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This has been pinned to Nicole’s FB page now for weeks.  She wants everyone to know that she’s being “stalked.”

“Stalking” to Nicole means criticism of any sort. This blog, for example, she would consider as “stalking,” even though I use my real name here, am totally open about what I write, try to link to every source I can, both pro and con, and even though she and Joe sought public notoriety in the first place.

So what do we make of this?


Nicole’s followers are pretty much as loony as she is.

“Crazy” is an apt word to use, Robin, applied to you. I can do some research in a very short time with very little info myself, you single mother with multiple children. Why are you a single mother?  Could you not stay married?  Were you such an obnoxious bitch that he left?  Or did you just get knocked up a couple of times without benefit of wedlock?

Do you want to play this game?

By the way, Miss Super Researcher with very little brain as well as very little info, you didn’t get it right.   You are the same person who called Mark a “white supremacist” the other night. That was totally erroneous too.

Mark Biggs is a US Army veteran.  He was deployed to Afghanistan and while on that deployment, his ex-wife took advantage of the situation and fled Kentucky’s jurisdiction with their young son, going to Colorado.  Mark fought tooth and nail to rectify the situation legally, and ultimately won an overwhelming victory on appeal.  His case is now considered precedent law in the Kentucky Supreme Court.

His son prefers living with his dad and moved back here and lived with him until he left home to attend university.  Unlike Joe Naugler, Mark supports his son and always has.

And note:  this is not Nicole doing this.  However, please notice that she read it, commented on it, and has done nothing at all to remove it or stop it.  “Stalking” is really, really bad if it’s done to her, and really, really okay if it’s done to her perceived enemies.

It’s not only Robin who has done this sort of thing.  The fake “Charles Smyth” does it.  Naomi Thompson does it.  Nicole is fine with it.

And Nicole, how about this?


If that’s okay to say about your neighbor, how about saying it to Robin.  Her children “need a dad” too, don’t they?  Or is that different because she says shitty false stuff about people you don’t like?

And while I’m at it, let me say this. No father at all is better than a dead-beat slug who refuses to support his family which is what your children have.

Oh, and nobody was drunk. And Joe had a beer. Sorry that bothers you.


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  1. She seems to be circling the drain faster and faster these days. I hope she isn’t crazy enough to harm the littles. Joe doesn’t seem to have the brains of a piss ant and does about the work of the same.
    This has been an interesting weekend (gives me an excuse not to write the English final I have to give in 2 weeks) and I am wondering if they will make tracks before the next court date.
    WRT that, was anyone in court and heard what went on before Not Guilty was whispered ?


  2. I know Mark and I know his son. Both are solid people.

    This woman and her snide bullshit speaks for itself.


  3. Poor Naugler kids need a grandmother, grandfather (to sit on his lap, cuz kids just don’t get to do that kind of stuff anymore) aunt, uncle or cousin. Any kind of outside interaction would do, they have none. And I am not talking about the internet. I am talking about actual face to face contact, a real life healthy relationship. There is nothing healthy going on inside that garden shed.

    Nicole doesn’t even have a relationship with her own mother, she treats her like she is the plague. One day her mother will be dead, and then all the anger, resentment, bitterness, guilt and regrets she has towards her mother will fester inside her. But, it will be too late to make amends. I forsee at least one of the children in their future treating Nicole as she has treated her mother, which is poorly, and the cycle will continue.

    The comment Nicole has made, “poor thing needs a dad” is not very Christian like. Or is it.


  4. “No father at all is better than a dead-beat slug who refuses to support his family which is what your children have”

    One of my sisters finally realized that regarding her new ex. A dad who isn’t there is a dad who isn’t there, but one who stays on the fringes and does nothing is reinforcing and flaunting how little he cares about his kids having food.

    “Poor thing needs a dad.”

    Too bad Alex didn’t have a dad, and that the 11 kids living on the homestead don’t. It takes more than matching DNA to be a dad. If it took DNA, then no adoptive dads would be dads. Being a dad or a mom is about doing your best to support your kids. Nicole makes some effort, but what does Joe do? He doesn’t work, doesn’t work on education, doesn’t clean or work on the homestead, doesn’t cook, doesn’t do anything but jerk off all day.


