Seizing our new-born infants,
Blighting their lives with pain;
Filling their veins with poison,
Tainting each tender brain

The Anti-Compulsory Vaccination Hymn

Of all the nutty ideas that Nicole and Joe embrace (and they never met much “woo” that they don’t like), their anti-vaccination stance may be the worst.

I am well aware that there is an anti-vax movement in America today. There has been an anti-vax segment of the population pretty much as long as there have been vaccines available, so it’s nothing new. (Read about it at the link to the “hymn” that I quoted.)

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Nicole wrote a nice little article about her reasons for being anti-vax. The image above links there, so you can go read it if you wish. I’m going to quote from it a bit.

My family sees a Naturopathic Doctor, (Dr, Shelley Bluett), who has the same amount of yrs of education as a MD.

Well, I know a woman who has a doctorate in Rhetoric, which means she has the same amount of years of education as an MD.  That doesn’t make her a medical doctor.

A naturopath is not a medical doctor. She can put “Dr.” in front of her name, but she’s not a medical doctor.

Therefore she received the typical round of antibiotics used to treat her supposed Pneumonia (which was not even cultured or confirmed).

They do not have culture pneumonia to know it’s pneumonia. It has a distinctive sound, something Nicole would know if she bothered to ask or had ever listened to a patient’s chest who had it.

Even when my daughter had chicken pox…she recovered quickly with only about 20 pox total and felt absolutely fine…as if she wasn’t sick at all

How nice for her.  I wonder how many people caught it from the daughter and weren’t so lucky.

complications chicken pox

Both my children are on preventive supplements for when I take out into the public. . .

There is no such thing as a “preventative supplement.”

Being a pro-life Christian I cannot in good conscience inject Human Diploid cells from aborted fetus cells into my children.

You’re lucky, since vaccines do not contain any such thing.

human diploid cells
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From Steven Novella (a really good guy to follow if you’re interested in science and medicine), we have the above explanation in fairly simply language.

And Nicole goes on and on with this sort of thing, listing all her fears.  Most of them are groundless.  In addition, almost the entirety of her “article” is made up of cut-and-paste stuff, gleaned from anti-vax websites.

Rather than bore you all silly with a step-by-step refutation of her claims, here’s a good article written by a real doctor going through the mythology, point-by-point, complete with lovely linkies.

One of the most important points the man makes in that article is likely to be overlooked by most people, and that’s #16, “I use PubMed to do my vaccine research.” Nicole doesn’t cite PubMed, but she does cite more than a few abstracts.  The problem with abstracts (short summaries of the research) is that they aren’t the whole thing.  They’re intended to help professionals find articles that they wish to peruse, not to provide the average person with definitive research results.

But here’s why Nicole’s position on this subject is both dangerous and irresponsible.

head wound
from Blessed Little Homestead – click image to link

I will write later about the whole idea of treating that wound at home, but the subject here is immunization, not laceration.

Specifically, tetanus.

Nicole’s children have not been vaccinated for anything.  That means they have never had tetanus shots, nor did this child get a booster after this injury.

I’m quite sure Nicole has never seen a case of tetanus.  Most people haven’t. Frankly, most medical professionals haven’t.  I, however, have.

Most of the time, patients came and went and I barely remember their having been there two weeks after the fact, but sometimes a patient was simply memorable.  This lady was one of those.

She was a young woman who walked out her back door one summer day while barefoot. The screen door hit her leg/ankle and cut it.  It wasn’t a scratch.  It was a relatively deep cut.  Not as severe as the child’s head pictured above, but still, a good cut.

She cleaned the wound, bandaged it, and a few days later came to us.

She had tetanus.

clostridium tetani
Clostridium tetani – courtesy CDC

She and I were about the same age.  She was healthy.  She’d had no medical history to speak of, no serious illnesses.  She was simply a healthy young woman who was negligent about preventative medicine—she had never had a tetanus shot—and unlucky when that screen door hit her ankle.

I am now an old woman and I have never forgotten my week with her. She never got to become an old woman, because she died after a week of agony.

I remember that the whole thing so unnerved me that I got some tetanus antitoxin and brought it home and gave Dave the whole series.  Everyone that worked in our ICU unit got booster shots just because we were so freaked out.  The room had to be kept very dark and very quiet. We tiptoed in and out. The least sound or light would cause her to go into seizures.

tetanus patient
Opisthotonos (a type of seizure) seen in a patient with tetanus – photo courtesy CDC

Not everyone dies of tetanus. The majority survive, although the experience is not a pleasant one, and recovery can take a very long time.

