This is Disturbing


That’s the original post. In typical Nicole fashion, those aren’t her words. She has just copied and pasted what “Op Expose CPS” had to say about it.

off the grid news
Off the Grid News

The link above will take you to the original article, but be warned that source is not really reliable.  It’s the same source that reported the Naugler story in the very beginning without vetting it at all, including using lovely sweet photographs of children being all homesteady and Nicole being all pregnant and looking like the Madonna.  They’re not exactly unbiased.

One really interesting thing to me about the Off the Grid piece was this.


Notice the click-bait ad right in the middle of the copy?  Notice what it says?

Talk about targeting your audience.

So, I did some looking around to try to find a better source.

I had a bit of difficulty. This incident happened on February 3, 2012.  Read that again. This happened more than five years ago.  Nicole probably didn’t even bother to look at the dates.

But according to what appears to be more mainstream news sources, the man had been visited by both the police and CPS earlier in the day.  There was some sort of domestic disturbance. Pot may or may not have been involved. [The man seems to have said he was smoking pot, but then the toxicology report appears to have come back negative.]

That the man was agitated and upset, doing a lot of yelling, doesn’t seem to be in doubt.  The CPS folks requested law enforcement accompany them.

Anyway, when you Google this, you find several articles railing about the horribleness of cops, CPS, the government, the Illuminati and bacon, but they all appear to be of the same type as Off the Grid “News,” right up there with Infowars and Alex Jones.

The moral of the now five-year-old story is that if you want to stay alive, don’t run around yelling with a concealed knife and then lunge at an armed cop with it.

But that’s not what is disturbing.

This is what bothers me.


. . . he fucking went after him with a knife because what would you do if someone was trying to steal your fucking kid. . .



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  1. Please someone correct me if I am wrong. But did she not tell Pate to shoot her because she would not allow them to take her kids?


  2. Nicole: I don’t have proof of your court order, so therefore I’m going off of what you said and that’s not enough. That’s not enough. [Younger son’s name], stop. He’s just going to shoot you, ’cause that’s what cops do. They shoot people that don’t comply. You cannot kidnap my son.

    Deputy: Sit down. Sit down!

    Nicole: (yelling) You cannot kidnap my son.

    Deputy: Ma’am, sit down!

    Nicole: You cannot kidnap my son.

    Deputy: You’re going to be under arrest

    Nicole: You can shoot me dead, you can shoot me dead, but you cannot kidnap my son.


  3. If someone was stealing my fucking kid I would fucking go after them with a knife. If the fucking cops and CPS were there trying to take my kids and I didn’t feel they should I would ask them to please give custody to a family member while this gets sorted out.
    I never had CPS come to my house but I did agree to take a couple of teens in crisis situations. I’m not sure about everywhere, even other towns but in my town the police and​ CPS will turn kids over to family members and in my case the kids friends mom’s if that’s available for teens. Around here the system is a last resort. In the car off the two kids I took in, everyone cooled down and one of the moms got her meds straightened out and everyone went on with their lives. No courts required.


  4. What do these people have against bacon?!?!

    Ok in all seriousness if you lunge at the cops with a weapon chances aren’t you won’t walk away. I don’t know what I’d do if the police were “stealing” my kids but I know what I wouldn’t do, I wouldn’t lunge at them with a fucking knife.

    What is so hard to understand for these dingbats?


  5. If you whip out a knife and take on a police officer with a gun, you’re very likely to lose. Particularly if they’ve already had to visit your dumb reactive agitated ass recently.

    “…shot and killed by police officers and social workers when trying to defend his home and from the legal kidnapping of his child.”

    So now the social workers were also shooting him? Also you just stated it was legal, Nicole. Prefixes and suffixes matter, kids.

    I doubt anyone would argue that witnessing your father getting shot and killed is in the best interest of the child. However, if there are police officers coming to your house with some degree of regularity due to domestic violence, that isn’t good for the child either.

