What’s On The Pages?

Warning: Some of this stuff is really offensive. There are a couple of photos that are pretty bad. Just so you know.

So, it’s all very well to show that Joe and Nicole and a few of their more ardent supporters (maybe) have gone to the trouble to start a new Facebook page on average every 6 days for the last eight months, but it leaves a question unanswered.

What was on all those pages?  What did they talk about?

Glad you asked.

Some of it, maybe most of it, was/is childish nonsense.


childish 2

That’s brilliant, of course. Joe and Nicole Naugler went public with their entire lives, begging for their “story” to “go viral,” and then when it did, and negative press ensued, they sort of went apeshit.

And somehow because of that, anyone who thinks they are just plain wrong and says so becomes their “new toy,” and they intend to “play.”

Nicole control

And this  makes it clear that Nicole and Joe had total control of all this, and hence, total blame. In spite of her claims that she just doesn’t know who is making all these pages, she, in fact, does and follows them all very closely.  In fact, most of the time, I’ve found out about a new page because she linked from it.

But a good bit of this stuff crossed a line from childish to very intimidating and even threatening.

They go after family members, and find any photo with personal stuff in it that they can.

NOTE: I have pixelized and otherwise obscured faces and other identifying information where feasible.  I did this. The originals, as posted by these various pages, were not obscured in any way.

Family homes

personal 2

Addresses.  Phone numbers.  Arrest records. You name it. Any personal information they can find out about you, they use.  All for making one single negative comment about the Nauglers anywhere at all.

Family home 2

Isn’t that nice?  The admin is only going to leave the photos up a few minutes “to prove a point.”  What point?  The point that “he” will come after you if you say one single negative thing about the Nauglers in public anywhere.  One single negative thing.

Family home 3

Family home 4

Please take note of what this is about.  This is about somebody who had a child that died.  The child died. And that becomes a “new toy.”

Family home 5


And then there was the Dog Who Got Killed Somehow episode.

Nicole, before we go on, please learn the difference between “effect” and “affect.”  Thanks.

Joe and Nicole, as soon as their children were removed from the home shitshack, removed themselves as well and went to stay in a nice motel. They left behind some goats and some chickens and several dogs. Two of the dogs went missing, with one subsequently found dead or nearly dead.

This is what happens when you “free range” dogs, folks. Especially if you aren’t present on the property for days on end to see to their care. They leave. They wander. They probably harass livestock. And if they live in the country, somebody gets fed up and shoots them.

But Nicole chose to blame people who lived more than 1000 miles away of having gone to the trouble to travel to Kentucky and sneak up on the Blessed Little Homestead and wreak havoc on dogs.


Businesses were not immune.  Some folks experienced their employers being telephoned by the Nauglers and/or their supporters.

Remember, one single negative comment could land you in this sort of situation.


And then there were the personal attacks. The insults. The slurs.

personal 3

personal 4

personal 5

Calling women “whores” seems to be a common affectation, as we’ll see later on.

personal 6

Interesting.  This person doesn’t seem to know the difference between “effect” and “affect” either.  Wonder why that is?

personal 7

personal 8

personal 9

personal 10


Again, the redaction to these photos is not present on the originals. This one is just as offensive as you imagine it to be.

personal 11

This is sort of disturbing. Each color is blocking a different name.  And this discussion of violence is met with laughter.  It’s just so funny.

personal 12

personal 13

sharing pages


Ah, the infamous List.  If you’re on the List, you’ve “harassed, bullied, doxxed, or have been a nuisance.”

Only I know several people on made it onto the List, and all they did was post one single negative comment about the Naugler family.  Fifty-five people made the List.

I am not reproducing the List here. I would obscure all the names, so it would simply be a list of obscured names, which isn’t very interesting.

To create this page, I went through a stash of more than 340 screen shots, all related to insults, personal information being shared, photos of families being mocked and reproduced, you name it. Obviously, I could not put all 340+ photos up here without boring you half to death, so I had to just choose some samples.

But is it any wonder that some of these folks began to fight back?  In doing so, some of them began flinging insults around at their anonymous attackers.  And the whole thing devolved into a sandbox fight.

But remember, none of these people, not one of the fifty-five on the List, ever tried to get their “story” to “go viral,” or ever tried to get the news media to notice them.  They were just ordinary people, commenting on Facebook, and dared to say a single negative thing about Joe and/or Nicole Naugler.

And then in the irony of all ironies, there is this.

lawsuit threats

Exactly who is writing this?



I have no idea.




65 thoughts on “What’s On The Pages?”

  1. Joe,

    You should consider a career in stand up comedy.

    Wondering; for the sake of clarity . . . because it’s important to be “very clear” — Does the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have a task force that deals specifically with nasty, anti-family, narcissistic, anti-religious, communist agenda, sociopathic, “cuntish” trolls?

    Because that would be a pretty impressive department. Maybe they even have an accounting division to help you calculate your monumental financial damages? After all you did reiterate the fact that they’re investigating everything. (visions of the kid in the sandlot holding the flashlight under his face saying it for total effect [not affect] . . . e v e r y t h i n g)

    Let’s not forget the damages to your squeaky clean reputation. So much for running for senate.

    You guys didn’t need to win the powerball. Not with this ironclad case you have for libel and bruised feelz.

