This is probably what you came here to find out about.

A quick note. This blog is not Joe and Nicole Naugler’s Blog. This blog was created to refute and dispel the claims they make, to elucidate their methodology, and to allow thinking people the opportunity to see the truth and make their own decisions.

A word of caution. If you comment, we recommend you do not link to your actual identity as many people that have spoken out against the Naugler adults have been doxxed, harassed, and bullied online.

Been watching the news lately? Here’s the truth.

The first article

The second

And here is the third article with the real truth.

The third

You read these and make up your own mind.

“The Nefarious Please”


This comment was posted in response to the third article (above). It was posted on March 6th.
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  1. Thanks! As someone who has been conned extensively by Joe and Nicole I am beyond grateful that you are an advocate of truth. So many people who think everything they do is fine have not had to deal with them.


  2. The thing that gets me is that, like so much of the trouble the Nauglers stir up for themselves, it could have all been avoided by:

    1. Finding out how to do a thing properly on the Internet FOR FREE
    2. Using junk and cheap stuff (in this case, white buckets, a toilet seat, dry leaves, scrap lumber, a hammer, some nails, a saw, and a shovel) to make the thing
    3. Dedicating a short amount of time per day, every day, consistently, to maintaining the thing, MR. NAUGLER

    And hey presto, a humanure system.

    Or a rainwater collection system.

    Or a chicken tractor.

    Or a woodpile.

    Or a clean and well watered outdoor kitchen.

    Or a bucket shower.

    Or a garden that actually produced food.

    Or cool storage for the vegetables they could have produced (you can do this with partially buried trash cans; Kentucky Cooperative Extension has posted the instructions online FOR FREE).


    But every time they had an opportunity to make a better home for their family–every single time–they chose to act like pigs and then start a fight about it. Along with telling inept lies about their total incompetence at anything resembling homesteading. LOL @ Mr. Naugler saying that there’s no evidence of piles of poo lying around on the ground. Anybody standing downwind will get plenty of evidence!


  3. poorkids…Papa can’t fix anything. He can’t even figure out how to wear a condom.


    “The Streisand effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet. It is an example of psychological reactance…”

    The Nauglers – Mrs. Naugler, more specifically – in an attempt to censor the rumors, criticism, and “misinformation” regarding Blessed Little Homestead’s toilette -or lack thereof – revealed to the community the real horror in which they defecate, for all to see! It’s intended effect backfired. It is a phenomenon called, the Streisand Effect!

    We were all shocked, dumbfounded as to why she would reveal such filthy conditions! Why risk the repercussions, simply to reply to critics, or in spite of them?!

    And now, to publicly deny the dumping of human-waste above ground, after previously describing it as their process, in great detail, online? To claim they are in fact within the law…! They must believe in their own lies, a state of eternal denial… Living a lie.

    Why delete the bucket-dump image? They have proven themselves wrong by posting the EPA guidelines last week, in which it is easy to see they are not following, via their own pictorial evidence and admitted procedures. They are so quick to show pictures of everything regarding the homestead, claiming no wrong, always with such pride! …pride in everything but the “pile”, that is! Where is this pile, this “compost”? They could so easily disprove the claim with a couple pictures… Indeed, they are so disillusioned that they think the burden of proof is on the county to prove!

    What do they even “compost” for? They have no garden!!

    “The Perils of the Streisand Effect”

    “From Beyonce to The Oatmeal: the Streisand Effect at its most glorious”


  5. Can’t the neighbors or the people that have been scammed get on the news also? I’m surprised they(the media) haven’t talked to them…. Now THERE’S a story.
    Watching these 2 on the news trying to contain their crazy is pretty entertaining I have to say. But then I think about the children who have to listen to it all the time,with no escape and it’s upsetting. I can’t even imagine what Camp Naugler is like today, full of stress and drama, or are they on their phones trying to get a handle on what just happened. I have 1 kid who losses her shit if I’m on the phone for more then 3 minutes, I can’t even imagine the disconnect those kids feel every day. ?
    Looking at that photo when they were all sick laying on the ground, sick, surrounded by trash…AND A FUCKING GOAT (wtf) and she has the audacity to take a PICTURE …she stopped…looked around for the best angle…and snapped a picture of her suffering children…and justify it by saying ” they are true campers” its APPALLING… Really… Think about when your kids sick, do you send them out in the yard to sleep it off in the mud? Arrrgghhh it’s called being a bad human being…


  6. Paraphrasing from the Nogs evening news interview,
    ‘People should be left to live as they please and not use government to force conformity.’

    Government is needed to force people to conform when people do not respect the rights of others to live in peace without fear of contamination of their property and without constant threat of frivolous lawsuits.

    Government is needed to force people to conform when people are unwilling to discuss disagreements, cooperate or communicate directly with their neighbors face to face in a civil and calm manner and with a willingness to compromise.

    Government is needed to force people to conform when people are constantly posting public threats to their neighbors and others about their willingness to defend any and all perceived threats with deadly force.

    Government is needed to force people to conform when people clearly demonstrate through public posting on internet platforms for all to see, living conditions that show many dangerous and unhealthy environmental conditions imposed upon 11 dependent children.

    Government is needed to force people to conform when people have a long history of criminal acts.

    Employing the strengths of our government is the only way anyone is reasonably safe when forcing the Nogs to conform and not continue to violate the rights of others.
    Of course most who read here understand this.

    To the Nog’s.
    You will eventually be forced by government to conform, even if it means you need to be put behind bars screaming about your “rights”, you will conform. Maybe someday you will learn that your “rights” do not supersede the rights of the everyone else, including the rights of your very own suffering children. You aren’t “different”, you are common, and found in every prison in America.


  7. If joe put as much emphasis on work as he does on screaming “not guilty” this would be a different story.
    Despite countless times Nicole has admitted that they dispose of their human waste above ground, somehow they’re not guilty.
    Add it to the list:
    1. Not guilty of abandoning oldest son.
    2. Not guilty of accusations oldest son made.
    3. Not guilty of refusing child support.
    4. Not guilty of driving kids around without seatbelt.
    5. Not guilty of stealing water.
    6. Not really guilty of menacing neighbor when asked to stop stealing water. Just looked guilty.
    7. Not guilty of allowing his free ranging animals to free range on his neighbors property.
    8. Not guilty of bullying and/or verbally assaulting church members.
    9. Not guilty of relying on strangers to provide a much needed 4th wall to provide the most basic of shelter needs for his family.
    10. Not guilty of creeping on local’s daughters and certainly not guilty of blaming it on his son and/or spirit guides.
    11. Not guilty of fb bullying in an attempt to silence critics.
    12. Not guilty of wasting an excess of 45k while his families basic needs are neglected.
    13. Not guilty of being a real man.

    Grow up, joe.


  8. Speaking of composting (the real kind), I am really pleased with the corn cob bedding I use to bed stalls. Yes, it’s pricey compared to getting a load of sawdust, but it’s not much more than kiln-dried sawdust and it breaks down so nicely.

    I get mine at TSC where it costs a great deal less than Southern States. SS should do something about that.

    I save the bedding and feed bags for trash bags. The (paper) feed bags are also used for yard waste so friends and family don’t have to purchase them at Home Depot or wherever. Yes, I give them the bags after I clip off the proof-of-purchase seals which are then sent to a particular rescue.

    As for the Naugler situation, I feel very badly for their children. I really don’t understand why the heck they (Joe and Nicole) break their usual cycle and actually BUILD the compost system, purchase straw or peat moss or corn cob bedding or collect lots and lots of dry autumn leave, and set up five or six of the bins. It’s just as easy to build more bins to prepare for the output of a large family as it is to do it as you go along.


  9. This takes me back to my first impression of the naugler crew. These adults want to share their bodily functions with the world. From birthing their children on camera, photographers being their other children (poop involved there, as well) to sharing their poop and other personal ‘effects’with the world around them, literally. Have these people no boundaries? No shame? The poor children, to have to deal with adults such as that. And, now, is there another addition on the way? Tune in for the next season of As The Nauglers and their Poop Turn.