    Two highlights from this article:

    1) There is a 200 page report floating around somewhere
    2) Mr. Reddie could have been arrested earlier in the day when he admitted smoking marijuana and produced a pipe

    This isn’t the 200 page report, but it provides more details.

    It appears that Michelle Van Buren has filed several lawsuits against Crawford County.

    Michelle Van Buren, et al v. Crawford County, et al (0:17-cv-01150), Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, Filed: 02/08/2017

    Michelle Van Buren, et al v. Crawford County, et al (0:17-cv-01087), Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, Filed: 01/26/2017

    Van Buren et al v. Crawford, County of et al (1:13-cv-14565), Michigan Eastern District Court, Filed: 11/01/2013

    Michelle Van Buren, et al. v. City of Grayling, Michigan, et al.
    gr – dismiss case – voluntarily


  6. “Sekely said according to toxicology reports there were no traces of alcohol or marijuana in Reddie’s system at the time of his death. He said there were indications of controlled substances in the man’s system, which may or may not have been prescribed to Reddie. Sekely said he was not qualified to comment on whether the drugs, or the amounts in Reddie’s system, could have contributed to his agitated demeanor during his confrontations with police and child services workers.”

    So he didn’t have alcohol or marijuana in his system, but he did have controlled substances on board. Possibly not prescribed to him.

    Poor kid.

    Also, consider this bit of information:

    “Wakefield said it is an extremely rare occurrence for an officer to discharge his weapon while on duty.

    He said to his knowledge the last time one of his deputies discharged his weapon during an altercation was sometime in the mid-1980s.

    I can’t see what I submitted earlier, this may be a repeat.

    “According to Sharp’s Petition, Reddie’s minor son had been “recently removed from his mother . . . for substance abuse and domestic violence.” Petition 2, attached as Defs.’ Mot. Ex. B. Sharp explained that on February 3, 2012, “Police were called out to William’s [sic] Reddie’s residence . . . for a domestic disturbance” when they “heard screaming and arguing inside his apartment.” Id. According to Sharp, when “police arrived the residence had a strong odor and smell of marijuana.” Id. Sharp indicated that “Reddie admitted that he was smoking marijuana inside his apartment” in the presence of his minor son and was also “observed to be in possession of a marijuana pipe.” Id. Most importantly, Sharp claimed that “[w]hen DHS interviewed William Reddie he was making verbal threats against the officer that responded to the disturbance call” and “was also threatening to leave town.” Id.”


  7. Every single time I have heard that audio I cringe. Those kids have had to witness crazy people in action. Their parents.


  8. Nicole and Joe had better hope that nothing ever happens to require CPS and police intervention again with their family.
    Are they warning the police and CPS to expect violence?
    If in fact the Nauglers have no intention of acting out violently they are sending the wrong message.
    They could be creating a real nightmare for themselves by just running their mouths.


  9. I’ve never had any contact with CPS, but I’m pretty confident that I would not lunge at them or the police with a knife.

    They want to talk about how that poor child seeing his father being shot would distress him, but how about his fathers actions before that happening? The fathers behaviour would distress the child too.
    Unless the child has become desensitized to erratic behavior. Like the Nog children.


