Three Lies

You choose the path of peace, not violence, and your peace is deemed so threatening, you must be arrested.

Imagine that all of this is happening because a known meth addict filed a false CPS report against you, and told you that they had the intention of doing so, because you “unfriended” them on Facebook.

– Joe Naugler, on Facebook, about May 12, 2015

Way back, about three years ago, there was a Facebook page started by a woman who wanted to do something to counter what she viewed as Cathy Harris’ lies and attempts to intimidate people.  I watched as people began to participate and one of the things that bothered me greatly was that it descended into a sandbox fight.

The particular thing I’m thinking about is one woman who accused Cathy of doing something patently illegal.  Cathy denied having done that thing. The woman said, “Yes, she did.”  Cathy’s humpers said, “No, she didn’t.”

There was no way in hell to resolve it.  Nobody was present except the woman and Cathy (and an unnamed business owner who might or might not even remember the incident after several years).

This exchange got me thinking about how to accomplish what was desired (expose Cathy’s lies  – and she does lie) but do so in a relatively safe place where you couldn’t go to Facebook jail, and where she would not be able to bitch and complain and get it all taken down, and where it wouldn’t scroll off the face of the earth.

And Romancing the Victims was born as a result.

I ran into this again not too awfully long ago.

It involved the video that was taken of the Naugler horse running loose. I found myself in a position where I couldn’t post the video.  I couldn’t because it would have been relatively easy for Nicole to assume from the filming angle who had taken the video. I didn’t have permission from the owner to post it.  I saw the video, of course, and I knew it was true, but I couldn’t prove it.

Nicole kept denying that the horse had ever gotten out, when I knew her denial was absolutely false. Whether Nicole was lying outright, or whether she was saying what she believed to be true because Joe and/or the children had lied to her is anyone’s guess, but the horse was loose.

When I made a statement to that effect on the blog, a very astute comment was made. Somebody thought carefully and said words to this effect:  “Since I have not seen the video personally, I don’t know if the horse has gotten loose or not. To believe that it’s true, I would simply have to take your word for it.”

She was right.  It was maybe the best comment ever made on this blog.

So what are we to do?

When we’re faced with a situation where one person tells one story of an incident, and another person tells a competing and often opposite story of the same incident, how do we determine who is telling the truth?  Is it possible that both people are telling the truth insofar as they understand it?  Do they each have a different view and thus one of them sees the mountaintop as inaccessible because they are looking at the cliff, while the other person is viewing the mountain from the other side and sees a gently sloping path leading steadily upward? (I stole that example from Richard Dawkins – if you haven’t read his stuff, you should.)

How do we deal with this?

Courts, of course, deal with it all the time, all day, every day.  That’s what juries determine.

And that leads me here.  And yes, it’s going to take 1500 words to talk about this.

George Will was faced with this kind of thing once.  That moron in the White House insulted him via Twitter, and Will was asked to respond while on one of the TV shows.  His response was beautiful.

USA Today

I’m going to begin with the birthing video story. This is not something that came from this blog. I have never asserted that there was any birthing video. I’ve never asserted it because I’ve never seen it.

But there is a whole blog page with graphic photos of Nicole having a baby. A word of warning.  Once you have seen these, you cannot unsee them and you really don’t want to see them.  They are graphic. If you click on any of those photos, you can get a full screen, very large version. Not only is Nicole naked, so is Joe (at least he has on no shirt). In addition, he is in those photos, which means that he did not take the photos. One of the children did. All the children were present.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about the appropriateness of either doing this, or taking photos and putting them out in public, it’s fairly easy to see where the birthing video story arose. Nicole does lots of little videos. She’s pretty much known for that.  Somebody just got mixed up, and remembered the photos as a video.

The underlying premise remains true. You can, if you like, go look at Nicole’s hoo-ha up close and personal, complete with a bit of turd.

Let’s turn now to water-stealing.

That sentence is the totality of what I had to say about the media and water. Where did I say that the media said “stealing”?

Here is what the media actually said.

There’s a couple more parts to Nicole’s bitching session about water and one of them involves the actual stealing accusation.

