We’re supposed to consider ourselves warned.  No matter that not one single critic I know has ever set foot on Naugler property. Not one. Nobody.

Riding down the road is not trespassing, no matter how much Nicole insists it is.

But I want to talk a bit about the threat Nicole is making here.

We will protect our life and property from anyone trespassing.

She is referring to shooting people.  She wants to “be very clear,” so let’s interpret this threat for exactly what it is. She is threatening to shoot anyone who dares put their big toe on her precious cesspool of a property.

No matter that her children have trespassed on all the neighbors’ land repeatedly. Nobody threatened to shoot her fucking children, yet here she is with the threats.  No matter that the Naugler horse was out running around all over the place in the last few weeks.  Nobody shot the damned horse.

But she’ll shoot anyone she sees as a “trespasser.”

And she links to what she thinks is relevant law.


Note what this is talking about.  Read it carefully.  You too, Nicole, you idiot. Read it.

The “trespasser” has to be in the act of robbing you, or setting fire to your garden sheds.  You can’t just shoot somebody who wanders onto your land.  You can’t shoot somebody who happens to walk across your land, unless they are doing so to rob you or set fire to your “house.”

You can threaten all you like, and you can tag the sheriff if you wish, but if you act on these threats, you will very likely find yourself wearing prison garb for a very long time.

Don’t pay the slightest attention to that imbecile “Charles Smyth,” whoever s/he happened to be today.


What s/he is suggesting is illegal. The Nauglers need to shut up with these kinds of threats.

She’s basing all this on a claim she made today.


What’s interesting about this is that the tampering claim was made on the Blessed Little Homestead page, where she was sure to get lots of sympathy and pretty much ludicrous advice (electric fencing, anyone, for the off-grid “homesteaders”?)  But she made the Great Threat on her other page where many of the leghumpers won’t see it.  Why is that?

She doesn’t offer the “proof” she says she has, and I frankly don’t give a damn.  Hell, as I mentioned in a comment, I cannot imagine what “animal enclosures” she is talking about.  I’ve seen nothing that could be construed as an “animal enclosure” except an uncompleted chicken coop and some wire strung to run a dog.  Maybe they added an “enclosure” for the horse.

But the bottom line is this.

Nicole, you need to stop threatening to shoot people.  Nobody is doing anything to harm your family.  We’re criticizing you and Joe because you are jackasses. That’s all. Nothing more.

Tone it down. Remember, you do all the “documenting” you like, but so am I.  Every time you say some stupid thing like this, I am going to make sure it ends up right here forever.



51 thoughts on “Threats”

  1. The irony I see in this is that Naugler debacle went viral after Joe went to a neighbors to obtain water. He was later convicted of menacing that neighbor on her property after being told repeatedly to leave. He was even said to have brandished a gun after being told he could not get water.
    They scream about their rights yet time and again yet there is a pattern of the Nauglers infringing on other people’s rights. They have trespassed on properties, had their animals run loose and in some cases damage property of neighbors. Joe stopped in a neighbors driveway long enough to leer at a teenage girl in a way that made her very uncomfortable.
    Those are just a few examples. None of the Nauglers have been shot or harmed in any way but they feel it is justifiable to threaten to end a person’s life if they are caught on the property.
    I don’t believe for a second that anyone was on their property today or any other day let alone there to tamper with animal enclosures.
    Perhaps an animal…like a horse or dog…got out and she is covering for it. Maybe one of the kids accidently let it loose and it was safer to tell Joe and Nicole that someone came and let the animals out. That is far more likely than what she is claiming.


  2. He was even said to have brandished a gun after being told he could not get water.

    I’m not certain that there was ever an accusation of a gun actually being produced. He allegedly told the child with him to “go to the van and get the gun.”

    I have been corrected. It seems that they were in a car, and he told the child to “get the gun” out of the glove compartment.


  3. What a dumb ass. She tags the local LE in her post, with threats. That could be considered terroristic threats, and that could land her in jail for 30 days.


  4. The Facebook page “the great and secret show” I believe has her sweating. I predict she will get more fanatical/controlling closer to the release of this film…..


  5. Don’t forget about how its ok for Fatass to run out and play in the traffic and harass them until they have to give up some beer.


