What Happened To Ranger?

NOTE: I am going to discuss the Blessed Little Grooming Company tangentially here. Nicole, the Blessed Little Dog Killer, has made that fair game. What we will not be discussing is whether or not the business is a viable concern, or whether or not Nicole is an adequate dog washer. Please keep comments about the business confined to their relationship to the threat to kill Ranger.

ranger placed

Ranger has been “placed.”  Placed where?  Underground?  In somebody’s home?

Doesn’t matter. What matters is that Nicole Naugler the Blessed Little Dog Killer feels better. That’s what matters.

I want to go back and tell this story again, because it deserves to be told.

If you’re new to this story, you can catch up by reading the preceding couple of pages.

We left the Blessed Little Dog Killer having made a threat on her Facebook page to kill her dog if somebody didn’t step up and fix the mess she created.  Make no mistake here.  Nicole and Joe Naugler created that mess.


And I’m not a dog breeder.

But yes, she is a dog breeder.  She owned a big white Great Pyr (male) and a white boxer (female). And she failed to get either one spayed or neutered and they had a litter of puppies.  She was basically fine with this because, in typical Naugler fashion, she thinks that not only her and Joe’s genes, but the genes of any creature under her control are things that demand being replicated again and again.

Besides, she could sell the puppies, she thought, and make some money.

I find this all sort of amazing because these are mutts. There is no reason to believe that either parent was purebred, and it’s for damn sure the pups weren’t.  Yet, they are valuable because they belong to the Nauglers.

So she advertised the damn dog, that puppy, Ranger, as having an “excellent guard dog personality” and sold him to some unsuspecting people who thought they were getting a guard dog. Instead, they got a chicken killer. They returned him.

She spent a year trying vainly to find him a home, she says.  Poor Nicole. She tried so hard.

adoption post 1

Oh, look. See how hard she’s trying?  Right on her business page where lots of doggy-type people will see it?

Oh, wait.

That’s not Ranger, is it?  That’s “Drill Bit.”  That’s a black dog, not a white dog. That’s last March.  You know, after she got the chicken-killing dog back, the one she knew had problems and the one she has spent a year trying to find a home.

adoption post 2

And lest you think that “Drill Bit” was an anomaly, the Blessed Little Dog Killer posts adoption stuff from time to time on her business page, so all the dog lovers can see what a kind, caring person she is.  From August, 2015, we have this one.

And the followup:


Two days later.  The dog is adopted and the Blessed Little Dog Killer is so delighted.

So, she knows that she can post an adoption on her business page and get the dog seen by lots of people, and in some cases, facilitate an adoption.

Does she put up anything, a single word, about Ranger, her own dog that needs a home?

No, she does not.

Why not?

I haven’t a clue. The only thing I can figure is that she didn’t want her business clients to see what an abysmal failure she is at dog training and dog care.

animal advocacy


In the first place, notice that the Blessed Little Dog Killer tells us that all the dogs that belonged to the hoarding woman were “well-mannered and healthy”?  Does this sound anything like “everyone who has ever met my children will tell you that they are happy and healthy”?  I nearly gagged reading it.

But then we get the rest.

We need to support responsible breeding and encourage adoption.

No, we don’t.  The only people on the planet who should be breeding dogs are those who are breeding working dogs (not bullshit mutt half-breeds in the back yard ) from working stock, and those who breed very highly prized show dogs and keep the various breeds intact.  “Working dogs” can mean livestock guardian animals, sheep-herding dogs, guard dogs of all kinds, seeing-eye dogs, etc.

Everyone else is simply contributing to the problem of too many dogs and not enough homes.  And that includes the Blessed Little Dog Killer.

If all these folks (except those special situations) quit breeding Fido, we’d cease having a problem.  If you don’t spay/neuter your dog, and if your dog does not have the title “Champion” or is not a world-class working dog, you’re part of the problem.

. . . helping others working through behavior problems.

She writes this like she has the slightest idea what the hell she is talking about.  Just like calling herself a “homesteader,”  the Blessed Little Dog Killer wants people to think that simply because she washes dog butts, and clips their coats, she is an animal behaviorist and/or dog trainer.  She is not.

Her dogs live their lives out on that godawful property, ignored for the most part (to the point that Maggie goes next door whenever she can get loose for food and attention), and since allowing them to just run all over met with unwanted notice from the court, they are chained all the time. There is no fenced yard.  There appears to be no shelter for them.  Nothing.

And when she and Joe abandoned the property last summer as soon as the state took their children, they abandoned the dogs as well. This led directly to one dog being run over (yes, they chase cars) and Ranger’s mother being shot because she was starving and got aggressive with somebody’s dogs (and that person feared for children who were present).

And then she has the audacity to announce that she’s going to teach “pet parenting” classes.

This, like the promised “weekly thread,”  was another of those plans that never amount to anything, but still. . .

hot cars

See what I mean?  She would never, ever do such a thing. She’s so responsible and caring.

But leaving pets chained to a tree without shelter (and I bet without water or food) is fine.  Letting them breed indiscriminately is fine.

think haven't tried

Yeah, I think you didn’t try.  You didn’t try at all.

trying year

No you haven’t.

July 28

This, on July 28, is the first instance I know anything about of the Blessed Little Dog Killer saying a single word about Ranger the Chicken Killing Dog. And she put it on the BLH page, not on her business page.

But don’t message her unless you’re “seriously interested.”  For those who need a translation, that means she was wanting a “rehoming fee.” Betcha.  They can “meet an hour radius.”  Need for them to drive?  No problem.  You pay money, they meet you.

Obviously, nobody took her up on it.

One other thing.  Notice the date?  July 28.  Anything familiar about that date? That just happens to be the same date that she posted the pictures of the new little batch of chicks that the hen hatched out.

Ranger, of course, killed them.

Or Ranger got blamed for killing them.  Who knows? She sometimes says that a “fox” got them.


All the rescues are full.   We don’t have the budget.


So, when nobody comes forward to take Ranger off her hands and pay for the privilege, we rock along until the hen, bereft of her chicks, begins laying again and hatches out another batch of chicks.

How much you wanna bet that they got killed too?

So, in a fury, the Blessed Little Dog Killer posts an ultimatum.  She basically says, “You people better step up and relieve me of this burden or I will put a bullet in his head.”  It was the online equivalent of holding people hostage at the bank.

Remember, she allowed this to happen. The whole thing. Ranger would never have been born if Nicole Naugler was not an irresponsible pet owner.  How many dogs have they been through?  I have no idea, but at least two have died needlessly, along with dozens of baby chicks, a whole batch of rabbits, and probably some goat kids.

