Trolling Take 2

Remember Ranger?

Remember how, after Nicole threatened to shoot Ranger if somebody didn’t adopt him pronto, social media did what social media does and behaved socially, and some folks who really didn’t like her threat went over to her business page and trolled a little bit?

She blamed me for it, of course, and has continued to blame me.  I commented about and basically advertised her threat (and it was a threat), the great world of social media kicked in, people left some very hilarious, very obviously fake reviews of her business and she considers this my fault.

Well, consider this.

nashvilleoriginalA brief Google search reveals that although news outlets have reported the story, there is no more information being released right now beyond what the facility reports above.  Get that?

No more information.  Four photos.

But it’s social media. And social media behaves socially.

BLHshareFrom four photos and the same information posted above, Nicole comes up with “successful homestead,” and the animals “look healthy.”

But she doesn’t stop there.

NCNshareNow it’s stolen property, “asset forfeiture.”

Obviously, these silly conclusions are her opinion.  It’s quite clear that she has no special information that’s not available to the rest of us. She’s not a vet. She’s not anything except somebody who has a big chip on her shoulder about anyone in a governmental position doing anything about anything.

And she is absolutely entitled to her opinion, unfounded as it might be.

But social media did what social media does.

amandaNashvilleamandaNashville2NomeNashvilleRecognize those names?  They are Nicole leghumpers.

Those comments do not come from either of Nicole’s pages.

They come from Metro Nashville’s page, from the original post about the animal confiscation/rescue.

What are the odds that Amanda and Nome just blundered onto this story, having never read either of the two shares that Nicole did?

I know. Probably zip.

Consider that Nome has basically libeled the people at the Metro Nashville facility. She has accused them of theft.

Nothing, of course, will come of it.  Any sensible person reading all this, including the people at Metro Nashville, will realize that Nome is bonkers and just shrug.

But here’s why this matters.

Nicole is absolutely not responsible for what Nome or Amanda said on the Metro Nashville page.  She is not.  She shared the story. They reacted to her share. She is not responsible.

She did not egg them on.  She didn’t say, “Gee, run over there and give them hell.” She shared the story, offered up her opinion, and they ran with it.

She is not responsible.

Likewise, nobody who shared Nicole’s threat to kill Ranger is responsible for people going to Nicole’s business page and leaving silly fake reviews.

Social media, doing what social media does.


I looked at the Nashville page a little closer and found this. Tami Joh appears to be somebody associated with the Nashville animal control folks.

TamiJohNashvilleTami Joh, it appears, in an effort to stem some of the bullshit coming from Nicole and company, went over to BLH and tried.

TamiJohBLHShe felt exactly like I would have expected her to feel.

TamiJohBLH2But I loved this gem the most.

NicoleNashvilleNicole just couldn’t stand it and had to comment herself.  It’s her opinion, you see. She wouldn’t agree with whatever they did.  Doesn’t matter. She doesn’t need to know any details. She just doesn’t agree.

And it’s okay if she doesn’t. I really want to stress that. It’s okay.

And it’s just as okay if I don’t agree with her.



58 thoughts on “Trolling Take 2”

  1. Nome states “these are healthy happy animals.” Is that the same standard as “healthy happy children?”


  2. If she read the FULL article, she would see that there were dead animals found here. NEGLECT was found in the animals , dehydration and dirty cages.

    SHE DOES NOT READ. She just sees a headline and,says oh it.


  3. In many hoarding situations the owners reach a point were they are no longer able to care for the large number of animals. Perhaps they were abandoned, like J&N abandoned their animals when they moved to a motel. Perhaps the owners are sick or broke. In many cases animal control seems more on the ball than CPS.


  4. Where is the full article?

    If this question isn’t ok I will understand. What happened with the horse? I keep reading on different pages that the horse is gone.