Nicole and Joe were friends for a while with another couple while they were in one of the Mormon churches.  Ultimately, the two couples parted ways, and it wasn’t under amicable circumstances.  They had an argument about the role of the military and I just will let you guess what Nicole and Joe had to say about it.  Knowing that the husband of the other couple is a disabled vet will help you understand why that particular friendship ended.

After they were no longer friendly, according to the other couple, Joe and at least one of the older boys came to their house one day and got water. The couple was not at home. Joe was seen by a neighbor who informed the couple of what had happened when they got home.  Joe had left the water running, because he made a hasty exist when he realized he was being observed.  The couple had noticed that for a couple of months, their water bill had increased rather markedly and didn’t know why. After this incident (Joe being seen taking water), their water bill dropped to normal levels.

Joe was seen by at least three people doing this.

Now then, we have a situation like I described using 1500 words in the beginning of this essay.  Joe and Nicole say this never happened. The other couple say that it did.  Joe and Nicole insist that they are lying. The other couple insist that Joe and Nicole are lying, or at least, that Joe is lying.

There is a third part to Nicole’s water bitching, though, and that involves the menacing story.

The menacing story, as told by the woman who was menaced, is that Joe came by her house, perhaps ostensibly to get water, and accosted her minor teenage daughter. The daughter had been having a problem because Joe had friended her on Facebook, and then began creeping around on her page (I know exactly what he does, as he did it to me), and following her around “liking” stuff she commented on elsewhere. The daughter was uncomfortable because Joe, in her mind, was a creepy old guy with umpteen kids and a wife and what the hell.  So she unfriended him.  He demanded that she tell him why she’d done that.

The mother appeared from behind the house when she heard the raised voices and told Joe to leave.

Joe then told his minor child to get the gun from the glove compartment of the vehicle.

Nicole’s version of this has wandered all over the place, but is basically like this.

First, it doesn’t matter if the “well owner” was “okay with it.”  The woman told him to leave and that she was not okay with it.  Period. She resided there, and renting property includes renting the fucking well.

And notice how it becomes the woman who “got into an argument” with Joe. We don’t get to know what the argument was about because Nicole doesn’t say.

She then supposedly called CPS “out of spite.”

The woman did not call CPS out of spite. She called CPS because when she notified the police, they told her that she was required by law to call CPS.  It was because Joe involved a minor child in his threatening behavior.  All citizens of Kentucky are mandatory reporters.

That call to CPS, which Nicole knew about within moments of it happening and which therefore was not “anonymous,” led to CPS visiting the shitstead. Joe and Nicole, knowing that bad shit was about to happen, vacated the property, and the CPS folks saw the shitshack, thought it was animal housing, and thought that the people were living in tents.  That totally substandard clusterfuck of a “home” is what led directly to the children being taken.

The last reference (“you won’t be back over at XXX either”) involves a relative.  Joe and Nicole had been getting water there as well.

So there is a reference to water here.

This supports the notion that Joe was there ostensibly and perhaps primarily to get water.

However, that does not explain the whole thing at all.

We’re back to the whole business of a woman and her daughter and their version of what happened, and Joe’s version of what happened.  Nicole has no version. She was not there.

Scroll back up and read the quote at the beginning. I do not have a screen shot of this. Joe scrubbed his Facebook pages rather thoroughly.  At the time that he posted it, which was very shortly after the children were taken, nobody knew about screen shots or was even aware of their use.  But we have the quote.



One of the beautiful things about going viral is that the internet never forgets.  Joe scrubbed his Facebook page (this one), but not before a news outlet saw the accusation.

Charisma News

My thanks to the sharp reader who found this for me.


And Joe will deny it, but the problem is that dozens of people saw it, dozens of people (including me) remember him and Nicole saying stuff like that. Two things stand out. They accused the woman of being a drug addict. She is not. They also insist that it all had something to do with Joe unfriending her on Facebook.


What does unfriending on Facebook have to do with getting water?

Let’s assume for a second that Joe is telling the truth, in spite of the absolute lie about meth, and he unfriended her on Facebook.  Why did he then think it was a great idea to go to her house and try to get water?  Why would he have thought he’d be welcome?

How do we figure this out?  Can we figure it out?

The truth is that we really cannot.

We cannot know for certain exactly what was said that day.

What we can do, and what juries do every day, is determine which story, or which parts of the two stories, we believe.