    The “threats” interest me. Did someone say they were going to swap the water buckets for the compost buckets?

    The FBI and DOJ would probably send in tactical teams if that’s the case.

    Just to be very clear.


  2. It’s been mind blowing, these pages and the people behind them. The very aggressive threats and assaults on critics for their comments and opinions shared on a social media page. Even the assaults to family members and friends of the person, who criticized Joe and/or Nicole. IMO, there is display of some serious anger management issues.

    They are cowards. Insidious creeps. In which “winning” in their interpretation, is shutting down critics on Facebook. Shutting down by assaulting, abuse, threatening and then victim blaming.

    I think it says more about their character. I concern with the potential escalation, with what may appear as uncontrolled anger issues, towards people that have critical opinions. You will not control people having critical opinions. Get to tending to what you can control, starting with you and your actions.

    Not sure what is “blessed” or “bles sed” about that behavior. One syllable or two, you get the gist.


  3. Please said, “visions of the kid in the sandlot holding the flashlight under his face saying it for total effect [not affect] . . . e v e r y t h i n g) ”

    Visions of the same impish kid..saying cunt, fuck, asshat, fuckface, whore, no tits…holding the flashlight under his face.



  4. My goodness Joe and Nicole, are these the blessed family values your teaching your children? You, my dears, are as full of shit as your copious amounts of white buckets.

    p.s. If I ever meet the writer of this blog, I swear I’m going to kiss him.


  5. If anyone needs help with internet “trolls” who keep telling you to get a job you can contact them through these internet websites:


    Note that both the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are agencies of the government of the United States of America. They work for the citizens, even those who believe in anarchy, and don’t pay their taxes. They might be surprised that a voluntarist ERT militia member is asking for help.

    I don’t think the DOJ or the FBI are very excited about troll hunting.


  6. It might be good to muzzle that one before you poke her with that stick. I do NOT want to get bitten by that mouth full of nasty teeth.


  7. When the Nauglers story first came out I figured that there financial problems had likely been an ongoing problem. They didn’t seem like people who had hit a small bump in the road like those who worked at a factory for 25 years in then all the sudden the factory closed and half the people in town lost their jobs. What I didn’t think was that they were making a conscious choice to live in filth. Now I realize they actually are living that way on purpose. If Nicole and Joe stayed off the internet and actually devoted that time to education, cleanliness, creating a safe environment for their kids, and projects to better the family they might actually accomplish something worthwhile. I haven’t ruled out mental illness as a factor either.


  8. Nicole once stated, ‘she cusses, she cusses a lot’, as if she was offering some sort of explanation. But it was the Naugler drivel and extreme vulgarity, plus the illogical arguments, filled with paranoid ramblings, that drove me away. The DOJ & FBI comments made me laugh, but cringe too realizing this guy was serious. It is also why the kids education is a concern. The kids lack exposure to teachers who would have a balancing effect on the damaging sort of aberrant thought patterns that are being modeled here. If these were simply slovenly uneducated, lazy parents it would seem more benign. However the cumulative damage done here by the Mr. & Mrs, who continue to this day to display the behaviors as exemplified by this article above, is malignant damage inflicted upon innocents. JMHO


  9. It’s amazing how easily they throw around slander and libel ! These are the same two that scream about the big bad government , hate police , and hate our judicial system, unless they can make a dime! You can almost see the dollars signs in the morbid obese prophets eyes as he eagerly types his foolishness on his expensive smart phone. Sorry Nogs, but no one has ruined your spotless reputation but yourselves so deal with it. By the way , I hear cutting down on fast foods and doing a honest hard days work is an excellent way to loose weight.


  10. Joe and Nicole Naugler have really made a name for themselves here in Breck County. I hope those kids are able to overcome it. I saw the Christmas video of the boy saying that god brought them mud for Christmas and it made me want to go over there and ask those parents what the hell was wrong with them. I don’t think they have any idea about how folks here really feel about this whole thing. I wish they’d shut their damn internet off and start doing something useful. This never seems to end.


  11. Sure, BLH does has a few supporters left, but so does Bill Cosby! ! !

    The only “damages” Nicole and Joe Naugler have faced are those of public opinion. Very damaging, indeed! And it is not slander by any means.

    What will happen next? Is this real? Or are we simply witnessing “Land of the Flies”, the much-anticipated sequel to “Lord of the Flies”?

    Nicole is too fixated on their BLH persona, to wake-up. Its called “social comparison orientation”, and it is a problem that surely must isolate the children.

    Do you think the majority of their children (especially the younger ones) care about how their “Homesteading” image is perceived online by Barbara Joe in California? Fuck no! They want to play and learn with their parents, in the grounded reality that they themselves do not have the privilege of escaping through social media!

    And they damn-well notice, with their beautiful wide-eyes, how distracted their parents are on their mystical little iphones; curious about this device that always has the Mr. and Mrs.’ attention, regularly above that of their own. How must they feel having to simultaneously share their parents attention with an iphone? This device must seem so all-important in their little eyes; wish they had a better example to follow. ::sad face::

    (Excuse my french, please.)


