Vet What You Read

Nicole wants everyone to read this.

Here’s the link.

I almost hesitate to do that because the more traffic the article gets, the more likely HuffPo is to think it’s bona fide, and I hate that.

However, in the interest of fairness. . .

The summary is basically that the author is claiming that CPS and family courts tend to give custody of children to the parent that is less capable and withhold custody from the parent that is more capable.

She’s not talking about CPS taking children from a couple who are together. She is talking about couples who are split.

Her reasoning is that CPS knows that the supposed unfit parent won’t bother to fight for the kid, and the fit parent will, and that will generate revenue for the state in court costs and stuff.

In the article, the author give no sources for any of her claims. She cites one book, which I frankly didn’t bother to look up, and in a minute you’ll see why.

There you have the TL;DR version, even shorter than the so-called short version. I’d hate to see the long one.

So who wrote this screed and how did it end up on Huffington Post?

This is the disclaimer that appeared beside the article.  This is not the main part of Huffington Post. It’s the “Contributor platform.”

This is also the main reason why, even though HuffPo is liberal, and even though I often agree with their political view, I consider them a dubious source.  I always look up an author who writes anything there.  I never just accept it.  And most of the time, if HuffPo is reporting it, there are better reports available from more reputable sources.

HuffPo is not the World Net Daily or of the left, but frankly, it’s not any better than Fox.  Read at your own risk. More about that later.

So who is Patricia Mitchell, the author?

Here’s her bio from HuffPo.

I immediately saw red flags.  Here they are, starting with the opening sentence. The grammar is atrocious.  Just bad.  Capitalization all skewed, punctuation horrible, you name it.  It’s bad.

She starts by telling us how accomplished she is, how totally gorgeous she is, and how fabulously educated she is, a regular Miss High Society.  Well, except for those pesky English courses, in spite of her claim that she minored in English and is a college graduate. I strongly doubt both those claims unless

She’s a “professional photographer,” which qualifies her for nothing except taking pictures (if it’s even true).

And toward the bottom, we see that she is a “child advocate.”  She has not a single credential that would qualify her for that title (if it’s even a thing).

So, I went to Google and looked for her.

Dear FSM, I found her.

This appears to be her original blog.

She obviously found that whole blogging thing hard, as she only produced about five articles in about two years, mostly about her.

The lead article, just so we all know it, is about her, of course.

I will let you guess.  Take all the time you need.

This is her second attempt at a web presence.

While breathtakingly ugly, she seems to have tried a little harder.

But on both sites, she puts her own story front and center.

Have you guessed yet?

Here’s the summary.

She had a brief fling with a guy. They split up. She had a baby, a little girl.  She went home to family. Her entire family is mean and  all of them connived against her. Family stole her stuff. Mother attacked her with a poker. Dad hit her or something. Sister works for CPS.  Family connived to steal her kid and give the kid to the father who lived in a school bus with no electricity or plumbing. In other words, he nauglered it.

CPS decided that he was a better option as parent than she was, which is saying something.

She fought back.  She lost.  Parental rights terminated.

Oh, and she’d like to raise one million dollars (please donate) so she can fight against evil CPS.

She used about five million words to say that. Read it if you want. The grammar and spelling are just as bad as the bio was.

This is the reason that it’s a very good idea to vet stories coming out of Huffington Post.

Here’s a handy little graphic.  People on the right appear to disagree with this assessment, but I think it’s pretty spot on.  I found several things interesting when I first saw it.

First, it confirms my instincts about Addicting Info, which I never read anymore at all. It made me question HuffPo more than I ever had before. In addition, I added some reading of The Hill, the Wall Street Journal, and the Economist to my reading diet even though they skew to the right.

But mainly, I try to stay within the gray circle in the middle.






41 thoughts on “Vet What You Read”

  1. The world was against her, people are mean…

    I’m betting a mean drug habit had something to do with her predicament.

    You know what I want? I want these people to come up with one case, just one, where their story about how the system wronged them by terminating their parental rights that does not fall apart after a tiny scratch on the surface.

    I’ll wait.


  2. I too looked into the background of this woman and found this

    My thoughts on this woman through her own postings and words are as follows:

    1. She needs to get her money back on her education.

    2. I wonder why she couldn’t just call her NY society friends for help and instead flew back to see her high society friends and ask for help. That boggles my mind that she would leave the state knowing her daughter was kidnapped. Where did she get the money to do that??

