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  1. Going through the blogs she has had in the past, it seems that asking for donations is a pretty common thing for her.

    You could always say no, Nicole. But you cannot be allowed to get away with lies.


  2. Oh my. It’s going to be hard to hold one’s head up high with evidence of this sort. Of course, someone will overlook all the evidence because they want to believe that Joe and Nicole didn’t set up a GFM to skim dollars from others’ pockets. Tax-free.

    Step up, supporters. They’re counting on you to pay their bills rather than the sweat of Joe or Nicole’s brows.


  3. Unfortunately, as Carolyn Wells once said:

    “Actions lie louder than words”

    The Naugs certainly prove this.

    Reminds me of the Blues Brothers.

    Jake: “You lied to me”
    Elwood: “It wasn’t a lie, it was just bullshit”


  4. In addition, nothing really was stopping Joe and Nicole from building a cabin while the kids were gone. They had money from the GFM that Joe started and Pace took over. They could have hired people to help them build a cabin, people who had extensive experience in building dwellings. They didn’t need their children to build a cabin. In fact, imagine if they had designed a cabin, had it built and ready for the children to help finish the inside, or decorate in some manner rather than being tasked with building it.

    Finishing the inside would have been plenty for the older children to do. Joe and Nicole parting with money or asking for help to build it would have afforded the kids the chance to do other things upon their return.

    Nicole and Joe also could have been tending to the garden that must have already been plowed, planted and well on its way in May. I don’t know if Joe had a job off of the homesite at that time and if he didn’t, then he most assuredly had the time to take care of the garden, throw himself into cleaning up the homestead and arrange to have people help build a cabin. Nicole could devote herself to the business, taking good care of herself and #11 [edited to remove child’s name] and designing the cabin. Surely the family had discussed the dream cabin many times in the past and she had many drawings and memories to draw upon.

    Imagine if they had done everything they did do, but sooner. The children might have come home earlier.


  5. Lie, deflect, minimize. The pattern will be repeated. They are nothing, if not creatures of habit.

    The Naugler parents seem to choose the lie over the truth, whether it is a significant matter or a trivial matter. Makes no difference. Why tell the truth when a lie will do. I used to think it was just so that they could spin their sordid tale to their advantage. Now it appears it is a lifestyle choice.


  6. Since I have recently been house hunting I can assure you that a decent 3-4 bedroom singlewide mobile home is under 10,000. Just imagine having an actual kitchen, bedroom, and if set up where the old one was maybe even a bathroom. They spent almost as much on the new shed and insulation. What a blatant slap in the face to their donors. There is no excuse for those kids to still be shoved in a freaking shed like a bunch of sardines, with no beds to sleep on, and no privacy. Oh well, we all know that would have required for ol ma an pa to actually care about their children, and we have seen over and over that they simply do not.


  7. It has always bothered me that the kids were “taken” on May 6 and by May 7, they had a domain name registered at saveourfamily.info, a website set up with a tab for media inquiries, audio files with police encounters uploaded to the site, and a link to the Go Fund Me. All within 24 hours.

    If my kids had been “kidnapped” by the state, I’d be spending every waking hour contacting attorneys, looking up laws, and trying to find a way to get my kids back. Setting up a website to try to seek pity and donations would be the last thing on my list.


  8. They have lived off donations for years! I feel all this was a plan of sorts. They knew CPS was coming , Pa was to much of a pussy to be the one to go back to the “homestead ” & allowed his very pregnant wife & children to do so. He willing allowed them to be “kidnapped “. God I lmao at that every time I see it. Those kids had a little taste of normal while in states care. Claim they missed the “homestead ” life all you want, I guarantee they didn’t but fear telling the truth at the risk of wrath Pa would dish out. You two disgust me, take your hands off each other , stop long enough to realize you can’t afford the children you already have and shouldn’t be creating anymore. That GFM was set up by Joe & you know it!


  9. Yup, this chapter of the blog pretty much sums it up.

    “We had no plans to do a go fund me . . . ever”

    But within hours of the state “kidnapping” your children that shit was up and rolling and full steam ahead.

    Quick work. Well played. Very adroit. Very fast and comprehensive. Next day sorta unplanned genius. Funny how it went from 10K to a “little more” (Yeah, we caught that)


    Sally, this doesn’t begin to sum it up. Keep it rolling. Keep it rolling. (BTW, kudos to you for having guts. To be willing to say exactly who you are. That’s called character. Too bad the “Smyths” and “Franklins” [and others] don’t have it) I would very much like to engage them eye to eye. Of course, as long as “they” hide like “bytches” behind a sock . . . that won’t happen.

    How’s the game working for you Joe? Nicole?

    Warm regards,

    Your friendly neighborhood bloviator and caller of bullshit.



  10. So, Joe and the boys were supposed to spend the summer building the cabin, but because the boys were gone, Joe was unable to accomplish a single damn thing. Too busy contemplating his life and legal difficulties, we are told. And this went on for MONTHS, and in all reality has probably been status quo for years.
    My picture here: Joe engulfed in a cloud of smoke, not thinking much at all, crashed in motel ac watching patterns on tv, and of course FB. And Nicole too pregnant to do much else either. It is useless to detail how many of us continue to physically work hard, up until the day we deliver and then resume days after delivery. And our men are able to work and think at the same time.
    The explanations:
    Nicole’s: The kids wanted to be there to help with the build.
    Mine: Recall the toddler carrying in the firewood, tripping up the stairs, while Nicole filmed. Amen.

    These people are so deluded, lazy and clueless, they float this BS and believe it. And some others seem to choose to believe it also. Amazing. And send them money. Even more amazing.

    It really is no wonder to me that when they are held up to rational thinking and adult responsibilities they are unable. “Going viral”, forced reality upon unwilling recipients.

