit company that is not, contrary to Nicole’s complete misunderstanding, contracted by Breckinridge County for anything.  Lots and lots of his flights involve flying from one hospital to another.  What happens is that a patient in Hospital A has some condition that needs to be treated in bigger, better-equipped Hospital B.  So Al, along with a nurse and/or medic or two, flies the patient there.

Sometimes, he flies to the scene of an accident and air-lifts a patient from the site.

These are emergency flights. They are extremely expensive, as Nicole would know if she’d ever needed one, since it’s a private company and they don’t do it for free.

He does not get up there in an expensive helicopter and doodle around doing whatever he pleases.  He can’t, even if he were so inclined.

For one thing, his altitude limits are very strictly defined.  He cannot fly lower than a set minimum (300 feet during the day, I think – if I’m wrong, he’ll correct me).  He also flies a set path.

It just so happens that the direct flight path from one hospital that his company services and another hospital also serviced by his company (Hospital A and Hospital B) lies directly over the Naugler shitstead.

For another thing, in most cases, he is flying a patient and time is of the essence. He flies in a straight line, the fastest route possible.

Al’s helicopter, if I understand it correctly, is computer-controlled to a large extent.  I’m here to tell you that flying a helicopter is hard to do.  There are both hand and foot controls, and all four do different things.  That’s something like playing a Bach invention on a full-pedaled organ; both hands and both feet simultaneously playing different melodies.  To compound it, if you screw up one of the lines, you don’t just get some sour notes, instead the helicopter crashes.

But basically Al gets the helicopter into the air at the correct altitude, punches in the coordinates of where he’s going (Hospital B), the GPS takes over and the computer flies the helicopter and then Al lands it.

He does not deviate from his flight path.  If he were to do that, his employer would know about it in a skinny minute because they use GPS tracking on all their pilots.  It’s a safety thing.  If he went down, they want to know where and when and why.

They have recordings of every flight he’s ever made.  They record not only the flight path, but the time of departure, the time of arrival, his flight speed and his altitude.

So, has Al Wilson flown over the shitstead?

Yes, he has.

So have other pilots with the same company. Al doesn’t work all the time.  There have been lots and lots of flights right over that property at all hours because it’s on the flight path from Hospital A to Hospital B.

Now then, do Joe and Nicole expect Al to fly the damned helicopter with his eyes closed? Of course he’s seen the shitstead from the air.  More than once.

What he’s never done is take a picture.  He’s flying a fucking helicopter, not sight-seeing.

Joe can’t quit though. He has to embellish some more. He says that Al flew so low over their property that he could see Al’s face.

That is a lie.

It’s not a mistake. It’s not a “I thought I did.”  It’s a flat-out lie.

Al knows it. I know it. Joe knows it. And I assure you, Al’s employer knows it.

There’s a photo, taken right from Al’s employer’s website, of what a pilot looks like flying. That’s what Al wears when he is flying at a minimum altitude of 300 feet above the ground.

If he landed right in Joe’s yard, Joe still wouldn’t have the slightest idea who the pilot was until the person got out of the chopper and took off his/her helmet.

Let me tell you what normal children do when they see a helicopter fly over.  They wave. They might shout.  They get excited. They love it.  Normal children do that. They aren’t afraid of helicopters, unless they’ve lived in some war-torn country and seen attack helicopters.  If the Naugler children were frightened by a helicopter, then they are not normal and Joe and Nicole might ought to figure out what is wrong.  And they should probably get them used to seeing choppers because their property is right on the fucking flight path.

We see helicopters fly over our property a good bit.  The truth is that I have no idea who they are.  I can’t tell what the logo is on them from the ground.  And neither can Joe and Nicole.

But armed with nothing, Nicole called and bitched and looked like a perfect fool.  Is it any wonder that the locals are learning to despise this couple?

Al’s employer did not give Nicole “intimidations and threats.”  Nobody did.  They just ignored Nicole.

Let me explain something right here and right now. I have seen the shitstead from the ground and it’s a shithole.  It looks like a third-world refugee camp.  There is trash and debris all over the place. It is not tidy and neat.  It’s a shithole.  It’s real estate that looks like Nicole’s hair.