    3. In one story she posted how she was the only one of her siblings to educate and uplift her life from their abusive background, but then somehow her sister was able to get a job high up in CPS and have all this influence.

    4. The baby daddy. Yeah. Don’t believe her.

    5. She sounds a lot like Nicole & Joe. Especially and even when she speaks of relatives (poor, druggies, alcoholics, uneducated) were to hard to fight for custody.

    6. The whole story is fishy.

    7. It’s a HuffPost piece. Not quite an onion piece, but still, nothing more than an opinion piece.

    8. Somehow Nicole thinks that this woman is credible and shows that she too had her child stolen even and ESPECIALLY because she was such a fit parent (like what happened when Alex was taken and even & ESPECIALLY when the ten were taken).

    9. Nicole is broken. Not just her teeth and reproductive organs, but more importantly her mind is broken, shattered even. My heart does break for her and for her children.

    10. Joe. Joe. You are a sick, sick man not only in body, but, even and ESPECIALLY in mind and spirit. I pity your poor family, and I will never donate to yo again.


  3. Umm, Sally…….An observation/conclusion, a question, and, finally, another conclusion about the Board Members of “Patricia’s Children”…….

    First, after reading Patricia’s OMG, so over the top bloviating bio, I am nearly certain that we have located the Profit’s Birth Family! I also did not realize (until reading this atrocity) that NoJo was a twin! SMH.

    Secondly, the Secretary of “Patricia’s Kids”, who is said to be Maralee McLean, is also a Child Advocate. She became an advocate after “losing custody of her 3 year old child to the father who sexually abused their child for over a decade.” I know Math is hard, but can you please help me understand how a 3 year old child has been abused for over a decade? I assume that the child who was abused for over a decade is the elder sibling of the 3 year old, but there is no mention of this other child? Color me confused.

    Final conclusion……I do know, or about 99.9999% certain that the author of this blog was NOT an English major, nor an English minor.


  4. I had similar thoughts as Theskyisfalling.
    I’m amazed Patricia who claims she is so intelligent and sophisticated would fall for this loser of a guy. There is more to this story she is not telling.
    I also wondered why she didn’t contact a NYC lawyer to help her out. I mean, she says she was high society. She must have known one.
    There are a lot of holes in her crazy story. It makes me wonder what was really going on. Also, her daughter is an adult now. Has she tried to contact her and have a relationship with her?


  5. After reading this blog, I did a quick google search to see if I could locate anything on Patricia Mitchell’s acting and modeling career. Curiosity sake and all that.

    I found 3 pics of someone who could be her in 1986 discussing a brief modeling career and 2 films that had a Patricia Mitchell playing a minor minor role in 2008 and 2009. Hmmmmm Long career that isn’t.

    This just shows that anyone can pretend to be anything on the interwebs.


  6. Damn it NN and HH, I made popcorn for that long awaited LIVE video, and again you screwed the pooch,, damn you .


  7. I agree with everyone else here. We aren’t getting the true story. Just the fact that Patricia Mitchell skipped town abandoning her daughter during a custody battle is telling. If she was telling truth about being a world traveler, her high society lifestyle and high paying modeling jobs you would think she would not have been relegated to moving in with her parents and applying for food stamps. If her baby daddy conned all her money from her, it must not have been enough to get him out of the bus and to be able to rent an apartment. And I’m sure she also would have had at least a few contacts with resources to call upon to help her out.

    I could not decide who Patricia Mitchell reminded me more of… Cathy Harris, or Joe and Nicole. I think it just may be a tie as to what degree they all claim to have been victimized.


  8. I went rummaging around a bit and also stumbled over the Parent magazine covers that she says are hers from September – November 2000. Plus the exhibition in Woodstock, NY isn’t quite as she portrayed it to be. Ditto for her long-time boyfriend in NYC.

    She’s a rank piece of work. Unlike Cathy, she did testify before the Michigan state legislature but the pdf makes it clear that it’s unlikely she was persuasive. 18 minutes of rambling.


  9. Patricia Rose Mitchell, right? The ‘highlights’ are below.

    In any event, there was evidence that respondent Patricia Mitchell attempted to take the child against her parents’ will.

    Respondent Mitchell’s drunk driving conviction was relevant and admissible because it related to an allegation in the petition.
    Moreover, Mitchell did not object to the evidence regarding the assault charges or convictions or the illegal entry conviction and, therefore, has not preserved this aspect of the issue for appeal.

