We Are All Crazy

This is the second piece of commentary about Nicole’s angry rant.  You can hear the whole thing, if you can stand it, by going here and following the link.

Nikki is concerned about our mental health.  Not just mine, but all of us. We’re crazy, she says.

Hell, I’ve written, she says, 200 pages about her in the last year. The actual number is 239, but who is quibbling.

There are two things I want to say about this.

First, bloggers blog. That’s what they do.  If they don’t, people quit reading their blog.  The more they blog, the more they are read (to a point).

I follow a blogger named Jerry Coyne. He blogs several times a day. He’s an evolutionary biologist.  He generally has one regular recurring piece about a cat in Poland name Hili (which I simply adore), another one where he publishes readers’ photos, and sometimes political commentary in addition to pieces written about biology and evolution. He often writes critical commentary about other folks’ books, blogs, Tweets, you name it.

He’s not unusual.  Bloggers, as I said, blog.

WordPress is set up in such a way that blogging is way faster than creating a web page.  It’s not as fast and easy as simply making a comment on Facebook, but it’s still reasonably rapid unless the subject matter is complicated and involves lots of images and links and quotes.

So, in the past year, I have blogged on average once every day and a half.  Not three or four or five times a day like Jerry, but pretty regularly.

And that makes me crazy.

But you are all crazy too, apparently.

This blog has had 724,590 page views since its inception.  That’s probably peanuts compared to Jerry Coyne’s blog, but it’s pretty good from where I sit.  Somebody is reading here.

In fact, this blog averages 2000 page views daily.

Page views, as I think I’ve said before, aren’t individual people.  If you come here and visit one page, that’s a page view. If you click on the link above and visit the other page, that is another page view. If you hang around here and read all over the place, doing a marathon session, you could rack up a lot of page views.

But yesterday, there were 2130 unique visits to this blog.  One was Nicole, so we’ll drop that to 2129. I count, so let’s drop it again to 2128.

If you happen to view the blog on your home computer, and then later in the same day, visit on your phone (while you are out and about and not via your home wi-fi), that will count as two visits.  Some of you do that, I think, so let’s reduce the figure again.  Hell, let’s just round it off to 2000.

There are 2000 individuals who thought that what I have to say here is interesting enough that they visited yesterday.  Some days that number drops to 1000. Sometimes it’s even higher than 2000.  I don’t advertise, other than to post a link sometimes on my personal Facebook page.  I think other people also link to it on theirs, but I’m not actively seeking readers.

And we’re all crazy.

Her complaint centers around how I blog about her.  And how can I do that every day and a half for a solid year?  I have to be nuts, don’t I?

Well, she gives me a lot of material. She just will not shut up.  She prattles on even knowing that doing so will generate commentary.

But in addition, I blog quite a bit about stuff that is only tangentially related to her.  She, in effect, is often simply the starting point, the catalyst, for the subject.

I have blogged, quite extensively, about viruses, and vaccines, and baby calves and cheese and GMOs and gardening.  I have blogged about religion and philosophy and government and childbirth (not Naugler-related childbirth).  I have blogged about children and education and reading.  I’ve blogged about donkeys (that was a piece where I was actually defending Nicole in the “escaped horse” episode). I have criticized Free Jinger.

I’ve blogged about Kentucky’s game laws.  I’ve blogged about Minnie the Magnificent Muddle-headed Maltese, and the Kentucky Sheriff’s Ranch. I’ve blogged about chicken egg development, about book banning, about sovereign citizens and Jerry Kane. I’ve blogged about my son, about living in an RV, about Alaska and living in Cooper Landing.

And that’s only going back to August of 2016.

So I think we’ll all just continue being crazy.  What do you think?


72 thoughts on “We Are All Crazy”

  1. If reading your blog makes me crazy, then count me in!

    On the other hand, anyone who reads what Nicole Naugler writes and believes it, is in a fragile state of mind.

    Sally, your blog has effectively made her donation button for paypal almost worthless. If what you wrote made the begging bucks flow in her direction she could care less what you write and what we choose to read. But the truth hurts her bottom line. Her victimhood is getting old. Her grifting game is all played out. Nicole is feeling sorry for herself because she is no longer believed. She has no more donors for her cause, which is work as little as possible and live off of the dimes others throw at you. Maybe it is just time for you to shut up Nicole.


  2. Oh, please do, continue!! Count me in as crazy entertained.

    I discovered BLB around January or February. You’ve quickly become a favorite!

    The topics are so interesting. The supporting and references lend to your well deserved credibility. And I enjoy the comments and discussions.

    I’ve even made some internet friends, among the following.

    Oh, and thank you Nicole, for your concerns about our mental health. I feel fine!


  3. Poor Nicole, poor sad lonely Nicole.
    She gets 3 frowny faces on a vlog, you blog about it and get dozens of comments.

    The fact is, Nicole on her own is just another crazy woman shrieking about “Mu Rights!” and the evil government trying to impede on them. She looks and acts like a meth head. She needs this blog to translate her crazy speak to English. Even her other personalities can’t make sense of what she’s prattling on about half the time.


  4. Speaking for only myself, yes, I am crazy. I have anxiety and OCD. It takes a large, concentrated effort to not let it bother everyone I come in contact with. Hence the reason my hubby can tolerate me so well. On the plus side, I’m neat and organized x 10! I’m also your go-to-girl for planning.

    Rock on with your crazy selves!!!


  5. Working in the mental health field for almost a decade one on one with people who are mentally ill I know it when I see it. Does not take a “rocket surgeon” to see it.

    Even to a person with out the same experience I am sure that they would say Ma is crazy. She is bat shit crazy. Her pressured speech is a small tell tale sign of it along with her self induced paranoid ideations.

    Speaking of ideations –
    ” paranoid ideation an exaggerated, sometimes grandiose, belief or suspicion, usually not of a delusional nature, that one is being harassed, persecuted, or treated unfairly.”

    Paranoia – http://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/types-of-mental-health-problems/paranoia/
    “What is paranoia?
    Paranoia is thinking and feeling as if you are under threat even though there is no (or very little) evidence that you are. Paranoid thoughts can also be described as delusions. There are lots of different kinds of threat you might be scared and worried about.

    Paranoid thoughts could also be exaggerated suspicions. For example, someone made a nasty comment about you once, and you believe that they are directing a hate campaign against you.”

    “What kind of things can you be paranoid about?
    Everyone will have a different experience of paranoia. But here are some examples of common types of paranoid thoughts.

