Transcript and Whine, Part 2

Part 2

Part 1 is here.

Okay, I think I’ve got this. My Facebook app didn’t like me saying “anarchist.” They think because that was something else. So I think we’ve got it going now.

Anyways, what I was saying is that I don’t think that I have to register my property with the state, whether it be my business name, my children, not that my children are property but you get the idea, um, cause things like that, I don’t think that we need to do that, but, but the system is what it is, and so I comply with the bare minimum.

Nicole uses this expression (“bare minimum”) a couple of times here and by doing so, demonstrates a basic lack of understanding of how government works. There is only the “bare minimum.” You either have registered your car or you haven’t. Your license plate is either up-to-date or it’s not. There’s no such thing as the Super Duper License Plate, unless you’re wanting a vanity plate.

Furthermore, she had an LLC. That is not the “bare minimum.” I checked, remember? I actually filled out the paperwork myself to see what was involved. The “bare minimum” is to operate as a sole proprietor. It costs nothing at all. You don’t have a register a single thing.

I wrote a piece about LLCs a while back, relating to a whole different situation, but it applies here. People create LLCs for only one purpose, to limit their liability. I thought it peculiar that Nicole went to the expense and trouble of doing that when her only real assets are connected to her business (and thus not limited). Her LLC only protected her two very used garden sheds and some white buckets from legal jeopardy if somebody sued her business.

I still think it’s peculiar.

That being said, the lack of me not registering my business name and letting it lapse wasn’t to do with any of that, it was, um, it wasn’t even me being irresponsible or blowing it off, or you know, all the rumors that people are going around that things happened. What happened was is that I completely and totally forgot that I had to do that annually. I had done it before, and last year, I had forgotten about it and got a reminder, and so it was done.

She got the reminder from one of the awful critic pages. She fails to mention that.  But there is this:

Well, this year I didn’t get the reminder. I didn’t get anything in the mail because our mail was being forwarded to the shop and I didn’t get anything, um, no notifications. My issue is, is that, well, not an issue, but my concern here what happened was is that I had been putting forwarding addresses every six months or so I would go to, um, the post office and do a change of address form. I was doing it mostly to get the Lowe’s coupons, because you get a Lowe’s coupon when you do that, but I was also doing it to make sure that my mail was continuously forwarded. And the people at the post office says well, you can no longer do this, blah, blah, blah, so I stopped. And I said well will my mail still get forwarded. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

US Postal Service
One alternative.

Well, obviously, it didn’t.

So, I don’t know why, one, the post office wasn’t forwarding it, um, why they stopped letting me do the, uh, change of address forms to make sure my mail was continuously forwarded, because we still use that address. It’s not like there was a change of address and there was none, people still have our home address and so they send mail there and so that’s why I wanted to do that, and of course, I have put in a new change of address, that way anything that gets sent to our home is automatically sent to the shop.

What Nicole wants is to not pay any taxes because taxation is theft. However, she wants her mail delivered to the post office where it is addressed (the cost of this is covered by the stamp purchased by the sender), and then she wants the post office to turn around and send it to Hardin County to a different post office where it has to be resorted and delivered. This means that each piece of mail delivered costs the post office twice as much.  She wants to pay nothing for this service, forever.

Oh, and a coupon. She wants the coupon.

Dans Deals

We did this (mail forwarding) for years, because we lived in our RV and had no fixed address. It cost us about $100 per year for the service, plus postage. Our mail went to Livingston, Texas. We were legally domiciled there. We voted there, had a mailing address there, had access to a parking spot for our RV there, had Texas drivers’ licenses and Texas vehicle registration and insurance. They would receive our mail, put it in our little bin, and wait. When we got someplace for a few days, I would call for our mail to be forwarded. They would send it out the next day in a package to whatever address I gave them (often some RV park or alternatively, general delivery.) I kept a postage account with them and whenever it ran low, I’d send them some money.

That is what you have to do if you want your mail forwarded indefinitely.

Why the state didn’t send something to the actual business address, I don’t know. They don’t know why their system works that way, we talked to them yesterday but anyways, um, I never got the forms, so it completely and totally slipped my mind.

Please take note of the addresses listed there. Two places for an address, both the same.

For those that have started rumors about me not filing taxes, or sales tax or anything like that, everything on my business is on the up and up. I am completely in compliance, the bare minimum compliance, but I’m in compliance with state, local, and federal laws. So if you want to start some witch hunt on me, whatever, but you’re not going to get very far.

There are dozens and dozens of these. I cannot imagine where anybody would get the idea that Nicole and Joe might not be filing their income tax returns.

To repeat this, there is no such thing as doing the “bare minimum” when it comes to filing taxes. You either filed or you did not. You aren’t given four different IRS forms and told to choose which one you want to use. There are different forms for different situations. You either fall into one of those categories or you do not.

Nobody in their right mind pays extra. The IRS neither expects it or requires it, and in fact doesn’t want you to get creative. They want you to fill out the damned forms, correctly, and file them.

For those that are upset that I’m not paying my taxes or whatever issue you have, no, I do not pay taxes. I do not make enough income, versus [garbled] dependents to get a , to have to pay taxes. I am one of those people that get back more than you paid in or equal to or what not. It’ll probably be, the way the business is growing, I suspect, probably two more years of income before I actually have to start owing income taxes. And that’s gonna be, you know, a couple of years, granted the business grows the way that it does. So if you’re upset for some reason that I’m not paying my fair share of taxes, that’s the tax code, you can talk to your wonderful President Trump there about the changes he’s making to the tax code and so that low income families with lots of dependents no longer get those benefits. Not my thing.