  5. What happened with the horse?

    That’s an excellent question. I keep seeing the same thing, only Nicole clearly said that one of the kids got a puppy to “work with” the horse. Apart from the fact that there is no “work” for the horse to do, and I cannot imagine what a dog would do to “work with” a horse even if there were any “work” for the horse to do, well, it’s all sort of odd.


  6. Where is the full article?

    I haven’t got a clue. When I Googled, I got nothing more than what is in that screen shot. A couple of news outlets had the story, but no more information than that.


  7. Its like the kid that breaks windows and points at the other person when they get caught. She and Lard ass are horrible people


  8. I’m waiting for Nicole to see the image of government overreach in a grilled cheese sandwich.

    Nowhere in that shelter’s Facebook post does it say what sort of residence or property those animals were taken from.

    Then again, some folks consider their apartment a “homestead.”

    What would be the motivation for the animal shelter to seize hundreds of animals it doesn’t have room for, other than their stated mission of rescuing animals from abuse and neglect? Does Nicole think the animal shelter is selling small animals the same way she thinks CPS sells children? Is there money to be made in this venture? Does she think there is some sort of rabbit shortage? Are people willing to cheat and steal over the possibility of possessing 444 purple keychain feet?

    Is there anyone in the world Nicole doesn’t view with suspicion?


  9. Look up chantology – it is the perfect example of the internet doing what the internet does


  10. Sally! That was over the top! Very Well Done! You could paint a picture in crayons for Nicky and she would still NOT GET IT. You Shout it out for all to see in plain English what Nicky says and does. You proved without a doubt to me that Nicky is one of them folks who live their live like this. DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO! Bravo Sally I just love it when you put Nicky in her place and Nicky can’t see that you put her in her place LOL


  11. You are absolutely right with this. I went over to the rescue site, and there are plenty of BLH leghumpers wailing and gnashing their teeth in the comments, over the supposed injustice of “stealing someones farm animals”. Do they have proof of that? Nope. Pictures? Nope. Do they know for sure the few animals they have seen are healthy “and happy”? Ummmm…nope.
    Yet there they all are; Eulanda, Nome and a few others, all mouthing off an accusing this hard working rescue of all kinds of egregious acts.


  12. Apparently that animal anuse case , has pictures, but it’s bad. Full article they said would be up tomorrow, no pics.


  13. You think she would have put a little effort into proving ranger was still alive, oh wait.. we ALL know his fate. Funny how she is the defender of abusers. Kind of telling, no?


  14. Wonder what happened with that puppy that apparently wandered on to the shitstead? Remember that? I certainly hope it didn’t join Ranger.


  15. [Admin: Come on. Let’s just don’t. Joe does the armchair psychiatrist thing. Let’s don’t do it.]

    Re: the case referenced by Nicole. I’ve seen it go both ways. But if this is hundreds of small animals that were confiscated from a dwelling within the city limits, or a dwelling where people aren’t permitted to have 10 animals, or livestock per their HOA or something – then I’m willing to wait a bit for more information to be released. I did see that Nicole wasn’t offering any money to the person who had the animals seized so they could get legal counsel.

    Interesting that she never – ever – pay more than lip service to the rest of the downtrodden and innocent victims of society. Not one thin copper left her hands to help other families after the $45K+ windfall of 2015.


  16. You know and I know Nicole purposefully wrote her post in such a way as to send her blind stupid humpers over the same way she sends her followers to pages and blogs with her manipulative little posts. It’s why she assumes others do the same even though they don’t. She can’t live without creating drama and attacking people. Without her drama fix all she would be left with is the pile of shit she created called her life.


  17. Penelope Wise:
    “Yet there they all are; Eulanda, Nome and a few others, all mouthing off an accusing this hard working rescue of all kinds of egregious acts. Assholes

    “Asshole” idiots and very indicative of the nature and level of her following.
    It also is another example of Nicole’s attempt to change the focus when very serious problems are too apparent and being openly discussed.

    *OT: Really enjoyed listening to Melissa last evening on The Nation. Inspiring and heartbreaking. Hugs ❤️, Melissa.


