Who Are These People?

What is a “sock puppet” account.  Basically, it is a fake account that someone hides anonymously behind.  For a more in-depth definition Wikipedia provides this:


Why would someone do such a thing?  There are many reasons.  Some people are trying to protect themselves from online or real world attack , while some people are the attackers using the sock to try to hide their dirty deeds.

This post is about the anonymous, well sort of anonymous, Charles Smyth account on Facebook.  Charles is a special snowflake among many special snowflakes that have been part of this sordid tale.


Charles would like you to think he is an internet friend of Joe and Nicole.  A very close friend.

So close that Charles favors the same vulgar words that Joe and Nicole favor.

So close that Charles follows just about every post online about the Nauglers and is there in a jiffy to carry their banner into their internet war.


So close that Charles private messages the critics.  Charles will be one of the first to attack a supporter who isn’t blindly touting the party line. Charles even has inside knowledge on people who had only opened their profile to the Nauglers, people Charles has never been friends with.


So close that Charles likes to direct veiled threats at the critics.  Charles has a particular interest in serial killers or as he likes to call himself “cereal killer”.



So close that Charles has even been known to try to jumpstart new donation drives for the Nauglers.


Nicole finds absolutely nothing wrong with Charles.  Charles is just a little “snarky”.  Charles is their friend.  Included in their little closed groups, praising them on their personal pages, cheerleading on their public ones.

Charles will tell you over and over again that he is not a Naugler.  Not Joe, not Nicole.  That Charles doesn’t run any pages, well, except this fake profile page.

Now remember Charles Smyth is a sock, a fake account, just some lone wolf who is Joe and Nicole’s knight in shining armor/shivering leghumper/little pet attack dog and sometime fundraiser.

Then just the other day Charles wrote this.  This is why you shouldn’t try to juggle chain saws. (or hand grenades)


So the question is whose family?  How could anyone possibly be attacking and stalking Charles’s unknowable, nonexistent family?  Wait a minute!  Whose family? Who exactly is Charles?

I have found throughout this sordid tale that Nicole often reveals her own actions when she is pointing the finger of blame at others.  Many a day I have read one of her posts scratching my head about what she could possibly be talking about.  Then lo and behold she does that same curious thing she had just accused other’s of doing.


Personally, I think it is more than one person using the same sock account.  But who knows. They like to mix it up, a little Facebook foreplay.  After all in this case I think I can safely say the couple that preys together, stays together.  In the end does it really matter who Charles really is?  I don’t think so.  It is the acts, the words, and the how’s and why’s that matter.  After all — Charles isn’t real.  Charles is a sock puppet.

A small sampling of Charles’ posts.  See if you can figure out who is playing Charles.  This could be sheer coincidence.







Do you really care who Charles is or do you care what Charles does?
The motivation is interesting to say the least.

Courtesy of “the Nefarious Please”




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  1. Well, that was quite the oops. Tsk Tsk Nicole. One would think after a year of daily practice, she would have multiple sock account management perfected. I guess math isn’t the only thing that is hard.

  2. Why did we get stuck with these people in our community? Please take your traveling sideshow somewhere else. We’re sick of it.

  3. I’m a local also and after hearing the true details of the court appearance and then looking at what the nauglers are putting on there blog and facebook page, this just seems to make sense. I hope you will write about it at some point. I see that Nicole has promised a blog telling what happened. Having read her previous blogs and the way she accuses good people of ridiculous things and the way she has twisted it, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this Smyth is actually one of them. I agree with you “local” I would like to see this family either get there stuff together or move out. The more they blog and post and try to spin things the fewer of us here in the area want anything to do with them.

  4. Please move..I’d gladly stop talking about your sorry life if YOUR family, Jo and Nik, would stop menacing.

    Maybe stop getting donated items and selling them, that’s rude!!! Cant afford your business? Your man needs to get a job..a real job . What you are doing is NOT working.

  5. Is anyone really surprised. That’s how these two bat Schitt crazies roll.

  6. No man I know has ever addressed anyone as, “Pumpkin”. Except “Charles Symth”, of course.

    What a sad state of affairs. Beyond white trash, into another dimension.

  7. Charles is kinda like Joe and Nicoles favorite child, the one they spend the most time with , the one that is EXACTLY like them. He’s that 12th child they want so badly.

  8. I hope fat boy chokes on a sandwich! These two are beyond worthless. To many coincidences to not be the same person (s). Maybe the bust eye & wrist are from someone who got tired of their free loading a$$ & gave NikNut a solid a $$ kicking. If not and Hefty Hubby did I pray he gets his in return. I am sure the locals will be glad to be free of them once they flee yet again. It’s coming,watch! They will flee elsewhere but will be caught in no time because the NogNuts can’t live without their precious internet, facebook all while using iphones & ipads bought with GFM money they scammed from others. Disgusting!! No other words for it.

