Another Troll is Home

From a reader:

We have a problem!
The dog was going crazy just now so looked outside and found this by my front door.
He had torn his way out of the box and is smiling and drooling at me!
Going to try to pick him up…….

We still have a problem!
Tried to pick him up and he jumped into the bushes.
He is muttering
while eyeing me and mumbling under his breath…..

I’m sure our reader will keep us updated on this very serious situation unfolding right now.  A SWAT team is on the way.


14 thoughts on “Another Troll is Home”

  1. Has the troll made threats? If so, be sure to document them, and even and especially, keep the documentation away from any free range toddlers.


  2. Frances has moved from the computer to the open file cabinet. For some reason, she didn’t like the top of my iMac (YMMV). She is very happy and can see everything that goes on in here; dog lying on her back like a $2……, old dog snoring, well you get the drift.

    She’s also with my Holsteins.


  3. Frances has moved from the computer to the open file cabinet.

    I just put her photo on another page. She’s delighted.


  4. Sally, be honest.

    Perchance, is Frances a bit of a narcissist? (I have a narcissist dog, and see some similar traits.)

    I hope you do not consider my question a threat to you and your family, and whatnot, even and especially as Frances is pregnant.

    If so, I did not mean it that way, but I am sure that the 3%ers would come and protect you from me, given that I am 2,000 miles away. ?


  5. Thank you soooo much for my awesome troll!
    I adore him.
    He is rather a naughty type and loves to yell things at me like
    Still he warms my heart. ???
    Thank you Deb!
    Thank you Sally for helping Deb make this happen.

    PS: He also keeps asking where Frances is cause he wants to ride er (that slut as he calls her) into town…..


  6. These trolls are beyond amazing and hysterical!
    May I suggest that all future Troll Owners have their recorders ready to record everything AND whatnot?
    “Just in case”


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