  18. That is a lot of animals! Why would someone even have that many?! Unless you’re Campbell’s soup or Butterball there is NO reason to have that many animals. There are already so many waiting for adoption in rescues. I know a few meat rabbit breeders, they have maybe a dozen adults, MAYBE a dozen. I also know of a few pet rabbit breeders, they have like 4, they sell them registered usually to 4Hers or just as pets. They also do rescues, which is kind of silly in my opinion if your rescuing but also breeding but neither of these lady have litters often. They both have buy back contracts too.
    My point is-Why have more animals than you can consume and a reasonable amount of pet rabbits is just a few. This is definitely something that got out of hand.
    Maybe NN’s horse got taken away and she’s bitter?


  19. They don’t even know if these animals were taken from a homestead because in typical Naugler fashion one person says a comment in passing and the lemmings all take it and run of the cliff.

    I hope the horse is gone. No creature should have to live their golden years out in a hellhole.


  20. Nome is her own brand of special cray-cray. Although I do give her credit for being able to homestead in an apartment.


  21. Maybe NN’s horse got taken away and she’s bitter?

    No evidence of that at all.

    there is NO reason to have that many animals.

    Sure there is. If you happened to have a business breeding rabbits to sell as raw meat for dog food, for example, you might well have that many.

    The point is that we don’t know. Nicole doesn’t know. Her humpers don’t know.


  22. What Nicole’s faithful followers are lacking is common sense. They are followers and apparently they never stop to think for themselves. If Nicole says that Animal Control stole a bunch of animals for no good reason other than to infringe on someone’s right to have a bunch of animals, her followers blindly accept this must be true. I just hope these followers have not nor will not reproduce.


  23. Dog food-I didn’t even think of that! I sat here for quite some time trying to figure out why someone would breed massive amounts of meat rabbits because rabbit meat isn’t very popular.
    She’s just a nut. I can’t even handle her level of nutery. Her intense hatred of LE, government, any form of organization (humane societies apparently) just blows my mind. A seemingly well meaning organization such as a humane society still instills paranoia in her head.


  24. would she get as many responses if she posted a pic of dogs in a cage that were used to homestead for meat purposes, I think not, I mean whats the difference according to her worldview. The woman is as mean as a pissed off rattlesnake.


  25. Oh the irony. All of her humpers demanding picture proof of the abuse and the situation. Can’t take the shelter’s word for it. But Nicole. Well, she would rather be damned then provide picture proof that Ranger is still alive.


  26. The blind comments being made by Nicole’s minions at the shelter site are a pretty good indicator of the mental caliber of who’s left.

    If that’s the bench you’re drawing from, Nicole…I wouldn’t be too hopeful about future fund raisers.

    Yes…they will vindicate Nicole! By attacking… animal shelter. In Tennessee.

    Yep, by golly, they’re gonna slap their names and Facebook accounts all over that government site and accuse the agency of theft and foul play…..while knowing literally zero facts about what transpired. You might even call what they’re doing “harassment” or “libel”. Or the shelter might. Or not. The shelter probably has its hands too full taking care of 368 new animals to care what a bunch of loons are doing on Facebook. At this point, I just shake my head and eat my popcorn.

    “The situation in this person’s house and carport was very grim, with deceased animals everywhere.” This statement was made by a person who appears to be in the know.

    What can logically be deduced from this one sentence?

    1. “this person” was used. Not “this couple” or “this family”. So, we’ve got what appears to be ONE person with over 368 animals.

    2. “The situation in this person’s house and carport” indicates to me that that’s where 368 animals were being kept. And while that might fit the idea of “homesteading” in the Naugler world, I would suggest that most sane people would disagree. Can you imagine what 368 animals in your home and carport would smell like? Think of the number of cages needed to contain 368 animals.

