Time For Fast Food


It’s that time again, folks.

And just so it doesn’t get all confused, here’s the schedule.


Hey, Joe, what do you think about it?


Please feel free to attempt a translation of that in the comment section.



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  1. I mean you believe in the process enough to initiate contact with the enforcers? Cut your nose off to spite your face and this is what happens.


  2. Aside from the Hardee’s feast on every court date, how much does it cost Joe Naugler to appear in court? Is he entitled to a free public attorney or does he have to use some begging bucks to pay a lawyer out of pocket?

    I feel a GFM beggin buck drive coming on.


  3. Joe has used quasi-big words, excessive punctuation, possibly three subjects in the string of words that readers are supposed to believe is a sentence in order appear educated. To me he sounds as if he is retrenching themes and writing patterns found in whatever ideological or religious texts that he has been reading. His writing and speech, when he isn’t fluently spewing vile and degrading swearing at whoever he’s upset with at the moment, reminds me a great deal of Brian David Mitchell. That malevolent schemer borrowed text, syntax, and thematic elements from many of the same religious writings that Joe uses. Personally, I hope the similarities end there.

    As far as interpretation goes I believe he is upset with authority figures who do their jobs and the laws that give them their authority. Maybe there is a veiled threat in there but I cannot be certain.


  4. It takes two hands to handle a whopper! Oh, wait. That’s Burger King.

    It takes a village… nope, Clinton.

    Somebody’s watching me… wrong again, Rockwell.

    Owl be seeing you.


  5. Gotta keep making sure there are Hardee’s dates. Thus the need for continued court invites.
    Just sucks they have to use innocent people minding their own business to get those invites.


  6. My attempt at translation based on very careful sentence diagramming:
    “To add to my extensive collection, I have a whole pile of fresh court appearances coming up. I am the victim of a system that is designed to keep me down. None of it is my fault. Nothing bad is my fault ever.”


  7. Interesting. I wonder if there will be a corresponding civil case so that the victim can recoup lost income? No public defender for civil cases! J can practice his speechifying and defend himself. I wonder if he has any other shoes besides orange crocs? Hard to polish those up for court.


  8. Looks like Joe is being charged with harassment, and someone else alluded that the other charges could be due to probation violations.

    Does anyone have any details about these cases?

    Tell me what I’m lookin at, here….?


  9. 1 case unsupervised probation for menacing charge. Served 4 days in jail (weekends) out of 90 day sentence, other 86 days pretty much forgiven if he stays out of trouble. BUT he has been in trouble 3 times since then. 1 goat gate conditional and poop gate another conditional. Condtionals also state he has to stay out of trouble. Breckenridge county does not enforce the sentances handed down.
    Well this charge is in Hardin county where they have put him in jail before and for a period of time. Maybe 3 times of getting in trouble is the charm = fingers crossed!


  10. Wiping the posts again, even those that are sort of agreeing with her, Paranoid much, about time for Smythe to make a appearance


  11. He’s just got to get some jail time soon. He refuses to stay out of trouble. I bet he gets a sentence of at least 90 days by the end of the year.

    Not a Local, GFM doesn’t allow raising money for defense attorneys.


  12. the other charges could be due to probation violations.

    No. The other two are followups. They’ve been scheduled ever since the original stuff. I can’t remember which is what, but they are old.


  13. Wow. Charges and arrests and court are not normally considered part of “date night” where I come from. To think this is normalized for the kids.


  14. Oooh ooh ooh, Mr. Kotter! If you change “nonetheless” to “not to mention”, it gets a skosh closer to standard English.


  15. ” Not a Local, GFM doesn’t allow raising money for defense attorneys.”

    Excellent! I will not put it past them if they try though. They did not use the funds they way they said they would with the first GFM windfall.


  16. All I’ve got is that Joe better go on a “court diet”. Those Hardees after court, dates.



  17. “Now is the time to prepare…”
    For J to go to jail.

    They clearly didn’t think things through when they decided that it would be a good idea for J to accompany N to pay a visit to the business neighbor, knowing that he has a long history of lacking both self control and decorum as well as having a really long rap sheet. There’s no way this will end well for them. Besides their inability to keep creating drama for themselves, there’s now a very long and diverse list of individuals that are all waiting with bated breath for their ultimate downfall.