    Both parents subjected the child to harm by engaging in verbal and physical altercations in the child’s presence. They were even known to
    engage in a literal tug of war over the child. Respondent Mitchell was unable to provide proper care and custody on a consistent basis despite counseling and child-care services and, rather than attempt to
    work toward reunification, she left the state.
    Funny that she doesn’t tell anyone exactly what episode of Law & Order: SVU she was in, nor does she name the movie(s) and her roles; if she had such a great modeling career, why not share more photos?


  10. Dear Nicole Naugler,
    Well, you so sound like a Journalist “want to be.” First of all readers that read these comments should know that ALL the comments except two, came from the same Computer! hmmmmmm I wonder why. ( I have the best Russian hacker dude that works for me, not to hack but to find the source of who hacks me)so all these so called comments came from “want to be” writer Nicole Nauger. Nicole, I did indeed receive an English Minor from Kings College in the UK! Graduated with a 3.7 receiving a four year degree in two and half years. 🙂 I am positive that you would absolutely NEVER have been accepted to any of the prestigious Colleges that I attended. In a desperate attempt to discredit me, you even go after my looks, (??) repeatedly and somewhere is your delusional mind believe that my BIO includes me talking about “how gorgeous” I am, you may want to read it again (without thinking about how pretty you think I am) If you are desperate to see some of my modeling career, you can go to my face book page I scanned for the first time 1/10 of my modeling career, (the rest is in storage) and I post 2% of my modeling career on facebook, in Oct Nov. Dec. But, i am sure it will appear to you to be a years worth of modeling jobs, so have fun viewing of my ‘tear sheets’ from all around the world, photos of me in Greek Magazines, Germany Magazines, Italian Magazines, etc etc etc etc. Thanks for the recognition on google, where do i send you a box of chocolate? 🙂 If you knew anything about good writing or IF you went to a good College or Univ. the first thing you would of learned, is that punctuation, spelling and grammar have NOTHING whatsoever to do with good writing. But in elementary schools and in City/Community Colleges ( which teach only elementally basics) one is taught that “spelling, punctuation, grammar is the bases of good writing. Well dear if thats the best you can do with trying to discredit me, then you have only giving me a complement. You read the appeal about my case, there were no drugs and no reasons for the State taking my rights away, it was ONLY my sister and mothers acts of cruelty that resulted in my child separated from me. They simply refused my court ordered visitations for 5 months, so i left to get help, and behind my back, without notifying me, held a trial for abandonment. And the only two reasons other then abandonment never occurred (though i do not expect you to believe me) the other two reasons were altercations i had with the father in front of the child, which did not happened because we did not live to together. However, there was tug of war with my child when he took her from me and said he was going back to live in that bus, i was charged with assault in attempt to protect my child, and the illegal entry just never happened, a 100% lie, (I don’t expect you to believe but this is the truth) those were my crimes… which in the States mind were reasons why i should never see my child again. (my sister was the State, who stoled from me and trashed me way before i had a child) And if you think that being a family first agent/CPS is a good high up job/career, like you said about my sister’s position, i just have to make the hilarious/crying face. CPS agents have authority, but the majority of them don’t even have any college experience, many of them are high school drop outs, and most are so uneducated and thug like, that prison inmates are affiliated with CPS workers, they are one in the same. 🙂 🙂 This is a clear red flag that you are 100% clueless about this topic, and do not know what you are talking about, thus wasting your precious time. Yes it was unusual that i hooked up with that dude, but it was at a festival where people were camping for weeks at a time, I have no regrets about having my child. Yes it was stupid to go back to an estranged family in my time of need, but i was told by my friends in NYC that abusive parents/families change once the adult child (victim of abuse) has a child, and i was 9 months pregnant, so I wrongly believed they would have compassion. My mother, sister, dad and the father of my child were all extremely abusive violent towards my child, every attempt to protect my child, I was blamed or prosecuted for these attempts. All four people have history of violence towards people/children and animals. I can HEAR your frustration that you do not have a respectful writing position as i do, at the Huffington Post. All my Huffpost publications have footnotes and clear sources, my editor reviews my work before it is published. The editors at Huffpost are Career Editors with Phd’s and worked for the New York Times for 30 plus years before transferring to the Huffington Post. I twice have published articles in the Huffpost that included my footnotes, so people like you could research yourself where the source came from. Picking a part articles that clearly you has zero knowledge about, is a waste of your time dear. I attend conferences where 3000 professionals attend, from every State in the US. And like me all these professionals have full knowledge of the corruption in Family/CPS courts. (thats what the conferences are about and are attended by journalist/writers and media) You are wasting you years tearing down articles that educate the public. Whats interesting is that the very article that you attempt to discredit, got a huge complementary response from several DC organizations (that have been around for 40 years) Praising that very article to my editors (that you tried so hard to discredit) which in return my editors forwarded me the complements. Perhaps i will publish one of them here on the comment space. I wish you better luck in the future. It truly sounds like you are on a losing streak in your career and life. I hope you can find something good, sound and meaningful in your life that will take you away from hating people that are doing good in the world. Best Wishes, Patricia Mitchell Huffington Post Contributor


