Hello, everyone,

Um, I wanted to do this today because I needed to do it during business hours and I only have a few minutes because I have work to do, but yesterday in court there was some things that happened that were very upsetting to me, I kind of touched on them yesterday, I want to go into them a little bit more today.

One of the things that was, um, requested of the judge last year, we haven’t been to court since January of ’17, so it’s March of ’18, um, she sent us a letter with these ridiculous demands, um, that have no bearing legally and have no, um, they’re no per any Kentucky state law and they’re also not per CPS, um, recommendations. This is just something that she did, on a whim, um, based on the forensic evaluations that said that there were no, um, psychological or mental issues, but that they were concerned with, um, I guess how eccentric I was, you know, she said, this is my opinion, not my professional diagnosis.

A while back, Nicole found a boilerplate “cease and desist” request online, altered it a little bit, so it made even less sense than the original, printed it out, forged Joe’s signature to it and sent it to me.

I explained to her then that a cease and desist letter from a regular person is a request. A cease and desist letter from a lawyer is a request. A letter from a judge is an order.

She seriously needs to read all that again and take heed. She is defying a court order.

We’re not allowed to have those records, but I’m just going to share this conversation with you, um, that went on in court.

Uh, the case worker was asked if the, they recommended that CHILD ONE, CHILD TWO, and CHILD THREE be evaluated by Weisskopf. If you’re local to the area, and have children with disabilities, you know what Weisskopf is, if not, just Google it, because I’m not going to get into it right now.

Um, but they wanted them to be evaluated by Weisskopf. Well, you can’t get into Weisskopf without a physician’s referral, and we took our son, to, CHILD ONE, the one who, the older one who they wanted to be recommended to the physician and said, “Hey, do you suspect any of this, can you give us a referral?” She said, no, there is none.

We didn’t just take him to any physician. We took him to the physician that the Cabinet uses, the one that all the foster kids in the area go through this doctor, that’s what CPS uses, that’s the doctor. We didn’t pick our own, um, doctor, and there is no referral.

And here’s a question I’ve had about this all along. Did Nicole bother to tell the doctor that the judge had ordered this? I suspect she didn’t.

So, the conversation went like this, um, the guardian ad litem, Susan Striebel, asked the Cabinet if that had been done. And she said, the Cabinet said, no. And, um, she, told the Cabinet, told Susan Striebel exactly that. She’s like, well did the doctor know about the, um, Dr. McCreary’s evaluation. And the Cabinet worker said, that, no, those records have been sealed.

And this Susan Striebel says, yeah, but you have access to them because you’re a worker, um, but the doctor doesn’t. Those have not been released to the doctor, and if you gave the doctor a letter that said the parents suffer from no mental eval – you know, no mental, er, uh, psychological issues, but you know, let’s just for fun, let’s have the other children, um, taken to Weisskopf with no medical basis. She’s never met them, it never went off of any recommendation anywheres else, it just came out of something she read in Susan Striebel’s notes, so the guardian ad litem made a suggestion on children she’s never, um, met, to a psychologist who has never met my children who then referred the letter to court to the judge who’s never met my children to have a psychological, um, evaluation done that you can’t do without a referral, um, even though the person who has interviewed my children and investigated my children for three years says it’s not necessary. The doctor who examined my child says it’s not necessary, but the three people who don’t know my children use it specifically, it states, my opinion.

It’s not even like we have evidence or anything or concerns, it’s just “my opinion is.”

That’s what psychological evaluations are: opinions. Psychology is not like neuroscience. You can’t cut somebody open, or x-ray them and find their schizophrenia or their personality disorder. There are no lab tests for bi-polar disorder.

So what I’m gonna do real quick just to, um, because I’m hoping, I don’t know if, if, Judge Shan Embry watches this, or has been told about this, but please, just for fun, let’s just do this real quick, um, while I have a moment.

What follows here is ridiculous in the extreme. She demonstrates that if you call Weisskopf, they tell you that to get a child evaluated, you have to have a physican’s referral. We get it. We got it a long time ago.

[Switches video picture from herself to her phone lying on the table.]