All right there at the Blessed Little Pet Sematary (my apologies to Stephen King).

And lo and behold, this time she got everyone’s attention. She’s gonna kill the dog.  So people began sharing the post, calling folks, and the dog rescue people found out about this and responded. They did so within about two hours.

Remember, she put the time limit on it. Ranger had a week.  One week and then a bullet.

first contact rescue

So the process begins.  But rescue requires a bit of coordinating.  So other people got involved, trying to set up “legs” to arrange transport of Ranger to his new foster home.

And the Blessed Little Dog Killer was just too damned busy to bother answering these people.  These people, who came to her page without knowing a damn thing about her, but who simply wanted to save a dog’s life. These people, who didn’t want shit from her except some cooperation. She’s just too damned busy.

life didn't stop

She has a business to run. She has a family.  Her life didn’t stop.

No, but she was threatening to stop Ranger’s life.  She worked, I tell you. She ran errands.

She posted on Facebook. (Note: these are clipped, just to show the time stamp.)

dinner same night

Note: This is right about the time that the rescue responded. She’s just torn up about her poor dog.  So torn up about it that she takes a picture of corn chowder and posts it on the page.

next morning

And the next morning, she’s up bright and early and taking sunrise photos. And she has time to post it.



This is a tear-jerky story about a client who died.  She had time to write all about it.




So, a few posts on her pages that day. If she says she was busy working, that’s believable.

But what about yesterday?  Yesterday was the day when she blew up at the rescue people for messaging her too much.  She was busy all day long, don’t you know, and she didn’t have time to bother with them, even though they were trying to help her out (or rather, and more importantly, help out an innocent animal) when she caused the situation in the first place, and she put the gun to Ranger’s head and threatened to pull the damned trigger.





You can see how busy she was.  She simply didn’t have time to respond to any messages about the dog she was threatening to kill. And all these posts, by the way, are meaningless crap.  They are her usual “I hate the cops,” and “I hate government,” and “breastfeeding makes you a superior human,” and “the election is shit even though I never vote.”  That sort of stuff.


This one is a photo-collage that she had time to put together and post.  You know, while she was so busy.



That’s nice. I don’t.


That’s right. I forgot. She added the obligatory “Monsanto and GMOs are evil” post. We’ll get to that some day when I have time.


Remember, this was so important that she simply could not answer any messages.  She has a life, don’t you know, and responsibilities. Work, children, errands.  Dog?  Not so much.

At this point, Nicole was so frazzled by all the hard work she’d done and all that reading and posting and commenting and worrying, that she cried.





She doesn’t vote. She brags about not voting. We’re all glad she doesn’t vote.


And this is a long-ass post that she had time to read, copy and paste and ask questions about.  You know, about the election that she does not vote in.  It’s not that she doesn’t like either candidate and therefore won’t vote. She never votes.

But she can’t respond to messages about her damned dog that she asked people to help her with because she is too busy.


Nothing about “we have to see about our dog’s rescue.”  Just about her “updating the blog” and bullshit stuff like that.  But head over to her blog, and while you’re there, be sure to notice the nice big donate button.


Remember, in addition to all this posting, she was also commenting repeatedly on BLH under not only the original “I’m gonna shoot the dog” post, but also under others, getting more and more defensive with all the “I’ve been trying for a year” and “I’m nice because I haven’t shot him yet” stuff.

I am retired. I do not have eleven children. I do not work off this property. And I could not keep with it.


I absolutely call bullshit on this. She was not “busy as hell at work.”  If she had lots of dogs to groom, her children were doing the grooming, because she sure as hell wasn’t. She was busy writing stuff about the election and writing little essays about a client who died and posting “I hate the police” posts.

The upshot of all this is that these very nice people from this rescue stepped in to help this dog who was under a death sentence from this horrible woman who gives not one single damn about the animals that are in her care. There’s nothing in it for them.  They just wanted to help.  They were not judging her. I am doing that for them.

And she got pissed off almost immediately and banned them.


Why would she do that?

She asked for help. She threatened to kill the dog if nobody would help her. She got snarky with anyone who criticized her even slightly about the whole situation.  But when people who didn’t know her, and didn’t know anything about the Blessed Little Pet Sematary raised their hands collectively and volunteered to help out, she responded by banning them.


Let me make something really clear for the clueless leghumpers, if any of them make it over here.  I actually live in the country and I really do have farm animals (chickens, pig, calves, dairy cow, donkeys). I absolutely understand that a livestock-killing dog cannot remain on a real farm.

The Nauglers, of course, do not have such a thing as a real farm, but still, I get it.

What is egregious about this is not that the Blessed Little Dog Killer didn’t want to keep the dog.  What is bad is that she is lying about her attempts to find the dog a home. She did practically nothing, and she was trying to sell the dog.  And then when that didn’t work and the dog quite obviously pissed her off royally by killing something else (new chicks perhaps, exactly as I predicted?), she flipped out and threatened to kill him on social media. What actually happened to this dog?

She expected no repercussions from this threat. She thinks she can emotionally blackmail people and they will not respond negatively. She thinks that she can abuse well-meaning folks who simply wanted to help the dog live and were very afraid that she’d kill him at any moment, and reacted the way you would if she had been holding him out a window on the 18th floor and threatening to drop him.

ranger placed

Placed where, Nicole?  With who?  When?

Forgive me if I simply do not believe you.



74 thoughts on “What Happened To Ranger?”

  1. Well, she feels better now. That is all that matters.

    The scary thing is that she frequently posts that she prefers the company of dogs to humans. Think about that.


  2. Well, putting it all together like this really helps put her shit in perspective.
    She fucked up with this one.


  3. The fact that she has taken down her FB pages is highly suspicious.

    Time for their Sunday night baths. The only things that get a bath at the Blessed Little Sematary are the Facebook pages.


  4. I don’t believe her at all. I doubt Ranger even had a pulse when she posted her last plea for help. I’ve watched every move this batalax of a waste of air has made since the very first “shoot me dead” shreikery, and nothing she has ever claimed has turned out to be even close to the truth. She lies, and spins, and of course…. begs. I’m absolutely appalled that a woman who works in the “pet” industry would do what I think the majority of us suspect she has done. Poor Ranger. That poor dog was doomed from the start, and Nicole has no one to blame but herself.


  5. The fact that she is a dog groomer, someone who would be expected to have compassion towards animals, makes her behavior particularly heinous. If I was a customer I would have to rethink using her business. In addition, dog rescuers are passionate. She can ban them from her pages but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her story make an appearance on their pages.