  10. Besides the solid, liquid and smell oozing from the Nog’s property I would be very concerned as a local about mosquito infestations from the bles-sed cesspool. I would think the county and CDC would also be interested in monitoring that situation. media/releases/2016/p0513-zika-funds.html

    The Mr. FBR who is regularly checked by governmental examiners said, “What’s the big deal, you just show ’em your setup, and they check you off.” Exactly! LOL!
    “The shit’s gonna get real” after the 22nd. Bet they have never before tried to BS the EPA. (I think BS should now be renamed to NS).


  11. @lalaloopsey: A preschool- or toddler-level obsession with crotches and body products, combined with the assumption that everybody else is just as interested, is often exhibited (heh) by narcissists.

    To which Mrs. Naugler may well fire back “Well you’re talking about our poop so nyah.”

    We wouldn’t be, if you had an actual working humanure system. Oh, wait, “working.” Right. Never gonna happen. Whether it’s just plain laziness and the belief that work is for Other People that drives you to leave your tools lying in the mud and make your toddlers drag firewood around while your older children slog the length of a football field with buckets of your feces in a pointless effort at hygiene (judging by the stench and runoff), or whether you actually have executive dysfunction, you are FAILING YOUR CHILDREN. Failed mother. Failed father. Failed homesteaders. Failed neighbors. Failed at everything except getting hits on the Internet, and begging for money that you piddled away on whatever.

    If you love your children at all, get the son who’s about to turn 18 into Job Corps and call the school district before they go to summer hours to find out how to get the rest of the older kids back into school this fall. The school will feed them, give them clean toilets to use, and help them wash up. That’s more than you are doing.


  12. Still no video of the actual composting system the Nauglers claim to have. Maybe they are still getting it up to EPA standards so they can film it. ? They did have time to make a seven minute video of the overgrown woods where they obviously never carry the buckets to empty them. How about a video of the land around the “outhouse”? That is the most likely place that spillage is happening, and it is right next to the neighbors property. Why no video of that? Is there a chance that the kids are dumping the heavy buckets just outside the “outhouse” because the work of carrying them to the compost pile is so hard? Or maybe Joe is angry about getting hit with that no contact order with the neighbors. He can’t even flip them off or cuss at them anymore because they are smart enough to have a phone out recording anytime they have to pass the house. Maybe Joe has “accidentally” spilled a few buckets of poo in the neighbors yard out of anger.

    The Nauglers seem to love having a reason to fight the man. Last year, they could have let the police talk to their children and avoided having the kids put in foster care. This year, they could just work with the health department and avoid criminal charges.
    It seems like they want a fight. They keep pointing to the fact that the property hasn’t even been inspected. But the Nauglers posted online saying they were dumping all their human waste and grey water on the property. The health department was kind enough to give them time to get everything in compliance before it comes to inspect. They didn’t bring criminal charges against the Nauglers. They are just saying the Nauglers need to comply and are going to be inspected. Seems fair.

    Sadly, when the health department does come to inspect the property, the will bring police with them for protection. The Nauglers will refuse to let anyone on the property without a warrant. There will be recordings and yelling and cussing about police and government abuse. There may be an arrest or two. Their oldest son is old enough to be charged with adult crimes. So sad. So avoidable. I hope the Nauglers just choose to put their kids first for once. Stop screeching about your rights and just work with people. Otherwise, your kids are going to be in foster care again. Or worse, your family will be another Ruby Ridge.


  13. @Bea I really hope the inspectors bring police protection and I hope they look over the entire property.

    I’m guessing family court will be olinterested in the health inspection report.


  14. I truly wish the authorities would get involved and confiscate all of the guns on the property.

    This is never going to end well with these two criminals.


  15. When these two say “rights,” they are always to be understood as meaning “I DO WUT I WANNN.” Nobody else has the right not to support them unwittingly by having water stolen. Nobody else has the right to expect them not to leave feces and garbage lying around upwind. Nobody else has the right not to have to shoo their livestock away all the time. Nobody else has the right not to be doxxed for pointing out that they’re making mistakes.

    And apparently, the kids don’t have the right to expect help growing up into people who can make it farther than the Nauglers ever will–not that that’s a high bar–because that would interfere with the Nauglers’ ability to DO WUT THEY WANNNNNN.


  16. It’s just old. The same crap over and over. They had at least 45,000. What the heck did they do with it? One pre-built and a chain saw? That money could and should have turned everything around for them. Instead it’s still the we are being persucuted crap. Get up off your ass and do something. Stop being so cruel to people and you won’t have as many problems. You got into this mess by joe being cruel I would have thought you would have learned a lesson from it. It’s time to shit or get off the pot, call it what it is or start actually doing something. Your not off grid or homesteading, your camping on the land that’s it. You still have people that know what they are doing that are willing to talk to you use that ask for help, not donations and do something anything.


  17. On a local radio panel discussion that airs once a week, there was a conversation about what to do about a dangerous and completely unregulated large homeless encampment in the city. The guests discussed how it’s just such an impossible situation because of the numbers of homeless people living there who have untreated mental illness and are resistant to accessing treatment. They’re so ill that they don’t have a typical aversion to living in filth and squalor. They are somehow able to tolerate living without access to even basic sanitation.

    I know this has been touched on before, but that discussion really clarified again to me that the Naugler parents are fundamentally two mentally ill homeless people who are refusing treatment for their mental illness. In a sense, what is happening to them is their behavior, that is rooted in their mental illness and homelessness, is being criminalized. Unfortunately, that’s really kind of inevitable because there is a need to protect other community members from their behavior. But this is the dilemma that was discussed on the radio program with regards to the urban mentally ill homeless. If you cite them for being in the homeless encampment and criminalize their acts, that just adds to the issues these people who are already overwhelmed and completely failing to cope with life already have. It makes it less likely their situation will ever improve.

    When I first learned of the Naugler family a year ago, I had a smidgen of hope that all that money would somehow change the parents’ behavior. I also thought all the offers of help and the extra time from the temporary relief from childcare responsibilities would have gotten the parents on a path of productivity and built some momentum for accomplishing some of the basic homestead goals. I didn’t, at that time though, appreciate the depth and extent of the parents’ illness.

    It’s so clear now that there is no good or easy solution. As long as the two of them won’t even acknowledge they are in need of treatment of some kind, things are never going to get better no matter what. As long as they won’t accept any meaningful help that doesn’t even rise to the level of treatment, things will not get better. There are so few options for authorities to intervene in any way to help the kids, that, although it’s problematic, criminalizing some of Joe and Nicole’s behavior seems to be necessary. That may be the only thing that gets them to provide for some of the basic needs of the kids or, if they don’t comply, may be a means to further document how impossible the situation is for the kids so that they can be removed from their parents’ care permanently.

    Their supporters who claim to care about the well-being of the children, need to stop the enabling Joe and Nicole and somehow figure out how to do some sort of intervention that gets the Naugler parents to agree to get help so that they can stop this downward spiral that is otherwise surely going to end badly.

    This is just so sad and so hopeless.


  18. Mrs. Naugler looks pregnant in the newscasts. I hope if this is the case, the situation is vastly improved before the baby is born.


  19. A Naugler supporter (sock?) suggested on a facebook page that all of the critics should stop criticizing and spend time and energy supporting the business instead. I think most, or all, of us recognize the futility of that. The parents had tens of thousands of dollars given to them in donations and loans and that didn’t make a meaningful difference in the lives of the children.

    With Nicole’s apparent pregnancy and age, how reasonable and responsible is it for her to be working on her feet all day late in a pregnancy and soon after giving birth anyways? The lack of prenatal care is setting her up for all kinds of potential problems. This family should not be relying solely on Nicole’s business for income. There is too much risk that something could go wrong.