  10. We raised 9 kids, (7 boys, 2 girls). Not once was CPS ever involved. Not once was any police ever called to our home for any reason. We lived in a small house for nine years (999 sq feet) on a quarter acre in a very bad part of town. We were poor & worked our butts off. Our house was clean, our yards were clean. We were never on any kind of assistance. Our vegetable gardens were huge. I had a budget that I stuck too. We went out to dinner maybe once a year. My kids did scouts, went to camp, music lessons, language lessons, scuba lessons, camping, horse back riding lessons, hiking, rock climbing, karate, baseball, track, surf lessons, choir, ballet, gymnastics, church (LDS), water skiing, snow boarding, snow skiing, had collections of coins, stamps, baseball cards, every type of lizard, frog, snake, rabbits, etc.. their needs & wants came first (I bartered for a lot of lessons, like me cleaned house or salon in exchange for whatever service). They all did this and attended public school. They can look at any tree, flower or animal and tell you what it is. They have all graduated college (UCB, UCSF, UCLA, BYU, Harvey Mud, Humbolt), some have their masters. We have two pilots (one commercial, one a helicopter) two teachers, two nurses, two engineers (one electrical & one mechanical), one who is in med school, two who coach baseball, three who are Boy Scout & Cub Scout leaders, one who speaks 7 languages fluently (all can speak Spanish & English), two who have traveled all over the world, 4 are married, two are getting married this year. We had five kids in HS at one time, which means in the LDS life, up at 5 AM every weekday for seminary before school. We did this all and never not once had CPS involved. We were never evicted, late on rent, or went without food.
    We live in a very diverse area, and we have had neighbors In our old house who did indeed have problems (it was a very bad part of the Bay Area), some serious problems, and CPS would be called (for instance one January night, one of our neighbors left her 8 month old baby and 3 year old child on our doorstep one night so she could get her heroin, my husband found them sleeping on our front porch when he took the trash out at ten at night cause one of our kids forgot to do it earlier). Not once did any of our neighbors pull a knife on the police or scream shoot me. All got their kids back (even the junkie who left her kids on our front porch) and all were required to attend parenting classes, counseling & any other help that was needed. A few had to get rid of abusive and deadbeat daddies and boyfriends and meet with social workers weekly for years).

    Nicole I don’t understand how you have had so many contacts with CPS. When did they start?

    You were in the LDS life style, which is big on parenting. Like every week is a new parenting lesson in some way or another. You had major help at your finger tips at any time of day or night, Bishops, RS, Primary, YM, YW, Visiting teachers, Home Teachers, FHE, Scouting program, Enrichment programs, Job programs, food pantries, budget programs (under Provident living), church welfare programs from rent, food, jobs, counseling, caring, yard & house work, repair of cars, Priesthood, leaders, GC twice a year, plus ward and stake conferences, educational assistance, EFI, etc..
    Did you VT? Did you learn anything from your partner? Did you have a calling? Did Joe? Did you or Joe ever get your patriarchal blessing? How far down the LDS hole did you go?

    Does the guy who had the knife have any responsibility in the out come of this in your opinion? Could he have handled the situation better? Could you quite possibly handle the situation any better after reading about this situation? Do you learn anything from all the CPS situations you posts. Are you able to think of ways that they could have handled the situations better? Can you learn from others mistakes?? Do you learn by others examples???


  11. I hope I am wrong but I doubt it, BUT some of the nuttiness may rub off on one of the kids and I sure hope one of them doesnt have the thought that violence is the way to solve a problem. If it does, Joe and Nicky did it


  12. . . . he fucking went after him with a knife because what would you do if someone was trying to steal your fucking kid. . .

    It takes a seriously special kind of stupid….to post this publicly…when your CPS case is still open.


  13. They want to talk about how that poor child seeing his father being shot would distress him, but how about his fathers actions before that happening? The fathers behaviour would distress the child too.
    Unless the child has become desensitized to erratic behavior. Like the Nog children

    Not just his father. The child had recently been removed from his mother’s custody due to substance abuse and domestic violence.

    Sally – I don’t know if you want the text copied in case it disappears from the internet or not. So I’ll leave the link for you.

    The sentence below is from the site. I don’t know believe it’s possible to suss out what happened that led to Mr. Reddie’s parents landing on that list. Also, please note that the child has a mother and CPS takes reunification very seriously indeed. I don’t know if the boy’s mother succeeded in meeting the terms and conditions or not. I do hope so though. For her own sake, if not for her son’s.

    CPS has told Wills parents they are on some kind of “Abusers List,” and they cannot have him or see him.

    Wills sister, Monica and her husband moved to Michigan from Nevada after the shooting, set up home and asked CPS to come through the home to give her the OK to take care of him.