    You might think that:

    you are being talked about behind your back or watched by people or organisations (either on or offline)
    other people are trying to make you look bad or exclude you
    you are at risk of being physically harmed or killed
    people are using hints and double meanings to secretly threaten you or make you feel bad
    other people are deliberately trying to upset or irritate you
    people are trying to take your money or possessions
    your actions or thoughts are being interfered with by others
    you are being controlled or that the government is targeting you
    You might have these thoughts very strongly all the time, or just occasionally when you are in a stressful situation. They might cause you a lot of distress or you might not really mind them too much.”

    Who is this describing to a T?

    Maybe Ma can read the link above and see where the blame really is on!


  6. If I gave any credence to Nickers’ ranting or commentary (not much difference) other than to consider her Freudian slips and backwards meanings, then I would be crazy and would need help. As it is I read a blog that is well-reasoned and well-researched. I don’t agree with everything all of the time but then I don’t have to to appreciate and value this blog. If only it had been around a decade ago.

    Actually, Nickers is just accusing Sally of what Nickers feels a bit of guilt for. That’s part of her normal modus operandi.


  7. I found your blog because of the whole ongoing Naugler saga, but I really love everything you blog about. I’ve learned so much from your posts, something that I cannot say about Nicole’s ‘homestead’ blog. It’s a shame she doesn’t pay attention to the content of some of your posts, she just might learn a thing or two.


  8. I happen to find serial killers interesting do a lot of research on various ones, doesn’t mean I want to be one. I find the mind interesting especially when it’s so far off from normal society. Reading or commenting doesn’t make someone crazy. I would say sleeping nut to butt 13+ people deep in an area meant for mowers and holiday decorations in filthy squalor makes one crazy. Thinking this is a positive environment to raise a family in is crazy. Screaming and screeching at every turn that the world is out to get you is crazy. Having kids fend for themselves in every aspect of their lives while you obsess over what strangers think or say about you is crazy.


  9. Its like she needs a friend, you know that friend that pulls you aside and says ” Bitch, you are looking bat shit crazy right now, stand down.” …from what I can see, she has no real life friends.

    Nicole, you are fascinating, just not for the reasons you want to be.


  10. I bet it upsets Nicole even more that you don’t have a great big PayPal button with a plea to pay for YOUR blog. Nope. It’s to benefit unrelated children.

    Hey, Nicole – I noticed in your video today at the shop that it was really quiet. No dogs barking, no customers coming in or out, even if it was before opening time there wasn’t anyone waiting to come in. You had to move from the other shop because the adjoining businesses didn’t like the noise but now it’s the opposite problem. As my groomer is insanely busy at this time of year (no open slots) I’m going to guess that you’re not.

    Hey, Nicole – exactly how did you or Joe know who called the police? Why was Joe there anyway? If Joe was there then was he in charge of one of the babies or were they home with their older siblings?


  11. I might just be a big softie I guess but I always feel quite distressed when I listen to Mrs. Naugler in a state such as the one on her FB page today. It makes me worried and makes me wish desperately that there were someone left in their lives who could intervene and help her. It is truly a shame that they have practiced one of the tenets of controlling others (isolation) and have shut out just about anyone who would be willing or able to help her. She will not be able to see it for herself and I see no signs that the only other adult in her life is capable, competent, caring, or knowledgeable enough to see that his wife is unraveling and to get her help.

    Her life is so incredibly stressful (as all lives of poverty are, as all lives of mothers can be), that I can completely understand why she has reached the level of desperation that she has. She could take the first steps toward greatly reducing her stress level by simply turning off all electronic devices, which is exactly what I’m going to do this week, starting now.

    Happy Holidays to you all.


  12. How many blogs has nicole begun? Blh, homestead helps, stories of kids being ‘kidnapped’ by the state? I know there are more. How often does she even appear on those blogs with interesting bloggable info, written well? Ah, never? I don’t even imagine that she checks in on them any more.
    She seems to spend all her time reading what others have written and then going to all the Facebook pages she runs and bitching and moaning in all her alts and socks. Where do Sally and others get their information about nicole? From nicole! Why doesn’t nicole understand that? How many times has she been told that? Over and over and over again.
    Someone mentioned somewhere that why don’t concerned posters, etc., post on blb and give nicole good, sensible advice…well, some do, but nicole immediately shuts them down, reports them to Facebook for some idiotic infraction and bans them from posting any longer. Therefore, what nicole has on her fb page is simpering leghumpers (which feeds into her paranoia and makes her feel grandiose…which she isn’t)
    I guess some people prostitute themselves for money. Nicole is one of those people. But she’ll never understand the analogy, or why it appears that way.


  13. I try not to comment here but I have before and I will again.

    I listened to the live Facebook explanation of the baby in the car. I have no opinion and no facts as to whose baby was in the car but I’d like to say this. I’m over 45 years old. I’ve called 911 three times in my life.

    1. My over 75 year old mother slipped and fell. It was obviously she broke her arm or her shoulder. I tried to help her up and she actually yelped. I couldn’t get her up off the cement floor on the garage floor. I was afraid of hurting her more. It was a cold day and the cement was cold. I ran in the house, got some blankets and called 911 asking for police to come help me. They did me a solid and sent the fire department and paramedics. Three young strapping lads with an older lieutenant.

    The paramedics checked my mom. The three young strapping lads lifted my mom into a chair while the lieutenant watched. After some discussion due to the situation with my mom’s arm and breathing she was then transported to the hospital by the paramedics. I would estimate this response took about eight minutes.

    2. We were rear ended in a car accident. When I got out of the car, my six year old daughter was in her car seat, bleeding from the mouth and I couldn’t get the two back doors of the vehicle open (due to the impact). I was crawling over the seats and calling 911!!! Again, paramedics responded and so did the police. I would estimate this response took about five minutes.

    3. We had a situation a while back with a kid I call the “door kicker”. Recall my narration of mom falling down? Well, she broke her shoulder and arm. So, she couldn’t bath herself, it was difficult for her to eat as she broke the right side (her dominate side), ect. I was simply exhausted. We all went to bed about 9pm. About 11:30 I wake up to a horrid banging on my front door. It was the “door kicker”. A young man came to our home, thought it was his home and proceeded to try to get in. His key didn’t work so he resorted to kicking our front door to the point he almost breached the door. I had 911 on the phone but I was having a hard time with that because I also had the gun pointed at the door. I had decided if the door opened, I’d shoot but until the door was breached there would be no shooting. I can’t even begin to tell you the thoughts in my head. I finally decided I needed to put the phone down because the door was buckling and I was certain one or two more kicks and it would be popping open so I needed to be prepared with my weapon. I did put the phone down on the ground – then I heard the distinctive sound of the helicopter. Police responded – in force. They had a dog, a helicopter, and about 20 Officers, no joke. I know this response took twenty one minutes. How? Because I almost shot and killed a young man that night and every couple seconds I was looking at the timer on my phone to see how long I’d been on the 911 call. When I laid the phone down on the ground to secure my stance to be certain to hit my target when he came through the door the timer was at twenty one minutes.