  20. In a new video on their YouTube page it looks like the son Q is shooting a gun that has a cracked stock and is basically held together with rubber bands…OH HELL NO!!


  21. Wouldn’t that make it easy? They could immediately dispel all of this nonsense by saying “HERE! Look at this! Now please leave us alone”

    But no. Instead, they opt to cry foul and victim and claim others are harassing them.

    Maybe because they DON’T have a composting toilet? Maybe because what we’re telling people in this blog is true?


    “Nefarious Please”


  22. First she insisted they had a composting toilet – but then they post the photo of the white buckets in use.

    Then she insists they’ve been composting their waste for three years, but she doesn’t post a photo of the set-up. After three years they must have quite a lot to photograph.

    So easily refuted but they just can’t be bothered. They like easy. I guess it’s easier to scream that they’re being persecuted rather than build an appropriate composting area and photograph it.

    I hope that EPA does show up to take soil and water samples. Sure, it’s great to conserve water and compost whenever possible. It’s not so great to contaminate not only your own land, but others’ land as well. One step forward (supposedly setting up a humanure system), two steps back (human waste and other by-products sluicing downhill).


  23. Does anyone remember the pictures of the goats standing on rubble, shortly before they went up for sale? Well, there was quite a stir when people observed it appeared that one of the goats seemed injured. The goat looked like it had a gash on its neck. People made comments supporters and non-supporters. They were concerned -as they should be, the goats seemed like they were being tethered, which could cause an injury to the neck. Nicole caught wind of the negative light this was shining on the care of the goats. Then ta-da! A video was made, a video showing what looked like a gash was actually twine or some kind of material. She proved the naysayers wrong with that video, good call Nicole.

    So now comes the outcry of where human waste is being disposed of..properly. For the well being of the whole family, the community and the environment. Officials have been contacted. Neighbors have had concerns (can’t blame them). People have been asking for many months where is the poo going? Do tell how you compost? Yada yada. Guess what, the topic gets diverted and ignored. Ya wanna know why? Because it’s not being taken care of the way it should. Otherwise Nicole would be quick to defend the proper precautions for the poo were being handled. Just like she did when she was being accused of not treating the goat for an injury. There was proof, they love that stuff. They like to stick it in the naysayers face when they have proof, nanabooboo. Think about it. A video (evidence) to prove that a friggin goat is fine, but none to prove this VERY serious “accusation” isn’t true.


  24. The most recent News-Interview of Nicole and Joe Naugler is an obvious attempt at restrain on behalf of Wave3, given the interview was obviously only granted on certain terms.

    Joe’s hair has just dried and it becomes abundantly clear that this interview takes place fresh after he has just showered hosed off at a literal dog-salon. The smirk on his face reads as though he is scheming, and it is altogether unsettling.

    It begins with the narration, “Joe and Nicole Naugler run a pet-grooming service…”

    Well, that is a stretch! Did they just say, “Joe AND Nicole”? We all know Joe does not runanything, or even at all. In fact, the closest thing Joe does to running the place, is shower hose-off there.

    How considerate, to squeeze Nicole’s name in there, you know, after Joe. Soo nice to give her a little credit, amirite?

    It continues,”But they are better known for their … ::dramatic pause:: home life!”

    …If that isn’t an understatement!

    Please note: Let it be known that, as of today, I will now address Mr. Naugler only as “Joe”, hereby disregarding any formality I have used in the past. Simply put, I give-up! It is not worth the minuscule effort, for he is but a rudimentary man-child, who least deserves such a title. “Mr” derives from “Mister”, which only applies to those above one’s own status. And as we all know, there is no lower status than Joe. And although that usage and understanding of the word is mostly obsolete, as it was gradually expanded to a simple mark of respect, even then, it’s still not applicable to Joe. Now, if there were a proper title for Dogs, then I would settle with it, but alas there is none.


  25. From everything I’ ve read this a.m., it reads like Nicole/ Joe are gearing up for another ‘ battle’. Scrubbing the pages, stating their case, making sure their story is squeaky clean for whomever. It seems more important to them to ‘clear up any misinfo’on the net, then it is to deal with reality. Reality is…if you keep doing what you’ve always did, then you will get what you always got. But by all means, don’t listen to even your supporters and go ahead with whatever is is you are trying to accomplish by waging this ‘war’ I don’t think this will end well for you overall. it didn’t for the Bundy cause.


  26. I just read over at free jinger, that there is a GFM account set up to ‘fight the trolls’. Uggg….if this is true……ugg!


  27. Wow….just wow. if those 2 nut jobs care more about the online bullshit then they do their own kids or predicament, then I hope they end up in jail cells [especially Joe] and their kids are taken, until they grow up and accept responsibility for thier lives. It seems they are burning up the net to get support… Good luck with all that. I’m done.


  28. This is a tragedy waiting to happen!

    The gun is being held together with rubber bands and zip ties.
    It is being fired by a child that looks to be at most five years old!
    That POS Joe can’t even have him stand or hold the gun correctly whilst he is shooting!

    Didn’t Joe threaten a neighbor with a gun?

    What is CPS waiting for?
    A child (or someone else) to be shot before they get involved?


  29. So finally the much anticipated fund raiser has been kicked off this week-end.
    The Nogs aren’t going to clean anything up this week or ever, imo. At present they have only been warned of an impending investigation. As both the Nogs, and the land owners have been named in the complaint, and as the Nogs don’t have the means, this is probably going to fall on the land owners. If they are then evicted for damages or just decide the current location is too hostile, the latest GoFraud Me fund raiser to “fight the trolls” will be a nice handy sum enabling them to relocate or lounge around for a few more months, although I think they’ll have to stay close for the ongoing Family Court issues.
    This wonderful opportunity has come along again, so they beat their drums summoning the Nauglites in anger and injustice, and again get their hands on some much needed Nauglite cash. It has come just in time to have a nice summer vacation in a new location, likely preparing for the newest photo op. Send CASH Nauglites, send them ALL of your money!


  30. Sad Spiral, I saw that comment by a supporter (sock). And my response in earnest is this..

    The theory doesn’t work, it doesn’t fix the problem. It’s like giving cash to a homeless or street panhandler. When did a homeless person’s life change from dropping some dollars in their cup? The core of their troubles isn’t the lack of money, as a source of encouragement. Many, if not most, have underlying issues that led to the problem, mainly mental health issues and/or addictions. As with Joe and Nicole, as it appears, even a ~$70k cash infusion from donations isn’t fixing the underlying problems. So if one cared about them, enabling and ignoring the underlying issues, is not helping to fix the problems. Like the homeless panhandler, who takes the dollars and buys a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of booze. And then gets in line at the local rescue mission for a meal.

    On another note, isn’t a permit required for a residential composting toilet and human feces waste management? And thank goodness for government agencies, to enforce. Because unfortunately, we don’t often get to choose our neighbors. So, haven’t the Nauglers lived there for nearly 3 years? 3 years, 12 human fecal contributors. With an average of a bowel movement daily or every other day. That would seem to be a whole lot of poop filled whitebuckets carried back 100 yards from the hole less outhouse. And a lot of sawdust and mulch, which Nicole stated is the composting toilet process. The black tarp covered, human feces waste management collection area, that Joe says they are on the “up and up” and “following to a T” the guidelines. But what about the permit?


  31. Oh dear lord what fresh hell, uh smell, is this? There are no words. This is disgusting- shame on you people. I am not going to pretend I know the first thing about homesteading, but I would imagine that people who desire living like this respect their land and our earth. I can practically hear that property screaming from here. And those poor neighbors- someone set up a GFM for them to build a wall, a fence, a moat (well, that wouldn’t work it would be full of floaters before long). Now there is a fundraiser I can get behind! Just when I thought this story could not possibly get any worse- yuck! Dumping buckets of feces and urine- and you know they rinse those buckets in the pond (if they rinse them at all).


