Okay. I’ll bite. Voting is today’s theme.

What does Nicole think about voting?  Not much. She’s agin it.  She doesn’t vote and proclaims that fact loudly.  Of course, she doesn’t give you a reasoned critique or any sort of real argument.  She just posts memes.

37 memes

37 of them, to be exact.

I did not bother to look at them. You may, if you wish.

You know, I really don’t care one tiny bit if Nicole and Joe Naugler vote, or if they don’t vote.  In fact, they are so freaking stupid that I’m sort of glad they don’t.

She did not always feel this way.voted Rand PaulFour and a half years ago, Nicole says she voted for Rand Paul and was glad she did. Furthermore, she asks (or possibly quotes Paul asking) “Do you want a government that is unrestrained by law?”

It’s actually a silly question. There is no citizen of this country who would answer, “Oh, yes. I’d be delighted to have a government unrestrained by law.  I dream about that at night.”  The argument isn’t whether we want to have laws that regulate what government can and cannot do. The argument is about what form those laws take and who gets to make them, and then those who are designated the “makers of law” argue about the process of making them.

Dictatorships are nice and clean and clear-cut.  One guy (or a small group) makes the decisions and everyone else says “Yessir.”

Democracy, on the other hand, is messy.

So what changed for Nicole?  Why did she happily vote for Rand Paul and then decide to say “fuck that” and quit voting altogether?  And now she feels so strongly about this that she spends time putting up 37 memes that nobody will ever look at telling the world she isn’t going to vote and that anyone who does vote is an idiot.

paul quitting
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Could this be part of the reason?

I have been voting regularly all my adult life, from the moment I was old enough to register.  During that time, I’ve been a Republican, and I’ve been a Democrat.  My views have morphed and changed, sometimes dramatically, over the years. Sometimes my candidates win, and sometimes they lose.

I stood in front of the television, crying with joy, when Barack Obama was elected to the presidency in 2008.   I have also sat, stunned, as my choice went down in flames.  I have wondered how in the world the country could survive when it elected such a complete lunatic to the White House, or to the Senate.

Frankly, that’s what I thought when Kentucky sent Rand Paul to the Senate.  What were you thinking, Kentucky?

But, you’ll notice that the country has survived.  It’s not perfect. Our government is flawed at times, great at others, arrogant as hell sometimes, myopic beyond belief, and then so magnificent it takes your breath away. And that can all occur in the space of a week or so given the right set of circumstances.

We’ve had great leadership. We’ve had abysmally poor leadership.  We’ve had a President who had to tell us that he wasn’t a “crook,” when in fact, he was exactly that.  We’ve had more than one President who sacrificed his life serving his country. We’ve had beloved Presidents, so much so that people mourned openly when they died. We’ve had others that were so obscure nobody remembers them at all except school children who struggle to memorize their names.

We’ve even had men like Rand Paul in the Senate.  He’s an interesting character.  When I listen to him speak, I find myself agreeing with him and thinking, “Gee, he’s spot on,” and then suddenly, he veers off the road doing 80 mph and drives right over a cliff and I sit there just amazed at what I see as the total stupidity of the man.  In short, I get whiplash.

That’s because all of us are just folks. We’re flawed human beings. We don’t do it all right all the time.  In fact, we don’t do it all right much of the time. What we hope is that by coming together, we get it more or less sort of right at least some of the time, and that bit by bit, we make a better place to live.

Paul percentage

Rand Paul quit the race because nobody wants him to be President.  Democrats sure as hell don’t, and Republicans made it clear (at least the ones in Iowa did) that they don’t either.

They did that by voting.

But Nicole doesn’t think that voting makes any difference, so she doesn’t bother with it.  Which is fine, as I said. What’s not fine is her nasty attitude where she makes it clear that those of us who cherish the right to vote are just plain stupid, while she, sitting in her garden shed home without electricity or water or a stove to cook on, shitting in a white bucket, unable to support her ever-growing family, is on the moral high ground or something.

So she pinned a question on her page and asked for comments. I notice that nobody cared to discuss it, which is sort of funny.

pinned question

Again, I’ll bite.