  9. I have to tell you how I view Charles. Charles is that person who is the one jumping up and down behind people being interviewed by reporters on the street during a newscast. Wants attention but not relevant to the matter at hand. Charles is that pesty pain in the ass little brother who stands behind mom or dad making faces trying to get you to laugh while you are getting yelled at for something he did.

    I often wonder why anyone even pays any attention to Charles. We are all fairly certain Charles is either Joe or Nicole (more Joe than Nicole imo). However Charles brings nothing to the table. He exists to cause distraction for the blessed ones. Early on in this whole debacle, Charles would try to bait me or ask questions to try to find out who I am or get personal info. Seeing him for who he was, I ignored him. I have not blocked him, as he is somewhat entertaining, but I definitely will not allow him to get me riled. As I said earlier Charles brings nothing to the table, he has nothing to offer. If Joe and Nicole have something to say or want info then they should do their own dirty work. It is time for everyone to let Charles fade off into the sunset and just stop responding to him along with any new socks that the blessed ones make. Let’s see what the blessed ones do when they no longer have Charles to hide behind.

  10. Joe Bloom…are you suggesting an all out attack ala’ Bravehart? Where we, collectively join together and challenge them as a group? Brilliant! It would be very hard to combat the lies when the truth is coming from all different directions. We could each create a sock puppet that would ONLY deal with Charles. (I call the name John Hoe) I’m down…Rumble in the proverbial jungle….you can’t make this shit up. …..A quote from said movie ….”lower your flags and March straight back to England (Maine), stopping at every home you pass to beg for forgiveness for a hundred (3) years of theft,rape and murder. -William Wallace…I know I got in trouble for movie quotes last time so here is my disclaimer: Scottish people are cool…I Love Maine,especially in the fall,I have a flag, England seems nice, 100 years is a long time and I respect that number. No offence to the number 3, without you we couldn’t get to 100. I hope I covered everything.

  11. Your view of Charles is sensible, Joe Bloom. Since coming on facebook to follow the Naugler “story gone viral”, it’s been a ridiculous learning experience. Rather, an unschooling experience. Where I first learned about socks, and their perceived purpose in social media.

    In theater or storytelling, there are usually 6 types of characters composed in the play. In this play, the sock’s purpose is the foil, stock, or type.

    Joe Bloom stated, “….Charles brings nothing to the table. He exists to cause distraction for the blessed ones. ” In my observation, Charles the sock is Joe and/or Nicole. Solely created for diversion away from the plot, and mainly to attack the critics. Critics the non supporters, the antagonists to this story.

    Yeah, I agree. Charles is not beneficial. Just one more addition, a hole, in the fake and phony social media campaign stage of Nicole and Joe. Come out from behind the curtain, the holes are getting bigger. Peek-a-boo, we see you!

    I’ve wondered now going on nearly a year, why the Naugler’s story playing with social media stranger “friends or followers” is more character building than the relationships around them in their own community? I mean, if life is a stage, am I right?

    And I would toss this back to the Nauglers… how is Charles helping, in care and concern for the children?

  12. I couldn’t agree with you more. The same goes for any profiles or pages they create to harass and threaten people. They are irrelevant distractions which only have the power you grant them. Take away your attention and they are what they are, nothing. -The Nefarious Please.

  13. The Charles sock has a very important job on the Naugler pages. He insults, bullies, antagonizes, gaslights and attempts to engage an otherwise civil poster into a discussion she can qualify as “disruptive” or whatever. In steps Nicole to block the frustrated poster and scrub all critical comments in the deal, leaving only her favorable commenters. It’s a dick move.

  14. Oh, Charles is definitely a Naugler. He says exactly what they are thinkinh but feel they can’t say politely on the BLH page (the spice, er DONATIONS, must flow). Something like:
    Random Person: I am concerned by this situation.
    Blessed Little Homestead: Allow me to live in peace.
    Charles: Go fuck yourself.

  15. “…stop harassing me and stalking my family.”

    Once more with emphasis. “Charles” wrote:

    “…stop harassing ME and stalking MY family.”

    Who is Charles’ family? Since “Charles” is a sock and will tell you “he’s” a sock, “he” has no family.
    “His” family is Nicole and Joe’s family because “Charles” *is* Nicole and Joe, she accidently admitted it in the statement above. Once you realize who “Charles” is and you read some of the things “Charles” writes, it’s appalling just how black their souls are.

    Begging for donations, creating socks to do the dirty work for them, forcing their children to support them with labor and loyalty, pampering themselves in a motel while their children are in foster care and/or left on the blessed little homeshed. Hardees and Dr. Pepper, “just because I can” while the kids get “mud for Christmas.”

    If there is a Hell, “Charles” (aka Nicole and Joe) will surely burn for eternity.

