Troll Update

First, the thing we all care about, which is:  How much money have we raised?

That figure, correct as of five minutes ago, is close to net. I’ve already sent Debra shipping money for all but two trolls.

This means that we’re sending four kids to camp thus far.  Four kids who will have an experience that I hope makes a huge difference in their lives.

Our kids.

Or at least, that’s how I think of them.

And here are some more photos of trolls. Deb had ordered boxes for shipping and there was a delay getting them, but she’s back on track now. Better to wait than to have them get damaged in shipment.

There’s a little grouping of just a few of them.

Here are some closeups.

I don’t know about you, but they make me laugh. Every one is different. How Debra manages to come up with a different face, different look, on every one is amazing.

But wait, there’s more.

While nobody is sure what a “resembled troll doll” is, we want to make sure that everyone understands a couple of things about all this.

First off, every penny that is collected is going to charity. The charity is the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch.  Debra is not even recouping the cost of materials, folks.

And second, trolls are not limited to those on the Naugler side of the debate. Yes, I asked for a Eulanda troll, because I just love her and cannot wait to read her comments. She fills my day with sunshine.

But, as we’ve seen before, there is a Frances troll.Here, though, I want to present a new one.

The Al troll doll.

The bare butt is an inside joke.  Be relieved if you do not know what it is.  It’s okay.  Normal people don’t.

Al will probably be joined by a Sally troll, a Lisa troll and a Debra troll, maybe more.  We’re considering auctioning them off.

These troll dolls are not new.

I already own two of them.  I have had these two dolls for months. Debra sent them to me way last winter and they live in my office.

My photography skills don’t even come close to Debra’s so don’t judge.

May I present the Joe and Nicole troll dolls. They are not for sale. They are mine.

If you can’t laugh and be good humored about having a troll made of you for the sake of charity, you’re a bit of a grinch, I think.

After all, Frances laughed when I showed her the Frances troll. Be as nice as she was. It’s for a good cause. Nobody is making money off this. Debra is donating her time and materials.

But she found a wee bit of extra time while she was waiting for a few of the trolls to bake, and she did something sort of spectacular.

The dog helped.  That was before the dog ate three of the newly made trolls and came very close to going to the Rainbow Bridge.

There will probably be a Daisy the Dog troll.

Yes, that’s right. Debra made some bows. We are calling it the Ranger Bow Collection in honor of the Naugler animals and livestock that have and have not survived being owned by the folks at the shitstead.

I saw this and said, “Oh, gee, we need to sell those for the charity.”  Debra replied, “That’s the basic idea.”

We have yet to hammer out the details. They probably are not suitable for pets unless you want them destroyed. They are pretty much people bows.

And that’s today’s work.

Can I have a round of applause for Debra?




37 thoughts on “Troll Update”

  1. Awesome craftiness, Deb!! The troll dolls are great! And those 4 kids are going to make awesome memories that they will tell their own kids about! Way to go!!


  2. Omg, I laughed so hard when I saw the Al troll. Those little bare butt cheeks. That’s just priceless. Awesome job Debby!!


  3. Bravo!!! I can just imagine the happiness this opportunity will bring to some kids, and their parents. I can see their smiles from head to toe. I know it will make a huge difference in their lives.
    Debra, would it be possible to make a troll doll of the judge, from the now famous picture of her during a particularly taxing paper shuffle.
    And thanks for this most uplifting and wonderful interlude during this loooong sordid tale. You guys just are the best!


  4. She’s gonna be BIG MAD. But last time i checked…its my right to make bows…it’s my right to donate bows…it’s my right to say Fuck you.


  5. Is daisy a springer spaniel?! I must see more pictures of daisy the dog now. I’m a softy for springers, I’ve had 3 now plus a springer mix.


  6. HUGE round of applause for Debra! Amazing job on the trolls and bows. Also, round of applause to you for raising money for such a great cause!

    I’m of the belief if you have nothing hide, then you shouldn’t have to defend or explain yourself and play victim the way Nic seems to love doing so often. I also wonder how many of the trolls she mentions posting pics of things and people close to her are actually Nic herself.


  7. Awesomeness Debra ? I finally stopped lurking because of your troll dolls, and now I’m fascinated by your bows too! You are truly talented.


  8. Deb, you rock. Thank you so much for the generosity you have shown in spending so much time and effort (and humor!) making the dolls for such a worthy cause. You rock!


  9. Omg, what a collection of Blessed Little Trolls!! This is just fantastic! Making good. Contributing to a wonderful opportunity/adventure for Kentucky boys and girls.

    Debra, your artistic talent is beyond! Are you signing and numbering these original works of art? Just think, who knows in the long game, the troll dolls may increase in value some time down the road. Each one, so intriguing.

    This is brilliant!!

    p.s. I love the materials used for the bows. I’ve already picked my favs. The one with the cream corduroy. And the one that resembles Chewbacca. lol. Keep us posted, when the charity bow fundraiser begins.


  10. Debra, you are so talented! I’m so happy I got my troll ordered.
    What a huge difference between your bows and the N hot glued bows. One thing for sure is you will be teaching your daughter the right way to do things.


  11. Wow! That’s more money than the GFM! Imagine if the HH had a skill that he could market online. He might actually earn his keep. The trolls are great and the bows are stunning! The bows should draw many customers. And I love that kids are being helped. Sally, you and Deb are the best! Al, too!


