This coming from a woman who doesn’t have running water on her property, who wears the same denim skirt endlessly (unless she has six of them), and who looks like this.

photonicoleDo you know what I find myself doing while watching her little videos? I find myself trying to see if I can count her remaining teeth.


But she goes on to insult the marchers some more.

nicolehatsYeah, they look stupid.  They should all just do what Nicole does.

dreadsThere is only one man in the entire world that would come near that snaggle-toothed, rat-infested woman.

joecloseupAnd this is actually a relatively good photo of Lardass. I’ve seen him close up and in person in his orange crocs, sweaty and stinky and drinking beer.

Really, toothless hags who have rat’s nests for hair and live in filthy garden sheds with an overweight slug for a partner should not disparage anyone else’s looks.

This has generally been an off-limits topic here, but no more.




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  1. I pictures from years ago they were both so wholesome looking, clean, and attractive. She was a pretty young girl.

    What happened?


  2. There’s a few people on my Facebook feed who are still stubbornly supporting Trump. They must not watch TV but whatever. The point is, their little memes and shares have gotten really pathetic. One today showed a mess on the side of the road and a comment about people protesting the environment. Another complained that an exit ramp was closed for a few hours on Saturday and caused an inconvenience. Another said something about getting thousands of fat women out of the house. A couple were clinging to the few people who were destructive after the election.
    I couldn’t help feel sorry for them. That was the best they could come up with. Nothing else. Meanwhile the news is overflowing yesterday and today, none of it good for their side. It’s almost as pathetic as Nicole mocking hats.


  3. She’s 40 or so? 11 kids. No medical care, no dental care. It’s sad that the reality is that she won’t be alive to watch her brood grow up and leave the shitstead. Her body has to be breaking down. Her teeth or lack thereof can cause some serious health issues. Seriously. Not to mention the unimaginable pain but she’s home birthed 10lb babies. She has a tremendous pain tolerance.


  4. This is the first I have seen her teeth and I can’t help but wonder if her teeth are that bad because of drugs or illness or disease…. Things like snorting coke or pain meds can/do cause tooth decay like hers… But so can some diseases and illnesses… My gp has caused my back teeth to be bad because of all the stomach acid that I throw up and I’m sure being borderline malnourished doesn’t help things or the years I was 100% malnourished and weighed 90 pounds…


  5. Rotting and missing teeth do not make one ugly. But rotting black hearts do.

    If I never saw her mouth open, it’s easy to see Nicole’s heart is even more rotten and blacker than her teeth.

    Next time, think longer about opening that can of worms, Nicole. Yesterday wasn’t all about you, as a woman. You, sweetie, are right where you deserve to be. Yesterday was about women supporting their sisters in the challenges some face now, some have encountered in the past and it was also for the sisters who don’t even realize they need the sister’s support. It was about reassuring each other that together, everything can be surmounted. For every woman.

    Except you. You can rot with your teeth and your heart. Wrap yourself in that nasty matted mess on your head. Stick another milkshake in your hand and suck it up! What’s a few more teeth when you have so few left anyway.


  6. Nicole posted that selfie, thinking she was looked so hot that day, she was too… a damn HOT MESS!!!!


  7. I ain’t Michelle Obama. “When they go low, we go high!” Me? When they go low, the shit hits the fan and they ain’t seen low.


  8. Every woman at that march was beautiful from the great granny wielding her walker to the throngs of singing women in their 20’s. Their inner beauty shone through like a beacon of hope for the future.

    I’m not being egotistical I have become accustomed to the pattern and method of Nicole’s petty little attacks. Obviously, this is her little “dig” at Sally and I. Like Nicole herself it is superficial and ineffectual. Having developed our minds Sally and I do not put much stock in fretting over getting old. It sure beats the alternative.

    Nicole I highly recommend you develop your personality and your mind. Obviously you suffer a shallow regard for worth based on looks, and honey, I hate to be the one to tell you, but that ship has sailed. At a relatively young age you are already ugly both inside and out, imho. Just imagine how bad it will be by the time you reach our age, if you make it that long considering your poor personal hygeniene, physical care and hubris that you can medically treat yourself based on a Meme degree. (And that is how you insult someone. You actually have to find something that bugs them. If you miss the mark it is nothing short of laughable. Which is what I am doing right now).


  9. Likewise, Nicole. Ain’t nobody be grabbing that pussy. Don’t wait for it.

    Pussy Shaming…


  10. Yeah, that one pissed me off, too. I’m sure Jabba said it and she thought it was funny. She doesn’t realize that she denigrated herself with that dumb ass comment. I’ll explain, dear nikki. If you place your value of women on their looks and fuckability, if it’s all about who’s pussy is “worth ” grabbing, you’ve just shown to everyone that YOU believe a woman’s worth is in her pussy. And I’m sorry for you. And your girls. Women do a hell of a lot more with their brains than you can even fathom. Now, if you’ll excuse me, myself and many other women have important work to do to improve this world. You just run along, dear, and worry about your pussy and how grabbable it is.


  11. Nicole’s NCN page the past few days has been an absolute mudslide of moronic memes and useless opinions, even compared to her usual output of spewage. Maybe since she’s down to two goats she has a need to try to get everbody else’s by launching this crudely-executed button-pushing festival. It’s really more button-smashing – kind of like one of those drunk asshole dudes that think it’s hilarious to pound every floor on the elevator panel right before they get out.


  12. Nicole’s many posts disparaging the women and men who marched yesterday said more than she realised. Millions of people worldwide participated in union to march for rights. These are women who have the right to choose and make decisions about their lives in any and every way. Jealousy was what screamed at me reading those posts. What choices really does Nicole have? Not too many. She has zero control over her relationship with her Husband, who certainly has the opinion that his word is the only word that matters. Nicole has zero reproductive rights, and I’m not talking about termination, just the simple right to choose when enough children is enough. Nicole hitched her wagon to Joe and as a consequence, finds herself living in the most appalling conditions with more children than is practical. How many of the choices that led them into this situation were hers? Joe is still very much the Patriarchal religious figure and Nicole tries to hide that they are more fundy than they let on. For all the freedom etc Nicole espouses she fails to realise she has none. In another life free of Joe, I could easily have seen her marching with other women and men. Instead she focuses on the evil Government and anti political rants because she thinks that will detract from the fact she has zero freedom. Women marched for freedom, for choices and equality. Of course Nicole would be against all of those things, things she will never have.


  13. There is probably not much I agree with Sally or Lisa on politically or philosophically, but I think you guys getting together and marching to make your voices heard is really cool.

    And as I approach my 40th birthday this year, something my momma always told me (and something I always told my girls) is really starting to resonate. Everyones looks eventually fade. Even someone who still looks “good” at 50 was smoking hot at 25 🙂 Everyone wrinkles. Everyone sags. Your hair gets thinner and your teeth start to wear. Thats life……so you better find something to occupy your thoughts besides trivial natterings like looks, because if you focus on that then eventually you are left with an empty heart and mind.

    For all her protesting about how she doesnt care about such things, Nicole continually reveals that she does, in fact, obsess about things like money and looks. At this stage in the game I do not see that ever changing. She is a shallow shell of her former (actually really pretty) self. I would be bitter and nasty if that were my life too. I look at the photos of the interesting life you have lived, Sally, and I am blown away. Your zest for life is apparent in your photos and stories. So thanks for inspiring me to get out there and live it up like Sally.


  14. Not to be trite, but I believe most if not all of those cute pink hats were knit. Nikkipoo needs to consult with her rabbitraisingcrocheting friend about what crocheting and knitting stitches look like.
    Back to nikkipoo’s issues with the wonderful marchers on Jan.21. I’m surprised she and joetheprofit weren’t out with the ‘anarchists’ on inauguration day. Seems to be more their style. Bwwwwaaaahhhh


  15. Sally, OMG, you (or rather Nickers) brought up yet another thing that infuriates me about this idiot, the Profat, and her leg humpers.