  6. Someone inquired about Ranger on one of the pages. The Blessed Little Killer’s response ” You will never know. Just keep ASSuming.” No living soul is safe around the Killer. I can only imagine how much the animals suffer at The Blessed Little Killingstead.


  7. Thank you Karen. I’m just so sorry that you were treated this way. You did your very best to help Ranger, and the naugler family.
    This certainly did not turn out the way nicole planned it to turn out. She’s losing her grifting touch and it has comeback to bite her in the ass, ala her pages being taken down, by her. That’s her way of trying to get out of the limelight she, and she alone, puts herself into.
    Thank you again for your attempts.
    I have been furious about this all weekend. Karma named Ranger needs to get back at nicole.


  8. This entire situation is just sickening. The rescue groups that all tried to help only had the best intentions. NN did not. She craves attention & when she doesn’t get it she starts it up herself. Her posts weren’t giving her a “fix” so she made the Ranger one to get her high. I just cannot comprehend how she has that much time online with all the kids she has. When my boys were small there were days I just hoped I got the laundry done & put away because babies/toddlers are a never ending circus as most of you know.
    We were all sitting together having supper the other night (oldest was home from college) & my boys were joking around & started quoting from books we read together when they were little, especially The Napping House, If you give a Mouse a Cookie & Dr Seuss. As a momma it made my heart swell. They remember all those things you take the time to do. Those poor babies won’t have memories like that. They will only have memories of trying to survive & it makes me very sad.


  9. Poor Ranger. Once again Nicole went viral, her video got a heck of a lot of views. But once again she was met with criticism because people aren’t easily fooled. When you threaten to kill a dog you are going to piss people off. Her leghumpers said lots of crap about how apparently people don’t understand farm animals. But that wasn’t what it was about. What people were upset because she showed how callous she truly is.

    I am sure eventually the pages will be back up. They always are. Internet addiction is a hard beast to rein in.


  10. Regardless if Ranger has been re-homed or otherwise, those poor kids have (once again) lived thru the loss of a pet. I have nightmares of them begging her to keep him (alive). I just cannot even wrap my head around this entire (preventable) debacle.

    This family’s ONLY income is dependent on (someone’s) good care of animals. About 13k people saw her original post. I can only imagine there might be local backlash.

    And I worry about the children’s well-being, too, as N might be furious and fuming. Not a great situation for anyone in the household, for a variety of reasons, from what I have read so far.

    Thanks for the blog post, Sally. You keep it real and factual and cut thru the BS she spews.


  11. We must find out what really happened with Ranger! I do NOT believe that stupid BITCH. If she doesn’t post pictures of Ranger in his new home, we can all assume he is dead!!!


  12. To and everyone who rallied to Nicole’s desperate cry that Ranger had but one week to live if he was not rescued, thank you. Thank you for putting the life of Ranger before anything and everything else. Thank you to those who tried to help without knowing the circumstances of the Naugler adults, and especially thank you to those that tried knowing that it was probably futile because they do know the Naugler adults.


  13. Nicole is a worthless liar. Don’t believe for one minute the dog was given to a friend or friend of a friend. Either they found some sucker to sell the dog to, or the dog is no longer alive. Scum. She is complete scum. No morals, no decency, no redeeming attributes. Nicole, you are vile.


  14. I bet she got the idea from the most famous cover that National Lampoon ever had and it’s one with which I’m familiar. My father subscribed to National Lampoon and he still has this particular magazine.


    The difference is THAT dog was never in any danger of being shot.

    How strange that Ranger wasn’t taken to the shop to become a night watchdog, get trained during the day and made available to a new home. It would have been a smart move. Of course, it would have required consistent effort on the part of Nicole.


  15. Maybe like Eulanda’s dog who came back to her as a ghost, Nicole should be worried that all the poor unfortunate beings who have perished under her watch will come back as ghosts. After all didn’t Nicole just write of a client coming back to her to reach out. Somehow I don’t think the ” pets of homestead past ” will be as heartwarming a story as poor Eulanda’s or the client whose card mysteriously appeared in the baby’s hand. It’s almost All Hallow’s Eve at the Pet Sematary.


  16. Nicole, is a vile bitch. A wretched putrid whore. I hope there is much local backlash for her emotional blackmail to try and extort money. Praying on the emotions of animal lovers everywhere. I hope there is such a huge backlash that she never gets her pages back up.

    Thank you so much Karen for all your efforts to try and save Ranger. Thank you to all the compassionate caring people out there!


  17. The Blessed Little Killer’s response ” You will never know. Just keep ASSuming.”

    Well, if he does have a new home she has absolutely no control over whether or not they post photos of their new dog Ranger enjoying his new family.

    You know, ASSuming he found a new home rather than being offered ethylene glycol by Joe or Nicole. I doubt she would bother to shoot him herself when there are alternative methods.

    I also noticed that someone said that the next door neighbor must have snuck Maggie into the garage. How in the world would the S family do that? The N’s have stated over and over again that they record everything, there are people there throughout the day, I doubt Joe moves far from the porch, so are the S family comprised entirely of ninjas? Neat trick.


  18. BLH is back up. She took down the post about him being rehomed and about killing him if he didn’t have a new home in one week. She also posted what she got done today.


  19. I sure hope Ranger was able to make it off the Sstead killing grounds alive. I’m sure she’ll never reveal where, dead or alive, as she feeds off of all of this newfound attention and it’s too much for her shallow ego for an “after” story someday to crop up someday regarding Ranger.

    But a few new facts have emerged. They chain their dogs and chaining a dog is no life either. Also she has intact animals so more of the same is likely to continue.

    This will not go away despite Nicole’s attempts at cleaning up her pages or multiple baby picture posts. She can’t stop revealing to new audiences who she really is and it sure isn’t pretty. I expect this will reoccur as more chained mixed breed untrained and poorly cared for dogs will be put up for sale or worse, as the Naugler’s irresponsible breeding continues.


  20. BLH is back up and of course she is accusing everyone who cares about a dog being shot in the head for being a nuisance of being crazy. And the thread about Ranger with the video is gone. I don’t think she’ll be able to just make this one go away tbh. Animal rights folks don’t tend to just fade away into the background.


  21. BLH FB is back, with NO REFERENCE to the poor dog. Are you even kidding me?!

    PETA, SPCA and local news have been alerted, I have been told/read. Trying to scrub a page with 13k+ screen shots will not save her ass this time.

    Where is Ranger?


