Victimizing the Dead

This has to be the worst thing I’ve seen from Cathy Harris and her supporters ever. It’s a complicated story, which I will try to keep as visual as possible to simplify it. In addition, it requires that I leave the first names of some of the people involved in place, to minimize confusion. Those who know the major players already know their names. Those who do not won’t care one way or another. I have chosen to black out a few names of people who are tangential to the story. If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact me with them.

In the seemingly never-ending search for dirt to smear on a critic of Cathy’s named Beth, the people I think of as her “Urchins” (credit to Christopher Peterman for that) came up with the little story that follows. (See note at the bottom of the page.) I’m going make comments about all this as we go.


So. We have what appears to be the text of a message from some as-yet unnamed person claiming that some other as-yet unnamed person “abandoned” her somewhere (the hospital? the airport? who can tell?) But our handy-dandy administrator (another unnamed person) very helpfully points out that the alleged meanie in this story is “a person from the CABAL OF DIABOLICAL NARCISSISTS.” OMG. That sounds really awful. And scary. Are you scared yet? How about outraged?

But in addition, just in case we miss it somehow, this text has been altered. There’s a bit of commentary added within it, the words in brackets – “[one of the Cathy-bashing club].”

The sufferer didn’t use those words in brackets because that phrase hadn’t come into existence yet. We aren’t told when this message was sent, but I’ll give you a spoiler. It was approximately a year ago, in the summer of 2013.


Since we’re dealing with the Urchins here, naturally nobody questions any of this. They just start piling on.


So what do we know now? We know that the supposed meanie here, the person who theoretically “abandoned” our sufferer, is Beth. And we know that the sufferer is named DJ. We also know that the unnamed admin knows who everyone is in this sordid little drama, because s/he goes to the trouble to say, “I wasn’t going to use names.” Therefore, s/he must have the names to use and opted not to, but oh, gee whiz, everyone already said it, so what the hell…

And Beth is roundly condemned by one and all. Urchins, unite! And whatever you do, do the form of “research” that you’ve been taught by that renowned Scholar, Camille K. Lewis –don’t bother to vet the story. Instead, just say “Wow.”

And yes, I’m still adding pages to my web site. You guys keep providing me with material. Can’t be helped.

But the sordid little saga continues. We now have Cathy Harris entering the scene, riding in on a white charger to save the day!


How nice. It’s all heavily redacted, but we know that it’s a conversation between Cathy and DJ. It’s also clearly dated August 13, and Cathy is going to “see what I can do.” And then Cathy asks “Who abandoned you?”

Aha! The Big Question. Cathy asks it. Will we get an answer? Will we?

Of course we will. We have our handy dandy admin. S/he will come to the rescue, complete with an “answer.”


Well. There you are. Straight from the horse’s mouth, sort of. “It was Beth.” The answer to the question “Who abandoned you?” And not only did Beth abandon her, Beth is also evil. She is plotting against Cathy. Oh my. Plotting and planning – a year ago. What a truly evil woman. Right?

Only, there are a few teensy little problems.

Note how everything is snipped away. No identifying name to be obscured, no date or time. Just bare bones text. So actually we do not know for certain if this was the answer to the question “Who abandoned you?” Why would DJ be “ashamed to tell” Cathy that? We really do not even know if DJ wrote this or not.

But the text below helps out, doesn’t it? DJ says “she(Beth) is the one who abandoned me.”

scissorsA good question here is who did the snipping of these segments? Did Cathy send them this way to the admin? Did she send them to a third party who then gave them to the admin? Did she send them as a complete exchange and somebody else snipped them? Why snip it like that? Why not leave the question “Who abandoned you?” and then show where our unnamed sufferer replies “It was Beth”? Why the snipping?


But it gets worse. The admin then says something cryptic- “…were you hoping Cathy would go the same way?” What does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means. DJ died several months after these events. Cause of death is pretty much unknown at this point, at least as far as I know, however there doesn’t appear to be any suspicion of foul play. She was found by her sons in her apartment. The admin is here accusing Beth of wishing Cathy would die. You didn’t misread that. S/he’s accusing Beth of hoping that Cathy would die just like DJ did.