    So… I find it hard to believe someone parked to pick up their dog, came in, paid, got the dog and went outside and the police where there already. I do notice that in the beginning Nicole says something to the effect the client came in and sat down to chat then she trips that up a tad.

    Whatever the story actually is, I call bullshit. Hopefully someone will send some evidence to Sally anonymously.


  14. I picked the wrong day to run errands. It will take me a while to get caught up…..

    But since Nutty Nikki asked (and I am post blocked) I would LOVE TO talk about heat.

    My natural gas bill is a budgeted $83.60 a month and I will gladly pay that with a smile. Maybe the Nauglers are willing to sewat or freeze their asses off to save $80 a month, and that is cool for them, but personally I am quitw satified to come back feom the trip to the store on a day like today (it is 7 degrees!) and know my house is warm and toasty and my water is hot and my house doesnt stink like smoke.

    Now that being said. Lets talk about why you REALLY brought up heat. It is cold. Really cold. And your uninsulated gardwn shed living is not too fun right now….. So better deflect that all us SUCKERS are paying for our heat! Hahahaha! How stupid we all are!

    Funny, i do not feel stupid as I cook a nice big pot of (real) chili for my family to enjoy in a 71 degree house beside our Christmas tree. Face it Nikki, you suck.


  15. Im soooooo crazy I’m considering buying a potable wash your dog or cat van,park it across the street ,exept donations only and give the money to the Kentucky boys & girls Ranch.


  16. I guess I am crazy. I’ve been called it before.

    That’s okay. I’m not so crazy that I deny my kids an education, deny them soft beds to sleep in, or deny them fresh food and running water.

    Nicole thinks we are the crazy ones. Hahaha!!!

    I agree with the above comments, I love this blog. I’ve learned a lot of things that I never would have bothered to read about because I didn’t think they really interested me. I’m a city girl, homesteading doesn’t appeal to me. I do garden and can and until Sally blogged about it I thought about learning to make cheese. Now I’ll continue to be happy with the local cheesemakers I’ve been visiting for years, all thanks to Sally.


  17. This is off topic……I was reading through the comments on blah and Nicole says, in a comment for the pizza picture, “my 15 year old daughter says when she goes to college”. Poor A.


  18. I love this blog!!
    That being said I don’t think you would be blogging if you had 11 kids, were the sole support of them & a husband who can’t or won’t work & were building a homestead. I am sure if you had a 11 kids & were building a homestead, that you & your husband would have got the water & sewer figured out in the first month, you wouldn’t have had your kids taken, you would have large gardens, chickens that feed you, with some eggs to spare for sale, you’d be friends with your neighbors & you wouldn’t have time to be on FB all day. She doesn’t get it.

    Nicole, Sally doesn’t have a bunch of kids. She is retired, probably with a pension as is her husband. She has time to follow her passion, which is writing, and thankfully you give her plenty to write about for our entertainment & enjoyment. So thank you Nicole! I can’t wait for your next posts on all of your pages!


  19. I don’t knowi if that was HER child in that car , left alone…yes alone. Doesn’t matter whose kid it was..YOU DON’T LEAVE A COLD ALONE IN THE CAR EVEN FOR A FEW SECONDS. DOES NOT MATTER HOW MANY WINDOWS!!! Is a window going to stop someone from coming up and getting in the vehicle and driving off? No…YOU DON’T LEAVE KIDS ALONE IN THE CAR!!!!

    PS SHE DOESNT read this blog but did a whole livevshow about it.


  20. So much I have to say about this….but let me catch my breath first, cause I’ve been laughing so hard, I have to wipe the tears out of my eyes to see.

    Here’s the problem as I see it: Nicole wants to have her cake and to eat it, too.

    She wants the fame and following of being an public blogger….she wants the money she can make in donations from the masses… by controlling the narrative of her perpetually “tragic tale”.

    BUT…she also wants the protection of her privacy. And it just doesn’t work that way. You cannot post PUBLIC photos with a baby and a turd hanging out of your ass at the same time…and not be poked fun of by critics and humorists. Want to talk to the world? The world might comment. That’s a risk you accept going in.

    You can’t say…..Yes, my public page generates a fan base of strangers who send me money, and I’m FINE with that:) …..but if you comment about the things I say on my PUBLIC page in a negative way, you’re “stalking and harassing” me. LOLOLOLOL. It’s absurd. If the double standard she’s applying were an elephant standing on her foot, she’d pretend not to notice.

    Public Personas (which is what you are if you’re collecting money from your fans just for being “special little snowflake, you”)….lose privacy when they cash the Paypal check. They get scrutinized. That is 100% fair game. Charities come with fans and they come with critics. If you can’t get your head around that without feeling personally violated, you should do everything you can to avoid fame and not promote yourself as a public charity.

    All that said…..I think THESE are the REAL reasons Nicole is pissed at you, Sal…:

    1. You’re a better writer than she is and it makes her jelly as fuck.
    2. Your articles are objective, organized, factual, fair, funny, informative…and entertaining as hell:)
    3. Your commentators are smarter and have fun on your page. Better quality of comments, clever humor, good times:) And yes, she envies that, too. Your fans are WAY cooler:) LOL
    4. She’s losing her fan base. Like all the other people she’s turned off in the past, even people who don’t have to deal with her in person are starting to see it bleed through… what a psychopants she is…and are starting to step back and go….um, yeah…no thanks.
    5. We dish up a lot of hard hitting GOOD POINTS that Nicole has always been able to simply delete from her page. We ask tough questions. If she wants to bring anyone over here to cry about feeling picked on…she’s going to hear, “Wait a minute, Nicole, they have a point…do you mind explaining that?”
    6. And this is the big one…… The grand mother of all reasons why she’s ranting:

    Nicole, if you’re reading (and we both know you are)… If you want privacy, and don’t want a dozen pages out there criticizing the nutty shit you publicly post…there’s a very simple solution: Post anonymously and don’t ask for money. Pretty simple, eh? People expect charities to be transparent and accountable. People don’t like charlatans who rape the public’s sympathy and pimp their children’s pictures for a paycheck.


  21. I’ve never shied away from being called a crazy bitch. Her rants today were typical Nikki losing her shit posts. Nothing really new at all, but amusing in its petulance.

    I do enjoy the shout out though. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Kinda like how my woodstove makes me all warm and fuzzy. The smell of dinner cooking. The child doing her homework on her laptop. The lights from the Christmas tree shining off the windows. The pets sprawled out on the floor sleeping inside with the family. The hot cocoa I’ll enjoy tonight with the world’s greatest man and sweetest child.
    Oh yes. I’m so miserable.