  22. This has to be one of the most egregious examples of Nicole’s crude manipulation/mind-fuckery yet. Issue an arbitrary ultimatum, watch everybody dance! What song are they dancing to? I believe it’s called “empathy” and it’s a tune Nicole cannot hear.

    What kind of sick shit is this?!?

    “Dance, or the dog dies! Dance, all 44,000 of you! Dance fast, you have one week. Maybe you’d better invite your friends to this dance. If my children lose another animal it will now be Officially Your Fault, because my decree is law in the Blessed Little Sovereign Shitstead. And I’m far too busy dancing my thumbs over my phone. Deleting all these offers of help is so very time consuming, but it must be done so that future generations will only know of my desperate pleas and the heart-rending silence that followed!
    I’m also far too busy to post a heartwarming story – fact OR fiction – about Ranger’s new home. Because now I have to take down my pages, go through all my posts again, and make sure my stories all match….”

    Or maybe she imagines that when she takes her pages down she is punishing us – Could it be that this is her FB version of the silent treatment? Oh, if only it could last.

    Punishment. Who is really being punished here? The people who are off-limits in this blog, that’s who.

    On to a thoroughly depressing side note: Here’s a little more about the woman who was arrested for animal hoarding – the woman Nicole is vouching for in that screen shot at the beginning of this blog post. Don’t read it if you are sensitive to animal-suffering stories. It’s not the worst I’ve ever read, but no, it’s not good.


  23. I feel sad for all her animals; the lone hen, the chicks, the dogs. How can she live with the abuse she imparts?

    Where I live we have many local FB groups such as crime discussion, yard sales, local discussion groups, and groups on businesses to use/not use. I wonder if she and/or her business is discussed in such groups?

    I hope my heart out that she does not get horses. ?


  24. Oh no!
    I would like to voice my concern for Maggie. I fear she will be chained up at all times now, after it has been shared that she secretly visits, eats, and rests at neighbor’s abode. I cannot help but think, I wish it hadnt been shared.

    How unfortunate it is that people treat animals with such disregard, and turn around to claim that they have such a passion for animals, theyve turned it into a career.

    How long has Nicole been hiding her animal neglect? How many animals have met their fate due to neglect at the Naugler’s behalf? How many “pets” have they had disappear? Countless.

    Nice series of posts, Sally. Well done!


  25. Nicole wrote, “In ky if a pet goes in someone’s yard and kills livestock you can kill the dog.”

    This isn’t news. This is the law in many states. I know it’s the case in NY, VA, WV, MD, PA, IN, IL, KY (obviously), TN, SD, OH and probably most of the others.

    Here is some good advice for all of us, “So the lesson is simple: If you live in a rural area or close to one, NEVER let your dog run loose off your property. Farmers may shoot first and ask questions later, if at all.”

    Actually, given the fact that cars hit loose dogs I’d say never let your dog off of your property without being under your direct control. Only coon hunters get some leeway but it’s really at the discretion of the livestock owner.

    Poor Ranger.


  26. Ranger’s mom is a white boxer? I wonder if she told anyone who was interested in him that he has a gene that will make him deaf. You should never breed white boxers (or white Danes, etc). I’m not a breeder and I know that much. Horribly irresponsible.


  27. Sally, you also picked up on the lack of details when Nicole posted that she had placed Ranger. Typical for Nicole as she once posted that her family had been physically attacked and later posted that there was no bodily contact. And then one of her supporting pages stated the car had been attacked.
    I also think Nicole could have used the year to post on her grooming page about Ranger as she had done for other dogs. She could even had stated that Ranger is good with families, dogs, and cats, but cannot stop chasing the homestead animals. In screening potential candidates, she could have revealed his bad habit of killing the livestock.
    Thank you to Karen for working hard on trying to save Ranger. Thanks also to the client and her friend for taking Ranger into their home.
    I noticed this morning that there are bad reviews on Nicole’s grooming page which have nothing to do with her ability to groom dogs. It is all about Ranger and her wanting to shoot him if he did not get a new home in a week. I do not believe this is a good idea and you may want to rethink your decision to leave the bad review.


  28. So today she says she won’t release a picture because “I will not put them out for troll fodder”. She has no problem posting pictures of everything else under the sun but won’t post a picture of her dog going off with someone else. Once again she also claims the trolls have been harassing her clients. I did see three reviews on her work page, but her clients do have the right to know how she treats animals, since her job is directly related to animal care. But she won’t post these screen shots of harassment, they’re probably off the the FBI ?

    Nicole, you should have left your pages down longer. Go play with your kids, make a meal, feed Maggie (if she’s not at the Sneeds),clean up those god awful white buckets that seem to permeate every single picture, do something productive but not computer related.


  29. Here is some good advice for all of us, “So the lesson is simple: If you live in a rural area or close to one, NEVER let your dog run loose off your property. Farmers may shoot first and ask questions later, if at all.”

    The truth is that while it’s legal, most farmers don’t do it. Most country people love dogs, own dogs, are passionate about dogs. They aren’t going to kill a dog just because he’s on their property.

    Three dogs crawled under our fence and were chasing our calves one day (donkeys were in the other paddock). Our neighbor saw it, called Dave, they both went out there and chased them off. They came back. Our neighbor got his rifle and shot all around them. He did not shoot the dogs, he just tried to scare them. The two men carefully watched to see where they were getting in. Dave then got some fencing and went down there and reinforced/patched the area so they couldn’t get in there.

    Obviously, the dogs could have moved down five feet and crawled under in that spot, but the hope was that when they saw the original way blocked, they would move on.

    And they did.

    Nobody was killed.

    In another incident, a dog down the road got into our neighbor’s pasture and badly mauled one of his goats, enough to necessitate a vet visit and pretty much destroyed the goat’s usefulness as a breeder. Our neighbor could have shot the dog. Instead, he went to the owner, explained what had happened, showed him that there was blood on the dog (proof). The owner responded responsibly, compensated the goat owner for the financial hit, and confined the dog. It never happened again.

    I grant you that some pet owners (like the Blessed Little Dog Killers) are not reasonable people, and if their animals came on my land and harassed or killed my livestock, I would shoot, shovel, and shut up. However, that’s not the norm. Most of the time, it’s resolved peacefully. You just don’t hear those stories cause they aren’t dramatic.


  30. bad reviews on Nicole’s grooming page

    This incident has angered many people. Nicole will suffer as a result of her own behavior. Karma is a bitch.


  31. Once again she also claims the trolls have been harassing her clients.

    I don’t know of anyone who has ever “harassed a client.” Nobody cares about her clients. If they are happy with the product they buy from her, so be it.