    Pace found the perfect foils, imo. Everybody is happy, every body made a little cash. Now Pace is gone and the money is apparently up in smoke. Bless this mess, and God help the kids.
    And CPS and BLB’er for keeping it real.


  11. FB Refugee,
    Lets not forget that poor child was improperly dressed(I believe he had pants with snaps in the crotch but they weren’t snapped) for the weather, his face(mainly his nose ) and hands were red from cold, plus shoes like 4 times to big for him. Also lets npt forget the “lessons” they learned accordimg to NN, Q burnt his hand pretty bad,trying to lite a fire with gasoline, Ma laughed it off, while Pa played doc. That burned needed medical care, real medical care. Thankfully he did lose his hand to infection or anything else. The hatchet to the scalp that Pa stitched with a needle and some fishing line, that they later claimed was from a counter top, bitch where? You lived in a makeshift shit shack. No “real counters” existed. Those kids didn’t get medical treatment because the Nog’s know, doctors & hospitals are mandated reporters and both incidents would warranted a call to CPS as a precaution. God the more the idiots speak I want to knock some sense in them.


  12. I’m not sure I’m remembering correctly, but I thought the kids were returned the first week of July. The first day of summer was June 21. The kids were home almost the entire summer. Of course, I know sometimes I use “summer” as shorthand for the kids’ summer break from school, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply to their family because they are so free, not constrained by school schedules. In fact, that means they didn’t have any kind of deadline associated with the kids returning to school in the fall. There’s no reason why they couldn’t start building in July and keep going through October. What did they do all those months?

    Also, because this can’t be said enough, thank you for this blog. I’m in awe of your skills and your character. Thank you for having the strength and courage to stand up for the truth, the truth that will hopefully set those kids free.


  13. Given the lightning speed with which Joe set up a GFM after their children were “kidnapped by the State”, another theory is that Joe/Nicole made the anonymous call to CPS themselves. Sounds extreme, however…

    CPS had been in their lives before, and it was only a matter of time when they would come knocking again. Their circumstances were dire. They needed money.

    Why was there was audio of Nicole’s arrest, Joe’s encounter with the police? The quick media launch designed to “go viral”, along with the Save Our Family website? Joe linking the BLH page to a number of other Facebook public groups? The Capistan “loan” to Nicole to fund her grooming salon, which was still accepting donations/pledges/investments (which was it, Pace?) as of the date the children were removed. And there was the second Capistan “investment” opportunity for $60,000 to pay off Nicole and Joe’s property…

    Given the years of grifting by these two, such a heinous plan isn’t so implausible.


  14. Building of the dream cabin thwarted by ugly CPS. Yeah, right NN and JN.
    I can’t remember where but NN stated that the term of their land contract does not allow for a permanent structure to be built while still paying on the land. Which makes sense why an old trailer was on the property, I assume the same deal was with the last land contract holders. So if they wanted to build their own dream cabin, it would have to be mobile in someway (think tiny house nation or build a yurt or two). But sadly, they didn’t even do this, because they could have built a couple structures to hold the family. Maybe one structure for the living room and kitchen and bath. Another for the parent’s room and a bigger one for the children with it split for 2 bedrooms and privacy. I even found a prefab cabin made for camping with 10 bunks, a small kitchen, bath and area for a queen bed for NN & JN. Still no privacy but at least they could make curtains around the bunk beds and maybe a little wall around the parent’s bed so the kids don’t have listen/watch parent activities. http://parkmodels.com/floorplans/cc-3212c/
    Or as mentioned many times before, they could have sucked it up and purchased a mobile home and lived in that until they paid the land off. but nope, a garden shed. But instead we are at this post about mean CPS and they couldn’t build anything while the kids were gone, boo hoo, woo is me. But the real story, they forget to mention, is the fact they can’t put anything permanent on the property until they paid it off. Even with that restriction, as Tekla stated, nothing prohibited them form getting a trailer or the park model with 10 bunks in while the kids were in custody and the kids could have come home to a small house with beds, a toilet, shower and indoor kitchen.
    The story will always be the same with these two- it’s not my fault but you are evil if you don’t fund our lifestyle.


  15. In addition, there was Pace trying to raise $1000 as a gift to Nicole after the birth of [edit to remove name of child]. To pay ahead on her rent, etc. The money donated to that date just wasn’t enough. Still isn’t, I surmise. It’s never enough and it never will be enough if they continue to increase the number of mouths for whom they are responsible (kids, pets, livestock).

    Link: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/23873-naugler-family-part-2-goat-shit-everywhere/?page=13 (posted October 29, 2015). I don’t want to clutter up your blog with other links, but it’s so much easier than typing it out.


  16. I never believed that N & J expected to get their children back from CPS. They parked themselves at the hotel to wait out the court hearings, fully believing the children would not be returned to them. Biding their time until until they could take off from Ky. with the GFM money.


  17. Michelle you know that theory never crossed my mind but, after reading it, it makes sense in a sick way. I mean some of those kids until the cps “kidnap” had never lived with “modern accommodations” if you will. I mean Ma & Pa lived up in that hotel as soon as the kids were taken. They checked in and washed their stanky asses (one can hope right) & went out to dinner (s), NN was showing off in newer clothes, swimsuit ect.., well except for that gawd awful skirt. Maybe she wore the really grungy shit to show the court a big fuck you “I’m not changing how I handle the slaves (kids) even if you give them back. ” It’s sad how twisted their mines are. Did anyone else see the posts by someone who said they knew NN pre-JN, that she was a very motivated professional groomer who had no desire to have children? How does one go from wanting none to a family of 12 (including Alex)! And the sad part of that was her 1st “child” was a step-child from an affair.


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