    3. The word “hoarder” should also be a tip off.

    Here is a photo of a man with 50 rabbits:

    Now imagine SEVEN TIMES this many animals in someone’s house and carport. Granted you’ll need to swap out some birds for rabbits, but it’s an impressively insane number of animals for one person to care for properly. Particularly, if they’re doing it in their house and carport and not a barn set up for livestock care, sanitation, and ventilation.

    You know, one thing I can say about my experience working for a grooming salon when I was in college…is that the clientele really kinda thought of their pets as their pets as “family members”. Maybe not “human” family members, but very special and beloved parts of their world that they felt a duty to protect and love and give a good quality of life to.

    Clients were typically extremely sensitive to the idea of animal abuse and neglect. They were outraged and saddened by hoarding situations. And the vast majority of them avidly supported rescues and animal shelters like the one Nicole’s followers are now attacking….with donations, participation in events and volunteer hours.

    Woman keeps thinking up new ways to shoot herself in the foot. I think her self-fullfilling wish is to perpetually play victim. So even when things are going well for her, she does everything in her power to fuck it up. it’s like clockwork. I truly believe she would actively try to destroy her own business just to pass the buck and blame “the trolls”.

    Nicole is her own worst troll.

  27. She posted the article that explains what happened. These animals were being slaughtered for their food, but they weren’t being taken care of. They were also taken from a home in a suburban area with not enough average. The owners signed the over the remaining animals to them.


  28. The Nashville news just stated that there were over 200 animals in a 7 by 7 foot area. Animal control came the week before following up a tip.
    Sounds like they gave the person a week to fix the issue.
    They came back this week to find nothing had been done and many of the animals were dead.
    Bet you still don’t agree with removal do you Nicole.


  29. I think N may be playing a CYA game with claiming how evil animal control is and then crying that they are after her, too! It wouldn’t surprise me if animal control visited regarding the poor horse and now N has her victim game all set up.


  30. It wouldn’t surprise me if animal control visited regarding the poor horse

    I really doubt that. Really.


  31. @Beth, N probably still disagrees with removal because her concern was never with the animals. Her only concern was the owner’s “rights” to keep as many animals as he or she wanted while expending minimal care. She’s talking micro farming now, while never successfully raising her own flock of chickens. Muh rights!


  32. She doesn’t know how to do any sort of farming, micro, macro, whatever. Why in the world does she continue with this farce? And that’s what it is: a farce.


  33. So people are going on and on about how these animals were for food. Nicole is railing on about factory farms and how poorly they treat animals, so why isn’t she pissed about these people? They were not providing decent living conditions for their animals. It’s no different. She is just truly clueless.

    I know nothing about farms. The only thing I know about farm animals is the little my grandmother taught me when I was young. She had a small piece of land and had some animals. Pretty common in the country. I do know enough to know that raising anything more than a few butthead cats and some old dogs is enough for me. But my animals are pampered and loved.

    I also don’t know much about animal rescues. I’ve donated to several but never volunteered to work with them because I know my limits. I’ve seen the results of animal hoarding cases. All three of my mom’s dogs are from animal hoarding cases. They all have their issues. Her fat Pomeranian still walks in circles, he spent more of his life in a crate and that’s how he moved around. Ever after four years in a happy home he still walks in circles when he’s nervous. Animal hoarding and animal abuse aren’t about rights, anymore than neglecting kids but obviously some jerks only think about their rights and are okay with abuse. Makes me sick.


  34. I have read your blog for a bit. My impression is that you are not a happy person. I suspect you get a good deal of enjoyment from judging, shaming and ridiculing. I have decided that I do not like you. I think that you and your bullies are ugly people.