  32. When does this woman sleep? When does she parent? When does she work? Actually work, not just be in the building. I am sporadic with my “trolling” but everytime I go on it looks like she has recently posted or commented…any time day or night. Not sure what’s going on there. The recent videos of her kids just breaks my heart, they are being questioned and don’t understand or are uncomfortable with the questioning. Her supporters are dwindling and they are mostly people like her anyway…ignorant, easily distracted, feed off negative energy. Its unraveling before our eyes…


  33. The latest picture of the Nauglers’ angelic, blond curly-headed little boy shows him shooting that held-together-with-rubber-bands gun, “assisted” by Joe.

    I think he is about four years old. Several other children are nearby. He appears to be wearing a one-piece sleeper (dirty) and those beautiful golden curls are very tangled and don’t look as if they’ve seen a comb or brush or shampoo in some time. He is still a gorgeous child, like all of his siblings. He is still a neglected child, too. Again, like all of his many siblings.

    The utter lack of common sense and common decency of these two poor excuses for adults (forget calling them “parents” – hatching out baby after baby doesn’t make you a parent. Guppies do that, and they often eat their young) is mind-boggling.

    Can’t someone bring charges of endangering the welfare of minors? Please? There is more than ample photographic evidence of not just neglect (dirty clothes and not very many of them, inadequate shelter, inadequate hygiene, inadequate educational opportunities, lack of medical care, questionable food and drink, exposure to parental “adult” activities), but actual physical endangerment (more or less open cess pile, dangerous glass, metal, etc. plus barefooted children, encouraging use of a damaged – and loaded – gun by a FOUR YEAR OLD child, and on and on and on.

    Get that little child a water-pistol instead, Joe. He might even get a little cleaner through playing with it, and he won’t blow off his own head or that of any of his brothers or sisters- or parents.

    Good lord, man, what are you thinking??


  34. Yesterday’s post from Joe on the Blessed Little Homestead Facebook, in regard to Nicole’s discussion of weight gain after multiple pregnancies:

    “nicole i keep telling you that god wants us to have more children…and my response to your why is, because i am still so very much attracted to you…(heart icon) your beauty personifies feminity and that which is woman. nothing in this world has blessed me more than your choice to be with me!”

    When the last baby was on the way, Nicole indicated that it was not a planned pregnancy and that the timing was not ideal, as the other children had been taken into care and the adult Nauglers were facing many related issues. I wondered then how much of the incessant child-bearing was due to her own choice – or if Joe was pressuring her to have baby after baby.

    The quote above makes it clear that Joe equates his lust for Nicole with God’s will, and in combination with Nicole’s recent comments on Joe’s birthday (“He tells me I am beautiful, every day”), makes it clear that flattery will do the trick in persuading Nicole into baby-making activities.

    Such humility on Joe’s part. Even if he should be correct about God’s will for them to have still more children, I suspect God would also be in favor of adequately supporting said children, once they arrive, in addition to providing their mother with decent housing, medical care (Nicole reports that her teeth are in bad condition following multiple pregnancies, something usually attributable to the fetus pulling needed calcium from the mother’s body if it cannot obtain it from other sources, such as a good prenatal diet), education, a safe environment, and on and on and on.

    But it’s God’s will, according to the Book of Joe. Can’t argue with that, can we?

    I know of no Judeo-Christian or quasi-Christian (re. Mormon) theology which encourages believers to have more children than they can support and care for lovingly.

    Joe, that’s not God talking to you, it’s hormones. God also gave you a brain, along with something known as (in your case, seldom used) self-control. Put both to use, rather than that other overused part of your anatomy, and take care of the children you already have, if you truly love their mother – love her more than the activity which brought those children into the world, that is.


  35. for what it’s worth, joe’s amorous comment to his wife is somewhat similar to a FUBAR ramble he made when asked about his feelings regarding his children dating. He stated “biologic urges” should serve as a guide.


  36. Interesting Post on Blessed Little Homestead today :

    A discussion topic.
    Do you support a government policy that does a psychological test on any couple who chooses to have children and yearly testing and home inspection to monitor the family to be sure they are approved by the state?
    Would you be comfortable with doing one today if someone showed up at your door? Would a week be enough time to prepare? A month? How about a surprise test?
    I would love to hear your thoughts.
    My thoughts? The government had to established in court that the Naugler parents did not provide safe housing. They had to prove the parents presented some danger to their children that had to be monitored and corrected. The court probably approved a request for the parents to have a forensic evaluation as part of the case plan to get their children back. The court probably approved continued child welfare monitoring of the family home. None of that would be allowed of the average American family without a court order. A judge had to approve all of that.


  37. The page writer took the page temporarily down to attend to,personal business. It will be back in a week or so.

    -The Nefarious Please


  38. It’s a misleading post and yet another fallacious argument on BLH. It starts with the basic presumption that the question would apply to any random family off the street. It does not recognize that the question actually refers to parent(s) who have had not only a substantiated CPS investigation, but a court case for abuse, neglect or abandonment which may still be ongoing.

    – The Nefarious Please


  39. For someone who is swearing up and down that their CPS Case is closed she sure is sweating and asking a lot of questions for nothing huh?

    FB Refugee, This is the part where she learns how to conform with a smile on her face.


  40. Obviously if a psych evaluation was ordered then there had to have been a valid reason. If this had happened to me for instance I would be extremely insulted BUT would comply none the less because I have nothing to hide…but, I also have hot running water, indoor plumbing, a husband who works hard to support us, etc. etc.. so what do I know?…


  41. So much going on in all areas of the Ns life it seems…DCFS, young business, many beautiful children (+1?), legal issues, and perhaps significant environmental clean-up (or maybe a quick fix).

    Where is the support from the Emergency Response Team? Alleged water and land pollution is serious for a community. Contamination IS a crisis. Does the ERT exist? Are these the same folks as the preppers? Do they have people? Tools? Machines? If Mr N is a high commander why have they not mobilized to help?

    Children removed from a family for a second time due to home inadequacies and political agendas is a crisis too. Is there a cooperative within the ERT families (not only FB friends) that can help with childcare/schooling? Would family step in to help if they were asked?


  42. Bill, I think Joe being the head of anything is all smoke, mirrors and a bunch of hogwash.
    But if I’m wrong and couple hundred folks go out there to help out, they all might want to invest in a Hazmat Suite. Because in my opinion the Breakinridge County Health Department may have found where Shit Creek begin’s.


  43. Melissa,
    So far, your observations seem to be true re both the illusory ERT and the figurative expression that we sometimes use to mean “in deep doo doo”. Actually, in this case, it might be literal as well.


  44. Does anyone know if, ” The Billy Goat Gruff Café ” is open today?

    Just wondering !!!! ?????????


  45. Melissa, Hahaha! She isn’t going willingly, that’s for sure but I think her time is up with the courts. Her fear of these psych evals is pretty telling. I think she’s pleading with the Nauglites for info on what the questions might be, hoping she can “prepare” for them. I guess she thinks she can BS this eval, given enough time to “prepare”, and always believing she’s smarter than everyone else.
    Of all the shit hittin’ the creek lately, I think this is the one that has her most concerned, as she isn’t able to predict or control the outcome. She’s gonna have to paddle real hard.
    Haaa, Bill, I am still laughing over Joe’s comrade(s) coming to assist. “help shovel your shit, and possibly take in your 11.75 kids?” aaahhhh, no, sorry, busy this year.”


  46. I really doubt there is poo dumped all over the Nauglers land and running into the neighbors yard. It’s more likely that the Nauglers have had a simple compost pile for years. It can be built with free pallets (we know they have those). They can dump the buckets into the pallet bin and cover it with free sawdust from a local mill (Nicole said that is what they use). They don’t have to do anything else with it but dump the buckets and cover with sawdust. Maybe add tarps to keep off the heavy rain. They don’t have to take its temperature or monitor it or turn the compost. Just dump and cover. It really does just compost and break down on its own. The problem is…the kids are the ones in charge of the work. It may not always get dumped in the right spot or covered properly.