And then one of the tangential Urchins, who has nothing to do with any of this except morbid curiosity, I guess, tosses in this gem:


As I am writing this, that comment has been there for more than 36 hours, and nobody has offered a reply or an explanation or anything. Nobody has corrected the really horrible implication here. Nobody has said anything, and they’ve gone on to fry other fish. (See note at the bottom of the page.)

After all, they’ve made their accusations, presented what they call “proof,” and made their nasty comments.

But what is the real story?

What really happened? Did Beth take DJ to the airport and toss her out on the blacktop as she circled the drive, and leave her lying there in agony, with her wound splitting open? Did Beth walk out of her hospital room and say, “Fuck you. I’m outta here. Get home the best way you can, bitch”? Did Beth decide that she had too much plotting and planning to do arranging for Cathy to die to be bothered with DJ?

Inquiring minds want to know. What kind of evil, awful person is this Beth?

When you don’t know, you know what you do? You ask. And you don’t ask one person. You ask several people. It’s really not hard. You just ask.

Might somebody tell you some lies? Sure. Might they get some stuff wrong, or might you misunderstand some of it? Sure. But if you ask around, you find out that a far more plausible answer emerges.

DJnotBeth1This is the beginning of a private message (used with permission of Anonymous – DJ cannot, of course, give her permission) between DJ and Anonymous. Note the date. August 13. Where have we seen that before? Oh, yes, in the conversation between Cathy and DJ above, where Cathy asks the question “Who abandoned you?” I’m including all the conversation here, as I received it. It’s only divided because of the size of the computer monitor used to do the screen shots. I’m keeping in all the dates and times and everything and even overlapping where I could so that you can see it’s one continuous conversation. In this first section we see that DJ does, in fact, have a smidgen of an issue with Beth.


What? What am I reading? “I knew she and April were helping.” Note the times. One minute between these two comments from Anonymous. “I knew she and April were helping.”

Who in the hell is April?

But then, DJ replies: “She wasn’t the one who abandoned me. It was her friend.” “It was her friend.”

And the great part. Please note it. “She (Beth) knows why… but she refuses to tell me. So, to me, that’s just as bad.” Remember that.



So now where are we? We don’t have two people involved in this. We have three. Who is April?


Come to find out, April is a woman who lives in the same state where Beth and DJ were living at the time. DJ refers to April as “her friend,” meaning Beth’s friend, but DJ actually knew April too. They seem to have all had connections at the same Christian school. Beth’s first connection with DJ via Facebook personally (apart from seeing her on groups) was in March 2013. I won’t post screen shots of those conversations because they are irrelevant, but they do show that Beth didn’t have a long-term relationship with DJ.

When Beth saw that DJ was very nervous about having this surgery, she mentioned their mutual friend, April, who had some experience in home health, as a possible helper. A win-win, Beth thought. April gets a short-term job, DJ gets some help. The problem was, though, that April had no reliable transportation and lived about a four-hour drive from DJ.

No problem, right? Beth stepped up and volunteered to drive April up to DJ’s home in northern Florida. Surgery was scheduled for a few days later in Ft. Lauderdale.


I’ll let DJ tell you about it.

So, after the drive up to DJ’s and a nice dinner at Chili’s, Beth went home. And that was the end of Beth’s involvement in the care of DJ.


DJ was appreciative after the fact.

So, what happened? Damned if I know. Something went wrong between an employer (DJ) and her employee (April). And April quit her job. This appears to have happened at the hospital in Ft. Lauderdale, after the surgery and before DJ was scheduled to fly back home. If you want to know more, you’ll probably have to talk to April. One thing to keep in mind is that no hospital anywhere allows a patient to leave if the patient cannot care for herself or doesn’t have competent help available. It’s absolutely irrelevant to this situation, though, because April is not Beth.

But, but, but, DJ said that Beth knew why April quit and wouldn’t tell DJ, so Beth is just as bad, isn’t she? That’s what DJ said, isn’t it?

Suppose your neighbor, Bill (who you know only slightly), comes over to your house one day and says, “I have a leak in my basement plumbing and I do not know how to fix it. I think it’s going to be a job for a real plumber.” And you say, “Gee, I went to high school with a guy who is a plumber. His name is Fred. Maybe he can help you. Let me get his number for you.”

And your neighbor calls Fred and Fred comes out to fix the plumbing. And during the fix-it job, Fred and Bill realize they need a third pair of hands, and you volunteer to help. You hold a wrench or two and the job is done. You go home to watch the game.