But notice how Nicole produces a straw man (paying taxes) and ignores the real issue (filing taxes). Those are not the same thing. Ask President Trump, since she brought him up.

Donald Trump has a lot of money. But the only tax return we have access to says that he paid no taxes at all that year. He paid no federal taxes because he had losses that exceeded his tax liability. Those losses can be carried forward for twenty years. It’s like this (and I don’t remember his exact figures): if he lost $1 million dollars, and his tax liability was $100,000, then he could carry the excess ($900,000) forward to the next year. The next year, if his tax liability was again $100,000, he could subtract that from the carried forward balance, and the remaining $800,000 goes forward to the next year. He could continue doing that for twenty years or until the balance was zero, whichever came first. There is nothing at all illegal or immoral or nefarious or wrong with doing that. It’s just indicative, if you lost that much money, of being a shitty business person, not a successful one.

But even though Donald Trump might know that he isn’t going to owe any tax because he has these huge losses to offset them, he still has to file.

And so does Nicole.

I’ve never once thought that Nicole owed any taxes. She clearly does not. She and Joe have so many dependents that they would likely never owe any taxes until a few more of them aged out.

However, none of those dependents counts unless that child has a Social Security number. Without that, the kid might as well not exist. And Nicole does not get the option of saying, “Oh, gee, we have 10 dependents, and to owe taxes, we’d have to make $XXXXXX and we don’t make that, so we don’t have to file.”

HR Block

The only way the Nauglers don’t have to file a tax return is if they make (gross) less than about $20,000 annually. And the business is just doing wonderfully well, she says, so that can’t be the situation.

So, anyways, that’s that.

The fact, um, the other thing that was brought up was that I, um, trying to get my thoughts together, I am not sure why this group of people has become so fixated on my family to where their behavior has gotten to be to where one, that they knew that my business, um, license there had expired, and two that they actually thought it was just this grand idea to take it. That, um, like, I would understand if it was one of those companies that seizes up business names that lapse, and like, sells them for money. That would be understandable. Because that happens.

But to be such a psycho-stalker that you actually engaged in this behavior that you start a business that’s not even a business, let’s be honest here, it’s a front for a smear campaign, but, um, that’s just more proof of the psycho-stalking harassment that my family has been subjected to. Now mind you, about a month ago, or so, I posted about how they ran an auction to raise money for the Sheriff’s Association here in Kentucky. This is just a continuance of that type of behavior.

It’s interesting how Nicole does this. She turns the troll charity drive, which was basically us making fun of ourselves (the first troll doll sold was a doll mocking me), into us “rais[ing] money for the Sheriff’s Association.” The Sheriff’s Association is the parent organization of the Ranch, a camp for underprivileged children. The money didn’t go to the Association. It went to the Ranch. They are not the same thing, but she doesn’t want anyone to know that because a charity drive for underprivileged kids doesn’t work in her victim narrative.

People ask what did I do, how do I escalate this, um, I can tell you, I don’t know these people, I don’t want to know these people, I do not want to associate with anybody who has this mindset. Um, what did I do to them? Absolutely nothing.

She did nothing. Not a single thing. She never, ever called anyone’s employer trying have them fired, well, except for when she did just that. She tried to get Al fired. She tried to get her own neighbor’s butcher shop shut down purely for spite. She called and complained to the Kentucky Bar Association about Lisa. She almost certainly was behind the bogus well check on Lisa, in addition to hauling her into court over nothing. She has called several other employers, including Linda Sneed’s, for no reason at all. She accused both Linda and Al of actually convincing a local woman to try to run Quinten down in his famous chariot. And that’s just the relatively recent stuff, and that’s just a few things.

Nothing at all. Nothing.

Now, they’ll claim that I did this or that. Either one, they don’t have evidence of it and they’ve all fabricated the whole stories or two whatever I did was legitimized. For example, let’s go with the one that they commented yesterday about, um, the me calling employers. Oh, she’s calling employers. You might want to get more context into that because them saying oh she’s calling, I don’t just call up random people’s employers and harass them. What I did was, I had an issue with a local man who was using his position in his job to harass me, therefore I contacted his employer, rightly so, and that issue has been rectified. They haven’t flown over my house and no comments about my home have been posted since then. So, therefore, the issue has temporarily been resolved, hopefully permanently.

Here’s another straw man. She says, “I don’t just call up random people’s employers and harass them.” Nobody ever said she did. She calls up specific people’s employers and harasses the hell out of them. She does this purely for spite.

Even after being told repeatedly that Al couldn’t possibly have done what she claimed that he did (his flight path and altitude are not only controlled by a computer, but also recorded), she continued to insist that he be fired. As a result, the company, which transports emergency medical cases to and from hospitals, is avoiding flying over her property. However, rest assured that if the situation is one of life or death, and the Naugler property is in the flight path, those helicopters are going to fly right over there and fuck her sideways.

Here’s a comment about her “home.” It’s a shithole. It’s a mess and she’s a slob. Her children are filthy and her place is nasty.

So when they say I’m just calling up employers you might want to find out what exactly is going on.

Um, they’ve accused me of, um, calling up people’s families and sending packages to people. I hope that that wasn’t actually done to somebody because I know that I didn’t do it, I didn’t approve of anybody to do it, I think that’s a horrible thing to do and I don’t con- don’t want any part of it, so I hope that wasn’t actually done to somebody but if it was, I can assure you that was not me or anybody that I encouraged to do that to you.