  32. I am now totally wary of the way she’d treat my pet behind the scenes and I would like to be aware of the fact that my groomer had such a disregard for animal welfare. I think it is totally relevant info for a review. And the fact that she has taken her groomer page down rather than getting facebook to delete them means that facebook might agree…


  33. “The truth is that while it’s legal, most farmers don’t do it. Most country people love dogs, own dogs, are passionate about dogs. They aren’t going to kill a dog just because he’s on their property.”

    Believe me, I know that to be the case. I have taken in far too many dogs that were dumped along the Parkway, had them vetted and kept them for years and years. However, there was a time years ago when there were packs of feral dogs that were attempting to hurt my animals. I did shoot over their heads but given that it was late autumn I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t have been kinder to have shot them. I hate it when people dump their dogs.

    The point is you simply can’t count on someone not shooting a dog who is hassling their livestock or children. Very few people WANT to do it, but sometimes it happens.


  34. The Naugers should not have any animals. Pets or livestock. From what we are discovering they have a long history of animal abuse. Including criminal charges. This time it won’t go away.


  35. Her business needs to be left alone.

    On this blog, the only comments re: the business have to relate to the Ranger debacle. Nothing else. I am unable to control what anyone says elsewhere. I am not in charge of the whole world. And I would never have even used the name of the business here if it had not been essential to show that she did not, in fact, try to get that dog adopted out via her own business when she used the business contacts repeatedly to facilitate the adoption of other dogs. She did not try to get the dog a home for a whole year, or at the very most, she tried half-heartedly. That’s all I wanted to prove.

    And I will repeat this: I am not responsible for what somebody else writes someplace else other than here. I am not responsible for people having opinions about Nicole’s business. She is responsible for that and probably should have thought about that before she threatened to kill a dog if people didn’t fix the mess she created and then had the audacity to set a deadline for when they had to help her out. That’s what she did, and obviously it’s provable. Removing the thread from her Facebook page does not negate it.


  36. If Nicole did place Ranger with someone else it would be so out of character for her. Ranger’s purpose in life was to be exploited for Nicole’s benefit (aka some pity publicity and a bit of paypal cash flow). Unfortunately for Ranger it didn’t work out as intended and Nicole got it back at her for being a dog groomer who is perfectly willing to shoot her own dog (aka make one of the kids do it) without training the dog, containing its prey, or even fixing the dog. Ranger is, in all likelihood, dead.

    Methinks that Nicole went a bit over the top on this one. Methinks also she went over the top because her grifting cash flow is not doing so well. Methinks she is pretty desperate now that she has extended her scorched earth policy to the internet and no one with any means or intelligence is willing to be duped or manipulated by her anymore. Bet she wishes she hadn’t gone viral.


  37. @Dinah: Yeah, I agree; that comment on BLH – “I will not put [pictures of Ranger’s placement] out for troll fodder” – not only BS, but illogical. Exactly how would Nicole’s “trolls” feast on the truthful proof of a happy ending? They wouldn’t, of course, and as others have pointed out, her failure to capitalize on a perfect In-Your-Face opportunity means that the details of Ranger’s current whereabouts (whether above or underground) are neither poetic nor photogenic.
    The only thing Nicole feeds with regularity is her need for attention.


  38. ” Her business needs to be left alone. That’s their only source of income.”

    Nicole should have thought about the consequences of playing with people’s emotions when she threatened to kill Ranger. She should have thought about the impact it might have. She is so narcissistic all she could think of was how she could get attention. She is getting attention alright. A lot of it. I hope it hits her in the pocketbook. The only thing that talks to Nicole and she listens is money. If she loses revenue because of her vile behavior , so be it. Maybe she will wise up but I doubt it. The Ranger situation is not going to go away. Her animal neglect and abuse will be shared far and wide in every group who cares for the well being of animals. I hope Nicole pays dearly for this latest online bullshit of hers.


  39. Ang said “I agree. Her business needs to be left alone. That’s their only source of income.”

    Yes, it’s her only source of business but clients deserve to know if their animals are going into the hands of someone who has a documented history of animal abuse. Would you take your pets to a vet that has a history of animal abuse? You leave your animals at groomers, you don’t sit there the entire time, you have faith that they are in trusted hands while out of your sight. I wouldn’t trust anyone with a history of abuse with my animals…ever. I understand it’s her only source of income but that’s her problem. She should have thought about that before posting that her dog had a week before it got the death sentence. She should have realized that people don’t like to hear about animal abuse. She made her bed and now it’s time to lie in it. Once again no sympathy for her, I have sympathy for the kids and the animals but not one ounce for her or her worthless husband.


  40. Exactly what Sally said.

    Just imagine if companies, etc. were responsible for the comments that random people made utilizing their service. There would be no Twitter or Facebook or any of the other social media sites.

    While I realize that it is a hard concept for some, there is this thing called personal responsibility. It applies to everything you do in your life.


  41. Her only source of income is threatened by HER behavior, not the resultant behavior of other people publicly posting on her biz page. She should have put that together before she posted her intentions to kill an animal in a week if her demands weren’t met. How about Nicole showing a little forethought and cooling down period before hopping on her FB crusader wagon for once. Never seems to happen though despite the circumstance.
    Also her biz is not her only source of income, she has been grifting for years, and has made a lot of free cash that way.
    Sorry but it really pisses me off to now ask others to not hold her accountable in whatever way they deem fit because her biz income may suffer. She owns the Ranger FU big time and her problems are hers, even compounded more now by her, “don’t gotta prove nothin'” behavior.
    Nicole has gotten away with a lot through the years with her “they OWE me a warning” entitlement attitude. Her shitty attitudes and killing animals and the messenger ways are just catching up to her for once.