  12. Guns, Memes and Lawsuits.

    In one corner are the Blessed Ones, and their sock puppets. In the other corner the cuntish trolls and anyone in authority. Just remember, according to the Blessed Ones ONLY the victors write the story. So if the Blessed Ones come out looking bad, it is only because they lost. It has absolutely nothing to do with their actions or character, wink wink.


  13. I just want to know how they continue to get away with it. Seriously. I would think that there would be enough evidence to do something about stopping them.


  14. The Nauglers are idiots. If there is a God they will leave Kentucky in the near future. We’ve had it with their childish shenanigans.

    Thank you BLB. You are able to show clearly how much of a mess they create. Not only for others but themselves. It’s too bad they did not use this time to do something to improve the living conditions for their 11 kids.


  15. People like this make me nervous. Makes me glad the Second Amendment exists.

    Makes me nervous too. And makes me very upset that the Second Amendment exists. 🙂 Funny how we see the same situation so differently.


  16. enough evidence to do something about stopping them.

    Here’s the deal: It’s Facebook. If somebody says bad shit about you on Facebook, there’s an immediate cure. Get off Facebook. If necessary, get off the Internet.

    The only way law enforcement is going to get involved is if there is a real life, credible threat. Calling somebody a whore is nasty but it’s not a real life, credible threat.

    Nobody involved in this is going to sue anybody, provided it all stays virtual and nobody is successful at doing something like destroying a business.

    That said, it means that this blog can go right on documenting this stuff forever. And that’s a good thing.


  17. “That said, it means that this blog can go right on documenting this stuff forever. And that’s a good thing.”

    Thank goodness this blog will be forever because the Naugler’s have been in dire straights forever. How on earth are these poor kids ever going to live down the bad reputation their parents have given them as their only legacy?


  18. I think it’s funny as hell that they stated my FB account was created solely to harass, bully and stalk them and their supporters. Hardly. I didn’t post on their pages, I didn’t “stalk” their supporters and if I chose to write criticism of their behavior that’s too bad for them. It’s part and parcel of what happens when you state you want your situation to “go viral”, beg for money, permit news crews onto your property to document the squalor and the inconsistencies are shown between what you write and what you DO. My FB account has been around for several years. They’re just upset that I keep it set to the highest privacy standards so they can’t see my family, friends, photos, etc.

    They’re just not that important for me to have created an entire account to follow their sordid activities. They must have been very annoyed when I had to show FB my id, was acknowledged as a human being and continued to have my account.


  19. Being so concerned with Internet trolling, haters, and inaccurate gossip, they must be horrified and angered by the actions of these mystery defenders. How many times have they asked for “them” to stop? Frequently, right?
    Gosh, I’d almost be more disgusted if my kids stumbled on these pages “defending” their family name in such immature, repulsive ways than the pages than the other pages AGAINST the nauglers.
    Allowing such pages to continue without at least pretending to want them to stop is essentially teaching her kids some bullying is okay.


  20. They can threaten all they want. Would just love it if she called me at work again. she is assured of getting me today.
    In fact, please do. 🙂


  21. One of the 55 wrote, “…document the squalor and the inconsistencies are shown between what you write and what you DO.”

    Ah, there’s the break down right there. What they write and what they do. They write a lot more than they actually do. In a nutshell. they *do* nothing and want you to believe they are doing everything they say they are. Doing. The only ‘doing’ they appear to do is SAY they are doing.


  22. @BettyAnne: I don’t think the kids have a bad reputation. I think that some of them are deeply enmeshed and following their parents down the rabbit hole, some are longing to escape, and some are just trying to avoid notice. I don’t base this on anything but prior knowledge of how kids react to their parents being, well, like Mr. and Mrs. Naugler. The only things that distinguish them from any other incompetent and self-absorbed parents are the exceptional numbers of children, exceptional deprivation of basic childhood needs, exceptional levels of filth, and exceptional venom they spray at anyone who doesn’t agree that they fart ice cream. They haven’t invented anything new; they’re just run-of-the-mill abusers with a freak-show garnish.


  23. exceptional venom they spray at anyone who doesn’t agree that they fart ice cream.

    I think maybe that’s the finest thing I’ve read today.


  24. “They haven’t invented anything new; they’re just run-of-the-mill abusers with a freak-show garnish.”

    Personally, this is my favorite; regardless Jenny Islander is clearly today’s winner of the internet!


  25. @ Jenny Islander, I could not agree more with your statement. You described Mr. Mrs. Naugler perfectly.


  26. How on earth are these poor kids ever going to live down the bad reputation their parents have given them as their only legacy?

    it will be ok Bettyanne, the kids wont be able to read.


  27. I was included in their completely mentally unstable “list” of haters and I literally have only commented a few times on any of the “hate” pages. My son’s face only didn’t make the screenshot of my page because it was cut off. They stop at NOTHING. Disgusting wastes of space.


  28. BLB blogger–
    It is extremely disturbing seeing the aggregate of posts you assembled. What kind of people behave this way?

    One of the 55 stated: “My FB account has been around for several years. They’re just upset that I keep it set to the highest privacy standards so they can’t see my family, friends, photos, etc.”

    How sad is that. That because of the Naugler Camp Kapos, you needed to set your Facebook account to the “highest privacy standards”? Decent people can no longer have freedom of speech to criticize the very people who scream “Constiutional rights”, without fear of reprisals. Like Nicole implying that one mother must have done something wrong because her child died? (how malicious. And how would Nicole KNOW that this critic’s child died, unless she had stalked the woman’s FB profile and personal posts and photos?)

