Trolling For Pages

veiled threat

I love this veiled threat. “You trolls.”  Don’t approach her property or family “to do (them) harm.”

One thing Nicole does all the time is use the expression “you trolls.”  It’s a mathematical set to her (look it up, Nicole. I know math is hard, but try.) All “trolls” are in a set.  All “trolls” are guilty of any and all activity and criticism expressed by any “troll.”

Anyone who criticizes her is lumped together and found equally guilty.

Well, turnabout is fair play, Nicole.

I’m not running any of the pages and profiles you accuse as me. In fact, I don’t even know who is.

You gotta be kidding.  You don’t even know who is.  You’ve got these folks running around spending their entire lives (hours and hours every day) making pages and doxxing people and harassing them, and stalking folks online—all to defend you and your family—and you don’t know who they are.


Here’s a bit of a list.

Naugler Camptruth and liesLike It Or Notstewbert

PrestonTextrovertKentucky Laws

This might be my personal favorite for creativity.  The Nauglers do not believe there should be any laws, yet they do not hesitate to cite them if they think it will advance their position.


In case you find that hard to read “Darrell” says:

Please do, they will laugh at you.  You don’t know who I am, dipshit! The Government doesn’t give ten shits about people on fb talkin shit about lowlifes. Al should be able to school you there.

I think maybe “Darrell” and “Kentucky Laws” need to get together and have a chat.  It seems that when it comes to the Nauglers engaging in doxxing and libel and online threats, the government doesn’t give ten shits, but when it comes to anyone criticizing them even slightly, they are being threatened and will undoubtedly sue everyone in sight.

My personal position on all this legal posturing is that I do not engage in it.  I’m not going to sue anyone, and nobody is going to sue me.  I’m just going to go right on making information available.  Make of it what you will.

exposedJohnny B Badd

For anyone who might not know, that photo is of Breckinridge County’s Sheriff Pate, who Nicole and Joe despise beyond all reason and do not hesitate to taunt and defame online whenever possible.

Donny Cook

There are several incarnations of this, I believe. There is also much speculation as to whether or not this is a real person.  I don’t care much one way or the other.

Mindy Thundertroll

And this one was created solely to mock a critic.  No other reason.

Beastly Troll

As was this one.

T frog TrollWhoratioCharles SmythPeurile Strawman

Johnny B Badd incarnation 2

This the second incarnation of this page.

Seymour Hiney

And the second incarnation of that one follows.

Seymour Hiney version 2

Mindy Thundertroll 2

The second version of the Mindy page.

Jack SchittDonny Cook page

Donny as a “community” page instead of a personal page.

jack ball

Charles Smyth 2

A second version of Charles Smyth.  Some of these second incarnations occurred because Facebook removed the first one.

Anita Mandalay

Screaming Memey

real truth Teresa

Get Your Facts StraightFFS


Stewie Schizoid

These comments refer to a critic who they thought had lost a child.

Stewie Rescue

Stand By the Nauglers

So, apparently there weren’t six “trolls,” but instead 55.  To quote Nicole:

I don’t ask you believe my every word. But I do ask you use logic when deciding which stories you believe and if and how they are relevant.

Let’s do that.  It’s good advice.  Is it possible that there are fifty-five people who are simultaneously spending hours and hours stalking and harassing and just trying to destroy this beautiful family that has done nothing at all to anyone and who just want to be left alone?  Is that even reasonable?

Or is it more reasonable to think that maybe, just maybe, the Naugler adults have royally pissed off some folks?

And of course, a page called “Stand By The Nauglers” without any form of identification at all insists that everyone quit talking about “him” or “her.” Or “he” or “she” will sue.  Gotta love it.


The screen shot involving the phone numbers was posted in a private group (not public at all) and as is mentioned, was only done because there were threats that the Nauglers were calling people and their places of employment.

Bless Naugler

Nasty Trolls


Others for which I do not have screen shots:

The Real Truth About the Nauglers

Big Mouths, Lousy Opinions and Losers

Questions for Nauglers

Now then, I am pretty confident that I do not have all the various pages that have been created in the last eight months.  However, I have posted screen shots of 37 and know of one for which I have no screen shot.  That makes a total of 38.

In eight months.  I know that math is hard, but let’s try it, why don’t we?