I am not saying that to harass and intimidate anyone. I am saying it because it is the fucking truth. It’s not defamatory. It’s a fact.  It’s a trash-strewn dump.

But what I’m mostly interested in is Nicole’s last question.

If he’s not doing anything wrong he has nothing to Worry about, right?

Al has nothing to worry about and hasn’t had anything to worry about and laughed about the whole thing.

But Nicole tried to have him fired.  That’s all this is. She attempted to sabotage his means of making a living.  She and Joe had absolutely no idea when she called that the employer tracks all this stuff.  She thought she could just bitch and complain and he would get in trouble.

She attempted to make it impossible for Al to earn a living.

Think about that.

I never want to see her yammer about how she doesn’t call employers again, because she does. This isn’t the first time she’s done this to somebody. She would absolutely call my employer and Lisa’s and Deb’s if we had one.

But her question is this.

If he’s not doing anything wrong he has nothing to Worry about, right?

That goes for Joe and Nicole too, doesn’t it?  Isn’t turnabout fair play? If they are doing nothing wrong, why in the hell do they get so worked up about anyone who says anything negative about them?  Why?

If they aren’t doing anything wrong, then they have nothing to worry about.

But it would seem to me that the person who did something unethical, unprofessional, criminal and downright corrupt and evil is Nicole C.  Naugler, who runs a dog-grooming business called the Blessed Little Grooming Company in Radcliff, Kentucky.  She called a man’s employer and knowingly lied about him in an effort to have him fired.




42 thoughts on “Why Are You Afraid?”

  1. Some things never change. I would have thought that they would have left al alone considering he is not one to intimidated.


  2. Well then I guess she has nothing to worry about with all those reviews she got on her page when she threatened to a kill a dog. I mean if she doesn’t do anything bad ever to animals why does it matter what people say?

    Yeah fuck her. And for the record I didn’t leave a review. I am pissed how she treats her animals. I think she’s a vile human being that should never be in charge of animals or children but I never left a bad review. I understand why people did though and apparently since she says she did nothing wrong it’s no big fucking deal.

    Nicole, shut the fuck up you hypocritical, lying, nasty headed toothless bitch.


  3. You know what my kids afraid of?


    Because its my job to make her feel safe and secure.
    Even and especially if I had to raise her in a garden shed, I would go above and beyond to make sure even though we were poor, she is loved, protected, cherished and adored.

    Just because you have no money doesn’t mean you should have no class.

    Grow up Nicole
    stop mind fucking your kids its not nice…and you look like kinda CULTish when you report to us about telling them about your crazy paranoid theories.
    Fuckin nut job.


  4. As someone who had multiple jobs called and family members harassed, I appreciate you shedding light on what the Noggs do.

    This has been their game from the get go. The play grouse: they bite and scratch until you finally call a spade a spade, then they play wounded victim and slink off into martyrdom on the backs of their stupid sycophants.


  5. Every so often I ask myself…Katatafish, why bother with this shit anymore? The Naugs will never learn, and the state is too fucking poor to do anything about helping the kids. It’s a disaster that’ll just drive you nuts to think about. Maybe it’s time to just let it go…

    And I do. I consider never thinking about the Naugs again.

    But then…they pull this kind of outrageous shit.

    Nic is like a naughty child who craves negative attention. If she’s not getting enough, she’ll push the envelope more and more……her kid’s welfare be damned.

    It’s almost like they WANT their base of critics to explode. Attacking a guy who puts his ass on the line to save lives? Yep, that’ll be REALLY popular in a military town.

    Jaysus, they’re dumb.


  6. I don’t even know Al and this pisses me off. My now 18 year old was diagnosed with type 1insulin dependent ( also known as juvenile diabetes) at age 8. She had been diagnosed with a “ stomach bug” and as a result was quite sick with high sugar and risk of Dka by the time we got to our local hospital. She had to be airlifted to a hospital with a pediatric icu. The team was wonderful and only cared about getting my Ill child from point A to point B.
    Nicole claims all these false claims have been made against her. She was perfect, wonderful mother and CPS removed her children because someone reported a lie. If this is true, then yes Al has a lot to worry about even if he did nothing wrong. I mean they took all those kids based on false accusations.


