Nicole forged Joe’s signature on a silly letter she copied and pasted off some website and sent it to me about a year ago.  She keeps calling it a “cease and desist” letter even though it was nothing but a joke.  Cease and desist letters, even when written by an attorney, are not orders. They are suggestions. When written by Nicole Naugler, they are meaningless.

She sent me unsolicited mail.  I got it.

It’s my property. 

I can do anything with it I like.  Anything. I can share it with anyone. I can publish it anywhere. I can put it on a billboard in Radcliff, Kentucky as close to Nicole’s business as is possible.  It’s my letter.

And what I did with it was give a copy to Deb, who got a wee bit creative with some sealing wax.  People can buy a sealed copy if they like. They don’t have to if they don’t want to.  Some don’t want to. Others do.  It’s very simple.

And for that, I’m going to get a letter full of anthrax.

Amanda Carter Wiggins then says “Jk” (meaning “just kidding”) only she’s not sorry.  In other words, she meant it.  She wants to send me anthrax.

Amanda Carter Wiggins.

She sells mortgages.  She lives someplace down around where hurricanes hit.

I wish one would sweep her ass out to sea.

Just kidding.

Sorry, not sorry.


21 thoughts on “Threat”

  1. She complains so much of trolls making threats (but I haven’t seen her produce any evidence), but her leg humpers, Nic and Joe are the ones making the threats.


  2. Wonder what her employer would think of her threat?

    I mean, isn’t that what Nicole encourages people to do. Contact people’s employers and charitable organizations, right?


  3. PSA….

    When this Amanda is commenting on social media public pages as such. And she highlights on her facebook profile page, her employer. She is acting as an agent of her employer, in essence representing her employer. I am just saying, if someone were to contact the media and/or employer, there could be some serious consequences. Even liability risks for the employer.

    I have seen this happen. A few years ago. A woman, a nurse, made some bad comments on a public page. She had her employer listed on her profile page. A large hospital. The media and the hospital was informed. She was fired, and the hospital made a public statement.

    Speaking of lacing letters with a deadly agent. Could be construed as something involving her in her occupation capacity. Not a good look for her employer.

    Pearl for the wise. Do not list your employer on your profile page. Or, careful with your comments on public pages. For your employer company’s sake…


  4. Wonder what her boss would think if he or she knew their employee was making terroristic type threats? Not that I advocate notifying employers but when it involves life and/or limb, I am not sure a quick email might be in order.


  5. I wonder what the good folks at southwest loans feel about a (employee) saying that she would love to send anthrax through the mail. Shes one of yours Nicky, but you dont give a fuck do you. Al I admire you for keeping your temper under control, but I understand why. You have a career unlike that POS .


  6. Joe and Nicole have always been the ones to make the threats, public, private, veiled, blatant, through socks, through proxies, and too many by the commenters which Nicole and Joe always leave up for everyone to see.

    This entire bullshit story of theirs of a marketed and advertised paid for with $$$ blog. That’s them. They’re the ones who do it.

    Paid for smear campaign? Ditto it’s the the Nauglers.

    Inciting their audience to and/or allowing their audience to leave violent, racist, bigoted, nasty and heinous comments. That would be? The Nauglers.

    Collusion? That would be the Nauglers with their attempts to involve, anonymous online, their calls and meetings with local militia, their ancap/voluntaryist groups, those far away radicalized Mormons who funded their business, acted as their mouthpieces and PR guy, set up all those podcasts, the alt news stories, spread the word and shared to just the right peeps to make it go “viral,” they even collected gofundme do re mi or bitcoins or wampum for the Nauglers. Seems like a whole lot of colluding to me if I use it the way Nicole and Joe would have you think it means.

    Donations for the Ranch are giving Nicole a hissy? Tough. I think we should reach for the stars and outdo the Naugler’s best Gofund gig. Wouldn’t that be more than swell?


