This neighbor of yours sounds quite capable.

What neighbor?

Since this comes from the BLH Facebook page (scroll way down to find it), on the thread talking about the Blessed Little Gas Station Encounter, my assumption is that Sue Winnie is talking about Al Wilson, not the Naugler’s next-door neighbor.  She’s saying that in her opinion, Al “sounds like” he’s capable of being violent. She’s never met Al. She knows absolutely nothing about Al. She’s only read what Nicole has written about Al.

The second comment is equally ignorant. “These people” are “threatening” the poor Blessed Little Nauglers. Al’s daughter goes to get some fuel for her car, Joe sits and stares at her, she thinks he’s creepy, and suddenly that is “threatening” poor Lard-Ass.

And just so we all know it, the police are cited as being basically incompetent and refusing to help Lard-Ass Naugler.

The “unwanted photo-taking” is “constant.”

These two women are just blathering. They don’t have a single idea of the truth in all this. They just take whatever pops into their very vacant skulls and type away. I can totally discount them.

But Nicole doesn’t interject anything here, you know, like “Well, I don’t think Al would do anything violent.”

Oh, no, instead she piles on.

She cannot pretend she didn’t see these two comments.  She commented herself at the bottom, in answer to the two comments.  Both comments express concern about possible harm that might be done to the Blessed Big-Ass Family by Al Wilson.

And what is Nicole’s reply?

She reiterates that it was local.

This happened at the local store.

She makes it clear that she is talking about real-life stuff here, not comments on Facebook or blog postings.

We aren’t going to go into hiding because of a few assholes.

Get this straight now.  They have accused Al’s minor daughter of “following” Joe and yet they assert that they are not going to go into hiding over the huge threat that she is, all 100 pounds of her.

I’m just going to get rid of the assholes.

What, exactly, does she mean here? How does she propose to “get rid” of the “assholes” (meaning Al Wilson and his minor daughter)? I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she means that she’s going to block the “assholes” on social media, but that doesn’t make any sense. She already has blocked Al from everything possible.

What is Nicole suggesting she’s going to do here?

She talks a lot about “documenting” things. Well, I am documenting this. Nicole, you might think about retracting this statement.

I’m just going to get rid of the assholes.


34 thoughts on “Threatening”

  1. I can’t grasp how Joe managed to spin a lie to Nicole where he is the victim an underage female stopping at the local store for gas on her way to work. Is she that far gone mentally that his BS story made sense to her? Then to top it off her kid went along with it? Has the brainwashing gone that deep? The isolation is paying off as we can see the paranoia is now being suffered by at least one of the kids. That is unless Nicole is lying…again.

    People who only know her online believe this crap too?

    Small town has a local gas station and Joe is scared when a little female buys gas. Makes no sense considering he lingered and watched her until she came out of the store and left.

    Where is the video? Documentation?

    Why didn’t he call the police? At a minimum it would have given them a good laugh.

    Joe is an ugly human on the inside and out. He was convicted of menacing not the neighbors sweet daughter.


  2. Nicole does not retract any statements. She just spins the original lie into an even more convoluted tale. Then she forgets the original lie and must lie again to try to cover the first one.

    I can’t count the number of times she’s posted her ‘top 50 list of trolls’. But she forgot about that, didn’t she? She wants her leghumpers to believe she is bullied, not the bully. Stupid supporters give a lot more $ than the cynics. And the cynical visitor moves on without a backward look or a single click of the PayPal button.


  3. You have crossed the line Nicole, and dumb enough to post it thinking you look tough. Bad idea. That legal ball is rolling faster now… Can you hear it coming? #unschooling #lawschool


  4. That can definitely be taken as threatening especially since she makes it well know they have weapons on them at all times on the homestead. I’m sure off the “homestead” too but they don’t do “permits” so you know they wouldn’t get conceal to carry.