  6. Yes’m. The stalkers who you say aren’t even part of the community (because the community loves Nicole) are sneaking onto your property to… um…. release the roosters? Is there still a pig? Maybe someone is exercising the horse when you aren’t looking!

    I am willing to bet that who ever committed the crime of “tampering” with your enclosures is the same master criminal by the name of Not Me who keeps breaking into my home and leaving the basement lights on!


  7. Wow and to tag law enforcement in it too. It’s just crazy you can’t just shoot people because they are annoying you good gravy can she be that stupid?


  8. Not Me who keeps breaking into my home and leaving the basement lights on!

    HAHAHA I thought Not Me lived here and keeps trespassing on our property and leaving the calf pen gate unlatched.


  9. She is obsessed, posting all day everyday on killing and brutality. This could easily be a fabrication of her warped mind, then again could be one of the blessed fiancés’ friends/family come out to visit. Wouldn’t that be a nice welcome for the the new in-laws or friends.

    She’s paranoid and looking for a fight, but sure as a shit bucket she won’t be the one holding a weapon. She’s shown us too often who will though. Good to have a paper trail here. She made a lot of money last year when her kids were taken. Desperate and cold on the shitstead tonight. (She claims she hates the cold. I keep seeing 10 increasingly cranky hungry kids crammed into a tiny box trying to keep warm, for 5 months.)


  10. It is reasonable that LE should be alerted, and to monitor posts like this. Several comments about guns and shooting. This isn’t the first time she has attempted to rouse a mob lynching mentality. In one of her replies to a comment, she is implying and implicating the neighboring family of tampering with animal enclosures, because the neighbors knew she and Joe were not home. IMO, she is creating a volatile threat on the neighbors, rousing aggression in some crazy followers, with this gun and shooting chest puffing.

    Someone should alert county workers, neighbors, friends of the teens, family and friends of the soon to be daughter-in-law, LE. People in the surrounding area with children. All these people that unknowingly may enter the driveway and property, should be alerted of Nicole’s statement of intent with guns and shooting.

    I have yet to see any indication of stalking, harassing or threatening Joe and Nicole. And certainly none of the children. Not one single alleged claim has been presented with proof. Nicole always has her phone at the ready, for video and pics. The only video of people on their property has been the Sheriff and the Environmentalist. And the port-a-potty pumper workers.

    Yes, there needs to be documenting of her post and the comments about using deadly force, guns and shooting. Because the only threats, are right there. Charles the sock, comment should be reported to LE. For investigating and identity.

    This mob lynching rousing, really needs to stop. Just stop it, Nicole. As admin of your public BLH page, you should take responsibility to monitor the aggressive guns and shootings comments.

    Curious though, what animal enclosures? Did some animals get off their tethers and loose? Again?


  11. Keep documenting Sally…honest to god the delusion never ends. She is ALWAYS going to update one of the dozens of blogs she keeps with the “real story” but never does. Never! And she has never been able to articulate in any kind of logical, truthful nor factual way how her family is being “harassed and stalked.” I guess words written on the internet that call her actions into question constitute that!

    And I agree with the whole bizarre dichotomy between the Nicole Naugler page and the BLH page. She doesn’t have the confidence to let her leghumpers know her true self. Must be because she is such an “introvert” or an ISJF or whatever the hell she claims to be and based on the useless Brigss Myers test. She really looks to that bullshit for grounding.


  12. Someone should post her post to the Elizabethtown Police Department FB page since she didn’t do it. It would bring the police to her property pretty darn quick. If I was one of her neighbors I would make sure that the police department saw her post.

    I like butter & Parmesan cheese with my popcorn.


  13. It’s an excellent idea to document all of this. She’s really starting to get weird, isn’t she? Her posts always sound goofy, but her new interest in telling people she’s going to shoot them…..that’s a bridge too far. I hope the sheriff’s office is paying close attention, and I hope they pay her a visit soon.

    Nicole…you fucking nitwit…here are two clues as to who might be coming to your house (IF anyone):

    1. Teen age friends. Your son has friends from work, I’d assume. You also have teen girls who are growing up, who might inspire the curiosity of local boys. AND you have a girl living with you who has an entire social group of people who care about her. YES….going to the creepy property of the creepy people from the news…to see their old friend and make sure she’s not being kept in a cage….is the type of thing kids would dare each other to do. You’re going to end up shooting a teenager who is looking for one of your kids or the mom to be.