Um, and making phone calls, that’s not me.

I believe the stories are fabricated, because I know I didn’t do them, and I don’t know why anybody else would do that other than to create problems for me. So when they say this person did this or this person did that, please feel free to ask me, hey, what happened with the situation, did you really call someone’s employer. In this case, I did.

Am I calling up random employers? No, certainly not.

Um, you know, they talk about the people that I have issues with, there’s a woman in Elizabethtown that I wanted to address because that’s a stalker commenting on the new business page. Um, she’s been in this group for a while. I used to be friends with this woman, my husband and I would go on double dates with this woman and her husband, um, to church activities. She is a Mormon, was a Mormon, I don’t know what she’s doing now. But, she, um, she and I, we got along, we met a few times, and you know, we moved away, lost touch, we got together one evening, had dinner, had fun, whatever, it is what it is. So now when she comes back on and says that, she started with the story that we stole, we had stolen water from her.

Um, that happened, it didn’t happen, but we were getting water from her a couple of times several years ago. Um, since then, we stopped getting water from them, we got it a couple of times, it was inconvenient location, so we only got it in, you know, those circumstances.

We talked to those people up until maybe a few months before the children were taken, we were actually communicating on Facebook. And that was after the water thing. So us getting water from them happened a while ago. What happened was, what actually happened, and why I want you to ask, when you read these things that are being said, why don’t you find out the whole story? Ask about specifics. What specific incident? Oh, she’s just had all these problems with all these people. Which people? What problems?

Because there’s always a story behind it. Like someone said, there’s always the truth, your side, their side and the truth.

This particular individual, we were friends with up until one day when her husband and my husband got into a political debate. It was a political debate. And then they unfriended us. It wasn’t back when we were supposably stealing water. It wasn’t back when we were doing whatever she claimed that we were doing. It was a few months before the kids were taken and there was a political debate. They got into an argument. Deleted. You know how that works on Facebook.

A political debate? Boy, that’s one way to spin it. The woman’s husband is a disabled veteran. Joe Naugler went on his Facebook page, with all this man’s other veteran friends, and called them all baby killers. That’s what happened.

So, for her to go on and say all of these things, it just really, it’s disturbing to me of what the motivation would be. Are you that upset about a Facebook conversation about our beliefs, about our opinions, that you would go on to accuse us of criminal activity? Um, the woman has security cameras. I swear to God she has security cameras at her house. Because she has history, and I’m not going to get into her personal stuff, but she has security cameras at her house.

Nice way to act like you’re all protecting “this woman’s” privacy and at the same time, raise all sorts of questions about her “history.” Nicole is one vile piece of shit. These people were friends of theirs. Take note of that. These people gave the Nauglers money. Not loans. Gifts of money because Nicole whined when Joe was put in jail over not paying child support.

But hey, I suppose having security cameras means that you have a “history” and it’s something nefarious.  So what’s the story about you, Nicole?

Um, we have Facebook messages, [garbled] we have all these things in a timeline that show that story’s not exactly true. But yet it’s there. And I don’t understand it. I, you know, people say, why? I have no idea. I would have to ask her and I can’t. So, I’ve asked her to come on in to talk to me and to have a conversation and to explain to me exactly what I did that would get you to say those things about me and to be involved in groups like this. Um, because I don’t understand it. And I don’t know why.

But of course, the so-called timeline does work entirely. Nobody ever said that Nicole went over there and took water. Nicole didn’t. Joe did. Joe and at least one of the older boys. The neighbors saw them and told these folks what happened. The neighbors didn’t know the Nauglers, but described Joe and the kid and the van. And Joe clearly was scrounging around getting water just before the kids were taken.

This is very like the whole Joe having a beer in the road thing. Nicole just denies it ever happened, and it doesn’t matter that several people saw it.

So, as you guys are going over and seeing these things, because they’re, they’re there, I can’t make them go away, at least not now, I want to know why people believe this and um, why, um, sorry, I was trying to make sure [garbled], but why this would even be an issue and why it’s just these people won’t stop hanging on.

They think that, um, they accuse me of things, well you have an open CPS case. I do have an open CPS case, but unless you’re one of my caseworkers, the judge, or anybody else involved in that, then you don’t actually know why my case is still open. You don’t know the specifics of it, so to assume it’s because I’m doing something wrong, or because we’re doing something wrong, or that the CPS must be a reason, it’s irresponsible to post this information as if it’s a reason to continue to harass my family.

My children are fed, they’re healthy, they’re happy, they’re educated, they are taken care of. Regardless of you, if you approve of our method of doing so, it’s still there. It’s still a fact. It still is that. Um, you can’t negate that.

I have no idea if those kids are “healthy.” How in the hell would anyone know? They don’t see doctors, so nobody really knows. And there is no way on earth anyone could know if they are happy. Just because a kid smiles in a photograph doesn’t mean he is happy. Furthermore, it’s obvious to me that they are not being educated adequately. Nicole screams that this is just my opinion, and she’s right. It is. I do not believe the Naugler children are being adequately educated. I think it’s a travesty that the state of Kentucky allows this. I understand why they do, though. I just hate it.

Um, people throwing in past things or whatever, there’s so much misinformation out there that’s being used to harass my family that it’s gotten to the point to where I have to again address it, because it is just unreal how nasty these people have gotten.

