Trolls, the First Group

The first trolls are being accessorized (I have no idea at all what that might mean), named, and packaged. They go to post office en route to their forever homes tomorrow morning.

There are four with names.

Here they are in closeups.

We begin, because we must, with Frances.  She is delighted with the whole thing, but accepts the adulation as her due.

Next we have Nomie Troll.  Debra did not have any tiny crochet needles or teeny wee yarn, so Nomie didn’t get a crocheted hat.  Instead, she got bunny ears, a wonderful substitute.  The buck teeth are a nice touch, I think.

And Free Jinger. Is she marvelous or what?  Notice the pinky finger and the pearls on her ears.

Green, an appropriate color for Government Troll.  He looks a lot like the guy at the Department of Motor Vehicles that does the driver’s test.

And here are the five mystery trolls. They do not have names yet.  That is going to be a surprise for those who get them.

Here they are closer up.

You know how when you order something from, say, Amazon, you get an email that says, “Your order of sexy lingerie and lubricant has shipped!”?

Well, you aren’t going to get one of those from me.

That’s because we do not want you to know that you’re in the first bunch.  You’ll get a surprise.

When you do, we want you to tell us all which troll you got and what his/her/its name is.

I am about to pop to know, but only Debra knows and she’s not telling.

Is Frances not the cutest thing in the world?


31 thoughts on “Trolls, the First Group”

  1. Oh, I hope I am one of the lucky first 9. I love the idea of helping kids, while receiving original art.


  2. Deb you are doing such an AMAZING job making these trolls.
    I am laughing my head off!
    They are all adorable and so full of personality.
    Thank you Deb and thank you Sally for making it possible to send kids to camp.


  3. Deb, you are really talented, really funny and really cool. Do you blog? I’d love to know more about you and all the cool stuff you have going on.

    I must say, I’m impressed by the amount of good stuff that has come out of such a shitshow. It’s heartwarming to see so many different people coming together to make a positive difference. I love how there have been different ways of helping kids enjoy their summer at the ranch. I’m glad they are going to have a reprieve from the stresses of their everyday life and get to spend time just having fun and being regular kids at camp.
    When your everyday exsistance is an uphill battle that you have no control over, a few days of being “regular” and having your biggest worry be getting sunburnt can be an amazing thing.

    Y’all are good peeps! ?


  4. I hope Debra is stamping each one of the trolls on their bottom that they are “copyrighted”… haha…
    They are soooooooo perfect!❤️
    Not that any art thief could create the spirit that goes into these blessed trolls.
    I can’t wait to see who shows up at my doorstep.


  5. Many of us at FreeJinger have a great respect for Sally I am sad as a part of that forum I am now a troll.


  6. Once again, damn Deb! You really do vomit talent, that’s a good thing. You are an amazing artist.


  7. I am sad as a part of that forum I am now a troll.

    WHY? Frances is a troll and she is extra special. I fully expect Debra to make a Sally Troll and an Al Troll before she’s through. Maybe a Lisa Troll as well. Who wants to be a troll? Step right up.


  8. I have to say, I am quite disappointed in my own lack of creativity after seeing what others asked for. I am dying to onow who the brilliant mind was that asked for a francis!?! Love it!


  9. Sally, Deb’s art kind of changes the connotation of the word “troll” for me. I would feel a special sort of pride to be immortalized the way the other trolls have! And Free Jinger, it’s for a good cause!


  10. Emmy- don’t fret. There are trolls on all sides of the board. Having a troll named after you or a group just means you have been a character in this saga, nothing more. None of us can deny being a part of it. Because you know we are “all just trolls” that mean nothing and the Naugs are the only “real” people in this whole mess, that matter, right? Hahahahaha

    I am in love with the first troll. My adult child (very artistic himself) laughed so hard when I showed him and told him I just had to have it. I am secretly hoping he will contact you (Sally or Deb) and that I’ll see one in my Christmas stocking 😉

    Great job on the trolls Deb. They are all just the neatest creations. Fantastic idea to raise funds for the camp kids. Well done ya’ll.