  47. Bea, I’m not going to debate your points regarding KY codes regarding the methods of composting the Naugler’s are using, just going to say I don’t agree with you.

    But you say the kids are the ones in charge this work, and it may be done improperly.
    Aren’t the “parents” ultimately responsible for this very important “detail”. You are REALLY throwing the kids under the bus for this? It’s the parent’s responsibility that this is done correctly, and if not, they ONCE AGAIN are negligent in supervising and teaching the most basic but important matter of disposal of human, including their own, waste.


  48. It’s not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with me. Do you know of a law that restricts the Nauglers from composting human poo? I don’t know of any government organization that has the legal authority to demand entrance to someones property to see if they are composting properly. The Nauglers can refuse to let an employee of the health department onto their property. The health department would have to force their way in with a police escort or get a warrant. It would require evidence of a health hazard to get a warrant. I don’t know if that evidence exists or not.
    I never said the kids had the legal or moral responsibility of overseeing the poo composting. I was just pointing out who is probably doing all the work.


  49. I think if the N’s had the pallet-bin construction as described in the humanure book they would have posted multiple pictures of it by now. Or, when they had their TV interview last week, they could have shown it to the film crew instead of filming at the groomer’s.


  50. Bea,
    You should let the nauglers know all they need to do is dump their poo in a pallet and cover with sawdust. According to joe, they’re completely following the epa guidelines that Nicole posted and they could probably save some valuable time if they can just follow your suggestions. Man, that might give them enough extra time to spend a full 24 hours a day on Facebook instead of 23 and 3/4 of an hour.


  51. It’s not a matter of a law restricting them from composting their waste, there are laws in place that restrict the methods in which is acceptable. Apparently the Health Department believes their is reason enough to investigate them, and I am sure will follow the law in regards to obtaining a warrant or whatever legal method is required as is necessary. The Health Department doesn’t not need to make public their findings.


  52. Bea – If you go to the BLH facebook page and look for the post that the Mrs made about EPA regulations there are regulations how human waste gets disposed of as per the information she posted they are doing it wrong. Well she took it down as it was pointed out that she posted it and they are not following it. They also have to follow local regulations too. Sorry but neither of the Nauglers are elected to any office that makes regulations or laws so their laws do not count. Only people with mental illnesses make up regulations and laws and believe that is all they have to follow, society does not work like that. Thankfully.

    But I happen to find a link to the same thing she posted. Please read the second paragraph in this:

    They do not have real compost toilet instead just a bucket to use and throw a handful of what ever they can get for free over it.

    It must be either buried or hauled away by a license septage hauler. They do not have their buried it is above ground as per what Nicole said and covered with a tarp.

    Yes we all care about the kids – the parents many of us could give two poops after what they have done to their own children, neighbors, fellow church members and community as a whole. But we also have to care about them causing pollution to go into the underground water that is used by many people. For goodness sake some poor child with a compromised immune system down stream from them could drink the water they are polluting and die from it.

    Please stop trying to straddle the fence when it comes to the Nauglers as they are the ones doing wrong by their kids and only them.


  53. That is what the 20 day letter is really about. All the hoopla, is just that, hoopla. Like everything they insist on blowing out of proportion and making such a stink of, they could have saved themselves and everyone else the aggravation. Now, they’ve set a ball rolling that can’t be stopped. Simply applying for a permit and having an inspection won’t cut it anymore. Then again, where’s the potential fundraiser in such an everyday mundane task?

    – The Nefarious Please


  54. “The Nauglers can refuse to let an employee of the health department onto their property. The health department would have to force their way in with a police escort or get a warrant. It would require evidence of a health hazard to get a warrant. I don’t know if that evidence exists or not.”

    Perhaps I am the only one who finds this type of rhetoric to be alarming? I work closely with a local health department. In general they do not need a warrant because they do not investigate *criminal* complaints, but rather civil ones. They do not have the authority to arrest anyone but only to examine a site and compile a report. Opinions on whether or not there is evidence of a health hazard may vary, but we know the Nauglers will never agree with any such evidence, even if Joe shat on the health department guy’s head, so the point is moot.

    But enough with the technicalities. On a personal level I am deeply concerned for the health department worker given the comments like the one that I have quoted above. This is just a guy trying to do his job. I truly hope he knows the backstory here and that no harm befalls him. Whether intentional or not, comments such as the one I have quoted and combined with the Nauglers increasingly erratic behavior, suggest what many of us have been expecting–a showdown involving firearms. For example, a few Census workers get killed every time they go on their rounds because…evil goverment.

    Why wouldn’t the Nauglers allow the health department on their property? In general health department folks are ready and willing to assist. They are civil servants and they certainly didn’t take the job for the buckets of money. So…why? I think we all know why.


  55. “They do not have real compost toilet instead just a bucket to use and throw a handful of what ever they can get for free over it.”
    * That IS the correct way to compost human manure = Poo in a bucket, pour bucket on compost pile, cover with layer of sawdust. That is all.

    “They do not have their buried it is above ground as per what Nicole said and covered with a tarp.”
    * It doesn’t need to be buried until it has composted. That can take two years.
    The tarps are probably being used to keep heavy rain off the compost piles.

    “For goodness sake some poor child with a compromised immune system down stream from them could drink the water they are polluting and die from it.”
    * Why would some child be drinking from an untreated stream? Not a good idea.

    “Please stop trying to straddle the fence when it comes to the Nauglers as they are the ones doing wrong by their kids and only them.”
    * There is no straddling. There is only interest in facts not emotions. I don’t assume the Nauglers wipe their butts incorrectly just because they are them.


  56. Do you honestly think that the Nauglers are using a humanure system?

    Where’s the bucket with the sawdust, or leaf litter, or whatever, that they add to the bucket of poo right after using it? Where’s the scoop for that bucket?

    Where’s the three-chamber compost bin built from pallets or scrap lumber, with optional roof to keep rain from leaching through the contents and contaminating groundwater?

    Where’s the thermometer to ensure that the contents of each bin are at the temperature that kills many pathogens and ensures optimal composting? Where’s the shovel or rake, for turning the contents of each bin as needed and removing finished compost?

    Where’s the wheelbarrow, for taking compost to the garden?

    Hell, where’ the garden? They’ve been there long enough to be taking a finished lot of compost out of the bin on the end and using it to enrich their soil. So why haven’t they?

    They can say anything they like, but pics or it didn’t happen. They feel free to take pics of that godawful doorless…thing…they make their children use for toileting. And their children vomiting on the ground because they have no beds for their sickness. And the hopefully correctly identified weeds their children are eating. And the goats and slimy mud in the outdoor kitchen. And the sink that leads nowhere and cleans nothing. And the watery garbage pit that used to be a fishpond. You’re telling me that with all that online, they don’t feel able to take photos of a working humanure system?


  57. Something I read on FJ made me horripilate. Apparently the latest meal the kids were eating includes Queen Anne’s lace, or wild carrot. That isn’t the problem (although they are eating it out of season). The problem is that there’s hemlock on that land, Mrs. Naugler knows it’s there, and she’s relying on the kids to tell hemlock from Queen Anne’s lace by eye.

    Here’s the thing: Hemlock will kill you. Not may. Will. It will kill you. You don’t even have to eat it. If you make a whistle out of a green hemlock stem, it will kill you. The only documented cases known to me of someone surviving hemlock poisoning involved a trip to the hospital less than an hour after ingestion. Can you imagine Nicole “Oxygen kills tetanus pathogens so I don’t need to immunize against tetanus” Naugler or Joe “We got some fishing line for that gash, who needs a doctor” Naugler actually doing that? They would still be sitting there blaming the kid for having eaten the wrong thing when the kid stopped breathing.

    Somebody local, please forward that post about the Queen Anne’s lace to CPS!