  42. Well I have been offline for a bit getting things ready for the trapping season. There is always lots to do here on our real homestead and I didn’t have time to surf a bit like I usually do. It looks like I missed a major happening. Something about a Naugler dog – I am assuming it was the one they got back because it was killing chickens? And there was some emotional blackmail – the dog had to go or else?
    The Nauglers are dismal failures at animal husbandry at best. At worst, and this is the camp I am in, they are cruel and demonstrate a callousness towards the suffering of all the animals that are and have been in their care. Free-ranging chickens eaten by their supposed GSDs. Same with the rabbits. A whole flock of roosters who gang rape their lone hen. Who the hell keeps a flock of roosters except idiots? They eat and produce nothing. A single rooster, maybe 2 depending on the number of hens you have, is sufficient.
    Goats and a pig. Where did the pig go? There has never been any photos of the Nauglers enjoying healthy pork dishes which is strange because Nicole shares everything else. I cringed at the photos of the goat being slaughtered. I have no issue with children learning where food comes from and taking part in that cycle of life. Our own kids learned to hunt early and by the time they were 5, they were hunting small game (with our supervision). What was cringeworthy with that photo was the one child holding the goat, so the other child could shoot it. That was quite possibly one of the most unsafe things I have seen.
    And now the dog. Let me say for the record that chaining a dog is not evil. What is evil is chaining the dog and then doing nothing more with it than feeding and watering the creature.
    We have sled dogs and all are on chains. However they are worked year round as pack animals in the summer and sled dogs in the winter. They are extremely healthy and fit. They know the touch of our hands and the warmth of our voices on a daily basis. They are fed a superior diet. They are rotated into our cabin for some special individual time and it’s not uncommon to have three or four of the old farts inside on the coldest winter nights. They all have houses that are filled with warm, clean straw. And at the end of their time, when it becomes apparent that they just aren’t happy anymore, a well-placed bullet ends their life instantly, leaving us to mourn a good dog. The Naugler dogs know none of this care.


  43. We have sled dogs and all are on chains.

    Having lived in Alaska, I can attest to this. Sled dogs are well loved, and generally well cared-for. They have to be. Like a dairy cow, if you treat a sled dog badly, he will not do the work he was bred to do very well, if at all.

    We had friends who had sled dogs. Each was chained, yes, but each had access to shelter, food, water and most importantly attention.

    Ranger’s and Maggie’s situation is nothing like that.


  44. I’m am sorry but I really do feel passionate about this issue and need to add an additional thought.

    We all recognize Nicole has issues, but when she adds threats of killing to her arsenal of manipulative tactics, people have a right to know and be warned about that person. Once someone says they will kill, it then is just a question of “when” . I am not naive to doing away with dangerous or destructive animals, and on a rare occasions have seen this happen too, but that is not what took place with this incident. Using a threat to kill as coercion should be fully understood by anyone dealing with Nicole. Disseminating that information is completely OK in my book.


  45. Annie, Yep it’s not the restraint per se, it is the lack of care exactly as you have described. The Naugler dogs break loose frequently and from pictures and reports are gone for extended periods of time, unnoticed, which doesn’t smack of caring owners, (especially when you consider the demise of the two dogs during the blessed little motel vacation.)

    Annie, Hope your season is bountiful!


  46. Has anyone counted the kids lately? Not saying that BO would do anything, but we haven’t heard much about the 11 kids.
    As far as Ranger, if she ended his life, she is complicit in causing pain and suffering to her children. She is sitting on the edge of a Karma slap shot that will cause grief seven ways to Sunday. I would not believe one thing she says anymore.
    And also, how can one harass her clients unless they sit outside her business and say
    “Do you know your groomer is a horse’s ass?”, She lies so much. Wouldn’t she call the cops and say her trolls are outside the business and annoying the customers? Proof NICOLE< Proof!!!!!!


  47. “if your dog does not have the title “Champion” ”

    I disagree that this should be seen as a necessity for breeding dogs. Some of the breed standards are harmful to dogs, notably the slanted backs German shepherds have to win shows and the too-tiny skulls on King Charles Cavaliers. Both of these things cause them a lot of pain. Some breeds have been bred to standards that make the dogs unable to give birth without surgery, like my smallest dog. Germans can be trained to work in hunting, and are obviously used as police dogs, making them dogs who have legit jobs, but spaniels and terriers and the link don’t really have jobs to do, and so limiting their breeding to show winners would help carry along harmful traits.

    We shouldn’t nix all breeding. Breeds to have an important role. Certain things like temperaments, energy levels, and skills are a lot more predictable when you get a breed. Weimeraners are horrid apartment dogs with sedentary people, but great for people with land and who go hiking a lot, just for an example.

    But when it comes to breeding, people really need to look long and hard at why they’re doing it. Is there something exemplary about their dog, or do they just love Fido and Fifi so much that they think that it would be shame for there to not be cute puppies? Are people breeding dogs as healthy for their breed as can be? Does the area have an abundance of that breed in shelters and waiting in rescues? Do people even want that breed?

    It’s really not so black and white, but people do need to think twice, step back a few months, think again, talk to a vet, talk to the local rescues, talk to the local shelters and humane societies, and then think some more, and it there’s any doubt in any amount no matter how small, don’t do it.

    We have a house full of rescue dogs and cats and a new rescue kitten (news flash: kittens take work too!!) and a rescue fish because a stupid local betta breeder didn’t think about how the pet stores have tons of stunning bettas for $5, so how many people will pay $50 for his mediocre bettas. So it’s not like I have a financial interest in breeding.

    What Nicole did isn’t even breeding in my opinion. She neglected her dogs, and they did what intact animals do. That’s worse than thinking Fido and Fifi are just so cute that the world would be worse off for not having a litter of their mutts. I am thinking about calling the rescue she was supposed to send Ranger to to get more information.


  48. I disagree that this should be seen as a necessity for breeding dogs.

    The article was not a comprehensive dissertation on dog breeding. The American Kennel Club was started in part to do all the things you mentioned. It’s not perfect, and there are problems with certain breeds being taken to extremes, but it’s better than nothing.

    When our little Liza died (age 16 1/2, kidney failure and probable liver cancer) in 2005, we looked around for another dog. We had a very specific requirement though. We were living in Alaska and we traveled back and forth via air to NC a couple of times a year, sometimes more often. Getting a house-sitter for our dog was a PITA with Liza and we decided to get a dog that would fit in a carrier so we could take her with us on the plane, in the passenger compartment. The requirements are very specific. The dog has to be a certain weight.

    Only a toy breed would work. (And whether Nicole understands it or not, “toy” is a particular class of dog breeds and includes more than just poodles.)

    But we wanted to rescue.

    The problem is that in Alaska, the shelters and the rescues are all big dogs. Most Alaskans consider our dogs not “real dogs” and make fun of them. Labs, sled dogs, those are all very popular. So I started looking at out-of-state rescues.

    I ended up with a Maltese rescue and it looked great for a bit. But then they began to push me to take a Maltese mix that was a few pounds OVER the limit set by the airlines. I explained this was just not possible. Their reply was to just “stuff” her in the carrier – it would be okay. This is not about a 2 hour flight. This is about a two hour flight coupled with a layover in Minneapolis and a 12-hour flight to Anchorage. At least four times a year, maybe more. I wasn’t about to get a dog and then realize it just wasn’t going to work at all.