    I am glad that I am not alone. I have become fixated on 1) the missing teeth and 2) what the hell happened to the missing teeth? I first noticed the Nicker’s missing teeth in the video/vlog that she did with M and one of the other littles over the summer. I was astounded, and watched the video over and over, hoping that I was seeing incorrectly. Is everything disposable in the land of Naug?

    It isn’t as if bad teeth just fall out (and then grow back); my understanding is that it is horribly painful when they abscess. Maybe that is why she is such a nasty piece of work? When they abscess, does she tie thread to the tooth and the other end of the thread to the front door of the Shitstead, pull, eat stinging nettle (a summer snack for the foraging kids), add some essential oils, and call it good? (Cringing).

    And what about the teeth of those 11 children unfortunate enough to be born to her and the Profat? What are they learning? I understand that they are impoverished, (but not whores of the state, Bye God!) but UK and UL both have dental schools which provide dental services (and learning for their students) at a reduced cost. Incidentally, Louisville accepts Medicaid (UK may as well?) but we know that Nickers is not a whore of the state!!

    So, if you have keeping track, the Nauglets get the following:

    No identity
    No medical care
    No dental care
    No access to or teaching about personal hygiene
    No access to or teaching about oral hygiene
    A horrible diet, as best I can tell
    No education
    Brainwashing about the Naugler way, and idiotic paranoid philosophy

    Now, there is a foundation for success, by God!!! My kids are definitely going to work for hers (when Hell freezes over) as they are certainly set up for success. Nicky, your procreation license should have revoked 10+ years ago; you are disgusting.

    I am 54 and have terrible teeth, genetically speaking. Even though I am fastididious in my dental care, I fight decay constantly. Yet I have all of my teeth, most crowned, all firmly attached. It requires a large commitment of time and PayPal, oops, meant money, but is important for my appearance and health, so I do it.

    Here we have 40 year old Nicole: missing half her teeth, hair in dreads, dresses like a slob, lives in a garden shed, and always looks like a filthy unkempt mess, shits in a bucket, and (supposedly) has fleas jumping off her……and yet she feels that she is in a position to throw shade at others???? WTF???

    Her “Fail” in all areas of life must surely all be caused by the horrible harassment she has and continues to receive. Good thing she is documenting!

    SMH. (Hey, Nicole, your latest legal foe seems to have teeth as well, BTW…..and takes care of herself….just saying…)

    It seems like she regards teeth with the same care she does of the Shitstead, cars, and own personal care. Of course, with her delicious diet of mystery cans slopped together and called dinner, her snagtooth may not impact her life except on DATE DAYS AT HARDEES! proceeded by the Court date of the week.

    I just hope she can enjoy her nachos with both remaining teeth after the next court date, and maybe get in a “nooner” with Profat. Success, thy name is Nicole!


  16. Kendra – Nicole has a great fondness for sodas. Combine soda, high carb diet, many pregnancies with poor prenatal care and almost non-existent personal or oral hygiene and I am surprised she has a tooth left in her stupid head.
    Josie – you hit the nail on the head with your post. It is unfortunate said nail wasn’t in Nicole or Joe’s head.
    Nicole, you are really and truly a disgusting person and I am not even talking about your hygiene. Other people have marched and, yes, fought, for your right to be an uneducated asshole, married to the most disgusting, laziest, neglectful man on the face of this earth. What exactly have you done to make this world a better place? Name one thing that involves you giving to someone else. You can’t. Spreading your legs and having that fat, sweaty, stinking hippo on top of you, while your children listen does not count. Why? Because when the result which is a living, breathing, human being enters this world, they are neglected and/or used as human shields.
    I will celebrate when your children are taken away from you for good. And that might be sooner than you think because KAPS is not impressed with the hungry hippo’s latest harassment charge.


  17. My husband, daughter and myself marched. Hubby and I took a little trip to my kiddo’s college town, and it was an absolute blast. Crowds everywhere were exponentially bigger than expected. The world (yes, other countries had marches in support, too) couldn’t have sent a clearer message if we shouted “Fuck You Donald”, in unison. LOL:)

    It was incredibly reassuring to be with many many thousands of like minded people who will hold The Donald accountable for every misstep. We will be a relentlessly thorough, and never ending stream of oversight of every breath he takes at a job he is unqualified to do…and rightly so. We the People hired him, and we can also fire him. He’s our public servant, and if he fucks up enough…we can impeach his nasty orange ass. (Which I predict will happen by the end of the year, two years, tops)

    In the mean time, let him continue to unite us. There were so many people at the marches….Women’s rights marchers, LGBT marchers, Environmentalists, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Teachers, Scientists, people in dozens of other countries, Women, Men who support the women they care about, Kids, dogs, bubbles, music….TONS of people from different walks brought together by our shared abject horror at what is currently in the white house.

    And we’ve all got a singular goal. This can’t stand…he has to go. I believe he will be impeached. Not only did a majority of people NOT VOTE FOR HIM…the lowest number of Americans in history had a favorable view of their new president on inauguration day….less than 40%! (The next lowest in line was Bush 2…and he had 62% favorability after his stolen election)

    The Donald will eventually try to “stick it to the people” for discrediting him. He’ll melt down, retaliate…and he will hang himself. Mark my words. This nightmare is temporary. My faith in America was redeemed yesterday. It’ll be a hell of a ride, but for the first time, I really think we’re gonna be ok. It’s a robust system. If pushed, the people will push back.


  18. I still won’t go there but I dearly want someone to ask on BLH what type of yarn she used to crochet those headbands she implies that she made. Because I don’t think the Chinese factory in which they were produced will list the material.
    Who cares if the hats look like they were made by people just learning to crochet? Is that supposed to be some sort of insult? From an unschool ‘teacher’ no less?

    Also anyone who thinks that sexual assault has to do with anything other than an abuse of power and instead thinks it is a statement of attractiveness of the victim is so completely ignorant on the subject, their opinion is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

    In my experience, people that are that smug have the hardest lessons ahead of them.


  19. Pregnancy can deplete a woman’s body, if she does not consume enough nutrients to nourish both herself and the fetus growing inside. Given Nicole’s basic stupidity and the fact her husband doesn’t care enough about her to bring in an income sufficient to provide plenty of nutritious food and access to medical care, I’d think having 11 kids has wreaked havoc on her body. Her hair is in poor condition, she’s lost a number of teeth, and she seems to teeter awfully close to “losing it” much of the time.

    Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone Nicole. We can all see the real you, and it’s not a pleasant sight.


  20. There are people in this world who can only build themselves up by tearing others down. It is a tactic of the mean-spirited, the skill-less, the lazy, the self-centered. Those who have no other way of feeling good about themselves. So, from the safety of her shack where she wallows in squalor, N insulted millions of women who are actually trying to make life better for themselves and others? She gets more pathetic by the day.


  21. Nicole is NOT wearing dreadlocks. Those are NOT dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are a protective hairstyle worn by women and people of color, to protect their natural, delicate hair from environmental damage. In her “selfie”, she is fresh out of the dog bath, yes, but NOT in dreadlocks. Those are just mats of tangled hair – rats nests, if you will. If not impossible, it would take days for a professional braider to fix that mess.

    All she needs now, is a pair of overalls, and she can join the cast of The Hills Have Eyes.


  22. Ha. You should have ended your post with the same excuse Nicole used…

    “Just an observation…”


  23. I have friends who marched here in Atlanta and in Washington. They sent pics.

    I remember thinking how beautiful the women in the crowds looked, not that it matters, just an observation.