On the one hand, we have Nicole’s version, which is meaningless because she wasn’t there and she doesn’t know shit.  So Nicole’s version is actually Joe’s version.

Why would I not believe Joe’s version?

Let me count.  Shall we start with the beer in the road?  I’m personally on very solid ground here because I was there and I know what happened.  There were at least four other witnesses. I know that most of you do not have that luxury.

Then there’s the Quinten was run off the road by trolls story. For that one, you don’t have to take my word. We have video of Quinten apologizing for nearly causing a wreck.

We can move on to the IPO attempt and resultant courtroom fiasco.  You don’t have to take my word for that either. You can watch the video.

For me, the real big one is the Nathan committed suicide bullshit.

Now, remember what we’re talking about here. Yes, what Nicole and Joe wrote is vile. It’s false.  Nicole simply made it up and Joe and some of their supporters have taken up the whole suicide thing and wave it around as though it’s true.

Nicole made up a complete lie with no purpose behind it all except to stab at me. She had no evidence of anything. She didn’t talk to anyone who said, “Oh, yeah, I knew Nathan and he was despondent and probably killed himself. His mother is a real bitch.” She didn’t surmise it from my blog writing, which is what she claims. She just manufactured it.

And even after I’ve patiently explained that it’s false and I have even written pretty extensively about how we know and how the police knew that his death was an accident, it doesn’t matter. She still repeats it as though it’s settled fact.

And that makes me doubt her version of the menacing story.  There are too many lies coming from them, and none that I see coming from the other side.

The woman’s story is credible. It goes hand-in-glove with other first-hand accounts I have had from people who went to church with the Nauglers saying that Joe often exhibited unwanted, inappropriate attention to young teenage girls. I can’t publish those accounts, because the folks involved are afraid of Joe.  But they are numerous and they involve people from different Mormon churches, not just one.

The woman’s story accounts for Joe’s response right after the event happened about unfriending on Facebook being an issue.

The woman’s outrage after the event fits her story.

Joe’s version makes no sense at all, on the other hand. Why would he go try to get somebody to give him water after unfriending them on Facebook?  He made up a complete lie about the meth thing.  I have never met the woman involved, but I know people who have and they assure me that she’s certainly not a drug addict.

Rather than asking the woman what happened, you notice, Nicole immediately jumped all over her and began accusing her of lying, of filing false reports, boasting about how there would be consequences.  Bullying behavior.

One thing I don’t want anyone to do is to accept what I say just because I said it.  Ask questions. Read links. Think about it. Reject what I’m saying if you can’t find enough evidence to accept it.

All I’m doing here is explaining why I believe the woman’s story and do not believe either Joe or Nicole.

Nicole calls all of this “lies.”  Maybe she needs to revisit her own lies, the ones that I’ve provided solid evidence to refute and do something about that.

She can start by apologizing to me.  It’s easy to do and won’t take 1500 words.






46 thoughts on “Three Lies”

  1. What makes a believer by me, is the pattern. The other individuals all seem to have similar pieces in their stories. The pattern, is the similar behavior exhibited by Joe and Nicole, regardless of the incident. That is one thing that remains constant. And the now, pretty predictable behavior.

    Like the saying, past performance is a good indicator of future performance. It’s an indicator in assessing potential employees. Race horses. All sorts of situations. A good measurement, imo, of vetting and forming a “believing”.

    Random and a bit off topic. I still believe Alex, too.


  2. damn it,, I looked and I got one thing right, is that a cattle trough she gave (birth) in.
    She and Jabba are off on a tangent this weekend, I actually cannot fathom how poor V feels being called a blonde gorilla, (sorry V) but you know your dealing with unstable people and no doubt have a Nazi flag stashed around the shitstead somewhere. Disgusting humans


  3. Any writer, or blogger that can’t manage 1500 words or more to speak on a topic, is lacking the skill to write. Who wants to read incoherent drivel, no matter the length? Most writers can hammer that out, in an hour, with proofreading before they post. Maybe if someone took a few writing classes, or worked on her writing, she too could have a successful blog.

    Look 66 words in 2 minutes.


  4. Maybe if someone took a few writing classes, or worked on her writing, she too could have a successful blog.

    Presuming that she would actually learn something from someone instead of going in with a chip on her shoulder. Plus actually writing on her blog regularly. Something that requires self-discipline.