  16. There’s Charles, the nasty alter ego, and then the many other cheerleaders or rabid dog socks. Sometimes it appears as if it is only the Naugler alters engaged in a long winded dialogue. Pity the random reader who unwittingly might get sucked in. The socks also serve the purpose of attempting to camouflage their enormous waste of time on the net. And then we see a post of the current state of affairs at the dump they call home. It would take most of us less than a day with so many able bodies to sort that mess. Great parenting and homeschooling again, work those fingers and teach your kids to con someone else into doing your work. What parent is willing to give up massive amounts of time critical for healthy child development, to the void of angry internet fights. Socks are also very important for amping up her narcissistic supply and gives him a target for his aggression. Reality is not for cowards. (Melissa, keep writing. I’m pre-ordering.)

  17. It’s my personal opinion, based on past interactions, that Charles is a Larisa Beraldi person that was very active and very nasty early on. I also think a Donny Cook takes the wheel sometimes based on my opinion and past interactions. I have no doubt that Nicole and Joe condone this as Joe is a current friend of Charles so is abreast of all “his” activity.

  18. Am I the only person who honestly believes that this show is just about completely derailed?
    She is certainly getting more paranoid, and all these thinly veiled donation drives are very telling.
    Something is happening, just got to sit back and watch the other shoe fall.

    Nicole, you will look back on this last year and wish you had behaved with a lot more grace and humility. At least, you will wish you had not squandered so much for so little.

  19. “Personally, I think it is more than one person using the same sock account. But who knows. They like to mix it up, a little Facebook foreplay.”

    Sounds more like a computer STD to me. Anyone care to speculate on which one(s)?

  20. All the ‘charles’ are dead to me, Charles, Ben, Breck, Donny,Dawn,Larisa, April, Naomi et al. All worthless, good for nothing Facebook losers. For all the trouble ‘they’ have caused, ‘they’ truly are losers in the game of life and Facebook.

  21. How sick can 2 people be?? Charles is clearly Joe/Nicole! Using the sock to encourage/beg people to send them donations!! These people need to be run out of town on a rail…just like the old days!! Those poor children, who had the misfortune of being born (slaves) to those 2 psychos… 🙁

  22. “All the ‘charles’ are dead to me, Charles, Ben, Breck, Donny,Dawn,Larisa, April, Naomi et al. All worthless, good for nothing Facebook losers. For all the trouble ‘they’ have caused, ‘they’ truly are losers in the game of life and Facebook.”

    The real losers in this trash heap or those poor children. These garbage mouth idiots hurt those kids.

  23. Bethanie said:”Am I the only person who honestly believes that this show is just about completely derailed?
    She is certainly getting more paranoid, and all these thinly veiled donation drives are very telling.
    Something is happening, just got to sit back and watch the other shoe fall.”

    I have a strong gut feeling something really bad is about to go down. As we approach the 1 year mark, they haven’t accomplished what the state of KY required and shits about to get real! I feel they are going to or try to go out in a blaze of glory. Guns & whatever other arsenal that have come up with. I truly hope those of you who are local can watch your backs and stay safe. I think NikNut is a paranoid schizophrenic and a big ticking time bomb. Hefty is a coward, he will not put up a physical fight, he’ll sit on his fat arse and eat all the family’s food while he referees from the shitshack porch & is on fb live giving a frigging play by play. They knew cps was coming (May 2015) and had not been staying at the “homestead” (laughable). So Hefty needs or wants something from the “cabin” & instead of being a man who is supposed to protect his family, he sends his pregnant wife & 2 minor children to get it. Her “because I can” theory is bullshit & childish. That’s something my 7 year old would try to pull. I mean come on how many mature grown adults would put that tiny little tantrum on display? Something has to seriously be wrong to act that way. I can literally see a child say that and end it with sticking their tongue out at you. Grow up you idiots and raise those kids right, & provide them with proper housing, food and an education so they can be functioning members of society and not dirty, nasty, lying, cheating & stealing outcasts like the “ADULT” Nogs. J&N have brainwashed those children to believe the big bad government is out to get them, that the whole world wants them gone, dead or locked up solely because they are “different “, “back to basics”, “off grid” & “unschooling” family. No people are mad at the so called adults for their abuse & neglect of said children. The vast majority of the anti Nogs solely have the best interest of the children in mind, we want to know they are safe, provided for and truly loved. The whole point is to provide better for your family than was provided for you, especially if you struggled growing up. This is about willingly being at below poverty level and claiming it is the best way to live. Living off the land is not eating from old dented, rusted mystery cans from the GD salavage store! MA & PA you are NOT different, you’re nuts, batshit crazy!

  24. BlessedOneIsOffHerRocker very well said and you hit many nails on the head.

    I do not think that either of the parents grew up like they are making their kids grow up. They might sing that song and dance that dance but gut feeling tells me no. Nicole’s mother has said that family has tried to encourage her to do things but she is head strong and ignores them. That was pretty evident as I saw a post shared where her mother said she has her blocked. I have seen where her mother had posted that Joe ask for her to come and help with the children but Nicole but a stop to that. Joe has babbled about kids doing so much better if they have grandpa’s knee to sit on and talk with, but his kids do not have grandfathers. Instead they have grandmothers who both are shut off from the kids. A child can get just as much from grandma as they can grandpa.