  58. I always enjoy the well articulated posts here by the many people who care for the fate of these eleven children, and in regards to the Poop Issue, the community at large.

    Joe and Nicole Naugler, you’ve lived on this land for approximately three years, ample time to have made a trip to the County Health Department and discussed their regulations for composting human feces. You are not “living in the wilderness”, but have a neighbor whose property line is within pitching distance of your outhouse and shed. You owe it to your children, neighbors and community at large to assure that your waste is not a hazard. The Humanure Handbook is not the County Health Department in Kentucky, and though you despise dealing with government of any kind, you are not above the law. Tough tiddly winks.

    Get it done. There will not be another $45,000 GoFundMe to get your children back a second time.


  59. Bea,

    The Naugler’s stated themselves weeks ago the waste was composting above ground, covered with tarps. That is not effectively contained or legal.

    A composting toilet ( and pooping in a bucket then dumping it on a composting pile are two completely different things.

    Despite these facts there are two major things you are forgetting.
    1. A composting system, a septic system, or a plain old outhouse with a 6 foot hole, all need approval from the Health Department before you can commence using them or installing them. This was not obtained by the Naugler’s.
    2. The property the Naugler’s live on is not owned by the Naugler’s. It is owned by the Kentucky Land Company, the Naugler’s are in a lease to own situation as you know. That is why the notice from the Health Department has been addressed and I assume sent to both parties. So in essence the agency don’t necessarily need permission from you….sorry the Naugler’s permission, to enter the property.

    So you can try to paint any picture you like, the facts still remain. If they are removed from the property then it is no fault but their own. Just because you don’t believe in the laws set out, doesn’t mean you can ignore them.


  60. Bea
    I will try to clear some of this up for you. You are missing points or hoping that you can believe what Nicole says and we all know that you can believe any thing she says.

    “They do not have real compost toilet instead just a bucket to use and throw a handful of what ever they can get for free over it.”
    * That IS the correct way to compost human manure = Poo in a bucket, pour bucket on compost pile, cover with layer of sawdust. That is all.
    The REAL Truth = No that is not the right way to do it. They are composting ABOVE ground and that is ILLEGAL. Who even knows if they are even doing it right in the poop shack with layering poop and sawdust or the likes of that.

    “They do not have their buried it is above ground as per what Nicole said and covered with a tarp.”
    * It doesn’t need to be buried until it has composted. That can take two years.
    The tarps are probably being used to keep heavy rain off the compost piles.
    The REAL Truth = See answer above about compost pile. Tarps are not the proper way to compost. It might keep the rain off and keep the rain from washing most of the pile away. The black tarps can mess with the temperature of the pile keeping it from composting right. Even one of her supporters has told her that is wrong. There is more to composting than just dumping buckets of human waste in a pile. There is work to it.

    “For goodness sake some poor child with a compromised immune system down stream from them could drink the water they are polluting and die from it.”
    * Why would some child be drinking from an untreated stream? Not a good idea.
    The REAL Truth = The way they are doing it the bacteria and illness that that human feces can carry away from their pile it can work it’s way into the the UNDER GROUND water table (stream) too. It can also get in ponds and streams via run off. If the bacteria gets in the under ground water it can go to homes that use wells and make a person with a compromised immune system very sick. Well water comes from under ground water streams.

    “Please stop trying to straddle the fence when it comes to the Nauglers as they are the ones doing wrong by their kids and only them.”
    * There is no straddling. There is only interest in facts not emotions. I don’t assume the Nauglers wipe their butts incorrectly just because they are them.
    Okay I get that but you are also believing every thing that the Nauglers say. Most of us have learned that they are good at spinning, lying and twisting things to make it suit their purpose. Instead of listening to their facts try doing a search on google for what they are saying and there you can find things to give you the real facts. Here is a link to the EPA on composting toilets and in the second paragraph you can see that they are not following EPA regulations. They also have to follow local regulations and one of them is no composting above ground. Did you know that tape worm can crawl up to 5 feet under ground? That is why it is suggested a under ground hole be at least 6 feet deep.
    Link –


  61. Children play in streams. They don’t search around for signage stating the stream is treated (by what?). My children did. The Naugler children do. They get wet, their hands get wet, they put those wet hands into their mouths, fingers up their noses, rub their eyes. That is more than sufficient contact for a pathogen to be spread. They don’t have to drink handfuls of the water.

    – The Nefarious Please


  62. Evidently many people are confused about the Health Department being allowed to gain access to someone’s property to do testing. Having read a few KRS Laws on the subject it is my understanding that apparently they can and fully intend to based on the recorded phone call illegally released by the Nauglers.

    In that call, Joe acknowledged seeing the Health Department worker on the neighbor’s property. He also acknowledges the fact that something was found and questions the worker about it.
    It is my understanding that when anything is found the Health Department has the right to investigate the source of the problem.
    Common sense tells me, that if toilet paper and female hygiene products are found next to a field where there are no home’s around but the property lines meet it is suspicious.
    Add the fact that the owners of the property next door are Blogging endlessly about their Off Grid, Homesteading catastrophic failures, which include public photos of an Outhouse and admitted White Bucket dumping technology, I’d say that is enough evidence for any common sense Health Department worker to throw up the Red Flags.

    All this of course is just my two cents worth and my opinion.
    It is what it is….nasty business !!!


  63. I believe it is legal to compost human manure ABOVE GROUND. I haven’t seen any laws except the need for a permit and the need to bury the compost AFTER it has composted.

    I don’t let my children play in streams, ponds or lakes until they are old enough to know not to lick their fingers or get water up their nose, etc. Raccoon poop is nasty stuff.

    I don’t have a problem believing that the Nauglers have a simple, pallet compost bin where they dump their poo buckets. I do think the waste on the neighbors yard came from a bucket, not as run off.

    I try to base my opinions on what seems logical. I do read to educate myself. I guess we will just have to disagree on the details of poopgate.


  64. Bea,

    Your comment is a little confusing. Are you implying the Naugler’s dumped a bucket of waste on their neighbours property deliberately or that the neighbours dumped it there to set the Naugler’s up?

    Also, bacteria can be spread by touching any open surface on the body. Such as rubbing eyes, nose, fingers in mouth, cuts and abrasions etc. If those children are carrying poop buckets I would hope there is warm soapy water to wash hands in.


  65. DNA Testing might be in order to settle PoopGate.
    Maybe the Health Department or the EPA might….just might have the money and the legal authority to do that.
    Who really knows just how far they are willing to go to protect the environment or the Rights of other’s?



  66. Hold it: if the two oldest boys are living in the original Naugler Blessed Abode – do they always make the rather long trek back to the more recently built “facility” when nature calls, or do they have another arrangement? I think I recall the original Abode, now the Boy Cave, also having an outhouse of sorts nearby, so I would think that is still being used by the boys most of the time.

    That makes not one, but TWO Blessed Little Outhouses that currently are contributing to the problem. At least the original outhouse is not as heavily used at present as is the second outhouse – but it was in use for over two years, by the entire Naugler family. I would think they had the same white-bucket setup (or set down) going for their entire time of residence on the “Homestead”. Just how old is the pile Nicole calls the “compost heap”? I suppose the amount of the total end product (pun intended) is the same, regardless of the number of makeshift outhouses which led to its production. But it also means there’s yet another specific site which needs to be checked by the local health department.


  67. A gallon of water weighs eight pounds; five gallons weighs 40 pounds. So even if the buckets are not totally full, they would still weigh at least 20 pounds. So do the two older boys do all of this carrying? The third oldest Naugler is about 13; the rest are younger. Are they really carrying these heavy buckets 100 yards or are they dumping them somewhere along the way?


  68. Bea,

    Once it has been shown waste is coming off their property, the burden is on them to show it’s not coming from the compost pile. If, as you keep claiming, it is legal to have above ground, properly contained composting of human waste, it actually doesn’t matter, because it’s clear they are not properly containing their waste. Anything else is basically a red herring.


