Ranger, Ranger, Wherefore Art Thou, Ranger?

smear campaign

Ah, Nicole.  You really have missed your calling.  If you just had better writing and grammar skills, you could have gone to work for the Trump campaign, spinning shit.

Somebody “started a smear campaign.” They “started a rumor” that Nicole had shot Ranger.

So she is producing the oft-demanded photo of Ranger, “in his new home.”

photo ranger

Is this Ranger?

I don’t know.

If it is Ranger, is it current?

I don’t know that either.

And it doesn’t matter.


You see, this isn’t about whether Ranger is okay or not. Of course, that little detail is very important to Ranger, and probably pretty important to the rescue people who did what they do so well, and offered to come to the rescue, but it’s not very important to me.

The story isn’t about what actually happened to Ranger. That is just Nicole’s deflection.  It’s her changing the subject. It’s her turning herself into a victim.

The story is about a woman who is such a jerk, such a horrible piece-of-shit scrap of protoplasm, that she goes on social media and makes this threat.

original post

He has one week to find a new home or he will have to be put to sleep.

That’s what she said.  Notice how she words it?  “He has one week to find a new home. . .”  He has to find the new home?  How is he supposed to do that?  They kept him chained all the time.  He couldn’t even go next door to the nice neighbor who feeds Maggie, the escape artist.

She does not say, “We have to find him a new home soon or he will have to be put to sleep.”

That would have been better, although still bad.

How about “We have to find a new home soon or we’ll have to take him to the animal shelter”?  Far better.

Furthermore, I said it in the original piece I did about this, and I meant it.  Nicole doesn’t do veterinary care.  There is no way in hell they were gonna take that dog to the vet and have him put to sleep.  “Put to sleep” meant “shot in the head in the woods.”

Everyone understood that.

And when somebody on her page objected, she retorted.


I can tell you how steers and pigs are killed.   They are killed with a stun gun, by a professional who does that all day every day. (What an awful job, by the way.) They drop on the spot, unconscious.  Lights out.

They are not shot in the back woods by amateurs who are children.

But you get the point.

Anyone with more than two brain cells understood that Nicole was justifying the fact that her threat was indeed to shoot Ranger.

As I pointed out in the other essay, she did this to herself.  She let these dogs breed indiscriminately (and amazingly admits that Angel was pregnant again when she was abandoned and subsequently shot for being aggressive, pregnant with more puppies that nobody wants and nobody needs and that more than likely were carrying a genetic propensity that Nicole was aware of to be livestock killers).  She created the entire problem.

They chain up those dogs.  They used to let them just run loose, but the courts decided that wasn’t a great idea, so they now cannot. They cannot because they proved themselves to be irresponsible animal owners.  That’s what happens when you don’t take care of your animals.

So they chain them up.  And ignore them.

And then she acts like she’s being victimized when she goes on social media and tells us all about it and we respond with criticism.

But as far as this current situation is concerned, she put out a plea. Ranger had to find himself a new home (by golly, she was too God-damned busy to be bothered finding one for him) in a week, or pow.

People, being kind and basically decent, responded. A rescue stepped forward. Lots of suggestions were made, and even though she was too busy to do anything for the dog and demanded that everyone else do it for her, she found time to nix every suggestion.

And then she suddenly turned on the rescue people and banned the primary person.

These are not people I know.  These are not people who knew anything at all about the Blessed Naugler Crap. They are just dog rescue folks.

After being rude as hell to these people, she quite off-handedly announces that Ranger has been “placed.”  And then changes the subject.

And she wonders why this was not seen as enough. She wonders why people who she purposely and deliberately got all worked up by playing with their emotions and got them all invested in this dog and his tenuous future would be rather taken aback when they get no denouement.  And she wonders why people who love to troll (the real kind, not her critics that she’s so fond of calling “trolls”) decided to descend up on her business page and give her back as good as she dished it out.

I wish I could feel sorry for this woman.  However, I just can’t muster up any sympathy.  She asked for this.

Regardless of Ranger’s current situation, she is an irresponsible animal owner and shouldn’t be trusted with anyone’s animal at any time, for any length of time.


26 thoughts on “Ranger, Ranger, Wherefore Art Thou, Ranger?”

  1. I’ve checked out her 5 star reviews and half of those seem bogus. One is from Amanda McMahon. Ones from some gal in New Hampshire (really?) and several from what look like sock account.


  2. Picture she posted has no date on it, so who knows. I would truly love to be able to believe this IS Ranger in his new home, but I find it rather doubtful.


  3. well she sure does not pay attention to anything around her, while working for me she was told specifically to not have a dog around any other dogs because she was dog aggressive, did she listen? no.. instead she got my personal shop dog attacked by this dog, and then left me hanging for the 300.00 vet bill.

    when her sons hand was burned, i saw it, he should have gone to a doctor, the gash on her other sons head.. saw that too. that really needed a doctor, we all know you sure as hell were not going to take a dog to the vet to be PTS..

    and no.. i do not believe you that ranger is still alive


  4. I was thinking that this is a great example of being careful what you put out there. Now she’s getting actual trolls. Not just people who happen to disagree with her.