    2. The girl’s family. If my kid were camped out at your gross little poop cult, I’d send every uncle, cousin, brother and stepdad out there to poke around, have a look, and make sure she’s ok. Uninvited or otherwise…their kid is with you against their wishes. If your kid were being held somewhere you considered unsafe, you’d be visiting, too. They’re going to come see if she’s ok. You want to shoot one of your inlaws for checking on their kid?

    Your critics wouldn’t set foot on your disgusting place. Makes me want to bathe just thinking about it. I would personally rather puke than place my shoes on the 20 acre Naugler toilet that is your home.

    No one wants to bother your poor animals. You have nothing of value that anyone would steal.
    No one wants to bother your poor dirty neglected kids.
    Normal people don’t do the illegal sick fucking shit that goes through YOUR head.

    And here’s a final clue…consider it my Christmas gift to you. Before crying your crocodile tears about how mean people are trying to sabotage your business…consider this:

    The ULTIMATE definition of irony is taking your dog to have his coat combed out….to a woman who can’t even keep her OWN HEAD free of mats! One look at the state of your head and it’s hardly surprising people want better for their pets!!!

    Your 2017 goal should be:

    Work on self awareness!


  14. Sigh.

    Here we go again. Nicole reminds me of a lunatic in an asylum with an imaginary sword — over in the corner of the cafeteria — valiantly slaying imaginary dragons.

    I think that if Joe and Nicole have a shred of objective introspective ability (yeah, I know), they may want to ask themselves if the “posting of lies and gossip, and spreading harmful and defaming misinformation” isn’t something they should take ownership of?

    Nobody is stalking them. People are reading (and laughing at) their internet rants and delusions. That’s sorta what social media is all about. If they don’t want people to read that stuff, maybe she should consider not posting . . . that stuff? Nobody is harassing them. People (like myself) are saying they’re full of shit. That, in turn, causes them to go into that lunatic in the corner of the cafeteria mode.

    Be vanquished ye evil dragons!

    Joe and Nicole, nobody is trying to tell you how to live. People are expecting you to be decent adults and keep your livestock contained and stop dumping your shit on the watershed. Raise your kids any way you want to. You’re the ones that will have to deal with the brunt of your choices. The rest of society will roll with whatever kind of adults they become.

    Joe and Nicole constantly threaten litigation and make promises and stomp their feet like petulant children. They say they have “proof” that someone came and fooled with their animal enclosures?

    Funny shit.

    Chances are that IF anybody ventured onto Victimville, if anybody accidentally breached the boundaries of the hallowed and holy homestead of hope and hilarity — it was probably some innocent and clueless person that has nothing to do with any of this insanity. Where’s that proof? In the corner of the cafeteria?

    Sigh. If it wasn’t for the dragons, this would all be funny shit. Actually, dragons aside . . .

    Keep posting Joe and Nicole. Keep posting.

    Happy Holidays and Happy Dragon hunting


  15. Wait a second! Wait a second! Not Me lives here and can’t seem to hit the laundry hamper with their dirty clothes! Maybe there is an entire race of Not Me’s?
    Now on to Nicole’s latest tantrum and threat. If I had an open case with CPS and had a criminal record, I am quite certain I would not get on FB and issue a threat about taking care of things my way and include a link to the statute on the use of physical and deadly force. (She obviously didn’t read the link but that is par for the course for her. Reading is hard too apparently.)
    How many times has she issued these ridiculous and lame threats? It would be comical if there weren’t children involved.
    As I said before, people like Nicole and JoJo who bluster and posture and wave guns around are fakes, cowards and frankly, idiots. I am amazed at how tolerant folks in KY are. If Nicole and JoJo were attempted to pull this kind of shit here in rural AK they would have been shut down immediately.


  16. Noooo! Not Me lives in my house and leaves plates down in the back family room, and never picks up after themselves!

    I honestly think, that despite their content threatening and posturing, Joe and/or Nicole wouldn’t dare shoot anyone. Not because it’s wrong, and their “persecution” is all a pack of lies, but because they are cowards when it all boils down to it. Their usual modus operandi up until the Blessed Little Cesspit has been to mouth off and run, dragging their children behind them. I would certainly keep a record of their threats, but I do think they’re largely empty.