However, those who die are chiefly those who were never vaccinated, and most people survive the disease today because most people have had at least the childhood series of shots and have some immunity (hence they don’t get as severe a case as my patient had).

It’s not about a “strong immune system.”  It’s not about a “healthy diet.”  My patient was young, and strong and basically  healthy.  It’s about an anaerobic bacteria, Clostridium tetani, that is present in soil, in dust, and in farm yard manure (like goat and chicken manure).  That bacteria gets into a wound like the head wound pictured above, and burrows down where there is no oxygen and thrives there.  No amount of “strong immune system” or “healthy diet” will do anything to stop it.  And there is no such thing as a “preventative supplement.”  You stop Clostridium tetani by getting a series of vaccinations in your youth and by having booster shots as needed.

I believe strongly that parents who refuse to vaccinate their children should be cited for not doing so.  I also believe that any parent whose un-vaccinated child contracts a preventable disease and dies from it should be charged with manslaughter.

The anti-vax movement has taken on a quasi-religious tone.  It’s rooted in a broader anti-science mentality, and once people embrace that, it’s difficult to dislodge. Evidence doesn’t seem to help particularly because the true believers are only looking to validate their own ideas.


My patient who died was an adult. She was responsible for her own health.  The Naugler children are helpless victims of their own parents’ lunacy, negligence and irresponsibility.



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  1. We had a foal die from tetanus. Well, he was put down, dying was inevitable. Only 2 Weeks old. It was horrific, the vet could not come fast enough.

    Not something to mess around with. Making the wound bleed profusely, using peroxide, friggen oregano, or any of that other bs does not prevent the illness.

    Get vaccinated.


  2. We had a foal die from tetanus.

    The foal was lucky. We couldn’t put down a human being. We just had to watch her die. I still shudder when I think about it and I’ve seen a lot of people die.


  3. some observations:
    Chickenpox, smallpox, diptheria, measles, mumps, tetanus, whooping cough, tuberculosis, polio. Many of these were formerly lethal, or sickened terribly and crippled. These diseases have largely been contained in the United States or wiped out due to vaccinations.

    But note that TB has made some comeback due to immigrants who have not been vaccinated. This has presented some problems in border states like California, Arizona and Texas.

    The reasons for vaccines are not only to protect one’s own children from disease, but to protect children who cannot take vaccines due to poor immune systems or cancer treatment. These immunocompromised children are at a great risk of contracting disease.

    This will not convince the anti-vax crowd who are convinced that these vaccines case autism and a host of other disablements, despite all empirical evidence to the contrary.


  4. Thank you for this post. A bit off topic but I did want to address the goat, chicken, cat & dog poop not to mention the human waste on the homestead. People do not take the damage that can be done to a child due to exposure to feces and other pathogens. I am legally blind because my Mother contracted the toxoplasmosis Gandhi parasite while she was pregnant with me. I was a preemie and defied the odds to survive. Proper prenatal care can prevent so much harm to a fetus. Keeping your environment clean can also prevent ailments, even death. Granted these days in a western country the chances are slim to nil to contract a parasite during pregnancy but it does happen. I am proof of that. We lived in an urban environment and my mother was very clean. No animals in the home yet it still happened. Nicole is at very high risk for contracting parasites during pregnancy as are her children. I suspect my mother contracted the parse from a food source. This begs the question of how do they keep themselves, food preparation spaces and cooking utensils clean with no water source on the homestead? I would guess they don’t. Like the poor woman you described in your blog who died a tragic death, these things do happen even if the odds are slim, the odds are still there and I am living proof of that.


  5. My children play on a beach within sight of an island where dozens of children died in the good and pure old days before evil vaccines and Big Pharma’s antibiotics came to taint and blight our little town. They died of good and pure old diptheria, pertussis, influenza, polio, pneumonia, and scarlet fever. They died at the good and pure old ages of 18 days to 4 years, and were buried in the good and pure old quarantine cemetery, where their families could not visit, because of the good and pure old viruses and bacteria lurking about in their good and pure old way.

    People who can vaccinate, but won’t, get no respect from me.

    Oh, and I’m on the spectrum. Anybody who says that it’s better for a little kid to die strangling on their own snot than grow up like me can step on all the Legos. For life.


  6. It’s like pertussis. Our son had a reaction to the 1st vaccine so we opted that out on the rest of his vaccinations though he got everything else.