  22. [ Admin note: quote from Nicole’s FB page]People who support the violation of ones rights, Will usually say something like “if you got nothing to hide got nothing to worry about”

    It’s not always about having something to hide what we’re worried about, it’s our privacy being violated the inconvenience expense of having to defend ourselves, in many cases the consequences of being accused of criminal activity.

    Would you be OK right now, at this very moment, with CPS or code enforcement coming to your home to do a thorough inspection? How about the IRS are you up would you be OK with the IRS doing a random audit? I write should be good.

    There are so many laws on the books that the legal as experts can’t even come up with a definitive total. Most laws you don’t even know about so how can you be so certain you’re obeying them?

    According to a quick Google search a reputable sources, 😉 , around 10,000 people are wrongly convicted of a crime each year in the US. Those are expensive and ready to fight. Most people charged with a crime that doesn’t require jail time, just accept the decision and move on.

    Are you OK with being investigated interrogated even though you have nothing to hide? Have you ever been wrongly accused of a crime? Did you strongly encouraged to take a plea deal or did you fight it? Do you have friends or family that had to serve jail time for crimes they didn’t commit? How concerned are you with this happening to your family? [end of quoted material]

    Yes, send them over.

    PS I don’t advertise my life for all the world and then criticize them for being concerned about my kins well being…but then my kids never lived in a shack with no protection from the elements. Even now.. listen to yourself…you said you can’t stay warm in the cold….sounds like you are just flustered cause it’s s clusterfuck at your shed and you have no idea whether to scratch your watch or wind your butt.


  23. Nicole says her customer parked, came in and paid for her dog, they chatted for a few seconds and the cops were there. Oh Nicole, I call bullshit again.
    I once performed CPR on a young person who had collapsed about 3 blocks from the fire/paramedic station. Bystanders called 911. It still took a few seconds over 4 minutes for EMS to arrive.
    And I laugh when I picture Joe lumbering over to a business to try and bully someone. I can guarantee that if he tried that nonsense around here he would leave the store with at least one of those crocs firmly planted up his ass.


  24. Another NN quote ..
    In order to prove that she’s not a crazy obsessed blogger, the crazy obsessed blogger wrote two blogs ABOUT ME today explaining that has she’s not a crazy obsessed blogger.

    I’m sure my landlord got a call today probably CPS. Because to prove that they’re not stalking and harassing me and trying to cause trouble for my family, they harassing and stalking me and trying to cause trouble for my family.

    And I should walk away. You know ignore the phone calls, the fake reviews, the cps inquiries, the threatening messages to family and friends, the court summons, the flat out defamation of my business. I should ignore all of that… Wouldn’t that be nice.

    She just can’t do it ..she can’t..she’s desperate for $$$$$$$$


  25. And I should walk away.

    I have never participated in any of those things. I don’t know anyone who has, frankly. The “fake reviews” (which is she talking about – the fake good reviews or the fake bad reviews?) were mostly from dog rescue people who were outraged about her threat to kill Ranger. That’s not my fault. That’s her fault. I didn’t sic the rescue people on her. She did that herself.

    I’ve never sent a message of any sort to anyone. I’ve gotten them, plenty of them, from Nicole (she admitted sending them). The court summons (plural) were for bona fide acts that were shown in court to be illegal. One resulted in an Alford plea for menacing and a jail sentence. Another resulted in a restraining order and an order to keep their animals confined to their own property. A third resulted in a court-ordered porta-potty. None of those were my fault. I’m not powerful enough to get the court to do shit.

    And I have no idea about the “phone calls.” What phone calls? Dunno about CPS. According to her own account, she’s been reported to CPS by everyone in the known universe, including the librarian.

    Furthermore, I never permit detailed conversation here about her fucking, stupid, dumbass business.

    She really is in meltdown, isn’t she?


  26. I AM crazy….about this blog! 🙂 If I can be entertained and educated at the same time, it’s a huge WIN, and I will continue to check in here at least once per day. Nicole should be grateful! The things I read about here often drive me to HER page so that I can read for myself the absurdities she rants about. Watching the Naugs is a fascinating study in human behavior, and I see it as a form of continuing education. You might consider it #unschooling for adults. Thanks Nicole! Thanks Sally!


  27. I post here partly because the company is interesting, partly because I hope that the older Naugler kids sometimes get online without Mommy or Daddy looking over their shoulder, and partly because the Naugler parents’ rampant, stubborn, fractal stupidity drives me nucking futs.

    They could have a log cabin. Right now. Yes, at their skill level, financial level, and physical condition.

    They could have had a working rainwater catchment system long before Mr. Naugler ended up in court for theft of water and threats of violence.

    They could have a proper woodpile, right outside their door. Cords of it. Hell, they could probably sell some wood and still not run short! Hey, look, money!

    And so on, and so on–I’ve listed the possibilities before–if only the two of them were more interested in doing right by their children than in sitting around arguing with their phones. The constant arguing is just, yes I’m going to say it, crazy. It’s like somebody makes a simple, feasible suggestion for a way to make their lives a little better and the first thing out of their mouths is always NUH UH I’M NOT GUNNA YOU CAN’T MAKE ME NEENER NEENER. I sometimes wonder what would happen if somebody said to one of them, “Hey, you ought to make sure you breathe regularly, because if you didn’t breathe for a while, you would pass out.” Would they actually hold their breath until they turned blue and fell to the ground, just because somebody suggested otherwise?


  28. Is there any proof that the neighboring business called the police? Because I havent seen any.

    Is it possible that the police officer was driving by and saw the car in the fire lane and stopped to find out why? Parking in a fire lane is illegal. I know the police in my town will stop and investigate (and ticket you too!) if you are parked in a fire lane. Joe rampaging after the fact might be why the neighbors are not real keen on Nikki and her business.


  29. I am crazy….I take 3 daily rx meds for anxiety/depression, plus a couple extras to help me sleep and for panic attacks. They make me a MUCH better mother and productive member of society. I also see a therapist to work through issues that come from having a narcissistic mother (and now husband….). So yep, I’m crazy as a loon. But I work very very hard to give my children a better mother, childhood, and future than I had. Mine wasn’t much far off from the N kids, minus a few siblings and the fact we had running water and electricity (though I do remember many a day of seeing my breath indoors, and that was early 1990s).