  69. Bea
    Did you go to the link I provide and read it?

    If not then you really need to do so. The guy from the health dept told Joe that it is ILLEGAL in KY to compost human waste above ground. He should know as it is his job to inspect those things.

    I was an avid swimmer and a lifeguard at a public beach. I swam many many miles back in the day. I can tell you it is very easy to get water in ones mouth unintentionally or even up ones nose. Also contaminated water entering the eyes can cause problems if there is bacteria in the water. Does not have to be a little kid when it comes to water. Heck as a 19 year old I got water in my mouth unintentionally while swimming or doing water rescues. So it is easier than you think. Let us not forget a tiny break in the skin can let bacteria in ones system too.

    Did you not watch the property line video that Nicole posted? That video showed water running on their property that the son referred to as run off on to the neighbors land. Just because he claims he did not see any poop in it or smell it does not mean it did not have bacteria in it coming from their land. Also to note here we already know that the Nauglers only post self serving videos and pictures. If they were really serious in proving that their composting was up to par they would have shown pictures of that. But no pictures show screams volumes of what they are trying to hide.

    I highly doubt that they dumped a bucket on the neighbor’s property as it has been an on going problem with the sewage from the Nauglers. If they did dump a bucket there that is even worse when it comes to showing INTENT! The truth of the matter the Naugler shit and personal garbage is on the neighbors property and that is against the laws.

    Have given you the tools to educate yourself on this matter so it is up to you now. Done with this matter and trying to help you understand what they are doing wrong.


  70. Bea wrote, “I believe it is legal to compost human manure ABOVE GROUND. I haven’t seen any laws except the need for a permit and the need to bury the compost AFTER it has composted. ”

    The sticking point is that the Naugler adults didn’t get a permit. So they never told anyone what they were doing and were advised HOW to do it so that it wouldn’t run downhill and cause problems.

    If it’s properly composted, you don’t need to bury it. Unless I’ve missed something. Can you elaborate upon that, please?


  71. “Have given you the tools to educate yourself on this matter so it is up to you now. Done with this matter and trying to help you understand what they are doing wrong.”

    I think that is the problem. People want to help me see that the Nauglers are doing something wrong. It makes it difficult to have a conversation if we can’t move past that point.

    I was not questioning IF the Nauglers put sewage on the neighbors yard. I was just trying to discuss how it might have happened and what can legally be done about it.

    I can say that Nicole makes a good cup of tea.
    That doesn’t mean I support her isolating her kids.
    I can say she is beautiful (I think she is.)
    But that doesn’t mean I support her letting Joe cuss at the kids.
    See where I’m going here?
    I can say the Nauglers have a right to compost poo.
    But that doesn’t mean I support them harassing their neighbors.


  72. As to which Naugler child is carrying all those white buckets, Nicole posted a photo of the elder daughter (the 13-year-old) about a month ago, in which the girl was demonstrating her extremely well-developed upper arm muscles. No proof – but she certainly has been doing something specific to develop such muscles, and I don’t think any of the Naugler children get to the gym or are involved in body-building. Otherwise, she appears to be a rather tall, slender but not thin, typical 13 year old girl in terms of body structure.

    She is also the eldest of the remaining nine Naugler children living in the newest garden shed with their parents, so I would not be surprised if this responsibility falls upon her most of the time.

    Most 13 year old girls are involved in middle school activities, perhaps basketball or volleyball or swimming or art or music lessons, maybe school band or orchestra, first romances or at least dreams of romance, perhaps still obsessed with horses, experimenting with make-up and stylish clothes, learning to cope with their changing bodies, keeping diaries, talking and giggling for hours with friends (or texting friends) – what does this bright, promising young girl have in place of these activities??

    At least she and her younger sister have a little more privacy now, as they now sleep in one of the lofts of the garden shed rather than on that wretched shelf with their 11 other family members. She does enjoy reading, thankfully – I am so glad she has this escape. And she is talented in art – I would love to see her get proper materials and instruction. But her life is so limited and constricted. She is a little Cinderella for her hapless parents, it seems, and her life appears to be filled with drudgery of the most unpleasant kind that not only is unpleasant but which is a threat to her health.


  73. Pathogens and bacteria in water others are swimming in can be deadly. When I was 13 we went swimming at a an irrigation canal at the recreation center. It’s an area that has been made just for rafting and swimming. I had blisters on my feet and my dad got a small scrape while there. About 4 days later I was hospitalized with a high fever and my feet were very infected. So bad layers of skin had to be removed. While I was still in the er the dr noticed a blood vain by my dad’s scrape was the wrong color and he had blood poisoning. He was in the hospital for two days I was there for three weeks. All from a simple day of playing thanks to runoff contamination. I was lucky they saved my feet.


  74. “…fully intend to based on the recorded phone call illegally released by the Nauglers.”

    *raises hand*

    It was legally recorded, so how can it be illegally released?


  75. Bea wrote, “I was not questioning IF the Nauglers put sewage on the neighbors yard. I was just trying to discuss how it might have happened and what can legally be done about it.”

    For starters, it wouldn’t have happened if they had applied for a permit, honestly indicated where they were going to place it and followed the guidelines.

    Now, legally, they may have screwed themselves badly. It’s a lot more expensive to clean up the mess and get into compliance once you’ve messed up this badly.


  76. You’re more than fine. You posted the correct law. You’re thinking it through. We do not have all the facts. Much of anything anyone says beyond the requirements of the county, the assertions of the neighbors and evidence on their property and the letter from the county is simply speculation. Everyone please be kind to each other, we are better than that. Ideas are formed and information garnered through the input and differing views of everyone.

    – one of The Nefarious Please


  77. Someone asked why a child would be drinking from a stream/water source with bacteria/runoff in it.

    The Naugler children have frequently mentioned swimming. I don’t think Joe and Nicole are taking them to the local waterpark. I think it’s far more likely they’re swimming in the pond.

    It is a miracle none of these children have been seriously ill yet.


  78. @Former Caseworker:
    “It is a miracle none of these children have been seriously ill yet.”

    We don’t know that. They don’t seek medical attention. Maybe they have already had pink eye or mild dysentery. The kids have been very lucky, but with 13 it’s really just a matter of time before someone gets quite sick.

    Meanwhile, five days and counting till the May 20th deadline, Nicole was busy as usual on Facebook (Tuesday), querying the flock about how they define good parenting or neglect. IMO to prep her and Joe for how to “pass Go” in the impending psych evaluations. On her own personal blogger page, more banal shares, and the bittersweet quip about her daughter asking if they could keep a client’s gift (a jar of peanut butter) at the shop. Maybe it was baiting, but I could not help but think the little girl asked because there’s never enough of something so simple as peanut butter.

    Strangely, no account of the call she was going to make yesterday to the Health Department.


  79. They are theives, scammers, liars and bullys. I for one would like to see them be accountable for ONE thing… Just one! And if its their own shit, so be it. Al Capone was brought down by tax evasion, the least of his crimes.

    Breastfeeding your baby and videotaping it doesn’t make you a great mother. Your kind of exploiting him… But your not above that, are you?


  80. Tekla,
    Am I missing something here?
    Is there more than one recorded phone call out there?
    Because on the recorded phone call to the Health Department worker I only heard Joe telling the guy he is being recorded. The Health Department worker did not give his CONSENT to be recorded. That is why I used the words, “Illegally released.”

    In my opinion, the purpose of the whole communication was to intimate, annoy, harass and embarrass the worker in topical Naugler style. Everytime Joe asked a question he cuts the guy off with another question or offers up a defense in hope’s of a different outcome.
    Actually in my honest opinion, Joe violated KRS 524.040 Section 1 (a) and (e) which is Intimidating a participant in the legal process. Also KRS 524.050 Tampering with a witness. And KRS 524.055 Retaliating against a participant in the legal process.