    I’ve had Facebook since 2009. Little security, my friends and photos exposed. I had a friend list of over 400 friends and colleagues, and never ONCE experienced stalking or harassment.

    Until I commented on the Nauglers. I believe it was a question about the illusory “Fourth wall” of the shack—and I found myself repeatedly harassed by private messages from a “Mike Oxmall”, calling me a “cunt”, “bitch”, etc. Donny Cook harassed me repeatedly. My family was stalked by some of the pages and profiles shown in this blog. I was one of the people whose face they wanted to staple to the floor. If the Naugler Camp could be this malicious to me, then clearly it was going on with others. Why were the Nauglers attacking their critics, rather than just ignoring them? Why did they insist on staying online— for donations? What were they, and are they still, hiding about their past and present life on the “homestead”?

    Thank you BLG for consolidating some of the “highlights” of Nicole and Joe’s modus operandi. Cowardice and thug tactics will not suppress free speech, nor the search for the truth.


  29. No, I always kept my FB account set at the very highest privacy levels because that is what I prefer. It upset the Naugler’s and they felt obliged to report my page as fraudulent. I suspect that one or both just couldn’t wrap their minds around the idea that someone, somewhere, BELIEVES in privacy and not broadcasting their life across FB for everyone to see. Now maybe they did it because they were going to do so anyway, just to harass and inconvenience someone they deemed a “hater”, but their commentary underscores their ignorance.

    2016 – 2009 = 7. Math is hard for Joe and Nicole.


  30. BLB, you wrote “Nobody involved in this is going to sue anybody, provided it all stays virtual and nobody is successful at doing something like destroying a business.”

    My opinion?

    The constant threats of litigation encapsulate the delusion.

    Short answer . . . Jury Trial. How will the citizens of Breckinridge County receive and judge a claim by the Nauglers?

    Don’t forget counter-suits for frivolous litigation. Court expenses, attorney expenses. Finding an attorney willing to represent them without risking their own license. The risk of the defendants filing a class action counter-suit. The expenses of gathering actual internet histories, records, and activity. If a counter-suit is successful (as I personally believe it would be) . . . then the Nauglers may find themselves in an even more hopeless financial situation. It’s true that you can’t get blood from a turnip, but whether an individual has assets or not isn’t the deciding factor in whether or not they become greater debtors.

    It will be difficult, if not impossible to prove actual monetary damages; To prove falsehood given the evidence they have provided, or to convince any local jury familiar with these folks that the posts aren’t founded. It will devolve into a fiasco of screenshots. There’s always that pesky first amendment. Add to this the element of “opinion” and the status of a limited public figure. Let’s not forget that while a post can in fact be traced to a device, pinning the post on an individual without a confession is pretty much impossible.

    I foresee a GFM to gather funds to litigate. I also see it getting pissed away as they chase their tails trying to screw somebody out of a few grand.

    The threats are real. I believe they fully intend to do it. Does that mean they’ll be successful? Of course not. But I think that they believe they’ve found that next easy payday. I also believe that they are digging themselves a deeper hole as many of the people they have targeted aren’t . . . delusional. If they litigate, they are in many ways proving the critics to be correct in their opinions. I also believe that they’ll end up losing far more than they could ever hope to gain. It’s that continued cycle of poor decisions.

    It will be interesting indeed to see what 2016 has in store. Will the Nauglers further ostracize themselves in the community? Will they delude themselves into believing they understand the law better than a competent attorney? Will they continue to make themselves the target of criticism and antipathy?

    Maybe they should close the laptops, shut off the tablets, put their phones away, and roll up their sleeves and try an honest day’s work on the homestead.

    Stay tuned for next week’s edition of the lunatic chronicles. Same bucket time. Same bucket channel.


  31. I. Just. Can’t. Even. “Damage our reputation.” What?! Joe, seriously. What reputation would that be? Productive members of society? Hard working provider? Protector of the eco system? The king of being able to build all kinds of “shit” out of pallets? The best lean-to builder in town? Successful thriving gardens? How to make friend’s with local law enforcement by treating them with respect? Paying your child support on time 1o1? Shunning your damaged son for claiming you sexually and physically abused him? Teaching your children how to not start fires with gasoline so they don’t get burned? Your award winning chili making skills? No need for doctors to sew up head wounds, that’s what fishing line is for mastery? The art of Bathing without water?
    It goes on and on and on….

    Your reputation was in the shitter way before you made sure to make your story “go viral.”


  32. Now maybe they did it because they were going to do so anyway, just to harass and inconvenience someone they deemed a “hater”, but their commentary underscores their ignorance.

    I think they just report anything to report it. Over and over and over.


  33. Dawn said, “I’ve had Facebook since 2009. Little security, my friends and photos exposed. I had a friend list of over 400 friends and colleagues, and never ONCE experienced stalking or harassment.Until I commented on the Nauglers.”