First, Nicole did not write that question.  She stole it.  Without attribution, which is her habit.  It wasn’t hard to figure that out. For one thing, it’s a screen shot.  For another, there’s a “1” in front of it which means it was part of a list.

Larken Rose
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Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster, we have Larken yet again.  Nicole just loves this guy.  You’d think she’d credit him when she quotes him.

The problem with his whole little bullshit rant (“Government on Trial” – I am breathless with anticipation) is that pesky word moral.

What does it mean?  And I’m not being snarky here. I’m being very serious. Exactly what does that mean?

Who gets to decide?

Nicole?  Larken Rose?  Me?  You?

What’s going on here is really quite simple.  Larken (and by extension, Nicole, who channels him) spouts a lot of philosophical crap to justify behaving like a spoiled toddler.  Nicole is totally pissed off with voting because the candidates she likes (Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and probably any other libertarian nut case out there) don’t win nationally. Their views simply are not shared by the majority of the populace.

So like a petulant little kid, Nicole takes her rubber ducky and goes home to pout.

Nicole, don’t vote. In this country,  you don’t have to.

We don’t care if you don’t.


40 thoughts on “Voting”

  1. I think a fitting name for the homestead might be “Hypocrisy Hill”.


    My . . . how the chameleon changes her colors.

    Another great post. Regardless of political persuasion, it’s important to participate. I actually agree 100% with Jessica Patterson on this one. If you don’t vote, you need to STFU.


  2. I think Larken has taken “baffle with bullshit” directly to heart.

    Believe me, my morals and nik-naks morals are not even close. Jo-jo has no morals, so I won’t bother with him.

    I’m thankful they don’t vote. We really don’t need them to.


  3. I could care less if Nicole votes. It’s probably in the best interest of the populace if folks with her point of view don’t. That way their libertarian/voluntaryist candidates or agenda won’t waste the time of legitimate concerns in the senate. In fact, I thank all the voluntaryists and libertarians for not voting. The less we have to endure your ridiculous rants the better.

    As for being on a moral high ground back at the shit shed. I think it is immoral if they bring one more child into their impoverished mess of a world. In my book, that is an atrocity. Continuing to breed like rabbits when you cannot even afford basics like proper cooking and bathing facilities for an already large brood of 11 helpless souls, sanitary bathroom facilities or three well-balanced meals every day. I am not even going to get into not registering the kids and the denial of a well-rounded meaningful education for them. Her Russian roulette birthing games are immoral in my book. That woman must have a horseshoe up her ass.


  4. I vote so that potatoes like the Nauglers are kept in their place along with all the other useless potatoes in society.


  5. Generations of my family has fought for our freedom and our right to vote in this country, dating back to the Revolutionary war. If she does not want to vote fine ,shut up about it. But as an American citizen and one who is very proud of their heritage I fully intend to vote.By exercising my right to vote my opinion will matter. For those such as Nicole that are too stupid to do any research about the candidates and make an informed decision, the country is better off if she continues to not vote. Be gone Joecole because no one needs or wants your opinion anyway.


  6. She doesn’t vote. This link will take you to those people for whom she didn’t vote in the most recent election. (November 2015)

    So, despite all their homeschooling and talk about teaching history and civics, they’re not inclined to vote. Such a good example for their children. After all, if you vote, you may not be represented by someone for whom you voted. If you don’t vote, then it’s a guarantee.

    They don’t like messy, unless it’s of their own manufacture, but they do like to complain. Complaining about how unfair everything is and how they suffer is what they do. Voting has a chance of changing the outcome and possibly minimize their opportunities to complain. That doesn’t fit in with their never-ending online begging.

    In order for others to be heroes, someone needs to be a victim. Not everyone likes being on their knees, peering upwards and endlessly grateful to others, but as long as they get their free money Joe and Nicole have no problem doing just that. Such a fine example they set for their children.