  7. There was an OR nurse from our local hospital who made vile, anti-LGBT statements in the comment sections of our town paper. They weren’t just simple, “I don’t agree with their lifestyle” type of comments. These were gross, belittling and leaning ever so slightly toward violence.
    I have been a frequent patient in the OR of this hospital. I am also a supporter of equal rights for all. I don’t give a flying fuck who you sleep with. If you make a good life with someone you love and they love you, you have won gold.
    I wrote to the HR department of this hospital. I wasn’t the only one. The nurse was fired. Why? Because he had listed the hospital as his employer and was therefore representing them.


  8. I hope someone reported Amanda Carter Wiggins to FB for threats of bodily harm. N doesn’t care what kind of drama is unleashed on her page; she loves it all. She craves attention and it dosn’t matter to her whether it’s positive or negative. She’s never had any repurcussions from her bad behavior; heck, she was gifted 45G, tax free! She’ll just keep stirring that pot. It’s really all she has. I hope that one day she is sued or fined or arrested or something, just so she finally learns about consequences.
    Oh, and the stuff with Al? She has a crush and it hurts her feels he doesn’t feel the same. Sorry, Al!


  9. I agree Lisa I have been doing as much as I can. Trying to help get those donations up, and give Deb a break. I have some possible ideas still working out the details.


  10. Lisa

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


    if you are willing to help with supplies..and i know you are

    If we average 2000 a month it would take less then 2 years

    It seems the only way to make things right.


  11. ‘profiting off the torture and bullying of your family’

    Hyperbole much?

    For the purpose of this Convention, the term “torture” means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him, or a third person, information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in, or incidental to, lawful sanctions.


  12. whoa, didnt part of the crew visit there second home yesterday? I dont mean Hardees either. WONDER how that went. With any luck that child will never see any part of the enclosure.


  13. “it’s a shame it’s illegal to lace letters with deadly agents”
    The LEGALITY of it is the problem for this person?


  14. El Macho,

    Dream big or go home, baby.

    You know it. $45,000 should be a cakewalk.

    Oh and I checked the insights on my page and I average more views on my regular posts than I do on any Naugler related ones. So suck that Nicole. The universe doesn’t revolve around you and neither does my page or readership. This fundraising gig as far as I am concerned has diddly to do with you (and your exaggerated and dramatic claim about the “damage” to the very children you publicly pimp out on social media on a regular basis).


  15. It’s good to remember that this is all about social media. Nicole has worked people up to threatening bodily harm all over social media posts. She can ramble all she wants about real life threats and stalking but she had the opportunity to produce those threats in a real life court. She didn’t present any threats and when given the opportunity to question the accused all she asked about was a fucking Facebook page. If social media is causing her so much fucking anxiety it’s time she takes a break. It’s obvious her real life needs some attention.

    As to the threat that was made on her page I immediately reported it to Facebook. I didn’t need anyone to rally the troops, I saw it and reported it.

    One thing I’ve talked to my kids endlessly about is their social media presence. There are consequences to what you post. If you have a job, which I don’t, then you need to be very careful. Lots of businesses have employees sign social media contracts and that means even when you are off the clock you still have to be careful. There is a local business owner in my town. He’s a jerk. He used to run a non-profit but his online activities turned people off. I refuse to go into his business because of his rude posting. He doesn’t care but maybe someday it will rightfully bite him in the ass.

    So anyhow these morons making threats, upping the anty over some commentary on Facebook are treading very dangerous waters.


  16. Sally, get your tissues ready, you kind soul, are about to have your wish that every (well the ones that can and want to) child of lower means will be able to go to camp.


  17. BTW I think Homeland Security might want to follow up with someone who talks about sending deadly agents through the mail. They may be equally interested if the FB page owner did not condemn and/or report the post.


  18. I want to donate to defray costs for the crafty one. How do I do that?

    A couple of different ways. Contact me privately and I’ll set you up directly with Deb. Or you can simply donate via the Paypal button on here and put a note that the money is for Deb and I’ll toss it into the shipping money and she’ll get it.


  19. $45000= 150 kids camping free. How wonderful that will be. Deb, Lisa, Sally, Al, you all have hearts of gold. Thanks for making us all aware of this great camp, and thanks for all you do.


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