A week later, Bill comes over to your house, just irate. “That damn Fred. That SOB. He did a terrible job. My plumbing still leaks, and you should see the bill!” You say, “Gee, I’m sorry to hear that, Bill.”

How are you supposed to respond if Bill says, “I think you should pay Fred’s bill and furthermore, you should arrange to have my plumbing fixed right. After all, Fred is your friend and you recommended him”?

That, folks, is what happened. Beth tried to facilitate some help for DJ, a woman she barely knew; went to the trouble to drive four hours to take April to DJ’s place, and had done her good deed, and went home. Then when it went sour, for whatever reason, DJ demands that Beth tell her why, and furthermore, seems to feel that Beth somehow owed her something.

But regardless of what DJ thought about Beth, the fact remains that somebody, either Cathy or one of her Urchins, decided that it would be a good idea to try to alter the story and use a dead woman to lie about a living one. And that is low. Just about as low as it gets.


Yeah, Camille. I’m very afraid it is exactly that.


When this page went up yesterday, I had included links to the original stuff posted over on Truth Seeking 2nd Edition. It appears that they have scrubbed the false accusations and commentary, which is good news indeed. As my husband wryly said, “Maybe they’ve actually found some truth this time.”

It’s not entirely gone. The scrubber missed some.

Oh, my, my. I have been informed that “nothing was scrubbed.” It’s just supposedly hidden. Only it’s not hidden. You figure it out, because I can’t. It’s hidden but I can see it. And then of course, what follows is just some ranting about how evil I am, along with some other people.


April has decided to step forward. Good for her. Here is the last message she received from DJ via Facebook. Note the day: August 2, 2013. Note the comment “It’s good to be home.” This is after her surgery, after she’s arrived back home. After.


Not only is she not mad at anyone, she’s thankful for the help she received. And lest anyone try to intimate that this wasn’t really written to April, she specifically mentions “you and Beth” coming back up to her area to “hang out.”

Facts. They are annoying when you’ve set your heart on a fake story with a fake plot and fake accusations against another person. I know it’s irritating as hell to have people come forward and point out that you were lying, just plain lying, but that’s what happens in the big real world. And for whatever it’s worth, it’s exactly 11:57 a.m. right now as I’m writing this. I think that is just ironic as everything in light of the Great Prayer Session that is just ending. I guess “God” really, really likes the truth, after all.

And I am not obscuring DJ’s name or photo anymore. This has gone into libelous territory. DJ cannot be hurt by any of this, but Beth can and is being slandered terribly.


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5 thoughts on “Victimizing the Dead”

  1. Who is this Cathy woman?! The level of manipulation to control so many people is simply mind boggling. Have any of the people she’s impersonated, plagiarized, or slandered spoken up?


  2. Have any of the people she’s impersonated, plagiarized, or slandered spoken up?

    For a long time, they just hid. When they would try to fight back, she would come after them. Her influence is greatly diminished now, although she still has a few true believers. It’s not very different from Joe and Nicole declaring repeatedly that my son committed suicide. Say it often enough and it becomes “true.”


  3. Vultures, manipulators and liars I think. Just swell.

    Who writes an ill woman (soon to be gone) to check to make sure she has forwarded “everything I sent you?” Wtf? Who plays mind games with a disabled person in order to further their own agenda of stupidity? Not only do they not let this lady RIP but apparently they were more than willing to use her before her death. You know, self serving priorities.

    As to Beth. No good deed goes unpunished it seems when that crew is looking for trouble. Try not to let them ruin it for everyone else you think of helping or yourself. You showed more graciousness and charity in your actions than they could ever hope to muster up. They’re too busy being lying, manipulating, self serving witches.


  4. Then when it went sour, for whatever reason, DJ demands that Beth tell her why, and furthermore, seems to feel that Beth somehow owed her something.

    Perhaps she did behave this way at some point if she was feeling particularly wretched, which isn’t as uncommon as we would like it to be. I don’t know what sort of surgery she had, but I can readily imagine a bad patch and the less pleasant personality traits coming to the forefront at least for a short time. It does sound as though DJ appreciated April and Beth’s efforts. If DJ behaved badly, she tried to make amends.


  5. I don’t know what sort of surgery she had,

    Back surgery.

    Fundy Christians can get really demanding sometimes. They get this idea that “real Christians” should give them shit.


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