And it did work. Okay. If it’s hard to hear, this is the phone number: 502-588, and you can see I called a bunch of times earlier today because I wanted to know exactly what to, um, to post here, for what numbers because you gotta post a whole bunch of numbers.

[She dials]

PHONE: . . . the Weisskopf Center, our hours are 8 a.m to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. . . .prescriptions or refills are only filled Monday through Thursday. If you are calling from a physician’s office or hospital, press 1. . . . regarding developmental services, including ADHD and autism, press 2, for information regarding genetic and metabolic disorders. . . press 3, for medical records or billing, press 4

NICOLE: (unclear, presses some numbers, it’s unclear to me what she’s doing)

PHONE: If you have. . . refilled, press 5, if you need further assistance, press 0. Thank you for calling the Weisskopf Center, our office hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm. . .

NICOLE: All right, sorry about that. My phone just decided to glitch. So let’s just try that again.

We know we want option 2, so let’s just do this.

Anyways, you can call this number and verify all this yourself, this is the number to Weisskopf

[She calls again and presses Option 2]

PHONE: If you are interested in having a child evaluated at the Weisskopf Center, please have the child’s medical doctor fax a referral to our doctors. The fax number is XXXXXXX. Upon receipt of referral, an application will be mailed to the parents or legal guardian. Once the complete application has been returned to the Weisskopf Center and has been processed, your child will be added to the waiting list to be scheduled. If you are calling to confirm or check the status of a developmental appointment, press 1.

NICOLE: Once the application is received. You can only get an application if you submit a doctor referral. Doctor wouldn’t refer. She said no. So you can’t get an application without a doctor’s referral and when you do, there is a waiting list. If you are local, and you have been on a waiting list for Weisskopf, you know how long that waiting list is.

It is not fair to my children, it is not fair to anybody else’s children for me to manipulate the system to get my children in on the fast track when people with actual children with develop, with actual developmental issues are trying to get into this facility. I have called clients who have had a year, a year and a half on some, trying to get in to Weisskopf. It’s been one issue there, one issue there, it’s waiting list is incredibly long, it’s difficult to get into.

Ah, now we get to something. What’s the “fast track,” Nicole? The fast track where you actually tell the primary care physician that you have a fucking court order? That fast track? The fast track where when they know there is a court order involved, they get the kid in for an evaluation pronto? That one? Yeah.

For the judge to request for me to do something that I am not capable of doing and to demand that even a doctor, even if she was just to say, judge’s orders, I order you to do this, which is unethical but you know, but hey, we’re not talking ethics here, everybody’s doing whatever they want, to fast track my children, um, everybody has seen or interacted with CHILD ONE, whether it be just a few videos here and there or in person know that he’s a bit quirky, he’s probably on the autism spectrum, but he’s not in need of services. There are children who need those services more and they’re not gonna get those services if other children like mine are given the services instead.

Um, I can assure you that CHILD ONE does not need it.

Please note that Nicole says her child is “probably on the autism spectrum,” but she does not give a single damn and absolutely refuses to get him any sort of help or get her or Joe any help at all in dealing with the very unique problems that situation creates. She doesn’t care. She won’t do it. Just like she will not take her children to the dentist for checkups because hell, let their teeth rot out of their heads. It’s good enough for her, so it should be okay for them.

I am going out on a limb here, but I bet those kids don’t have toothbrushes.

Her kids don’t go to doctors because Mom and Dad can do it all, manage a child on the “autism spectrum,” manage two other children with obvious speech delays, sew up wounds, treat serious burns, but if Mamma needs to go to the hospital, well, that’s a different story.

The other two, it was a speech delay and I will address their speeches here, um, soon, but this is something I wanted to be, um, you know, I wanted to address because I really want this case to be closed, it should be closed by all practical purposes, um, the Cabinet is asking for it to be closed, and it’s not being closed for whatever, um, for, um, forgot, oh, for these four or five things that I want to address.