  5. I will add a few, but not all the lies she has both published about me or sworn under oath in a court of law.

    1. That I was stalking her home.
    That I drove by her home on numerous occasions. It
    She testified under sworn oath on both of her complaints for an IPO and in her spoken and sworn testimony in court.

    2. That I was stalking her at her business.
    She testified under oath both of her complaints for the IPO’s. I would have to reference the transcripts/videos from both Hardin and Breckinridge court to recall whether she testified to this in person also.

    3. She constantly accuses me of having criminally stalked her and of other crimes which I have not committed and she is fully aware that I have not committed. We went to court. She testified that I have never threatened her with any bodily harm. Yet she will post that she can’t get an ipo or charges because she’d need a “sworn signed avidavit that I meant to harm her person.” One more time for the record. The judge asked her had I threatened her with any unwanted sexual attention or bodily harm and NIcole said “no.”

    Her reasons for really bringing me before the court became very evident by her own testimony, her questions and her statements in the courtroom. They were not only not the basis of a complaint for an ipo but were an attempt to violate my constitutional rights by misusing the court system to do what Facebook and no court of law would allow her to do. Which was to shut me up.


  6. What hope is there for the Naugler’s? For their kids?

    They are constantly just one flat tire away from losing it all.

    There is no way she is making enough money to pay on the cabin, the land, the porta-potty and the cell phone service.

    Add to that, food and gas and the money needed to pay rent and utilities at the shop.

    She’s not healthy and they don’t have the money to eat right.

    I just don’t see how this situation can get better for them. They just show no inclination to want to help themselves and they show every indication that they expect hand-outs, over and over again.


  7. She’s just lucky I have a life and just made a FB post and not a long winded tabloid blog, like she did.

    If Nicole finds Sally’s blogs “too long” it is likely because she doesn’t read anything longer than what fits in a meme. I suspect Nicole may have unmanaged A.D.D., whose hallmark is trouble sustaining attention to anything that is not high interest; reading struggles are common with attention deficit. She just doesn’t bother to read all the way through if HER name doesn’t come up first, with some sort of accusation that she can then latch onto. (The Narcissist, defined). Sally’s blogs are far more nuanced and Nicole and/or Joe are sometimes minor players in the overall story.


  8. Gee, if she’s going to try to insult someone you would think she could do a better job of it.

    “Small town whore” doesn’t seem applicable when the person in question is in a suburb of a city of 179,200.

    The population of Custer, KY is 686 in 2016. That is where a “small town whore” could be found. Has Profit finally found his calling?


  9. This is a fact: Joe’s son Alex traveled hundreds of miles to tell a judge and the media that Joe sexually and physically abused him. He said he did this out of concern for his half siblings.

    This is another fact: I’ve known several angry young adult sons of fathers who have abandoned them and not paid child support as Joe did to Alex. Boys who have been left in terrible circumstances. Not one of them has ever made false accusations of sex abuse “to get even” with their dead beat dad. I believe Alex. He had nothing to gain, and it’s a very difficult thing for young men to talk about.

    Sex abuse happening to boys is grossly under-reported because boys don’t tell. The social stigma and view that boys “should fight to the death before letting such a thing happen” is a serious taboo for telling. Boys also get social pressure not to acknowledge their pain or when they’ve been a victim.

    Nicole needs to get her head out of her ass and stop worrying so much about a baby boy’s right to keep his foreskin…and start worrying more about his right not to be molested.

    Hey Nicole? From the outside looking in…you have isolated your kids to the degree they have no other trusted adults in their lives who they could tell IF there was a problem. No grandparents. No extended family. No teachers. No clergy. No contact with anyone who could help them….that isn’t controlled and monitored by you and Joe.

    Why is that?

    You think they’d tell you? Fat chance. They see how you roll over for Jabba, the stupid decisions you make because of him, and the way he walks and talks over you. And you put up with that shit. Daily. And you lick his butt and ask for more. You almost died, you stupid bitch…and instead of kicking him in the ass to get a job and help you, you cried about his grief and protected his stupid fucking lazy ass….while he’s talking about “God slipping another baby in there”.

