Typhoid and Other Bad Things


This is the reason we have sanitation laws.

I am appalled at the comments on Nicole’s page from her obviously uneducated, brain-dead followers.


No.  No, they don’t.  “Campers” do not.

As I recounted in detail, a “composting toilet” is not what we are talking about here.  If you are confused about that, please go read the link.


“Composting” is highly encouraged.  Half-ass composting of human waste managed by small children is not.  Learn the difference.

And of course, Nicole and Joe are being persecuted because they “ticked off somebody in a high place.”

No, they are being held to account to follow all the laws of the society they live in.  If they don’t like that, they are free to move.


The funny thing is that Layla is so god damned dumb that she doesn’t understand, after all this conversation, that the Nauglers do not now and never have had an outhouse.

They are dumping raw human sewage on the ground.

Let me say it again.

Joe and Nicole Naugler and their 11 children are dumping raw human sewage on the ground and have been doing so for about three years.

dont care

This is the reason that Ellen clearly does not have any sort of degree in public health, nor is she in charge of anything to do with it.

Animal shit is not the same as human shit.

And there are actually problems at times with improperly managed animal shit.  Anybody remember anything about salmonella poisoning and lettuce?



The one who is stupid is Jasmine.

silly humans

Courtney doesn’t seem to understand anything about this.  Silly Courtney.

Children are hauling buckets of raw sewage to a supposed “compost bin” which we never ever get to see because freedom.  Not exposed?  You gotta be kidding. What “high temperatures”?  The burden is on Nicole and Joe to prove “high temperatures.”

What are they doing with the contents of the buckets?


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  1. Poultry can carry salmonella and it’s for the health of the flock and the handlers that best practices are in effect.


    The take-away message for families with small flocks:

    These outbreaks are a reminder to follow steps to enjoy your backyard flocks and keep your family healthy.

    Always wash hands thoroughly with soap and water right after touching live poultry or anything in the area where the birds live and roam.
    Do not let live poultry inside the house.
    Do not let children younger than 5 years of age handle or touch chicks, ducklings, or other live poultry without supervision.

    Salmonella can stay viable in the soil for quite a long time and as is so often the case the fecal-oral route is the most frequent method of contamination.


    Yes, yes, ebil gubmint researchers in the following if you click on “author affiliations”.



  2. Nicole’s whining about te evil government is getting old. The government isn’t out to get her. The health department is there to make sure she is following the same rules that we all follow in order to protect society as a whole. Her rights to do as she pleases doesn’t trump my rights to clean water. Get over it Nicole. Clean that shit up and start following the laws of the land or move the hell out of this country! Maybe you can find a deserted island where you can shit and throw it on the ground without making innocent people sick.


  3. What none of her leg humpers seem to understand it that they DO NOT HAVE an actual composting toilet, then have buckets of poop and pee that they dump on the GROUND and cover with a tarp…per NL’s own words, which is NOT legal in the state of Kentucky…stupid leg humpers!!


  4. Camp Naugler continue to use the term ‘composting toilet’ but seem to be unable to grasp the fact that the Nauglers do not have a composting toilet. They want the public to think they have one. They don’t. Rest assured if they had one she’d have it posted all over FB. Rest assured that the state would not have been interested in inspecting the Naugler’s human waste handling without cause. The Nauglers are small fish in a big pond. They are not being singled out. No matter how much they’d like to think they are.


  5. Though the “What would Jesus do?” toilet paper remark was my personal favorite (I do understand how others might be offended), here are a few more commenter responses from 6/4 BLH that further illustrate Blessed Blogger’s thoughts – and somebody even offered a picture of their naked tiny child using their outhouse.

    – Just ignorant people pick on someone else who lives differently. Live and let live!

    – The local authorities have a problem with it because you are not dependant on their control. You aren’t under their thumb and they don’t like it.

    – All I can say is that people have nothing better to do than tether themselves to the government and try to force other to do the same. They are sheeple.

    – They are trying to make off grid illegal. …they want you dependant and trackable.

    – I don’t know why they can’t mind their own business and families and leave yours alone. It’s a rural area. It doesn”t affect them one iota.

    – Your business is none of my business.

    – The world is full of uninformed busybodies who enjoy nothing more than trying to tell other people how to live.

    – People are terrified of poop!

    – Maybe the health department needs to get more enlightened and get more information (about composting)

    – Because you threaten their view of what is right.