  5. WoW. I am so sick of the victim card she plays. She literally makes me sick to my stomach. I have been around since this went “viral.” I commented 1 time on her first Q&A when this story broke in May of last year…she deleted every question I asked. None of which were rude…mere questions. I knew then there had to be more to the story.
    I have also sat quietly back watching her and group of “supporters” roughly handle any profile that asked questions. Putting profile and family photos on display to make fun of them and draw attention away from the family. What was there a good 6 months watching them waste money and time until December? I guess the honey pot started getting empty…Spring arrives to goats wandering amuk and shit spewing from the wilderness. Confrontation with neighbors and thus starting a fire so to speak…spreading like wildfire. I am not certain of the outcome from the blog statements made by the Mrs. but I can’t see this ending pleasantly.
    Fall and Winter will be coming before long…how have they prepared? A few scattered seeds..?Glad the batteries stay charged to the blessed internet. If they didn’t have the internet they might have a coronary.


  6. For all her yammering about her family being threatened she sure isnt above throwing out her own cryptic threats. Sounds like she might be close to matching hubby’s menacing charge.


  7. The amount of concern trolling (and total hypocrisy as posters say the same kinds of things about tons of other families on that forum – but that’s AOK for whatever made up reason in their heads) over on FJ has driven me out of there, so hello! Sally! I’m a first time poster……

    Sally, what you are doing – exposing these grifting cons’ scam – is truly God’s work. I know you are an atheist (actually, I think I may be too) but you know what I mean.

    I wish there was a blog with the CORRECT information for EVERY seedy gofundme account! The people that do these types of things have no soul. They prey on the ignorant, the ones who think with their misguided heart and not with their brain.

    I’m Team Sally, Team Al, Team Everyone Who Exposes Scammers. Please know, Sally and Al, that there are many of out here!


  8. Unbelievable, just absolutely unbelievable, Nicole must be completely out of her mind to have wrote, “I’m just going to get rid of the assholes.”

    She needs to jail.


  9. She needs to jail.

    No, she doesn’t. But it needs to be noticed, especially in light of her accusations that are positively endless about how we are all “threatening” her family.


  10. @Simply Me. Yeah, it’s pretty strange to read the mods on FJ insisting that minor children’s futures in the Naugler family not be speculated upon when there is a whole thread about it on another family. Currently it’s five pages long.

    As for Nicole getting rid of assholes I second the motion that it be Joe.


  11. Al Wilson must take this to local law enforcement, as they are well aware of Joe and Nicole Facebook page and propensity to post threats!! IMO there is enough evidence for an EPO, Emergency Protection Order! I am worried for his daughter!! I am going to post the audio of the day Nicole was arrested, in the audio, LE mentions posts “threats” made by Nicole! Have a listen, that is if you can tolerate Nicole’s idiocy and screeching howls.


  12. @blessedoneisoffherrocker

    Unless the commonwealth’s conceal carry laws are drastically different from the laws in my state (due north) JOJO wouldn’t pass a check for a permit. He was convicted of menacing and has active orders of protection.

    Does anyone know if the weapons i. The shack were confiscated during the menacing case? They take them in Ohio, and you cant have them back until the case is adjudicated.


  13. Ironic isn’t it?

    Just today, after “stalking” Lisa Luthi’s page Ms. Naugler said this:

    “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to stop these people. But cowering down is not the solution. That’s what empowers bullies.”

    That’s one of the most insightful things she’s ever posted. I absolutely agree. Cowering is no solution.

    And I’m sorry, but it’s just not in my genes to cower. Quite the opposite. I laugh and shake my head and dismiss. The vapid attempts at intimidation aren’t working. They never will. I’m the neighborhood “Dickkopf”. Trust me sugar britches, I’m far more hard-headed than you can begin to imagine. More patient and calculating as well.

    The difference? I do know what to do. I do know how to stop it. There are myriad options. Best one so far is to sit back and facepalm and simply watch them bury themselves. Should they do anything foolish and attempt any semblance of overt action, well . . .