    Bounce forward to his 6th-grade year, we lived in a house with a mold problem, and his immune system was compromised. He got strep 3 times, mono once and then he got pertussis. He couldn’t complete the school year at school because his cough lingered and lingered. He was homeschooled when it wasn’t fashionable. Finally about mid-summer he had regained his strength and was ready to start middle school.
    I will never forget the trips to the ER where they said, he’s faking it. Finally, while at the clinic waiting for the never ending breathing treatment, the allergist walked by and said that kids got whooping cough, my secretary just got over it. We were given the correct meds and that was a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Should one of the Naugler kids come down with a preventable disease, I agree that the parents should be arrested, the kids taken away from them and given all their needed boosters to be safe.
    Nicole and Joe are idiots. They show this more and more. How long till CPS comes back out and finds violations more egregious than the first time (specifically the blessed little shit pile).


  7. Did the Naugler children receive any “standard” pediatric health care while they were in foster care last summer? Well-child checkups, testing for vision or hearing problems, looking at tonsils and adenoids, checking for parasites – and just possibly, innoculations for preventable diseases?

    I have no idea – but I do hope so.


  8. Vaccinating was hard for me. I had an mmr booster at 11 everyone at school did on our last day of 5th grade. Something went wrong 20 of us got measles and of course I had complications. I also infected 4 babies at the daycare. I delayed every shot I could. We live in another area with a large amount of immigrants. All shots were done separately and with brand new just ordered viles. I was a pain in the ass. And held my breath and prayed after each shot and during the fevers I would panic luckly their dr was the same dr that treated me so he had paitence and understood. The only shot we opt out of is flu and the one year we got it poor Amanda was hospitalized with the flu. (Way after not caused by the shot). I can understand the fear when vaccinating however you have to run the numbers. With the international travel and our high immagration even with the increased rick because they are my children they had better odds with the vaccine. I only have one left to get that booster and so far no complications. And tetanus we get that about every two years every time we get stitches unfortunately they did get my lack of coordination.


  9. Jenny Islander – That is the best curse, “I wish you to step on all the Legos!” And for added malevolance, you add “For life!”. I have never needed an expletive THAT strong, but the time may come. Thanks 😉


  10. The adult Naugler’s anti science stance helps Nicole attract a following of like minded individuals. This gives her the stance and voice she so desperately seeks in her illusions of grandeur as the all knowing leader. She is a dangerous charlatan, a snake charmer selling her secrets to the desperate. She often replies to questions, “I will pm you”. She won’t publically post her “secrets”. Creating a mystique. Always shaping her public image with her “hobby” of photography. False misleading imagery used to hide the horror of their poverty and past history.

    Incredibly sad for those who will follow and risk the lives of their innocent children, as I’m betting both of the Naugler adults and most adults did have vaccinations at one time. And when that day of reckoning comes, and their child is writhing in pain or sweating it out at home, will they then try to get their helpless child to Nicole and her Naturopath or the local ER. Unfortunately then it may be too late. My husband had tetanus. He was and is perfectly healthy. He survived because he was vaccinated and did not wait in seeking treatment and also the advances in treatment today. But treatment was slowed down due to the shortage of the tetanus vaccine at that time. Ten years prior, he would not have survived, per the Doctor. So come that day of reckoning, they are betting on the lives of their children, that should they have a change of heart and seek conventional medicine, it will be there to save them. Know this Naugler followers: It may not be there, or it may be too late. Is that a bet you are willing to take? To see your child or all of your children die a horrible painful death that could have been easily prevented?

    Autism is not caused by vaccinations, that is a hoax. Get educated, read ALL the literature, both for and against. Severe allergies? Their are alternate and delayed methods for vaccinations.
    Naugler children: Vaccinations are available at no cost. As soon as you free yourselves, get your vaccinations. Your life and the lives of your siblings may depend upon it.
    TY Sally, for this very important message. Hopefully some innocent lives will be spared from tragic preventable consequences or a horrible death.


  11. We don’t immunize against tuberculosis in the USA. That was tried elsewhere and the result instead is false positives when they apply for a job in my field.

    A former co-worker who was born in Jamaica was given the BCG vaccine and it simply meant that he had to go through a lot of paperwork and questions every. single. time. we were tested to ensure we didn’t have TB.

    I imagine he still has to go through that to this day whenever he does have to be tested for tuberculosis.

    Now, my firstborn didn’t receive the varicella vaccine because it wasn’t available at the time. The younger child has though. They’ve both had their HPV series too, along with all the other vaccinations. Guess what? They’re healthy. Shocking, right?