Um, the conversation that happened in court yesterday with the Cabinet worker and Susan Striebel, the guardian ad litem, was, um, was frustrating. And I sat there trying, wanting to say something, um the Cabinet, for some reason, didn’t speak up and correct Susan Striebel, my attorney just sat there going (shrugs) and, um, didn’t say anything at all, like at all, because he actually doesn’t know because he has no idea what’s going on in our case because he’s off doing his own thing, which, whatever. Which is why we fired him last night because his lack of commitment to this case, um, he’s a great lawyer, if you’re guilty of something, he’s the plea deal man, he’ll get you off on anything no matter what you do. If you are innocent, you’re screwed. And we’ve learned that now almost three years into this.

If their attorney was actually present, I’m going out on another limb. I would suggest that if you want your attorney to be “committed” to your case, it’s quite helpful if you pay him. If Nicole in fact fired him, he’s probably the happiest man in Kentucky today.

But anyways, the whole point of this video, I’ve got to go, I will update more on a few other things, but um yeah, so that one, that thing about the evaluations I was told I was, um, not obeying, disobeying judge’s orders because I didn’t do what I just showed you I, um, can’t do.

So, um, I will, I’ll be posting some documents, I’ve been super busy so, I know I say I’m gonna make a blog, I will, I’ll get to it, but don’t pull any time lines. Um, but I’ll post my son’s medical report from the doctor that actually has been in, um, CPS has had it, the courts have had it for a year now because it was a year ago he had the evaluation when this was requested, so anyways, any questions in the comments, I’ll address them and I’ll talk to you later.


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  1. I would hazard to guess that their attorney understands exactly what a court order is and what choosing not to comply is. I’d also bet that he understands the roles of the family court judge, the GAL, his own role and the role of the Cabinet worker, as well as, their duties, responsibilities and what their place in the system is.

    I still find it funny that Nicole Celeste Naugler and Joseph Naugler have now become advocates for CPS. What would their buddies at the Family Forward Project say to that?

    I would have to agree. I bet he had a great night last night.


  2. CPS cases, typically the lawyer is paid by the state. She has had numerous people being up the others boys speech. I have a friend that homeschools, the school district help set up OT for him. I belong to homeschool groups (they have been. Great resource for me purchasing curriculum for my foster kids, hey the oldest is 2-4 grade levels BEHIND) some of them have foster to adopt and work with the school on SLP,OT,PT.
    Nicole, since I know you read these, you want the case closed, comply. Quit telling half truths. If you are confused on the SLP,OT, PT look them up. Stop playing the victim.


  3. There is a court order for them to have THREE children professionally evaluated and she asked the doctor vaguely for a referral for one. I realise math is super hard but…


  4. She is going to post her son’s medical records????? Not that I believe she will ever do anything that she says she will get to later, but there is a first time for everything. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a first. Does she not think that her children will be adults someday and that they might not want this stuff out there for everybody to see.


  5. Nicole and Joe do not want their child evaluated, even though he is ‘probably on the autism spectrum’. I suppose it’s because Nicole absolutely knows that he doesn’t require treatment. The fact is that the children are all perfect little examples of humankind, with no issues needing statist intervention, and are flourishing on the ‘stead like nobody’s business.

    One has to wonder why, after almost three years, the authorities refuse to accept that the Blessed Little Homestead is nothing short of Nirvana.


  6. Let the spinning, backpedaling, and “cover-our-asses because we made a very live video before we gave ourselves a chance to calm down, think, process, or even notify our kids” commence.

    Shit, meet fan.


  7. My sister-in-law was diagnosed with autism (Aspergers) at age 32.
    I can PROMISE you her life would be significantly easier and happier had she been diagnosed as a child, and grown up with the tools she needs to be a better functioning person.
    Why would anyone want anything less for their child?