    The older boys on the other hand, may be easily fired up by their parents. The parents may well “make the bullets” and let their sons fire them. And THAT is frightening.


  17. Just wanted to add that according to the statute that was posted the hypothetical robbery or burglary must be committed using force. IOW, you can’t just take a shot at someone that you perceive to be robbing you.

    What is it with these people and reading comprehension?!


  18. Nicole has also insisted that her neighbors monitor their whereabouts so they know when the family isn’t around. This is stupid for at least two reasons:

    1) Nicole – you’ve stated over and over again that there is “always” someone on the Shitstead
    2) Even if they were monitoring, just because someone has left doesn’t mean they won’t return. Sadly, you keep returning.
    3) “We’re documenting everything!” Well…then provide the police with this PROOF so they can arrest the individual(s)
    4) Enclosures? Hahaha. Finally stopped tying that horse to the shed before it pulled it off of “the foundation”? I hope so, for her sake. Horses do need to lay down to sleep for an hour or two per day.

    Now, let’s skip forward to what is most likely happening (Occam’s Razor): it’s hunting season and the odds are very good that the “trespassers” are hunters. Licensed hunters. With permission to hunt on surrounding land.

    Or maybe it’s the power company workers checking on the lines that do run through your property and are permitted there 24/7/365 if they so desire.

    It’s not like you have anything worth stealing. Not even the horse, no matter how nice she is can be worth much money. Although I know that to your daughter she is priceless.


  19. Can you send Not Me here to teach my kid how to deny things? It’s so hard to punish a misbehaving child who tells the truth about her misbehavior.


  20. Well if it was the horse enclosure that was tampered with I guess the unschooling on horses missed that chapter.
    Horses are known for figuring out how to escape. They can unlatch gates and find the only spot that is weak to get out that is not seen by any human. Most horses will usually only get out if they are hungry or bored. I am placing my money on both. Horses are smart enough to know where things are not good and look for greener pastures.

    From the tone of the postings it looks like she is trying to blame the great and secret show for flying drones over and sharing the info with Sally due to the mention she made of animal enclosures. Stupid Nikkers does not stop to think that she has posted enclosures for the chickens (video) and pictures of rabbit/pig enclosure. Also pictures where the dogs can be seen tied up. Like so many of her leg humpers have said stop posting so much online. If she would not post it then she might have more teeth in saying that no one knows. Hell she post everything online except their dirty undies.

    With a gaggle of kids like they have more like one of the kids either did not latch the enclosure good or forgot to lock it. They are not saying anything cause they are afraid of getting a beating when Jojo is drunk and on a rampage.

    This comment made in 3rd person and to me sounds like Jojo made it. “Blessed Little Homestead Yeah. Met a retired marine at the park the other day and we got to talking. He eventually recognized us and commented how him and his buddies support us and love Nicole’s videos blogs and made mention of an offer for him and his marine buddies to come down and kick some ass….” Good luck with that one Jojo. I guess since you never spend a lick of time in the military you do not realize that military look at other vets as brothers and sisters and will defend each other. Once your retired Marine friend finds out what you idiots are doing to a retired Vet living next door they will hand you YOUR ass really fast. So invite your retired Marine friend over, I double dare you!

    Yup Jojo is a car chasing fool now. Runs into the road chasing cars in hopes they will give him a beer. Oh my could you imagine what he would do for a joint? I bet he would bite at tires as they drive by for a joint.

    Love all the electric fence and camera comments. Do these stupid people not realize the Nogs have many other things they should be spending money on such as solar power and water? There are good electric solar fencers on the market but to work best they always need to be turned on. Also the fence line has to be walked very often (daily is best) to make sure the fencing is intact and no weeds touching it. Other wise it is not going to work right. Also I would recommend a fencing tester to make sure it is putting out the right voltage and tested in several spots.