    Yes Nicole I HAVE had CPS come a’knocking, when my then 13 yo’s little girlfriend called to report I had beat him and he was “covered in bruises” after we had an argument and he got smacked. Never mind my husband had just deployed a few days prior and the child was as tall as me! They came to his school, took pics of him for documentation (you know all about that), spoke with his siblings, came to my home and spoke with me…and closed it as completely unfounded. There were no marks on him at all, my home was clean, and his siblings corroborated the fact that he had been mouthy and obnoxious and I was simply disciplining him appropriately. The caseworker even agreed with me, lay down the law at the beginning of a deployment or things would be hell for the next 9 mos, esp since he’s the oldest and sets the example for the others. Was I worried that they would think I was an overwhelmed military wife that couldn’t handle things? Yes, but I had everything to prove that wasn’t the case because I *do* take care of my kids, they excel in school, have a clean and loving home with all the necessities.

    RE the baby in the car… When we were stationed in Las Vegas someone knocked on our door and asked if we recognized this little redheaded toddler, *maybe* 18 mos old. He was wearing nothing but a diaper. No clue where he had come from, kept pointing at the wall that separated the base from some condos, I had no idea if maybe some desperate person had dropped him over the wall onto the base (hey, crazy things happened there all the time!!). We called base security, they sent an ambulance and the SPs. Father arrives right as they do, said he had fallen asleep and the baby had slipped out. Kid lived in a cul de sac behind us, had walked down the road, through 3 empty lots of rocks and into someone’s yard…completely barefoot and in 80 degree temps. He had been at our house for at least 10 mins so who knows how long he had been gone in total. We drove around later, they had a pool in the backyard with the ladder still in it. I’m sure that’s the first place the father looked. Lord only knows what the mother had to say when she got home! Whoever called in the baby probably kept track of how long he had been in there before they called, not to mention that response time is not instant even if you’re right next to a fire/police station. It would be interesting to see the police contact report for the incident.


  30. I laughed with Nicole’s live blog today. She’s going to make a documentary of Sally’s life, lol. She ought to be careful since one is being made of hers.
    Don’t burn bridges, you will eventually run out of road.
    As for insulating the shed, I would be concerned about the ventilation in it. Maybe it’s because I picture a sweat shop….. All those bodies crammed in the tiny space. Hey Nicole, since you claim you don’t read here,and we know you do… We are all crazy you say? Takes one to know one. Just think about it, so your brain doesn’t go into fits.


  31. Reading comments on both of her FB pages has been quite entertaining this evening! Many comments that are telling her to get her shit together and she hasn’t scrapped them yet.
    And then there is this sentence in the “Let’s talk about heating your home” post…a diversion post, she wrote after all the video scuffle.

    “We would like to use geothermal heating when we build in a year or two, but it can be costly to install. It usually pays for itself rather quickly”

    HUH? “….when we build in a year or two”. I guess they have decided to build on that secret acreage they are running away to.
    Nicole is so delusional, I almost feel bad for letting her crazy-ass entertain me…Not!


  32. So wait…her husband goes to the business next door, one that he does not even know called the police about the offending “patron” in the parking lot, and tells them they made a “dick-head” move? My god. She wonders where animosity comes from.


  33. Nicole sounds genuinely manic.

    She is thinking of planning to go see the northern lights one day. That comment of hers got to me. It sounds so…hopeless. When people are caught in survival mode, fulfilling future goals or making concrete plans for the future becomes nearly impossible. They’ve dug such a huge hole I can’t figure that they’d ever be able to dig out. But jeez, something’s gotta give at some point. Surely they can’t languish like this forever until their smallest child is grown and moved out.

    Joe is such a total useless douchebag I cannot even with that guy. Right after the LDS comments on BLH, he went and made a bunch of his old posts public including ones where he quotes the Mormon ‘bible’ and a bunch of posts from April 2014 where people with him a happy birthday. That has to be one of the most pathetic moves I’ve seen from a grown man in a long time.


  34. Today I went to a Christmas luncheon with crazy girlfriends and then this evening another Christmas party with crazy friends. Nicole wouldn’t have had a good time because she is the wrong kind of crazy.
    After I got home, I put on my pajamas, made me some hot tea and cinnamon toast with fig butter. I curled up in my chair with my crazy cat and dog and looked to see what crazy Sally was blogging about, because I’m crazy about Sally’s blog. I also love to read the comments from all the crazy people who comment here.
    My kind of crazy.


  35. @ Dust in the wind: Nicole will likely use the condensation excuse now as a reason they didn’t insulate the shed, because a couple of commenters have mentioned it. Sorry Nicole. A couple or three gable vent louvers would solve that issue.

    @Calyxya: anyone with any sort of intelligence understands that mental health is just like physical health. I applaud you for seeking out the right kind of medication that helps you to be “well” and involved with your family. And seeing a therapist is wonderful I hate the stigma surrounding mental illness. It is so “crazy”…..sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    @Bethanie: ” Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Kinda like how my woodstove makes me all warm and fuzzy. The smell of dinner cooking. The child doing her homework on her laptop. The lights from the Christmas tree shining off the windows. The pets sprawled out on the floor sleeping inside with the family. The hot cocoa I’ll enjoy tonight with the world’s greatest man and sweetest child.” PLEASE adopt me! LOL


  36. “We’re all mad here.” ~ Lewis Carroll~

    Insanity loves company, and also likes to learn a few new things, which is why this is one of my first stops of the day, right after shaking down the K cup machine for some liquid ambition…
    I love Sally.
    She tells it like it is and will tell you where the bear shit in the buckwheat and how to get there from here and also teach us to make cheese in the process. It doesn’t get any more awesome, let me tell you…

    Nicole has her britches in a wad again. So what else is new…?

    I’m thinking that her latest rant might be partly to do with her son turning 18 and the spending his birthday with Faith’s family, collecting gifts, laughing, eating and having a few hours of normalcy while the rest of them sat in the cold shed, eating ramen noodle chili and the younger children asking her why they can’t have Christmas presents, too. They seemed to welcome him and hopefully, they were able to plant a seed of hope for a better life than the one his parents gave him. If nothing else,maybe it will make him want for more and to try to better by his own child than being a shitstead farmer …

    Do you feel your child slipping away, Nicole?


  37. More quoted stuff from the Misses…and it’s not even an off day at work.

    quoting the nag….
    Food For Thought

    A while back the sideshow page said they mailed out 76 folders to news stations and government agencies to try to “expose” us and report all sorts of dirt on us. I know that at least one folder was sent because our local CPS received one that included 3 year old photos of Issacs head injury and Quintens burn. CPS came out, documented the original injury, the medial treatment both boys received and the evidence that both wounds healed wonderfully.

    So I’m just curious, in a mandatory report state, and after all 76 of those folders were mailed to ever news and government agency, where are they!!?

    The attempts to smear us are weak.

    Real Eyes
    Real Lies

    There is no tax fraud. There is no child abuse. There is no scamming, conning or grifting. There is no theft.