    Things are flying all over the place with Nicole and Joe. They are building a cabin then a short time later they are moving, then they get rid of goats and get a pig and chickens and now it seems like they are staying. Not sure how that is going to work out with that stay away order that was issued. Can not see them keeping the animals and kids off the neighbors land. Can not see Nicole or Joe minding their Ps and Qs when it comes to the neighbor and two years is a long long time for either of them to maintain.

    I also think something is going to happen and hope it is not guns blazing. My hopes are that it is something like Joe going to jail to do some time and Nicole taking the kids and moving closer to where her shop is. But if they think that an more trouble with the law is coming they are going to run, IMO that would be the best option for the locals but the worst for the kids. Crossing fingers that they go to a state or place that does not screw around with the welfare and abuse of kids.

    Time to just sit back and pop some popcorn and watch crazy get crazier and lazy get lazier and watch the show unfold. Maybe Charles aka Joe can keep us updated as to what is going on. Just hope he leaves out that nasty C word he likes to use.

  25. BlessedOneIsOffHerRocker and Bethannie .
    You’re not alone in your thoughts . The spiral has and continues to decline swiftly . Nicole said not that long ago , on her own blog that CPS now takes all complaints on her family as harassment . They won’t take any new findings etc .

    Along with that statement they also wanted peace . To move on , it was after that very post things have gone from bad to worse to rock bottom. Too many things – issues to address one by one , to be sure . I.e. : the goat , kids handling firearms with no protection and faulty at best guns .
    Nicole’s bruises , the neighbors the stay order . Posting of very same neighbors property . The list goes on and on .

    As I’ve previously stated I believe with every fiber of my being like many others , the kids are neglected , abused , overworked , no proper medical – dental care . Dangerous largely unsafe property with no proper protection for bare little feet. No vaccines ………

    Here are some facts , I will not call them fun facts in this entry . There is nothing fun about my above statements . Nonetheless these are factual . I have consistently reported any and all findings included examples are , pics , blog posts , other social media postings , entries etc . There have been many more as of late .

    Fact : CPS as well as another of our local offices are quite concerned over my recent reportings . In fact I suspect based on my intake interviews with CPS they’re concisely preparing next steps . Or may have already done so . They have never ONCE said this is harassment leave these hard working , honest , caring , providers, loving family alone . It has been quite the contrary .

    I have said previously . Whether the N family believe it or not . I’m not doing it maliciously it is my belief these kids need help real help . I pray every single day that I’m wrong . I pray those kids are clean , safe , fed , seen by a dentist a doctor. That they have enough to eat Proper shoes to wear on the unsafe ” virgin ” land they reside . A bed a mattress , a toothbrush . Clean clothes . A towel to go along with a shower. I will gladly eat a large portion of crow . If my reportings are unfounded then they are unfounded . I pray for this literally .

    CPS has been more than willing to take my newer complaints , pics etc.
    My heart and loyalty remain with the N children because with absolute certainty the parents will never provide what they need to thrive .

    I post all of this for two reasons the first and foremost being if any of the kids read this . Secondly I know wholeheartedly I’m not the only local or non local , mom , dad , grandparent , guardian that has spent at least one night wide awake. Praying , thinking , worried about those precious children .

    I used to have an abundance of empathy for Nicole . In all my life I will never know how she can look in the mirror and live with herself as a mother . It simply doesn’t phase her. We have all seen by now Nicole’s very own mothers desperate plea , to be in her grandkids life . Her life . Heart wrenching just deplorable .

    I could go on and on and on . So I will end with this . I will continue to consistently report any new findings to our local agencies . I won’t stop until something is done . Change is made , the kids are rescued .

    Lastly Lori I truly hope and pray all the way to my very core that Nicole doesn’t heed your advice on burning the garden shed down . When they flee . In the scope of things that could be catastrophic amongst other things .

    Kids hang on help is coming it really is . Not if its WHEN . Hold on tight to each other until then .

  26. Geez. It was hard enough to accept that the Charles sock was just one particularly slow adult. To think that the sock might be a tag team effort consisting of multiple adults working together and still displaying that degree of stupidity is actually sad.
    Not as sad as the state of their homestead and complete neglect of all responsibilities but still… The incompetence of everything these people do, including their Facebook body guard is something else.

  27. Mandated R.
    Others are reporting also to various agencies.
    I see the “socks” as a very aggressive and ugly online role playing game devised by the Nauglers and a few others possibly for entertainment and escape from reality. It remains to be seen if reality becomes lost to fantasy as their descent is obvious, and extremely dangerous for the kids.
    Cram 13 bodies into a small space, turn the heat up to the highest summer levels, add severe physical deprivation and demands from CPS on two unstable individuals and it is easy to see why this continues downhill. Yep, many hope tragedy can be prevented here.