    I also really want one of those hats. 🙂


  24. A third of all women in America have been or will be victims of sexual assault. Creeps who assault do it for power. Elderly women and babies are raped too, not just sexy 20-somethings. I wonder if Nicole saw herself in the less physically-attractive, and hasn’t been getting any of Stinky Joe’s rotten goop, and is taking it out on other women.

    Part of me wants to say it’s still mean to make fun of someone’s appearance unless it’s a result of their choices (like how Joe clearly eats too well while the kids have had to buy their own food). But Nicole used to be gorgeous. She really was. Her appearance now is the direct result of her persona choices. She decided to let homes be destroyed, and to blow tens of thousands in a hotel instead of getting a mobile home and setting up a water catchment system so she can bath. She deliberately made decisions that let to this.

    And the real tragedy is that she’s dragging 11 kids through it, and some of them are old enough to be self-conscious and stuck. Hopefully those kids at least have the luxury of toothpaste, which toothpaste is in their world.


  25. Ok…now, about the Queen of Periodontal disease.

    Two things, Nicole, if you are reading.

    Recreational marijuana use will worsen periodontal issues. Heavy users suffer significantly more tooth loss and severe periodontal disease than the rest of the population….regardless of oral hygiene. (If you smoke a lot of pot, even if you brush and floss religiously, you’ll have worse oral health outcomes than those who don’t)

    Breastfeeding….great for baby, horrible for mom’s teeth if you’re not replacing your calcium correctly. PARTICULARLY…if….you know…you have kids back to back like a dairy cow for how many years? Breastmilk production leaches a fuckton of calcium from your bones and is strongly correlated with loss of dental bone and osteoporosis.

    I’m guessing grooming dogs isn’t much fun anymore with the kinda back, shoulder and hip pain the honeycomb boned old hag is likely suffering these days. I do feel kinda bad for her, because the people who suffer it are in a terrible amount of pain. Particularly if they continue to lift large dogs. Sorry to say, Nicole, it’s just gonna get worse and your diseased chompers will eventually catch up with you. You’d be very smart to pull any tooth with a pocket depth of over 3mm. Keep the few good ones, have the bad ones pulled. It’s your best shot.

    Those food traps and abcesses are what’s making your mouth smell like a sewer….and will eventually give you one more hell of a heart valve infection. For the love of God…if Joe’s mouth is ever on your tit…WASH IT before letting the baby have it. You probably won’t spread bacteria through your breast milk, but saliva is a very different story…and the bacteria you both likely have cooking in your mouths could be very dangerous to a little one.

    I’m guessing if you opened the door to that shed, the entire place would smell of diseased breath, dirty diapers, unwashed peed bedrolls, and the BO of a dozen people living on top of a each other like a concentration camp. Add in stinky rotting shoes worn in mud, horse, a night time bathroom bucket and dirty laundry. Mean as hell to say, but likely very true. It’s not as though the place was built with ventilation or the ability to cope with the humidity of that many breathing bodies.

    Really think about that. The average 150 pound person loses three cups of water per day through respiration and perspiration. Some of the Naugs are bigger, some are smaller….but lets figure the 13 of them….as 10 150 pound people. So…30 cups of water is getting dumped in that cabin every day….just by their breathing and sweating in there. Much more if the temp is over 70 degrees.

    So…about TWO GALLONS of water is being released in that shed every single day. Imagine putting two gallons of water in a watering can, and sprinkling it all over that little shed….every….single….day. Think about the pressed wood decking. Think about your own garden shed at home. What if you sprayed about 14 gallons of water in there with a hose every single week with no efforts to ventilate or dehumidify? What would it smell like? Would there be mold? How long would it last? How would it look after a month’s worth of water? You know what a 50 gallon drum looks like? That’s a month’s worth of water. Think about twelve 50 gallon drums a year.

    How long before the floors show signs of buckling, I wonder? What would your hair smell like? What would your clothes smell like? What sort of chemicals would the pressed board and plywood release as it starts to decompose and swell? Would you go nose blind to all of these odors? Yuck. Might they be the only family in history to grow slime mold on their walls?

    Now think about what dread locks would smell like in that environment…being always in close proximity to a sewer mouth, and sleeping tucked into Joe’s unwashed sweaty armpit. Think about a dread lock being vomited on by a baby…and having to drive the 30 miles to get to running water and soap.

    The fact of the matter is, Nicole looks so drawn and weary that most people would guess she’s a meth addict. I don’t think she is. But given the God awful teeth, it would be a legitimate guess. I, personally, think she’s just that completely used up.

    Think about the state of a hole that has had 11 large babies pass through it without the help of an episiodomy. Why is episiodomy important? Because it guides the direction of any tissue tear you might experience in childbirth. Why do we do them? So you don’t tear UPWARD where your tissues naturally have a division….yes, women will tear into their clitoris. OR downward and tear out the wall of your anal sphincter (yes, you actually can lose anal continence permanently in childbirth if this happens)… YES, there is a reason it’s a good idea to have someone watching who can make a little guide for a tear to the side, so it heals easier and doesn’t result in nerve damage! Nerve damage is cumulative.

    These days Nicole’s hole is probably numb as stump, and roomy enough to hold Joe’s beer can…though I doubt her back could handle the yoga involved for this particular end table posture due to premature osteoporosis. I’m guessing the last time she actually FELT his little willy going to town in the night was a decade ago.

    Speaking of such things, I wonder when we’ll hear about the next pregnancy? Cause you know there will be one. And another. And another. Probably until they have a baby at home with severe birth defects or a chromosomal disorder, or some other condition that makes the poor little thing medically fragile. When the Naugs accidentally kill that kid and try to hide it….the state will FINALLY do something.

    OR…they’ll do the sane thing and take it to a hospital…and go bankrupt from the bills. Not that it’s a long drive to bankrupt for them, but bankruptcy is hard when you’re a small business owner. All sorts of nasty can come your way.

    Ah, those stinky, stinky Naugs. They don’t need a doctor. Hell, they’ll look it all up online.


  26. I to have seen her up close and personal. Her excuse to me about her teeth was because she has had so me kids. Lol
    The bitch and that blob that she so dotenling calls her her husban are just flat out disgusting. But what’s sad is the kids are the one that are affected


  27. A higher risk of losing your teeth can also be genetic. It may also be that she has brushed her teeth too vigorously through the years and her gums have receded to the point of losing teeth. She may have dry mouth syndrome which often leads to more cavities and losing teeth. Her many pregnancies have probably leached calcium from her bones (at 40 she would be wise to have a bone density scan performed). While her dental issues may not have been completely under her control, and she may not be able to afford regular dental care, the words that come out of her mouth are hers to control.

    Now she’s ‘dissing crocheted projects. Pretty funny coming from a woman who had a tower of dirty, rusting, unlabeled tin cans utilized as a wall and a source of food not so very long ago.


  28. First my complaint…I could only like this post once.

    And I’m loving that among her posts mocking the Women’s March on Washington (held worldwide), she posts a meme stating “People are so anti-confrontation that they don’t stand for anything at all.” Guess that would be an example of her critical thinking skills. Bitch.


  29. “I find myself trying to see if I can count her remaining teeth.”

    I about died laughing when I read this…I thought I was the only one.

    And I also wonder if she wears skirts because it’s hard to wear pants with a prolapsed uterus. All of those home births, no yearly well woman visits and sleeping with the likes of J who has a history of a wandering pecker has probably destroyed her girly bits. Maybe she straps it to her leg …

    I love Sally. She lets us have crackers for breakfast.


  30. And all this money I’ve wasted on dental care…
    I could have looked just like NN, for FREE!
    @kaylee gp sucks! I have lost 3 teeth since my diagnosis! Lucky for me they were wisdom teeth that needed to come out anyway, and I am in much less pain without them.

    Is the terrorist is the one dressed in the polka dot ??