    I do wish that the vaccine for varicella had been around for my first child. I do worry that shingles will occur and that is also horrible to witness.

    Bethannie, I’m so sorry you lost that foal. We dipped their umbilical cord stump in 2% betadine and were fortunate not to lose any. Foals are adorable but so very delicate and sometimes, far too adventurous. Not unlike Sally’s calves, I suspect.

    “Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) is a vaccine for tuberculosis (TB) disease. This vaccine is not widely used in the United States, but it is often given to infants and small children in other countries where TB is common. BCG does not always protect people from getting TB.”


  12. I note that she didn’t mention the first name of the M.D. who said her kids were healthy enough to attend public school. The only Dr. Stetler I found who is a likely candidate is Dr. Christopher Stetler who practices (practiced?) in Hartville, Ohio. Apparently he also vaccinates people, including children.

    As it’s not about whether the individual child is “healthy enough” to go to school, but whether they risk getting other kids and adults ill who can’t receive a particular vaccine (or vaccines) due to their medical status, is the point. One that Nicole blithely ignores. Nicole, who received vaccinations when she was a child so she has the opportunity to sneer at them today. Not unlike how she attended high school, where she met Joe (they dated her senior year) but she denies her children the opportunity to meet kids their own age now.


  13. Car versus vaccine. Cars kill, maim, and disable more children than vaccines do. A lot more. Look up the statistics.

    Cars with bald tires. Cars without proper maintenance. Cars operated by impaired drivers, such as pot smoking fathers. Children who are not buckled in or are not properly buckled (everyone remember the seat belt video?)

    How about chainsaw versus vaccine? Or gasoline started fire versus vaccine? Rusty nails, glass, garbage, debris and shit, human and animal, versus vaccine? Parasites or food poisoning versus vaccine? Deadly illness versus vaccine? The list just goes on and on.


  14. Vaccinating was hard for me.

    Hats off to you, Crystal. Your fears are basically groundless, but that doesn’t make them less scary. We all have something(s) we are afraid of irrationally, and the fear is real even if the numbers aren’t there. It takes real courage to look those fears in the face and recognize the reality of the situation and then take appropriate action even while you’re scare shitless. The situation with the measles – it’s highly likely that somebody had measles going into the situation (and nobody knew it) and a bunch of you caught it. The MMR wouldn’t help at all in that case (vaccinations take several weeks to become effective, exact time varies).

    Can you get a disease from the vaccine that’s supposed to prevent it? And why do some vaccines have live pathogens but others have killed pathogens?

    Vaccines that are made with killed versions of pathogens—or with only a part of the pathogen—are not able to cause illness. When a person receives these vaccines, it is impossible for him or her to become ill with the disease.
    Live, attenuated (or weakened) vaccines are theoretically capable of causing illness: because they can still replicate (though not well), mutation is possible, which can result in a virulent form of the pathogen. However, they are designed with this in mind, and attenuated to minimize this possibility. Reversion to virulent form is a problem with some forms of the oral polio vaccine (OPV), which is why only the inactivated form (IPV) is now used in the United States.
    It is important to note that attenuated vaccines can cause serious problems for individuals with weakened immune systems, such as cancer patients. These individuals may receive a killed form of the vaccine if one is available. If not, their doctors may recommend against vaccination. In such cases, individuals rely on herd immunity for protection.
    As to why some vaccines contain live pathogens and others contain killed pathogens, the reasons vary by illness. However, generally speaking, live, attenuated vaccines generate longer-lasting immunity than killed vaccines. Thus, killed vaccines are more likely to require boosters to maintain immunity. Killed vaccines, however, also tend to be more stable for storage purposes, and can’t cause illness. The medical community must weigh these trade-offs in deciding which approach to use against a particular disease.

    That’s as good an explanation as I could find rapidly.

    My husband refused to get a flu shot for years because he got it once and then got the flu. He, like many people, was certain that the shot caused the flu. It did not. There are two reasons this can happen with flu shots. First, you got the flu before the shot took effect, which happens a lot since we tend to get flu shots during flu season. Second, the flu is a virus and it mutates. Since researchers don’t have crystal balls, they do not know what strain of the flu will be predominate in any given year.

    The flu has a couple of proteins that scientists use to identify it. One is called “H” and the other “N.” So you read about H1N1 flu, or some other variant.

    What scientists do for the flu shot is include in the vaccine the strain that was prevalent last year (there’s always some of that still floating about), along with two or three of the more common permutations. If the flu this year coming up turns out to be H3N5, say, and you get the flu shot and it was designed for N5, but not H3, you might well get the flu. However, it won’t be as bad a case as if you had no immunity at all. So it’s not perfect (due to the propensity with which a virus can mutate), but it’s sure better than nothing.