From May 6, 2015 (when the children were taken from Joe and Nicole and they catapulted into national awareness) to January 29, 2016 (today) is 268 days. Dividing 268 days by 38 pages gives us just a tiny fraction over 7.

They have been making a new page on average once a week for 8 months.  Pages with no other purpose than to dox, harass, stalk and libel anyone who criticizes them for any reason.  They have published addresses, stalked family members, threatened people, contacted employers, you name it.  And it doesn’t take much to get on their radar, as I will show.

But I will show that later on.  This post is long enough.



Told you there were more. That makes 40, or an average of one page every 6.7 days.

Another update:  Two more pages added to the list without screen shots, bringing the total to 42, or one every 6.38 days.

And more:

Sam Adams

jack tooka schitt

Running total, 44, one page every 6.09 days.


23 thoughts on “Trolling For Pages”

  1. These people are low. She has posted a dead mans information and on the same thread made a comment referring to now knowing who two of his daughters were. Why did she do this? Because one of his daughters is a critic and has been very verbal about how the Nauglers have used their children for financial gain. Don’t believe me ? Go to the FFS page. They will keep it up long enough for people to see and delete it before Facebook can review . They should have deleted faster because I just saw screen shots on TRTAN 3rd. They want to scream about harassment and threats ? Where are the threats ? They screen shot everything else and post it. From where I sit, it appears that they are doing all the things they are accusing others of doing ? I won’t be surprised if someone sues her. But then again they don’t have anything to collect but the satisfaction of putting them in their place.


  2. Joe and Nicole.

    Take notice.

    Your desire for making things “go viral” is happening.

    Your myopic plans are being eviscerated.

    This blog isn’t going away.


    The next time you think crowdsource funding might work . . . This blog will be here.

    It’s not going away.


    That said — you might want to take stock, quit the victim angle, start honest planning and consider a hard day’s work . . . Drop the arrogance and accusations, and grow the fuck up.

    You’re pissing smarter people off.

    That never works out well.

    Think about it


  3. Oh, that’s what Joe and Nicole were doing in the photograph taken by the local television station. They were both staring at their phones and I think Nicole’s thumbs were in motion.

    Well, as neither of them were particularly active in cleaning the area even with a few supporters to show off for, no wonder the place looks worse than when they signed on the dotted line for it.

    It took them a year to hook up that canoe with a hole in it to a truck to haul it out of the lake and away. I guess they never thought about doing it at all until there was an audience for whom they had to play at being plucky hardworking but down-on-their-luck due to ‘the man’ homesteaders.

    Exactly how does that work when your garden fails year after year? Plus you don’t know how to purchase produce and put it up for the winter, despite your garden failing. Again.


  4. No time to homestead, too busy virtual homesteading and tilting at virtual windmills. Because, you know, we’re all really living in the Matrix and the Internet is the real life. The sheeple and wage slaves are the ones living in a fantasy. Bwahaha.


  5. Nicole’s PSA, “I will say this. If you don’t want to get burned don’t play with fire.” And “you trolls..”

    What the fu*k is fire? And who is “you”? Is this a threat to all “you”, non supporters and critics who are not commenting with opinions on her personal pages or public pages, but rather are a voice on other pages? Is this a dare scare threat, if you are even thinking about discussion and opinions? “If” you don’t want to get burned, then “don’t”?

    I find this offensive! of-fen-sive: making attack, aggressive, relating to, or designed for attack.

    I am hear to tell you, this is not a dictatorship country. And you aren’t the Queen Bee over me. Most all the vitriol activities on Facebook, weren’t even existent in my mind before 8 months ago. Doxxing, calling employers, sock accounts, screen shot of personal photos and information, stalking their children and friends pages and information, threats, hacking. Because those people were of negative opinions, critics, non supporters.

    You can control, in your controlling world, the critics from actively participating on YOUR pages. But be known, there are lots and lots of sites on the internet, social media included, having discussion and critical opinions. You cannot put out the fire, by offensive threats. (whatever playing with fire means).

    I find it amusing, for loss of better word, someone who espouses rights, freedoms. And the you aren’t the boss of me. Crying wah wah. Always the victim card.