    Hopefully, the upcoming legal proceedings will have a domino effect. Without J to literally hold down their fort with his girth while N tends to washing poodles for 12 hours, it leaves a whole lot of time for CPS to speak to those children if they were so inclined to, and they just might if all of them are left to their own devices regularly and for long periods. I saw a post from a church worker from the last time J visited the County Jail, and I gathered from reading it, that N just wasn’t holding it together very well on her own, so it should only be a matter of time before that shack of cards falls. Perhaps a little bit of divine intervention on the part of the children who rarely get to leave that terrible, filthy shack …
    I can only hope, anyway.


  18. On her business card post a person posted this. It’s been up for 22 minutes. I’m sure it’s going to disappear!

    “I am sorry but this is upsetting. You, your husband, and a select few of your followers harassed a business neighbor until the lady has closed her business. Instead of posting your business cards as a hint to send donations to that address, you should be apologizing to that lady and making an attempt to settle the harassment charge that your husband received, out of court. It seems you cannot afford to pay any more fines for his behavior, nor can he afford anymore charges, since he is on probation.
    I have quietly followed your adventures for a few months and at first, I felt like the government overstepped its authority, but the more research I have done and the more posts you make, I have come to the conclusion that you are in need of some mental health assistance. It is one thing to get on Facebook and make up lies about homesteading, but when you harass someone that did absolutely nothing to you till they have to close their business, it begins to fall into some legal issues in which you can ill afford. As I see it, you videoed that person’s business and dog and placed it on Facebook. When she called you on the carpet for involving her in your troubles, you and your husband went to her place of business and begun to call her foul names. This Mrs. Naugler, is a clear indication that you have caused her emotional and financial harm in which you can be held accountable.
    I want to suggest that you apologize to that lady and remove yourself and your children from Facebook. You are always complaining about trolls, but you put your life on Facebook for the world to see, and they are and have the right to comment and have opinions.
    Good luck to you and your family.”


  19. Yup she just took down Andy Beans comment on her page and wrote this

    “Oh look. A sock page that was created just for today. You know you sound a lot like Nancy Furman or that cosmic imagination page.

    I suggest you and your friends leave my family alone. But you all want to make a spectacle of your opinions of me and put yourself out there for the world to see. I guess we are all public now…..

    Don’t worry, this will all be settled in court. I hope you and your friends show up. You’ll be a big part of the story.”


  20. Are laws different in Kentucky than they are everywhere else? Here, if a person is charged with a crime, whether convicted or not, that is breaking the terms of their probation, and they are arrested and held until their court date. It doesn’t matter what county it’s in, or even if it is out of state. A criminal charge is a violation, period.


  21. Joe is saying
    “I am gonna whoop yoo ass! Big bad man say I can’t so I am gonna whoop his ass too!”
    To think this person is the one who stays at home with the kids. Is he reading books to little ones, soothing crying toddlers, cooking for the kids, teaching older kids how to make things?
    No he is out in the world collecting harassment charges and uprooting good people’s lives.


  22. Her BLH “business” cards proclaiming that “now is the time to prepare”–this from a person that drives 30 miles one way for water?

    Oh, and maybe in J and N’s haste to add a little spice to their relationship, they misinterpreted the meaning of the word “courting?”


  23. The use of the apostrophe make it even more hilarious! Friends of my daughter do this every Christmas. Daughter calls me every year and sends me a text and picture when she gets their card. It’s a big joke. Just like the naugs, biggest joke ever.


  24. I believe I speak for everyone when I quote Alexander Hamilton via Lin-Manuel Miranda:

    “Sit down, Joe, you fat motherf@#*er!”


  25. @Beth – ok, you totally win the internet tonight with your “courting” comment. You owe me some paper towel please, because I spit my drink all over my screen!
    @Lalaloopsey – I cringed when I saw the apostrophe. This is the most basic grammar lesson ever and Nicole and Joe got it wrong. Unschooling at its finest.
    Joe and Nicole may begin to feel less smug and entitled. I took my lunch hour and called the Breckinridge Probation Office and made an inquiry about what happens when an individual on probation, with a suspended sentence, gets into trouble with the law while on said probation. I took notes and would be happy to have them notarized as a truthful document and share them, but that is up to Sally. I don’t want to create a storm for her – well more of the every day storm.


  26. Listening to the audio of when Pate finally arrest her & her phone gets knock out of her hand (or whatever happened to it) & she starts screaming & then says My belly, My belly! she sounded just like the wicked witch of the west when the bucket of water gets thrown on her & she’s shouting I’m melting! I’m melting!

    What a selfish, wicked witch of a woman Nicole is.

    They both recorded this audio hoping it would go viral. They planned this. They purposefully thought this out. They watched videos & googled their rights on the internet. They were hoping for a big payday from the government that they hate & refuse to be a whore to. I think they smoke way too much pot.


