Update on the Ranch

The “Lisa” troll.


This is the total of all the money I have sent to the Ranch since I put up the original donate button, almost a year ago.  You’re looking at a screen shot of my calculator. I am not going to screen shot the actual sending stuff because there is too much personal information there.

One of 62 (I think that’s the right number) of small trolls that have been ordered.

Of the amount shown, $1000 is from the trolls.  The rest is just money people donated before Deb started making the trolls.

And this is the current amount I have in the Paypal account. It’s sitting there until the last batch of trolls are received by their anxious owners.

The “Sally” troll.


And this, from Deb, is the current amount that has been sold on Ebay. Those funds have to sit at Ebay for a good while because Deb is new to selling on Ebay and therefore under watch or on probation or something.  Once they are released, she will be forwarding that money to the Ranch.

The “Deb” troll.

And there’s the grand total.

It takes three to make Al.

This does not include the donations that have been made by people independently of the blog.  I know that has happened because the Ranch has notified me when people make a donation and say that it’s because of the Blessed Little Blog.  They do not tell me who made the donation or the amount (that’s none of my business).  So I don’t have totals on any of that.

As of right now, we have raised the money to send seven kids to camp and we’re working on the eighth.

My hat’s off to all of you, but mostly to Deb who is the greatest.

The “Sheer Luck” troll.



21 thoughts on “Update on the Ranch”

  1. Where is the video???

    Not ready yet. It’s not a “video.” It’s a production. It’s not like just throwing a hastily done video up on Youtube.

    If you have never done anything like this, you wouldn’t know how painstakingly slow it can be.


  2. Is Deb still taking orders for the trolls?

    I don’t want to speak for her, so I’ll let her know this question is here and she can answer it. 🙂


  3. Oh it sounded like she put out a video today based on Al’s comment and one I saw on another blog entry. I went searching for it on her pages. Darn!!!


  4. Nicely done, folks! I really hope she quits her bullshit about calling over these donations. I’m guessing a charitable, do-good organization with the name Kentucky Sherrifs Ranch that there’s a bit of involvement from, oh, I don’t know, Sherrifs? Maybe I’m being silly, but I’m guessing she could be stirring up a real hornets nest. I’m betting that the folks that run the donations and the day-to-day of the ranch likely have the phone numbers of some of those whatchyamacallem? Sherrifs? ? Oh, this is so godamn funny! She’s just so fucking stupid. The architect of her own demise. ?


  5. I have been following Blessed Little Blog since it’s beginnings. At the time, I wasn’t even aware of who created and wrote this blog. I just enjoyed/enjoy this blog that much, regardless. And I didn’t have to know who authored the blog posts. Of course, later we all learned. I made a donation to the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch a while back, when it first appeared in the side bar.

    When Deb created the trolls, omg the pure artistry and talent! I donated again, via ordering 2 trolls.

    As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season begins, I may make another donation to the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch. In the spirit of giving. It is a wonderful organization, doing something great for some of our Kentucky children. I am pleased that Blessed Little Blog introduced me, I wasn’t aware before.

    Debra’s trolls being auctioned on EBay are some fine artistry! The time, work, and creative effort that painstakingly goes into each of these, I can only imagine. Using her talent in an effort to generously fundraise for Blessed Little Blog’s chosen organization, is admirable.

    Like Al, I am so warmed to have become acquainted with so many great, talented, and intelligent people!

    As we look forward to the nearing two year anniversary of Blessed Little Blog, I just want to say how much I thoroughly enjoy the posts. And look forward to reading new posts, and comments. Often after reading, I will think, oh this is my all time favorite post. Soon afterward, another post, and I say it again!

    So, my hat is off to making, soon to be, eight little happy campers!!!


  6. So here is my answer

    I will continue to make trolls as long as people are ordering them, but can’t guarantee a delivery date…I CAN guarantee you will get it.

    I have to say , I am overwhelmed by everyone’s kind words (mostly everyone) …

    PS Sally…i think when Apanda was asking about “the video” she was talking about the one Nicole posted??


  7. Awesome!

    Just watched her newest video. Blessed Little Homestead is not a trade mark and anyone could use those words together.

    Nicole, when your brain tells you maybe you shouldn’t do something maybe you should follow that advice. You stated at the beginning of the video you thought you shouldn’t make a video about the ranch, but you did it anyways.. LOL. It’s called discernment.
    I loved it when you got to where you tagged Joe (after you had already said a few times that that page was set to private, private and someone shared it anyway on it ) and had to explain that his page was public after being silent for a few secs to think it through. It was like a light bulb went off and you realized that you fucked up. Hilarious.

    What word is more derogatory “leghumper” or “cunt”. Just how many times has the word “cunt” been used by you and joe? Maybe a blog should be written with nothing but screen shots of posts with “cunt” used.

    Love Sally’s blog!


  8. I don’t think I personally could handle that many “cunts”. Lmao I would love to see the accidently shared publicly,” video”, where can I find it.


  9. o I would love to see the accidently shared publicly,” video

    The video is public. It’s on the Nicole C Naugler page. I’m having massive internet access difficulties at the moment and can’t get the URL for you, but it’s there.


  10. Wonderful work. Congrats on a spectacular success!!! I’m smiling just thinking about how happy this will make some kids! Camp was always so much fun for us as kids. We met so many new friends and experienced such a wealth of new adventures. It sure was a great deal more than sleeping in a tent in the yard like she’s trying pretend.
    [But whatever Nicole, keep showing your total ignorance and continue trying to convince yourself you aren’t depriving your kids. You may convince them now, but just wait until they get away from your stranglehold and experience the reality of the world].
    I really think it’s beyond hilarious that she’s encouraging her humpers to call this organization and complain. I’m betting most of her humper’s pupils fully dilate as they recoil in horror at the idea of voluntarily calling attention to themselves like this. But when you consider the Nauglers and their ilk are the very types LE specialize in, I’m sure the Sheriff’s Ranch is quite adept at handling any complaints that may be filed by a toothless Nauglerite.


  11. i tell her this ALL THE TIME…


    Troll orders slowed down until you started your bullshit.


  12. PS Sally…i think when Apanda was asking about “the video” she was talking about the one Nicole posted??

    Yep I was referring to the Nicole video. I finally found it and for the first time I could
    Not sit through one of her
    videos. I made it half way through.


  13. It makes me incredibly happy to think that the more the Nauglers throw fits the more money…does NOT go to them but instead to an organization they wouldn’t approve of. It’s just like a little warm ray of sunshine on a chilly gray day.


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