  5. Yeah right Nicole, what about Alex?
    Didn’t he need a dad too?

    You and Joe never even showed up in court over Alex.
    What, where you both afraid Joe would get arrested if he went to the TPR Hearing?
    How is Alex doing those days Nicole?
    I’m sure you know, you know about everything that is going to come back one day and bite you in the ass.
    And when Alex does I hope he destroys you and, ” Daddy Dearest.”


  6. Joe is a deadbeat dad. Nicole enables him. His son is a grown man and Joe still not has paid up his back child support. He screams at his remaining kids and calls them demeaning names.

    Nicole hides from her children by running off to work or spending 24/7 on social media. It seems the interaction is barely more than an occasional photo op.

    Joe or Nicole should stop acting like they’re better than other people. They should mind their own business. What business is it of theirs about other people’s families. Why can’t they just leave these families alone. They are crazy and jealous and someone should call the police, the FBI and the FB police. What a joke.


  7. She sure didn’t mind stalking and sharing when she or one of her supporters made an account that mimicked a critics and used it to friend other critics. They took that time to stalk through people’s profiles and see what was shared with friends. They shared that information among them to attempt to taunt critics.

    They have searched high and low for photos of people’s children, living and deceased, to taunt and torment those who disagree with them.

    It isn’t stalking if it happens to someone else, even if it’s a supporter. Try traveling down a public road and it’s stalking.


  8. ” It takes more than matching DNA to be a dad. If it took DNA, then no adoptive dads would be dads. Being a dad or a mom is about doing your best to support your kids.”

    A friend of mine since kindergarten was adopted. Around 3rd grade half of us went home, in tears, to tell our parents that we wished we’d been adopted too. Why? Because D’s family had chosen him and our parents simply had had us.

    He grew up, got married and it was a ‘starter kit’ family (his wife had a daughter from a prior marriage). He adopted her. Always wondered if she really thought of him as her Dad or as that guy who married mom. I pointed out that if he was hearing, “You don’t understand! We really LOOOOOVVE each other!” and slamming away into a bathroom or bedroom to sob – then he was her dad. That hearing, “I HATE YOU! You only want me to be MISERABLE! If I were living with my REAL DAD THEN…” you were her daddy. If you, who were once the chucklehead, find yourself hyperventilating slightly and realizing that you weren’t smiling so much as you were baring your fangs at the chucklehead that she’s dating, then you’re her dad.

    At her high school graduation there is a wonderful photo of him in tears, beaming at his daughter and she’s looking up at him, smiling and getting make-up all over his best suit (he’s an attorney) and it’s clear that he is indeed, her daddy. Biology be damned.

    They’re children, not oyster spat.


  9. Nice deflection with the truancy charge. Your supporters are eatin that shit up! My evil little genius.Unfortunately, for you, in reality it has nothing to do with what you are or aren’t doing for YOUR children. But as long as the negative attention is off you for a bit you can regroup and start planning a fund for something or other, a blessed little schoolhouse maybe?

    Joe had a beer…. With your nemesis…I would be freaking the fuck out!


  10. I guess parental rights trumps children rights? Who is to hold shit parents accountable? Is it the educationally neglected adults these children become that hold their parents accountable? When they are lost and a burden on society? If in NN perfect world parents rights trumps children’s so who holds parents accountable if the state can’t? Who protects neglected children?


  11. @Melissa I agree with everything you said . My heart has been broken for Alex this whole time. . He went through something no child should ever experience and then was cast away like an afterthought . I know he is now an adult but I want to advocate for him to. I wish he knew that we all really think about and care about him too! To have Nicole and her followers then put him down and ridicule him infuriated me . Joe disgust me on so many levels but he will burn in hell for what he did to Alex and Nicole will burn beside him for letting it happen!


  12. The poor kid needs a dad comment really rubbed me the wrong way too. Another thing that really bothers me. She said she felt her kids where in danger- so why did she send them outside to meet that danger? I thought we were in danger once, i put my kids in the locked bathroom inside my locked bedroom got my bat and went out to handle it myself.


  13. @crystal thankfully and I have never been in a situation to have to lock my kids in a bathroom at home but I have felt uneasy in public or others homes and immediately put the kids in the car and left. This is just like when N and J were so scared for their lives at he homestead that they holed up in the hotel but felt it was perfectly safe to bring the kids home just days later!


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