  11. Patricia Mitchell

    LOL Patricia, Nicole Naugler is not here. She is not the author of this blog. She thinks you’re great.

    my editor reviews my work before it is published.

    The poor person is probably ready to quit. You write poorly. You might look up something called “paragraphs.”

    Perhaps i will publish one of them here on the comment space.

    No, you won’t. You’ve used up all the space you’re getting.


  12. ALL the comments except two, came from the same Computer!

    This is not true. You don’t have any Russian hackers. You are a joke.


  13. Hahahahahahahaha! That has got to be one of the worst formulated arguments I have ever read! Patricia Mitchell, you and Nicole Naugler would be in good company. Both narcissistic nut jobs. Oh my, seriously hilarious. I hope she doesn’t spend much on her “Russian hacker”. Hahahahahahah!


  14. Poor girl Nicole that wrote this, is now claiming that she did not write the blog trying to discredit Patricia Mitchell. Poor Nicole, simply wasting away into nothingness. you should try to get a job and self worth. you only complement me and Huffington Post. you to afraid and shameful to have name and face. You only generated traffic to my post, and I have received nothing but praise for that article in particular. Look i know you are from the south where you have Zero education, and zero knowledge of the world and domestic matters, but truly every thing you said screams out that you don’t know what you are talking about. sorry to See that you have no paying job in journalism, like I do. And after reading your blog and the way your mind thinks upside down, you will never have a job in writing or journalism. 🙁 You should have educated yourself instead of becoming obese, becoming a drug addict, ending up living in a trailer park in the South, hiding behind a computer eating potato chips, trying… but failing to discredit people in the world doing real things that matter. 🙂


  15. Poor girl Nicole that wrote this, is now claiming that she did not write the blog trying to discredit Patricia Mitchell.

    Patricia, you dumb shit. You stupid shit. I thought you had Russian hackers. My name is Sally Davis. I am not Nicole. I am the author of this blog. I don’t need a job in journalism. I don’t need a job at all. But if you were so brilliant and really had Russian hackers, you’d know all that.


  16. Dear, I do know all that .. and your real name is McKayla “Mckay” and you have a son named “Dalton” you are super ugly and fat.. and you live in trailer park or like a trailer park!! you failed at everything you did so you decided to make a life out of targeting the beautiful and successful people that are doing ALL the Good in this world. 🙂 I would up load a recent photo (vomiting) of you but i can’t. 🙂 🙂

    [Admin note: I am allowing this comment, making sure the identity of the writer is clear, just so Google will find it.]


  17. null

    Patricia, seriously, give up.

    I’ve told you. My name is Sally Davis. It’s all over this blog. Your Russian hacker should have found it easily.


  18. Patricia certainly doesn’t believe in spelling, grammar, appropriate capitalization, punctuation or paragraphs, does she? Did she pay royalties to Cat Stevens for butchering his song?

    Once you’re approved you’ll receive a username and password. Then you can start contributing posts at will.

    Yep, you no longer have to wait for the editors to review your contributions and can see your work published almost immediately.

    Obviously this means that anyone and everyone can become a Huffington Post blogger, which kind of muddies up their brand since there aren’t any standards anymore.

    It’s turning into a Medium of sorts — or nothing too special.

    Clearly that is what happened in Patricia Mitchell’s case. The lack of editing impossible to miss.


  19. How did I miss all this. It’s da bomb in bat shit crazy.

    All joking aside her poor bio daughter. Luckily family was there to fill in and give that young woman a stable and good life. It’s wasn’t bad enough that the poor young lady suffered through a traumatic early childhood, but now in her adult years she is being haunted by the very public spectacle her bio mom is making of her life. All, it would appear, so the bio mom can grasp her last dying moments in the ever diminishing spotlight she seems to so desperately crave. After all, this is all about Patricia Mitchell isn’t it? Her “once upon a time” baby girl seems to be just a prop for Patricia to glorify herself in.