  11. I would love to be a troll. I even invite/challenge Nicole, Joe or Charles to purchase me. Why not? They have mocked my life-threatening illness, tried to contact my former employer (I am on disability now), threatened to contact authorities like the State Vet (I supplied his name and phone number – we are friends) and even suggested a poll on when I would die. Charles suggested the last thing on my mind would be him and Nicole and Joe. I don’t believe in hell, so that’s not likely.
    One of my photos was used by dear Charles. It is a grab from a funny video I posted on my personal page and it is a close up of my face – complete with oxygen tubing, bulging eyes, one eye drifting off because it has a mind of its own and the bags under my eyes from fluid accumulation as a result of poor heart/lung function. I am not embarrassed or ashamed of how I look. I am a warrior – a powerful one – and I have a fabulous sense of humor.
    I am humbled that I find myself in a position where I have counseled people who face similar health circumstances and I love that I can use humor to help others too. Charles, Nicole and Joe wrongly believe my poor health is a weakness. It is actually my greatest strength.
    Oh Debra, feel free to make a bug-eyed, wandering eyed, O2 using troll if anyone is interested. Maybe it can be a reminder for anyone facing difficulties that it ain’t over until the fat lady sings – and I can’t carry a fucking tune in a white bucket.
    P.S. Your daughter’s gift is on its way and there is something I hope you find funny for this troll project! Finally sold enough eggs and wrestled enough dog biscuits away from the power company guy!


  12. You aren’t going to tell Frances, I hope. She’ll be impossible to live with if you tell her.

    Well done, Debra!


  13. AHHAHAHAHAHAA FJ? is upset? you cant make this stuff up…i’m dying.

    You guys thanks for all the kind words, I really do appreciate them more then you know.

    I dont blog, I hijack them as you can see


  14. These are too cute.. I can’t wait to get mine, I might order a couple more after debra gets caught up … if she ever does lol


  15. She can make one of me. I wear reading glasses perched on the end of my nose. Not unlike the unnamed head goblin at Gringott’s Bank.


  16. This is the only place I post, and usually (this week to the contrary), that’s rarely, and I try to avoid snark and post about real concerns in ways that just might move the parental units to slight but productive change.
    Notably, the boots various small Nauglers have been wearing of late. I suggested here that Wellies would be practical footwear on the “homestead”, some months ago. Can’t claim cause and effect, of course – but they ARE wearing boots at times. Not consistently, of course…and dirty little bare feet are going into said boots.

    I’m hoping for similar results with my recent posts concerning the dangers of kayaking on a flooding creek.

    So I don’t think I qualify as a troll. Maybe a troll in training.

    But if I WERE a troll…could I be a blue one? Pretty please?? 😉


  17. I’d love a Nomie Troll but look forward to whatever shows up in my mail box. When my kids were younger they had “scholarships” for camp. It’s nice to be able to “pay it forward” to another child now. Thanks Sally & Deb!


  18. Dawn A-L, I wear my reading glasses the same way and right now the right side of the tip of my nose, there’s a bump from a mosquito bite I got while gardening.
    I didn’t have my reading glasses on so I didn’t see it sitting there….


  19. I need a troll I represent everything Nicole dislikes I wear a gun and a badge daily, LDS, twin mom who lives in the real world has indoor plumbing, running water, pay people to watch our girls (we love her and so do they), hospital births heck our girls are petri dish princesses (IVF babies) who pay our taxes. Hey Nicole I have a solar run house and everyone has their own room!!! Can you make me a troll who represents all those things? Pretty please. Oh and Nicole likes to mock me when I post on her Facebook page and blocked me from her Blessed on….go figure.


  20. The first trolls are being accessorized (I have no idea at all what that might mean), named, and packaged.

    I think she really means personalized, but I should know better than to correct the creator of art work, or the author of a book. Unless he asks me to do so. Then I get to rip it apart and ask him where he hides that stash of commas and can we spray for them, please? How he can write about WWII naval battles, battleships, learn to read Japanese (primary source documentation) but can’t keep his commas under control is beyond me.


  21. Ok, yes, I know the little fingers are what grip the edge of whatever you’re putting it on…but!

    Am I the only one who looks at those greedy little fingers and thinks of them typing on a keyboard?



  22. Okay so in love with these troll. I get paid Thursday. I will be placing a troll order..


  23. Made my donation today and I feel like a silly kid dreaming about what my “troll” will look like!!…edit to say this money was well spent and for a great cause…unlike certain “Go Fund Me” cases….just saying….I made a one time donation on Go Fund Me a few yrs ago because it was a friend of the family who was able to donate her kidney to her husband. The Wife asked for $3000..enough to cover one months mortgage and electric bill while they were both out of work…


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