  31. Not to be trite, but I believe most if not all of those cute pink hats were knit.

    Many of the pussy hats in Lexington were sewn, made of pink fleece. I thought it was a brilliant idea.

    And yes, I thought of Gnomie when I saw Nicole’s remark. Gnomie and her crocheted wonders.


  32. I didn’t march, it’s not my thing. I don’t like crowds plus I had a busy day full of activities with my kids. That said I had many beautiful friends marching through the world. People coming together in solidarity is always a beautiful thing. The comments from her are sick. I won’t attack her looks, but she really has no place to talk about others. Plus yes her heart is black and that’s far worse than being fat or ugly.


  33. I’ve always thought Nicole bears a striking resemblance to Alfred E. Newman.

    Maybe Alfred E. Newman on meth.

    What, me worry?

    The motto fits, too.


  34. A third of all women in America have been or will be victims of sexual assault.

    Actually, that figure is very, very inflated. What people have done is expand the definition of “sexual assault” to include almost anything. If I believed that, I’d be terrified all the time of every man I met. I’m not terrified at all because the vast majority of men are not sexual predators. Some of them need to learn a bit about boundaries, but I think we’re actually making some progress with that.

    I have read very ridiculous claims that some godawful percentage of sexual assault is never reported. I’m sure a good many assaults are not, but I’d like to know how one would go about determining a figure like that. Nobody can tell me. Do you go door to door and say “Have you ever been assaulted? Did you report it?” or what? If it’s “unreported,” that means they didn’t report it. If the victim never tells anyone, then nobody knows and it cannot, by simple logic, be included in the stats. So we don’t really know what percentage of rapes are reported.

    I am thinking in particular here of a “victim” at a college who claimed sexual assault. Her “sexual assault” occurred in an auditorium filled with about 3000 other people. The guy sitting next to her poked her in the boob with a pencil. She claims victimhood based on that.

    In another case, a girl was in a school class (35 or so students) with the teacher present. There was a male student with cerebral palsy, wheelchair bound. He apparently had a crush on her, and as she walked by, he grabbed her by the arm and she fell into his lap, whereupon he kissed her. That’s her “sexual assault” and she now has “PTSD” because of it.

    And in a third case, a girl was dating a guy who “sexually assaulted” her. Forty times. On forty different occasions. She kept going out with him, and it only became “sexual assault” when he dumped her for another girl.

    So, color me a skeptic in a lot of cases.

    it’s still mean to make fun of someone’s appearance

    It absolutely is. And I don’t like doing it. But she deserved this. Glass houses and all that.


  35. I remember a post by Nicole about a really cheap milk. I don’t remember which shop she took the photo at.
    But in that post she also commented that they don’t buy milk very often.
    Well, those teeth (or the lack of them) can be a result of insufficient nutrition and having babies year after year. And considering what her children have to eat (or that fact that they sometimes don’t have stuff to eat) I wouldn’t trust Nicole on nutrition at all.
    All this soda she’s drinking certainly isn’t doing her any good.
    Oh well, at least Faith might be able to see what the Naugler lifestyle can do to a mother.


  36. I wondered over to the NCN FB page and saw the comments regarding the unfuckability of the women marchers and hoped like hell Sally would jump on that and to my complete approval and happiness, she did. Like so many of you, I cannot watch her Vlogs because she is a fucking idiot. Folks, I taught freshmen how to write argumentative essays which required teaching the process in steps, beginning with how to summarize. I have read millions of essays through the years and while some have bored me to tears, none of my precious freshmen ever sounded as ignorant as Nicole. She opens her snuggle toothed mouth and out spews ignorance. Poor N thinks that it’s perfectly fine to have a government (local, state, federal) and household ran by a man….bless her heart. I guess she feels that men are much more able to run things, yet when she has recorded the run in with the cops, it’s not the man of the house doing all the planning on what to say…it’s the snaggle toothed idiot.

    How does she even rationalize sexual assault based on a woman’s looks as if it’s a badge of honor to earn a douch bag grabbing at one’s private areas. And, to be frank, if she is so damned sure that those women who marched are unfuckable, damn…she must not only be unfuckable but untouchable as well…. Poor N has been so brainwashed by the patriarchy that she really believes men who assault women do so because the women are so damned irresistible. That men are turned on by the child, girl, or woman because of either lack of clothing or specific movements or even suggestive looks. Only sexy females, in her book, would be grabbed by a sexual deviant.

    Now when I look at those pictures Sally posts of N’s nasty mouth, I think…damn what a nasty assed piece of shit. Nicole is the epitome of the true meaning of a nasty woman. When Trump called Hillary a nasty woman, I was proud to wear the nasty woman shirt my daughter bought me…but Nicole’s nasty is so nasty it fits right up there with the out house, the death breath of an aged and infirmmed cat of suspicious dietary habits. Nicole has an excuse for all her inadequacies that relate to her laziness: You know, she avoids dental care and hygiene and blames it on having all those kids; she blames her ratted hair on the style she has chosen to wear; she blames her lack of water on her choice to live off grid; and she blames her breeding like a bitch in heat on her rights to have as many kids as she can. She has those rights to deceive herself if she wants but the truth is Nicole is lazy and refuses to take care of herself or her children.

    I too wonder about her damn uterus dragging the ground behind her. Two of my older sisters had five kids each and both of them had prenatal and postnatal care and both ended up having prolapsed uteruses to the point of having to have surgical intervention. I don’t like to make jokes about the size of a man’s penis or the size of a woman’s vagina but damn…you know after all those kids and probably rips that didn’t heal right…well…you know.

    I wish that I could have marched with my daughter and her friends and I did go and sit on my car in support. My old fart marched with them because he wanted to make sure no one hurt her or our grandkids…but like your policemen in KY, here in AR, the policemen were so nice. One even bought me a diet coke when he saw my bottle was almost empty. Of course he said, my grandmother loves her diet cokes too. I tried to pay him and he said, no way. Also, the marchers here in our town were peaceful.


  37. Pink Pussy Cat Hat….

    It was WAY more than “thousands”.

    The Women’s March on Saturday was the biggest one-day protest in US History with over 2.9 million people participating. (based on current estimates with more sister city march data still coming in).

    There were another third of a million marching in solidarity in Europe and Canada (and a few other places…including Antarctica!)

    The purpose of the hats, was to give women who could not attend, a way to be there in spirit and support women who could. Experienced knitting skills were not required. Heart was required. Love and deeply held convictions were required. Guts were required.

    The Women’s March on DC was attended by a massively bigger crowd than Trump’s inauguration, as evidenced by Google Earth pics that you can look at here: Note the side streets! Crowd scientists are saying the Women’s March had THREE TIMES the attendance of the inauguration

    Here’s an aerial photo of the March in Los Angeles: 80,000 were expected….700,000 showed up.

    These exponentially greater turn outs than expected happened everywhere.

    It was amazing to be a part of history:)


  38. (Not many posts by Nic enrage me anymore. But this one really pissed me off)

    You really are an idiot, Nicole. Sexual assault has nothing to do with “looks” and everything to do with having Power over the victim. Why don’t you post this little tidbit on your “Blessed” Facebook page and see how many of your *Stepford Wives* agree with you on this! I have a feeling quite a few may have a bone to pick with you….but then you know this and that is why you would never post this on “Blessed”.

    And since you think the way a woman “looks” has bearing on why/how a man decides to (“grab some pussy”) commit a sexual assault you should have no worries ever when walking down a dark alley at 3 a.m. Hell, Ted Bundy would have returned you to the Shit Shack as soon as you opened your mouth.