    I feel for people that had been victims like Dawn and so many others. I am pretty much the same as Dawn, have been on Facebook since 2009. Same scenario. I had never heard of doxxing and sock accounts, nor knew of anyone experiencing stalking and harassment. From all these atrocious events, I’ve since felt compelled to lock down my Facebook account, tighter security measures. Not only in concern with my security, for potentially commenting on a critic’s page, but also for family and friends that may experience stalking and harassment simply because of association with my Facebook page.

    Whether it is the Joe and Nicole Naugler, or a group effort, it is a negative reflection. Naught, zilch, zero on changing critics or critics discussing this public story. I am quite perplexed with the Nauglers supporting and enabling these activities.


  34. Absolutely priceless! His reputation was damaged a long time ago and he did it himself. Nicole’s actions haven’t exactly given her an outstanding citizen of the community award! None of us are perfect, but then again most of us aren’t on the Internet begging and scamming people. The life they portray on BLH is a scam. They aren’t homesteading. As a matter of fact all they are doing is getting by and doing a piss poor job if it. It appears their situation is more line “homeless stealing”


  35. “This is sort of disturbing. Each color is blocking a different name. And this discussion of violence is met with laughter. It’s just so funny.”

    When I made those comments it seemed harmless at the time considering all the hateful, hurtful and nasty things that were being said by BOTH side’s at the time.
    However, it was not long after these comments were made that I started to realize that several of the Nauglers Supporters were not jokeing and were in fact extremely dangerous, and were seeking Non-Supporters out to humiliate, intimate, discredit by harassing them online and in their private lives.

    When all this first started happening it really opened my eye’s and I started looking at the real FACTS and not what we all were being told by the Nauglers. I’ll get to that later !
    After looking at the facts I switched sides and apologized for my offensive comment that I made. And deleted each and every supportive word I had given in the Nauglers defense.

    After I withdrew my support many other supporter’s wanted an explanation. Several of them also switched sides after our discussions. Other’s did not and I quickly became a target on the list.

    After several months of harassment online and offline (Veiw the large blue picture above and there are many more ) my family and I were threatened. A Google Map with a picture of our house was sent though the mail with some very nasty words written on it. According to Law Enforcement sending that kind of mail across state lines is a felony.

    (Now take a look at the other post UNDER the big
    blue picture.)
    The Nauglers Camp CLEARLY is threatening my husband’s business!
    And look at how jealous they are over my Quote, “Fab-u-lous-lifey-poo.”
    Unlike the Nauglers we worked for every penny we have in this fabulous life of ours.

    There were several reason’s that I switched sides but I will stick to the facts.
    Joe and Nicole never even attempted to put a stop to their Supporters harassment of Non-Supporters. We all know now that they themselves are apart of it and engage in it daily.

    The money was given under the impression that people would be “Saving the Family” meaning “Save the Children.” But that is not what happened. They are sleeping in the rafters of a shed. The children still do not even have running water, a toilet, proper food, clean clothing. These children essentially still have nothing even after all that money that was given to help them.
    However, the Nauglers admitted that they stayed in hotels and were seen in the commuity eating out everyday while these children were in foster care.

    Then there are all those pictures on BLH that Nicole just simply tried to explain away. The facts are there is just too many of them to explain away. It is what it is.

    At first glance like most people I thought this was a simple poverty case. But it is much more than that. TIME has shown these parents are not willing or even interested in providing for their own children. Nor provide the children with adequate fundamental parenting.

    When are they going to see that none of this Off Grid stuff is working out for them and the kids are suffering tremendously because of it?

    In my opinion the parents are being extremely selfish when the should be selflessly giving and providing for their family.

    Thanks for letting me comment here. And I’m sorry if I offended anyone past or present.


  36. I believe it is Joe behind most of these pages. Many of the remarks are of an especially kinky sexual nature, and particularly nasty, something far more likely to be thought or written by a grown man who lacks the intellect for discussion, and is more likely to relatine everything to sex.

    What else would he do all day? Mrs. Naugler might be at her shop. She might be working. But Joe? He is at home, homesteading. And quite the stay-at-home-dad. One could use the adjective, requisite, in that statement, but surely those kids might do just as well if he werent there; and the only thing he seems to be needed for is sperm.


  37. The pages shown are further evidence of the lack of local support for the adult Nauglers piss poor choices in life. Devoid of a local network and in need of attention and validation they have turned to the cyber world. Perhaps their Cyber Supporters can help them find another location that would include a population of like minded individuals, thus reducing their dependencies on the internet.

    In other words leave our county and State, I am sure you would be welcomed somewhere.


  38. I don’t believe they truly want to be “off the grid” at ALL. It just seemed like the easy thing to say they wanted when they realized the can’t afford an electric bill, real groceries for their kids, or even a real house. If someone offered them a completely “on the grid” house with electricity and cable and running water, these “parents” would jump all over it. They don’t have any true convictions to living a back to basics life, they are simply losers who couldn’t cut it in the real world like other functioning adults.


  39. “If someone offered them a completely “on the grid” house with electricity and cable and running water, these “parents” would jump all over it.”

    They had that, until the local LDS leaders decided that the Naugler’s weren’t actively trying to better their financial situation so they told them they were no longer going to pay for their rent, etc.

    They didn’t like that very much. By “they” I mean Joe and Nicole. None of the children are old enough to sign a legally binding contract. Hence the word “children” – the word is included so Joe, Nicole and their kids know exactly to whom I’m referring.