    Friendly advice . . . Let it rest Joe and Nicole. Let it rest. Stop with the lies and accusations. Or better yet, keep posting. Drive on. I’ll just have to buy more popcorn.

    At this rate, I’ll have to set up my own PayPal, Venmo, or GoFundMe account to buy more.



  14. Nicole’s FB bully friends and Blog Besties fall into what I like to refer to as what-the-hell, they are believers in the tooth fairy. They read N’s posts and they buy it hook, line, and sinker. For some people, excluding all you fine folks, buying it all hook, line, and sinker is so much easier than identifying fallacies in the statements N makes so they don’t question or they buy the answers, no matter how awful the answers are. Additionally, they really want to be friends with N, even when she asks for money or hints for gifts. They remind me of the really unpopular kids at school who want the popular kids to like them; even though, N’s popularity is not exemplary of honest, hardworking folk. When they look at the pictures of those poor children, they don’t see abused and neglected kids; they, instead, believe that the children are running in fields of clover, with their white lambs frolicking along side of them. They believe that J and N are trying to improve the world instead of having 11 kids that have dumped a shit load of disposable diapers and wet wipes into the earth where they will remain for hundreds of years, blocking the earth’s ability to work properly and emitting the chemicals from the diapers into the soil, not to mention the shit and piss. They see her as standing at the campfire in her tangled dreds, canning produce from her garden and they don’t see the dented cans they get from the food pantry…they see the clothes baskets that are filthy that are loaded with clothes that will not ever get clean and the children’s names on the baskets to them is idyllic and not idiotic. They see J as a modern man who is a stay at home parent and not a piece of lazy shit who cannot even provide his children with privacy when they take a crap…Seeing the kids kill the goat was such a learning experience but was it? OMG, the blog bullies that support her will never use their brains for anything other than fantasy porn…and that, my friends, is why they will encourage her to fight those bullies—not listen to those logical thinkers who see N’s lies….oh my, how sad for them….hey N’s fans, I have some swamp land on Mars that I would happily give you at a reasonable price…Mars is where it’s happening.


  15. Tekla, those bitches be crazy over there! (and rude, hypocritical & superior lol)

    Sally, I admire your ability to ‘keep your head’ while writing your blogs. You’re always clear, level-headed and rational. Not easy to do when the Nogs are just the opposite: confusing the issue, crazy and irrational!


  16. Hey Melissa,
    I made front and center on the blessed little homestead of bullshit, shit shit and big fat lies. Sending her fans, wasn’t enough. I got an entire blog post and she came to my page to bitch. Woot woot.

    All my opinion, natch.


  17. This woman is spiraling out of control and taking her lemmings with her. She has found a new way to get paid… She is in fear for her life, they are going to hurt my family, send MONEY!!!!! Just don’t ask questions or post rational statements on her pages or you will be a troll and we will get you too ..


  18. I don’t think there is any urgent cause for concern and hysteria regarding the safety of Al’s daughter. If there is anyone who would know how to protect his family, as well as teach them to protect themselves, it would be Al. I imagine the Wilson family are quite well respected in the community, and Joe is a coward, so it’s extremely unlikely he, or his sons, would do anything except make the poor kid feel uncomfortable whenever possible, for fear of alienating the community even further and/or being banned from local shops as a result.
    I really think Joe and Nicole are spinning out of control, and the kids I really feel for are the Naugler kids. They’re innocents in all of this, and as they are so isolated from the community and don’t seem to have any outside friends, I imagine they’re suffering from a familial version of Stockholm Syndrome, where kidnap victims ultimately come to depend upon, and even care for, the very people imprisoning them.
    Those kids are so dependent upon their parents, and their siblings are among their closest and only friends. Their only view of life is the one skewed by their parents paranoia. I just can’t see any of them getting out of the situation they are in and risking parental and sibling alienation anytime soon. Those kids have such potential, all going to waste and it’s extremely sad.


  19. If you live or work or shop in Breckinridge, Meade or Hardin counties…..You might be an Asshole.

    If you feed clothe and provide proper care for your children ….You might be an Asshole.