And it’s not just them posting on Facebook anymore. Like I said, it’s gone from internet trolling to psycho-stalking, and that is where I’ve always decided to draw the line. And like I was saying earlier, this isn’t just something that happens to me, um, speaking with other people, this, this behavior has gotten to be just absurd. Um, it needs to end, and they keep saying, well, she needs to end it.

Um, again, I’m not doing anything to these people. What I am doing is I’m unschooling my children. I am living off-grid at whatever means I want to, we’re not connected to electric pole, we have our own electricity, we have our own, we’re off the grid, whatever you want to debate how that works or not. We choose that.

Whether or not you like our homestead, whether you think it’s a half-ass homestead, I don’t care. It’s still our homestead and we’re still allowed to run it the way that we choose to. That is our decision. That is our home.

So when you get this idea that you can bully people into conforming to your lifestyle, and you do it to the point that you take it off the internet and you start actually trying to influence the path of someone’s life, that’s where the line has to be drawn.

I am not trying to do anything of the sort. Personally, I am just watching, sort of mesmerized and fascinated, a woman who is hell-bent on putting her entire sordid family life out in public and who does the most god-awful things and then seems to be proud of them. I also believe strongly that the state of Kentucky needs to severely tighten up control over supposed homeschooling.

There is some evidence, real evidence, that taking children from their parents, even in clear cases of neglect and even with abuse occurring, is more traumatizing and results in a poorer outcome than leaving them where they are. This is not true, of course, in cases where the child is really in danger of being killed or severely injured. However, when it comes to things like neglect (filthy kids who live in a garden shed and have no privacy, bathing facilities, are forced to use a bucket for a bathroom or probably more likely, go outside right on the ground, and are not educated), well, you have to weigh what we all see as outrageous against what might actually occur if these kids were removed. In other words, the state is damned if they do and damned if they don’t, and the kids are basically fucked regardless.

I think, frankly, this is why the CPS case is still open and the kids remain in the home. It’s the best solution they could come up with considering how many kids are involved and how little money Kentucky chooses to spend on this.

Now I’ve taken this to the county attorney, Bradley Butler knows almost all of this and he doesn’t care. Um, the sheriff doesn’t care. The judges, they probably don’t care either. We’ve only gotten that far maybe once or twice. But I’ve gone through the routes that I am legally allowed to go through. I’ve gone through the process. Whether or not someone does their job or not, I have no control over that, that is nothing I can do.

However, I can call people out on that when they don’t do it, like I did with Bradley Butler. There is an election coming up in Breckinridge County this fall. Bradley Butler is running uncontested. Nothing I can do about that. I’m not qualified to run against him and I don’t know anybody else that wants to. It’s not really a great job. So, that’s that.

The sheriff, however, he is got four or five people running against him, which leads me to say that maybe I’m not the only one who’s tired of how the county’s being run. Just my opinion, you have to ask the other people running against him why they’re running and why the people supporting them no longer think that, you know, the sheriff is doing what they want him to do. I don’t know. You have to ask them.

But what I’m saying is, is that this is starting to fall into a pattern of seeing how we’ve become a bully society, again, back to the Mommy Wars, they call them, where mom-shaming, where you know, this person didn’t do things their way, so there must not be a good mom. And there are aspects of people’s lives where you have to say, you know what, that’s really, that’s kind of pulling the line. And we’ve seen those stories. We’ve seen the stories where the police go in, they arrest the parents, they take the kids, the photographs are just horrific, it’s not a stick fence around my house that you guys try to pull from, this is like garbage and feces inside the actual homes. These are children with marks and bruises and signs of malnourishment, I mean, emotional trauma, none of which my kids ever displayed. Um, and that’s well-documented. You don’t have to believe me.

But the fact that we are almost three years into this and my children are home and we weren’t charged with any crimes and we weren’t accused of anything other than, um, dependency, which is a lame excuse of saying, well, you know, we just don’t like the way you live, because that’s all that dependency is.

For god’s sake, she is starting to cry—sometimes I just want to slam my fist into the computer screen—where in the hell are all the dogs she is supposedly grooming?

state booklet

So there you are. Abuse is an act, something you do consciously, and something you can be charged with criminally.  Neglect is also a conscious act, or rather lack of an act.  Dependency is the word they use when the situation wasn’t intentional, the parents don’t understand that it’s wrong or cannot fix it without help and the state doesn’t consider it to be their fault.  In other words, Joe and Nicole are fuck-up parents who don’t really know why they are fuckups and don’t know how to fix it.

And if you don’t know this, please, go look at other stories. Look at other things that are going on. Don’t just look at my story and say, oh, wow, that’s just kind of. . . This happens to other people. This happens to other families. Um, I’m sure you’ve all experienced this at some point in some way in your lives.

Actually, no, I haven’t.

So, we have a lot left to do with our path here, with this chapter of our trials. We’re hoping it ends soon. We don’t know, um, we don’t know, um, what’s coming up forward, in the, in the future. We don’t know how things are gonna play out. We have our game plan, we always have our game plan, and it’s usually open to, um, being quite flexible, because again you never know what, what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Um, you know, things can change at the drop of the hat.

But what I do know is that there is nothing that we have done that we feel would justify this type of behavior towards us. And I, nothing from, nothing we did justified what the sheriff’s department did to us. Nothing justified what the county did to us. Nothing justifies what CPS did to our family. Nothing justifies what the trolls, psycho-stalkers have done to our family. None of this justifies that. Um, and it has to end. And I don’t know how else to end it other than to asking people just to stop.