  7. Oh what a great topic for discussion! I was delighted to see a new blog post, always intriguing.

    BLB said, “What’s not fine is her nasty attitude where she makes it clear that those of us who cherish the right to vote are just plain stupid, while she, sitting in her garden shed home without electricity or water or a stove to cook on, shitting in a white bucket, unable to support her ever-growing family, is on the moral high ground or something.”

    Right, right. I don’t care that she doesn’t vote. It is interesting though, just a few years ago she was proud to announce she voted, and proud of her senator.

    She sounds like a little bratty kid, who doesn’t get her way in the sandbox. She packs up, along with her snub little snotty nose.

    Really, 37 memes on “you are doing it wrong”? What was that on the February 1st post on BLH, “We’ve always done things the “wrong” way. But we must be doing something right. Because it’s working.” hahaha!! She’s funny.

    I vote. I even volunteer in the county political party campaigning. And at the polling places. My teenage daughter was a pollworker this past November. It served as community activity participation, as a member of the Advanced Class at school. She learned quite a bit, about the political process. She enjoyed meeting and assisting community neighbors, as they came out to vote. It was an excused absence from the school day. A bonus was the pay, a pretty nice sum for 12 hours work. I look forward to my girl and many young adults engaging in the political process and voting.


  8. “In order for others to be heroes, someone needs to be a victim. Not everyone likes being on their knees, peering upwards and endlessly grateful to others, but as long as they get their free money Joe and Nicole have no problem doing just that. Such a fine example they set for their children.” Well written, Tekla.

    However, I do not think Joe & Nicole have ever been grateful for one single cent of the begging funds, church welfare, food bank handouts, panhandled street funds, go fund me windfalls or any other free help they ever received. That’s half their problem. They only work minimally or in Joes case not at all for anything they have received. This is why they burned through the Gofundme cash like wildfire and never take care of their possessions or homes. They value nothing of substance because they believe there is a sucker born every minute to give more freebies and stuff.

    Don’t be their next sucker folks. They won’t appreciate your hard earned cash, donations of household items or help of any kind.

    Thank you for this blog BLB. People are becoming aware that the Nauglers are just plain old-fashioned con artists. they are not what they pretend to be on their BLH page. People will withhold donations. Maybe, just maybe if the free ride is over for them they will finally take personal responsibility for their lives. It would be a miracle but miracle do happen occasionally.


  9. Democracy is work. It requires vigilance and participation. Complacency allows special interests to rule you, or even worse can spell the end of the democracy. From home owners associations to the presidency you will always have someone running because of some hidden or open personal agenda, it’s human nature. Doesn’t mean you have to vote for them, or having voted for them once, vote for them again. At least in a democracy you have a chance at self rule, a chance of a government for the people and by the people. That’s better than I can say for other forms of government.


  10. The Naugler form of *democracy* is whatever they decide at the moment, and everyone else is wrong. Please, Nauglers, do NOT vote. I fear your choice might be the worst choice, ever, because you have no clue about what you want, from minute to minute.


  11. You are correct Joe and Nicole have never appreciated anything that anyone has given them. As a matter of fact the more they’ve received the more they expect to get . Have you ever noticed Nicole will start blogging about shoes or clothes for the kids she approaches the subject as ” wondering about what size she should actually buy”? She is not inquiring about the correct size these items , but hinting for people to buy them. There is no telling how much has been sent to them through the mail that people don’t know anything about. She has never said thank you for anything that anyone has ever given her. As a matter of fact, when questioned about the go fund me money and how it was
    alloted, she wanted people to message her with proof that they had given and then she would let them know how it was spent. We all know how it was spent. It was wasted in hotels, fast food restaurants, chickens, rabbits, wi-Fi, and not to mention $400 worth of fireworks .


  12. CJ,

    They value nothing of substance because they believe there is a sucker born every minute to give more freebies and stuff.

    When Valerie posted a few weeks ago, I was going to respond to try tell her that Nicole doesn’t value Valerie’s support. It isn’t just material things Nicole doesn’t value, even kindness and emotional support from friends and family has no value to her. I would say she craves and values attention, but nothing deeper than that. And it seems fair to say that negative attention is valued considerably more highly than positive attention. Valerie’s loyalty, unconditional support and positive encouragement wasn’t met with gratitude or appreciation from Nicole. Nicole couldn’t be bothered to take care of Valerie’s friendship, just as she can’t be bothered to take care of her family’s home and possessions.