    If you children are not self educated….. You might be an Asshole.

    If you don’t live in a garden shed…You might be an Asshole.

    If you don’t shit in a bucket and dump it on the ground… You might be an Asshole.

    If you have an opposing opinion….. You might be an Asshole.

    If you support those who serve and protect, either Military or Law Enforcement, or Public Servant…..You might be an Asshole.

    If you pay your share of taxes…. You might be an Asshole.

    If you vote….. you might be an Asshole.

    If you offered legitimate advise and were banned, blocked, doxxed, harassed or stalked by The Blessed Ones and their supporters… you might be an Asshole.

    If you have friends who are friend’s of any of the above….You might be an Asshole.

    If you did not click the PayPal Button on the BLH blog….You might be an Asshole.


  20. Sally, something I’d love to see on this blog more is what Nicole and Joe do locally that no one else posts about.

    That becomes difficult for two reasons. This blog is protected free speech because I am making public commentary on her public remarks. For instance, the incident with Al’s daughter became fair fodder for me because Nicole wrote about it online. If it involves something she did not write about, then it’s more problematic.

    Another issue is that many of the locals that have had run-ins with her or Joe prefer not to repeat the experience. Unless they are willing, like Patricia, to step forward into the sunshine, their stories remain confidential. I can affirm that those stories exist in large numbers. And some of it is horrific.


  21. I don’t think there is any urgent cause for concern and hysteria regarding the safety of Al’s daughter. If there is anyone who would know how to protect his family, as well as teach them to protect

    I totally agree with you.


  22. The Naugler rhetoric is cute in an ‘ain’t that just pathetic’ kind of way. I’ve seen this kind of rhetorical escalation from the Nauglers before. It happens when they’re about dried up and the goody train is looking like it won’t arrive. That’s when Joe starts saying things like ‘If you don’t do what I want I’m gonna beat your donkey!!’ Of course Joe would get a bit more specific about what he wanted and would use alternative terms to donkey… Then they just disappear and reappear somewhere else and announce their presence with their bog about their idyllic (read destitute) life. The trouble is, this time, they are stuck in terms of just being able to disappear and reappear someplace else (one of the consequences of going viral they didn’t count on).


  23. Curious. For the locals that have had run-ins with the N’s, have police reports been filed? It may come to a point where everyone has a story but there is no documentation to demonstrate repeated behavior. Even if something seems trivial, multiple occurrences would show a trend.


  24. It doesn’t seem to me that they are that calculating. I think the extent of their ‘planning’ (even for grifting) is — some complication, need, or task arises and they think “if we absolutely must address this and can’t just put it aside, how can we do so with the least amount of effort on our part”.


  25. She is the bully. Sometime last year she actually posted my Mother’s obituary and mocked her. Made fun of my deceased Mother! I know this is small compared to the other dirty deeds she has done to others but it is still despicable.

    Joe and Nicole are not victims. They are the perpetrators of petty crimes against their real life community and online harassment campaigns. They have been doing this for years. They are assholes.


  26. From; Lisadl

    Hey Melissa,
    I made front and center on the blessed little homestead of bullshit, shit shit and big fat lies. Sending her fans, wasn’t enough. I got an entire blog post and she came to my page to bitch. Woot woot.

    All my opinion, natch.

    All aboard the, ” Naugler Express “…toot..toot…
    Yep, I jumped right on that crazy train this morning on Lisadl’s blog post. Nicole never answered any of our questions. I’m still waiting on her to come back, so please let me get the door bell for ya Lisadl if she comes calling again. 🙂



  27. I think Sculder&Mully brings up a good point. As a result of the combination of their notoriety and their legal situation, J and N can’t simply skulk off to a new victim pool. That means that they are stuck trying to play the same ol song to an increasingly hostile audience. I feel like that means they may end up pushed out of their comfort zone and that makes them less predictable as individuals in terms of behavior. However, grifters and scammers have patterns that tend to be pretty consistent. As an example, Martha Stout, author of The Sociopath Next Door says this: “when confronted with a destructive outcome that is clearly their doing, they will say, plain and simple, “I never did that,” and will to all appearances believe their own direct lie.”