  8. As a parent of two children on the autism spectrum I am fuming. Listen it’s a pain in the ass to go through the process of having children diagnosed. The earlier the better. My youngest son was six months old when we noticed the signs. We had already gone through the process with an older child. I brought it up with his pediatrician at his six month check up. The pediatrician wasn’t too concerned. I was. The baby lined up everything by color, he was six months old. It freaked me out. He didn’t babble like my other neurotypical children did. I waited though, the doctor said to wait. By a year he still wasn’t meeting certain milestones. So off to the developmental pediatrician he went. He was about 16 months old when he started receiving services. We live in the city so services are fantastic. He was enrolled in a program called Help Me Grow. We had OT and speech therapy in our home. We were also enrolled in a pilot program through the local college. Basically it was just students working with him but just having the socialization helped. At three he was put into a special needs preschool. There he received speech, OT, and social skills training. He also did special needs swim classes and special needs ice skating lessons. Today he is a happy, healthy, talkative, social 15 year old. He’s still clearly autistic. He still does therapy but he’s able to be a productive member of society. We haven’t let him hide away because of sensory issues. He’s learned to overcome them and learned coping mechanisms. We’ve given him the tools to exist in this society because quite frankly society as a whole doesn’t give a crap that my kid is autistic and I do not want any doors closed for him.

    This is what Nicole doesn’t understand. Going for that evaluation will open doors for her kids. There is no shame in children needing services. There is no shame in kids not being neurotypical.

    What there is shame in is a mother who doesn’t give her kids every chance to thrive. It’s horrible that she is denying them medical care. She’s already denying them an education and proper living conditions but denying medical care is the icing on top.

    I do hope the state steps in. I hope those kids are giving the assistance they need so they have a shot in life. Shame on Nicole and Joe for denying their children so much, it’s disgusting.


  9. It takes more than one visit from a random pediatrician that has no history with the child to acquire a referral – unless, of course, the parents are being honest. And, by being honest, I mean, sharing all of the journaling she’s done about him over the years. (Albeit, limited as he’s not one of her preferred children.) Every entry she’s made from his early childhood tantrums and fits from lack of routine (and how Joe dealt with them 😮) to lining things up at the Dollar Tree scream autism spectrum. Any decent pediatrician would fast track the child.
    Why wouldn’t they want to get him properly evaluated? If for no other reason, to be compliant with court orders to have the case closed. After all, the state can’t force them to actually have a conscience and support the young man, even if they wanted some sort of eclectic approach in understanding him. It baffles me. Same way it baffles me that a woman with a mouth full of rotten teeth would deny her children routine dental care?!? What the almighty fuck?
    I wonder how many times she’s looked up autism on google. How many times did she talk to ger wildschooling and unschooling groups about speech delays or raising boys on the spectrum.


  10. Wow. Ugh. Um, what about THE OTHER TWO CHILDREN, Nicole?!

    You know, the ones who are currently in some of the most crucial stages of child development?!

    *dead silence*

    Damn. She just didnt try at all, to acquire a referral for the other two?! I mean, she says nothing about the other two – only about her half-ass effort for the older one – you know, the one who knows how to keep quiet!

    I have a hunch that she’s too scared to bring those younger ones to a Dr. – I just know it! Because it is soo obvious that they have issues/problems that can only be treated by a professional.

    Might I add, something about “their lawyer” and the way they speak about him doesn’t sound right. I think they “fired him” quite a while ago. Theyve mentioned how he was part of the problem of their having taken pleas “under duress”. And if he was there with them, he can only help them so much.

    …Besides, who needs a lawyer when you have Joe?!

    Gosh, they really fucked up. Just think, they could have had their case closed! She is indeed, a sick zealot who will never stop agitating a situation – her life path is one of eternal contention.


  11. Google is rocket science




    Take your children to the doctor along with this form and tell the doctor you need this filled out as it is court order because you made a claim on FB you thought one child had a mild case of autism and that you have said on FB that a few of your kids have speech problems and that since this is court ordered for you to get full ownership of your stuff they need to be seen.


  12. Good luck with all your failures on your not getting your kids evaluated. They won’t continue to flourish without services.


  13. There has to be some reason that these children were court ordered to receive an evaluation. Someone (not Nicole, of course) decided that they might not be “fine,” that they might need some intervention. The judge certainly didn’t put the children’s names into a hat and pull out three for special evaluation. What kind of sorry ass mother would not follow up on a professional’s opinion that her children could use some help? And N ignores this for 14 months, thereby delaying treatment and potentially letting the problems get worse? A good mother would have been saying, “but I have a court order!” over and over again. But wait, she is unselfishly refusing to “jump in front” of others? Fuck that! She is too selfish to even take care of her own children, she certainly doesn’t give a fuck about any other children. Also, what kind of loony thinks that these off the wall videoes help her case? She only attracts more loonies.