  7. All kids love a helicopter. My son always wanted to fly. He had an adorable, little flight suit when he was 2. He works on them now, occasionally flying.

    My kids would run out to wave at their uncle. My former brother-in-law was a crew chief. A couple times a year their flight patterns would go over our house. We could tell when he was over us. His would hover for a bit. We NEVER saw his face, nothing more than human forms.

    If the Naugler kids are afraid, it’s because of their indoctrination. They’ve been taught to be paranoid from the ground and from the air. It’s a shame they aren’t allowed to be just kids.


  8. My first thought when I read her little tantrum is I bet she would have had no issue if Al would have had to airlift her sorry ass when she lost her kid.


  9. Before my son got sick he flew a helicopter. First in the Army and then for a three letter initial of the government in a TAU. He has flown just about everywhere in the world. From looking for grow farms to flying teams to where they need to go. Flying helicopters is much harder than flying a plane (two of my sons fly). Helicopters are dangerous, noisey, loud and can be unpredictable. They don’t like sudden change of weather, dust (like a sand storm). I wish I could tell you some of the stuff my son Just has gone through. He loved flying though. When I had him read this blog he said that not all choppers are the same, but all have strict rules you have to follow. Even tourist pilots like those in Hawaii have to stick to a strict flight plane. Heck even the traffic copters that are everywhere have rules to follow like how many can be in a certain area at a time.

    If I’m not mistaken (and I often am) isn’t there high voltage lines, running down the length of their property?? How could a copter get low enough to see his face on a Hill (this isn’t a flat piece of land) and with wires near by?

    And why would he care if his children are scared? He didn’t care if he scared them by telling them they were to be kidnapped. He doesn’t care if the rent doesn’t get paid. He doesn’t care if there’s not enough food on the table. He doesn’t care if they get evicted. But you know what? Kids do get scared of those things. Not helicopters.

    Joe how did it feel to have to constantly tell your kids you are being evicted or there is no food or the power is to be turned off? Or to watch their mom go manic in front of cops?


  10. This will come back to bite her.. hard
    I am on the military flight path, I have planes and choppers fly over my house all the time, low too. And I can tell you there is no way I can see more then the shape of the pilot and maybe a couple others inside. for one they move fast, for another they all wear their helmets and stuff. I have no idea who they are, I know they are military because they are in military helicopters.
    Calling someone’s employer to get them fired….you are a special kind of stupid nikki


  11. Nicole and Joe are out to cause harm as a distraction and their supporters fall right in line. Poor, poor Nauglers, so harassed, while their humpers fail to recognize that what the Nauglers post confirms they do everything they falsely accuse others of doing.

    My concern has always been for the kids who are being raised in such a twisted, toxic environment, learning through their parents to trust no one, to fear everyone, to think the world is out to get them, to lie, to cheat, and to harm, when actually the world has some pretty decent and cool people who want the best for them. Hopefully the kids will see this for themselves and move on.


  12. Illusions, I hope your child is managing well. I, too, have a child with type 1 diabetes, diagnosed 5 years ago. Initially she had vision problems, but my sister, who is a nurse, tested her blood sugar and it was off to the ER. She’s an adult, but staying within healthy parameters can be so tricky. Best wishes to you!


  13. I really like Al. Met him through this soap opera and am now happy to call him a Facebook friend. We had a lovely conversation on messenger about his time flying up here in Cold Lake. He kinda reminds me of my husband, a hard working, honourable man that loves his family, community and despises bullshit. Here’s the thing: guys like this tend to have a lot of community support. And stupid bitches that go around bad mouthing them tend to ostracize themselves because of it. Keep on, Mental Midget and Sperminator. Your actions will be the cause of much pain for you when you finally lose everything. And yes. You do have a lot left to lose.


  14. Emotional abuse. It has to be terrifying, for a young child to feel like they are being stalked, because their parents told them so. Children already deal with the psychological phenomenon called, “imaginary audience”. Its a natural part of brain development. It usually goes away by young adulthood. So, you can imagine, that telling a child to be on the lookout for stalkers and internet-trolls, would increase their anxiety exponentially. Straight-up, psychological abuse.