You know, stop doing things to try to undermine everything that we’ve worked hard for. I mean, that’s the one thing is that you’re, you’re saying you want us to be better, give better for our kids and so we bust our asses and we get stuff done and you go along and you’re just like okay, well let’s, we can’t get them any other way, so let’s go after the business.

Well, maybe you’ll stop and think, Nicole, next time before you file a bogus IPO application and cost somebody a lot of money. And maybe you’ll think twice before you either make a call to a CPS hotline or encourage somebody else to do it and try to get somebody you don’t like killed by the police. Maybe you don’t take that seriously, but the rest of us do.

That’s the most sick thing I can even, why? Why would. . .I mean, are you that petty, are you that miserable in your life that you have to just destroy everything you see? Is it, I don’t get it. I don’t. Because I’ve never done anything to these people.

I, you know, I took the woman to court because she was stalking and harassing me. I have proof , she was standing in my face in the courtroom when she followed me out when I left. Well, first of all, it’s a public courtroom, correct. But why was she there and why did she follow me out?

Because it’s the only way to exit the courtroom, you idiot. You had done so several moments before, long enough that if you had walked right out, you’d have been well outside and on your way to the parking lot. But you stopped and waited for her. It’s on the video, Nicole.

And yes, she did follow me out. There are witnesses there that I have that have contacted me that have said I saw them, I know what happened. So this is just something that is unbelievable, because the page that she ran, all of these things, coming by my home, doing all these things, contacting my, my neighbors, both of my neighbors, my home neighbor and my shop neighbor, why would this person be involved in all of that?

So when I took her to court for stalking and harassing, which I thought was a crime, um, justifiable by a protection order, Kentucky law, it wasn’t that they said that she wasn’t stalking or harassing, it’s that she didn’t pose a physical or sexual threat. The courts didn’t decide that she was innocent and that she wasn’t stalking me, what the courts said is that my argument, my evidence, did not present a physical or sexual threat, because she wasn’t physically or sexually putting me in danger, I could not get that protection order. That’s all it said.

I spoke to the county attorney, Bradley Butler, and he basically didn’t want any part of it.

Has it ever occurred to you that he doesn’t want any part of you, Nicole, because you’re full of shit and he knows it?

He doesn’t want any part of it, I’ve got him on record numerous times saying he doesn’t want any part of it. Um, there’s nothing that I can do. They, the sheriff and the county attorney tell me to contact the state police, the state police tell me it’s my county attorney’s job, they send me in circles, and I have all of this documented. It’s not a secret. Everybody knows this. Everybody has seen, heard my audios and videos to know that this is true.

So we are just left with what we have to do to protect ourselves. And um, I’ve gotta cut this short, I’ve got an appointment

THANK GOD, and I’m an atheist. Let’s leave it right there until next time. Part 3 coming up when I get it done.


36 thoughts on “Transcript and Whine, Part 2”

  1. Nicole really struggles to keep her story straight. When she first learned that the LLC registration had been filed by Lisa, she stated that she had had to forward her mail because trolls had been stealing it. A day or so later we now have this story that she was forwarding the mail over and over again to get a low-value coupon from Lowes. Both stories sound like nonsense.


  2. Witnesses of what happened in the Hardin County Courthouse to back her lies? Stupid cow. Nicole Naugler there is video with time stamps from both inside and outside the courtroom. The courthouse is chock full of video cameras. It’s on tape how you waited in the hallway. Including when you stopped on your way out of the courtroom and bent over the bench to blow your foul breath in my face and curse me. DOCUMENTATION. By automatic impersonal video cameras. Karma it’s a bitch. Real life evidence is even bitchier.

    Nicole Naugler was so out of control when she ambushed me in the courthouse hallway that she reminded me of a seriously mentally imbalanced NYC baglady Who once accosted me. She smelled like her too. The encounter was frightening. Color me unsurprised that she was adjudged not fit to raise her children and the court accepted the plea of dependency.

    Nicole and Joseph Naugler also filmed us, the lawyer, myself, the witnesses outside the Breckinridge County Courthouse when I had to go fight her bogus IPO there. They have video surveillance cameras too.

    I have never harassed or stalked her. She is a liar. The only time I ever saw her or she me was in the Hardin County Courthouse the day she accosted me. What she leaves out of her little narrative is that on those IPO applications she also named a handful of children whom I have never encountered nor they me. All further encounters with Nicole Naugler were during her bogus IPO applications and I stayed as far away from her and Joseph Naugler as possible.

    I cannot say it enough Nicole Naugler is a liar. She lies big and she lies small. I also consider her to be dangerous on so many levels.


  3. Good gravy, very few could have gotten through that delusional, verbal diarrhea and countered it. Kudos on transcribing and deconstructing it here.

    Ironically, there are powerful women who manifest the same lying, spin, and avoidance of any responsibility. They coin terms like “alternative facts”, defend the indefensible, and make up shit, but are well paid for their tripe. They are equally loathsome to Nicole, but at least have a full set of teeth and shower daily.


