When Camille uses the word “whores” in this little bit of bravado, she is not insinuating that the people who naively accepted her friend requests are engaged in illicit sexual activity, although I do find it sort of interesting that Camille seems to like using sexually-charged metaphors.

She is referring to her perception that the people she despises will accept anyone uncritically as long as they say the right things.

There is a sense in which she has a slight point. When we were still enmeshed in the Fundy Church From Hell, we were amazed at how much one could get away with if you just attended church more or less regularly, spoke “Christian-speak,” and didn’t say anything overtly critical of the church. Beyond that, it didn’t matter if you were having an affair (as several people did) or wrote anonymous letters to anyone you wanted to criticize safely (as several people did quite regularly), or almost anything that most fundamentalists would view as “immoral.”

So I understand the metaphor she’s using there.

However, there are a few  great big problems with it.

1. Camille has a Ph.D. in rhetoric.  She’s got her doctorate in the use of words. I still don’t know how that happened, because I’ve never run across anyone who claimed to be educated but was  so incapable of communicating well.

2. I know this wasn’t a public message, and she didn’t know it would ever see the light of day (after all, Camille is the one who shines the sunlight all about – vice versa isn’t in her playbook), however, the sheer level of smugness and chortling that she exhibits is. . . well. . .

3. Furthermore, it’s simply not true in this case. These people didn’t accept her friend request because they are willing to believe anything as long as the person says the right words. They accepted her friend requests because she deceived them, purposely.  She set out to do so.

For example, Tamar and Marius Pundys were two of “Brenda’s” friends. There is no question that both of them knew this was a fake profile belonging to Camille.  She got them on her friend list for one reason only: to give the profile credibility.

In addition, the bulk of these folks were added as “friends” fairly early on. There wasn’t a great deal on the page at that point, beyond the stolen pictures, the horrible artwork and a few Jesus loves me comments.

This wasn’t particularly clever. I could do something similar in about fifteen minutes, set up a page, and start flinging about friend requests.  Once you get one or two, you just go through their friend list and send out friend requests (then it shows up as “friends of friends”) and every one you get makes you look more credible.

“All the evangelists took me without thinking.”  She says this like it’s bad, somehow. Evangelists are, at their core, businessmen. Their Facebook pages are advertisements for their business: evangelism.  I bet they accept nearly every friend request they get.  I bet I could send out requests to a bunch of them right now and be relatively successful in doing so.

In addition, when it comes to faculty members, of course they are going to accept a friend request from somebody that they think might be a former student.  Women change their names when they get married.

And finally, some of these folks are just plain old or maybe they aren’t old, but are not exactly internet/social media savvy.  They are not “whores” for being naive and ignorant and inexperienced in the ways of con artists.

4. But most importantly, let’s return to the idea that Camille’s use of the word “whore” is about people who do not use any skepticism or critical thinking skills when making decisions.  It’s about people who will embrace anyone who says the right thing, or who they see as being on the “right side.”

That’s why Camille brags about how “[a]ll the terrible things the real me hates. . . the fake me goes ga-ga over.”

Think about that a little bit. She’s talking about rushing to endorse a person (or a story, or a narrative, or a viewpoint) simply because you agree with it/them. Brenda Bough loves Sarah Palin. You love Sarah Palin. Therefore you love Brenda Bough.

Whores. Selling themselves cheaply without thought.

Embracing a position just because it reflects your own desire or your bias.

A whore.

You know, like publishing a story about a suicide using one single second-hand account that is fifty years old, and not vetting it – because you want the story to be true.

A whore.

Like insisting that people are bad, and making fun of them, just because you interpreted a remark made twenty years ago as some sort of insult – because you want the story to be that way.

A whore.

Like putting up a web page (Storify) with accusations against people in such a way that you think presents your narrative “correctly” while ignoring somebody else’s simply because that person is your friend. [What’s his name, Cathy?]

A whore.

Like interpreting song lyrics in such a way as to promote your preferred narrative without bothering to consider evidence to the contrary.

A whore.

Like interpreting a slip of the tongue from a professor [one who is actually working] to further your own narrative without bothering to consider any other evidence.

A whore.

Like re-framing death to poke at a brand-new widow simply because it advances your pre-conceived story line without regard for any decency or common sense.

A whore.

Like making nonsensical and far-fetched connections where there are none just because you want to promote your preferred viewpoint, without regard for facts.

A whore.

Like using information to blackmail people who disagree with you in order to shut them up.

A whore.


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