  6. So busy, so very very busy, protecting themselves from the tiniest shred of criticism that they couldn’t spare a minute to do basic stuff like keeping their livestock and children out of what could have been their drinking water. Much easier to steal it from the neighbors instead. *Nodnod*

    (And then threaten to shoot the neighbors, because that always works out well.)


  7. Not Another Page About The Nauglers,FFS shared The Real Truth About the Nog’s 3rd’s photo.
    17 hrs ·
    Still harassing TF? Your life must really be on a downward spiral.

    Not Another Page About The Nauglers,FFS
    Daddy is disappointed in you. I’m not trying to silence you. I’m showing the people who you are. That’s what you are wanting

    This is the Naugler mentality folks! The Nauglers troll all day looking for information so they can use it to scare and hurt people. This is a very feeble attempt at trying to make someone feel bad at themselves .
    Nicole how do you know how a man that passed away years ago would feel about his children? I am sure your own children are very is disappointed in you and Joe! You have robbed them of any kind of normal and happy childhood and replaced it with work .


  8. My mind is reeling from all of those pages. Now I know for a fact that she stays on the internet ALL DAY LONG. She is scrolling and spewing her hate vomit while feeding a baby on her breast and her other children are scavenging for wildlife (turtles) to kill and eat. Neglect. Pure and simple. She cannot possibly being putting in the hours at work she claims to.


  9. #sendsnacks said, “No time to homestead, too busy virtual homesteading and tilting at virtual windmills. Because, you know, we’re all really living in the Matrix and the Internet is the real life. The sheeple and wage slaves are the ones living in a fantasy. Bwahaha.”

    So now Nicole is ‘spaining the story, behind creating what 3 personal pages in the last week, week and a half? But this personal page, she is forced to make as a public figure? OMFG, she thrives on having her stagelight!

    How is it possible for a working mother of 11 children, spending volumes of minutes and hours and days on social media? So many Facebook pages. And so many to troll and pa*troll and con*troll. Well it’s probable and possible because she thrives on the stardom. And it’s probable and possible it’s a means ($$$) of captivating the starstruck. Otherwise another mother would look up from the phone, and see there are 11 little ones who want and need her to take her star down, and give them the stagelight. And that is fu*king sad!


  10. She just can’t stay off social media. Facebook shut her down on several fake profiles and before they can even click the save button she’s up and runnin again. Her newest is Nicole Nauler : Public Figue . Can we say she’s a legend in her own mind?


  11. I can only imagine how much money they throw out the window to feed their internet addiction. Bluegrass data plans are not cheap. They stream movies from Netflix and I have observed, spend hours on the Internet. I am sure that money could be better spent on the children and the homestead.


  12. No, she can’t just stay off of the internet. She can’t.

    There is no homestead, there is barely a family. This is the continual downward spirally saga and public portrait of a woman who is only interested in frantically running down endless corridors of endless internet mazes, hair on fire. Paths and more paths of words more exciting to her than anything in the reality of her existence. Someday, if she is lucky, and with a lot of help, she will pull the internet needle out of her arm, and live, otherwise she will remain squatted on her white bucket staring into the abyss with her thumbs the only things left moving. JMHO


  13. These pages are like a tsunami of bile. There was hope for the parents using their windfall 2nd chance to turn a new leaf, but it’s futile. Both mother and father need to be in a treatment program, like a Hazelden for Internet addicts. It is digusting to imagine toddlers crying for milk or sonething to eat, or with a diaper soaked in urine, or another one cooking on a flame outside, supervised only by a sibling, or a group of them running amok for hours…. like Lord of the Flies…while Joe AND Nicole ignore them to control their world online.

    Dammed depressing. Foster parents and Fruit Loops would be better, I am very sorry to say.


  14. Well said, NK. I would add one thing: I bet when they brought the crash cart to that ER room nobody was badgering your husband about how he was going to pay for his treatment. He just got taken care of. That’s because the evil government has decreed that nobody can be turned away from an ER with a real emergency regardless of their ability to pay.

    Sure, there are things that can and should be fixed about our society and our government. But we’re still pretty damn good even if we do have Sarah Palin screeching in the background. 🙂


  15. In one of the comments, it was suggested that Joe refuses to work to avoid paying child support for his eldest son, Alex.

    I have a question for Joe. If you were unable to raise your son Alex, (his parental rights were terminated) and feel no obligation to support the folks who are raising him (child support) then what the fuck made you think you would be able to, or want to, raise 11 more children?