  5. Some of the comments left on the Blessed Big Liar’s BLG page were absolutely hysterical and almost as nonsensical as the lies Nicole spews daily. First liar doesn’t have a chance. You know she just loves the attention and now she has some competition. I watched the vid and have but one question: Nicole was that a candy wrapper stuck to your head in the video? Slick.


  6. She has certainly bitten off a lot to chew… some of those trolls on her biz page are brutal (and so off the chart crazy). Me, I’d just shut down the reviews, but there is no way she will do it, even if it reduces her business, because it provides substantiation of her “victim” status.

    If animal rights people *really* get wind of this, all hell will break loose. This will be but a minor (shit)breeze blowing thru. The real shit storm is yet to come.


  7. Normally I don’t do this, but I think the picture of Ranger “re homed” is actually a picture of Ranger.
    What I do question is his “new” collar.
    It’s an old collar that has been let out a notch.
    The collar he’s wearing in his life or death video looks to me to be the same collar only very grimy.
    His ears, in the picture, don’t look as pink ( hair loss) as they do in his desperate for attention video.
    What appears to be a small cherry eye in the video ( left eye) is conveniently covered up with the “private use” mark.
    I think Nicole knew people would be looking close, so she started off by saying people would rig… I mean, not believe any picture she posted of him in his new home.
    I think the picture of Ranger is a younger picture of him…


  8. … and I think it serves her right to now being inundated with messages from REAL trolls.
    The gates are open.
    Nicole did this to herself.
    She has a mess on her hands… these new “trolls” don’t care about her children, or her desperately needed work.


  9. It would have been very simple to post a time stamped picture ( a video would have been better) of Ranger alive and well. But Nicole does everything the hard way. She is a stubborn lying drama queen! I bet she is loving every minute of it because any attention is good attention! The antics of the real troll patrol on her BLG page is long overdue payback. The real trolls will have a blast because she will give them plenty of fodder to work with.

    I wish Ranger was alive but I don’t buy that picture.


  10. Karma it’s a bitch.
    The just rewards of a life of perfidy.
    I have a few crocodile tears in a Baggie for them.


  11. I won’t believe poor Ranger is alive unless a pic is posted of him next to a newspaper clearly showing today’s date. If Nicole wanted to be left alone, she could take her page private. Easy peasy. But then, who would she whine to about the consequences of her stupid, negligent, lame life choices. Worthless whiner. She and Joe deserve each other, but those poor children deserve so much better. I hope those kids can forge out better lives when grown, and leave the dead weight (that’s you and Joe, Nicole) behind.


  12. @MIM: I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has scrutinized that video and photograph, and have come to the same general conclusion: same Ranger, different year. Before anyone accuses me of not having anything better to do, let me tell them they are correct; today I’m sick, sacked out on the couch, and thus have plenty of time to obssess.

    Even when I allow for the fact that Ranger’s “proof of life” photo shows a much cleaner dog, I see some of the same things MIM does: pinker ears with many more brown spots, more black around the nose. I see others as well but I can’t tell if they are dirt or markings.

    I don’t think the collar is the same; video collar looks wider and not leather. Still, interesting observation that re-homed Ranger looks to wearing a different, yet not new collar.
    Interesting, too, that her recent plea featured a three-month-old video, originally posted in July, with no additional photos. Sure, it would make sense to re-post the same video since the basic idea – find the dog a home – is the same. Still, if one were in earnest they might provide something new, since the July pitch pitch didn’t get results.

    That is, something more besides putting the dog on Death Row.


  13. Clarification: I meant meant to say, dog is cleander in photo; I see the additional markings in the video. Stupid sickness. Off to bed.


  14. I too believe its Ranger but I believe it is a older pic of a younger Ranger…….

    That shitstead holds many more secrets waiting to be uncovered… Just watch…


  15. I’ve just enjoyed reading, been banned for a while from the unblessed killingstead. Found the link of children taken from a homestead on a site I followed. Well, not a pretty thing when I went to the page, so I’ve followed the whole “Shoot me” to “he’s been placed”. I’m glad you have words, I’m at a loss when thinking about how to explain how mental she sounds.


  16. Side note: WHERE is the pig? Surely it’s dead or not worth bragging. The Big Reveal? Maybe they built a smokehouse, bamboo is not really good for it, but thinking ahead about future dead ones would be good, my guess is a hopeful attempt at a shower.


  17. I am so mad about the comment Heather Marie made about euthanasia on the BLH FB page. Yes, I know about how euthanasia works. Yes, it is peaceful and painless. I know because yesterday my husband and I had to have our vet put our 18 year old cat down. We were there. We know.
    FU Heather Marie.


  18. I don’t know who is writing those reviews on blg, but you should be ashamed….I woke up my kids and my husband because I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING.


