Threats and Bluffs

threats BLH

“They” send Nicole “send money because I’m afraid” Naugler threats.  Facebook is fine with that.  She posts screenshots of those threats and Facebook takes them down.

Well, I wanna see the threats.  I am inviting you to send me copies of those screen shots that Facebook took down, the ones threatening you. Send them to me and I will post every last one of them right here for all the world to see.  You’ll get a big audience.

I call your bluff, Nicole.

Are these examples?

Oh, wait. No. Those are threats made to me, not you.  And they were made by you, Nicole, or by your surrogates.

legal threat 2Nicole commentpoop mebetween the eyesgood shotThe blocked name is that of her minor daughter.


Should I go on?  I can, you know.  I could fill this whole page and another two or three if I wanted to spend some time at it. Here’s a few others.

But then there is this.

Nathan 1

Nathan 2

Apart from the egregious errors of fact involved here, this is outrageous.

I will make one threat, Nicole “I am documenting everything” Naugler. I never, ever forget shit like this.  Ever. And I never, ever forgive it.

Document that.



24 thoughts on “Threats and Bluffs”

  1. Yes, I’d like to see these alleged threats as well. She keeps saying she’s getting them, but never posts them.

    I call shenanigans.


  2. Careful now.

    The spirit may guide the patriarch to “lawsuit” you. That or the militia will come set you straight.



  3. Militia. That is a good one. We have plenty of militia types in our area. Nice families. Keep themselves and their properties clean.

    If Joe Naugler showed up on any militia property in my area they would rightly shoot his rear full of rock salt and wash the stink off of him with a garden hose and a scrub brush.

    Fraud, indeed.


  4. Oh hell she has already set her “dogs of war” on me again today. Sigh. It is constantly surprising to me how often she manipulates complete strangers with her lies, lies of omission, implications and carefully constructed narrative. She also reinvents and revises her own story, actions, pages, web presence, real life presence on a day to day basis.

    You want to know why she has no friends, because friendship is a give and take relationship and she just takes and fakes. You want to know why she has so many enemies, because she goes out of her way to make them. It’s not talk about politics or religion it is the vile things that spew from her lips and fingers. Personal responsibility is hard. Being a decent human being for Nicole and Joe is also apparently hard. Telling lies, taking what isn’t theirs to take, using and abusing people, family, church, property and the land seem to come quite easily to them. Bullying and intimidation are their constant go to response when things don’t go their way. When you’re like that you will find no one wants to have much to do with you. It is that simple.

    All my opinion, of course.


  5. Nicole projects.

    It’s one of the ways she escapes the hole she’s dug.

    She is the bully. She always has been. Stop harassing me Nicole. Just stop.


  6. “I post it on the blog cause fb takes it down”….aka i post it on the blog cause that’s where you can see my big fat PayPal button.


  7. Everything Joe and Nicole claim to be the victim of they have actually been the perpetrators. Demented of them to draw attention to their own behavior by claiming to be victims of it. Nicole is a stupid whining hag. Joe is a stupid wheezing bag. Being wise would end so many of their tribulations but being wise would require some responsibility on their part so…that will never happen.


  8. Nicole has no power because people are tired of her shit. She does nothing but stir it, then fail to back any of her claims up. I doubt she’s posted screen shots of anything. Saying they were taken down is just a way to avoid admitting she doesn’t have any.

    I want her to tell all of us how she knows how Nathan grew up. Abusers are rarely open about their abuse, and Sally has never claimed to be an abuser. So how does Nicole magically know how Nathan really grew up, and how did she figure out his age at passing was really 25? What a tale she spun!

    “My children might not grow up to be scholars or famous musicians, but they will have been given every opportunity to know themselves. To be sovereign beings. They will be compassionate. Independent. As long as they don’t grow up to be authoritative bullies, I will feel I have done well as a mother.”

    Let’s see here. They can’t grow up to be scholars or famous musicians since they’ve been horrifically deprived of a basic education and musical experience. Jewel grew up homesteading, but was educated and had a guitar and was encouraged to be independent and branch out. The Naug kids are stifled. They’ve had no opportunities to get to know themselves. How could they know if who they are is someone with an aptitude to drama and the stage, or a potential athlete, or a doctor, or a teacher, if literally all they experience is trying to survive another day? They can only know themselves as survivalists because that’s all they get to experience. They can’t be their on sovereign people when they’re being raised to have too little education to work in fast food and have no birth certificates. The oldest boy is lucky he has one, and had some education started before his parents decided that educating is bad.