    Christmas is coming and she needs to find some money so the kids can get mud or what ever this year. Or maybe they are running out of white buckets to compost the poop in. Nah they are just going to mix it with the horse poop now and say it is horse poop. LMAO


  21. LOL at the Not Me comments.

    We did not have a Not me. Instead we had Norbody.
    Only child for 8 years oldest daughter. At age two I caught her talking in her room one day. I asked who she was talking to and she said “Norbody my friend”. Any time when she would get asked why she did some thing she would say “Norbody did it” Bad Norbody did lots of things like making a mosaic art work on the bedroom wall outlined with chewing gum and filled in with crayons. It was pretty creative but a mess on freshly painted walls. Norbody also was a tattoo artist using permanent markers for his medium. That was a joy to deal with days before the holidays.


  22. The woman is unhinged, she goes to the moves with her brood and all of a sudden the happy shit stead has seen some sort vandalism. I am convince there is some sort of mental illness going on, she just goes off the rails. Late to the party but who is this Charles fellow, is that her sock? I;m not surprised she doesn’t have the kids patrolling the perimeter with guns.


  23. Nicole and Joe are about the most warped, hypocritical, and deliberately dysfunctional people I have ever encountered. The attention they do not like they brought upon themselves by ‘going viral’ and acting like the genuinely ungracious, malignant and entitled fools they are. Personally, I am rather enjoying the show of histrionics they are putting on for all of us.


  24. Isn’t she all about freedom? Sovereign citizens and all that crap. Well sweetie, we can say whatever we damn well please about you. You can spout crap on the internet and so can we. She really needs to stop telling people to stop talking about it. There is nothing illegal about gossiping and if there was pretty much everyone would be in trouble. Don’t want people making negative comments about your photos, don’t post them.

    So now that I’ve addressed her comments about telling people to stop talking about her I’ll address her threats. No one wants to go near that property. I live a ways away and if for some unknown reason I was in Kentucky I sure as hell wouldn’t step full on her human waste covered property. Roads are public property, people are free to drive by and there is nothing she can do to stop that. Perhaps they should have put their shed further from the road if they were so worried about their privacy. And if she’s so fucking worried about her privacy she can get the fuck off social media. It’s not wise to make violent threats online, especially when you have criminal records.

    See I like my privacy. I used a fake name here. My facebook page is set to private with lots of people blocked, but mostly just the Naugler’s and those in their circle. I don’t have a blog. I keep my social media locked down because I don’t need random strangers knowing details about my life but alas I am not an attention whore.

    As far as the business, it’s in a strip mall with other businesses. People are going to go past it, people will go to other businesses near hers that isn’t stalking her.

    No one is stalking you Nicole. You’ve laid your life out there for everyone to see. When you do that you will receive positive and negative attention. It’s you damn bed, you made it now lay in it.


  25. I think her understanding of castle doctrine is severely flawed.

    You can only meet force with like force and you have to be able to prove that the person you shot was there to do you harm. So before you goad your sons into doing somwthing stupid and PERMANENTLY screwing their lives, you and the idiot you married should pony up $75 and go take a carry class where all of this will be explained to you. And I know that it will be really hard for you to humble yourselves and keep your mouths shut so you can learn something but for God’s sakes try before a blessed little homocide occurs on your property.


  26. I second the theory that NN is looking to get out of the shed before winter really settles in. Last time CPS took the kids, it netted her $75K and a nice, long stay at a motel.
    I also think the new Mrs., and the comments she’s garnered, are making her escalate her posts to bring the focus back to HER.

    Wasn’t “Not Me” a character in the Family Circle cartoons?


  27. Her misinterpretation of KY statutes would be funny, if it wouldn’t be potentially life altering for the kids.
    I don’t give a shit what Joe and Nikki do, besides the obvious entertainment, but they are teaching those kids they can just shoot, no questions asked. This is going to end badly.
    If it goes like that, I hope all the documentation that is stored is put to good use against the parents.
    Nikki might actually look good in orange.


  28. Cps, law enforcement, and animal control have EVERY right to come on your property. You say the kids and fat ads are home all day so what’s the big deal? No one comes on your property Mrs dirty fingers…why would they? No reason ..stop crying wolf.