  14. I bet that attorney danced a jig all the way to his car.

    Press zero and ask to speak to someone you worthless sack of excrement. You have NO issue wasting the time of the courts and the police for bullshit, overblown or flat out FALSE accusations but when it comes to your own flesh and blood you suddenly get some kind of moral code when cutting edge treatment is being offered to you FOR FREE. You toothless, useless waste of oxygen.

    How dare that bitch save her own hide and sentence her own children to a life of disability and exile. How fucking dare she?


  15. I remember in one of the videos she made when the kids were being taken and she tells the kids to not say anything to keep quiet or something like that. I think that NicNaug and her disgustingly fat assed turd keep those kids isolated because if they were to go and get evaluated and treatment was ordered by the court, those children might be alone with a therapists and they may spill some of those canned beans that she tries so hard to keep under wraps….Can you imagine what would happen if the little girl who ran away had thirty minutes alone with a therapists….


  16. I’m sure the court order said a lot of things the Naugs don’t want to acknowledge or follow through on. Just because the Naugs say “we don’t think this is legal” doesn’t mean it isn’t perfectly legal. While it’s true that other Kentucky homeschoolers don’t have to submit documented school activities…that doesn’t mean homeschoolers who plead dependence don’t have to do so as part of their plea deal. They’re ignoring lawful court orders.

    And they’d probably have been fine and dandy doing what they were doing…….doing nothing……doing whatever the hell they wanted….because Kentucky doesn’t have the resources to protect the kids.

    But what’s she’s doing now….turning the case into a glaring squeaky wheel of interest because she’s decided to piss on someone’s leg who is smarter that she is, and more powerful… Involving more levels of government, making threats, acting like she has a screw loose (spoiler: she does).

    that just might yield some results if she’s not careful:) Just not the results she’s expecting.

    I say……Go Nicole, Go! Sue them all! Demand investigations! Organize your puppets to phone government offices! Go to the media with this! Terrific idea! Can’t wait to see the fruits of your efforts:)

    Been a while since she’s generated this level of entertainment.

    I’d feel bad for the kids in all of this and would worry about how it affects them when their parents poke the people “who kidnapped them” with a great big stick and beg them to do it again………but Nicole and Joe sure as hell don’t care….so fuck it. Pass the popcorn.

    Poor doomed kids.


  17. So, Nicole states here that her and Joe’s psych evals are sealed and even they themselves don’t have access to them. Yet, they have profusely claimed that the evals showed them both to be completely free of mental illnesses. They have even told us on numerous occassions how much the evals cost. How, pray tell, would they have any of this information without actually having access to the evals? It’s really quite remarkable that all of the caseworkers, psychologists, and doctors whom the Nauglers claim have found them to be very stable geniuses with a “flourishing” family are unable to comment to that effect.


  18. Why would she not do these appointments, aside from not caring? Because it would bring the children in contact with outsiders and people who may be trained to pick up certain signs the Idiots don’t want to be seen. To many opportunities for a child to slip out the wrong words innocently. There is a reason those kids are secluded to the extreme they are and I expect it’s a big one.


  19. First thing the lawyer may be the happiest but he isn’t the one laughing the hardest here in KY the last 24 hours!!
    Secondly….that whack job really thought she was going in the court room and run her mouth and the judge was going to do exactly what she said…..LMAO!
    Last but certainly not least NN doesn’t want a door open for her children to receive any form of help….that exposes them even more that lets the bad guys in but mostly she wants EVERY single child stuck and some how dependent on her and HH for life!!! CONTAIN AND CONTROLL!!!


  20. How, pray tell, would they have any of this information without actually having access to the evals?

    My guess is that they’ve been allowed to read them, but they don’t have copies. I also think that the children are somehow involved/mentioned in those evaluations and that’s why they don’t have copies because the judge is not an idiot, and she knows Nicole runs straight to social media with everything.