  40. Melissa,
    Thank you! I enjoy what you have to offer. Sorry you got hoodwinked for a little while. These people are something else.


  41. One screenshot shows Joe, the Prophet, coveting prayers and appreciation of said prayers. The next one shows him calling females “cunts.”

    Did God tell you to call women that, Joe? Didn’t he tell you to love your enemies and turn the other cheek? Did he tell you to swear like a sailor because he had your back for any blow-back from such idle talk? BTW, the Bible *does* instruct us to not indulge in such language.

    I’d like to see more supporters post with why they continue to support the Nauglers. I feel confident that the BLBlogger would allow it as long as you don’t get as nasty here as you do on Facebook.


  42. I’ve noticed that quite a number of the supporters are people who have had incidents involving CPS, police, landlords, etc. Not all by any stretch of the imagination, but a solid showing by those who aren’t merely doing a bad job of taking care of their children and their lives, but a REALLY bad job of it. Some of the supporters are family members. Maybe they really and truly feel that what happened was a misuse of power and justice, but it’s hard to say. After all, if they don’t toe the line, Nicole will cut them off from the kids entirely.

    There is no way but her way (or maybe it’s Joe – the “prophet”). They certainly have a twisted dynamic going on. I hope the kids opt to join the world rather than squat around the blasted wasteland, begging for money from strangers on the internet.


  43. ” Why were the Nauglers attacking their critics, rather than just ignoring them? Why did they insist on staying online— for donations? What were they, and are they still, hiding about their past and present life on the “homestead”? Dawn B. Naif

    Dawn, these are really good questions. Nicole had her blog for some time, and there must have been a few naysayers then. But then the Kids are removed, the money comes in, the story goes viral and the FB and outside attacks escalate to levels most of us had no idea even existed. Outside hate influence? ‘Gaming’ for a certain paralegal who loved using the “c” word, and posted on the sheriff’s page until it became so vile it was closed down? Money, hate, entertainment, mental illness, a combination of these or other factors? The “why”, to that level, is perplexing. Or can you just not rationalize ‘crazy’. (from another ’55’)


  44. Once again, two of my pictures on Facebook were reported for nudity just hours after I posted my opinion on this site.

    Lols …They must FEAR me for some reason?

    Maybe it is because I have tons of correspondence still saved in my MESSAGE BOX.. that they would just love to go away.

    If reporting pictures for nudity on my Facebook page is ALL YOU can do to me….

    Guess what?

    I’m still ten step’s ahead of you !!!!

    ANNOUNCEMENT : Anyone who would like to file a Lawsuit contact me through Facebook. I’d be MORE than willing to allow your Attorney to veiw said correspondence.

    Lols….Now they are really going to hate me. But at least this time it will be for a real reason. ?


  45. Sue them? For what, white buckets? To give them a new fundraising scheme? No thank you. I won’t be a party to any potential fraudulent money making schemes. After all we have all seen, or rather not seen, the massive benefits to the homestead that all that GFM money wrought.

    Waiting with baited breath for the promised “project”. How many months have they been promising?

    Maybe once their idea was a giant lawsuit, but I think that ship has sailed. Such a lawsuit would destroy whatever privacy restrictions the state has adhered to. Facts would come out in the light of day. It would no longer be just what the Naugler parents want people to know. Besides fund raising, it would require an actual basis for a lawsuit.

    I’m thinking it will be a brand new campaign. Maybe yet another new Facebook page and a foundation to “battle” CPS overreach. Something funds could be raised for and siphoned off without any actual facts coming out.

    But, that’s just sheer guesswork on my part. I could be way off base. It could just be photos of an outhouse, maybe even that planned showering station, the garden or the new bigger cabin set back on the land where they originally planned. Who knows, so many “pie in the sky” plans of plans have been published by them. Whatever it is, I have no doubt it will be interesting in a perverse sort of way, and probably a gross disappointment.


  46. Instead of waiting for them to file.

    Maybe we 55 should file together….jointly first !!!

    Headlines might read: Public Figure sends and supports thugs to harass and threaten the lives of other’s who disagree!

    Kinda like…. Al Caphone sending his hit men against anyone who disagreed with him.

    Lols, I found an Attorney who views it…just like that !!!!
    All he needs is a Retainer Fee !!!

    PLEASE is right….but in reverse…
    We 55 can file first and ask for it to go to a jury trial for judgement and award.

    Now, I just wonder what a Breakinridge jury would do with a case where 55 people filed jointly in a Lawsuit for harassment of a public figure ?

    No more smoke and mirrors….
    Bring it on !!!! ???????


  47. Please – Joe would never make it in stand-up comedy. It’s hard work, high failure rate, many blows to the ego and guess what? If you’re late, you lose. Besides, he’s a one-note wonder and he doesn’t sing it very well.

    Plus his props are heavy, smelly and unlikely to be welcomed into an indoor venue. He should stick to his ranting ’round the oil drum fire with his newfound boon companions. As long as he’s buying the rounds, they’ll put up with him.