  29. The posters are vile, the one poor girl who mentioned that she should show proof is allready being harassed on her page, I hardly look at anoher page but I was curious.
    What is really sad is these kids will adopt the world against me attitude, I see a life of unwanted pregnancies, abject poverty and total ignorance of the outside world, all because there parents are off in the bush looking for things that were never there


  30. Donations must be dwindling.
    Time to create some drama to fund the next hundred dollar movie trip. LOL.
    You can set your watch by these grifters, they’re so predictable.

    Hmmmmm….posts aren’t generating the kind of likes they used to? Fewer people following?

    Time for victimization and desperation! Must increase revenue!


  31. Again with the gun threats. I’m starting to feel really sorry for the new , young blessed mother to be. Her stress level must be through the roof. Imagine what it must be like listening to that insane bullshit every day. Imagine what her family must feel. It’s just all so sad.


  32. Aren’t there several easements on that property? She or one of her clan will wind up shooting a hunter who has every right to be there!


  33. Is the Donate button nice and big on that site? Persecution brings in the big bucks and Christmas is coming.


  34. I’ve shared the story of the horse we had when I was a kid. Smart and patient horse figured out a number of different gate latches and got loose more than once (always at night). But my dad was a methodical and persistent guy too, and each time, he’d try a different latch. He finally came up with a sort of safety pin looking thing that stumped our horse. If the Nauglers’ horse got loose again, maybe Nicole ought to hire someone who will use proper material and know how to build a decent enclosure for that poor horse. Stop blaming others for your ineptitude. I admit, I’m rooting for the horse to get free and wander far away, be taken in by people who will provide a good home, and live happily ever after.


  35. Old Miss
    I don’t feel sorry for the young mother to be. She choose to leave a nice home with loving parents. I am sure her parents would welcome her back there but doubt she wants to abide by the rules they set for their home. As parents they have every right to set the rules.

    My crystal ball is telling me a few years from now the new mother to be will look back at this time of her life and ask herself “What in the hell was I thinking.” Most of us have done stupid stuff when we were young and have learned lessons from our stupid follies. I am sure she will too but too bad there will be a child in the middle of it.

    I agree with others donations are down. Notice the hammering more than usual about the hawking of bows. Their money problems would not be so bad if fat ass got a job. Hell even a part time job would help. He could work nights while she works days. There are enough people old enough to watch the kids while Jojo takes a nap for work. He could split his sleep and nap for a few hours when he gets home and then a few more hours before he goes to a night job. It would be harder living in a shed with so many but can be done. Also they need to take a course on money management. She nor he it appears have no clue how to manage money. People who are piss poor do not buy the expensive version of stuff like shredded cheese, washed and prepped veggies and they buy in bulk. More so being homesteaders and there for as long as they have they should be able to grow a successful well producing garden. Last year the blame was placed on the state taking the kids as for this year have not heard an excuse and did not see an over abundance of produce from the garden. Just saw snack size amounts for a family that big. I have canned almost 1500 jars of stuff for 4 of us and extras to give to friends and family. Jojo could can stuff. Tomatoes are easy to can and do not need a pressure canner. Just saying.


  36. Our goats were capable of the same thing. In fact, our calves have been known to figure out latches. We bungee the main gate closed all the time now to thwart them. They aren’t really attempting to escape. They just play with stuff and inadvertently open the gate.


  37. Nicole likes to bitch about cops shooting people.
    Well like herself there are a lot of crazy ass people in this country that post, say and do stupid ass stuff so the cops need to be prepared for the wack jobs like her. They need to approach with guns drawn for their protection. The one time they would not take a wack job serious is the one time they might not be going home at the end of their shift.

    Nicole that was a stupid ass move posting about shooting people and tagging the sheriff dept. Now when the cops come and are prepared you need to shut the hell up as you asked for the added precautions.

    She is the poster child for stupid as stupid does.
    “It basically means that a person’s intelligence and common sense are evidenced by the person’s actions, and not by the person’s looks. In other words, a stupid person is a person who does stupid things.”


  38. We had a miniature horse and a steer calf in the same livestock wire fenced pasture. The steer calf had small horns and he figured out how to use them to lift the fence just enough for the horse to crawl under it.

    Yup the two of them were found by a neighbor walking side by side down the road one morning. Nice neighbor he brought them back in his car put them in the paddock area latched both latches on the outside of the gate. Needless to say they were not given liberty of being able to roam the pasture at night or when no one was home. They were contained to the paddock area that was picket and stockade fencing with double latched gate.