    Anyways, I’m noticing Valerie’s absence from the BLH facebook. I hope she is okay and it is not a health crisis or some sort of family emergency keeping her away. I’m hoping that, instead, she has taken to heart some of the advice given here and has decided to step back, even though that was probably not an easy thing for her to do.

    Also, I thought I saw at one time some speculation that Michelle Fischer is a Naugler sock account. Does anyone know if that’s the case?

    And, sweet A*****l. I bet there is nothing more she would like than to know another girl her age to have as her best friend. It’s sweet of the other kids to let her paint their faces, especially considering they don’t have access to heated, running water, but I just get this sense that the younger kids are generally content to all play together while she is on her own to some extent because her interests differ quite a bit from theirs.

    Looks like snowy weather is coming back to the homestead this week so everyone ends up stuck at home inside the shed most of the day. Hopefully they have a good supply of wood and food.

    I have been mostly reading, not posting and just want to thank all of you for your great comments. Your comments often capture my thoughts so well that there’s no need for me to chime in. Besides, I’ve been using up my free time on blogs keeping up with the recent happenings in politics and voting. Silly me. (Go Bernie!)

    I do want to echo the encouragement given the children who might want to break free. I do hope the kids, as they reach adulthood, will realize that there are many people who will support them if they decide to leave. They won’t be alone. It isn’t wrong for them to want a better life for themselves and their siblings. And, over time, they may even get to a position where they are able to help their parents make better choices and get whatever help they need to achieve stability and security.

    I know some of you have wondered about abuse. I think I just don’t generally let my mind go there but I do sometimes worry about things turning out to be a Papa Pilgrim situation. Although, Nicole is nothing like Country Rose, so there’s that.

    There was a news story up in my neck of the woods this week that somehow made me think of Nicole and Joe and worry that the youngest kiddos, if the enmeshment and/or neglect is bad enough, will end up like these kids. (I know some people don’t share this view, but, although these kids’ actions were horrific, they were not unforseeable considering the failures of the parents and the government agencies tasked with protecting children.) But I’m hopeful that the older Naugler kids getting out will save the younger kids.


  13. Excellent blog BLB. Lisa, very important comment. Not all of us are by nature altruistic. Human nature. Some will be kind and giving, others self-serving, greedy, power-hungry, creating their own agendas.

    Joe and Nicole: Please see “Beasts of No Nation,” on Netflix. A small African boy is caught up in civil war in an unnamed African nation. You see that rebels, even those fighting for “freedom” from oppression, eventually have power struggles and conflicting agendas, self-interest. The film is a stern reminder of the daily horror living in many nations on earth, where freedom is a concept that no one even understands. A seat belt ticket would be the least of one’s worries. Like, people are worrying about getting shot on a daily basis.

    I dare Nicole and Joe to watch this film and not shed crocodile tears. I came away drained but relieved, how damned lucky we are to be living in America. Even with our system’s flaws. Because we are a democracy, and we VOTE in change. We vote power in, and out.

    In the Nauglers’ vision of an anarchistic America, “everything voluntary”, what are the consequences for those who don’t pull their weight? What are the consequences for the greedy, the selfish, the power-hungry? For the ones who just work hard, but are stepped on either by the power hungry or those who are lazy parasites? If there is no government, no police, no laws, how are human problems dealt with? How is HUMAN NATURE dealt with? I see the following: The protected 2nd Amendment. The intrinsic human nature to survive. No laws, no government, no law enforcement. The USA devolves into the nightmare of “Beasts of No Nation”.


  14. Sad- Valerie is fine and seems to be having fun dreaming and planning her garden. Thank you for the kind words about her she really is such a kind wonderful woman. I’m so glad to have found her.


