Troll Account

It’s time for some accounting information.

Today, I sent $1000 to the Ranch (Rickey Powell is the Paypal account that receives the Ranch money – Tracy Powell is my contact there).

I also sent Debra Whitehouse $120 for postage (that’s her Paypal account – Trevor Bartley is her husband).

And there is our current balance.  I’ll send that to Tracy after some more trolls go out.

I have to admit that hitting “send” on that money felt really, really good.  I wish all of you who have made it possible have the same warm fuzzies that I do.

Whenever you look at your troll, remind yourself that you have done something positive and good in what seems sometimes to be a sordid mess.

And here’s a troll at home on the mantel.



12 thoughts on “Troll Account”

  1. Any update on the Ron Sneed interview? I can be patient, but I’m dying to see it. It’s certainly making them nervous over on Nic’s page.

    Am enjoying comments by Sonny Corleone this morning.

    Blessed Little Homestead: I don’t give a crap if Ron likes me, I just wanted to show he doesn’t have a problem with Quinten. Linda lied about Quinten pulling a gun on Ron. And I have more audio to show. Outside of false accusations of criminal activity, don’t care.

    Sonny Corleone: He seems like a reasonable guy. Thank you for sharing this.

    Sonny Corleone: I thought you said it was about the gun and your son?

    Blessed Little Homestead: It is. But it’s also about the tension others are creating with my neighbor to try to fuel tension.

    Sonny Corleone: I sure don’t understand that part. Maybe its not in the clip you posted?

    Blessed Little Homestead: No it’s not in the clip, but I didn’t post the full audio I might one day when I get around to it. Unlike some people I don’t have time to spend 24/7 on making videos and blogs.

    Sonny Corleone: So you are posting a clip that proves a point that is not in the clip you posted? Maybe you should have posted the clip that proves your point that you are saying you are making by posting a clip.?

    Blessed Little Homestead: Maybe. Maybe not.



  2. You did good, all of you, I made a meager donation but was glad to do it, I know it was put to good use in sending a child to a place where the (other) ones will never get to go to .
    Whats wrong Nicky, those little snippets of RS have your panties in a knot, you poor thing.


  3. Any update on the Ron Sneed interview? I can be patient, but I’m dying to see it. It’s certainly making them nervous over on Nic’s page.

    The video entitled “Ron Sneed Speaks” will be done when it’s done. Obviously, there is, in fact, an interview, as you have already seen a couple of teeny snippets from it. This is not like that lunatic GASS stuff. This video of Ron is real.

    The video producers are doing their best, and to keep you all appeased, have done a wee bit of teasing.

    It takes practically forever to make one minute of video. It’s detailed work with many, many steps involved. Give them time.


  4. They should take all the time they need. I’d rather see it done really well than rushed. We all have day jobs, and nobody’s getting paid for this. There are no deadlines:) I’ll be completely content to see it by Christmas (or whenever it’s done).

    But I have to say I’m really, really looking forward to it:) I know the folks involved will do a beautiful job. Very happy to be patient:)


  5. I am so excited to have my troll on my mantel for all to see. Thanks Deb! And thanks to Sally too for making this all possible. I am thinking I may just have to donate for another troll. I think he needs a friend.


  6. Wow what an amazing amount the trolls raised!
    Way to go to everyone involved.
    I love my troll and every time I look at him I think about a kid going to camp!


  7. I feel so good that the troll funds were donated to help children in need. If what we sent gets 10 kids out of the city and into the country for 1 week, that is a major worthwhile cause.
    Thanks again to Deb and to Sally for riding point on this. Deb, my husband looked at Frances and just sighed. He said it’s much more interesting than my Outlander Funkos….bwahahhahahahhaaa


  8. Great work ladies. Beautiful and whimsical trolls.

    I’ve been searching the Internet for troll sightings. My own version of “gotta catch them all.”


  9. And I have more audio to show.

    Nicole can see sound now?

    Too bad Sheer Luck and Debra aren’t so blessed. I bet it would make it a little easier on them if they too were synesthetes.

    Heads up for Nicole. Synesthesia has nothing to do with INFJ.


  10. This made it real…these little trolls are sending kids to camp….its a great day…Next batch is going out on the 8th!!


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