  21. My bet is the attorney said “you absolutely must obey court orders” so they ‘fired’ him. hahaha

    I was watching this video and I actually (I think for the first time in my life) said “what the fuck?” outloud to myself when she said she would be posting her child’s medical records. WHO DOES THAT?!! For once I am happy for the kids that she never ever actually does anything she says she’s going to do. And then I scroll through the chorus of idiots in the comment section under their lunatic duet and see their own son hearing this personal family news via his idiot parents ranting away on facebook. I thought it as impossible to be any more astonished at these people. They’ve outdone themselves yet again.


  22. How dare that bitch save her own hide and sentence her own children to a life of disability and exile. How fucking dare she?

    Yeah, if N would have died during childbirth instead of throwing herself on the mercy of the free, statist hospital, those kids would probably be in foster homes now, catching up on their education, sleeping in beds, making friends. J would not have stuck around. He would have found another woman to support him. He’s already abandoned one child that he neither raised nor supported. He would do it again.


  23. Everyone keeps asking why Nicole Celeste didn’t take the kids to the doctors… I wonder why Joe The Homestead Husband didn’t do it. He doesn’t have a job and supposedly stays home to raise the kids while Nicole works full time. He could have made the appointment, talked to the doctors, etc but didn’t.


  24. I’m gobsmacked.
    I see the judge warning Nicole that the hammer is about to drop, so Nicole kicks the Judge in the shin…
    Nicole is not insane, so, she has no excuse for her crazy behavior.
    Nicole is in total control of her contempt.
    Nicole is not intelligent enough to understand that any one with a 100 IQ can see through her fabrications.
    The people she’s dealing with probably have much higher IQs…
    Poor, poor Nicole…
    This isn’t going well…
    …for Nicole.


  25. They were given orders by the court in January, 2017 and she’s bitching that in March, 2018 the court is getting fed up with their not having followed them.

    You know who this reminds me of? Rebecca (Horne) Bredow. You know why she landed her ass in jail? It was NOT because the court ordered her to get her son vaccinated. It was because she signed, or had her attorney sign on her behalf, an agreement that the court backed up, to GET their son up to date on his vaccinations. She went to jail for disregarding a court order and an agreement that she signed. Oh, she says it was her attorney going behind her back. That attorney still has a license to practice law because he’s not a grade-A moron who wanted to lose his license to practice. There were other issues because she is a selfish idiot who also denied her ex-husband his time with their child. The one in the custody agreement.

    My point being, Joe and Nicole are going out onto thin legal ice. But they know that and they think they aren’t going to be held accountable. Please, carry on!


  26. I remember the older Naugler kids several years ago. In person, not based on Nicole’s blogging, and this was when the kids were around other kids, lived in a house and Nicole made some sort of effort towards them. The oldest was probably the most normal and it’s sad to me to see that he isn’t even 20 and has the record he does. The second kid was just…angry at everything and authority especially. I always thought he was the kid most like Joe in acting like he didn’t need to respect authority or anything. His present legal troubles don’t surprise me a bit. The oldest girl, she could read well enough. If she was asked a question she acted scared and furtive and painfully anxious like she didn’t know what to do or say. This to questions like hey did you guys do anything fun last weekend. The littler kids then (the ignored middle ones now) acted like they had been taught absolutely no behavior. They really acted feral and wild. The youngest daughter was really small then (pre-speech) and smiled a lot. I guess Joe didn’t like that or her because I saw him get mad at her and shake her pretty hard. It was in a large group of other adults so he had to control himself. If you hadn’t been watching you would have missed it. The kids kind of clung together and didn’t socialize with other kids. They also seemed to minimize interaction with their parents as well.

    The GAL is doing precisely her job. The judge is doing her job. It’s not what the Nauglers want so in their diseased, deranged minds enhanced with weed, narcissism,grandiosity and possibly the occasional meth, where everyone and everything is supposed to exist to gratify their whims and absolve them of all responsibility, this is awful. That there exists some probability of autism or autism spectrum in one or more kids, I am not surprised. That mental, physical and emotional abuse would be determined is very likely if those kids were seen by developmental specialists is terrifying to Joe and Nicole. Hence their histrionics via VLOG which is what they do whenever they get scared.