  4. Wow, this is long. But here is as far as I’ve gotten so far……they actually changed their flight path?? For emergency helicopters? For her??? Please tell me I read this wrong…


  5. WTF is wrong with this woman? Seriously all BS aside…she was in LL face the second LL exited the court room NN had her phone out recording. NN tells the LEO in the video she didn’t know who LL was until putting it together in the court room. Then her and HH precede to inform the officers of who they are and this same woman is harassing them stalking them. They fear for their safety and the safety of their children. WTF….NN you have some SERIOUS issues. So many that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The biggest issue is you and HH are lazy (IMHO) and your complete and utter laziness is why you are DIRT poor and your children suffer the consequences. Children should never be born into a job. Not to fill a need of some bat shit crazy mother or to tie a lazy man to a narcisitic woman and definitely not to be slaves!! There is no way you can continue to scream poor me poor us we are the victims. At some point you must take responsibility for your terrible choices becauae that is why the critics come in and post their opinion or view. That BS statement if you want to know something just ask….ok I am going to ask.
    1. What did you do with 46,000 dollars which I am sure there was more sent thru other means.
    2. Why can’t your daughter read?
    3. Why can’t your children join in area activities with their peers?
    4. Why do your children get paid slave labor wages to work in your salon but then have to buy their own hamburger for lunch?
    5. Why for the love of your children would you let them come to that hospital thinking they were coming to meet their live sibling?
    6. Why would your husband let his 2nd and 3rd oldest sons build Williams coffin?
    7. WTF is wrong with the 2 of you?
    This in not a question but I hope that the two of you DO NOT REPRODUCE ANYMORE!! You cannot and are not taking care of the children you have. Just stop and get off of the internet. You say over and over thats where this all stems from…then GET OFF!


  6. For emergency helicopters? For her??? Please tell me I read this wrong…

    Not for emergencies. Some of the flights are sort of routine. And there is always the flight TO the facility where they are picking up a patient. If time is not a critical factor, they are circling around the shitstead. That way, the next time she bitches (and there will be a next time), they will have all sorts of documentation to toss back at her.

    HOWEVER, if time is critical, she is a non-issue and they will fly wherever they damn well please except over the White House.


  7. . Both stories sound like nonsense.

    That’s because they are nonsense. A more likely case is that she and Joe want to make it as hard as possible for either of them to be served with legal papers.


  8. The mail forwarding issue. Hasn’t she also said that someone was stealing their mail from the residential mailbox? Seems she would have reported it to the United States Postal Service. It may be a felony. Wouldn’t that make sense to report it, instead of placing a forwarding address every 6 months? The same federal postal service manages both of these issues.

    Her stories often don’t appear to make sense. I’ve wondered if because she has to keep evolving the story, as bits and pieces are revealed as little white lies.

    Another piece that doesn’t make sense is she said she got notification last year, that she hadn’t filed the annual documentation on the LLC with the state. So, notifications are randomly received at the residential address, a late notice last year. But the others last year and this year were not? And not stolen from the mailbox, because they were evidently returned to the originator. And not forwarded either, even though Nic does a address change every 6 months.

    I am surprised she hasn’t exclaimed the postal workers don’t know how to do their jobs. That she is going to volunteer and show them how to do the job. You know, like she mentioned with at least a couple others. Like the Environmentalist and more.

    It is always someone else’s fault. Sigh..


  9. In other words, Joe and Nicole are fuck-up parents who don’t really know why they are fuckups and don’t know how to fix it.

    OMG, you summed up their CPS woes perfectly in a single, concise, sentence. And they’re going to be stuck with CPS supervision until they figure it out, the local CPS and courts get tired of dealing with them, or the kids age out. And it will never be their fault because they just.can’


  10. She wants everyone to believe she has all of this documented. She has shown how good she is with keeping up with said documentation. She either leaves it where the toddler can get into it and mess it up *eyeroll*, the night before court. If she can’t blame one of the kids, she’ll suck it up and say she just simply forgot. No mention of Joe’s culpability in all of this. Saint Joe the Blameless.


  11. She says she groomed 2,979 dogs this year. So that is about 57 dogs a week. Which is kind of odd as on her business page she states it takes two to three hours and she is only open by appointment. Ok. So, let’s say she is only spending 1 hour per groom session. That’s 57 hours a week. Let’s say the average price was 20 per dog. That would be close to 60k she made. Not including bows or other items she sells. She has to pay for rent, electricity, insurance, maintenance, equipment, her kids who work there, products she sells, taxes, (no matter what, if she sells bows she has to pay the tax on them unless she is just selling them out of state), advertising, city licenses & or county, postage, square or whatever cc app she is using, etc.. She can write off some of her expenses and if she lost money, she can write that off as well. Since she is having her kids work there and is paying them, she doesn’t have to report their income separately. She does have to report any tips received. Let’s say that for each dog she groomed she got a dollar tip, in this case 2,979.00 in tips would need to be recorded as income. She wouldn’t have to pay any tax on the stuff she buys for resale. Like on her bow making stuff. If she was smart she would have a resale permit certificate where she wouldn’t have to pay taxes on the material, glue and other stuff as it would be used for resale. I don’t think Nicole is savvy enough to keep good records. She is a walking audit waiting to happen.

    Does anyone really believe she did 2,979 dogs?

    “Bubba is a happy dog! He was our 2,979th appointment for 2017!”

    “Appointments are scheduled on the half hour between 9am and 2pm. Pick up is generally 2-4 hours after drop off. Because we are a small company, we like to allow time for check in/ check out, grooming, cleaning, taking appointments etc.“.
    She’s only open five hours a day?? But expect 2 to 4 hours???


  12. She still has a mailbox at the end of the road. It’s not like she moved and someone is writing “RTS” because they are sick of getting her crap. How long was her mail sitting in the box before it was picked up and returned by the carrier? Or did they remove their mailbox entirely so the post service can’t deliver to the shitstead mailbox? As usual, none of what she says makes sense. She confounds and spins circles.