  27. Nicole is so freaking stupid. If she had just one brain cell that allowed her to at least understand someone else’s POV (you know, the empathy thing?), she would be less maddening, and I believe that her life would run much more smoothly.

    But she doesn’t have an ounce of empathy, even for her own children. She and the Joviator are “in the right” 100% of the time. I wonder if she ever takes a step back and wonders “Why is it that I have conflict with everyone every where I go? What is the common denominator?” Hmmm. Nah, she doesn’t; it is always someone else’s fault.

    According to the dictionary definition, she exhibits both sociopathic and psychopathic behavior. (I am not remotely qualified to make any armchair diagnosis, but am simply describing her behavior.)

    I do believe that she is a very broken and unhappy woman, who leaves a trail of tears and destruction behind her, wherever she goes.

    Unfortunately, those 11 “possessions” (didn’t want them “seized!!!”) are in the line of fire every time she takes a shot (figuratively at this point, thankfully) at the villain of the day or week.

    My heart goes out to V, her latest victim, and I truly hope that the landlord terminates the N’s lease, so V can reclaim her space and her business. What has happened is just wrong, and it sickens me.

    I agree with the others who have expressed concern for the children if they were to lose this salon, since the salon and the PayPal button are the only income streams.

    However, the childrens’ lives don’t seem to improve regardless of whether the salon is open or closed, or doing “well” or poorly. They seem to get the “leftovers” (metaphorically) anyway, once Nicole and the Joviator have feasted, so I am not sure it makes much difference.

    They will still feed them nasty expired food, provide suitable clothing and shoes for the baby only (since she seems to view him as click bait), use the children as slaves on that horrible piece of land, shit in a bucket, and continue to live in a filthy garden shed with abysmal sanitation regardless of cash inflow or outflow.

    They got $70K+ after the “going viral” video, lived in a hotel for 2 months, presumably dined out for every meal, and lived in relative comfort and luxury while the state had physical custody of the children in 2015. And when the kids returned? Aaah, a new garden shed, just like the one they had previously. I do think that the new wood stove was a large improvement, though I doubt that they bought it to make things easier for the children.

    They are both pathetic parents by any measure. The state has to step in and rescue those children someday, right???

    One final comment: Todd Pate for Secretary of State! His restraint and professionalism in dealing with Nikkers was amazing.


  28. I would like to clear up a common misconception that I hear often about the land the Nauglers have. I also have land from the same land company that the Nauglers do in Breckenridge county. My husband and I are looking for options regarding housing ( no children involved) one of the requirements for a new mobile home is to own the land which you want it place. I wasn’t sure if we are owners or rent to own owners. So I called the land company and asked, they told me that we own the land, and have all rights to the land. We have a “mortgage” that’s exactly how the lady put it. Anyone with a mortgage for house or land can lose it for nonpayment.


  29. The courts will recognize that Joe is a “stay at home Dad” to ten children, because Joe will work that fact, remind ’em of it ’til he is blue in the face and all eyes have slowly, painfully rolled in the presence of his fervent patheticism. So, perhaps the court will cut him a break? The charge is really very minor. That is what I foresee, anyhow. For now.



  30. Nicole proclaims to the world that there are trolls who follow her very public pages and they doxx and harass her supporters. If I were a supporter who followed Nicole and I wanted to send her a message of any sort on any of her pages, you BET I’m going to make a sock because of those very scary trolls.

    So what happens? Nicole, Queen of Victimhood, criticizes someone for using a sock. Meantime, how many does that family have and pass around like a joint at a Grateful Dead concert?

    Personally, I hope that Nicole does not try and mend fences with the other business owner because why would a leopard change its spots now? She took or permitted Joe to go with her because she knew he would make a big noise, possibly toss the c-word around again. She didn’t count on a child witnessing Joe being an asshole, nor did she ever once think, “Huh, what if someone else in this world also has a meat shield? Only one with BRAINS too?”


    I hope Joe goes to jail. I hope they both get sued in civil court and lose. I realize that it’s unlikely the damages will ever be collected but it would follow them around like yet another bad odor. It would be extra-sweet if it showed up on their credit reports.

    I wonder which of the children witnessed their parents getting all fired up and marching over to confront someone else for being upset with Nicole’s shenanigans? Did that child think, “Oh great – when the hell has this ever turned out well for us?” or did the kid think, “Hurray! Mom and Dad are going to pound someone good!” Hopefully they carried on with their assigned tasks and tried to ignore the iceberg. It’s not as though Joe or Nicole take advice from anyone to slow their roll.