    Do you understand that your near death made little difference to him? Risking your life again…doesn’t matter to him. To say something that fucked up, your welfare doesn’t even register….all that matters to him, are his needs. I’m guessing “God will choose to slip a baby in there” before a year’s time. This time, you’ll probably die. Which will open up even more opportunities for sympathy for him, more begging for free money, and even more unlimited access to vulnerable bereaved kids who have no one to protect them.

    Really think about that. Do you really think he has any more concern for the kid’s welfare than he does for yours? Did he care about Alex’s welfare?

    Nicole you are living in a fantasy world if you think what Joe does, or how he reacts to his responsibilities or the welfare of those around him is even remotely normal. Wake the fuck up. And for God’s sake…get on the pill or an IUD. Immediately…..before GOD slips it in there.


  10. “Since I have not seen the video personally, I don’t know if the horse has gotten loose or not. To believe that it’s true, I would simply have to take your word for it.”

    That is a great quote. And at the beginning of this story, I remained neutral and somewhat supportive of what the Nauglers said. I would answer questions at other sites and comments on articles that would allow people to go and read what Nicole or Joe wrote without giving my opinion. When clean-up day was announced, I was excited that Nicole and Joe could demonstrate how the 4th wall was attached. But that did not happen and later Nicole stated the wall was repurposed. I have no reason to not believe her.

    I still cannot recall when I first stopped being neutral with respect to many of her posts. But I saw that she would make accusations and then sit back and wait for people to be supportive or post about how awful that person is (if she named someone). And when her accusation was proven to be not credible, she would not apologize to the person she accused or her followers. This happened with the person she accused of killing her dog. It happened when she said person(s) physically attacked her family; she answered one poster that there was no contact involved and then the entire thread was deleted. Later one of her supporter sites stated that the car had been attacked/vandalized.

    Or she would post about situations she should have worked out offline. One situation was the neighbors taking legal action for the Naugler goats coming onto the neighbors’ property. She decided to post about a car incident with her neighbor’s daughter. Since they live next door, what prevented her and Joe going over and trying to work it out?

    There were the numerous posts about people driving on the road. She took photos and even ran down to the road to photo the person’s license plate. And yes, some people driving on the road took photos and had them posted. How many times did that actually happen?

    She omits critical information. She posted that in order to have a humanure system she would only need a permit which was a lot of paperwork and $250. She omitted that she would need to follow the regulations that include a certified operator, soil analysis, geological report plus many other items. She stated that CPS only found that they did not register their children for homeschooling. Yet that same substantiated letter said CPS found environmental neglect.

    I still try to remain neutral, but Nicole makes it hard. So I would add that it is not that I would take your word for any story with no factual information, it is that I cannot believe Nicole or Joe without hard facts.


  11. I still try to remain neutral, but Nicole makes it hard. So I would add that it is not that I would take your word for any story with no factual information, it is that I cannot believe Nicole or Joe without hard facts.

    Good summary. Thank you for your comment.


  12. How many times did that actually happen?

    About three. Maybe. She makes it sound like it happens every other day.

    The impetus to actually do that (photograph their property) comes from Nicole’s and Joe’s claims to be homesteaders with this great paradise. Most of her photos/videos of the property are very selective. The first time I ever rode past that place, I was seriously shocked. The reality is nothing like what she portrays. The whole place looks like a refugee camp, and a poorly kept one at that.


  13. Today were introduced to a article from her on how to get out of debt in 33 easy lessons. The Nogs have one simple way, beg for it. There has to be a psych name for it, But yesterday she was way way over the top in her shit stirring, today other hten a few FU;s to society she was pretty decent today.


  14. I wonder if they’re going to some proven method of getting out of debt to pay their fucking hospital bill.

    I’ll be happy to list my personal debt right here:



  15. The property looks like a garbage dump. I am sure that things do wash up out of the ground from previous owners or dumpers, it happens on farm land all the time. There are the derelict piles of fallen down and scavenged mobile homes. In most photos it is fairly easy to tell the old garbage from the new garbage. You can see it in her recent photo of one of the children squatting on top of burlap or whatever coming loose from the ground. On old garbage there is weathering, rust, discoloration, and dirt. Then there is the new garbage. Paper, packaging, empty soda boxes and whatever blowing around and sitting atop the tall weeds. It looks like it was carelessly tossed on the ground and I suspect they have also tossed garbage under the shed. I think they live with so much garbage that they are blind to it. You can easily see it in her photographs and videos no matter how she cleans up or crops and edits her shots.