    Those kids, if they develop true compassion, will come from seeing their support system, their siblings, neglected. It won’t be because their mother or father taught them to look at the needs of others, and to desire to help, and then to help. It’ll be because they didn’t want their support-siblings to die.

    Those kids can’t be truly independent. Their educations will prevent them from having a shot in the world, and will force them to remain with the family unit. Those kids are independent of their parents, but that’s because their parents don’t do anything for them. Their parents are doing their best to raise feral kids who shit wherever random place they please, to strive to get along with no one, to shun real education, to learn to forgo bathing their dirty bodies. They are, in the most literal sense, raising those kids to be wild animals, and it’s horrifying that they think this means independence.

    If those kids don’t grow up to be bullies, it won’t be thanks to Nicole. It’ll be because they somehow realized being a bully results in CPS and the cops being regular fixtures in their lives.


  9. Let’s not forget she replied to a comment about “deleting them (trolls)” with a statement that she would, but murder is illegal (sic).

    Threats, however hollow and made by wimpy chest-thumpers, are never to be taken lightly. This is not how civilized people behave and we aspire to be evolved humans here in 2016 U.S.A. (and other 1st world countries). Unfortunately, the internet has given cloak to cowards who can rant with anonymity. “Are You For Real?”, Nicole’s newest page which just went down (and we know it’s her, because she accidentally outed herself) is but one in a turnstile of faceless pages that have threatened and harassed critics. Show me ONE page, Nicole, or at least a battery of screenshots, where “fake” profile “trolls” have actually threatened you, your husband or kids?

    Where’s the BEEF! Hahaha…..I almost mistakenly typed “beer”, and I laughed, because that would have sent Joe trotting out here all conciliatory like.


  10. “Vandalism at the motel”

    They claimed that somebody vandalized their vehicle when they were staying at the motel while the kids were in state care.


  11. Poorkids wrote, ““I post it on the blog cause fb takes it down”….aka i post it on the blog cause that’s where you can see my big fat PayPal button.”

    Nicole is a slow learner but eventually, she figured it out. She posts on her blog instead of FB because she watches Sally. She learned how little power (none, zero, nada, zilch) she can wield over Sally and the BLB. When the lightbulb came on, well, there you go. She finally figured it out and in spite of public claims of hating Sally, Al, Lisa, et al, she envies them, too. She wants what they have and because she can’t have what they have, she’ll take what she can get: A fat lazy-ass husband and a garden shed on 28 worthless acres of scrub pine. And a blog that’s not FB controlled. Poor, poor, pitiful Nicole. And in the end, it’s really…

    …poor, poor, pitiful kids.


  12. All the militia types I know would hose old JoJo off with a garden hose and scrub him down with a scrub brush before they even let him set foot on their land. They have pride, and take pride in their families.

    I would love to see the ragtag bunch of losers that would take up the cause of the tubby hubby.


  13. Amie, I know exactly what you mean! Most militia do everything possible to keep off the government radar.
    Hell, you rarely hear a peep out of them.
    Joe is a poser.


  14. Adulting 101 involves understanding that grown ups do not make threats of physical violence towards others, period. However, the depths of sociopathy and malignant narcissism she demonstrates by attacking the grief of a mother who has lost a child- by any means whatsoever is terrifying.

    Having lost a child, let me state this. No one can ever hurt me more than losing him did. That pain never goes away. It hasn’t gotten any easier and from talking to other mothers who have lost their children, I doubt that it ever will. I don’t presume to speak for Sally, but if someone attacks me it might irritate me, I might have a few moments of eh, this sucks. Attack my dead child? Attack ANYONE’S dead child? Fuck that. That makes you a reprehensible irredeemable shit stain. i wouldn’t wish the pain of losing a child….even on her but as her children grow I hope they see her for who she is and leave her and Jabba to wallow in their own filth.


  15. The “Are You for Real” page was taken down today after she apparently accused a poster of being a pedo and stalking her son. That poster took offense and believes he was set up by the Nauglers, had proof and was planning to persue legal action. Suddenly that page went bye bye. Surprised anyone. SSDD


  16. I don’t presume to speak for Sally

    I am right with you, Rhy. I am also very, very sorry that you got to join the club. Ten percent of parents will outlive at least one of their children. It’s a small percentage and one I wish I wasn’t part of.