  12. Amaze Balls!!!! Those bows look incredible compared to the patented pawprint cheap folded ups held together with hot glue! … tell us your secret Deb, did you sneak some pride in workmanship into them? Some care, attention to detail and quality materials? What is it?

    NICOLE! Game on, show us your trolls!!


  13. Can you make a deadlocks bow?.lol

    Why cant you just make a homestead village, like the Christmas villages but these can be year round , with movable buckets, a public road..etc.


  14. Now those are bows I would wear.

    The trolls are fabulous “to die for.” Which one is me?

    Thank you Debra for every thing you do and being the bestest friend a gal could ask for.


  15. Love, love, love them all! Al is my favorite! And then those bows! Oh how beautiful!!!

    4 kids?!? That’s amazing and so wonderful! Great job ladies! This makes me so happy! I really hope our kids have so much fun and make wonderful memories at camp!


  16. LOVE love love the fur bows in addition to the burlap ones. A “Fred and Wilma Flintstone” collection? And the troll dolls are wonderfully whimsical and unique.

    Debra— Thanks for donating your time, creativity and materials to this charitable effort.


  17. OMG! Deb, you’re amazing. I love, love, love the Blessed little couple. I guffawed so violently, iced tea came out my nose.

    I love Al’s assless chaps. I love the whole Al doll. I love all of them. You kill me.

    Though they’ll pale in comparison….I’m itching to make a Blessed little troll couple of my own. Must make some trolls! I want a blessed little troll making party.

    Also….Deb…to donate that much material on top of your time….is insanely generous. You get thanked a ton for donating your time and talent, which is absolutely spot on, but that amount of modeling compound ain’t cheap…at all. I wanted to say a special thanks for your material donation, too.

    Love this project so much.

    Sally, thank you for posting the pics!!!

    PS….I would be 100% delighted to have a “Katatafish” troll auctioned off to my biggest haters to benefit the kids. You can even make me look like an ugly catfish with a big mouth pounding away on a fish keyboard. LOL:)


  18. Deb – This is magnificent! Those bows! I am totally coveting the troll dolls! I would love to order a set of 9 (totally unrelated to the Nauglers) if you would ever consider selling them. Bravo! I’m constantly amazed at the complete strangers who have come together to share their talents.


  19. I am even more excited now than before!..I can hardly wait for my troll doll!..when I told my family they thought I was nuts..BUT, I also explained to them that my donation was helping a kid go to camp..I am also humbled by the amount of attention and care Deb has put into her creations..ohh ,,and I am kinda in love with the AL those buns!!.


  20. Please tell me how to order some bows!

    We have not determined that yet. Stay tuned. . .


  21. Which one is me?

    You and I, my dear, haven’t been made yet. Either that, or Deb isn’t showing them to us. 🙂


  22. Brilliant! Such talent! I am not a bow person but I love the bows too. Thanks for sharing your talent Deb.


  23. Deb, you are an absolute legend. A talented lady freely giving of her own time and materials to send some kids to camp. Well done. I admire your efforts so much.


  24. Ok, did anyone else have a little Voodoo reaction to these guys?

    I kinda want to take a hammer and crunch any hint of Joe doll’s genitalia, and plant moss in Nicole doll’s dreadful hair mats. Would also be fun to light a fire under Joe doll’s rump so he gets a job, and glue Nicole’s knees together.


    Am I wrong to want to tickle Al doll’s butt with a feather? It just seems to be begging for it.

    One last question…

    Do the Joe and Nicole dolls come with a tiny white bucket and cell phones?


  25. I’m so in love with the green troll!

    I don’t think I could get a good night’s sleep with the Joe & Nicole trolls in my house… makes me think of the movie Trilogy of Terror. 😉


  26. I will bid on the first, featured “Troll Bow” – the one with the embroidered, “Troll Bows”!! $15.00?!

    It’s super-cute, and would go perfectly with my Alt-Right Halloween costume! Id wear it any day tho. This way, I can contribute my share in sending a kid to camp. You see, I’m just a lowly student, not down to display a Troll in my cute Victorian apartment – it’s so small, the decor has to be minimal – if I add a Troll, I might look like a hoarder.


  27. Do the Joe and Nicole dolls come with a tiny white bucket and cell phones?

    The Joe doll is holding a little cellphone.



    I laughed SO hard.

    I sometimes want to stop reading because Joe is so repulsive and abusive to his children and the community. However, between your writing, Deb’s creativity, and Lisa’s awesomeness (loved the dueling cell phones!) I can’t stay away! Thanks for brightening my day and exposing Joe.


  29. Y’all are fucking cunts why can’t you leave these people alone. Grow the fuck up and get a life that actually means something. Your teaching your children how to hate others. And just remember karma is a bitch!


  30. Y’all are fucking cunts why can’t you leave these people alone. Grow the fuck up and get a life that actually means something. Your teaching your children how to hate others. And just remember karma is a bitch!

    Karma is exactly what is happening to Nicole. Don’t you think that Nicole should have taken your advice and left Lisa alone?

    I’m not teaching children anything at all. Children shouldn’t be reading this blog, and if they are, it’s the fault of the parents involved. Oh, and Joe would love you. Hell, Joe would probably like to add you as a sister wife. You use his favorite word.


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