    And taking the shot annually gives you immunity to these various Hs and Ns for several years, so at some point a combo will appear that you’re completely immune to.

    Dave and I both get the flu shot every year. In fact, we do so as early as we possibly can because there is a limited amount of extra-strength vaccine out there, and it is reserved for seniors only. That’s the one I want. The flu can kill old people like us. [It’s a sobering moment when you look in the mirror and realize that you really are “senior.” ]


  15. My husband had tetanus

    Oh, I am so sorry. Just reading that gave me chills. I am so glad he survived. Medical science is a grand, wonderful thing.


  16. From Yahoo this morning!–abc-news-health.html

    “Measles is one of the most infectious viruses on the planet. Unprotected people exposed to the virus have a 90 percent chance of being infected. The virus is airborne and an unprotected person can be infected if they simply enter the same room an infected person was in hours earlier.”

    Hello Hardees or perhaps a local business specializing in dog grooming!

    “Symptoms of measles include diarrhea, ear infection and pneumonia. Rare severe complications occur more often among children under five, those with compromised immune systems, and adults over the age of 20 are at higher risk for severe complications such as encephalitis or death.”

    Unvaccinated children don’t live in bubbles. So there is a great deal of concern about the general community and how this may affect those outside of the school, as well there should be.


  17. TY Sally. His was a case of localized with severe cramping and swelling of his hand and arm due to a small laceration on a finger about 2-3 days post injury and thanks to partial immunity. Needless to say he is now more than willing to maintain a conservative schedule of all updates for anything available. I just can’t imagine putting a child or infant through this.
    Any of us who lived through the polio epidemic saw the life long crippling effects of those who lived and will never forget seeing someone in an iron lung or a wheelchair. It was not rare to have several people on one city block affected. Swimming pools closed. Everyone lived in fear until the first vaccine was released. Believe me no one was worried about autism when the first vaccine sugar cubes were offered. And whooping cough is making a resurgence in KY. That’s another horror seeing someone struggling with non stop coughing for months, weak , vomiting and gasping for air. The horror stories are just too real and too frequent and preventable. And the rabies series is a nightmare for any parent whose child has had to endure that.
    Fact: Early intervention with up to date traditional medical intervention saves lives. Nicole said she would seek outside medical help when the problem was beyond her scope. In other words, wait. That is a major flaw in her thinking and putting innocent lives at risk, and influencing others. I don’t think the kids are fully immunized. Which brings up their contact with the public…
    I must ask again. Are you willing to risk your child’s life by waiting and following the advice of Nicole Naugler?


  18. Any of us who lived through the polio epidemic

    When I was a child, our neighbor was a doctor. He and his wife had umpteen children because Catholic. I well remember the summer when their son got polio. My parents were tense. No swimming pools allowed. We could go to the beach, but not the pool. Everyone scared.

    And then, I remember the vaccine. It was like a miracle. And even better, there was no shot, just a sugar cube.

    Anyway, the son survived but was wheelchair bound. From that point forward, my brother would volunteer to wheel him around on Halloween during Trick or Treat. It wasn’t because my brother was an altruistic saint. It was because the wheelchair got lots and lots of candy. 🙂

    My mother’s best friend had a little boy about my sister’s age (toddler) that summer who caught polio, spent several weeks in the hospital (in the old “iron lung”) and died. She was beyond devastated.

    It was some scary stuff.


  19. Add anti-vaxxing to the Nauglers’ list of things they don’t gotta do. It means they don’t gotta think about losing any of their children except in ways that provide narcissistic supply, such as bravely surrendering them to evil evil CPS in defense of their principles while the world looks on (and then going off to a nice motel with the world’s money, because apparently the homestead is only a homestead when they can put some children in that mud).

    Somebody ought to tell them that they can extract a lot of narcissistic supply from tenderly holding their children in their arms, on camera of course, while they get their shots. Then they’ll be big preachers of “on time, every time.”


  20. My parents did a lot of home medical care. Of course, they were a doctor and a nurse. We didn’t have a medicine cabinet or a first aid kit. We had a whole closet. 🙂 And even then, we had all our vaccines and had plenty of routine and not so routine medical appointments.


  21. Sally thank you. I had help thanks to the dr. I didn’t know it then but what we were doing is behavior modification therapy. And I highly suggest anyone with PTSD, OCD, or irrational fears to look into it for themselves. It’s not a magic overnight cure trust me I’m still very screwed up, but not as bad as yesterday.