    I hope if any of the kids are reading; please, take some precautions and have a plan devised in your head on what to do in the case of an emergency . Know who to call for quick help and have your older sibs ready to do what is necessary also.

  28. FB Refugee, Blessedoneisoffherrocker, Bethany and Mandatory Reporter…..

    I agree completely with what you’ve all said 100%.

    And if the older kids are reading this my advice to them….. is hide and bury the guns and ammo away from your parents.
    Then walk out of there and call the police to help you get away from your crazy parents. There are many people ready to help you.
    Our prayers are with all you kids.

  29. I am relieved to know that others are reporting the severe neglect at the “homestead”. I hope those receiving the reports take them very, very seriously and investigate each and every concern. This is not singling out dedicated parents whose views and lifestyle are not those of most – it is genuine concern for the well-being – and very survival – of eleven innocent kids whose parents are threats not only to themselves but to others, most acutely, to their own children.

    I dreamed I was visiting the Nauglers’ cabin a few nights ago. It had paneling on the interior walls and was floored with linoleum or something similar. But it was very congested and unpleasant, and I was thankful to wake up.

    If only the reality really WERE a bad dream…

  30. I would like to ask……for those of you who have invested the time and energy to follow the naugler story to this point, what would YOU be willing to do to keep the children together?

  31. Anyone else that followed the nogs at the beinning that seen gobs of pros crawling out of the woodworks to help them early on?? Some really high end-well know guy offered to come out and help the hogs get a cirriculum together at their home. They wanted the money instaed. THEN hslda said no, it was an abuse issue. Very early on. Lots of folks who knew their shit offered goods and services. Nogs said no. National known people mind you. It didn’t all show up on the BLH page. I don’t think they expected all they got when their shit scam went viral. I don’t think they regognized the genuine help that was being offered. Idiots. Anyone else remember that time?

  32. The children love their parents. Everyone asks, “why were they returned?” Well, frankly, it is because every child should be given the chance to live with their biological family. They were given a second chance! (This is because a well-paid lawyer goes a long way. It is a valuable asset that many poor families do not have the means for, and why it takes them a longer, more arduous journey, to navigate the return of their children.)

    Why are they so distracted? Especially Mrs. Naugler? Is she afraid to put her phone/tablet down and take a good look around? I think so. And I am afraid for her, when she finally does *really look* at her 11 children, the state they live in, the emotional abuse they’ve suffered, and their lack of education and community – and for what, refusal of some stubborn principles, principles that dont mix well when raising 11 children? Look at what is at stake, woman!

    If they are to be separated again, it will be very unfortunate for the children, really (emotionally). Such turmoil. No one (I speak for myself, at least) wants the Naugler children taken away from their family. One merely want the best for the children, and that ideal means their being with their family. BUT. Ideals are a hard goal to reach, sometimes unrealistic. It is a shame the Naugler parents put their principles before the welfare of their children. Alas, they can NOT have it both ways. It is as if they are literal, stubborn mules. They need to choose – the welfare of their children, or anti-government zealotry! The two together cannot harbor a healthy environment. At least, not in this family.

    I want those children to be happy!! So blissfully happy! Why is that at stake in the hands of their own parents? So stubborn. For shame! Get off the internet, off your high-horse, and into the lives of your children! Before its too late.

    As for the “littles” in the Naugler family, if they are to be taken, I do not see there being a third chance for Mr. and Mrs. Naugler. Instead, that chance will then be given to those little children and their future – a chance at real attention paid toward their person-hood, education and betterment! A chance at life!

  33. Bathing your family , at the family business? Downright dusgusting. You are lower than the filth you wash off. Can’t wait to call the code violation in on this one. Disgusting.

  34. Nk, those kids need a real education, a real home, and basic needs met. I dont see one person taking all kids if they were seperated. I think mom and dad need intense therapy and parenting.

  35. I think the adult Nauglers are antisocial as much as antigovernment. Mix that in with narcissism and you have a royal mess.
    Not a marriage made in heaven.
    There is little chance that the adults will cooperate with anyone in authority, no matter how good the potential outcome for the children could be.
    Poor kids.
    I can only imagine what anxiety the older kids have about their place in this world and measuring up to expectations.
    If any of the older kids read this, I would like them to know there are many routes for them to take that could take them to a happy fulfilled life. Read through this blog… I’ve seen some very good suggestions. Job Corps is a perfect place to start looking.

  36. At least the baby was being bathed. At this point, whether it was at the place of business or elsewhere is the least of my own concerns, unseemly though it may be.