  31. Alexander Hamilton via Lin-Manuel Miranda:

    You do realize that when you find yourself quoting Miranda lyrics it means that you’ve become a fanatic like me. I have listened to Hamilton so many times I’ve lost count. For anyone with Amazon Prime, it’s free.


  32. We have a “mortgage” that’s exactly how the lady put it.

    She may have used that word, but you do not have a mortgage. You have a land contract. They are different things, although for your purposes (putting a mobile home on the property), it’s much the same thing.

    With a mortgage, there is a loan. The property is collateral for the loan, but separate from it. The property owner holds the deed, and the property is registered in their name. So basically, there are three entities involved: the buyer, the seller, and the lender. A mortgage holder is taxed directly (even though some lenders require escrow accounts to assure that the taxes are paid.)

    With a land contract, the seller and the lender are the same person (or company). The buyer is considered by law to have what is called “equitable interest” in the property. That means that while you’re making payments, the seller cannot sell the property out from under you, and you are considered to have “equity” in the portion that you’ve paid thus far. However, you do not hold the deed (until you complete the payments). The seller does. The seller is the tax payer.

    In both cases, yes, the property can be lost for nonpayment.


  33. Just my opinion for what it’s worth, since I am not a local:
    Perhaps the local house-neighbors and business-neighbors, as a show of solidarity for V, could show up as a group at the hearing? J&N like to spout off their threats about having their “supporters” show up but perhaps a united front of victims might at least make the victims realize that they are not alone? And heck, everyone can go to Hardee’s to eat afterwards!


  34. A little off topic, but I’ve been watching a fascinating documentary this morning about a huge family in Kentucky who subsist in dwellings little nicer than the Naugs and live a very similar lifestyle. Very similar logic applied to life’s challenges.

    American Hollow

    The only lacking component is that these folks are not on Facebook begging for money and have no illusions about their kids being anyone’s boss someday.


  35. I saw that they were posting a 16+ year old article and insisting that it showed that foster care is a bad bad bad thing. They also stated it was recent.

    November 2000, VOLUME 106 / ISSUE 5
    Developmental Issues for Young Children in Foster Care

    Here are some highlights:

    ‘Greater numbers of young children with complicated, serious physical health, mental health, or developmental problems are entering foster care during the early years when brain growth is most active. Every effort should be made to make foster care a positive experience and a healing process for the child. Threats to a child’s development from abuse and neglect should be understood by all participants in the child welfare system.”

    Did you see that, Nicole and Joe? Children are ENTERING with problems.

    Here are the points that the article focused upon:

    “The developmental issues important for young children in foster care are reviewed, including: 1) the implications and consequences of abuse, neglect, and placement in foster care on early brain development; 2) the importance and challenges of establishing a child’s attachment to caregivers; 3) the importance of considering a child’s changing sense of time in all aspects of the foster care experience; and 4) the child’s response to stress.”

    From the conclusion section here are the first three take-away points:

    “The following important concepts should guide pediatricians’ activities as they advocate for the child:

    Biologic parenthood does not necessarily confer the desire or ability to care for a child adequately.

    Supportive nurturing by primary caregivers is crucial to early brain growth and to the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of children.

    Children need continuity, consistency, and predictability from their caregiver. Multiple placements are injurious.”

    They should scan (not skim!) the article in this link: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/pediatrics/122/3/667.full.pdf


  36. If Ma and Pa Nauglect are spending their days together at the shop menacing the business neighbors, wouldn’t this be an opportune time for a CPS visit? I would think adequate heating in an uninsulated garden shed would be of concern to them. Especially since heat or cooking would have to be done on either a wood stove or open flame with no adults present. Does CPS care that there are half a dozen children running around near an open pond? Do the children have the means to contact emergency services if someone chokes, drowns, breaks a limb, burns themselves? What if they are cold? Or hungry? What are the Kentucky laws for leaving minors unattended, and for how long?


  37. What are the Kentucky laws for leaving minors unattended, and for how long?

    We have no idea at all whether there are adults present on that property. Remember, there are four adults living there now, not just Nicole and Joe.

    Furthermore, when I was under 18 (I forget my exact age at the time, maybe 15 or so), I spent a whole summer babysitting four little girls while their parents worked. It wasn’t illegal as far as I know.


  38. MyOhMy, in my state, Joe would be back in jail right now for a probation violation. My state keeps track of probation, and when you’re cited, your info is run. If you have probation, that will show up, and you’re going to get arrested.