  39. Nicole can not accept the reality that women worldwide came together PEACEFULLY and effectively to support each other, but not her “special” self. If for once in her sorry life she had actually joined this group and marched along for a common cause, she may have won a few supporters for her cause, (provided she didn’t have her kids there with their hands out.) Wonder if she had another “eerie felling” that she just missed a great grifting op too.
    It’s no wonder she puts the kids out front in the store, one look at her and most would bolt for the door. These close ups are horrifying. Disease will avail themselves on this too willing host. She isn’t the boss here and she’s losing quickly.

    I’m wondering if they’re pulling her teeth at home, as they rot in her mouth.

    Nicole, go to the local dental school you say you visit prn, and get treatment and dentures fitted. You need it now! You will probably not thank anyone but it will change your life for the better. Your choice in oral care at present makes you look stupid frankly.

    Faith Naugler, take a good hard look at the pictures of Nicole. This is the face of Naugler DIY medicine and dental care. You have beautiful teeth now but think about how you will look and feel in 20 short years by following Nicole’s advice. Her appearance is due in a large part to her choices of dental and obstetrical care over many years, given her genetic predisposition. Modern medicine and dentistry would have and does mitigate greatly the effects of poor genes every day and her outcome is largely avoidable.

    Nicole’s images are the reality of poverty of mind and body. She can still change this but she won’t, I’m betting. ‘Shit parents award’ again goes to Nicole and Joe.

    Right now she would look better in dentures and an Amber Rose do, now that would be radical, and clean.


  40. “I am thinking in particular here of a “victim” at a college who claimed sexual assault. Her “sexual assault” occurred in an auditorium filled with about 3000 other people. The guy sitting next to her poked her in the boob with a pencil. She claims victimhood based on that.”

    Sorry Sal, but I think a juvenile moron poking girls in the breasts with objects deserve consequences.

    It’s like the word cunt. People have a huge reaction to it sort of like the N-word. It’s not about the actual stupid word…which in itself is a little silly….it’s about the history of the word and the history of inequity….the violation, the violence, the cruelty, injustice and sickness associated with people who created it.

    Poking a girl in the tit with a pencil, particularly if the little fucker involved did it in a sneering, menacing way has the same repercussions. It’s MOCKING of the sexual assaults women have endured throughout history. And IS touching someone’s sexual body parts without their permission!

    And sure, it might be just an immature boy doing something he thinks is mostly silly and not meant to frighten or intimidate. There might be a lot of misunderstanding. But societally we need to set a clear message: YOU DO NOT TOUCH PEOPLE on their sexual parts without invitation. PERIOD.

    Is it “sexual assault”, is she a victim? Possibly and possibly not. If he’s sexually menacing….yes, it’s sexual assault. If he’s an awkward sexually inexperienced boy who tried something really stupid..probably not…but he needs to be saved from his own stupidity with a firm wake up call.

    I get your concern about over-reaction, but you need to be careful about negating the very REAL experiences women suffer with sexual abuses.

    I don’t think most women are as tough as you and I, Sal. Lets just say we give off a bit of “fuck with me and you’ll regret it” vibe. If I guy with a pencil were sitting next to either of us, one intense, calculated look from either of us would probably make his balls shrivel up. We’re not the typical target for this sort of nonsense…but a lot of women are. And it’s not right.

    It’s wrong to victim shame….even if you feel what they’re experiencing is trivial. The fact remains….she didn’t ASK to be poked in the motherfucking boob. It was not his right to do so.


  41. Also, the marchers here in our town were peaceful.

    That’s all I’ve heard. It seems that was the case all over the world.


  42. I’m glad I didn’t try to read some of these comments over breakfast!!! ?

    But I have to agree that we’re probably glad we can only guess about the state of Nicole’s health and hygiene.

    I’ll admit my very first reaction to this blog post was “Wow – she went there!” Meaning you, Sally, but to clarify, it was simple astonishment without any sort of agree/disagree feeling attached to it.

    Nicole’s comment was a reiteration of a very tired old cliche hurled at feminists, and the other side of the “she asked for it” victim-blaming coin. It’s offensive but so, so stale.

    In her little video rant (For the love of God, Nicole, please stop opening every single one of these with, “I wanted to do a vlog about…” Anyone else have this pet peeve in general everyday life? Like when someone stands up at any sort of gathering and says “This is just a quick announcement…” You’re already doing the vlog, Nicole! Just get on with it!)

    Anyway, to get on with it, she says she and her husband are equals. Yeah, you probably are, which in this case isn’t really something to be proud of. Somebody really needs to aim a little higher, but that would upset that codependent balance that keeps Joe fed and Nicole pregnant.

    Paisley Moonbeam made a comment that Sally “lets us eat crackers.” I’m splitting hairs here, I know, but technically in the “bitch-eating-crackers” scenario it would actually be Nicole eating the crackers, like she owns the place, and we are simply the petty fault-finders. But then I’ve never much liked that term – BEC – and I wouldn’t really mind if it got spun around to where we get to eat the snacks! 🙂

    Speaking of split hairs, I personally think on the subject of appearances it’s not unreasonable to comment on things that are clearly under an individual’s control, such as a functional adult’s personal hygiene.

    That’s not to say that I feel that anything goes – I’m not a fan of injecting gratuitous comments about appearance in a conversation. Hypothetical example: “Did you see Joe’s latest incoherent post about anarchy?”
    “Yeah, I’d love to see him running his fat self away from the tear gas in those orange crocs! Lololol!”

    Funny, perhaps, but still gratuitous.

    But if Nicole wants to claim in a public post that her hair is in dreadlocks, and then go on to say that some people in her audience have a “misunderstanding” about what dreads are, and then in that same post offer the following photo to illustrate what dreads are…..

    Well, to me, the door is open for a response, and mine is: When comparing oneself to a dog, make sure the dog doesn’t come out ahead!


  43. Sorry Sal, but I think a juvenile moron poking girls in the breasts with objects deserve consequences

    Sure. But this woman is now grown. This happened something like ten years ago. And she is still claiming that she’s a “victim” of “sexual assault.” She wants the college to basically reimburse all her tuition or some such shit.

    Furthermore, I’m not certain, from her description of what happened, if the “assault” was even intentional. This happened at Bob Jones University. You cannot imagine how staid that place is. I strongly doubt that a male student at BJU would playfully poke anyone with anything anywhere, and especially not during fucking chapel. My impression was that the poke was accidental. ACCIDENTAL.

    So, sorry, I just can’t buy this shit.

    What angers the hell out of me is what I see as women who just want to belong to the victim club, so they in essence make up stuff. In doing so, they denigrate and dilute and minimize the very real outrage of very real sexual assault. When you cry wolf over what is essentially nothing, well, when the real deal happens, you can’t blame people for ignoring you.


  44. Ok, if the poke was accidental…I agree, it’s completely ridiculous. People bump each other. You say excuse me and you try to be more careful.

    And no…a college is not responsible for the conduct of it’s students…so getting her money back from the college after years is bullshit, too. Agreed 100%. Her beef is with the boy’s actions, not the college.

    And yes…I do have tremendous sympathy for men who are vindictively accused of sexual crimes they didn’t commit…and massive contempt for women who do this….for the reasons you illustrated.

    I’m sure if we talked about all the cases that come to both our minds we’d likely be in agreement.

    I’m just sayin….without the frame of context you just put around that boob poke story and the women’s unrealistic expectations……it could have been imagined very differently by a women who’d been on the receiving end of sexual menacing.

    I was imagining something I once witnessed…..a shy girl with big tits trying hard to mind her own business and concentrate on her lecture, while a lude aggressive asshole made sexual remarks and eventually got bold enough to touch her breast with his pencil to freak her out…he stroked the side with his eraser and then targeted her nipples. “Oops, sorry.” Laughter, sneering. “You know you like it.”

    The pain and degradation the girl felt was obvious on her face. Watching her get up and move angered me. This shit happens to women. Particularly shy, timid women…whose experiences you might not be as familiar with.