  15. I like this article about Papa Pilgrim because it doesn’t tap-dance around what he did to his eldest daughter and no doubt had planned for the younger ones as they got older.

    Very often, it seems to me, the people who are the most twisted are the ones who figure out that religion + living off the land = legal hands off re: their children and more freedom to abuse their families. They can be proclaiming themselves as conservative or liberal – at some point they’ve gone so far around the barrel they’re one and the same. Abusers who dress it up with similar language but coming at it from the opposite end which only changes who is likely to defend them but they always have defenders.

    Unless they’re black. Does anyone on this blog believe that if Joe or Nicole were black their activities would be celebrated across the (conservative) wet sites? Ditto for Papa Pilgrim – would there have been so much hand-wringing and philosophical discussions about his motivations and how pure and noble they were at any point?


  16. I know I’m drifting very far afield from voting. Let’s just say that what with the similarities between the Naugler family and the Hale/Pilgrim family, I’m glad neither Joe nor Nicole choose to vote. Which makes me feel itchy all over as I always vote. Even in the off-year elections and primaries. The most striking similarity is the Elishaba is the bravest of the bunch. So is Alex Brow.

    Somehow, I had missed Papa Pilgrim and his family. Well, I’m going to correct that and if no one minds, post some of the links I’ve found too. I’ll try to not to overwhelm.

    I have this feeling he did kill his first wife. If he didn’t, he certainly discovered that when he was going to be given a lot of leeway for his activities. Brr. Imagine if he had been convicted of killing her, or of breaking and entering several years later. It might have slowed his roll.

    Nicole may have insisted, or at least not discouraged, their children from sleeping in one room together for reasons of her own. Clearly she doesn’t have half the spine of Elishaba Hale Doerksen to recognize and put an end to some thing that is beyond the pale.

    Read this interview – remind you of someone?

    Interestingly enough, my family owns land within the NPS (in the lower 48). We’re free to use it as we wish (within codes, of course) and even sell it. However, if we sell it to NPS, then the land is permanently park land. Our land is far closer to being ‘wilderness’ than the land Nicole and Joe are buying and I wouldn’t dream of calling it ‘wilderness’.

    Note how he purchased the land, in the days prior to GFM.


  17. Sad, “Also, I thought I saw at one time some speculation that Michelle Fischer is a Naugler sock account. Does anyone know if that’s the case?”

    No, Michelle is very much real. She is a homesteader/farmer from Ohio. Hopefully she can give the Nauglers guidance.


  18. Where is the humility?!

    I fear they all bathe at the grooming salon. Surely though, it is better than cold buckets of water in the dead of winter.

    Evidence. In Mr. and Mrs. Naugler’s “anniversary photo” posted on BLH, Mrs. Naugler’s shirt is spotted-wet from her freshly showered hair. Obviously, they had just groomed themselves, at her dog grooming salon! And worse, they posed for their anniversary photo in the “doggie photobooth” set-up specifically to photograph the dogs she grooms!! God knows what else they did there.

    ::dry heave::

    And still, as such, we see no humility! I feel such empathy for her situation, as a woman, often. I battle over whether I should be so hard on her. But then, you expect to see a humble woman and her blessed family, who show virtuous constraint, and godliness in the face of charity; and there is none – to the point of insult!

    And in reply to Sad Spiral,
    I, too, think of A******. I think of her fondly, and I send her my best wishes and thoughts of empathy. Adolescence is a very difficult, very awkward inner struggle, whilst surrounded by boys. This I know. But being surrounded by that number of boys, so varied in ages? I have unspeakable fears for her!! When there is such a lack of privacy as the kind she faces, it is a matter of her dignity at stake – at a crucial time when her self-esteem and womanhood begin to take shape. I literally hurt for her. At least she can groom herself at the salon.


  19. On this fine sunny morning I’m amused by Nicole and Charles bantering back and forth on N’s page about drugs and alcohol. I picture two people propped in a bunk side by side in the shed discussing how best to frame their comments. Or one person talking to herself on FB. Either way, the image is funny.