    But I imagine that those are the kind of claims that actually get the attention of their parents – parents who are othewise busy, on their devices. Naturally, if I wanted – nay, needed – attention, I might tell my crazy parents the same thing.


  15. And if/or when a heli flies over their garbage-fire homestead, I can guarantee that Joe’s fatass cannot get up fast enough to race outside and see it. It would be long gone by that time.


  16. You know what else normal children do when they see a helicopter? They dream of one day flying a helicopter. Of course the poor Nauglets will be lucky if they can get a driver’s license, what with no birth certificates or Social Security numbers.


  17. My brother-in-law flew black hawks whilst in east Timor. He now flies planes for a statewide commercial company.

    I once joked that the next time he flies over my house I’ll hang a sign on the roof saying Hello. He told me it would be a slim chance that he would see it, as he has too many other things to occupy him whilst flying.

    Those dimwits probably think it’s as easy as driving a car, even and especially, while filming yourself at the same time.


  18. Imagine being a child there in a place that looks like a Syrian refugee camp. Your father on tape has told you that you have to go child custody. You see your mother and father on there phones almost 24/7 ranting about the trolls and being fed the notion cops will shoot you because thats what they do. NOW the kids see a helicopter and instantly think its a blackhawk loaded to the teeth with guns and rockets and its there to take them, no wonder there scared to death. All thanks to there fucked up parents. Oh NN loose there so called dreads, they are horrible looking. I cant imagine how you even think about washing the kids hair. DO you pick one out, wash it up and then take some pictures. WTF is wrong with you two


  19. Saw Nic’s “Matty Hair” video today.

    Ten thousand views. Hell of a lot more than she used to get.

    Less than a hundred likes.

    About one percent of people….one out of a hundred….like Nic’s videos.

    The other 99% of us are laughing our asses off at her. Free entertainment.

    Consider for a moment the IQ disbursement of a random sample of ten thousand people. There ya go. Mystery solved.

    I don’t like white girl dreads for a couple of reasons.

    1. They look like hell. Straight white hair doesn’t dread well and always looks frayed and fried…you need to work your ass off to keep them from falling out in little bits. I knew a girl in college who did fairly respectable white girl dreads. On a daily basis, she had to poke all those loose hairs back in with a tiny felting tool. To do the style right, particularly as a white woman…is labor intensive. Nic doesn’t care for labor. So her head doesn’t look like a purposeful style. Just a fucking mess with mats in it.

    2. It IS culturally insensitive. When people with power and privilege decide to ‘validate’ customs and traditions that oppressed people have long been marginalized for by saying ‘This is the hot new thing…on ME this looks great’ there is an undeniable “ick” factor. It’s disrespectful and condescending. Nick might not realize that, but there are a lot of infuriating things she does that she’s dopily unaware of…so it’s hardly a surprise.

    3. It’s an attention seeking hairdo. Look at me! Aren’t I cool? I’m wearing a hairstyle that doesn’t belong to my hair type, or culture (or time period) because I like to break all the rules and be free! This might be a hairstyle a girl tries for a while in college until she goes to her Racial Studies class and learns something about culture and goes….’Oh, shit…I didn’t realize I was being an asshole.’ And her black friends go, ‘It’s ok, girl. But comb that shit out, you look like a muppet.’ Teens and young twenties are self involved…they don’t mean any harm. Wearing this shit into your forties? That strongly suggests someone whose emotional maturity cannot advance past adolescence.

    4. Hygiene. I’m not saying dreads can’t be done well…they can. They can look and smell nice when you know how to take care of them. But some lifestyles are not suited for them. How many moms can relate to their baby throwing up in their hair over their shoulder? Both of mine did. It’s one of the reasons I cut my hair shorter after I had kids. Babies get in your hair with their sticky little hands and they spit up. If you’re going to have a million kids…this is not a practical hairstyle. How the hell would you get baby vomit out of a hair mat? You let the kids sleep in bed with you and someone pees…yuck. You change diapers and those things dangle down or a kid grabs one….yuck. With little kids comes the necessity to be able to clean up quick and easy. Dreads need to be watched for contaminants constantly. Food touching dreads? Mold. Not good. Yuck. Not to mention the pet grooming! Where do you think fleas go when the water comes on? They climb to higher ground. That means they climb up the dog and onto the groomer. Imagine trying to keep fleas out of those things…or finding fleas to get them out after they make the journey there. If Nick’s head has a population of fewer than a hundred fleas, I’d be stunned. No wonder she’s a grouchy bitch. Explains the constant scratching, too.

