Transcript and Whine, Part 1

Here it is, a transcript with some annotations.

Part 1:

Okay, good, we are good.

So, I wanted to, um, been thinking about doing an update lately and haven’t found the time, I’ve got some time right now, so I wanted to kind of just share some thoughts that I’ve had with everybody.

First off, I have, I just want to make this clear that even though our Facebook page is called Blessed Little Homestead, it’s not a homesteading page, per se. This is a journal of our life. It’s an extension of our blog where I journaled there and turned it into a Facebook page many years ago, five or six.

It’s not a homesteading page because the Nauglers are not homesteading, even using the silly popular definition of the word. They are simply camping on some shitty property and have it looking like third-world refugee camp (and that’s an insult to refugees, who at least try to keep their places neat). This is not something I just pulled out of my ass. I have been there. It’s a mess.

And, um, we share every bit of aspects of our lives, some of which is homesteading, most of it’s not. Most of it’s just the general stuff that happens in our everyday life.

So, um, I just wanted to get that out of the way because I’m tired of people saying, “Oh, this isn’t about homesteading.” No, it’s not. It’s about my life. So, there it is. If you’re interested, hey, welcome. If not, there’s probably three million other Facebook pages you can follow.

So, after, um, that, I wanted to also say that a lot of the people that follow our page do so because in some way they can relate, or they’re interested, or whatever it might be, and that kind of brings an issue up I’ve been thinking of lately and I wanted to, um, just kind of say out loud.

Everything that we do is nit-picked, and whatever. I don’t really worry about that too much. People, you know, don’t like what we made for dinner, or don’t like how we home school, or whatever it might be, but that nit-picking is just people’s opinions and that’s fine.

Please notice this. She says, “. . .we share every bit of aspects of our lives,” with a minimum of 47,000 people and then turns around and says, “Everything that we do is nit-picked.” As Larisa Baraldi (Charles) would say, “Let me ponder that.”

But I know that it happens to me, but I’ve noticed that it’s not just me that that happens to. Um, I was on a group the other day where a woman was complaining about her, her being attacked for some, um, body modifications that she had made, and people were really cruel to her, about that, and I just thought that was completely unfair.

But I know that I’m not the only person who people make fun of what they eat, or pick on what they eat, or you know, the Stove Top stuffing that we made the other night was somehow not organic enough for people. Those things affect our emotions and some people are more susceptible to them, and I just kind of think that social media’s great, and we have this huge network of people I have met online that I just probably would have never met otherwise, um, friends from other countries that I would have never met these people had it not been for this wonderful social media network.

Here. Go read it. This is why she gets criticized over Stove Top Stuffing Mix. She brings it on herself.

However, people lose this connection when there is just typing on a screen it seems, because, I don’t, I mean, there are people out there who will say, “Hey, that’s gross, what you’re eating, you shouldn’t eat those things, you’re starving your kids, you know, you shouldn’t do this or that,
there’s always those people, but it seems to be more prevalent and I think everybody might need to step back just a little bit when you see something on Facebook or wherever that might not fit your personal needs, try not to make the person who’s posted that feel this big [shows small amount with fingers].

You mean like that?

Or perhaps that?

Because it’s, it’s wrong. You just don’t do that. You don’t tear down people. Um, you know, my husband made a point the other day that the blogger, that blogs about me, is this sort of, you know, feminist, who claims to be this big feminist, but she tears me down every chance that she gets, and it’s not just, oh, well, because of this or that, she tears down my choice of hairstyle. She tears down my teeth, which I know, I have bad teeth. It’s genetics, it’s I smoked for years, there’s a lot of things that combine to that, um, but she tears me down.

On January 21, 2017, I attended the Women’s March in Lexington, KY with some friends, including Lisa Luthi. Nicole was outraged about that, for some reason.


She seems to be confused. Women should be treated fairly. I marched for that. Women should not be given a free pass just because they have a vagina. Fakes, phonies and grifters are still fakes, phonies and grifters even if they are women.

Here’s what I’ve had to say about her hair.

Nicole got pissed about this, but I thought it was funny as hell. I never mentioned her name.


But you see, Nicole made fun of the women, especially the women, who marched in the Women’s March. There were millions of us who marched around the world, and she made fun of us, made fun of how we look.  I responded here.

And I don’t understand why we are so hell-bent on tearing people down.

Speak for yourself.

So I just want to say, please, just, if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. I mean, seriously, there’s no reason to make someone feel bad about decisions that they’ve made, especially if they’re proud of them, like my hair or that woman’s body modifications that, you know, not my thing, but she loves it and I’m happy for her for doing it.

Yeah, like this.

Um, the other thing I wanted to get into was sort of what’s going on in our lives with some of the issues that we’ve been dealing with the past couple of years, you know, with our CPS case, which I will do that another day, I’ll go into all that another day, um, the business that’s growing just wonderfully has been doing so well and I’m so happy about that, and um, the fact that we still have these, I call them psycho-stalkers now, because they’ve evolved from just internet trolling to actually being psycho-stalkers and that’s one thing I did want to address today, um, part of the reason [unclear, mumbling] was that I posted about how I had let my business tax ID, I’m not even sure what it’s technically called, my registration for my business, as a. . . [cuts off]

Part 2 coming up when I get it done.  My obsession with this doesn’t extend to spending every waking hour on it.


9 thoughts on “Transcript and Whine, Part 1”

  1. “If you’re interested, hey, welcome. If not, there’s probably three million other Facebook pages you can follow.”

    I just want to welcome anyone that may be stalking this blog and considering joining this community. It’s a great one. And this blog is an excellent source of TRUTH about Nikki and Joe-Joe. 😛


  2. dammit Sally. You just had to go and link to “Real Food” again with the pic of that disgusting “chili”. Just this year I started making and liking chili again. Some things are hard to unsee.


  3. I really want to know all the evil her mother and father did to her. I know that when she was a teen she wanted to do art or something and her dad bought it for her. I wonder why Nicole makes her kids buy their own process food when they go for lunch. I also wonder why Pace really believed that they grew all of their own food and raised livestock. The only way he could believe that is if they told him that’s what they do. I would love for Pace to speak up about Nicole. Does he still support her & Joe?


  4. Does he still support her & Joe?

    Pace is just as big a con artist as they are. I don’t harbor illusions that somehow Pace got taken by them.


  5. It was the “trolls” that pointed out that Nicole Naugler did not file her renewal for Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC last time. I even have a screenshot of her thanking the trolls for reminding her with her usual bitchy snark.

    Additionally it is her obligation to inform the State of her change of address, particularly as the agent of service. It isn’t the State’s obligation to track the business down.

    More importantly the State provides an online business account. All you have to do is set it up and use it. They send you messages and everything. When you consider how much time she spends online and the fact that she “forgets” to do her paperwork it would seem that she would utilize it. It’s really easy.


  6. That’s not up to date. The SOS website has the returned notification of dissolution as well.


  7. She’s really mad now. Huge diatribe on her BLH page refuting the Al and Ron video. But she never reads your page lol. The more she speaks out the more preposterous she looks. Life truly is stranger than fiction!


  8. Sally.
    Please correct me if I am wrong. But dont just the 3 maybe 4 oldest kids have social security card or birth certificates. Because if they don’t they have 0 chance at a future it is expensive and time consuming. And Nicole would have to admit how wrong she was about so much.


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