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arrest Christian
From OregonLIve, The Oregonian

As probably most everyone who isn’t unconscious today knows by now, this man got irate when a couple of men objected to him yelling racist slurs at two women on a train in Portland, and proceeded to cut both men’s throats, killing them.

He is white, of course, so he wasn’t killed on the spot by the police, and isn’t being called a “terrorist,” although that is exactly what he is.

But what I found fascinating was his Facebook page.

I present some screen shots. To get these, I didn’t do a lot of cherry-picking.  I scrolled down, began to feel a sort of prickly feeling on the back of my neck, and then began grabbing screen shots.

There are a few I skipped. Some were redundant, just repeats of others.  And there were a couple of sports-related posts that didn’t interest me.

But I did not skip many.

I’m going to present these in the order in which I saw them.




The video he is linking to is here.















And at this point, I was curious, so I went back in time a bit further.

As I mentioned above, this whole sequence made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

However, hair standing up is not evidence of anything except that I felt weird reading it.

Correlation is not causation.  Roosters think that their crowing causes the sun to rise, which is why they strut around the way they do, but they are mistaken.  And Facebook memes don’t tell us what people are going to do.

However, if I were a police officer, and I needed to serve somebody with papers of some sort, or execute an emergency removal of some children, or anything else that I thought the recipient might be less than happy about, I would not hesitate to peruse their Facebook page first to see if it follows this sort of pattern and then take appropriate precautions, just in case.


Dan Rather
From Dan Rather’s Facebook page



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  1. There is something I’m considering reporting to CPS.

    Unlike most groomers who want to record the vaccination status of all the animals in their care, Nicole doesn’t require ANY of the pets at her shop to to be vaccinated….for anything. “That’s between you and your vet” she quips.

    And if it were just a matter of the pet’s health….my reaction would be that it’s the owner’s choice to take risks with their pets. I sure as hell would make different choices for my pet, but I think people are allowed to choose the risks they take with their property. (which pets are under the law, sadly)

    But I’m not talking about that.

    I’m talking about rabies, a disease communicable to humans. A disease so serious, we have specific laws requiring pets to be vaccinated for the sake of public health.

    There is a reason why all dogs, cats and ferrets in the state of Kentucky are required by law to get vaccinated for rabies by 4 months of age.

    We have rabies in Kentucky. Carried largely by bats and skunks. We have a lot of caves with dense populations of bats. There is nothing more fun for a dog or cat to play with than a bat that is flopping around on the ground dying….and there is no easier way for a dog or cat to get exposed to the virus in its saliva… than through being bitten on the lip while it plays with a dying animal like a bat. Lots of dogs also enjoy getting into tangles with skunks and raccoons. Particularly, if the animal acts ill….this is all the more intriguing to the prey drive.

    So yeah…by LAW…to protect the public…cats and dogs and ferrets must be vaccinated for rabies in Kentucky.

    Nicole has no knowledge of the vaccination status of her client’s pets. PETS SHE HAS HER CHILDREN WORK ON.

    She has kids giving baths and cutting nails and brushing animals (at least that’s what they’re doing in photos, while they earn their money for horses and puppies and kayaks and baby books)…. all kinds of ways to get exposure to saliva. Wouldn’t even necessitate a bite, though that’s a very REAL danger in a grooming salon. Licking a hand covered in nicks and cuts and torn cuticles would do it.

    And she has no idea what the vaccination status of these animals is.

    She’s willfully putting her kids in harm’s way. It is industry standard to *at least* require grooming clients to be current on rabies to protect the grooming staff.

    Once again….Nicole’s nutty fringe beliefs are more important than protecting her kids.

    I wonder how CPS would react to this? Particularly, if contacted about it by a veterinarian?

    Am looking for some feedback.

    Most staff at veterinary clinics are, themselves, vaccinated against rabies. So are animal control officers and anyone else who has to handle frightened dogs and cats as part of their job. Typically employees who are not vaccinated, are not allowed to handle animals with unknown vaccination history.

    Where is the children’s occupational protection?

    Would this matter to CPS?


  2. Would this matter to CPS?


    I just looked it up. Over the last several years, there are anywhere from 2 to 4 dogs that are found to be rabid in Kentucky in any given year. It’s not exactly a public health epidemic. It’s simply not an issue that anyone is going to bother with. Dog groomers are not included in the list of people who are likely to be exposed to rabid animals. That’s generally folks who handle wild animals, because that’s where most rabies cases occur.

    Where is the children’s occupational protection?

    Those sorts of laws do not apply to your own children.


  3. 2 to 4 dogs per year, that means that the rabid dog was bitten by a animal that was rabid, we have no idea how many wild animals are running arod with rabies. I called a groomer about getting out dog groomed and everyone said bring in proof of a rabies vaccine, my dog is up to date on his vaccines. Rememer this is the same woman who thinks dogs with kennel cough will mgically get better, She plays with fire with her kids . one of these days one of them will come down with something horrible and then . But again this is a woman who has stted she would not step in if seeing a child abused


  4. “He’s been in prison. He’s always spouting anti-establishment stuff. But he’s a nice person. I just can’t imagine.” Mary Christian, mother of the alleged murderer.

    On what planet does anyone think he was a nice person?


  5. @Katatafish What makes you think the kids’ greatest risk of exposure to rabies is the salon? What makes you think their family pets are up to date on their vaccinations?

    An interesting question is child labor laws actually. Farmers have more leeway on child labor, but a pet grooming salon definitely isn’t a farm.


  6. “On what planet does anyone think he was a nice person?”

    His mom. Many moms. Despite all the evidence to the contrary they often desperately want to believe that this is a one-off, no matter how many one-offs have occurred.

    He probably played her like a violin through the years too. Soft soap mom, get groceries, cash, a meal, whatever and go off to be a nasty thug elsewhere.