  22. This turning away from proven scientific methods to lark about with unsubstantiated theories and practices never fails to stun me.

    Yes, amazingly useful things can be found in the strangest places, but I can assure you that should something wonderful be found everyone will be researching the hell out of it. It won’t be some big secret known to just a select few, and “send us your money now” snake oil salesmen.

    What is wrong with people? The ones who believe this bullshit and the ones who sell it to vulnerable people?


  23. My daughter got a very mild case of chicken pox when she was 15 months old. She was the last, of my 4 children to get it. This was before there was a chicken pox vaccine available. I had always thought that chicken pox was not a very serious illness. My poor daughter and I learned that is not so. Two weeks after first contracting chicken pox she could no longer walk. Her foot became extremely swollen, red and very painful. Long story short, she developed osteomyelitis in her great toe. She had surgery to clean out the bone infection. After a 1 week stay in the hospital, she was discharged with a surgically implanted, direct line into a main artery in her chest. For 8 weeks, her dad and I had to administer a strong IV antibiotic. I still remember the method of delivery, SASH: saline, antibiotic, saline and then heparin. We were told that we brought her in to emergency in the nic of time. This was a life threatening event. She also ran the risk of amputation of the big toe or worse, her leg. Bone infections like to travel right on up the bone. I never would risk not immunizing my kids. I am very glad my grandkids get their vaccines and that there is now a chicken pox vaccine. 26 years later and I still remember exactly how to administer that IV antibiotic. We are lucky my daughter is still here with her leg and foot attached!


  24. ong story short, she developed osteomyelitis in her great toe.

    You have my deepest sympathy. When Nathan was two, he got osteomyelitis in his ankle due to a tick bite. He was hospitalized for a week on IV antibiotics. He never had to have surgery – although we were terrified that he would.

    The only patients I had ever seen prior to that with osteo were teenage boys (generally boys, for some reason) in to have their fifth or sixth surgery on their leg. Crippled boys. I was just horrified with the doc told me that’s what he had. Some scary stuff.

    For anyone unfamiliar with osteomyelitis, it’s a bone infection. Bone has a blood supply, of course, but not nearly as good as soft tissue. So it’s very difficult (basically impossible) to get an antibiotic in concentrations high enough to kill an infection in the bone if you give the medication orally or by intramuscular injection. The only way to do it is IV.

    And when that isn’t enough (and it often isn’t), they actually do surgery, open up the bone and clean it out like Memere4 mentioned.

    Her daughter got it from chicken pox. My son got it from an insect bite.


  25. If vaccines cause autism , then why is she saying her unvaccinated kid has autism?. Shame on both of them for neglecting proper care.


  26. Remember, the Mr and Mrs believe they’re living the Little House on the Prairie life. When vaccinations didn’t exist and many children and adults died. Check out old graveyards, Mr and Mrs (it can be an unschooling lesson) count the number of sad little gravestones with children’s names and wonder how many could have been saved if inoculations existed back then.


  27. “Check out old graveyards, Mr and Mrs (it can be an unschooling lesson) count the number of sad little gravestones with children’s names and wonder how many could have been saved if inoculations existed back then.”

    Bwahahaha! You know neither of them would wonder at all. If they had been around at that time they would have been selling snake oil to the parents of dying children and laughing all the way out of town.

    Both of them have had the benefit of vaccinations, so they have the luxury of criticizing vaccinations as being harmful and useless. I hope it doesn’t happen, but if one or more of their children came down with measles, whooping cough or one of them experiences shingles, they may change their minds. I doubt it will though. Unless it affects Joe or Nichole firsthand, it’s just not that important.

    In addition, Nichole has stated that one of her son’s is autistic. As he was never vaccinated and she insists autism is caused by vaccinations – why is he autistic? Plus, was he diagnosed by a physician with a medical license on the line, or was he diagnosed by Nichole and/or Dr. Google?


  28. Until I have another kid, I’m probably going to eschew flu vaccinations simply because I am allergy to a component of the vaccine and I do have mild reactions to it. When my kid was too young to risk exposure, I still got them because I don’t believe it’s right to expose an infant to influenza. But now that they’re old enough I’m not going to bother until I’m consistently around vulnerable lives again.

    That’s (part of) my take on responsible vaccinations. And also, the point of herd immunity is so that folks like me who are allergic or otherwise cannot take a vaccine have a significantly reduced risk of getting sick.


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