  20. Nicole maybe you should be doing the same thing right about now. Now is the time to be getting your garden ready for spring planting. It’s amazing how much you can get done if you put your phone down and get off of the Internet.


  21. “And worse, they posed for their anniversary photo in the “doggie photobooth” set-up specifically to photograph the dogs she grooms!! God knows what else they did there.”

    I think it is a perfect place to take a photo of a bitch.


  22. Sure you are. Your reference to Crystal is noted. Again, time spent trolling pages and trying to discredit those that have different options is time that would be well spent preparing gardens for spring planting and setting up a safe clean way to catch rain water.


  23. Sure you are. Your reference to Crystal is noted.

    Actually, “Just a wackadoodle” is in fact Crystal.


  24. Just a wackadoodle, aren’t you and the rest of the supporters like Val getting tired of Nicole’s, IMO, constant need of attention and manufacturing of drama? No one has spoken about water in months and her comes Nicole, painting herself as a victim. It is a fact that Joe took an Alford plea due menacing. Why was he charged with menacing? “Court records also show Joe Naugler faces a menacing charge for threatening a woman with a gun after trying to get water from a well on her property Sunday. That woman’s lawyer says she has now received death threats.”

    Why should we believe Joe and Nicole and not the neighbor?


  25. Why should we believe Joe and Nicole and not the neighbor?

    Especially when Joe was convicted.

    Why does she yammer away about this over and over again? Joe was trying to get water (beg, borrow, steal, whatever) from someone who did not want him to do that. It’s quite clear and obvious. He took the Alford for only one reason: his lawyer explained to him that he was going to be convicted and that by taking the Alford he might get a much reduced sentence.

    By the way, I have water here on my property. It falls out of the sky. It costs me nothing. Nicole is welcome to all of “my” water she wants. Only she may not put her big toe on my property, nor may she use the well I paid for, nor may she use the hose I paid for, nor may she run the well pump I paid for using the electricity that I pay for. Otherwise, it’s free.


  26. It is simple. If it was indeed a barter situation, pick up the phone and call to see if this is a good time to come by. It’s not like they don’t have cell phones. It’s not like going to get water is a split second decision. It takes preparation loading the water containers, driving over. What were they going to do, leave $2 under a rock, run a tab? I find these stories she fabricates to be so outrageous on their face, it barely warrants examination. More amazing to me is that some people fall for it, again and again. So there you go, I have to give the woman credit, she certainly knows how to play her audience for fools, IMO.


  27. I suppose we’ve strayed off the topic of voting but it seems the Nauglers pony-up so much ammunition they shoot their own toes off, one at a time. And we must pay our dime and visit that horror show of splattered toes, no matter how repulsed we may be. The topic today seems to be connected to Nicole’s declaration on BLH that they have not “stolen” water (just borrowed it.) Seems to me that would have been better suited to her personal page. You know the one, where she “cusses, cusses a LOT.” She doesn’t use that language on the BLH page. She wants you to believe she is “faith-driven” there and wants those readers to believe that just like she wants those readers to believe they have never ‘stolen’ (let me be generous – borrowed without asking first, then) water. Who the hell has mentioned their unauthorized borrowing of water in what? 5 months? 3 months? Certainly not in the last few months, anyway.

    Why write that little post today, Nicole? What was your point? Need to stir up some sympathy? The funds really low and you need new donations? Poor little Nicole and Joe. No one will loan you any water? “Please, please, send money – but I’m not asking for it, not really – just read between the lines…we NEED MO’ MONEY, MO’ MONEY, MO’ MONEY. All you rat-cage runners, work your a$$e$ off, pay taxes on your wages and then, send your tithe to the Church of Naugler. We are much too good to dirty out hands taking government handouts (like all you Whores of the State) but we’ll take yours because you’re just stupid enough to give it to us.”

    Damn! Just damn!


  28. Why shame the woman, because she chose not to engage in the water transaction anymore? No means…No. On her property, threatening her because she said no. Then it’s Plan B. Go down to the Walmart you frequent so much, and buy the big 2.5 gallon jugs of drinking water. No need to threaten getting a gun from the car, and “I know where you live!”.