    The video that she posted of the human shit fake compost pile was revealing. Garbage could be seen on the overgrown pathway they took toward the overgrown hollow which was supposed to be the compost pile. The video didn’t even show that there was a compost pile. All the video proved was that maybe sometimes they were tossing shit bucket contents into a ravine. Little wonder they were accused of run off.

    Stewards of the land. I think not.


  16. It’s just ridiculous. Her claims are silly. An LPN cannot give IV push meds, cannot give blood or blood products, ultimately is subordinate to whatever RN she is working with. I worked with LPNs off and on for years. It’s not much different now than it was then. Yes, there are things LPNs can do today that no nurse could do back years ago, but that’s because they either didn’t exist at all, or because it was considered the responsibility of the residents. For every responsibility that has been added to an LPNs scope of practice, there are several others that have been added to the RNs scope of practice.

    This, by the way, is why continuing ed is a requirement for most licenses and certainly for the hospitals where I worked. I hated it because it was mostly so damned boring, but that’s why they have it.

    Cathy is trying to pretend that she, as a current LPN, has more skills than I had as an RN. I wonder how many units of blood she’s given, or IV push meds she’s given, or care plans she’s been responsible for, or ICU patients she has been solely responsible for? I wonder how many recovery rooms she’s been the head nurse of? Hell, we didn’t even have any LPNs in any recovery room I worked in, ever. They simply couldn’t do the job.


  17. Why are the asses on FJ trying so hard to bait Viv??

    Someday they will fall off their high horses and really hurt themselves.


  18. An LPN has more skills than an RN? Is she delusional? My husband is a surgeon. We employ both RN’s and LPN’s. I can assure you, there is a BIG difference. Not only in education and scope of practice, but often in competency.


  19. An LPN has more skills than an RN? Is she delusional? My husband is a surgeon. We employ both RNs and LPNs. I can assure you, there is a BIG difference. Not only in education and scope of practice, but often in competency.


  20. She’s claiming that she, as an LPN, can do more than I did back when I was working as an RN. I retired in 1993, not 1933. She’s full of shit, but I already knew that.


  21. Its pretty obvious they have been STEALING water from multiple sources. In one case we are told the well owner had no problem (according to NN. In hte other case the water bill went down which means that the owners had to have a city water line if they had a water bill and not well water.
    It must be so hard to keep the lies straight. Or they just dont give a F. its not like any of her humpers have any sense,, right Charles


  22. I was also in the “Wanting To Believe Nicole” camp.

    Even before I read BLB (Blessed Little Blog) Joe’s story didn’t add up.

    IMHO, it’s JOE that has brought ALL the hardships to that family. In real life, people have problems with JOE. Nicole is the one that faces the consequences of Joe’s actions and goes on Facebook to defend him.

    How has Nicole put up with Joe? His unfaithful, lazy, demonic ass should have been kicked out a LONG time ago.

    I do believe Nicole on one thing. She has a low self-esteem. That’s how Joe has been able to emotionally drain and abuse Nicole for decades.

    PS. Where do I go to hear Lisa and Debra?


  23. Couple of questions if anyone knows the answer…
    1. Do the Naugs have garbage service? Does a truck stop by and pick up bags once a week, or are the doing something else with daily trash?
    2. Anyone know if Jacob and Faith are still an item? Lots of photos of the baby with various Nauglers, but I haven’t seen Faith in photos in a while, and the Naugs say “Jacob’s cabin” instead of “Jacob and Faith’s place”. Might be a difference without a distinction, but maybe photos are taken when the baby has visitation?


  24. She’s claiming that she, as an LPN, can do more than I did back when I was working as an RN. I retired in 1993, not 1933. She’s full of shit, but I already knew that.

    The vast majority of people know that. I wanted to underscore Cathy’s hubris by linking to what I could find in the relevant time frame. Yes, even now with CE in the intervening years, Cathy couldn’t pretend that in 2017 she would be supervising an RN who retired in 1993. She doesn’t have the skill set and the law makes it clear.