    – …they think you squat wherever or fill your buckets and throw it wherever.

    – Nosey neighbors suck.

    – It’s a SAD day when we are made to conform because they can not handle people wanting to live without paying for everything simply to live. …they are all ignorant…

    – Because they’re jealous that you have a life, it’s much easier to try to take your life away than to get one of their own.

    -Government is butting into our business way too much.

    – Oh mylanta, why don’t they leave you alone? I am so sick of government and how they overstep into our lives! …offer workshops so that the government officials can take a class so that they don’t need to bug everyone.

    Like the quotes from Nicole yesterday, it seems that for quite a few readers of BLH (not all), this situation is about defiance of the government rather than environmental safety. There were more comments with the same theme, but this statement caught my eye…

    …your pee and poo…do whatever you want with it and do not worry what someone else thinks!


  6. Nicole is desperately trying to make this into a “non-issue”. However she will soon learn that their antics and attitudes are what brought this attention on. They forced the government’s hand. They would like people to believe that it is a conspiracy and a “few local trolls” are causing this issue.


    Joe and Nicole brought this on themselves and this may very well cause them to lose their children. Their myopia and refusal to see how serious this is will be their undoing. They will blame others. They will deflect and spin and lie.

    This is a bigger deal than they can comprehend and it’s not going to “just go away”.


  7. I keep seeing comments from the supporters about how “The final product has no pathogens, because it’s been composted” so all our worrying is stupid. Do they understand that there’s a whole process that has to happen before that final product? They don’t crap in a bucket and the bucket instantly turns it into mature compost.


  8. Please,

    I apologize. I called it a nonissue. It is not a nonissue to real life health and safety. It is not a nonissue to the community, the environment or to their children.

    It is a legal nonissue. The law is cut and dry and they aren’t compliant as far as I can see. All the other stuff and nonsense they post about is just that, nothing.

    Family court knew? Big deal. It is not the purview of family court, basically not their job. The health department official yesed them to death on the phone? Big deal. He said what was going to happen, everything else is just nonsense. They are schooling authorities on humanure composting systems? Big deal. That still isn’t the law and that’s not what is before the government. A time and a place for everything. It is almost impossible to get the law changed that quickly or from a position of violation. They have photos of the neighbor dog allegedly pooping in a field. Big deal. They are making noise about a neighbor running an illegal butcher shop (is this the neighbor who supposedly was going to mentor their child- wonder why that didn’t happen- good call not to). Big deal, not the issue. All those attacks on the neighbor’s daughter, posting her personal information, videos of her, their threats of legal action, all of which to me looked like a veiled extortion/bullying campaign, not going to affect their situation one whit.

    The county gave them a chance to right their wrongs. It would appear they spent that time tilting at windmills online and digging themselves deeper (the only digging I think they have done).

    I assume since they went so hog wild “my rights” and everyone else is wrong that the shit has begun to hit the fan. They are nothing if not predictable. I learn more from them than they intend when they start playing their little games. As my grandma used to say “the only people they outclevered were themselves”. Although I have to say she would be shocked by how many of their followers are fooled too.

    If being a lawyer taught me one thing, it taught me that the wheels of justice are sometimes slow, and to be patient. Slow and steady wins the race.


  9. To sum up…

    The government are stupid. -They should learn the law.
    Sheriffs and State Officers are stupid. -Bullies, all of them.
    Media are stupid. -They are biased meanies.
    Neighbors are stupid. -They don’t like goats or poop.
    Military are stupid. -There is a major army base stimulating the area economy but alas not at my business. And besides, they killers.
    Circumcisors and non breastfeeders are stupid. -‘Nuff said.
    Work are stupid. -Paypal is better.
    Money are stupid. -Not a money trading system is better.
    Haters are stupid. -Obviously.

    I don’t think their voluntarist colleagues like them very much. This situation is a nightmare for independent people who believe in taking care of yourself, keeping your family safe and respecting the land. Nobody is rushing in to volunteer to help with…the poop.


  10. Thank you Bill. They make real homesteading and off grid living suspect. It will be them that cause more regulation


  11. The last two comments on the compost thread.

    ****** Humanure is fine for non-edible plants.

    ****** Why do U say that. The entire world uses manure for gardens?

    And this sums up her loyal followers. Nothing learned.


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