What Do I Have To Do?

This is so sad. It’s an example of how people just jump into a discussion and offer up their opinions without knowing what in the hell they are talking about in the first place.

She says she is confused.  She’s right.  But then, without hesitation, she says she believes that God is gonna get me.

. . . you sat back NOT being Christian at all.

That’s exactly right.  I did.

Because I am not Christian, Jackie.

I am really and truly not Christian.


12 thoughts on “What Do I Have To Do?”

  1. There is whatever you BELIEVE there is (or isn’t).

    The thing that gets me, though, is all these good Christians who believe in ‘God’ yet engage in decidedly un-Christian behavior, language and name-calling, like our friend Jackie here. Such un-Christian talk. I just don’t see how I could ever be converted to a ‘Believer’ with the behavior Jackie is modeling. Does that make Jackie a failed Christian?

    It’s so sad that Jackie’s turning potential converts away.



  2. I am curious as to what ever became of Linda Fossen? She kind of disappeared from the narrative, she doesn’t appear to be one of St. Catherine’s ladies- in – waiting anymore, and considering her husband’s volatile past, it’s a bit disconcerting…


  3. I am curious as to what ever became of Linda Fossen?

    I can’t crawl in Maytag’s weird head and figure her out, but I suspect that she became disenchanted with Cathy’s nonsense. I do know that she suddenly decided she wasn’t going to be an advocate or activist or whatever the hell she called herself for sex abuse, and became instead a Trumper. She simply disappeared from the scene.

    I would remove all the shit I wrote about her, but she was vile and deserves all of it, so it stays where Google can find it. Her remarks about Nathan rival Nicole’s.


  4. They seem to have nothing better to do with their time than play Mean Girls over on the Justice facebook page. I looked it up a few days ago, and it is post after vile post of hurling insults, making snarky remarks that they seem to find HILARIOUS, and calling you and Lisa out. Literally channeling their inner bullies.

    The occasional memes thrown in about child abuse are equally disturbing to me. I find Cathy’s adjective- filled recollections uncomfortable. I’m not a professional – yet – but I’m knee deep in psychology texts these days, and it’s so unlike any victim characteristics, the way she almost brags about her alleged abuse. Child victims often remember abuse through their senses – how it smelled, a bad taste in the mouth, throbbing or sharp pain, whatever – while rarely recalling any vivid details. Cathy seems to narrate a fictional story rather than describe an event that actually occurred to her.

    I’ve read your statements on repressed or subconscious ‘body memory ‘. That doesn’t seem to be what she describes either, as she inserts very descriptive feelings and details into her stories, as if she remembers it as if it were yesterday. If her memories are indeed that fresh and raw still, there’s no way she could be of any sound mind to function properly every day.

    One more thing – only those who have come to terms with sexual abuse and no longer let it define them are able to openly share, for advocacy or other proposes, imho. So surely she no longer struggles with suicidal ideations, or feels the need to be validated as a victim, right?

    My dislike for her is growing. Usually I am all about finding sympathy and understanding about whatever made the monster, but some are just psychopathically inclined to pull off the most abhorrent of accusations without a thought for the accused, or actual victims. And that is revolting.


  5. Yep, I realized I made a mistake calling you a Christian and that is exactly why I deleted it. I’m not exactly sure how long it was up, maybe 2 hours. I can and will admit to mistakes I make.


  6. I can and will admit to mistakes I make.

    Welcome here, Jackie, and thank you.

    However, your motive in calling me a Christian was to find fault with me. In your view, I have done something your god would disapprove of and I’m a very bad person that he will ultimately be forced to punish. Do you mind explaining why you think that?


  7. It’s just adorable when Christians use their sky fairy as a means to both justify and excuse their abusive behavior and as a vehicle for exerting social control over others.


  8. Speaking of Christians, it irks me to no end watching the news interviews lately of people who were in the Hurricane’s path. Some of the more self righteous Christians will say how blessed they were to have been spared with little to no damage to their homes. With that sort of rational were the people who lost everything cursed? I’m sure there was a few good Christians who lost their homes and possessions. Did the have a lapse of faith, or are they like Job who’s faith was tested?

    It’s the arrogance on the part of some Christians who believe they are better than everyone else and look down their noses at people who are less fortunate and happened to live in the direct path of the hurricanes.


  9. If there is a God? He’s got some splainin’ to do.

    Kinda cracks me up when people do a mealtime prayer. Not because I think gratitude is a bad thing….on the contrary, I think gratitude is a huge force for good in the world. Intrinsically, I think the motive for saying a prayer of thanks isn’t such a bad thing……So why does “Saying Grace” make my butt itch so bad?

    I think it’s because with millions of people starving…some of them to death…… the idea of asking God to trouble himself blessing YOUR food seems pretty goddamned selfish. Wouldn’t his time be better spent trying to provide food to others? Wouldn’t a better mealtime prayer be for others who are hungry? I don’t understand the point of both HAVING food AND wanting the golden stamp on it that you’re extra special.

    And why would you WANT your food blessed? Do you ask for your pants to be blessed in the morning before you put them on? Wouldn’t asking God to bless your car in the morning so it doesn’t malfunction and kill someone… be a far more insightful use of a “blessing”?

    Religion is very very weird to me. The need to practice it baffles me.


  10. Bumpkin, you nailed my major issue with religion:

    With that sort of rational were the people who lost everything cursed? I’m sure there was a few good Christians who lost their homes and possessions. Did the have a lapse of faith, or are they like Job who’s faith was tested?

    My almost nine year old has a life threatening genetic metabolic disorder. Was there something about him during his embryonic period that just pissed Yahweh off? Or as some Christians have suggested to me- perhaps their god is totally okay with the suffering my child has gone through and will likely continue to go through until he eventually dies- because well, god has a plan? Or is it because I am such a superdeedooperdee special mom that my child should suffer so that he and I can serve as inspiration porn to the flock? Or are we the cautionary tale?

    Was it god’s plan for my youngest son to suffer a hypoxic brain injury and begin seizing in the delivery room? What did he do to deserve death at ten days old? Wasn’t one very sick child enough for any one family?

    As an atheist I believe that bad things happen. Sometimes they are a result of choices people have made and sometimes they are simply shitty luck. As a human being, rather than spinning around with my thumb up my ass pontificating about my “blessings” or “god’s plan” I think my time and energy are better spent working to alleviate suffering.


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