Thousand and One Nights 3

A Thousand and One Nights With Nicole

Night the First

Part Three (minutes 30:00 – 45:00)

Topics covered: Free will; Fourth Amendment rights; Fun with friends (Bling! Bows! Sleepovers for days! Fun for up to two whole families!); Fighting for freedom; Fake Nicole; Figures, authority; Fixing phraseology; Fingers in our faces (quit it, Nicole – we get the point); faulty logic

Fun Facts:
– Nicole wants you to know she’s called the Sheriff’s office numerous times!
Here’s a handy list of the incidents she has reported:
– Drunk drivers driving by
– Drivers driving by
– Animals running loose
– Animals chasing chickens
– She has video
– She has audio
– A woman may have hit her vehicle maybe on purpose.
– A woman may have hit her vehicle a second time maybe on purpose.
– Someone was harming a child – oh, sorry. That is an error. Nicole is proud to remind us she would never report witnessing child abuse.
– Nicole’s children have free will.
– Two of Nicole’s children have more free will than the others. (See George Orwell’s Animal Farm for more information.)
– Nicole tells us she is not hostile. We have noticed how she makes people feel special by always remembering their names, and making sure to use them often! We can’t miss all the personalized shout-outs she’s made on Facebook! Nicole even wants to introduce you to her online buddies – check your Friend requests, folks! Maybe there’s a special invitation just for you.
– Nicole “knows her constitutional rights, and is willing to fight them.” And you can quote her on this.
– When shit happens, stand up. (I don’t know about you, but this means I’ve been toilet-trained COMPLETELY WRONG.)
– Strategy tip: Do the opposite of what your opponent is doing. So when Nicole finds Sheriff Pate to be “very intelligent, very articulate, very calm,” well, then, her choice is clear.

Introducing a new attraction at Nogland!
Let’s all take a ride in
Nicole’s Magic Spin Machine!
You won’t believe the results! She can spin anyone! She even spins herself!

For instance, we put in

He tells me later

It comes out

He arrests me later

We put in

He didn’t want to have to chase them

It comes out

He wanted to know who he had to chase

We put in

I am not a very smart officer if I am going to deal with someone who will not let me talk to their children based on a complaint and I don’t use the resources available to me.

It comes out

I am not a very smart officer if I let someone invoke their rights.

And finally

If you love your children you wouldn’t do that to them


If I loved my children I wouldn’t invoke my rights. I wouldn’t fight for freedom.

So climb aboard and get taken for a ride! You’ll have no trouble finding this special attraction – just look for the gaslights!

Nicole’s Riddle Me This!
Q: Is Sheriff Pate lying?
A: You’ll just have to wait for the Next Exciting Chapter, at which point you can form an opinion based on anything you want.

Q: How is an authority figure like a citizen?
A: Surprise, Nicole – it turns out he’s a citizen, too!


7 thoughts on “Thousand and One Nights 3”

  1. I notice that Nicole is re-posting stuff from 2015. She says that they had permission from the owner of the rental property to get water.

    Well, it doesn’t work like that. The renter has to give permission because they are paying for the use and enjoyment of the property (and are also paying the water and electricity bills).

    I think I’ve hit on an analogy for this situation.

    Technically, the land company owns that property – so using Nicole’s logic, they can give anyone permission to do anything they like on that land and Nicole and Joe are outta luck. Oh, wait, you mean they feel that because they’re paying for it they get to decide who gets to come and go. Unless there is something in the contract that stipulates certain individuals and groups DO get to walk through and use the land – in which case that should have been discussed and negotiated before they signed the contract.


  2. Just a little observation. Nicole has posted more regurgitation of the kid’s being taken by CPS two years ago…blah blah.

    And I can’t help but point this out.

    In 25 minutes…FOUR of her supporters have responded that they also have had their children taken by CPS.

    That is some interesting company she’s keeping over there!

    But they’re really not the kinda people you can milk for Go Fund Me money, are they? And the kinda people who DO like to give money to strangers on the internet? Will be pretty offput by that gathering. (That’s my guess, anyway…it’s gonna make people a little bit more cautious)

    Another thing that will make future donors extremely reluctant is the lack of improvements made to the children’s living conditions for that first $45K.

    What does Nicole expect to accomplish with her little demonstration? Looking more childish and deranged to the courts than she already does? That’s really the only outcome I can see. Anyone else see another outcome?


  3. I noticed she said the police wanted her phone so they could delete her recordings,but it was the police that told Joe to call her # so he could find it.LIES, LIES And more LIES.


  4. Is it wrong that these recaps actually have me excited about the next video from Nicole? Bravo Sheer Luck! These are hilarious!


  5. Even if scripture-quoting Joe thought he had permission to get water from neighboring land (I know, right?), what kind of parent sets the example for conflict resolution that he displayed for his children? What parent would call the lady a cunt (pardon me) and tell one of the children to go get his gun? He is responsible for the indigent lifestyle his children live and for the continued community problems.


  6. I think Nicole is stuck in a time warp. She should get over it already. Two years ago, COS removed the children briefly. They have been back living with their unfit parents for almost two years despite no actual plumbing, and only the smallest (cheapest) garden shed they could buy. It might have been her most upsetting moment, but I think she and Joe loved the “fame” and of course, all that lovely money that came pouring in. They wish that money would flow again, but I don’t see that happening. Their supporters are mostly other unfit parents, poorly educated, low income like the Nauglers. I hope those kids can one day leave their parents far behind.


  7. What the heck is Medusa doing here? She’s playing her precious recording of her arrest and giving commentary on it. Why? She’s got a huge reputation as a liar (she doesn’t do doxxing–right, uh huh) and her understanding of laws and regulations was well illustrated at her figurative face plant in court over her no contact order against Lisa.

    So why is she doing this? Does she think the whole wide world believes her? Well some do and most of those people have had their kids taken and appear to have about the same amount of sense Medusa does. I think she’s doing the old wash/rinse/repeat deal that is part of the Naugler modus operandi. The hilarity of it all is that she plays the recording showing her to be whack job bonkers with law enforcement and then whines about being arrested for disorderly conduct. Well, yeah! Duh! The rest of the law abiding population is grateful that such behavior s not tolerated. But of course she goes into all sorts of expository detail. She says she was slammed against the cop car while pregnant (cannot be verified but makes her seem more like a victim). She says a lady was driving by who she called out to call the state police (uh huh, sure, right).

    Her family have much hotter legal problems and court dates that do not bode well for them (at least Mojo plans to represent himself). Medusa seems to believe that her publicizing her crazy will help her family’s multiple cases. She indicates that she believed the precious arrest recording helped her and her husband in their cases. Trouble for her is that Facebook is not where legal and binding courts of law take place. But heck, Medusa just makes up the law as she goes along anyway.


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