    The lawsuit processes are starting. We gave 2016 to see where this would go. An entire year for people to back away from us. Harassment, defamation and stalking are criminal and civil suits. You want to waste my time in court, I plan to waste yours.

    Happy 2017. The year Mama Bear takes her life back.

    End quote…

    Hey nag, you gotta have a life in order to get it back.


  38. There is no such thing as a “criminal suit.” Mama Bear might want to do a little legal unschooling before posting.


  39. If I had a dime for every time Nicky said the Fbi and Dot is on the case and there is a Lawsuit in the works I would be FUCKING RICH! 🙂


  40. I love quotes…shows the proof

    From the BLh

    “We are looking at a few places. We were already planning to move in the spring, for that reason, I’m just worried what these people are up to.”

    Haha spring isn’t asap. Good luck staying warm….NOT.


  41. Nicole,

    If there was no cause for CPS to intervene then why did they take your kids and why are they still involved in your life? That tells us all that we need to know. And we only know it because you wanted it to go “viral” and you continue to tell people about it via your numerous facebook pages.

    The only information here is stuff you post about. Stop posting and know one will have a clue about what’s going on. Yes the locals will still probably talk, it’s what people do, it’s what people have always done and it’s not harassment or stalking. If neighborhood gossip was illegal then the vast majority of the US would be in jail.

    Get off facebook, spend time with your family. Enjoy the holiday season.


  42. I will say I absolutely believe the cops came incredibly quickly to the report of an unattended infant in the car. Know why? Because leaving a child unattended in a car can kill them.


  43. Oh good grief.

    It’s like she’s TRYING to get more shit to rain down from the sky.

    Nicole…you poor misguided fool…listen a minute. There are SO MANY things you could be “reported for” that people simply don’t bother with, because basically, we think you are your own worst enemy…..and your own behavior will eventually catch up with you.

    For instance…. Child Labor Laws in Kentucky. No children under 14 can legally work at a grooming salon.

    If a kiddo is 14-15 he/she could legally work at the grooming salon 3 hours per day, but no more than that on a school day. Pretty easy to document this.

    If a kiddo is 16-17 he/she could legally work at the grooming salon up to 6 hours per day on a school day provided he/she has a record showing they are maintaining a 2.0 GPA on their schoolwork. (which would require documentation of school work). Read the laws.

    I have a feeling you’ve violated these laws quite a bit, and it would be pretty easy to document these violations.

    Also, given that fact that Rabies is a zoonotic and deadly disease, and you don’t require evidence of vaccination for it (which is customary in your industry for protection of the workers), I think a pretty sound case could be made for child endangerment. Not to mention the fact that OSHA would be up your arse in a heartbeat for allowing people under 18 to handle animals under stress. Healthy people regularly get hospitalized with cat bites, they can be incredibly dangerous infections. Stressed dogs who are afraid of being bathed can and do bite. It’s AMAZING no one has sent OSHA to check out the danger you’re putting your kids in occupationally.

    It’s pretty easy to give them a call… https://www.osha.gov/workers/file_complaint.html and ask a few questions about whether your practices are legal. I suggest you do this, and adjust your protocol appropriately for compliance. Here’s the Kentucky office: https://www.osha.gov/oshdir/ky.html

    And then there’s the home school thing. You’re lucky that your local child services are poor and have no idea how to cope with the burden that is your family. They’ve let so much slide that isn’t legal.

    By the letter of the law, to home school in Kentucky, you must actively teach reading, writing, spelling, grammar, history, mathematics, science, and civics. Yes, you can do it by any means you wish. You can teach math by playing store. You can teach kids to write by writing letters to the Easter Bunny daily. You can teach reading by sitting down with the Quaran and reading aloud everyday for all the state of Kentucky cares…..but you have to actively TEACH these subjects and there has to be a RECORD of courses taken and grades received to legally home school in Kentucky.

    Please educate yourself:


    Child protective services in your area is violating the law in your case…by allowing you to continue to neglect your kid’s education. A few calls to additional state agencies could change this.

    You local agencies don’t have the money or resources to deal with your insane fucked up mentality…and they face a terrible choice: fracture your family and put your kids in foster care until adoption, or violate the law and do the bare minimum to ensure your kid’s survival so they can stay together. Lucky for you, option B is all their budget allows.

    Again, if different agencies were involved…this could go in the other direction in a heartbeat. Nicole, you don’t seem to realize how close you are to losing your kids. You’re having pissing contests with strangers on the internet when you should be scrambling to document whatever education you can fabricate, and put a more substantial school plan in place with better documentation….so that if you ever DO face these questions, you’ll be prepared!

    I guaran-fucking-tee you….it won’t take much for the next judge to lose patience with your attitude and your history.

    By the way, I’m not going to call or report you to anyone. I couldn’t be arsed. While I feel incredibly bad for your poor kids, it’s not really my style to “report” people for neglect that the children will one day escape. While I feel awful for them that their eternal vacation from academics will cost them years of remedial make-up later…they seem fairly content to play most of the time. That said, if I ever saw evidence if sex abuse or physical abuse….I’d send any evidence I had to 76 entities myself, or 176 if I could find them. I’d do everything in my power to bring you to justice for that. I’m not playing apologist for your base negligence. I’m just saying, your kids will probably survive it and grow into extremely resentful adults who hate you for what you’ve done to them. That’s enough punishment if you ask me. (physical and sex abuse is another animal)

    Let’s talk about your insane idea of suing people on the internet for voicing their opinion about the things you publicly post. Jesus, Nicole, who do you think you are? L. Ron Hubbard? LOLOLOLOL:)

    Here’s a reality. You don’t have a case. No decent lawyer in their right mind would represent you. To get a sleezeball lawyer to represent you, you’ll need a lot of money you don’t have. Even if you had it….said sleezeball lawyer would just take it and you wouldn’t prevail.

    So instead of making silly threats that just antagonize people…..maybe you should shut the fuck up and try to be a decent mom, neighbor, educator and employer? Cause see…if you did those things…you would eliminate a lot of negativity from you life.

    Stop being your own worst enemy, Nicole. Just stop.


    PS…I’ve baked two batches of cookies while writing this. They smell heavenly. Gonna have me some toasted rice tea and a cookie and pick up my kiddo at the airport in about an hour:) With her home from college, I can’t be arsed with any of this. Why? Because I have priorities.

    Happy Holidays, Folks:)

    Thank you, Sally, for a place to speak the truth!


  44. For instance…. Child Labor Laws in Kentucky. No children under 14 can legally work at a grooming salon.

    None of those law apply to parents employing their own children. Not even in high-risk farm occupations.

    It’s AMAZING no one has sent OSHA to check out the danger you’re putting your kids in occupationally.