    I didn’t care if the dog was purebred. (Minnie is, and has papers. I have never even filled them in. She’s spayed. There is no reason to do that.) But no way would I put a dog in a carrier where she couldn’t turn around and expect her to stay there for twelve hours.

    However, and you brought up the point, there are reasons to go purebred. With a purebred puppy, you have a reasonable idea of what you’re going to get an adult. Even better if you can see the parents. I couldn’t do that.

    Anyway, the rescue people and I wrangled and the last straw came when they began carrying on about a home visit. We lived in a tiny village in Alaska. Who was supposed to do the home visit? They very cavalierly said that somebody from Homer would come up and do it. I knew that was a joke. Homer is a 6 or 7 hour drive from our house. Alaska is a big state.

    So I ended up with a breeder. I didn’t want to. I researched my head off. I contacted vets. I contacted previous buyers. I spoke with the breeder on the phone more than once (I probably drove her crazy). And I paid top dollar. But I ended up with what we needed in terms of size. [I left out the part where I wanted her to have a brain. She doesn’t.] You have to be very careful with Malts, because unscrupulous breeders use a Bichon Frise bitch and a Maltese stud and get mixed breed pups, which at eight weeks old are just indistinguishable from a purebred Malt. You don’t know you didn’t get a real Maltese until they grow a bit and get very large. They do this because a Maltese bitch might be able to carry four pups, max, but a Bichon Frise is a much larger dog and will have larger litters, so more money. That’s what has happened when you see these 15 pound “Maltese” dogs. They aren’t purebreds even if they have bogus papers.

    So research was in order, and I did a pile of it.

    All in all, it was not really a good experience and left a bad taste in my mouth about rescues. They were very angry with me and told me so.

    However, we are toying with the idea, once the house remodel is done and the Minnie yard is all fenced outside, to begin doing some fostering. I’m not a total hopeless case. 🙂


  49. OMG, she posted another Nicole video. I can’t listen to sixteen minutes of that. The more she carries on, the more I am convinced that the dog is dead. All of those pictures that she posts of dogs with her bows and not one of the blessed adoption? Not possible. And surely she sent Ranger off with some bows? And maybe Joe, the Constitutional scholar, can do some research on what libel means. He might want to focus his attention to the First Amendment; there’s some good stuff in there!


  50. Very interesting that she just now posted a “family” pic, so we can count all the kids. But she never reads here, @amulbunny who treasures her pooches immensely!

    Look, all of them are accounted for (‘cept poor Ranger….)

    I *did* enjoy her live FB post this afternoon. She is so predictable, the Swiss train system might want to hire her as a consultant.


  51. “So I ended up with a breeder. I didn’t want to. I researched my head off. I contacted vets. I contacted previous buyers. I spoke with the breeder on the phone more than once (I probably drove her crazy).”

    Even if you did, in the end she was probably pleased that you did so. After all, it’s much more SATISFYING to know that you did your damndest to match a puppy to a new owner and the new owner has done their homework. I can remember researching Welsh Springer Spaniels and there was one breeder who had a lovely definition of what kind of breeder they were (incredibly careful and picky is the short version).

    I hope you do get involved with fostering a dog or dogs. It can be very satisfying.

    As for Ranger, I don’t believe Nicole either. Damn shame.


  52. I watched about 30 seconds of her live video, that was all I could stomach. And then the snarky comments about Joe’s son. What a bitch, a callous, evil bitch.

    Those 15 minutes would have been better spent with her kids. And yes after comments were made about not seeing all the kids for awhile she posts away because she just somehow knew it was mentioned here but she never reads the trolls pages. She is so full of lies, she can’t even keep them straight. Now I didn’t watch all the video but someone mentioned she somewhere spoke of Ranger in the past tense. Was that in the video? She listed the dogs and said “Maggie is healthy” but at some point said “Ranger was healthy”. The truth comes out whether she wants it to or not.

    Seriously this is a train wreck and as much as I want to look away it’s not happening.


  53. Her followers are comprised of people who believe that requiring Driver’s Licenses is unconstitutional and that the earth is flat. Great crowd. The company we keep and all that…


  54. She looked kind of stoned in the video.
    Her eyes were bloodshot, glassy, and her pupils were dilated.
    Plus, she was rambling on and on about everything and nothing, including what looked to be a gum wrapper stuck in her hair.
    She’s going to have to rewatch her video after she sleeps it off, just to get her story in check…


  55. Not all German Shepherd (GSD) have sloped backs. It is more of an American breeding thing. Dogs from the German or European lines do not usually have them.
    Myself I do not like the sloped backs and I do not have them.
    So GSD can be bred with out them depending on the line the parents are from American or European.
    IMO all breeders if they are a good breeder they will have bettering the breed in mind when they breed.
    A great diet is very important for both dogs to ensure they are a peak health at all times. A great diet is not cheap if you feed kibble. Raw feeding is less expensive but it need to be a diet that includes more than just meat to be a balanced diet.
    Next is temperament. If one is breeding GSD for family pets or service dogs it is totally stupid to breed two high strung dogs. It can take up to two years to figure out what their temperament will be as that is about the age that GSD mature and get out of the stupid adolesant crap where they are not doing all the stupid stuff to get in to trouble. Some never do but a lot of that is lack of proper training. It is best to breed a higher strung dog to a more mellow one to buffer the pups. Even doing that you can get pups that get all their genes from the higher strung parent. But it is best to give it a shot.
    Now that temperament is figured out on to the things that IMO MUST be done and what cost the bucks.
    GSD SHOULD have xray taken of their hips and elbows to rule out dysplasia as that is a very well known defect of the breed. Breeding excellent to another excellent or good or fair is okay. But best try to avoid the fairs. Breeding a good to good is okay too. But breeding a fair to fair one is not improving the breed or even trying to maintain status quo. Fair to fair is a crap shoot. Even breeding two excellent parents pups can end up having dysplasia as there are other factors besides genetics that come into play such as environmental and too much stress on joints as a pup while joints are still developing. Dogs bones and joints are not done growing until two years of age thus the requirements for certification on joints at 2 years or older.
    Also they need to be tested for DM degenerative myelopathy. Some dogs are carriers of it and some are at risk for it. Dogs that are carriers (A/N) should NEVER be bred to another dog that is at risk or (A/A). You can breed a carrier (A/N) to a normal (N/N). The N/N (Normal) dog can only transmit the normal counterpart of the common mutation to its offspring, and it is unlikely that this dog or its offspring will ever develop DM.
    Both male and female dogs should have Brucellosis testing to prevent passing of the disease.
    Shots need to be up to date especially for the mother as she will pass on some of her immunities from the shots to the puppies the first few weeks of life during nursing to help them with immunities to the diseases.
    Once temperament and health is done and things are all good they can be bred.
    Once bred more expense as the female should be vet check during pregnancy. I do ultra sound or xray as it can give an idea of how many pups to expect. That is good so in case one or more pup takes too long to be born intervention can be done by getting the female to a vet to save her life and hopefully the life/lives of pups.
    Breeding done right is not cheap and breeding is not a money maker if done right. But you as a good breeder are trying your best to better the breed or at the very least keep it status quo and not produce dogs with genetic problems.
    GSD do work of more than just police work. We have a great medical alert dog that is GSD. He is self taught came by it all on his own due to the genetic temperament he inherited. He has detected multiple medical problems in myself and my husband. Saved my husband’s life more than once with his heart. He knew before my husband felt any pain or symptoms that he was having a episode with his heart. He knows exactly where the pain is in my legs when it is bad and will lick the exact spot to make the pain lessen or go away. The spots differ depending on what I am doing or have done to bring on the pain. GSD also make great diabetic alert dogs.
    Not everyone wants a mutt dog. Some people like to know the genetics of the dog they are buying. More importantly the temperament especially if they have small children. Mutts you are getting a pig in a poke when it comes to genetics, temperament or if they are interbred especially if they are a pup. Also to not cross breeding dogs can cause genetic defects to be more profound when certain breed are cross bred.
    People should have the choice if they want a pound mutt or a carefully bred purebred. I will go on record as saying not all breeders of purebreds are honest or care about careful breeding. It is important to do your homework, research, ask for testing results and ask questions lots of them. Good breeders will not sell to just anyone they will check out all prospective owners and sell under contract. Last of all most good breeders will offer a life time of the dog breeder support. They will also have in their contract if for any reason they will take the dog back so to keep it out of a shelter and save room for the piss poor willy nilly bred mutts to find homes.