  48. Lisa said, “Waiting with baited breath for the promised “project”. How many months have they been promising?”

    I’m thinking of the various “projects”, but what ever happened? Let’s see, the bunnies several months ago, breeding and making dog food. Not a mention anymore. Goats, breeding and selling. Not a mention anymore. No hole, outhouse port-a-potty, did it ever get finished? Cutting wood, hopefully seasoned, for the winter long heat source. How many ricks or cords of cut wood did it take? Cook stove? Chickens, what about a coop or how’s the eggs? What about the projects for inside the new homeshed, from the video tour? The wrap around counters, with storage underneath? Don’t know if it was mentioned, but did the kiddos get a mattress or some sort of bedding up in the loft area? The garden prep, raised beds project, less than 60 days until Spring.

    So exciting, is this a whole new project, or a completion of the many previous planned projects? (sitting on hands, containing the thrill)


  49. Yeah, threatening litigation and law suits. Not that there would be any illegal bias, but surely no favoritism shown. With the several low range law infractions…seatbelt safety, registration and plates. Menacing. “no show Joe” at various court dates for failure to pay child support, child custody hearings. Some public accusations on social media of the ad litem, judge and attorneys meeting and discussing the CPS case in their absence.

    Then there is the 55 list. I imagine there are several that have some pretty good documentation of harassment, threatening, assault.

    There is probably an attorney to be found, for hire. Maybe a voluntarist attorney, do they exist?


  50. Great Posts. Old Farm Girl, your kindness and concern is moving. If only one of the older kids can break away, there is some hope for the younger ones to find his/her path away from this nightmare.
    I feel so sad for the teenaged girl who does seem to be on her own without any girlfriends. I remember back to how much I valued the needed my girlfriends at that age, and decades later we are still friends. She’s left playing with Nicole’s hair and painting the younger kids faces. Nicole you are no substitute for a teenaged girlfriend. The damage you are doing by isolating your kids from forming outside meaningful friendship is abuse. The damage is monumental. There is a lot of talk about the physical deprivation of these kids, but the social deprivation is another wound inflicted deeply within these children’s psyche. Do these kids get to bring home friends, go to other kids houses , participate in sports scouting, clubs or with other examples of authority figures and kids, or is the entire outside world too statist and you are afraid of what the kids might learn outside of the compound, and maybe want for themselves.
    Alex, You accomplished what you came to KY for. YOU opened the door for the other kids to find the path to a better life. I believe you too, and I know many were moved by your courage and motivation to come forward and testify. And Nicole’s attempt at intimidation to quiet you, was the first and a blatant and revealing example of what she and Joe have continued to do in their online doxxing, threatening etc. It will never work. Good people will always find a way to expose fraud and child abuse. The truth will eventually come out and your day will come Alex. Nicole and Joe you are the grifting, sick, nasty smelly, delusional child abusers of the worst kind. Jocole, your experience in minimalism and fantasy will serve you well where I hope you will end up.
    Sorry friends, I seem to be always posting in the non current topic but so many of the good posters thoughts come together for me across the posts, and then I have to find the right spot to plant my post.
    Reminds me: “Plant”, Jocole, the spring garden beds need prepping NOW!!! Get some help on how. You don’t know what you are doing. Your failures are not Mother Natures fault. Post some pictures of your progress why dontcha! Frauds!!!) JMHO


  51. When I was A’s age I was babysitting, having sleepovers at my friends homes, and riding my bike to my friends homes.

    When I was Q’s age I was learning to drive, thinking about college and studying for the SAT.

    When I was J’s age I had a part time job (my own money!), I had taken the SATs, was picking out a university to attend, was driving around in a a junk heap of a car I bought myself and hanging out with friends on the regular.

    I wasn’t raising my siblings and working for spare change for my parents.


  52. You all are so thoughtful. I learn as I read your opinions and experiences. I want to go on the record as strongly disagreeing with the parenting strategy of spanking. Not to start a debate, just leaving it here that hitting kids is a definate “no” for me, always.

    “Like my dad would have said “that kid was given way too much and got away with too much they needed to have their ass(his words) cracked more often to learn respect”.


  53. If they let them off the homestead the kids might end up being the kind of teenagers ma and pa probably were. We all know that wasn’t ma and pa’s fault, because they’ve told us so, it was all that brainwashing from school and the state (and no grandpa’s knee to sit on). Seeing how ma and pa were so easily influenced by outside forces, they can’t let anyone do any brainwashing except them. They call that FREEDOM. I call it a lack of faith.


  54. “They call that FREEDOM. I call it a lack of faith.”

    It’s a joke. Ma & Pa thinking they are FREE. Anything but. They are prisoners at that cesspool they call BLH. It ain’t a paradise it were desperate parents go to squat. I’m certain if they had freedom of choice they would never have picked this homestead option. At first, the were forced there by poverty brought on by their own bad choices. Additionally, they may well be forced to stay on the BLH as conditions of the courts and CPS. They hate the statists because most of them have way more freedom than they do. I hope the kids find their freedom far, far away from their psycho parents one day.


  55. #sendsnacks wrote, “They call that FREEDOM. I call it a lack of faith.”

    Ma & Pa, like the Duggar parents, completely overlook the fact that despite how awful and evil the outside world – they met one another in that outside world. They wouldn’t have done so if they had been raised in the same manner that they raise their children.

    Joe and Nicole met when she was in high school in Texas. Too bad for her because at one time she had greater ambitions. They may not have panned out, but at least she had them once upon a time. Both of them did graduate high school. Have either of them talked about their kids earning a GED? Or is that sort of thing only done by evil ‘statist’ children and their brainwashed families?