    I expect much of the younger children’s “grooming” occurs at the place of business, which offers clean hot and cold running water, unlike the “homestead”. I would hope their clothing also gets washed there, too, although seeing many of the younger children beyond the baby stage consistently wearing torn, stained, dirty, ill-fitting and generally bedraggled clothing day after day makes me wonder if this occurs very often. It’s probably simpler for their parents just to grab things at thrift shops and pitch out (or rather, fruitlessly try to sell or trade) the old, rather than look for and care for sturdy clothing in good condition and in classic styles, which could then be passed down, certainly an ultimate savings for those willing to take the long view and properly care for what is already there and theirs.

    But the recent diaper bag acquisition certainly illustrates just how alien that sort of philosophy is to this household. After ten previous babies, you’d think their parents would have adequate diaper bags in abundance to be passed along, unless they got worn out around the ninth or tenth baby, with nothing left for poor little number eleven. and as for “caring for what is already there and theirs” – well, those eleven children are already there, and theirs, too – at least, for now.

    Naugler parents, please cherish those precious children and give more thought to their material and physical needs. Get off the your beloved Internet, forgeet sparring with your neighbors and online posters who disagree with your philosophy and choices, and spend more time caring for your children. Bathe them, dress them in clean clothing that isn’t torn or stained and that fits. Wash, comb and cut their hair. Brush their teeth. Teach them. Play with them. Read to them. Provide them with a clean place to live and play. Feed them clean, nourishing food in adequate amounts. Provide individual, clean, comfortable beds for them. Remove the health hazards from your property – the metal and broken glass, the unprivate privy, the “humanure” pile, the animal droppings. Put shoes on your children when they go outside. Deal with reality instead of dreams.

    Love them with more than just your many online protestations of love – demonstrate that love in ways they will understand and that will make a positive difference in their lives.

  37. Nicole posted a while back that there is only a dryer at the shop. She says they go to a laundry mat where she can do huge washers full of clothes and towels from the shop really cheap.

    So not too sure how often the clothes get washed. I have noticed in many different photos taken at different time over the almost past year that the clothing if clean is just thrown in baskets or totes. It is not even folded so to teach the kids pride in taking care of what one owns. I can remember as a young child helping to fold clean clothing, learning how to put it away neatly and in order. That was teaching me and my siblings to take pride and care of what we had. I taught my children the same way. IMO if one can not take pride in what they own and their appearance then what can they take pride in?

    Yes it was nice to see the baby get a bath but Mommy should have been doing that. Too many things can go wrong with a infant that age. What if something did happen his young sister would live with it the rest of her life. I know what it feels like to have something happen to a much younger sibling that is left for you to care for. I was at 9 responsible for giving my sister who was just a year old her bath. ONCE and only once I did not check the temperature of the water before putting her in the tub. Thankfully it was just her feet that hit the water first and she let out a bloody scream. The water was scalding hot due to a malfunction with the hot water heater. Yes she burnt her feet bad enough to have blisters. That has stayed with me for the past 51 years. A horrible tough lesson to learn and a lesson that should have been taught to me by our mother. But she was like Nicole in some ways have a kid and leave the older children to watch and care for them. I loved taking care of my baby sister but that should not have been my job it should have been my mother’s job she was the one that birthed her.

    I agree there is nothing that is going to get either parent to provide better or take better care of the kids. They had the means to provide better with all of that GFM money and it got spent on stupid stuff = fireworks, motel, meals out and animals/fish for the shop. It seems very little was spent like the list said it would be spent on the new cabin, van, I pad for the kids and books. Seems frivolous things were more important and a vacation for the parents while the kids were in care of the state. Damn those poor kids did not get a vacation or even a decent day trip to the zoo or museum like they seem to mention how much they like that stuff. It is time for both parents to stop being so self centered, selfish and lazy and do right by the kids. Start with some decent clothing and shoes even if they are from Goodwill it is better than no shoes or rags that they wear. One can get really good buys on clothing for kids especially the young ones at Dollar General with the end of season clearance. If the clothing is taken care of it can be passed down.

  38. NK,
    In the beginning my husband and I, family, friends, employees and business associates offered to clean the property up and build them a house for free.
    They didn’t want it or the help….. just the money!!!!

    One would think after $70,000 dollars in donations the children should have had at least clean running water.

    The Hanoi’s say that they had to pay their Attorney, but one T.V Reporter did report earlier that the couple had been given a pro-bono Attorney. Which makes sense because they did not have the donation money in hand before the first 72 Hour Hearing. So the Judge would have given them one. And they keep the same Attorney throughout the Case. So how could he have charged them when the State was already paying for him?

