Tracey and Jacob

Jacob Jakubowski is a young man with an ax to grind.  He doesn’t like government.  He’s pretty much an “anarcho-capitalist-voluntaryist” kind of guy.

He decided to make sure the whole world knew it. So he appears to have broken into a gun shop and stolen a whole pile of weapons and then mailed a manifesto to Donald Trump (not understanding that the moron in the White House doesn’t read anything longer than 140 characters) and went on the lam.

Where was he going?

Why, off grid, that’s where. At least, that’s what his lawyer says.

But never fear. We can read some of this riveting narrative because Jacob Jakubowski had a Facebook friend and he shared the whole damn thing with her before sending Donald his copy and doing the stealing weapons thing.

Several people saw this story and noticed the woman’s name – the Facebook friend of Jakubowski.

Tracey Chen.

This Tracey Chen.

If you don’t remember her, go read it.

And Jacob Jakubowski’s manifesto reads a whole lot like Tracey Chen wrote it. I am not implying that she did, but they certainly are birds of a feather.


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  1. Not trying to ruffle anyone’s feathers, but……IMHO the shitshow going on in the US right now is a direct result of some (much) of the rhetoric espoused by 45. The racism and xenophobia now openly stated has emboldened and legitimized a very ugly underbelly in our society. This is a very good example of that, IMHO.

    In this particular case, I really think that TC has a medical issue that is not being properly treated/medicated. In some of her FB posts on her own page, (I looked at it several months ago after that word salad post above) she seems a little over the top, but somewhat normal, if I recall correctly.

    Hmm, I wonder why people (and I would hope CPS) are concerned with some of the implied or direct [Admin: I’m removing this because I am not sure that this is public and don’t want to get anyone in “trouble” ] threats that JoNad and Nickers make? I am so afraid for those children. #Freethe12


  2. If these nutbars ever figure out that “off grid” does not mean “off radar” they might be even more dangerous. As it is, well. At least we know who to avoid socially.


  3. the rhetoric espoused by 45.

    There is no question about the veracity of this. You can quite literally track the statistics. It’s not that he’s made people goofy and crazy. It’s that he is legitimizing their behavior.

    But Tracey’s rhetoric predates the election by quite some time.


  4. She commented recently on NN’s page and the one was very bizarre, she kept saying PIGS over and over. I don’t know if you have seen. Here’s a little example-“fucking pigs….USELESS POS. I don’t think we NEED PIGS AT ALL….BUT….AS LONG AS THEY ARE still living off our stolen money….they SHOULD START doing some GOOD”
    Something is wrong with her. That’s just ONE example. She’s scary to be honest. She’s that person who snaps one day.
    These are the people NN keeps company with huh? SCARY.


  5. They keep some pretty interesting company, don’t they? Including, apparently, a lot of other dangerous loons. The way Nicole pisses people off, she should be a hell of a lot more concerned about her supporters than those of us who disagree with her. We’re normal people, who care about the law and care about kid’s rights and being good neighbors. Nicole’s supporters, by definition, believe in lawlessness, child neglect, and doing whatever the hell you want regardless of it’s impact on other people. Who should she be more afraid of?

    Joe and Nicole’s support seems to have thinned to criminals, the terminally stupid, marijuana enthusiasts, and other people whose children have been taken away. Great crowd. Would be very interesting to see how a fund raiser would go at this point. LOL:)

    Had a chuckle this morning watching Nicole and “Charles” scripted exchange on capital punishment. It’s almost like watching a clumsy minister with two puppets trying to teach Sunday School class.


  6. First off I own guns, I come from a hunting family and once in a while we just go out and plink at some targets, So one evening my son asked if I was interested in going to a gun bash, you buy a ticket and every 15 minutes they pull 3 numbers and if you have that number you win a gun.
    While there I ran into a bunch of NN, and TC. they were convinced chemtrails were the product of the govt to keep us all subdued. I also ran into a man I knew well who said he spent most of his retirement money on silver and long term food which he said he has buried somewhere. I was shocked to see people I had known most of my life doing this type of thing, The only thing that seperated them from the NN and TC of the world, they quietly went about there lives and didnt display such hatred and be so fucking vile


  7. Something is wrong with her.

    Well, she is very like the people I encountered on Bull Street in South Carolina when I did my psych training. 🙂


  8. he spent most of his retirement money

    In the leadup to the turn of the century (the whole Y2K scare), we knew a family who did the same sort of thing. They put in large tanks of propane and gasoline. Their SIL cashed out his IRA because he believed it would be worthless. On and on.

    The only thing we did was go to the ATM and get enough cash to see us through for several weeks just in case ATMs all went klapooey.


  9. I was sort of disappointed in Y2K, it was so anti~climactic. I hope Tracy Chen gets some help for her mental illness. And I do plan to retire to Oregon, but perhaps not Grants Pass now.


  10. I recall exactly where I was at the turn to y2k, I was sitting in front of a old HP computer watching the clock, it struck 12 , I looked outside and as far as I could tell, fireworks were going off to celebrate the new year and nothing happened, the sun came up the next day. I am sure the NN and TC type were in mourning that the world did not end in a fireball so they could scream I told you so.


  11. “I don’t google stories about cops it comes up on my newsfeed.”
    This was Nicole answer to someone criticizing her for all the ugly post about police on her Facebook page.
    This comment was another of her gaslighting attempts.
    But what it really showed was the kinds of “friends” she has on her Facebook pages.
    Her choice, her responsibly… not some random “newsfeed”


  12. Ahh…when I saw the title I thought it was going to be news about someone else named Jacob.


  13. There were a surprising and disturbing number of people coming to my boss at the time, a financial planner, in order to have their retirement money converted into gold coins. He finally lost his cool and told one of them that if they were that worried they should buy other shiny things, like fishing lures, because if the total social collapse that person was fretting over actually happened krugerrands would only be good for fillings or shimming up a table.

    She didn’t come back. I hope she didn’t do something stupid.


  14. @MIM The thing about facebook is that it adapts to what it thinks you want to see. So, over time, if you click on bad cop stories in your timeline, it will feed more and more bad cop stories into your timeline. It feeds you what you want and creates a bubble where you think “everyone” else is of the same mind as you, because that’s all it shows you. N’s facebook feed probably is full of bad cop and bad cps stories, because that’s what she wants to see.

    And that’s why it’s important to look at multiple news sources to show multiple sides of the story, preferably also a couple of international sources.


  15. Dawn,
    You’re right.
    Facebook also post what your “friends” Like .
    I get things on science, art and archeology… ?
    Lisa got me interested in several pages I follow.
    I miss Lisa…


  16. I liked this summary. However, I stand by my belief that everyone should receive their vaccinations ON TIME unless it is medically documented that one vaccine (or all of them) are counterindicated for an individual. In which case, it’s even more important that the rest of us are on top of it.

    I still remember one couple who were not going to vaccinate their firstborn child. Until mom came down with pertussis and coughed so long and hard that she broke three ribs. It took her a month or so to recover. Apparently she hadn’t been vaccinated for reasons unknown. At that point, they determined there was no way in HELL they were going to put their baby through that and risk the kid’s death too.


  17. They’re both from Wisconsin…

    Damn it, Wisconsin! Stop producing cannibals and nutjobs so I don’t have to pretend that Milwaukee is just really a northern Chicago suburb.


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