  13. What, pray tell, could Ms Minimalist be buying at Lowes so often that she has to go to the post office to fill out change of address coupons every six months, and did they get donations for gas money to make the trip? Inquiring minds, ya know.


  14. So I can not get over the fact that one day, Nicole makes a video stating she doesn’t call people, that just isn’t “her.” Two days later, she pens a letter to her neighbor with a timeline and explanation of when/why she made some of these calls?

    Dear lord….when is she ever going to realize she provides all of the material? Reading “Bob said Bill did this, Bill said yep, I did” would get old awfully quick.


  15. What, pray tell, could Ms Minimalist be buying at Lowes so often

    Well, they’ve bought a bunch of building supplies to bling up the new garden shed. You know, plastic for the windows (put on the OUTSIDE?) but no insulation for the roof, which is why there are many icicles. There are no icicles on my house, BTW.


  16. Facebook live cut out because she said ‘Anarchy’ ??
    I just cannot imagine existing in that kind of level of paranoia all the time.
    Says it all about the rest of the spin and accusations right there!


  17. You know, plastic for the windows (put on the OUTSIDE?) but no insulation for the roof,

    Those Lowe’s coupons were only for 10-15% off, and that go fund me just hasn’t been paying out quite like they planned.

    As for plastic on the outside, can’t particularly say I disagree. How in the world would we ever get to see all of those pretty ice patterns if we covered up the inside? 😉


  18. Facebook live cut out because she said ‘Anarchy’ ??

    Well, if you listen carefully to the end of the cut off video, she’s starting to say “lib-” (libertarian?) not “anarchist.” Unless she was saying some combination of the two words. At any rate, FB live does not give a shit.


  19. Theskyisfalling, Nicole said she had 2,979 appointments last year. Not grooms. She makes it sound like that’s how many dogs she’s groomed but I am certain that number includes self washes and nail clippings. Basically any animal that went into the shop got counted. If you look through her instragram she doesn’t show anywhere near 57 dogs a week. Nicole likes to twist the facts, you have to read between the lines.


  20. Speaking of the plastic on the windows if you look towards the bottom of the shed it looks like they have mold already growing or moss on the new shed. There is even icecyles hanging on the bottom of the shed. I have honestly never seen that before. That floor has to be quite cold inside that shed. I don’t understand why they didn’t put up siding all around so the cold area doesn’t blow under the shed.


  21. But I thought that the Nauglers were done dealing with CPS….. wasn’t there a screeching, crying video proclaiming that a few months ago?


  22. ah….my sister…my friend, thank you for transcribing this drivel

    its so clear what she is doing when you see the words alone as opposed to watching her body when she speaks, as much as we all hate to admit it, Nicole has been persuasive using logical fallacy for as long as i can remember. It is the thing that drives us all to say “WAIT…WHAT? they BELIEVE HER? AGAIN?”. Nicole has continually gained new supporters with this technique, i’m convinced she is not even aware that she is doing it, but that its just such a part of who she is, it has produced gratifying results monetarily and more importantly emotionally.

    A perfect example is when she continuously attacks whoever she is arguing with instead of addressing the argument itself……Lisa and Sally are the problem….not the arguments they are making.
    Al is the problem…..not her embarrassingly unkempt property.
    The sheriff is the problem….not these pesky laws I keep breaking.
    IRS is the problem….not the fact that I have not prepared accordingly to pay or file taxes.
    Trolls are the problem…..not the fact that I constantly bait people who disagree.

    Another thing she does is constantly point out how many facebook followers she has, we know that there is some truth to that because the number exists, but, and this is a big BUT, that 47,000 followers has nothing to do with Nicoles viability as a liked person. The hard proof is in the engagement of her posts….but that is something she will not force feed you like she does that nice big number that represents a positive to her. And lets face it, because they are not sound arguments, does not mean they are not effective at swaying an audience, she has proven that.

    Another thing she is infamous for is falsely presuming the relationship between 2 things having a cause and effect that exist ….for example, I stopped forwarding my mail every 6 months and that caused me to lose legal ownership of my business name.

    I could go on but I think I am better at movies than writing…so i will go work on that


    Please, for everyone’s sake……try to be a critical consumer of Naugler media.


  23. I am almost positive that at one point in time (early in this whole saga) she claimed it was a friend of theirs that was going to the shitstead each day to care for the dogs. She can’t keep the lies straight.


  24. SO much BS. Why the pictures of all the kids? I sure as F would never do that, I guess she thinks that if she shows the kids it shows there alive and thats about it, but I am not so sure about some of her audience, like NB.
    I recall in one of her videos the trees that were destined to be cut down had ribbons tied around them, so we see one ofthe trees in pne of the pics of the kids, come on Joe its 4 inchs in diamater, its not a fucking redwood tree. GET OFF YOUR LARD ASS.
    Now the shed, plastic on the windows which is a good thing, BUT you buttoned up the shed to the point that no sweat from 11 or how many people live in there can get out, I suspect by spring the shed will have slipped off that firm foundation of cinder blocks stacked up on each other.
    As for wanting a apology from AW and AS, that sure as fuck is never going to happen. I did notice in the last line of her rant posted here she and her family will take what ever action to protect to her family. since the law wont do anything. I would be scared, very scared
    Thinking about the kids, as they wander out of the shit stead we can only hope they are fine members of society, we have seen one knock up his GF and end up with a order against him. wonder how that turned out? I just hope we dontsee there names and pictures on some police blotter. but knowing how there parents are, who the fuck knows.