    Sorry if the word mutts offend you but that is what they are if they are not purebred.


  56. Not everyone wants a mutt dog.

    But that said, some, maybe most, of the best pets in the world are mutts. 🙂


  57. I love my mutts. My parents have pure bred dogs. I prefer my mutts. But our dogs are merely pets, they have no chores or duties although they let us know when the mail has arrived. I guess it’s from all my years watching The Price is Right I am a huge proponent of spaying and neutering, too many dogs and cats in the world.


  58. Oh my word. And now she’s accusing “the trolls” of shooting her other dog, complete with a screen shot of this blog. You know, the one she doesn’t read.


  59. We have a rescue “mutt” who loves every one, including the cat.
    “Slipper”looks like an over sized Shitzu.
    However, according to the DNA test we had done for fun, he is part Shitzu, Chinese Chin, Chihuahua, Cattle dog, Pitt bull and St. Bernard.
    His brothers and sister looked like a mixture of Shitzu, Chihuahua, and miniature Cattle dog.
    We had our DNA done as well… and turns out, both me and my husband are also “mutts” ?
    Mutts rule!


  60. Please tell me who on Earth buys bows and ties for a dog
    I’m in the uk by the way and homesteading is something I have learnt about by reading this blog
    Do the nauglers not have running water
    Feel for the teen girl not having a shower to keep nice and fresh


  61. Yes mutts are some times the best companions. I had one and he was a great dog for 16 years. Until I met my husband he was the best male I ever had in my live, loyal, dedicated and thoughtful.

    I too agree with spaying and neutering if one does not own a purebred that they plan on breeding.

    Also I totally believe if one does own a intact dog they need to be totally responsible owners and prevent unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. Yes it takes a lot of dedicated training and when heat season it in full supervision or secure separation. Along with being prepared for lots of vocal protest from the male if breeding is not going to be done. And by secure separation I mean both dogs need to be secured separately at almost the level of Fort Knox. Nothing stronger or more willful than a male when there is a female in heat. Strong training does help with separation. Best think any dog can learn is leave it means leave it and do not touch it. My dogs are taught when I say leave it they need to leave what ever it is alone and if I yell leave it like a banshee they need to lay down right away where they are. Teaching them that really helps if they take off in pursuit of something or are running and in danger of going in the road.
    My male will leave my female alone when she is in flagging heat if I tell him to leave her. Yes he will give me the looks of why but he does it. The only time they are together when it is heat season is when we are awake and with them at all times. At night they are secured in separate rooms with crates, gates or closed doors that latch.

    Our male trained himself with the medical alerts. We did nothing to teach him. As a matter of a fact he had been doing it a while before we realized he was doing it. Just took us a while to realize what his behavior when he was doing it and why he was doing it. The only thing we trained him for was help with mobility. He will help me when I have to get down on hands and knees to get back up. He helps my husband get up out of a chair. We say help and he comes and helps and knows the position he needs to take for each help we need.


  62. Ugh just ugh
    Even Ted Bundy never fake cried. She definitely needs some unschooling in drama/acting. She tried oh so hard wiping away fake tears and that cry face, just…no.
    I do like how she seemed suspicious about how on earth the dog got away, yanno, being she NEVER gets off of her “run”. I don’t chain my dogs up nic, but one would safetly assume a shorstring wouldn’t be enough to keep a dog tied up. Yanno, homesteading 101 and all that jazz.
    She’s still not over the woe is me, the world is out to get poor innocent me phase. I don’t work (don’t have to since my husband is retired and we live quite comfortably) and even I don’t spend as much time online as she does. Her followers hang on like leeches onto her every misinformed word too. I wouldnt take legal advice from someone who screams rights and laws don’t pertain etc and every single time they are proven wrong the Mr dumpy immediately cops out a plea. Yeah, stand up for those ill perceived rights naugs.


  63. We have a purebred German Shorthair Pointer that came from a breed specific rescue. She was a breeder and at age 2, was abandoned with milk still in her teats. She is clingy and though my husband says she is his dog, he lies. She’s with me all day and if I take a nap, she’s around my back and legs to keep me warm. Our other dog is a Heinz. When he is groomed he looks like a small schnauzer with the ears up and pointy nose. I think he’s got some dachshund in him because he is long. He’s never been more than 11 lbs but has the heart of a German Shepherd. They both dislike the UPS guy *it’s the brown uniforms) but they are really good dogs. The little guy is not comfy being picked up and hugged, he stiffens up, but he loves to chase my adult son when he’s barefoot. Has a thing about hairy toes I guess. They are funny together.


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