    I dunno Nick…I won’t discourage you. You go ahead and keep your freak flag flying. It’s like Hobo GrrrAnimals. At least your hair matches your teeth. And the sideshow is undeniably entertaining.


  20. NN has stated numerous time she isn’t the one doxing, harassing, or engaging with “the trolls”.
    She has now admitted to doing all 3.
    It just proves again that she is a liar. Her warped sense of right & wrong is never on display more than when she’s having yet another hissy fit. Calling someone’s employer because you don’t like what they said on FACEBOOK????
    Grow up & take care of your kids. Once again if you are so busy, how do you have time for this? I have 1/4 the amount of children you do & between school, after school activities, & having a home i don’t know how you can have time for the “trolls”


  21. Forgive me I don’t know how to reply to a comment here.
    SANDRA D. Thank you for asking. She is doing quite well. She is a freshman in college this year, living in the dorms. It was a bit of headache getting her scripts transferred to the pharmacy by her school, but we finally worked it out. She has been on a pump for 5 years and does well on it. The first few years, she would end up admitted to the hospital anytime she got sick with flu or stomach bug because her numbers were impossible to control. But she has been doing well for quite a while now. I hope your daughter is as well. You almost get used to it and it because your normal, I suppose.


  22. Children are not usually afraid of helicopters as many of you have said and I don’t for one fucking minute believe her children were terrified of the helicopter flying over and probably didn’t give it a second thought. She is a worthless piece of shit whose entire life is about stirring the shit pot and then when she is on the losing end of the shit pot, she cries victim, victim. Poor me. I am being stalked…Look NicNaug, I was stalked and it goes something like this…the stalker didn’t say shit to me, so it was a long time before I knew he was stalking me. It wasn’t until he had spent a few months stalking that he got up his courage to enter my home when I wasn’t there and it was even weeks later when he started hanging around my windows, listening to conversations between my friends and me. I found out he was stalking me when my neighbor told me a strange man was hanging around and she had seen him following me so I called the cops and it took them a long time before they believed me. Stalkers are usually just out of view in the shadows and don’t address comments on public forums to you. Your little cries of stalking pale miserably in the face of those who have been stalked. What we have here blessed bitch is your failure to present a logical argument, and in light of your lack of sources and your usage of unreliable sources, you have failed to convince any of us that your claims are true (homesteader, off grid living, environmental concerned, homeopathic practitioner, etc., etc.), so, as a result, when we call your ass out, you accuse us of stalking you or you call us names or try to attack our character, which, by the way, is a fallacy of huge proportion. Instead of doing research and joining the conversation to present logical and proven evidence, you stomp your feet and call us trolls or minions or fat or ugly or drunks or stalkers or cunts. Believe you me, you are not stalk worthy and gurlllll, you have no room to call anyone ugly. None of us are interested in you, personally; what we are interested in is providing truth to expose your lies and facts to counter your false claims and to keep your con for money out of the pockets of hard working folks. And now, since you have tried without success to ground our good-looking and very talented AI, well, now there’s something new to consider and it’s justice. Justice is ours saith the trolls….


  23. What an idiot.

    She thinks Al or his fellow pilots flying over her property is scary? Seriously? Then she would absolutely fall apart if she worked where I work, or live where I live.

    My home is on several flight paths (two major airports, military, state flying desperately injured people to a hospital) and my kids have never – not ONCE – been scared of a helicopter flying overhead. Despite the BIG helicopters flying between bases. How have they made it to adulthood?

    If your kids are scared then Nicole that is on you and Jabba Joe.


  24. This is how the Nauglers acts when they are failing. Or rather, when their intimidation schemes are failing. It usually signifies an imminent downturn in their fortunes. They try harder and their efforts become less subtle.