    Doesn’t apply when the child is your own child.

    And I think you are misreading the Kentucky guidelines for homeschooling. It says, specifically, that “Subjects taught should include reading, writing, spelling, grammar, history, mathematics, science, and civics.”

    Should. Not “must.” Furthermore, when the state does not declare how one goes about determining that those subjects have been “taught,” how would you determine that they have not been taught?

    More about this tomorrow or whenever I get around to it.


  45. I think any local, run-of-the-mill attorney worth their salt would take one look at Nicole’s “documentation” and decline their case. You simply can’t take this level of blatantly untreated mental illness before a judge without causing yourself terrible embarrassment. Attorneys have reputations and working relationships with judges and other attorneys. They have to safeguard that.

    Since attorneys are generally rational, logical, disciplined thinkers who make their living off of retainers and contingency fees, I think any attorney who WOULD take her case would have to be an idealogue along the same vein as the Nauglers, someone not looking to make money, but to make a point or establish precedent, or make a name for themselves/their firm in doing so. I’m not saying that kind of attorney is impossible to find, but I suspect it takes a lot of research (read: work) and a very compelling case. Even people with legit civil rights cases who have ideologically-driven attorneys trying to right terrible wrongs in our government struggle to win court cases. Look how long it took to recognize same-sex marriage. Now look at what the Nauglers present: a muddled mishmash of paranoia, empty threats, and plenty of stalking and harassment against commentators who have every right to free speech.

    There’s too much there that muddies the issues. The Nauglers already are mixed up in other court proceedings and just from that alone, would seem to any judge or jury to be incapable of telling the truth. They would be impossible to put on the witness stand. They would be a disaster during the discovery phase of a civil suit.

    Then there’s the issue of damages. While she may have a case against those saying things that affect her business (interruption of normal business operations is a legit reason to sue), an easy counter-argument is that people who leave pets in her care ought to know she was threatening to kill a pet in her own care. And while damages from lost business are real, you can’t expect to collect from others if you are the one causing the lost business by, again, threatening to kill a dog.

    I just don’t see a winner of a case here, even if her “documentation” is sound, consistent, logical, reasonable, and truthful. I really don’t think it is, given her lack of follow-through. Her documentation may make sense to her, but I doubt her ramblings would to anyone else. Kinda hard to mount a case when your plaintiff can’t be coherent in a 1 paragraph facebook post, much less a deposition.


  46. Well this has been one crazy evening reading through all of the crazy stuff. Happy and proud to be considered crazy for being here 🙂

    @Paisley Moonbeam – I think you are right and Jacob spending time with Faith’s family is unsettling for Nikki.
    He is getting to see a whole different style of family dynamics and some of it is bound to rub off on him. Add that to him not being around due to him working and I guess some of the jobs that he used to do are either not getting done or are having to be done by others.

    The vlogs that Nikki did were quite interesting in the terms of body language. In the one where she was scrolling through this “crazy” blog, you could see the agitation in the way she almost hits the screen with her nail. She couldn’t hold the tablet which looks initially to be because of the case it was in, but I think it was more because she was just so manic.
    In her agitation she outed herself as the mirror page (although I also agree with some comments I have seen that suggest that other members of the family post too).
    I also found the changes in her voice to be disturbing. We all get annoyed at things and may go from calm to angry etc, but the changes she demonstrated reminded me so much of people I used to see when I did some voluntary music therapy with young adults. My Father was a Royal Mental Nurse and worked with young adults who were suffering from a variety of mental illnesses – music was used as therapy as it helped some find calmness. I was taught to be aware not just of changes in body language, but also to listen for changes in tones of voices in order for me to be safe.
    I would not have felt safe around Nikki while she was doing her vlogs. I am not qualified to say whether she has mental issues or whether she is just an asshole, but clearly something is very “not right” with her at the moment.

    I have a question about the photo of the pond and small shed. Is is possible that Jacob and Faith would be able to take over the land if Nikki and the rest of the crew did move? Faith’s family may be able to help them out. (Being from the Uk, I have no idea how these land things work.)
    It looks as if something is being built in front of the shed ….. like a wall?? maybe Jacob is trying to make something of his shed and may want to stay there. If Nikki and the crew moved I suspect that Jacob may well be able to mend relations with the neighbours and get quite a lot of help.

    Maybe I am just crazy.


  47. If Mrs N is trying to qualify for a “crazy check” she’s going about it all wrong. 😉

    I would almost like to see the family move to Indiana if only to watch their heads explode when they try to deal with Indiana CPS. It would be an entirely different ball game than they’ve been playing in Kentucky.


  48. “A record of courses taken and grades received is also
    necessary. ” This is from that PDF of Kentucky homeschool rules.

    I get what you’re saying Sally. But “necessary” is a funny word for “optional”, no?

    I agree that the language of the Kentucky homeschool rules is vague as to being nebulous.

    “Subjects taught should include reading, writing, spelling, grammar, history, mathematics, science, and civics. It is the parents’ right to offer other subjects, as well.”

    There’s that word “should”, BUT

    It is listed under a bold heading that says “Parents of children who are home schooled are required to do the following”


    I agree they’ve got a bit of a contradiction going with the language, but if you look at the most free home school states in the nation, states that don’t even require parents to notify the district of their decision to home school, the language is *must include* followed by the exact same list of subjects.

    I agree, Kentucky’s language in their document needs clarity.

    That said, I would challenge you to find a family court judge who would interpret it any other way than required.


  49. She says the lawsuit processes are starting. Much like any of their projections and plans I don’t give this too much credence. They need a substantial amount of money for this but , even if they could get it, it would be hard to justify using such funds for a very questionable suit. They might obtain funds through another gofundme effort or some sovereign citizen legal fund thing. But they also have to find a lawyer who would be willing to take it on. Most of the lawyers I have ever known are utterly reluctant to try a prosecution or suit where there was a very limited chance of success. Even if they were ‘icky’ lawyers they would have to have some reasonable chance of success and a reasonable chance of getting paid. Plus, now she says they’re going to move in the summer? This just looks like blind swinging and bluster. She is probably wishing that they had not gone viral–it was easier for her to control the narrative before too many people had ever heard of her.


  50. “when the state does not declare how one goes about determining that those subjects have been “taught,” how would you determine that they have not been taught?”

    Excellent point.


  51. But “necessary” is a funny word for “optional”, no?

    Keeping a record like that is so easy it’s laughable. You just make it up. I’ve been a homeschooler. I know about the so-called “record-keeping.”

    “, I would challenge you to find a family court judge who would interpret it any other way than required.”

    More importantly, let’s find a judge in a state with such lax laws who has ever come down on a family at all for not following them.