  19. I know because yesterday my husband and I had to have our vet put our 18 year old cat down. We were there. We know.

    I am so sorry. I am also very glad that your cat had you for 18 years. That’s a good long life for a cat. I hope we have ours that long. But yeah, I’ve been there for the euthanasia thing and it’s not fun. However, it is peaceful and painless for the animal if the owner is there and behaves in a calm, peaceful manner.


  20. Regarding the picture of Ranger posted as proof of life, I knew it would be “off” long before she posted it. She always tries to get ahead of the story and days before posting Ranger’s pic, she told us exactly what would be wrong. She said we wouldn’t believe it was him or it was altered or some such. She knew then that the only picture available (or possible) was an old one and began her campaign of BS, and then posted the old pic. She always preemptively puts out false info in attempt to mislead and make her the victim. I too think poor ol’ Rang buddy is long gone now. Bitch.
    laughingoutloud, IKR!!! The 5* review…oh my, #spitmycoffeeout.


  21. I am almost amused by Nicole’s pitiful deflection effort by telling a poster to check out some documentaries. Um, sure, as in which ones? No titles are offered and heck even the topics of the documentaries are left wide open. But many people have been through the very sad and painful experience of having a pet put down. It’s not nice but probably more painful for the pet owner. Maybe she wants the poster to watch anti-government documentaries. Maybe she wants, heck, to smack down critical thought processes. And for the Naugler parents, critical thought processes, from critical thinking.org, “is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief or action.”

    In essence, critical thought is what happens here on Sally’s blog and is woefully absent on any page that Nicole has ever run and any decision that she has apparently made. If it does appear on Nicole’s pages it will be deleted very quickly. Nicole complains that we have nothing better to do than “attack” her. But all that has been done here is a blogger employing critical thinking and sharing her evaluations with the world at large. Critical thinking is only perceived as an attack by those who have no intention of examining any alternatives to their thought processes and choices. Many of us who have seen Nicole and her…husband in action have provided our experiences that inform the critical thinking discourse. Most of what is said here goes far beyond shallow and trite memes or plumbing the depths of vulgar language that constitute Nicole’s and Joe’s favored forms of expression.


  22. Nicole, this is to you.

    You’ve reaped what you sowed. Your plea post to “save Ranger” was an epic mistake. You made your own failure to properly care for this dog OTHER people’s responsibility to save his life, then rudely rebuffed all attempts to help. And you scream blowback?

    Instead of spouting on your Nicole C. Naugler page and “prepping” more Who Cares blogs, you should have been nonstop on the phone to place Ranger with a rescue. Get your busy “homestead hubby” to stop building the new cabin, rainwater collection system, and get on the horn to place calls. Lickity split, rescue teams spring into action. ARAs are networked all over the Internet and view saving animals as a calling.

    No one wishes your business ill. Personally I hope that you made boatloads of money, so that your children can live better than crammed 13 in a garden shed with no water and a Porta-A-Potty.

    But the flack now is deserved. You are a professional dog groomer, a self-professed “animal lover”. And you were willing to put down your own healthy, two year old dog for a nuisance habit, rather than build him a dog enclosure. Someone would have donated the chain link fence— and you have several acres upon which a large dog run and shelter could have been built.

    You can still remediate the fallout by showing a true current photo of Ranger with time/date stamp on the photo, or newspaper held up next to the dog. If I see that I will eat crow and publicly apologize. The photo you posted was old. Barring real evidence, my gut says Ranger has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


  23. Dear N,
    A smear campaign is an attempt to “discredit a public figure by making false or dubious accusations” (Google. Smear Campaign Definition). I realize you believe you are a public figure of reasonable importance, but let me set your straight on that one, you are neither a public figure nor anyone of reasonable importance. What you are is a train wreck happening over and over, and we are all spectators watching as your little train that won’t chugs up and down the track, losing speed as you search for your next free meal, ride, or shit shack and when you are unable to generate interest you pick up speed and wow, train wreck about to happen.

    Poor ignorant N, I cannot, in spite of my big brain and multiple degrees, figure out how you blame others for your own actions. In your attempt to stir up the shit pot, you pissed off some of the folks who really do care about other animals in the animal kingdom and who really do follow through with their activism, and when they began to circle their wagons to figure out a way to stop you from carrying out your threat (putting a bullet into Ranger’s poor little head), you suddenly thought of Sally…Somehow, in your rush to absolve yourself from the blame of blackmailing your readers into helping you solve the consequences of your irresponsible pet ownership, you suddenly are given what you rightly deserve, public shaming. In order to make yourself feel better for your stupid decisions and poor business acumen, you suddenly want others to blame Sally and her folks for your stupidity. You pissed off the wrong folks…I am loving it. BTW N, the more you post about how awful your neighbors have been toward your abandoned and neglected animals, the more ignorant and heartless you appear. I am loving it and have really enjoyed seeing so many of your leg humpers actually stop and do a little thinking, which we know is hard for the lot of you. Good luck with the business…


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