    I’m not impressed with the nasty way Nicole writes to her mother for the world to see either. JoAnn may drive her daughter crazy, but that’s when you put someone on ignore or write to them to say that you would rather take it to private messages. Nicole has no class whatsoever. Joe is even worse. His constant use of profanities is tiresome at best and he doesn’t have the native wit to pull it off. Not even in his dreams.

    Yeah, where is the proof that some project that they’ve started has been completed and is even slightly successful? Where are the rabbits, chickens, goats and gardens? Heck, they couldn’t even successfully keep BEES. Now, if they were trying to be commercial bee keepers, they chose a hard way to earn a living. If they were simply trying to have one or more hives of bees and couldn’t succeed at all, they needed to consult people in the area who already have bees. Of course, then they would have to shut up and proceed to listen and learn from someone else. Another weakness.

    Keeping bees isn’t without risk of failure, but they never put in the necessary effort beforehand to minimize the risk.

    Alex may be a confused, unhappy young man but for crying out loud, if you’ve been abused as a young child by your father, it’s not too surprising. I do hope that he succeeds in processing what happened to him and he finds a more productive path. Clearly he has family who do love him and are rooting for him, no matter what challenges they may be facing themselves.

    Pretty weird that Nicole is blasting the family that raised Alex for suffering in the economic downturn. I suspect that same economy shuttered her business in Maine around the same time.


  56. Yes, it’s very detrimental to the kids’ development not to have outside friends. The girls in particular are going to feel it very keenly in the future if they do opt to make their escape. Certainly A is feeling it now having no one her age and gender with whom to confide, giggle, squabble and bumble through adolescence.

    Of course, permitting them to develop tight friendships with people not living on the blasted little wasteland would open them up to the possibility of not hanging around as much. Or challenging the old prophet regarding his lack of accomplishments on the property given that it’s to be his priority.
    Joe and Nicole suffer by comparison to many people in the surrounding community.


  57. Alex, if you read this blog (and even if you don’t), I believe you. I think that what you did was courageous and compassionate. I think that shows the core of your being, and it is a fantastic core to build on. I wish you nothing but happiness in your life.


  58. Today a new Facebook page appeared that displayed several photos of Naugler supporters, some kids (presumably children of supporters). A fracas between supporters and non-supporters ensued and Nicole Naugler created a furor posting about it on her Blessed Little Homestead page.

    Who made this page? Who knows. Pages and profiles crop up like popcorn popping. Could it have been the work of a non-supporter, angry at the continuous personal harassment of anyone who calls BS on the Nauglers? A reaction against examples shown in this blog, that have carried on for months? It could.

    But, it could also have been a Melodrama by Nicole Naugler. It’s a convenient way to rally support, both emotional and financial, from her followers. In fact, more support than ever, since the supporters photos are being exposed. There is already concrete evidence that Nicole created the hoax “Doggate”, to accuse a critic and a “secret group” of plotting and killing one of her dogs. That supporter lives 2,000 miles from the Blessed Homestead. It was a ludicrous accusation. No one really knows if Nicole’s dog even died. She said so, therefore it must be true?

    The point being, we cannot believe what Nicole says.

    This posting and exposing of people’s personal photos really needs to stop. But the Nauglers must also take stock of what they created. A viral sensation where their own children’s photos were all over the Internet, in articles all over the world. Critics have sometimes shown these very public photos of the children to underscore the deplorable conditions in which the Nauglers were living. Never, never to humiliate these children. Their living conditions and neglect were not their fault.

    It is a fine line to walk. Most non-supporters have been sensitive to this, and shown only photographs that were made public by Nicole Naugler. To the extent possible, the children’s names should be withheld, and faces blurred, EVEN THOUGH Nicole did not give her own children that privacy.

    But any Naugler supporter who publishes photos of a critic’s child, baby, deceased parent, spouses, businesses is violating private individuals’ rights to privacy. Facebook is the Wild West and few of these rules are respected, giving bandits and gunslingers a wide berth to keep harassing people for using their freedoms of speech.


  59. One of the pages posted a picture of my deceased son, when it didn’t piss me off like they wanted it to they deleted it. Then claimed it was because they have a heart. Pssh we all knew their intent, and like everything else in life they failed. 45k and literally still not a pot to piss in. They yell rights and freedom and how they’ll never bow down. Show me one instance where they have stood their ground and not compromised their “morals”.
    There are laws in place for a reason (and yes sometimes the laws seem far reaching and overstepping. I think government control does at times go too far.)
    But if the government has to tell you to feed, clothe and shelter your own offspring then maybe it’s not the government’s fault. Not once have any of them stepped up and said “hey, I/we screwed up”. It’s been all lies, hate, jealousy, couldn’t prove. That says to me they haven’t learned anything in this entire fiasco. They used their children as a means to get money and sympathy. Pissed away all of it. The only thing different is they have a new garden shed. None of the gfm money has been used for its intended purposes (I’m sure they have never had intentions). That’s fraud. People are tired of their shit figuratively and literally. And still they twist every single interaction they have had to be the victim. If adults are living in a way that constantly victimizes them, how can they protect their children?


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