    Almost everything Patricia Mitchell writes, and poorly at that, is about herself. “Me, me, and more me. LOOK AT ME. “ It doesn’t seem like she has learned anything about being a mother yet.

    Russian hacker? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    Who do you have to blow at Huff to get illiterate drivel “published.” Asking for a frenemy.


  20. you decided to make a life out of targeting the beautiful and successful people that are doing ALL the Good in this world.

    Does the backwater churl truly believe what she writes? She’s hardly successful if she lost custody of her daughter and the young lady refuses to interact with her to this day. Where were all of her well-heeled friends when she was pregnant, or shortly thereafter? Apparently beauty isn’t enough. Who knew that personality and character mattered.

    *rolls eyes*


  21. I have had a bad day with a lot of pain.
    But ….. this has cheered me up no end.
    Funny shit! seriously funny shit!
    McKayla – McKay – Macfunnyshit!


  22. Hey Patty,

    As long as you’re busy airbrushing your career, why don’t you list all your acting jobs and your screen name?


  23. Case #: 1995-14133 DC County: Grand Traverse
    Case Type: CUSTODY
    Name Plaintiff/Defendant Attorney P-Number Alias
    BONSELL, BRIAN Plaintiff

    Pretty depressing reading. Glad her daughter was adopted by her aunt and uncle.

    Everyone in that court room knew the truth (I showed my College Degree and my class records 3.2 average, hundreds of photos of me in magazines as a fashion model, and as a personality in NY society) except for the misinformed jury.

    You’re delusional, Patricia.


  24. Me and my cousin Darrin a congressman, and that side of the family (my dads side) are good, loving, stable, honest and very $$ successful! They will all tell you the truth!

    These Blogs includes my adventures living and working as a Fashion Model around the world, and as an admired social lite by high society in New York City, Europe and in Exotic places where the highly successful & wealthy reside.

    Tell us again about your modesty. Also, why didn’t that side of the family come testify on your behalf if you are all that and buttered bread to boot?


  25. Hey Trisha Rose (Patricia Rose Mitchell), if you have the world’s most successful people as clients and guided others to financial abundance, shouldn’t you be able to do that for yourself? Why aren’t you dipping into your stash of money to take on CPS instead of relying on the generosity of others?

    I hope you’re no longer scamming students at Bard College.

    Receiving Unlimited Abundance
    Personal Growth and Transformation…
    Trisha Rose was taught by the founding teachers of this New Age/Ancient method, over 25 years ago in Taos, New Mexico at the Brahman Ranch; This method will allow you to manifest your choices in life. Through her spiritual understanding, Trisha Rose has guided hundreds of people from all over this world into massive ABUNDANCE, Financial Abundance, Extreme Career Advancements, Personal Abundance and much more. Her clients are the most successful people on this planet; from movie stars, rock stars to billionaires. And now, Trisha Rose is bringing these secrets to the General Population. You will discover hidden ANSWERS that are within you, and you will receive ANSWERS to the questions you have been asking your whole life. Through participating in this method of exercises, one will directly experience the SHIFT that needs to happen to change one’s perception, therefore resulting in success.

    Welcome to the new Trisha Rose Workshops page. Within you resides all the answers to every challenge in your life. Trisha Rose has guided hundreds of people from all over the world into Personal, Financial and Career Abundance.


  26. For Patti. Maybe her attorney and her accounting firm can explain it to her in very short words.

    What are the penalties for failure to comply with the disclosure requirements for exempt organizations tax documents, and who must pay them?

    Responsible persons of a tax-exempt organization who fail to provide the documents as required may be subject to a penalty of $20 per day for as long as the failure continues. There is a maximum penalty of $10,000 for each failure to provide a copy of an annual information return. There is no maximum penalty for the failure to provide a copy of an exemption application.

    What tax documents must an exempt organization make available for public inspection and copying?

    An exempt organization must make available for public inspection its exemption application. An exemption application includes the Form 1023 (for organizations recognized as exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3)), Form 1024 (for organizations recognized as exempt under most other paragraphs of section 501(c)), or the letter submitted under the paragraphs for which no form is prescribed, together with supporting documents and any letter or document issued by the IRS concerning the application. A political organization exempt from taxation under section 527(a) must make available for public inspection and copying its notice of status, Form 8871.