    Telling a woman like that….It’s no big deal, get over it…..would be very wrong and sends a bad message.

    Meh….just wanted to mention how differently that could be perceived without the frame.


  45. Hi everyone,

    This isn’t to this post but, I was asked to post this for everyone to read.

    My husband, teen son and myself do in fact live in one of these “garden sheds”. Ours is 12×24 wth the porch.
    We are on a small 5 acres.

    When we first started living here almost 3 years ago social services came out. But, after speaking with us and looking around they left and that was the end of it.
    Why didn’t they threaten to take my son? How did I convince them to leave us alone?

    Easy, I proudly showed them around our small home.
    My son showed the case worker(single woman no police) the woodstove he helped install. The woman took notice of our small propane stove we salvaged out of an old camper. She saw our propane tankless on demand water heater that we installed ($200)

    The case worker then asked to see our sleeping arrangements. We showed her our sleeping lofts. My son has the one over the front and we had the rear( we have since given our son the entire loft space and made us a very small bed space down stairs since my husband’s spinal injury)
    We further showed her our well that we pump by hand and then fill into a tank that is then pumped into the house via a 12v pump.

    Where am I going with this?
    I know many families across the country who live in these “sheds” a few have many children.
    You may ask why you haven’t heard of any of them.
    Because the rest of us value our children and do not simply see them as property.

    We do put up insulation, and use some form of electricity.

    My family has a little solar, a small wind turbine as well as a grid power to our property. We use grid power for our mini fridge until we have a large enough battery bank.

    I keep my son warm in the winter. I keep him fed with good food and clean water. He bathes and he is homeschooled.
    Our property does need alot of work as we inherited it from a hoarder so junk is everywhere but, our neighbors have never complained, they come to visit. We don’t chase people off we welcome them in.
    We don’t ask for money no matter how bad we may need it.

    I’m sorry for rambling on.
    A couple years ago my friends started sharing all the blessed homestead stories with me constantly say how I should be outraged.. I am but not in the way they feel I should be.

    I am outraged that the children were returned, I am outraged that because of this family more people believe that the rest of us are like them.

    I’m sorry for taking your time Sally, guess I just needed to vent.


  46. I have sjogrens syndrome and my teeth literally rotted in my mouth,, the pid was horrible and you never knew when one was going to break off,, I feel no sorry for her but the pain has to be unreal, maybe trump in his haste to make heal care affordable lol,, she can get them tore out, there sure not going to grow back, , wonder how the kids are fairing with there teeth


  47. “Nicole used to be gorgeous. She really was. Her appearance now is the direct result of her persona choices”
    I saw a picture of Nicole as a young woman and I was shocked at how badly she has aged. It’s a shame she settled for such a loser, but I have a feeling that even though she was quite attractive, her personality was probably a turn off to other possible suitors. Why couldn’t those two (Naugler parents) just have hooked up, but not procreated?


  48. Meh….just wanted to mention how differently that could be perceived without the frame.

    I get you.

    I was sort of laughing reading what you wrote – your description. You have to know BJU to understand. When I was there, they had what was called the “six-inch rule.” That meant that male and female students had to be six inches apart at all times. I went to their high school, and we had a teacher who would come barreling down the walkway, and plow right between a couple saying “Six inches! Six inches!” I am not joking.

    They had a big room above the student center that looked, quite literally, like a furniture store. It was called the “Dating Parlor.” To have a date, you and your date would meet at the Dating Parlor and sign in. You then could sit on a sofa, or sit a table and play board games (NO playing cards), or study. There were chaperones who roamed the room constantly to make sure that nobody touched anyone else.

    We knew a couple that got engaged in the Dating Parlor. After she said, “yes,” they held hands and prayed. They were both given citations and received a great many demerits for their infraction. My mother’s comment was “How could anyone get engaged in the Dating Parlor in the first place?”

    Several times a year, they have an event in the big auditorium. Everyone gets all dressed up, as in formal dress. The events are always either a Shakespeare play, or an opera, or some classical something or other. And lots of people date. Here’s how that works. The guy comes to the girl’s dorm and is ushered into the lobby, whereupon word is sent to her room that he’s arrived. She comes down, and they walk a prescribed route to the auditorium where they have assigned seats with chaperones placed strategically all around. After the event, he walks her back to her dorm. There is a procession, two by two, walking very slowly (but stopping is absolutely forbidden).

    That is the climate I am talking about. Until just the last few years, women couldn’t wear pants on campus. And then they made it that they couldn’t wear them on the front part of the campus. They have finally given up on that. (In my day, we not only couldn’t wear slacks. We also had to wear hose every single time we left the dorm or came on campus.)

    There is no leering guy on that campus. They simply do not exist. The woman who made this claim is just an idiot.


  49. I guess the Nauglers never heard of the phrase – your health is your wealth. Joe’e health is shot, he is to obese to work . Her health looks greatly diminished and she looks like one homebirth away from death. So if Nicole becomes too sick to work, who will bring home the bacon? They will end up as whores of the state eventually, they are unable to care for themselves or their kids as it is. The future looks bleak for Nicole. I see the kids being removed and adopted out at some point. I see her and Joe ending up on the street.

    As for the march, many of the women in my family attended marches in Canada in solidarity with our American sisters. Together we stay strong.


  50. And if we’re all about equality, boobs aren’t sexual organs anymore than hands are. Breasts feed babies, and they’re not explicitly needed to procreate, although they are sensitive and can add to a sexual experience. A pencil poked anywhere as an act of aggression is concerning, and a violation of personal boundaries, and should be handled appropriately. But sexual assault? No way.

    Of course I don’t want men to go around grabbing tits and yelling “for equality!” But not enough of the March rhetoric validates the unique contribution women can make to society, and it therefore loses some legitimacy and appeal for me.


  51. On a lighter note, once again I let the Blessed Little Blog’s theme of the day help me choose what to post as my next old blog re-run. Here’s one I dug up that seems to fit today’s theme of personal appearance concerns:

    I hereby pledge this is my last shameless grab in Sally’s comment space for some mutual audience members for my blog, all the more shameless because my blog has absolutely nothing to do with this one.

    Worse still, my blog offers no useful takeaways: no hints, tips, recipes, patterns, plans, diagrams, step-by-step instructions, resources, printables, or lessons. There is not even a page of Handy Links For Further Reading.

    It’s just my journal, a pull-up-a-chair sort of thing, a diary of those utterly ordinary life events that somehow, after spending inordinate time swirling around in the eddies of my overly- and veering-on-dysfunctionally-introspective mind, have managed to find the right size hole in my slightly off-kilter mental filter to emerge squinting curiously into the daylight, ready for your perusal. Stop by any time. 🙂


  52. Bill wrote, “I have sjogrens syndrome and my teeth literally rotted in my mouth,, the pid was horrible and you never knew when one was going to break off,”

    Man, I feel you. The utter pisser of it is that Laclede was bought out by Glaxo Smith Kline who PROMPTLY changed the formulation of Biotene toothpaste. No more enzymes and those enzymes make a WORLD of difference to patients with dry mouth syndrome for any number of reasons. A friend of a friend has Sjogren’s syndrome and hers is BAD and the Sjogren’s support groups have all been going crazy trying to find toothpaste that can help them. GSK did toss us all a bone, they make a mouthwash with the enzymes.

    If you can find a compounding pharmacy, they may be able to make an enzymatic toothpaste that will help others with dry mouth syndrome. It’s a real hassle though.

    I’m sorry you’re experiencing this – it’s a very serious disease and there’s no cure and even management can be incredibly difficult.


  53. I don’t know of ANY “unique contribution” women make to society.

    It’s outside of my personal experience, and the idea seems antiquated, like women on fainting couches trussed up in girdles and shit. The idea seems very alien.