  35. We had around 250 rabbits at most times. When it was butcher time they usually did 50 and that was split between the slaughter guy and 4 sisters. And the pelts were sent off and processed and my mother made things like stuffed animals and moccasins with them. Not all the rabbits were for butchering either people would come and buy rabbits as well as purchase them at fairs and rabbit shows. When raising for pelts and showing you have multiples to choose from so you can get the best of the best. The more “leg’s” you get the higher you could charge for their offspring. We had dwarf neatherland, mini rex, lionhead, and some flemish giants for my grandparents just for eating. Ours however all had their own cages that were easy to clean in a somewhat temperature controlled barn


  36. If BO “fans” would do research.. Never mind, it’s just easier to believe anything that’s posted on Facebook.
    She continues this delusion of homesteading because, what else are they going to do? They blew threw $45 G. They trashed the last two houses they were actually in. I don’t know why she has a hard on for living with a dozen people in a garden shed. Find a used trailer/manufacturing home. Get running water and hook up septic. It can not be more expensive to hook up the septic than renting that port o potty. They have been there, 3-4 years. Why aren’t there rain barrels? Where are the home canned foods from their ‘garden”. Why no pictures of eggs from the hens? I thought the point of homesteading was so you didn’t have to be dependent on others.
    I personally think they decided to stay because they don’t have money to move. Many donated once, they aren’t willing to get burned again.
    As for the commenter who thinks we are ugly people.
    F-off. I don’t like people that NEGLECT kids and animals.


  37. M. Marier doesn’t like judgement.

    M. Marier searches out a blog, reads it, and then passes judgement.

    Where does Nicole find such stupid people?


  38. I may or may not be an ugly human being. However, I always provided a home with 4 solid walls, a clean bed, hot and cold running water, indoor plumbing, a decent education, proper medical care, and love to my child. Further, our pets also were well fed and received regular vet care. I have never had CPS called on me, and have never had neighbors who wished and prayed I would move away. I’ve also never goes through $45,000 with nothing to show for it. If that’s what an ugly human is like, then I guess I am one. Funny, I was raised to believe that’s how a responsible person behaves.


  39. So, Nicole are you saying it’s okay to have jammed onto 1/4 acre of property over 350 animals because they were “meat” animals.
    Are you saying “meat” animals do not need humane treatment?
    Nicole, are you saying the treatment of Tysons chickens makes it okay for small breeders to over crowd and mistreat their animals?
    I worry, Nicole why you think the mistreatment of any animal would be okay if it’s labeled a “meat” animal.

    Dirty cages, over crowded, no food, animals covered with feces, mixed with dead animals is indefensible.
    And yet Nicole, you are for some perverted reason driven to defend the indefensible.


  40. She’s all pissy about another hoarding situation in Washington state. This one with rabbits and guinie pigs. All females are pregnant as well.

    She just needs to stop and worry about her own situation.


  41. 1/4 acre of property over 350 animals because they were “meat” animals.

    The odor alone would have been overwhelming. Rabbits are smelly (not necessarily the rabbits themselves, but their urine). The Nauglers cannot keep a few animals alive for any length of time, much less hundreds. Nicole knows almost nothing about what she is talking about.

    What has happened here is that she made a snap judgement – “the evil government over-reached” – and nothing will change her mind, ever. She decided what the back-story is and that’s that.


  42. I think Nicole is just a tool for any website, meme, organization or person who gives anything governmental the middle finger. That seems to be her only guiding principle–if government does anything it is some sort of conspiratorial or blatant tyrannical assault on individual rights. She cannot even see or acknowledge her own absurd hypocrisy so it is no surprise that she cannot comprehend that other people are at least equal to her in having rights that include protection from people like her. The government, law enforcement agencies, and other social (and animal) agencies are protectors of peoples’ rights. Granted, almost all of the Law Enforcement interaction Nicole has had seem to involve someone else’s rights being infringed upon by Nicole and her husband and the law being enforced. Examples include her own children being removed from frightening living conditions, the lady Joe was convicted of menacing after he was told he was not welcome to steal water, goat gate, poop gate, just to name the most recent famous litigated incidents. Yes Nicole, laws exist to protect other people from people like you. You are not special.