  27. One or both want to be arrested in order to get another GoFraudMe windfall.

    Fat chance on getting more money, but I’ll lay even odds Nicole will go to jail for defying court orders. Maybe she’ll have one of those mats snatched clean off her head too when she picks a fight.


  28. I love when her voice ramps up like a car going red line. Anyway, seeing the amount of comments left for her, seems most have had a run in with family court and to a T all agree that family court sucks. LOL
    Maybe its your fucked up parenting that sucks and they were called before you killed a kid. Joey, if you need a mirror to see if you have a pair, do it. Grow the fuck up before your kids are lost to the ages. I PRAY Pate gets re-elected over and over and over and over.
    I would drive up that road daily,, you know just to make sure there’s no shenigagans going on that public road WInk Wink


  29. Interested Bystander says:
    March 14, 2018 at 1:11 am
    Everyone keeps asking why Nicole Celeste didn’t take the kids to the doctors… I wonder why Joe The Homestead Husband didn’t do it. He doesn’t have a job and supposedly stays home to raise the kids while Nicole works full time. He could have made the appointment, talked to the doctors, etc but didn’t.

    Too busy eating his weight in Hardee’s is my guess. Plus he’s even less intelligible than Nicole. Can you imagine trying to translate Joe via telephone at a clinic?


  30. “There are children who need those services more and they’re not gonna get those services if other children like mine are given the services instead”
    What makes her autistic child so much better than mine or anyone else’s? Why would her’s not need services but mine and others do? Why would my child NEED them but your’s, Nicole, who doesn’t even get a proper education or socialization wouldn’t NEED services? Are you really that dense? If any child needed services, it is your children, Nicole. You are failing your children in so many ways. I hope they nail you by your nasty matted hair to the wall. You are a real waste of oxygen.


  31. If the Nauglers have had a year or more to comply with the Court’s order and have not done so, I wish the judge would sanction them, or threaten them with some jail time or something — something to put teeth into that court order. Or, if the judge doesn’t want to go that far, how about issuing a further order that gives the Nauglers 30 days to comply, or else the court will have a third party make the appointments for evaluations, and will send a deputy along to make sure the Nauglers show up for the appointments. Geez Kentucky – you make those kids live in that dump with no running water, no toilet, and basically no parents – could you at least provide some “help” in the form of driving these kids to their court-ordered appointments?

    I am sure what terrifies Joe and Nicole is the thought that an impartial outsider could have the chance to really talk and evaluate their children. They are worried about the truths that would come out. I think the grooming shop may not be producing enough income to cover their bills (which is perhaps why that port a potty is gone – they were forced to get it for a period of time but as soon as that elapsed, they cut that expense right away). Maybe things are getting too hot for them in that county and were hoping to move on, maybe in search of a piece of property where they could squat for free. Who knows? But clearly they had their hopes up that they would not continue to be monitored and that didn’t happen and they were shocked.

    I also don’t know how Nicole can sit there in front of a video camera, focused on her face, and talk about how they know their children’s teeth are just fine, when all of hers are falling out and those she still has are discolored and rotting. She also thought her last pregnancy was just fine until she almost died and her poor unborn child did die. Dumbass doesn’t quite cover it.


  32. This whole crap show is really devastating to watch. Those poor kids deserve so much better. She keeps ranting that the GAL never interviewed the kids. I’m betting dollars to donuts, she has been thwarted every time she’s tried to interview them. I think NicNag doesn’t want to take the kids to the doctor/dentist/optometrist/etc because she knows the kids will either slip up and say something big that will require them to report or the exams will find something big that they will have to report. I have the feeling that the Nags blatant attempts to not comply is going to end pretty badly for them.


  33. Question- I keep seeing a reference to a “Cabinet”. I’m assuming that’s local government of some sort. Can someone explain what that is?