    I work. My husband works. We each have ambitions, and character flaws, and strengths and damned few fit into old religious good ole boy’s club stereotypes.

    We both raised kids. We both changed diapers, baked birthday cakes, buried dogs and took out the garbage. We both paid bills, did dishes, shoveled snow, drove the kids where they needed to go, dealt with family shit, mowed lawns, wrapped presents, and fixed the car/dishwasher/furnace/computer when it broke. We both snaked the drains, planned vacations, got up with newborns, planted tomatoes, and buried our parents. Together. Equally. That’s how it works at my house.

    And then there’s some stuff we agree to do a little different.

    At my house, my big bearded mountain man husband sews buttons on my shirts and sews our Halloween costumes, and I maintain and fix the computers….because we take advantage of each other’s talents. I’m a good cook. He’s a good woodworker. He does more dishes, I do more laundry. I’m a dog trainer, he’s a cat enabler. I’m a push over for sad movies, he likes action. Sexually, I’m very domme and he’s a little bit subbie…but once in a while I like for him to act raunchy and spank me and he never wants anyone’s finger in his butt. LOLOLOLOL. Stereotypes are SUCH BULLSHIT. People are PEOPLE. Gender roles are a huge mindfuck. Everyone is individual. They like what they like. They’re good at what they’re good at. They suck at what they suck at.

    Separate can NEVER be equal.

    To me “Gender roles” are just a way to keep some of us a step beneath. Stereotypes that support gender roles are like stereotypes that dictate what certain races “are good at” or “are capable of”. It’s degrading as fuck and it should be called out…not glossed over.

    “women” are not “unique”. *THEY* make no “unique contribution” to society.

    People do. People are VERY unique.

    Repeat after me….PEOPLE. Human beings.

    People, individuals, often make unique contributions. Some good ones. Some awful ones.

    But at the end of the day, it’s not about their race or gender or religion….it’s about their individual choices and skills and talents.

    That’s why we have progress. Because people keep proving that stereotypes are wrong.


  54. Really tiny home living, thank you so much for sharing your perspective. It’s great to hear about people who are really walking the walk of off-grid living in a responsible way.

    J and N are the worst parents. In the course of work in the non-profit sector, I have encountered many literally destitute people (without housing, work, or any resources) who sacrificed everything for their kids. Going without food at a soup kitchen so the kids could have more was the least of it in some cases.

    Here’s someone whose business is the sole support of a large family using her social media to alienate potential customers, just to give herself that momentary high off spite. Great job, N! Your worth is way below rubies.


  55. Dreads.

    In college, when I was like..19, I thought they looked really cool. So I talked to my roommate about it….who happened to be a black girl…with gorgeous dreads. I’m talking smooth, cylindrical snakes of hair that could be braided loosely, or twisted into a huge Celtic knot on top of her head when it wasn’t swinging beautifully free down her back to her butt.

    She told me she thought dreads were not a good idea for a white woman.

    Why? Is our hair too straight? Will they fall out and get fuzzy?

    She laughed. Yeah, that too.

    I could see she had more to say…and she was hesitant to say anything, so I nudged here….Come on Mace, don’t leave me hanging. Why shouldn’t I get dreads?

    She thought about it a minute. Shook her head and let out a sigh.

    I’ll teach you to do them. If you want. I can help you do the back.

    But you don’t think I should?

    Again, she hesitated.

    Ok, here’s the thing. There’s no law against it, but some people of color will look at you differently.


    Because you’re taking something that doesn’t belong to your culture, you’re using it like a fashion trend that you thought up, and you’re getting very different attention than a black person would who has dreads. For you, they’re regarded as cute and alternative. For me, they’re seen as unemployable, primative, and like…sinister, or something. I get very different treatment from people I don’t know now. it’s been eye opening. Do you understand?


    Ok. Let me try again. Say you’re out west, and you braid and tie eagle feathers and beads and shit in your hair and go into a store. People will smile at you. They’ll think you’re cute, and alternative, and trendy. If a native american girl did the same thing, or a native american boy, security would follow them around. People would look at them suspiciously for not conforming and get nervous that they’re dangerous. Do you get it?

    A little. That really sucks.

    Yeah, it does suck. Because if we want to express our own culture, we get viewed with suspicion for not conforming. But you….you can try our culture on like it’s a cheap costume and get positive attention for essentially mocking that painful reality.

    Do black people hate white people with dreads?

    No, we just think you’re stupid and self absorbed. But we think that a lot, so it’s really not that big a deal.

    Mace smiled at me. She meant no harm by this comment. And she knew I meant no harm either, by wanting dreads. We took care of each other Sophomore year and found out how very the same we were… a time when both our parents still cringed a little about our housing assignment. (thought to their credit, both were always polite and welcoming)

    She was braiding my hair when I finally said something.

    Macy, this whole race thing is messed up. Lot of traps. Sometimes I feel like I’m being offensive just stumbling around. I don’t mean to be an asshole. I really don’t.

    I don’t either. You’re not. You ask good questions. You’re learning. I’m learning, too. We’re cool.

    You want to go get an Orange Julius?

    Oh hell yes.


    Yep, at 19, I liked the idea of dreads. And today white girls with dreads, particularly if they’re biracial, are probably not seen the same as back then…but there’s something cultural here that might be important. Something I’m sure Nicole is very oblivious to.

    Things I know about dreads:

    1. You make them in small sections. You split, twist, split, twist, split, twist, and compact the hair with a fine toothed comb. It’s a learned skill. It’s something you have professionally done. I’ve seen it done. It takes forever.

    2. You spend over an hour every week using a tiny hook to put stray hairs back into place. Sometimes the hook gets stuck. Often, you pay someone to do this for you.

    3. This style, done right, can look beautiful. Yes, it can be combed out. And yes, the dreads continue to grow dreaded if they’re done well.

    4. People over 30 do not wear this hairstyle. Particularly white people over 30.

    5. What Nicole has on her head…is not dreadlocks. It’s a rat nest.

    6. No one, except tarot card readers, Morgan Freeman, and sassy Jamaican women…can get away with GREYING dreadlocks…without looking like a God-awful hot mess.

    7. They weigh a lot, particularly when wet, and can cause neck problems and headaches.


  56. My poor teeth are rotting put of my head due to a combo of bad genes and side effects of my meds. However, I make an effort to stop the decay at every turn. I’ve only had to have one tooth removed because it broke around the filling too badly to be saved.
    I will admit I am putting off a root canal and having all of my wisdom teeth pulled, but it’s a logistical play. I’m having surgery soon, so I’m planning on doing both around the same time. It’ll limit my overall recovery time. (Plus I wanted to be able to eat through the holidays and my birthday. :P)

    At least in my area, there’s a descent amount of low cost dental care. You may have to wait, but it’s available.

    I think having a broad definition of “sexual assault” is needed in the short term. I had a breast reduction at 16 because I was constantly being “accidentally” grabbed. The school administration just told me to cover up more and would suspend me if I physically forced the guy to back off. So I tried to remove the “problems.” Sadly, it just drew attention to my butt. It did put a huge stain on my high school and college years. On the plus side, I did learn I can slap hard enough to concus and fingers take very little pressure to break.

    I so wish I could have marched. I don’t think I could have made the car ride. 🙁


  57. @DeNauglified: Do you have a blog? I like your longer comments; the homeschooling one was hilarious and now you have this nifty story about the dreads here.


  58. The big problem with white dreads purely from an engineering standpoint is that very, very few of us have the true coily hair that is needed to make dreadlocks even work. We may have very curly hair, but curly =/= coily. And curly hair doesn’t make dreads; it just mats. Like Mrs. Naugler’s.