  25. I dont know much about homesteading living in the uk
    Since reading about Nauglers ive looked on some homesteading blogs and large families and i must say they are a joy to read
    The Nauglers are not off the grid homesteaders by any stretch of the imagination
    Nicole had the chance to turn her life around after baby William and nearly losing her life
    But no Joe doesnt step up and let her recuperate he lets her go back to work within days of the birth


  26. “The first time I ever rode past that place, I was seriously shocked. The reality is nothing like what she portrays. The whole place looks like a refugee camp, and a poorly kept one at that.”
    I have wondered how bad it really is. In every picture you can see a piece of “new” garbage so that tells me it is much worse than she makes it out to be. The tomato picture has a fucking pink meat thing behind it in the background. I don’t give a shit if you live in a shed or not but filth is filth. I don’t understand why they haven’t hauled the old trailer frames off? Scrap metal. Didn’t they have a dumpster brought in while the kids were gone? Dump runs are cheap. There really is no excuse for all the garbage. It may or may not have been there before they bought it, it still needs to be cleaned up.


  27. A handy tip from ophthalmological expert Nicole today:

    The eclipse doesn’t make it more dangerous to look at the sun, people just tend to look at it longer. So you can probably take a peek without glasses, but don’t stare at it.

    Incidentally, this is also good advice for anyone contemplating checking out her childbirth photos….


  28. Nicole has nothing except a lot of desperation and a bunch of kids she really doesn’t want IMO. But she threw her future away to be with her prized human slug and gave him sex to keep him. The Jabba-oid slug knows that he doesn’t have to do anything because Nicole wants to keep him. If Nicole dumped that creature it would be an admission that Nicole made a mistake. She’d rather die, I think, than admit she made a mistake and especially such a huge one as having anything to do with Jabba-Joe much less throwing away any future she or her kids might have to be with her obscene husband.


  29. I don’t know that Joe is any worse than Nicole if we’re keeping score. He just isn’t as good at acting normal as she is. She can talk and spin a story and make it sound almost believable. Joe can talk and try to spin a story and end up with his foot in his mouth. That’s what makes him fun to listen to in interviews, he accidentally tells the truth and unravels everything.


  30. Just watched a cute video of Nicole’s children playing on a merry-go-round.
    I adored the Merry-go-round that was in the public park down the street from us when I was growing up.
    Oh wait… “Public Park”…. surely Nicole took her children to a park that is not funded by tax payers money… it must be a private park, like the hospital that saved her life was a “private hospital”.
    Well at least the kids are having some fun with their mommie who is still alive.
    I don’t mind paying taxes for that.
    Not that Nicole would understand that part of the equation.


  31. 1. Do the Naugs have garbage service?

    No. Nobody out in the country has garbage service. They more than likely take trash to the grooming business. They would have trash pickup there.

    Anyone know if Jacob and Faith are still an item?

    Don’t know and don’t care. Let’s don’t go there.


  32. Anyone know if Jacob and Faith are still an item?
    Don’t know and don’t care. Let’s don’t go there.

    Fair enough. I don’t really care, either. I just though the language was interesting. “Jacob’s cabin” that was supposedly given to both of them.

    If my kid and her boyfriend/fiancee/whatever lived on our land somewhere, I’d be much more inclined to say “the kid’s place” “John and Jane’s cabin” (particularly if I were talking about it publicly, it would seem a common courtesy to make her feel welcome and included) Hell, I’d probably throw in that it’s my grandbaby’s house. I’m dying for a grandkid. Just seemed odd to me.


  33. Personally I would’ve put an ad up offering free scrap metal to anybody who was willing to Sawzall that trailer frame (those trailer frames?) apart and get it (them?) out of there, since I doubt it (they?) will ever roll again. There’s what, half a ton of steel in the frame for a single-wide? For somebody who has fun sawing stuff apart, and has a pal with a flatbed, that could at least pay for the gas and pizza.

    But things are so far past the point where even a massive trash cleanup and scrap collection would help all that much. What’s it take for local authorities to condemn a piece of land, rather than a house, as unfit for human habitation? I wonder if eating anything planted there is even safe anymore, what with the stuff leaching out of the garbage, the pathogens possibly persisting in the waste of kids who were down sick with God knows what, and the foulness of the pond that presumably would be used for water. Maybe plant stuff known for rapid heavy metal uptake, reap it all, and send it to an offsite incinerator. Maybe do that a couple years in a row.