    Joe is the lowest of the low. He should be back in jail for neglecting to pay child support and be locked up until it is paid up or until his current bitch is menopausal! His right to have more children should be terminated! lowest of the low


  16. Sick of the Nauglers! wrote, “From where I sit, it appears that they are doing all the things they are accusing others of doing ?”

    Projection, what you’re seeing is projection.

    nk wrote, ” I’ll never for forget when my husband had his stroke and they brought in a crash cart to the ER room.”

    I really hope he’s much improved. It can happen – a family member suffered a mild stroke 2 years ago and while there are some occasional moments when the immediate family knows the side effects are coming out, it’s not noticed by others. More prone to tiredness, the “brakes” between thought and mouth (when tired), a need to finish speaking a thought to the end rather than stopping once someone ‘gets’ the thrust of the discussion (remodeling the brain), things like that. I really hope your husband doesn’t even have that much to show for it.

    I also hope you were able to pay for or get the hospital to write off expenses for his care if you weren’t able to pay for them. It’s one thing to get treated and released, it’s quite another to discharge the debt. Even WITH insurance it can be…challenging until you hit the catastrophic limit (and I changed insurance due to the increase in the limit with my former plan).

    Anyway, my best wishes to you and yours.

    lowestofthelow – it’s not EASY to have your parental rights terminated! It took more than an inability of Joe to show at court for that to happen. Regardless of how anyone may feel about his right to sire offspring, it would be nice if they were cared for with more thought than blue crab zoeae.


  17. I was harassed, threatened and doxed. I am one of the 55. One lovely Christian woman sent a pm telling me “God hates you and you are a ©unt”. Haha! God hates me for my opinions and so do the Nauglers. The horror. *sips tea
    I wonder who will be joining me in Hell?


  18. I am one of the 55 as well. If I get there before you I will save you a seat! 🙂


  19. Long ago they took some sort of trip to Missouri, perhaps to St. Louis, but decided it wasn’t going to work for them. My guess is that Joe and Nicole panicked when they realized it’s known as “the show-me state”. Just tucked their tails and ran.

    Sorry Kentucky. Maybe you’ll get lucky sometime in the future and they’ll move on.


  20. I was actually not on the list of 55, however multiple people contacted my employers for the Nauglers in threatening ways. In addition, my work had to send cease and desist letters to people in regards to this issue. Furthermore, I was harassed for months online and offline.

    However sharing photos of those children in horrid conditions (which Nicole posted herself) usually got them to back off and rethink their position. That and several well placed moments of realization that you can’t hide when you have no clue how to truly cloak an IP address.

    It is funny how most of those fake pages are either local to Kentucky or bounced through servers upon servers upon proxies to make it seem like it is coming from multiple locations. Or set up through cloaking web browsers.

    They are like bumbling cowboys running through a range of poorly executed plans. They like to think they are hacker extraordinares – but really – a Google search or whosthem search is not hacking. They are failing miserably at cloak and dagger. They are playing a role of victim or villain all while ignoring their inherent responsibilities of being parents. That is disgusting.

    I would love to understand why they even have custody of the children, though in my heart, I have an idea. It might be extremely difficult to find foster homes for that many feral children at one time.

    Break it down. They have no concept of everyday existence or schooling or toileting or proper medical care. Logic would assume that they have no appropriate coping skills or even a basic understanding of hygiene standards. And there is a bunch of them. That would take Miracle working foster parents to be able to handle that.

    However they should be removed. Period. It is not safe, not appropriate and extremely lacking in any type of parental oversight. There might be love – but how can a narcissist like Nicole truly love?


  21. Christ Almighty!!

    How on earth does she have time to create SO MANY pages and track down trolls, take screenshots, threaten haters, “work” at her grooming business, nurse babies, create more children, and actually give her kids the “unschooling” and quality time they need?

    I can’t even wrap my brain around this insanity.


  22. Dear Joe and nic nog,

    Where are these threats? Proof, not hearsay, proof!! Who threatened you? Probably just cps right? Threatening to take the kids if you did get your shit together? That’s on wanted viral…you got it…can’t complain about what you wished for. Now get off the internet and wash some bodies, feed some belly’s and read something besides dog catalogs.


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