    Crawford County CSP refused, saying they would give him back to his mother, an alcohol (sic), if she could stay sober FOR ONE YEAR.

    *chortles in trollish glee* See below!


  14. The thought process of that woman is quite disturbing… it sounds like at the time of her sons’ removal she was trying to goad the sheriff into doing something? I hope not smh


  15. Her newest post about the smear tactics is causing her to loose support. Like in money. LOL. And of course she will have none of that!

    Joe get a job like everyone else!

    Nicole why the hell do you care about who is supporting you or not? It must be the money cause you certainly don’t care what anyone thinks of you.

    You’re a whore for handouts!


    Please support our homeless life!


  16. How many fatal police shootings have occurred in Breckinridge County, KY in the past 30 years?

    She knows full well it’s very few, or she wouldn’t have felt emboldened to yell that at the police officer/deputy.

    There were 16 in Kentucky in 2015; 18 in 2016; 8 thus far in 2017.

    Kentucky isn’t included in the CDC’s National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) regarding violent deaths. 16 states are though. I don’t know why KY isn’t one of them. It may have to do with the coding and therefore the methodology.

    Anyway, Nicole made a safe bet. She can scream stupid things for her recording and feel pretty darn secure in the knowledge that she is very unlikely to get shot. Then she can milk the recording for money. $45,000 large – minimum. Tax-free.


  17. It is extremely foolish to lunge at a cop, even if all you have in your hand is a cell phone. In the heat of the moment, cops have mistaken cell phones for weapons and have shot (and often killed) the person they perceived as a threat. Imagine being a cop, arriving at a home where there has been a domestic disturbance earlier in the day, or where you’ve responded many times before to a belligerent and unstable person. Then you walk in and the individual is yelling at you and lunges with a knife. Of course, chances are the cop is going to respond with deadly force.

    I can only imagine the horror and anguish I would have felt if the cops or CPS had arrived at my home and determined that they needed to remove my child for some reason. But I would have done my best to remain calm, take down officers’ names, ask where my child was being taken, and at the first opportunity, called an attorney for legal representation. The last thing I would want to do is escalate the situation.

    I think Joe and Nicole live in some fantasy world, where they are super heroes, fighting off the evil CPS who keep trying to steal their children so they can make money somehow. Their remaining supporters are mostly people who have had their own run ins with cops and CPS. Of course, not one single one of them did any thing at all to warrant intervention by CPS. *eye roll*


  18. @Not a Bitch like Nicole:
    A few months back, Nicole posted about a time she and her mother were having an argument and she talked about her mother raising a baseball bat, I think it was, to her in anger, but then stopped short of striking her. I believe Nicole has been in the habit of goading people with her screeching taunts for a very long time.
    Nicole seems to frequently attempt to resolve conflicts by using threats of violence. It would be prudent for any LE, or acting official, probably mandatory in fact, to be very prepared for violence given her constant aggressive and angry rhetoric.
    She’s an angry unhappy aggressive bitch, prone to violence, imho.


  19. ” Its the smear campaigns fault we are losing support”

    No thats not why you are losing support, its because you are ignorant… still.

    O a side note, why does one with 11 kids need a NEW swing? I would think one would have everything.. NO window or sunlight in that new room ?


  20. Cops, well most do ,have families and some even have children, and most would like to go home to even see there wife and kids after dealing with people
    Now if you feel you can lunge at a cop with a gun, ot knife or even a ballbat, do not be suprised if you end up in a body bag. Hear that Nicky,


  21. I have had contact with cps. I felt they were very wrong taking one of my three children and threatening to take the other two if i didnt do exactly as i was told. Guess what I did? I followed everything they told me to do when the investigation was over my oldest was returned to me and everything was over. 6 months after she was returned i received a letter saying my case was closed and ive never heard from them since. I didnt know i was supposed to go after them with a knife and get killed wow i must not love my kids enough.


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