  43. Bwahaha! Ugly people?! Pretty sure Sally doesn’t like people pretending to be something they are not. Key word being “pretending.” Like someone already stated above, we don’t like people that abuse animals and children. You may want to look in the mirror and see why you are so drawn to Nicole? It didn’t take me long to realize that she is lousy person and she is depriving those kids of a decent future. No education will only get you so far…


  44. Got my spring fundraiser pamphlet from the Sheriff’s camp and plan to send them another check. Some people may think you are unhappy but I think you rock! Keep doing you Sally!


  45. I fell down the Naugler story after a friend shared (and was all leg-humpy about it) a link to N’s FB page and I was shocked by what I saw. This blog reaffirmed my faith in sanity.
    I’m not from the US – is this family receiving benefits? Here you get Child Benefit, Housing Benefit and other provisions if you’re low income. Aside from PayPal I can’t work out how this lot a) survives; b) hasn’t lost custody completely of all their litter (here social workers tend to be more involved in the event of a vulernable baby pre-birth including placing immediately in foster or kinship care where necessary).


  46. Hey, where’s the “like” button? I “liked” that feature.

    Is it missing? I’ll have to figure it out tomorrow.


  47. I’m not from the US – is this family receiving benefits?

    They would qualify for all sorts of benefits, but they won’t apply. Nicole and Joe believe that doing so would make them “whores of the state,” and loudly proclaim this to anyone who will listen and to some folks who would rather not hear it.


  48. No, Joe and Nicole rely upon the kids to fund the rest of the brood. Why the hell else would their youngest daughter feel obliged to buy a stroller for the current baby of the family? Why isn’t that the responsibility of the child’s parents? There is no reason why that little girl who works hard for her money should have felt it necessary to spend it on her baby brother – or to remark that he was heavy unless she’s lugging him around more often than her parents.

    Plus if they had gone to a garage sale they could have gotten that same stroller for a great deal less money. Or a more rugged stroller for the same price.


  49. Seeing that little girl open the box and unwrap the stroller from it’s plastic covering made me so very sad. I just hope that one by one, each child when grown will find their way out into the world and away from their worthless parents.


  50. The stroller broke my heart. Parents should be buying baby equipment. Children should buy toys*. They make toy strollers.

    * I think it’s a parents’ job to buy toys for the most part. I have let my kid buy his own candy or whatnot though…


  51. No, Joe and Nicole rely upon the kids to fund the rest of the brood. Why the hell else would their youngest daughter feel obliged to buy a stroller for the current baby of the family? Why isn’t that the responsibility of the child’s parents? There is no reason why that little girl who works hard for her money should have felt it necessary to spend it on her baby brother – or to remark that he was heavy unless she’s lugging him around more often than her parents.

    Plus if they had gone to a garage sale they could have gotten that same stroller for a great deal less money. Or a more rugged stroller for the same price

    My thoughts exactly! And Nicole sounds so puffed up with pride in the video which makes it even worse. It’s nauseating! My heart goes out to this little girl most of all, and why Nicole focuses on her so much is beyond me, but if I had to guess, it’s because this child’s traits of wanting to serve, please, and be a caretaker (to pick up the slack) fits well with Nicole’s narcissistic neglect and huge ego. In other words, this child has exactly what Nicole does not have…the ability to properly care for children–not that Nicole gives a shit. But isn’t this called parental inversion, when a child does what a parent should be doing? What about this little girl’s needs??? This veiled abuse is heartbreaking to behold, and then to make matters worse, Nicole brags about it and her humpers cheer and salivate. What is WRONG with these people?


  52. Nicole made a long FB post about it being 701 days since her children were “legally kidnapped” four hours ago. Maybe she’ll get a lot more likes and comments, but so far, only 63 people have liked the post, and a mere seven have commented. One of the comments doesn’t sound 100% supportive. Could it be even her loyal supporters are growing tired of her trying to milk this CPS intervention that occurred nearly two years ago, for sympathy and donations? I sure hope so.


  53. Nicole isn’t in a position to be demanding pictures from animal control when she refuses to share pictures of the pig, horse, or beds for the kids so we know they aren’t on a piece of plywood.


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