    TheSkyIsFalling, c’mon, now, don’t blame pot. Recreational pot-smoking doesn’t make people stupid. However, some stupid people will do nothing but smoke, and some people with nothing else going on in their lives smoke (if I lived their life, I’d probably do nothing but smoke to try to make myself high as a kite to make every day pass easier…wouldn’t you?), which makes smokers look stupid. It’s not the pot. It’s the person.

    Tuesday cannon, the land company is just a case of seller-financing. I know a couple families who are buying this way. Both have the deeds, which seems too risky in my opinion for the seller-financers. Is your land deed in your name or the company’s?


  39. “Furthermore, when I was under 18 (I forget my exact age at the time, maybe 15 or so), I spent a whole summer babysitting four little girls while their parents worked. It wasn’t illegal as far as I know”

    Sally, the age I was when I started babysitting is now too young by that state’s law to leave a kid home alone at all. By Illinois’s law, a 13-year-old can’t legally be left home alone yet. Kentucky has no minimum age law though.

    When I was a teen in the 90’s, I was a babysitter for foster kids. I babysat up to 10 at a time for the same family for as long as an entire weekend while they’d take their own kids to a lodge for regular family get-aways, and at the time, that was legal. That’s not legal there now though.

    I found no state laws about minimum ages to babysit as long as the kid is at least the minimum age to be home alone in that state, if there’s a minimum age at all. That’s upsetting. This means it’s legal in a while lot of states to leave toddlers home alone as long as they don’t get hurt.

    Nicole and Joe can be gone as long as they want and leave their minor kids home alone as long as they like, and it’s just fine. The teens can clear out, and the pre-teens and littler can stay home alone for an extended period, and that would be okay. Fucking horrifying.


  40. It’s real simple. Joe could get a night job, learn to keep his fat, nasty trap shut, and their lives would be so much better. If both he and Nicole would learn to shut up and just concentrate on what’s really important, i.e. their kids, they could probably live their lives relatively peacefully.

    But I think they both thrive on the turmoil and drama. They are at the age that if they haven’t changed by now, they likely never will, barring a major occurrence.

    I agree with some of the commenters here about the possibility that Joe and Nicole staged the whole thing in hopes of slamming the state in a civil suit and hitting the jackpot on payoff. Funny how that might have backfired on them, viral thing and all.


  41. But if Joe works the money will be garnished. He owes a lot of money in back child support. Plain and simple he won’t work because the money will go to the government and not to him. So he sees no reason to work. He’s a deadbeat dad.


  42. I understand, Dinah. I said it was simple, not probable for the Nauglers. I know several men who work every day while having child support taken from their checks and they still work, everyday. He’s going to have t0 pay it all back someday.


  43. I wonder how long it will be before the young blessed future father follows in dad’s footsteps? I’m pretty certain he’s indoctrinated. I think he comments regularly on a certain bat shit mirror page. Apples don’t fall far.


  44. Old Miss, I can’t imagine the soon to be misses will last that long. Statistically young relationships don’t last long, yes there are exceptions but the odds are not in their favor. Motherhood changes most women. Once you have a child, even when you are young you begin to change your focus. I will be shocked if she lasts the entire winter in the shitstead. And once she leaves I don’t see her coming back. This is all speculation. I give the young couple two years max. Usually I like to be wrong in this kinds of circumstances, usually I’d be rooting for the young couple but not here. I am not rooting for them. I hope she leaves. Yep Nicole I am a fucking bitch. It’s unfortunate your children are procreating without improving their lives. I don’t want anymore generations being born into your shitstead. I hope the young miss leaves and never looks back. The baby will have a decent chance at a normal life somewhere, anywhere other than the shitstead.


  45. On the NCN page “It’s an arraignment. You walk in say not guilty and walk out with a new appointment. Press pass lol. Some people.”

    Here’s the thing, I’ve never been to court. I’ve never had even a speeding ticket. I have no clue how arraignments works. She laughs about it like only morons don’t know this. But I’ve got news for you Nicole, normal everyday citizens aren’t as familiar with the court system as you are. The people that are so blasé about the court system as you are is criminals. So laugh all you want about the stupid people who don’t know about the court system you want but know you are laughing at people who aren’t criminals. Knowing about the court system without being employed by the system isn’t something to be proud of.


  46. Dinah, I too, believe she’ll pull the plug at some point. But what I was referring to was big daddy’s propensity to get in shit situations with law. I think both the oldest boys have been indoctrinated by dad. [Admin: Let’s stop with all the dire predictions regarding the kids. Please. ]


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