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  1. I wonder how N will twist this to her benefit. Trolls move like drones, find the Naugs and swoop down to cause trouble. I doubt it. All small KY towns are about the same. Actually, small towns every where in the USA are.

  2. I’m crying (from laughter). From what I’ve seen from being around them, they make enemies for fun. They don’t even need a motive. They think they are superior but then again psycos don’t usually know they are psycos.

  3. It’s so bizarre. Hundreds upon hundreds of families unschool and homestead to varying degrees without the flack. Do they ever for even a second stop to ponder why that might be?

    I especially love the message from ‘anonymous Canada’ LOL. puhleeeeez

  4. The anonymous Canada message might be a little more intimidating if it didn’t appear to be written by a thirteen year old with a love for the superfluous apostrophe.

  5. “Wherever you go, there you are”. Jennifer’s Internet win reminded me of this quote. It definitely applies to J & N!!!!

  6. From Nicole’s blog: “While they were getting gas a young lady pulled up and was acting odd. Locked her doors and went inside. Joe figured it was the daughter of a local troll, Al Wilson, based on how she kept looking out of the corner of her eye at them. But we weren’t sure till Al posted later accusing my husband of stalking his daughter”

    He knew there was a young lady getting gas, knew she locked her doors, knew when she went inside, knew she kept looking at him….how did he know all this ?

    Such odd behavior for him to be sitting in the vehicle and just watching someone the whole time they get gas. Anyone, not just Al’s daughter, would feel weird if someone was staring at them like that.
    And if he had seen the daughter pull up in front of the shop, there would be pictures.

    It’s sad that Joe lies to Nicole. Everywhere they live.

  7. The statement (the first line) is obvious. It’s all in the answer (the second line) where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

    Why do you think, town after town, state after state that according to their own testimony CPS is inevitably called with concerns (they spin it as vendettas) for the children, jobs are inevitably lost (due to unreasonable bosses they say, the bosses say different), homes quickly abandoned (due to unreasonable banks, or landlords, or the place being gross, or whatever their excuse de jour is). Petty criminal charges instituted, convictions and open warrants. Yes some are small time, writing bad checks, moving violations, some a bit more serious like criminal trespass and criminal menacing. People don’t excuse this behavior with “for my age it’s just a handful of police run-ins”. After they went viral due to the nature of the Internet everyone saw the wake of “same story different place” that washed across the web. It’s not everyone else, it’s them. It’s not their “unconventional lifestyle”, it’s their acts and deeds.

    To answer the question, in my opinion, it’s not everyone else all over the country, it’s them, the Mrs and Mr. It’s not the kids, I believe they’re the biggest victims and biggest shield the parents have.

  8. I knew it, I knew it, Kentucky is not the only stop the “Crazy Train” has made !!!

    Hahahaha 🙂

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