  34. I just watched that shit-show again….both parts…and by golly but they were hopping mad when they came out of court. LOL. Makes you wonder if a little more went on that they’re not talking about:) The degree to which their underpants were in a bunch was pretty spectacular.

    Kinda makes you think they opened a can of worms they wish they….hadn’t. Something…changed. I’m guessing it was more than the case remaining open. Maybe some deadlines and some consequences were outlined? Crossing fingers. We can only hope. LOL:)

    Ignoring court orders… Tsk…Tsk! They’ll learn.

    Psst….hey Nick? Guess how often it ends well for people who ignore court orders? Your deranged interpretation of whether the court orders were legal or not, aside….I’m putting my money on the judge knowing more about what’s legal and what isn’t…than you do.

    I can guess why you fired your lawyer. He told you something you didn’t want to hear, didn’t he? God forbid.

    Are you gonna have Charles call him up and threaten him later? ROTFLMAO:)

    Nick, you make a lot of comical assumptions. You think your caseworkers talk to the GAL and judge the same way they talk to you. That they impart the exact same information and share the same notes. Let me clue you in on something…..If I were a social worker who was tasked with the job of visiting your shitstead…I would keep things sunny, upbeat and positive, too. I would tell you, as much a possible…exactly what you want to hear….while documenting everything I saw privately.

    Why would a social worker kiss your ass? Because you’re fucking nuts and they want to get out of your shack alive. You have no idea what’s in their written reports, or what they say in private interviews with the the GAL.


  35. I understand KY is low on foster homes, services and funding, however I still can not believe those children were returned when they were. Children should not be returned simply because they have too many children and too few foster homes, several people show up to help clean up trash and they bought a shed.


  36. When I read the Panicos go fund me netted $58G in 11 days, I figured NN would be setting her greedy beady eyes on another jackpot.
    Maybe this will help give her that opportunity. I really hope so.


  37. Of course they want attention and to go viral again but it will never, ever happen again. Thanks to Sally and the nauglers, themselves for fully exposing what they really are. (Although I do wonder if there’s some other reason in addition to their desire to go viral again, for their rather urgent push to close the case.)
    They sound so ridiculous calling Kentucky a “good ole boy” network and corrupt. A good ole boy network would have picked Joe’s ass up, planted a shit ton of drugs on the property, and locked his lazy fat ass up in prison for life. How silly the ignorant commenters are advising them to leave the state? “Get out of Kentucky.” Lol. What other fucking state or county do you think would tolerate a family of that size living in a damned shed without running water, insulation, and purposely withholding education and healthcare to their children? For fucks sake, these two have gotten away with just about everything with a mere slap on the wrist. Even when the kids were taken, they were returned in lightening fast speed. Not even truly enough time to properly evaluate the children, IMO.
    All they asked for were some evaluations for some of the children with possible disabilities/learning delays and they’ve given them YEARS?? YEARS!!!! Okay and they required them to acquire a better shed with other peoples money. Of course, they’ve done NOTHING to make it safer for their children in years. But, come on. Dental care and evaluations on three children? YEARS. Lazy fucking grifters. Do you know how much a judge COULD (and SHOULD) have required for a family so obviously neglecting their childrens’ basic needs?
    Port-a-potty, deferments, pleas, and looks the other way… they always get away with it. Always. And probably will again.
    They should be kissing breckenridge county’s ass.
    But, as for future viral attention or gfm’s. Lololol.


  38. Question- I keep seeing a reference to a “Cabinet”.

    In Kentucky, what we refer to nationwide as CPS falls under the umbrella of “The Cabinet for Health and Family Services.” There is also a Cabinet for Education, and a Cabinet for Economic Development, etc.

    When Nicole refers to “the Cabinet” she means the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. And CPS is just a small portion of that. The CHFS also runs Medicaid, regulates nursing homes, manages child support issues, and lots of other things.


  39. Clara, Exactly!!!
    You nailed it with the, ‘the good ‘ol boy’ commentary, and her humpers.
    I just keep hoping that maybe this will do it, but sadly it seems Breck Co is limitless when it comes to the Naugs.


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