  34. The county doesn’t have trash pick up but there is at least 2 different businesses that offer trash pick up in the county.


  35. trash pick up in the county.

    We have the same sort of thing here. We don’t use any of them. Dave just takes our trash to the dump or to the recycling place. I assume that the Nauglers do something similar.


  36. What’s it take for local authorities to condemn a piece of land, rather than a house, as unfit for human habitation?

    There’s nothing wrong with that land that a bulldozer couldn’t cure in a couple of days.


  37. Sally is right about a bulldozer. We’ve done it on 10 acres of our 40, there was several spots there were old garbage holes (where they dig a hole, fill with garbage, and bury it when it’s full). It was $350 to rent a bobcat for a day and we did the garbage holes, dug a trench for a new power line, a trench for the new propane line, and took out 2 old foundations along with the crumbled outbuildings that sat on them. In 1 day. We considered renting a dumpster but managed to make a few runs to the dump instead. The buildings we burned, we got a permit to do so, they were really old log structures. The old foundation someone picked up for me and brought to a crusher to have crushed and used on their driveway. BAM! Not that fucking hard.


  38. Oh! I forgot to add that during this whole bobcat cleanup adventure my husband got the privilege of sitting on his ass the whole time! He just perched himself up in the bobcat for a whole day, zooming around while I directed, took care of the kids and the farm, and occasionally yelled at him to quit playing with it.


  39. Nicole showed a pic of a new animal victim in the form of a goat and said “we may breed goats.” Wonderful news given the history of the Naugler animal penning method! This is from a woman who just wrote a cute treatise that there should be only one law and that should be “don’t encroach on others.” This from a couple that are, with mind-boggling irony, great practitioners of the art of encroachment on others. You know, grifting, doxxing, bullying, stealing, menacing (with real, live convictions in court!), frivolous IPOs that they lose even with their smart legal briefcase, stalking, causing rear-end collisions and blaming others, calling women who don’t bow to the Joe c@-!s, and regularly losing control of livestock in which it feeds on neighbors’ gardens. And they will turn around and say they are encroached upon and persecuted like a sick comedy. I guess all residents within a five-mile radius of the residential garbage dump should prepare for the Naugler goat breeding enterprise under the Naugler definition of “not encroaching.” If it doesn’t work out, it will always be someone else’s fault and someone else will bear the brunt of the cost.


  40. What’s it take for local authorities to condemn a piece of land, rather than a house, as unfit for human habitation?

    Industrial waste. There are areas just south of me that have had extensive, very expensive cleanup to render them suitable for building houses and for recreational purposes because the land was used by industry for close to 100 years. Most recently, there was a soap factory there, but previously other industry caused worse contamination. Part of it was cleaned up via removing top soil and then putting down some sort of membrane or containment and then adding gravel, sand and new top soil to make a skating rink, dog park, and sledding hill. Across the road was less extensively damaged since there was soil remediation done before starting the foundations for a huge condo unit.

    Human waste could just be bulldozed in and would rapidly become not a threat. The naugler’s property is apparently a tip, but unless they’re dumping cans of gas or oil into the ground, they’re not doing anything that would require remediation.


  41. We hired a guy with a bulldozer here just for a couple of hours. He went out to our pasture and leveled some places for us, smoothed them down and Dave reseeded those areas. It made bushhogging much easier. Cost very little.


  42. We hired a guy to come in to basically deforest a chunk of our property for the horse pasture. When we bought it, it was all heavy woods and we needed to get our horses in. We paid him advance $600, he charged $100 an hour and estimated 6 hours of work. It ended up taking him 2.5 hours so we have a credit with him. Which is just fine because he is the jack of all trades AND does loads of gravel and such, we’re working on rerouting our driveway, once the permit (needed for the driveway entrance/apron) passes he’ll be bringing us some fill and gravel.


  43. So, rip out some trees, make some new bulldozer tracks, change the contour of the land a bit, scatter seed, keep people and livestock from running around on it while the new grass grows, and go on with life: is that about the shape of it?


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