    I might agree, it appears Joe didn’t steal that water, that time. He shouldn’t be falsely accused of stealing. And you know, it’s a ten commandments sin, in addition to being a crime. A big double whammy.

    No means No. Borrowing that from an “End Rape Campaign”, but it applies. She said, “no”. Better start regarding “no” and walk away, without threatening.


  29. I think the water came up because practically no one was commenting on her FB page with Rose BS. Funny not even the faithful were interested, (or couldn’t make sense of half of it.) So she needed to stir the ashes up a bit. Definitely always looking for handouts, (what size shoe etc, gimme a break), but she will try to bury something and lead the flock in another direction when the subject begins to veer into forbidden territory. The water drama plays well to her flock.


  30. I agree, FB Refugee. I haven’t seen water and menacing issue brought up in months. Maybe it’s part of the project she has yet to announce. I’ve got it, a rain water collection system! And the beginnings of a youfundme campaign for the project!

    See how that works. Start the drama, and play the victim. Build the pity. Provide a solution. Call for fundme pledges. Botta a boom!

    Otherwise, maybe traffic has been rather slow. Gotta wake ‘um all up.


  31. I’d like to address an aspect of the fabricated shit storm about water that Nicole Naugler stirred up today on Blessed Little Facebook.

    Nicole can deny all day long that Joe stole water or even menaced someone, but he copped to an Alford, so, guilty. Yet no one addresses the fact that he was trespassing on someone else’s property. The Nauglers do not want anyone trespassing on THEIR property, she’s reiterated “warnings” several times, and she has signs posted on their land. However, it’s okay for Prophet Joe to barge onto someone else’s property to “get” water, without notice. What about the rights of the property owner to ask him to please leave, and for him to comply without threatening? I don’t know why trespassing was not added to the charges against Joe. Perhaps our resident lawyer can comment. Regardless, it’s another footnote on the Naugler hypocrisy.

    I hope the BLB will consider a blog all about water. It’s an issue for a lot of rural land owners in KY, apparently, but apparently, many have wells, cisterns, rainwater collection systems. The Nauglers are not off-grid yet, they bathe in water from the pet grooming shop, and haul it home in buckets. They claim they decided not to drill a well, perhaps too expensive for them. A rainwater collection system is something they have been discussing for a long, long time. They’d better find a solution soon. Come April it will be round #3 of a go at that homestead garden, and watering from buckets ain’t going to cut it.


  32. ” Who the hell has mentioned their unauthorized borrowing of water in what? 5 months? 3 months?”

    They’re running up a tab obtaining the water from the business and therefore they need to drum up sympathy money. Or maybe they’re running out of money and need to grab someone’s attention and to start crying about water in the middle of winter is the best way to do it.

    Does this mean that they no longer have animals also in need of water? I find it amazing that Joe & Nicole were relying upon others for 18 months to 2 years to supply them with water for their family and their animals. That’s a lot of water. In the meantime, rather than save up your money and do something in order to have water available to you on your land, make another baby or two. Not certain if Nicole was pregnant with #10 when they signed the contract or not. Clearly #11 was conceived afterward.

    You know, I don’t recall reading anywhere that Joe said to the woman from whom he wished to take water, “Whoa, slow your roll! I can pay you for it. Here’s $xx – would that cover x buckets?” Nope, instead it was, “(Kid), get my gun out of the glove box” or some variation on the theme. Now, even if he was handing her a legal Benjamin she could have told him to scat and legally – he had to do so. Sometimes Joe, standing your ground can’t be defended. It wasn’t YOUR ground, after all. You’re lucky that someone didn’t come out of that house and beat you to a pulp in front of your kids. But that is what “evil statists” do – generally. They refrain from delivering a beat-down in front of your children. Isn’t THAT why you always bring them along? To hide behind.

    Takes a real man to make the kids do all the work and provide him with cover.


  33. Water? Whatever.

    Mr Naugler, a very large middle aged man, was charged, convicted and did jail time for menacing a woman at her home. He had some of his children with him when he chose to do that criminal act. End of story.