  25. I think Child Welfare has forced the Nauglers to take all the children to the doctor and dentist for at least a yearly visit.
    They have forced them to register the children for homeschooling.
    They have forced them to get social security cards so the children can enroll in the states free medical program. Enrolling in state medical care would have happened the first week in foster care. The Nauglers were forced to buy a shed to provide housing.
    That would explain the continued open Child Welfare case. The social worker just has to check on them every month and make sure they still have a basic house and the kids don’t have untreated injuries. What judge or social worker wants to be responsible for cutting the Nauglers free to deny their children basic medical care and housing?
    So going with the assumption that the kids have SS cards, the Nauglers could make over 50 thousand yearly and still get enough money back from the IRS to buy a used car.


  26. She never said “anarchist”. A commenter on the thread of the part one video said that. She grabbed it and ran with it. As usual! Not an original thought in her head!


  27. The self employed filing threshold is $400. If net earnings from self employment exceed $400, you must file. Self employment taxes are assessed on net earnings from self employment and are still owed, whether or not your deductions and exemptions cancel out your taxable income. The thresholds you posted don’t apply in their case, $400 is their magic number.

    See the IRS info here:



  28. I think Child Welfare has forced the Nauglers to take all the children to the doctor and dentist for at least a yearly visit.

    I would hope that’s the case. Nicole and Joe have both said genetics are to blame for Nicole’s bad teeth. If they really think that, they should be taking their kids in for regular dentist visits.


  29. I am almost positive that at one point in time (early in this whole saga) she claimed it was a friend of theirs that was going to the shitstead each day to care for the dogs. She can’t keep the lies straight.

    That is correct. She did state that it was a friend.


  30. Well that’s interesting. If she’s trying to say her net income from the shop is less than $400, then I’d say it’s time for her to pack up and get a minimum wage job. It would be much more profitable.


  31. Yes please tell us again how busy your shop is with nary a sound of a dog barking.
    My wonderful groomer has no time to make an almost 30 minute video during a workday! She’s got dogs from when she opens at 8 AM til they all go home. Making a same day appointment? Forget about it….
    If you have to delete this Sally , i understand.


  32. While I’ve never been a dog groomer, I have been a hairdresser. I could do a haircut every 15 minutes if it was a mens clipper cut. A shampoo+cut/blowdry was closer to 30 minutes. Back when I did shampoo/sets I would wash, set, and put 3 clients under the dryer back to back, I’d get the third one under the dryer just in time to style the dry first client and take them to check-out….and so on and so forth. You stagger clients like that when you are successful. Add in the clean-up time of tools/station between clients (although I often had to utilize 2 stations at once when I was really busy), and I was lucky to have 5 minutes that I could sit down during a given shift.

    NN has far-far-far too much free time for someone that claims to have a successful business. If I were a client and knew just how much time she spent online during working hours I would take my business elsewhere. Even my dog doesn’t deserve to sit around waiting so she can video/write/read online a couple minutes more.


  33. Oh my, Sally, hats off to you for transcribing her dribble. You know, the thing that gripes the shit right out of that underworked ass of her’s is that she knows she has been caught with her pants down and the stink is moving through her blessed FB pages faster than a fart in church. She specifically mentions Al, Sally, her x friend, and Lisa because she knows she has no proof to prove them wrong. She admits to calling Al’s employer although she justifies it by a lie. He was harassing her. No, he didn’t harass her, he made a comment about the lie she posts. I believe her post said something like all the cleaning projects and she posted pictures in which there was shit piled everywhere. He made a snarky comment about the lack of success at cleaning up the mess and it just pissed her off. She had no idea he flew over her shitshed because people in helicopters are too far away to identify. When she realized that comments are not enough of a justification to call an employer, she adds he harassed her. What a fucking cunt she is. Then, she knows her followers as blessed as they are will come here and read those awful things she wrote to Sally and about Sally so she had to justify it as her being pissed off in response to Sally’s comments. And I saw the video of her waiting for Lisa to come out of court and how she acted. Bitch is crazy with a capital C. I have to tell you, I watched her in that video in both the one she recorded and the one Lisa recorded…certifiably nuts. I swear, she is a freakin’ nut. In the world of Naugville, nothing is ever bitch’s fault. It’s always everyone else causing her to react badly or forget or losing or something.


  34. Al did mention someplace that he’d seen the shitstead from the air. He has. Does she expect him to fly that helicopter with his eyes closed? I’ve ridden past the shitstead on the road. Al’s flown over it. Both areas are public.

    It’s a shitty piece of property made shittier since the Naugs moved in. Ron has the far nicer, better piece of land next door. The Nauglers got it cheap for a reason.


  35. The only way Lisa could have been in her face was if Nicole turned around and stuck her face there. She was following behind her so how does Lisa get in her face. Did she dash around Nicole and cut her off and stick a camera in her face?? No Nicole starts it all. I can see why Nicole was aggravated by it, but Lisa had the right to be there. The problem is Nicole thinks this condones her outlandish and unreasonable behavior. It doesn’t. Just like calling people’s employers because they don’t like you is not reasonable either.


  36. One more little thing: it must be tuff being so out of control that one little comment will cause a huge fucking meltdown. If one were having a totally boring day and nothing was on TV, one could simply drop a snark about her or her shitstead or her fat turd or her fat turd’s lack of cooking skills, or how horrible the children, pets, farm animals are treated and the fireworks would begin. Bitch will go ape-shit-crazy and the one who drops the snark will have hours of reading and often viewing pleasure of psycho blessed one trying to explain, proclaim, defame…


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