    The guy who scammed my husband and me (and many others) used so many of the same tactics when confronted that I now see J and N doing – threatening children – our scammer published ugly, disgusting lies online about my then four year old child who is medically complex and special needs. When called out on it he said, he didn’t would never do that. When confronted with the fact it was his IP address using a specific type of mobile device (one we knew he used) he said he must have been hacked. This story lost what little plausibility it had when he later repeated the attacks almost verbatim to an Australian media producer.

    I think that the commonalities of behavior point to the fact that this bullshit works for them enough of the time that it is profitable for them to continue it. Again quoting Stout, “…. have no regard whatsoever for the social contract, but they do know how to use it to their advantage. And all in all, I am sure that if the devil existed, he would want us to feel very sorry for him.”

    This behavior continues until people do exactly what Sally and Al and others in the community do- refuse to participate in the lie. Cut off the sympathy train. Make it as “unprofitable” monetarily and otherwise to continue.


  28. Rhy Morrigan wrote – “This behavior continues until people do exactly what Sally and Al and others in the community do- refuse to participate in the lie. Cut off the sympathy train. Make it as “unprofitable” monetarily and otherwise to continue.”

    This ^^^ is why many of us persist in this Naugler charade. If the parents can no longer profit off of their children then maybe, just maybe, they will change their ways.

    The Naugler’s would have moved by now like they have in the past but they screwed up and now they are stuck. Now they are getting what they deserve for their evil ways. Karma has finally caught up with them. I could not be more delighted! Pass the popcorn, this show is just getting good.


  29. Sally, could you report on some of it anonymously? As in keeping who said something anonymous. I imagine stuff in stores or wherever probably has several witnesses who could say something. Right now, I think Nicole and Joe are relying on people being too intimidated to speak as a form of protection. Scare people, and the world at large won’t hear about about how bad it really is.

    Does Kentucky have any anti-vexation-litigant laws? My state will ban you from filing without a backing attorney if you keep filing suits that keep being unfounded, and there’s also a limit on how many cases you can file in a year without an attorney.


  30. Sally, could you report on some of it anonymously?

    No. The Nauglers would know who it was from the details.


  31. I agree with Sally not publishing hearsay and anonymous reports of what the Nauglers have supposedly said and done to other people around the town.
    Firstly, because as Sally has said, the people involved would be known to the Nauglers and may fall victim to their nasty intimidation tactics. Secondly, it would be too easy for Nicole to cry about mean Sally who makes up stories from thin air, due to the lack of screenshots, names, verifiable proof etc., and thirdly, the very thing that makes this blog so good is that it sticks to the facts, avoids hyperbole and rumours and uses Nicole and Joe’s own words against them, over and over again.
    Posting content that could easily be denounced by the Nauglers as lies, rumours, gossip, and innuendo wouldn’t be a good idea, IMHO, because their supporters, who aren’t known for their critical thinking skills, would lap up Nicole’s wailing and crocodile tears.


  32. Over there on the Blessed’s little facebook page and on her little homestead ramblings, she is trying to do some much needed damage control: pictures of the boys doing the man’s work, boob shots of Blessed and child, sunset, and fungi. I’m not sure her attempts to photograph the tranquil domesticity will remove the horrible misogyny that she and her husband are so fond of throwing around at anyone (man or woman) who disagrees with or provides facts for her so cray-cray ideas and actions. Here’s a bit of advice for N&J, calling people the “C” word or the “B” word or referring to people as the “P” word shows your true colors. If every time someone pisses you off, you call them names that you associate with the lowest life form and those names are always associated with vulgar words used to describe women, you might be misogynists, and N, if your husband is always lying to you about oh, drinking, checking out young girls, etc., while you are out working to support his lard butt, you might look like a fool….


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