    How did I draw my opinion to such lengths?
    The document clearly states they are looking at possible Criminal Charges if they do not comply. Thus, making the Health Department worker (the sender of notification) a potential witness to be called upon in a legal matter.

    It is one thing to call with ligament questions, it’s another thing to call with intent to intimate, record and go virtual on a State Worker…..lols.
    It’s not very smart either !!!!


  81. Kentucky, like most states, is a one party consent state. Thus, a participant in the conversation, Joe, can legally record conversation.


  82. andatje

    IDK, with possible Criminal Act’s or Criminal Activity involved the right to record a potential witness without going through proper channels could be highly debatable. Considering there are Federal Communications Laws that can trump State Law.
    It has something to do with AFTER giving verbal notification before recording….. there MUST BE a deep tone on the line to indicate that the line is being recorded.

    Also, something else to consider is the Kentucky Rules of Evidence.

    Either way, in my opinion Joe has only made things worse by taking this type of action.


  83. Kentucky is a one party consent state. As long as both parties are in Kentucky that is the law that holds. Therefore if one of the parties to the telephone conversation is the person doing the taping they are within their lawful right to do so. As to the rules of evidence within the commonwealth the audio tape must be the original, unedited, the entire conversation and a few more legal hoops to jump through before its admissibility in a court of law will be considered. Therefore, if the conversation is digitally recorded on the phone the entire phone itself would have to be submitted with the motion to authenticate.

    -one of The Nefarious Please


  84. Thanks for making that clear Nefarious, it’s a gray area for me. My family and I don’t go around recording people.
    However, when I’ve been at hearings and this subject comes up I’ve seen Attorneys go bananas and all hell breaks loose with oral argument’s from the left and right.
    Lols, it wasn’t pretty !!!


  85. Weirdly quiet. Sleeping off the manic episode of 72 hr. posting? Holed up with a team of lawyers? Directing a convoy of honey wagons? Cramming for forensic psych testing ? All the above?
    And as usual the canned breast feeding and circumcision posts to fill the voids. (So old).
    This week as I reflect back on these folks, I often can see them as they like to portray, but then once again I am reminded by the BO herself just how aggressively mean, out of touch and vindictive and ALWAYS sporting for a fight they are coupled with very ugly deceptive natures.
    I just hope at least once these people are made accountable for the damage they inflict upon others. Just once, please.


  86. FB Refugee,

    Is it possible we’ve all stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone?


  87. They were busy stalking a fat black dog. Waiting for it to squat, so they could capture it on film. Still they appear to have missed the money shot, we get squat but no poop. They got a few photo shots in the pasture she posted of a week or two ago, during goat-gate, that she had her followers identify as weeds and wild flowers. Now that the same pasture is needed to be crop land for poop-gate, she has proclaimed it “precious soybeans”. Then the Fake Facts page asked a bunch of loaded questions. They’ve been “documenting”, and publicly posting, naturally.

    – one of The Nefarious Please


  88. Melissa, IKR! As kids we loved that show. We waited in anticipation, talked for hours about it and were near disaster when it went off the air! Haha! Age of innocence.

    I guess my choices above presuppose too much positivity and possible planning for a resolution. Instead I am barely able to register the trite and silly posts of late, especially in view of seriousness of the looming crisis. Underscores the nature of the animals. But I am hoping for accountability to help put an end to their patterns of damaging others, including their own kids, and then running. With little to no consequences, much like two year olds they have learned they can continue.

    Going back to trivialities-and during this calm, yesterday I saw a white bucket on my property deep in a ravine and as I trudged through the briars and thicket to retrieve it, I was struck by how the Nogs have effected me. Now I will never be able to look at a white bucket in the same way. My unschooling. It’s a good thing.


  89. FB Refugee…..I agree wholeheartedly with what you said. I held out hope for the longest time that the parents would come to their senses and turn their lives around with all that was given to them and/or offered in physical labor [and still getting]. Now I see that they have zero plans to change the way they are. It will take some outside intervention to get them to DO all they said they would this time last year for their kids. If BLH and the homestead was all about the kids and homesteading…, is all I can say now. All that money and stuff and did it really improve those kid’s lives? All the latest and greatest for internet stuff, but still have to lug poop and cook on an outdoor ?? Just so sad for the kids, and anyone who crosses them in real life. I think I am done with hate filled rants. Just hoping for some accountability [what you said much better].


  90. FB Refugee,

    It is astonishing how the Nauglers could even still possibly think that Homesteading is a good idea when it has already directly resulted in the removal of the children, and caused so much trouble for their family. Even worse their followers cheer them on totally disregarding the plight of the children.

    As far as an resolution or resolve to the situation I don’t see that coming anytime soon. Concerning the fact that they are in total disbelief that there is anything wrong and so defensive about everything.

    Hopefully, those evaluations will be helpful in the future in helping them making better choices and decisions for their family and for themselves.


  91. I don’t even want to venture to guess what “trash” Nicole was referring to that was in that third bucket, but it sure left a lot of brown smudges in it. That is disgusting! It’s like Nicole did it for the shock value to grab your attention. Why else would she take and show a picture like that?! I hardly think Nicole and Joe are as naive as to think that their lazy ass, bogus, “composting toilet” is an appropriate, sanitary and acceptable means of eliminating the waste of 11 people!

    They are just spoiling for a fight, a reason to rail at the government and their neighbors. They want to play the victim card so they can get people to feel sorry for them. And they are good at it! Very calculating at gathering their little army of followers to feel kinsmenship and sympathy for them.

    The worst part of it is these kids will grow up with the same anti-government, militant mentality. They will never feel content, or have pride in our country after growing up, hearing and listening to their parent’s rhetoric. Joe is quick to say, “We are a peaceful people.” Strange, you hear Muslims say that as their raticalized young Jihadist wage terror around the world. Bizarre and disturbing and they won’t be going away anytime soon. They are enjoying their little shitty games too much.


  92. ElMacho said, “They are theives, scammers, liars and bullys. I for one would like to see them be accountable for ONE thing… Just one! And if its their own shit, so be it. Al Capone was brought down by tax evasion, the least of his crimes.”

    Very interesting, just learned something about Al Capone that I did not know.

    I don’t know that they will face accountability for anything, or even just one thing. Meaning, their admitting and accepting their own accountability and having that standard. I do believe one of the mentioned activities will bring them down. It’s only a matter of time. They may have gotten away with it and will continue to get away with it. Sooner or later though, there will be a reckoning. It will probably be by their own doing. It’s difficult to keep well honed on those activities. They will slip up, probably get a little sloppy in the deeds.


  93. The only thing they have accomplished in the last year is:

    * Getting their kids back. How that happened is beyond me.
    * Squandering the GFM money.
    * Causing problems for their neighbors.
    * Run ins with the law.
    * Possibly being evicted from their original grooming shop.
    * Watergate, goatgate, vehicular assault nonsense, poopgate.
    * Not tending to their animals. (where are they?) How is pig?
    * Never ending posts/fighting on FB and other social media.
    * Not building an upgraded cabin.
    * Not organizing a water catchment system.
    * Probably not educating their children by any reasonable standard.
    * Lying and begging for donations.
    * Hassling anyone in authority. (seatbelt fiasco for starters)
    * Video recording of every little thing they find offensive or
    infringing on their rights.
    * Still no garden that offers any yield.
    * Stalking people in their community to cause harm.
    * Having another baby they can’t afford. Possibly another on the
    * Continued neglect of the children by barely providing the
    necessities & necessaries of life.
    * Pissing off the entire county.
    * Stalling any evaluations with CPS.

    Did I miss anything? Enough already! How much longer can this go on? My head hurts. My heart aches for the children. The Nauglers must be exhausted from fighting about everything and accomplishing nothing. What a waste of time. I sincerely hope that this EPA investigation gets the ball rolling to force them to start doing better. Shape up or ship out. CPS, please do your job. Save the #Kentucky10 plus 1.


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