  39. Even if they paid for an attorney with donations, they still would have had enough left over to start making progress toward self sufficiency and an improved homestead. They’ve had time, too. Not asking for some miraculous turn around, mind you — but, some signs that they are actually working on improvement and stability. They had the time, money, and hands; they lack integrity, work ethic, and aspiration.
    Thing is, had they shown and documented a true journey of actual homesteading (complete with the true failures and road blocks that arise even with actual effort) they could have continued to receive (larger) donations and increased the number of people that would come assist on things like that one trash day they had. People would have loved to see them detail how money was spent and how each project came together. They would have been more willing to help in bigger projects if they saw their donations were going to the greater good of many lives instead of two grifting adults nickel and diming away their nest egg.

  40. Melissa, I remember that ! Right around clean up day. A group of folks were getting together to plan a trip to nog hill because they couldn’t make it for the official clean up day. [and who would host such a thing mid-week when everyone that COULD, is working. Lots of folks were offering up a weekend] Vetted themselves with the nogs, then after the WAVE pics hit…….nothing. I understand why people dropped off the radar after that. Free building supplies/materials/equip/ labor….nope….. we want to ‘do it ourselves’, and also ‘we don’t know who to trust’ [Bull spuds! The folks vetted, for that reason!] I wish the late comers to the story would understand just how much they got offered, beyond the finances. No excuses on the nogs part as to why they can’t. The help was there, no questions, no strings….but would have resulted in a fully furnished cabin with all sorts of goodies for the home education/homestead complete with running water, cleaned up pond, and a real place to take a shit that didn’t involve carting white buckets. oh and real outdoor kitchen, etc. Folks that were willing to work WITh the nogs instead of ‘telling them what to do’. Thanks for hanging in there and speaking up about all this!

  41. For a couple who are so exceedingly critical of capitalism, they certainly want to capitalize on the work and pay of others. Give us money! Give us things (to sell)! Give it to us!

    Capitalism isn’t perfect and yes, there are some ugly built-in inequities (those with money have access to those with legal power), but Joe barely participated in it and Nicole disdains those who do have jobs. I wonder how much of that attitude bleeds over into her interactions with clients. She doesn’t have to kiss anyone’s ass, but it wouldn’t kill her to be gracious to people who are paying for what is, in the end, a service most people really could do on their own.

    No disrespect intended to good groomers. I ♥ mine – but if I were on a tighter budget, the grooming job every 6 – 8 weeks would be among the first luxuries gone.

    I also find it annoying that she “blesses” people for donations rather than thanking them? I can’t imagine her blessing having much meaning and it rings hollow. I can’t imagine she prays for those who give her the things and money she wants. I bet she laughs at them, instead.

  42. Melissa, thank you for your post. It really brings this full circle and reminds all of us again what this has always been about, MONEY and more of YOUR MONEY for the 40 y/o’s pleasure. Nothing else, not the kids, not unschooling, homesteading, housing, politics nor any of the other BS labels conviently slapped on their latest cons for cash. And of course a certain investor who assuredly got his cut early on by capitalizing on the photogenic needy children images.

  43. Melissa, thank you for your post. It really brings this full circle and reminds all of us again what this has always been about, MONEY and more of YOUR MONEY for the 40 y/o’s pleasure. Nothing else, not the kids, not unschooling, homesteading, housing, politics nor any of the other BS labels conviently slapped on their latest cons for cash. And of course a certain investor who assuredly got his cut early on by capitalizing on the photogenic needy children images.

  44. Laugh @ this NK and Tekla,
    With just a stroke of an ink pen with mine and my husband’s name on a check…..all Joe & Nicole’s needs, care’s and worries would have went away for those kids.

    If you ever get to read my story….
    It is a “Rag to Riches” one.

  45. FB Refugee,

    For these two, it’s always been about the money!!!!
    They could care less about the kids.
    Had we been able to clean up the property and build them a home they would have had to been responsible for it….got real job’s and paid the bills on the place like normal people with upkeep.

    But this way, they get to keep begging year after year…..which leads me to believe that they make more money every year by begging than what an actual home is worth.
    Get the picture?

    They are professional Con Artists and use those kid’s…. year after year…. after year so they don’t really have to work !!!

  46. Melissa: with all due respect we do not know that Rick Hardin, the Nauglers’ attorney, represented them appointed by the State. Good chance he did not.

    It is a shame that the Nauglers did not take you up on an offer of help. I do believe even to this day, there are folks who would help them clean up that garbage pit of land and help them at least build a water collection system. Not donate money, but knowledge, materials and labor. I’d be willing to help, only for the sake of the kids.

    Sadly I agree with Tekla. Despite the standing offers of help from supporters and non-supporters, the Nauglers don’t want it. The hell with your knowledge, expertise, donated materials and donated labor. Just give us money.

    Btw— Charles has been strangely very silent since this blog entry was posted.

  47. See, several moon’s ago I was young and dumb enough to give two guys 30 Grand to build and test a Computerized Saw Mill….the Bitch Worked !!!!

    And I own the Rights to it !!!!