    What’s the saying? “There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know.”

    It certainly explains many people who remain in abusive relationships too.


  7. An interesting question is child labor laws actually.

    “The laws permit a minor to work for his or her parent in an occupation other than manufacturing, mining, or one determined by the Commissioner of the Department of Workplace Standards to be hazardous.” From here.

    The problem is not that they are working. The problem is that they are not being educated.


  8. Dog groomers are not included in the list of people who are likely to be exposed to rabid animals. That’s generally folks who handle wild animals, because that’s where most rabies cases occur.

    While this is normally true….groomers normally know the vaccination status of the animals they are exposing staff to. Nicole’s not following industry norms on this. She’s taking an unreasonable risk that is unheard of in the grooming community. (even among the anti-vax groomer set…rabies is an exception because it’s a human pathogen)

    The key would be having this information delivered to CPS by a veterinarian, a physician, or health department….all of whom would confirm that rabies is one of the deadliest viruses on the planet that kills 99.99% of untreated people it infects.

    The post exposure protocol for being scratched or bitten by an unvaccinated dog or cat, is immunoglobulin and a course of rabies vaccination. It has to be given in the first few days after scratch/bite exposure to ANY dog or cat with an unknown vaccination status. To fail to give your chid this care IS MEDICAL NEGLECT. Doesn’t matter if the pet is acting normal or “never goes outside” or whatever. If a child is bitten or scratched by an animal with an unknown rabies vaccination history, the child MUST get the post exposure treatment. Rabies is THAT serious, and is taken that seriously by emergency rooms, health departments, etc.

    @Katatafish What makes you think the kids’ greatest risk of exposure to rabies is the salon? What makes you think their family pets are up to date on their vaccinations?

    Number of animals with no vaccination history exposed to the children increases the risk. You do not put multiple animals with unknown vaccination histories into the arms of children on a daily basis and ask them to do stressful things to the animals. Nor would you do that to ANY unvaccinated employee. Of course unvaccinated pets at home are a risk as well….but they do not pose the risk of multiple animals from multiple different pieces of land. More animals + More environments the animals are exposed to = More risk to the kids.

    Just inviting unvaccinated animals to the premises and putting them in contact with the general public is an insane liability. Wait until one customer’s kid is scratched by another customer’s unvaccinated dog…or two dogs tangle in the waiting area.

    Post exposure rabies protocol is expensive. Tens of thousands of dollars. The scratched/bitten person would also have to drop everything and travel to a facility that has human rabies immunoglobulin…which isn’t every neighborhood hospital.

    Who do you suppose can be sued to cover those costs?

    The person who owns the unvaccinated pet?
    The person who owns the salon and sets the policy against industry safety standards?
    The person who owns the building?

    Maybe the Health Department needs to know that Nicole is willfully choosing not to protect the public against a deadly human pathogen in her public shop?

    If a restaurant owner decided not to “believe” in salmonella, and opted against treating equipment with bleach water, the health department would shut them down in a heartbeat. Because it’s a risk to public health…..just as inviting unvaccinated animals to mix with the public….is a risk to public health.


  9. I have not seen, nor have I looked for, the mother’s proverbial comment “he is such a good boy, he didn’t do nuffin”. What a heartbreaking story for the victims. My only comfort is that he is going to have a tough time in jail.

    Thanks for the “Invictus” reference. I need to spend some time this weekend reading classic poets.


  10. I wouldn’t report to the health department they probably wouldn’t do anything.

    Animal control is another story. Hardin county requires both a rabies vaccination and that the animals be licensed. The fine for not doing so is hefty. Hanging out in the parking lot and requesting copies of the vaccinations and licenses of dogs and cats in public could be a great source of revenue for them as well as a way of getting the animals vaccinated and licensed per the law. Just saying.


  11. Just a note to remark that Damien Echols, whom Christian quoted in one of your screen shots, was one of the famous West Memphis Three. (on death row half his life). That’s his grudge against Arkansas.

    Odd that Christian was following him (so do I), or maybe not?

    PS: Echols’ book about death row, Life After Death, is fantastic and well worth reading.


  12. Just a note to remark that Damien Echols,

    But that wasn’t Damien Echols’ article. The article was from the Freethought Project, which is a trash website. Echols shared it, and then Christian shared Echols’ share. I’m glad FB doesn’t seem to go any further than two shares or it would be really muddled.


  13. “His engagement with far-right politics may be relatively new. A person who knew him in Portland’s heavy metal scene, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that when he first encountered him eight years ago he was apolitical.

    “Jeremy has always been an extremely damaged person since I’ve known him,” the person said. “He practically grew up in prison and his childhood was horrific but I’ve always known him to have a kind heart.” Christian had been given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, the person said, and “has an extremely obsessive personality. He gets fixed on a thing or an idea and flies off the edge of the world with it”.

    According to records, Christian has a history of violence. In 2002, wearing a ski mask, he handcuffed a north Portland shopkeeper to the counter while stealing cash and cigarettes. Following the robbery, Christian was shot in the face by a Portland police officer.

    Searches revealed 2002 convictions for kidnapping in the second degree, carrying and using a dangerous weapon, and robbery in the first degree. Records also showed that Christian had been charged with, but not convicted of, offenses ranging from felon in possession of a firearm to supplying contraband.”

    Jeremy certainly appears to be the sort who would fit right in, comfortably, with Joe and Nicole’s worldview and compound.


  14. The similarities are there. That is the face of evil. So much so I have difficulty looking at his picture. I have taught my child to stand up for what they believe is right. As a parent this scares the living shit out of me. I don’t want my child to become complacent nor desensitized to these type of horrific events.

    Too bad when he was shot in the face it missed the mark.


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