    Here’s the reality of how most real life people interact with Joe and Nicole. They strenuously avoid coming into contact with them. People who live in that community or have to work near them often have no choice in the matter. The Nauglers like that. It makes them think they’re powerful and mighty and bad A’s or something. They don’t know how to deal with real bad A’s who show just how incredibly, pitifully, often comically failed Joe and Nicole are at being bad A’s. Not too long ago I did a little bit of travel and I GPSed my trip. On the way back it took me through the poor hamlet with the misfortune to have the Nauglers live in it. The circumstances didn’t permit me to turn around and as I went through Breckinridge County and Garfield I just hoped that I would not encounter Joe, Nicole or one of their older children. Why? Because Joe and Nicole are beyond mean, nasty and cruel.

    So presumably Joe and Nicole believe that they own the airspace over their dwelling? Nope. No airspace restrictions on any chart over their dwelling. I don’t know the ins and outs of medevac and the altitudes involved but I do know this. You can go to Google Earth and see how trashed and disgusting the Naugler place is. So, according to self-absorbed Naugler logic, Google Earth is also colluding in the mighty effort to trouble the Nauglers. They’d love to believe that. It would make them feel important.


  25. Joe and Nicole, What you did to Al is called slander, a form of defamation. You called his employer and provided false information in an attempt to get him fired. Al would have no problem winning this case. It would be easy to prove what you said is false, since they keep recordings of every detail of every flight.

    You guys are so damn dumb. Knock it off, you look like total assholes. Your poor kids.


  26. @ 3boys mom

    1. Take your kids out of school. They will be so much more advanced if they only learn manual labor skills! You dont even have to purchase the proper equipment for them to flourish. Make them dig a garden with a stick! (Make sure to blame them when it fails. It will make them reverant!)

    2. Forbid them from participating in extra circulars. They will be far too busy with their chores to be wasting time having fun and being a kid!

    3. Stop cleaning, and farm out all of the cooking to one of you sons.

    Just imagine all of the free time you now have! Free time to piss off the neighbors and harrass charities! You’re welcome!



  27. Al Wilson seems like a cool guy. Joe must feel so emasculated when beefing with a guy like Al, who can do macho things like fly helicopters and make stuff. The manliest thing Joe can do is practice his “karate”, most probably on the kids, until he gets too winded (about 3 minutes).

    I just really hope that someone sues them soon. Then maybe Joe will get a job and the kids could go to school…


  28. The whole being afraid of helicopters is laughable. Like others we get air traffic above us. We live near a big city airport and a smaller regional one. Plus we are close to the highway and since we are by the city we get a lot of traffic copters. And then since we live right by Lake Erie we get rescue copters and sometimes border patrol flying over. And then being in the city we’ve seen plenty of medivac copters. My kids have never given them a thought except to say “oh that one is flying low they must be looking for someone” and then they walk away because it’s not a big deal. The only way children would be afraid of such things would because their crazy ass parents put ludicrous fears in their head.


  29. Trying to make some sense out of this, and it finally dawned on me what their problem might be, how big of a grow operation does the HH have do you figure? I imagine every time a copter flies over his poor over worked and neglected heart about stops. Lmao what a way to go.


  30. Fan from Canuckstan, I think you’re being tender us when you say Joe can maintain any activity, such as walking slowly, for 3 minutes before getting winded. Remember, Joe hasn’t so much as lifted a fat pinky for years. That’s what he has children for. Toothless Wonder Wifey better stick to posting pictures of the mushy gruel she calls dinner.


  31. Trying to make some sense out of this, and it finally dawned on me what their problem might be, how big of a grow operation does the HH have do you figure? I imagine every time a copter flies over his poor over worked and neglected heart about stops. Lmao what a way to go.

    Considering how great their garden turns out each year, I can’t imagine they have any significant grow op production. Like a vegetable garden, a grow op is work. I’m not sure Joe likes the W word.


  32. How sad children can’t even enjoy seeing a helicopter. What have you naugler parents done to stomp down even the simplest enjoyment for your children? Shame on you. We are on a medicopter flight path, my kids LOVE seeing the helicopters. Although we do live fairly far out in the country it is between several larger cities, they fly over at the least once a day, usually more. When we first moved one even flipped on their search light for us, it was AWESOME, I don’t think my kids will ever forget that. I, personally, allow them to be children and enjoy such delights as helicopters flying over. They are only children once. I believe my job as a parent is to ensure that they feel safe and honestly see as little of the horrors of the world as possible. It is my job to take the extra burden of fear so they can be children. Nicole seems to think it’s okay to make them feel afraid and that to me is the saddest thing I’ve heard of.