    In addition, an exempt organization must make available for public inspection and copying its annual return. Such returns include Form 990 , Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax, Form 990-EZ , Short Form Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax, Form 990-PF, Return of Private Foundation, Form 990-BL , Information and Initial Excise Tax Return for Black Lung Benefit Trusts and Certain Related Persons, and the Form 1065 , U.S. Partnership Return of Income.

    A section 501(c)(3) organization must make available for public inspection and copying any Form 990-T, Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return, filed after August 17, 2006. Returns must be available for a three-year period beginning with the due date of the return (including any extension of time for filing). For this purpose, the return includes any schedules, attachments, or supporting documents that relate to the imposition of tax on the unrelated business income of the charity. See Public Inspection and Disclosure of Form 990-T for more information.


  27. Not only did she coin the phrase “ground zero,” she thinks she was “center point for both the media and civilians. From early in the morning until late at night, I was surrounded by new friends, these talking heads and powerful individuals that lead the media.” Sure, sure Patricia.


  28. Check out pages 8 & 9. Took Patricia long enough to get that 501c3. I also contacted the Hudson Valley Film Commission as she has advertised on their site. I figured if she was that important, well, they would have heard of her.

    Jan 29 at 4:48 PM
    Hudson Valley Film Commission

    The name doesn’t ring a bell.
    We know many of the photographers on the directory but not all of them

    Laurent Rejto
    Hudson Valley Film Commission

    The Hudson Valley Film Commission will help with location, cast & crew referrals, vendors and more! The Hudson Valley Film Commission is a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization that promotes and creates sustainable economic development by supporting and attracting film, video and media production in the Hudson Valley and Catskill counties of Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster.

    > On Jan 29, 2018, at 4:16 PM, A wrote:
    > Good afternoon,
    > I was writing today to ask if anyone has worked with Patricia Mitchell and whether or not they would recommend hiring her. Is she still affiliated with your organization?
    > Thank you.

    Shocking, right?


  29. Bentley Historical Library
    To: (redacted)
    bentley ref

    Mar 5 at 10:47 AM

    Dear (redacted),

    Thank you again for contacting the Bentley Historical Library. I spent some time going through the folders you suggested, and was not able to find the name “Patricia Mitchell”. Unfortunately, the folders that contain the debate winners and finalists only contain photos, none of which had names on the back, so it was not possible for me to tell whether or not Ms. Mitchell was in any of the photographs.

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


    Emily Swenson
    Project Archivist
    On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 7:01 PM

    As she was born in 1962, I’m going out on a limb and will guess the following may have something about her – if there is anything at all. She states she won the children’s storytelling portion but it appears that didn’t exist until the 1990’s.

    Box 16
    Programs — State Drama Finals (folder) 1970/71-1990/91

    Box 20
    Debate Teams circa 1976
    Box 20
    State Debate 1977-1996 (9 folders)
    Box 24
    Contests 1969/70-1999/00 (31 folders)


  30. Pay attention Patricia!

    Expected Delivery by


    March 8, 2018 at 12:02 pm
    In Transit to Next Facility
    On its way to KINGSTON, NY 12402


  31. Oh, if anyone else is interested in obtaining the Form 1023 (application package), exemption letter and 990’s out of Patricia Mitchell without running the gauntlet of crazy, it will cost you $10 for the copying and postage. Heaven forbid she should actually scan it and email it to you. Or better yet – post it on her charity’s web site so it will fulfill the requirements of publicly available and make it hassle-free for her to provide. EIN 47-4255509

    You may want to wait until after her charity has shown up on the New York State charitable registry site, first.

    You know, IF she has actually paid for that PO Box in Kingston, NY. She says the postmaster is holding the box and mail for her. Which I very much doubt, but she may have told the truth.

    Patricia’s Children, Inc.
    POB 1703
    Kingston, NY 12402-1703


  32. Almost time to pull yourself together and pick up your money order next week, Patricia.

    March 10, 2018, 12:02 pm
    In Transit to Next Facility
    On its way to KINGSTON, NY 12402

    The item is currently in transit to the next facility as of March 10, 2018.
    March 10, 2018, 8:37 am
    Available for Pickup
    KINGSTON, NY 12402

    March 10, 2018, 6:09 am
    Arrived at Unit
    KINGSTON, NY 12401 <—– See Patricia? There are no PO Boxes at the 12401 facility. That's why you eventually changed it on your web site, because I pointed it out to you.


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