    We also wired the fence in several places to the t posts to prevent him lifting it too. That seemed like it took forever to do the whole pasture at each post.


  39. If the soil at her place is like mine, it’s not good. We have been trying to have a garden for 5 years now and have not been successful. Our fruit trees are doing better. Next year I’m going to use raised beds or pallets and try it that way.


  40. Am I missing something obvious in Nikki’s post? she says “we request that the law enforcement tagged in this post”

    I can see a link in the post but there does not appear to be any law enforcement tagged.

    Maybe law enforcement SHOULD be tagged so that they are made aware of the quite disturbing advice from some of the people who have commented.

    I don’t understand the whole “Charles” thing either. Can she not see that this persona (or group of persona’s!) is probably responsible for people leaving her page than anyone or anything else. The minute it appears pretty much everyone else disappears.

    Thanks Al Wilson for lodging “radioactive” by imagine dragons firmly in my head. Couldn’t be more appropriate!


  41. there does not appear to be any law enforcement tagged.

    She tagged the Breckinridge Sheriff’s office’s Facebook page.


  42. Am I the only one who, upon noticing that Nicole says in the second paragraph “We request that you stay away from our home and business” wondered if she will now lose customers since they may want to stay away from her business.

    How many dogs need grooming in that town anyway? Everyone I know washes their own pets.


  43. Here’s the major mystery. They have one single van, right? You cannot fit every child on that mud pile into a single van if they are in proper carseats. I’m guessing they don’t worry about that, but…. there arent that many seats in a van, unless they went oit and bought that giant “Kate plus 8” van. How in the world could every single peson be off that homestead at one time? We’ll assume the oldest and his future wife have some sort of transportation. That’s still 10 people, most of them smaller kids….


  44. We’ll assume the oldest and his future wife have some sort of transportation.

    I believe you would assume wrong. To my knowledge the girl does not have a car.


  45. If it’s the van that I think it is, there is no way it fits all of them, even if they do use car seats.


  46. I don’t think they care about car seats for the little kids. The thing that has always bugged me about the video of Joe, Nicole and the kids getting pulled over for kids not wearing seat belts (being restrained) wasn’t their idiotic sovereign citizen rant. That was predictable (I do feel sorry for the police officer subjected to it). The thing that bugged me was how did the officer see that the kids weren’t wearing seat belts? Were the kids jumping or running around in the moving van? The was a few years ago and was on YouTube.

    The reason it bugged me was that it was basically a demonstration of how the kids’ welfare and behavior are ignored and then yelled at when Joe is made to take some responsibility. Joe and Nicole–pair of ultimate losers. Nicole will, of course, deny everything and say they love and take care of their kids. Nope. They sure don’t.


  47. 3 things:
    1. She has said on NUMEROUS occasions they have cameras up. Where are the Blessed pics/videoes of the alleged tampering?
    2. The poor neighbors were accused in all of this, again! Does this violate the restraining order?
    3. My husband & I had a horse many years ago that was the ultimate escape artist. He would lay down on his belly & scoot his way under the gate on his stall. We actually had to put up 2 gates vertically so he couldn’t get out. Horses find a way…


  48. From Joe’s imaginary Marine friend to Nicole’s imaginary evidence, to the imaginary private road, to the imaginary poop composting, to the imaginary incursions on their ucky little dump, to the imaginary homesteading in general (Hoovervilles had better amenities I think) the Nauglers are beyond entertaining. Being stalked, doxxed, harassed by chez (shack) Naugler is anything but. But I should thank Nicole and Joe as their gyrations (spinning out of control) pick up speed–it is genuinely entertaining. To live lies most of the time and vague and pitiful approximations of the truth at their best does tend to catch up to one sooner or later.


  49. Every time I read about this crazy loon I contemplate changing my screen name to WTF. Seriously. Because every time I read her most recent round of crazy, a little voice in my head screams “WTF”. I swear it floors me. Just when you think she can’t get any crazier she comes up with an all new freak out. Nikki just can’t seem to get a grip.

    The struggle is real, but only in Nicole’s head. I don’t know whether to laugh, to cry, or just feel sorry for her.


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