  17. Threats and Bluffs, here’s one ……
    I wonder if the Fire Marshall’s Office really was called yesterday and if he shows up at NauglerLand in the near future?

    ” Are You for Real “…….now the question is…… ” Are You Ready? “


  18. Two things.
    First, I have no respect (only hate, in fact) for people who blame a parent for the death of their child. My own sister in law says that I lost my baby around 14-15 weeks because I used drugs. I shut up that rumor real quickly when I reminded her of the fact that, since I had to have a d&c, and because this wasn’t my first miscarriage, tissue samples had been taken for research into the cause. Those samples could always be retested for a lawsuit. You know, for slander. Just saying. Bitch never brought that up again. But it still hurts like someone rips open your chest. It’s a burning pain that just stays with you. And that was just a pregnancy. To have lost Nathan and to show the amount of strength you have is truly inspirational.
    Second: lmfao at the required paperwork for the permit. Building plans. Joe: well, I done got me two sets of wires and them sticks and with that there tarp ‘n plywood, the structure kin git hit by all sorts a rocks ‘n whatnot, an still stand up in a hurricane, so just let me dump my shit. County: uhm, that’s not structurally sound, so, no.
    Joe: that’s a violation of my right, it don’t say in the constitution that I can’t build with tarp ‘n such, so you are evil, you will go to hell.
    County: well, I guess I’ll see you there then. You do realize there’s no Hardee’s in Hell?
    Joe: spluttering and waddling away, frantically calling Nicole “you said that if we were going to hell,at least we’d have Hardee’s. What? Each other????? What the hell!”


  19. “…as long as they don’t grow up to be authoritative bullies, I will feel I have done well as a mother.” -Nicole

    But I have heard recordings of her husband talking to his kids. That’s the main thing that turned me away from supporting the Nauglers. Her husband is an authoritative bully. He takes his vision for the world and crams it down the throats of his children.

    I was raised a minister’s child. I believed everything my parents taught me. I loved them and believed the world was wrong and my parents were right. Until my early twenties, I would have emotionally argued with anyone who doubted my family’s beliefs.

    But when I became an adult, I believed differently than my parents. And just like Nicole left her mother’s Catholic faith, some of her children will walk away from their parent’s “sovereign citizen” faith. They will realize that the constant ranting and stress over the “establishment” that they endured during childhood was forced on them by their parents.

    How would Joe talk to the oldest son if he said he wanted to join the military, become a policeman, vote for Hillary…? If the oldest daughter could sneak off and enroll herself in public school, would he call HER a cunt?

    The desire to keep their dad happy and proud of them controls what the kids say and choose. They want to please him and make him proud. But that requires following his belief system. Isn’t that level of emotional control by their dad authoritative bullying? Did Nicole’s mom bully her and make her feel unloved if she didn’t conform to Catholic teachings? How is it any different to allow Joe to do the same to his kids?

    I know Nicole has said horrible, really hurtful things to people. And still does. But the same kinds of things have been said to her too. And I can’t help but see a woman who escaped an unhappy home before she finished high school, fell in with a trouble maker, and can’t let him go because she would be all alone. Just like other emotionally battered women, she is scared to loose him. And she makes herself believe in him and hope it will get better.

    If you look back at their history, Joe is the one who has caused all of their legal and financial problems. From drug use, abuse, cheating on her, getting fired, being aggressive, creeping on girls, being lazy, not caring/helping fix if the house and kids are filthy, refusing to have a valid license and insurance, not wanting to be told what to do by any authority…and on and on.

    I wish she could walk away from him, get some counseling for herself and the kids and start a new life. A life where she stops trying to defend herself online, stops harassing people online, stops focusing on her “rights” and instead focuses on herself and her kids.



    Interesting. So Nicole can’t go to Temple. Joe refuses to go. So their children aren’t “sealed” to them? Isn’t being together for eternity more important than taking politics stands and freedom fighting here on earth? They don’t seem to actually believe the Mormon faith then, do they?


  21. Temple recommend were revoked for both Nicole and Joe. Remember she rarely tells the truth, and then it is half truth at best.


  22. Nah, Joe’s brand of religious convenient hodge-podge won’t get him an LDS temple recommend. Might get him an LDS excommunication, though.


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