    Hard to get sympathy for that, isn’t it?


  34. Cynthia Bates wrote, “A rainwater collection system is something they have been discussing for a long, long time. They’d better find a solution soon. Come April it will be round #3 of a go at that homestead garden, and watering from buckets ain’t going to cut it.”

    They certainly do discuss things at length but don’t do much about them. Clearly they do this in hopes that someone else will pay for it on their behalf. Better still, they’ll buy all the components and set it up for the family, free of charge! Now, if an “evil statist” does this with their money (net) does that make them less evil, suckers or just as evil?

    It would appear that if they’re expecting a surge of largesse from a large number of neighbors they’re shit out of luck.

    It’s pretty funny how they go on and on about how they’ll catch and deal with anyone who trespasses on their land (now Nicole is bringing up cameras – so I guess they can afford to purchase and install game cameras but they can’t possibly afford the cost and time [indirect cost] to set up a rain collection system. Nor can they manage to filter the sulphur-smelling water that is available from the current well, but they can afford to purchase their water in some manner from others, or possibly get it from the shop. I can’t imagine that water is free at the shop. There should be a meter.


  35. Pfft. They’ll have another baby before a garden or rain water collection system is implemented.
    They are paying high interest on land that isn’t suitable for gardening or well water, allegedly. So, they get their food from Walmart and their utilities from the on the grid business in order to continue pretending to be off the grid homesteading family in the wilderness. Makes absolutely no sense and there are still a few on that page that think it’s just the way our ancestors lived.
    Gotta say. As lazy as they are, it must drive them crazy that they have to go around their ass to get to their elbow for food, water, and electricity.
    Take it from a rat in a cage, I love having water and food on my property at all times. Nicole posted one of her unschooling heart warmers recently about how cool it is that her kids are together all the time, not separated by pesky classrooms. One of the cool things about having our basic necessities at home is more time together as a family. We don’t have to separate to haul water. And, call me boring, but I’ve never had to ask my kid to grab my gun for anything.
    Is this her new project? Rehashing old water stories? Will fourth wall debate be next?


  36. Ellen said, “Makes absolutely no sense and there are still a few on that page that think it’s just the way our ancestors lived.”

    Makes no sense because those few don’t have a clue what is fiction and non fiction on that page. Because I’m pretty sure fast food, internet, social media, iphones, fundme, and yada yada didn’t exist in pioneer wilderness days. You were on your own, survival of the fittest. Lazy, dependent pioneers likely didn’t survive. Maybe some, by the sweat on the brow of their children.


  37. Ellen wrote, “Nicole posted one of her unschooling heart warmers recently about how cool it is that her kids are together all the time, not separated by pesky classrooms.”

    “We’re going to be a close-knit family if I have to chain you to the bed!” Erma Bombeck. I forget which book. “The Grass Is Greener Over the Septic Tank”?

    Does this mean that it’s official and they don’t engage with other families who home school? I mean, obviously they couldn’t possibly get to know kids who go to the “Evil Statist Schools” because they’ll be brainwashed zombies within minutes of meeting Those Kids (cooties!) and take the risk that they might develop friendships and get to know other adults who aren’t foaming at the mouth with paranoia. That would definitely screw up their Blessed Little Plan of keeping the kids at their sides for several more decades, raising their siblings and keeping their parents fed.

    When you limit your children’s companionship to each other, you aren’t giving them the opportunity to get to know others and see more than whatever you choose to permit them to see and discuss. I do wonder if what they worry about more: that their kids will have friends or that their kids will possibly decide that their friends’ parents aren’t entirely evil and that they may have more to offer than Joe or Nicole have let on. I’m not necessarily talking about more things – just the idea of stability and security is threatening to the Naugler parents.

    What would happen if one or more of their children were to be invited to a sleepover and they enjoyed a meal made from scratch and served to them by a parent or two? Or a meal where the kids AND the parents participate in making, serving and eating it? By Evil Statist parents, no less?

    Scary stuff, if you’re Joe and Nicole.


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