    I know exactly one white person who was able to rock her mats, which she of course called dreadlocks. Her hair was so extremely curly that she could either spend time and money she didn’t have to spare trying to get it to behave, or shave it down to a very tight cap of curls, or let it mat. She let it mat. She took meticulous care of her “dreadlocks,” including setting up a hands-free rig for her hairdryer at home so that she could thoroughly dry her hair while mending or washing dishes (because unlike real dreadlocks, mats can rot). She decorated them with beads and bought coordinating headbands. But when she got a new job taking care of elderly clients who (correctly) said that she had matted hair, she bit the bullet and shaved her head.


  59. Looking at those pictures of the horribly disgusting teeth causes me to think about the Hills Have Eyes. The gross matted hair just adds to it. What an ugly woman, inside and out.


  60. Sheerluck…what an awesome thing to say. Thank you.

    No, I don’t have a blog.

    I’m kinda… InstaGoogleTweetFace phobic.

    I do write, but social media is not generally my thing. If I told ya where to find my stuff, I’d out myself, and i prefer being a woman of mystery:)


  61. Those are not dreadlocks….They are mats. Like a matted old dog. It is gross looking. She runs a business, I hate to say this but she should be more presentable. I know, each to their own, blah blah blah but I was raised to look professional in my career. Clean cloths, good hygiene, kept hair, etc. Does she smell weird? She looks like she would. Anyways, how does she get business? I’m all about that business experience and if there is a dead matted shitzu on your head I’m not going into that store. There’s a lady here who also owns a small business, a white woman with dreadlocks, she looks wonderful. Her hair is always tied back, looks nice, she’s tidy in her appearance, and she’s just in general really pleasant to work with.


  62. Earlier while scrolling through FJ I felt a little guilty about the comments about Nicole. But then today an officer was killed right up the street from me. A young husband and father, who also served in the Navy. He was killed while on duty. As I was watching the news story my mind suddenly went to Nicole. And I realized why I don’t care if people make fun of her. She is an ugly human being. She doesn’t give a crap when soldiers and officers die, she thinks men like this officer are awful and lacks any compassion for the ultimate sacrifices some make. She mocks them and doesn’t respect them as fellow human beings. So you know what, fuck her. She could probably get her teeth fixed. I am sure she qualifies for medicaid. I am sure a clinic would take her but her fucking pride and “muh rights” get in the way. She is reaping what she sows. She is a nasty bitch and not in the good way.


  63. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the condition of your mouth is a window to your overall health.

    That’s not true, strictly speaking, but oral health is really important. There is a difference between taking care of your mouth (and getting regular check-ups) and things still going very much amiss and not taking care of it and trusting to luck.

    Nicole and Joe trust to luck far too often.


  64. “Dating Parlor”

    Ha! I love it. I love it because in spite of it, teenagers will move Heaven and Earth to be unchaperoned.

    My best friend is the daughter of a well-known theologian from Canada. Her father made her fear anything sexual, as if it were completely deviant; something to feel heavy guilt for. One summer, we were on a double date – looking for love, but soo naive. And the poor girl… She lost her virginity in a movie theater, at 13 years of age. And all the while, I was just around the corner, in the same theater, with my date. In retrospect, I cannot believe the tireless, flagrant pressure these boys put on us, at that age. It horrifies me. I will always be so thankful I did not give in to that pressure, so that I do not have to live with the traumatic experience of having lost my virginity in a public movie theater.

    “Dating Parlor” Lol… No one wants a chaperone, in the moment. But in retrospect, mild supervision would’ve been nice. Young women are so susceptible, easy to take advantage of 🙁

    BTW, the movie that was playing was, “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson :/


  65. “Dating Parlor” Lol…

    The reality was sort of horrific.

    Bob Jones University dating parlor

    This photo is dated 1948, which is the year before I was born, but other than some updates to the furniture and obviously the people, it looked just like that until recently. The entire space has now been renovated into administrative offices.


  66. Sally said, “What angers the hell out of me is what I see as women who just want to belong to the victim club, so they in essence make up stuff. In doing so, they denigrate and dilute and minimize the very real outrage of very real sexual assault.” I totally agree. I even become angry when sexual assault survivors cannot move past the assault so that it defines who they are, which, in effect, creates the control that the perpetrator intended. Don’t misunderstand me, I totally support and sympathize with survivors, but I am also reminded of a girl I was friends with in elementary school who by the time she was eight-years-old already had breast that were at least a C cup. She was my friend, in part, because she, like me, was very different from the other kids. We also had a very tall girl (almost 6 ft.) in our group, a girl who was almost blind from having measles, and a few girls who were unfortunate in that their parents let them come to school dressed in unkept clothes. Everyday, the girl with the C cups had to endure boys grabbing at her chest, boys our age and older boys too. We would tell the teacher and the principal and they would tell her to wear loose clothing, which, by the way, didn’t work. Finally, our friend began to hit the boys, knocking one boys permanent tooth out and she was punished for defending herself so all of our group decided that we would defend our friend. We stayed clothes and when boys tried to grab and run, we formed a circle around her and hit the boys, me using my crutches. The teacher on the play ground asked us what we were doing and I spoke up and said, the boys keep trying to touch her chest so we are stopping them. How sad that we little girls had to do what the teacher and principal failed. Now you would think that having these awful experiences would have caused my friend to grow up with PTSD…but she and I are still best friends and because of the pencil on the boob comment here, she and I had this very long conversation about the boys grabbing her boobs when we were kids and she said, oh hell, I had forgotten about those little shits. She said that the only thing that could have bothered her is that the teacher and principal didn’t intervene but she ended up dating one of the boys and married him. She and I decided that we were an awkward generation at a time when the sexual revolution was starting, Elvis gyrated, girls burned bras, and boys went from looking at women in bras in the sears catalogue to seeing it all on TV so there was a learning curve for boys and girls a like. I’m not excusing the boys trying to touch or grabbing her boobs but as a society, other than Trump, we have grown and those behaviors are no longer acceptable nor do boys gang up to grab a boob. I suspect that every woman who posts on here has a story of some sexual misconduct from some douche either on the job or out in public and most of us didn’t require mental health treatment. I hope that we continue to grow and continue to provide support for women who are faced with sexual harassment on the street or on the job so that it eventually ends but I also hope that all of us are able to put sexual assault into perspective so that women who are assaulted are taken serious. End of soap box.


  67. I suspect that every woman who posts on here has a story of some sexual misconduct from some douche either on the job or out in public and most of us didn’t require mental health treatment.

    Yes. Thank you for saying what I tried to say, and doing it so well.

    I have long known that if I wanted to, I could join the “victim” crowd and whine and fuss about sexual “assault” and I would be fawned over and told how awful it all was. I have the credentials if I wanted to use them.

    I do not. I do not because it’s ridiculous to me. It would be like joining a group of major life-threatening surgery survivors and pointing to the tiny scar on my leg from a fall when I was six as my membership card.


  68. @DeNauglified: A woman of mystery? Nothing is a mystery when SheerLuck is on the case! ?

    No worries; I don’t actually know who you are, nor do I plan to go sleuthing around to find out. As you may have guessed, my detective persona is totally tongue-in-cheek; I’m usually quite the space cadet and thus can only hope to connect the dots by sheer dumb luck.

    I understand the social-media invisibility-cloak thing; I regularly tie myself in knots over what to share and not share in any given context, and the whole anonymity thing takes on a new level for anyone following the Naugler saga.

    And now my clothing will commence combustion, as I am about to break my previous pledge of never again posting here about my blog. I mostly just wanted to make sure there was a link that would always lead to my most recent post, for easier bookmarking. But also because the post I just put up is tangentially related to this one (You’ll have to figure out how; the game is afoot!). It also happens to be about camping, which, like homesteading and off-grid-lifestyling, means different things to different people. I will now go and sin no more. Thank you all for your patience.


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