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I have another blog.  (Actually I have two other blogs, but one is not of interest here.)


The one I’m referring to has been out of commission for quite some time and I had no idea how to fix it. I called the hosting service and they told me they’d fix it for $60/hour.  I had no idea how many hours might be involved, so I declined and decided to learn how to fix it myself.  My concern was that if I paid a bunch of money and it happened again, I would be back in the ditch again.  If I learned how to fix it, then I’m good for the future.

That has taken me a while, putting it mildly.

Anyway, I finally was successful and it’s back up and running.

The amazing thing about this was that the fix involved one very short line of code and took me about 15 minutes. The trick was knowing what the line of code was and where to put it and how to get it there.

I’m especially happy about this because that blog is not devoted to any particular topic. It’s devoted to whatever I want to talk about.

Some folks have expressed an interest in what I write about elsewhere, so I thought I’d mention it here.

Seeing the Light is the newest piece, just published, over at the Burning Bridges blog.


11 thoughts on “Totally Off Topic”

  1. Who knew you were an ex-fundy? LOL! That’s hysterical. To your credit, I’d have never guessed:) I’m an ex-catholic. Or a bad catholic. Something like that. Catholicism is like an ethnicity you can’t quite escape. In my mom’s mind, even if you don’t believe in God, celebrate Saturnalia, go to Pro-Choice rallies, have a nativity set made of cats, and a teeshirt that reads “Have Faith…in science and reason”…’re still Catholic. Maybe a shitty Atheist BAD Catholic….but still Catholic. LOL.

    My mom asks me to go to midnight mass with her at Christmas. I do it. It’s the one time of year I set foot in a church. I do it because she’s old and has a limited number of years left on the planet. I do it because I don’t like my mom driving by herself anywhere in the middle of the night. I do it because it makes her really happy to have a hand to hold. She knows I don’t believe in any of it. She’s ok with that. Or pretends to be.

    From a theatrical standpoint, midnight mass can be very entertaining. Particularly, if they’ve got horns and choirs and candlelight and shit. Have to admit, I like smelling the incense and checking if the holy water burns (so far it doesn’t…LOL). Meh…it’s an hour of my life….given to mom as a gift.

    I raised my kid without religion. She’s the kindest, most decent person I know. She goes to an ivy league college with people from all over the world. Every religion you can imagine. She sees commonality, sameness, and tolerance in everyone of her generation. That gives me a lot of hope. That said, all of the kids she goes to school with are scary smart, so that might figure into their general attitude of tolerance. Evolution favors tolerance and cooperative relationships, our survival depends on them. We’ll get there. We’ll make it. But humanity is still pretty bogged down in our primitive ancestral tribalism, resource hoarding, territoriality. Too bad we’re more chimpanzee than bonobo…bonobos settle arguments with sex instead of violence. LOL.

    I digress…

    I very much enjoyed your article on Burning Bridges, and am just starting to read Romancing. Some good stuff. Compared to the dragons you’ve been up against in the past….the Nauglers are incredibly small potatoes. Somehow, I just don’t see you being intimidated into submission at this point in your life:)

  2. Ugh! Just had an entire post written and for some reason it couldn’t link to the page.
    Maybe, I will repost tomorrow. 😴

  3. Just had an entire post written and for some reason it couldn’t link to the page.

    A couple of other people have had issues in the last 24 hours. One person took down the browser and restarted and that cured it. Nothing is wrong my end that I can see.

  4. Hmm, let’s see if this comment makes it through. I commented yesterday but it got lost in the ether. Just to recap, am enjoying your other blog. I share your fear of heights. Like another poster, am a former Catholic. Now agnostic.

  5. Off topic of off topic.

    Just noticed Nicole says they’re having bacon wrapped Turkey for dinner today.

    I think they’re going to have a hell of a time getting a turkey the size that would feed the whole family into the woodstove, and have even more trouble regulating the temperature.

    I did a bacon wrapped turkey a couple years ago and it was really good. But regulating the temp was very important to keep the bacon from burning and fouling the drippings for gravy. Cannot imagine trying this in a wood stove!

    We had some beautiful pics of the ramen, rice and beans. Where are the photos of the bacon jacket turkey? It’s really sort of beautiful when it’s done. You weave the turkey a little vest out of bacon, and it crisps up very pretty.

    Could Nicole be fibbing again?

  6. My oven in the wood stove is larger than the oven in my gas stove. A turkey, any size, fits fine.

  7. Thanks for the link to your other blog! 🙂

    It’s especially interesting to me because I was raised fundie.

    I think you have a real talent for comedy writing. I was in stitches reading about your experiences with loose livestock, especially the Angus bull. 🙂

    JMO, but I would love to read more of your funny stuff. 😉

  8. TurkeyCritic,

    Their new oven actually looks quite large.

    I don’t know whether or not they really had bacon wrapped turkey but I am certain their oven is large enough to cook one.


    I also had a comment that got lost, that’s okay. The gist of it was what a mindfuck some religions can do on people. When my husband and I left our strict faith I realized how much deeper I was than him. It was much harder for me to adjust. The children are adjusted well. I still have a lot of guilt, I feel like my older ones missed out on a lot. I’ve grown to be okay being seen in public wearing certain clothing, drinking and doing activities that would have been frowned upon. I can now even see people from our old church out and about and not have a panic attack. That is progress for me.

  9. @Dinah – I think every parent who realizes that something they did along the way wasn’t in the best interests of their family feels similarly (guilty). If you haven’t told your older kids that you feel badly and a little bit about your struggles with adjusting yourself, you may want to do so. In dribs and drabs. Moments when you feel a little awkward, or when you don’t and how that is a relatively new feeling for you. Stuff like that.

    I do hope that you and your family enjoy a lovely holiday season.

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