  33. They aren’t even dreds. They’re mats. You have to have hair of a specific texture, extremely rare in people as pasty as Mrs. Naugler, in order to get proper dreds.

    Now, some traditional white cultures have rocked their mats. The ancient Celts, for one, had some great dramatic matted ‘dos. I have a relative of Celtic extraction who has curls that aren’t nearly tight enough to make dreds, but mat immediately if she doesn’t put pounds of product in her hair. She decided to rock her mats instead and created a hairdo resembling a chrysanthemum (she’s a redhead) with beads worked into it. She had to be extremely careful about hygiene because mats are a lot harder to keep clean than dreds, but she looked awesome. (Then she got a job taking care of senior citizens who thought she looked too weird to trust, and had to go to ultrashort hair instead.)

    Mrs. Naugler…is not rocking her mats.


  34. , I can’t imagine they have any significant grow op production.

    I agree. I have never believed that Joe does anything much that requires any effort.


  35. There was a white guy on season 1 of The Great Pottery Throw Down with dreads and it looked good. I consider him an exception to what that hairstyle on white people usually looks like. Caucasian hair does not lock up well.

    Joe and Nicole are doing lots of things wrong. People point it out to them all the time to no avail.


  36. I seriously doubt their kids are afraid of helicopters. It can be annoying to deal with the noise of passing aircraft, but not scary.

    I don’t know about over there, but over here in the great green PNW, living out in the country I literally hear gunshots nearly daily certain times of year. There are legal waterfowl hunting spots not too far away as the crow flies, and since no one lives on less than 5 acres, people target shoot regularly. My “next door” neighbor that owns the 10 acres on one side has an actual range set-up.

    We used to live in the city. In the city we heard gunfire every so often. Yet, when we moved out here in the country our kids weren’t freaked out by the gunfire. Target shooting, and even hunting gunfire doesn’t sound the same as gunfire to kill or intimidate humans. I can’t really explain it, but it’s just completely different. Target shooting has a rhythm to it, and hunters don’t just blast away indiscriminately.

    Now I can’t imagine that the mega liberal, gun-control promoting PNW has more gunfire than Kentucky. So those kids likely hear gunfire regularly too. If they are fine with gunfire, but scared of helicopters someone has specifically *taught* them to be afraid of helicopters.


  37. I know this post isn’t about that awful video of her showing that rats’ nest of a hair style but I just have to say something cause you know I’m hoping to inspire Sally to do some ass kicking posting about the topic. She washes her hair every seven to eight days yet she says the dreads (really half-assed tangles) are clean. I said to myself that it’s highly unlikely that those dreads are clean so I did a little research and saw a video or eight about dreads and guess what when people cut them off and they cut the dreads open…yeah, really gross: dead skin, dirt, more dead skin, more dirt. One place said, wash your dreads like you wash out a sponge. I don’t care how careful I am when I wash out sponges, they dry smelling soured. I’ve been getting my every six month iron infusions and since I have this horrible reaction to iron infusions, they give me IV prednisone and I take the oral for the two weeks I get the infusions and guess what the first thing the nurse told me…”don’t use sponges. They hold high bacteria counts and your immune system is on hold for a while and sponges have a lot of bacteria that will make you sick.” Dreads/sponges…yeah!


  38. I grew up in a cult and this all just reminds of how for the first 13 years of my life we children were terrified of airplanes and even more so of helicopters. They had expressly told us to run for cover as quickly as possible when even hearing air craft because that was the government trying to take pictures of us/the cult. You are clearly doing something very wrong if you teach children that any and all aircraft are bad and trying to take pictures of you. It’s weird, it’s paranoid, it’s cultish.


  39. It took me a good 45 minutes to read a five minute blog post because I laughed so hard it made me ugly cry at “it’s real estate that looks like Nicole’s hair”


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