  48. Im just throwing this out there………What if we in the net world got together and hired an [the best money could buy] attorney to represent the kids? Can that be done? Someone who could also ensure that if and when the children are split up, that they can be ensured of some form of contact with their siblings. Maybe a trust set up with a committee of trustees and an attorney…that the parents cannot touch that works with the state for the kids??? Any thoughts on this. A legal beagle for the kids?? [I’d donate]

  49. Melissa, you and your hubby and several folks on this blog would be more than welcomed to come to my humble abode in Or. You are good folks!!:)

  50. Understand, when I stay at the Hilton Hotel in New York or anywhere else we go we pay $1800.00 dollars just for our six Lab’s to stay for a week.

    My husband and I could have helped these kids a lot…..but there parent’s don’t want real help. All they want is the money !!!!

  51. Melissa, your trip would have cost you way over 20k ….over 40k if you are the preson I think you are. So what can we do to help the kids now. [no gd way on earth I am sending money to nogs right now] You, tekla, bethannie, cheri……what can we do collectively. Fuck the parents, I want something set up fot the kids.

  52. I wonder how many folks realize that “Blessed Little Homestead” is actualy an LLC. Not the land but the brand. That became an actual factual last year. So anything that comes about thru BLH for profit is an ACTUAL on paper business. Just an FYI. Look thru Pace’s records. BLH is an LLC….that Has to be seperate from the grooming co. Look it al up.

  53. You guys set up a trust, or what ever for theNaugler kids and I’ll donate.
    I have several charities that I give to. I certainly can budget for these kids. I’m also one of the people who would not give a dime to the adults.
    They’ve played too many ugly games with good people.

    I and my husband live comfortably as do our grown children, but only because we all worked hard at education and then jobs we loved. We’ve always been careful with our spending.
    Our Children learned our work ethic and how to treat others, at a young age, and I’m proud of them.
    I would like to see the Naugler children given a chance as well.

  54. Charles just popped up to let us all know she is eating a steak for lunch. DRZ lets us know “it’s a good source of iron” *winky face* Nicole is most likely is pregnant again. She certainly looks it in her profile picture. The big announcement on the anniversary will probably be the joyous announcement that Joe and Nicole will be welcoming yet another child to be born into abject poverty. Way to go Naugler adults. Way.to.go. This is all speculation of course.

  55. Nicole claimed that her current youngest, although loved, was not planned and that her pregnancy with him did not come along at the best of times (that’s indisputable). I doubt if any of her pregnancies after perhaps the first two or three were “planned”, however.

    I also thought she looked pregnant in photos taken a couple of months ago. Hope we’re all wrong about that.

    Wonder if any of the Naugler kids got steak for lunch. Perhaps their mother’s recent well-publicized junk food/fast food binge will be attributed to cravings.

  56. Oh lord, was it “goat steak” ?!
    An LLC, wow, that’s crafty. It’s true, psychopaths can attempt somewhat normal or well thought out ideas…don’t know how this will go. Past behavior usually predicts future behavior.
    When I saw “Coal Miners Daughter,” I thought Loretta Lynn was poor. This crew makes them look like upperclass.
    I wouldn’t be so quick to put money up for he kids, even though we all want the best for them. Their parents haven’t exactly shown them how to receive charity properly, and even though we all want good things for the kids, it likely won’t happen. Joe and Nicole have too much influence on them, and would probably f-k up any well-intentioned charities for them. Let it play out, something should surface soon with CPS. I hope.

  57. And yet ANOTHER Naugler page makes its debut today: “Investigative Reporting,” likely run by Charles Smyth, whoever s/he is.

    Same tone, same repetitive non-arguments that never really defend anything positive about the Nauglers, and only insult anyone questioning them.

    Tomorrow is the anniversary of the children’s removal from Unblessed Little Homestead. What I see are more shots in the dark to try and deflect from the obvious. Not much has been accomplished in one year, and the Nauglers live in conditions only marginally better than last May.

    WAVE13 should be doing a story, or some other news outlet. They won’t. Every news outlet loves to do a tug-the-heartstrings, human interest success story. There is nothing good to report on. And the news knows it.

  58. NK, The children have an attorney– a GAL. She is appointed by the court to look out for the best interest of the children

    It sounds to me that, by holding out for forensic internviews, she is doing everything she can to keep the kids under the watchful eyes of the court. Contrary to what Nicole and Joe think, judges can’t and won’t terminate rights lightly. It’s a essentially the death sentance of family court. I would bet folding money that CPS is working to build an airtight case for TPR because they know the Nauglers will appeal.

    These cases take time. The state has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Nauglers cannot currently parent and will not be able to parent in the future.

  59. Also, if we’re closing in on a year and the Cabinet still has legal custody? Even if the parents have physical custody, federal law mandates they move from a reunification plan– keeping the family together– to a concurrent plan, where they start to explore TPR and adoption.

    If they got their shit together, they could keep their kids. But we all know that isn’t going to happen.

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