  52. “let’s find a judge in a state with such lax laws who has ever come down on a family at all for not following them.”



  53. Touche.

    I wasn’t trying to be a smartass. The whole no-education thing just gets under my skin a bit. I want to rip off the heads of the officials who make such lax laws in the first place. And I don’t see it getting any better any time soon.


  54. I wasn’t being prickly, either. You have a really valid point. I always try to hope the courts actually give a shit, but I know they cave to these assholes almost every time. Gets under my skin, too. A lot. Particularly in cases where kids have died as a result of their idiot parents, and the poor little things had literally no lifeline to the outside world. No one to hear them scream or beg for help. Makes me furious.

    The way we can legally treat our kids is heartbreaking and astounding to me.

    We’re on the same page, Sally, and on the same side. Thank you for what you’re doing here.


  55. I was a home schooler, too, for elementary. I know there are some amazing home school families who do a stellar job, but there is a down side to the lack of regulation that is not talked about.

    Anyone concerned about these issues should check out CRHE. It’s an advocate group for home schooled kids.

    They have a fascinating board of “home school survivor” stories. Nicole should read these and see if she hears the voices of her kids in a few years.



  56. Joe and Nicole Naugler,

    We know you read here. Could you please define “lawsuit processes”. I’d hate to be out of town and miss getting served. My house sitter is a little too big and male to be mistaken for me.

    Oops, before I forget. Since I have you blocked so I can’t post to your pages. I might as well reiterate this one tiny little element of my future countersuits. As you are aware I can’t be bothered to sue you, but should you indeed sue me be guaranteed there will be countersuits. Oh what fun we will have spending weeks and months at depositions, court hearings, discovery sessions, summary judgement motions, hearings on damages, etc. Anywho, this one little element:

    Mr Joseph E Naugler, Mr Jacob Naugler, and Mrs Nicole Button Naugler, if you would be ever so kind, I hereby request that you remove my name, all identifying features and the false and defamatory statements that you have published to third parties regarding myself from all your various public sources, including but not limited to, newspapers, blogs, vlogs, Facebook, instagram, twitter. Thank you in advance for your consideration and have a blessed day.

    Lisa Duran-Luthi


  57. @SculderandMully you’ve hit upon something here! I quote, “They might obtain funds through another gofundme effort or some sovereign citizen legal fund thing. But they also have to find a lawyer who would be willing to take it on.” This may be a plan, THE plan, to obtain a second cash windfall. As the money pours into the gofundme to aid the Naugs with civil lawsuits against the stalker trolls, Joe and Nicole make plans to use the money for spring-time moving or who knows what else. We all know Nic would be able to spin a tale explaining to her humpers why things just didn’t work out legally, but, “Oh well, we tried!” Meanwhile, that was never the REAL reason for the gofundme. With another cool 45 thousand in hand, who cares about the trolls and the “corrupt” courts, right Nikki? The latest tirades are beginning to make sense now.


  58. I took some time to watch tv today, and happened upon msnbc. I don’t remember the show, the anchor, but they were discussing Donald Trump, as usual.
    One of the topics was his lawsuits that he continually files. He has an entire stable of lawyers, who enjoy taking his money,because I’m sure he does pay them, not like all the other bills he refuses to pay.
    But, he apparently has 1000s of lawsuits going right now. Maybe the nauglers could contact tehdonald or his big deal law firm. Heheheheh, just kidding! Can you imagine the naugler family traipsing into Trump Tower? I crack myself up! Just bein’ cray-cray. ?


  59. @Niki HatchAPlan
    She will never score anywhere near another 45G. This is probably not “THE” plan but just another of the multitude of grifting plans constantly in play, only to fade quickly. She may get a few bucks on this though from the newbies. Any chance of scoring is quickly adopted, and threatening lawsuits is a recurrent gambit.

    Her annual Christmas drive is now underway with the heating cost posts. She is trying to capitalize on the Christmas spirit and charity of OTHERS. Surprised we don’t see the comments about the things the kids need or want, as in the past.

    “The latest tirades are beginning to make sense now.” LOL, careful now.


  60. Sally,
    I think N has been embedded for way too long in the ideology of the patriarchy. As many of you guys may have experienced first hand or witnessed, when some men feel like they are losing control of their women, particularly through debate, the first thing that comes out of their mouths is crazy bitch. Perhaps that has been the way J responds to N whenever she is trying to convince his lazy ass to get off his arse and do some work or of something important like feeding the kids. When he can no longer argue his point, perhaps he calls her a crazy assed bitch. Now, after years of having this unsound rhetorical strategy used on her by him, she has adopted it as her responses when she can no longer hold her on. Because she cannot possibly argue the facts, she rushes to what may work in her household…crazy…you are all just crazy. Another one of the most unsound attempts at gagging some women, some men say for the woman to calm down…you are out of control…and to some extent, that’s what N does when she accuses folks of online stalking.

    The truth easily slips her feeble little crazy ass mind. She puts her shit out there and justifies her shit with half truths (example the shitgate) and when Sally brings light to the lies and educates the real truth of what throwing shit around can do to the health of the ground water and the humans around it, well, poor N and J just try so hard to shut her down….shut up they scream…we are going to sue you….we are sending folks to beat you up….and when all that fails they try and discredit by screaming crazy….well, anyone with average reading comprehension can do a compare and contrast of what is said on N’s FB and blogs, and Sally’s response and find that all that has occurred is the sharing of information. N posts a picture of shit buckets in the shit shack without a door and claims they are toilets that compost, and when she is called out on it and Sally explains what a compost toilet is and compares it to the white bucket in a box, dumb ass N says, oh wait, we have a compost pile where we are composting according to regulation, but, of course, that’s not true and the pictures of the shit pile that follow support what Sally has said, that they are sling shit willy nilly up the hill; we all know when shit is tossed up, it must come back down….right into the front yard of the garden shed AKA the shitstead.

    Truthfully, though, I have tried to listen to her Vlogs and her screeching voice irritates the hell out of me. And when she tries to make her point, which often we don’t really get what point she is making, she starts speaking way too fast and loses her reasoning and begins with all those tactics that probably have worked when she lived next door to folks who may not be up for the challenge of confronting her shit but over there where she is no w, it looks like those fine KY folks are saying, bitch better step back cause you can threaten us but we know that poor fat ass J cannot even bend over to put his feet in those nasty crocs let alone run get his gun. In fact, if I am not mistaken, didn’t he threaten an older lady whose water he was stealing…telling his son to go get his gun. WTF…gonna threaten a neighbor lady with a gun when you are caught stealing water… As Gomer Pyle would say: for shame, for shame, for shame. Call us crazy but at least we are smart crazy and not dumb ass crazy…!


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