Vengeance is Mine

After I posted a link on my Facebook page to this blog piece that I wrote, someone made a comment. Because that posting was a link and I wanted to be sure as many people as possible saw it, and because I know that a good many people follow my public posts but aren’t my Facebook friends, it was set to “public.” My public posts allow for anyone to comment. And someone did. Actually, several people did.

The comment pissed off the Queen.

And what ensued is a perfect, beautiful, tailor-made example of what Camille K. Lewis does when she’s mad.

First, she doesn’t generally acknowledge her irritation directly. She finds somebody else to serve as her spokesperson, or she hides behind a fake identity. In this case, she uses Dan “The Prick” Keller as her spokesperson.

I am not saying that Camille actually dictates what she wants written to Dan, like “verbal plenary inspiration” or anything. What Camille does is express her outrage, or quietly acquiesce as Dan expresses his outrage on her behalf, and tacitly gives her approval to what he does. He knows what will please her, and he’s desperate to do so—for some reason—so he jumps to attention and begins pounding away on his keyboard whenever he thinks he can earn brownie points. Furthermore, as you’ll see, she digs up information for him. While I’m sure he’s capable of using Google, this whole thing smacks of Camille and her sort of “research.”

It’s sort of like the lieutenant in the cheesy Mafia movie who just “knows” that the boss wants Scarface offed, so he quietly arranges for the hit and then the boss can deny any knowledge of any of it.

This is X’s offending remark. He “called Camille a cunt.” Actually, he didn’t use the word, but yeah, we all got it that was what he was alluding to.

I don’t really like that word. I don’t like it because it’s so derogatory to women, and I don’t like to say it. I know that is inconsistent – I don’t mind “prick” and it’s derogatory to men, so what’s the difference? There really isn’t any. But I still don’t use the word.

However, I do not get all huffy and upset when somebody does use it. X was describing his disdain for Camille K. Lewis. So what? I think she is worthy of disdain and have documented quite carefully over a period of 15 months now exactly why I think that.

But the Queen was irritated. And when the Queen is irritated, she is going to wreak havoc if she can.

Dan begins by posting X’s photo, which was taken (stolen) from X’s Facebook page – it was one of the only photos of X that was set to public – and which I will not reproduce here.

Then he tells us where X works. That’s not too terrible, since X tells us himself on his FB page, but hang on.

So, he tells us what he believes X’s salary is. This is probably public information due to the nature of his job, but still . . . And then he explains that X donates money to BJU.

Oh, the horror of it. Somebody donates money to Bob Jones University. Who ever thought that was possible?

The Queen “donated” money to BJU for seventeen years, by her own admission. She worked there when she could have made more money with her wonderful mushy doctorate elsewhere. That’s a donation any way you look at it. But that was okay, I suppose, because it’s her.

People donate money to all sorts of causes. Christians donate regularly to Christian churches and many para-church organizations. Lots of people donate money to their alma mater for some reason. We donate to secular organizations.

This is just weird. “Don’t believe me?”

Dan, you dilbert doofus, why would we not believe you? Yes, we believe you. It’s not about whether or not you’re telling the truth. It’s about what an inappropriate response this is.

But then Dan dives in with both feet. He tells us all about X, including some shit about X’s grandfather (and the implication there is that X has the same faults/failures that Dan—Camille, actually—has decided that X’s grandfather had).

And Dan wants us to be outraged about this because X has connections to BJU. Hell, Dan, everyone who reads my stuff has connections to BJU. Nobody else would know what in the world I was talking about. Everyone who reads Camille’s nonsense has connections to BJU, too.

Your point, of course, is to make X look bad. It’s like “X has connections to BJU and X behaved badly in my opinion, and therefore BJU should be ashamed, or X should be ashamed, or both. Because Jesus.”

Only, only. . . let’s talk about Dan Keller for a minute.

Dan Keller was shipped from Bob Jones, after graduating from the Academy, during his freshman year, for reasons only he knows, but I can guess.

He is now the Minister of Music at some large inner-city Methodist church in Miami, Florida. Yes. Dan is in “full-time Christian service.” X is not.

Wouldn’t this mean that some folks might be inclined to hold Dan to a higher standard than they would X? Just due to that whole “full-time Christian service” thing?

Dan has accused me, personally, of “wanting [a whole list of people ] dead,” of being “sick,” “nasty,” and “bitter” (and he included my husband in that as well), of being a “sociopath,” a “coward,” of being guilty of all sorts of crimes, of “laughing at rape,” of being “vicious,” a “liar,” a “fool,” of needing “therapy,” and that’s just what I could find in a five-minute search of my files. There is much, more more. And Dan Keller has never met me in person (and never will).

That doesn’t include, either, the abominable crap he has posted on his little Storify page trying to malign anyone else who crosses Camille. He’s used the word “fuck” numerous times—generally in exactly the same way that X used the word “cunt,” but sometimes just outright like I do.

His church doesn’t seem to care about his extra-curricular internet activities. This doesn’t really surprise me at all. In my experience, churches do not give a rat’s ass what people do outside of church provided they have their butts in the pew on Sundays and their money in the collection plate. Dan’s pastor should be ashamed.

It illustrates what I have been saying over and over again for more than a year. If you cross the Queen, she will not only go after you, but after your entire family. She will dig around and try to find stuff. If she can’t find stuff, she will make it up.

And if you are so naive that you think that you’re too close to her, or too useful to her, or she’s been your friend for 25 years and would never, ever do such a thing to you, well, I dare you to try it and see what happens.

X made a snarky comment about Camille K. Lewis, who puts her writing out in public and invites commentary, and in fact, acts like she’s some sort of journalist with her “breaking news” reports. It is completely appropriate for Camille to make a snarky comment back. But, as you can see, that’s not what she does.

The Queen believes in scorched earth.

She uses Dan Keller as her flamethrower.





One thought on “Vengeance is Mine”

  1. His behavior is interesting.
    Many years ago, the church I attended had a youth leader. I dont remember what happened, something to do with MySpace and what she was posting.
    The Pastor asked several other staff, they showed him her page. She was let go. He said those serving in the church needed to set an example, and to be mindful with social media. Interesting his church doesn’t hold him to a higher standard.


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