So, Nicole the Person Who Hates Government and Laws of Any Sort is telling us that “God” already told us who to elect to office.

And she tells us where “God” said all this.

What is in 1 Samuel 8?

Well, if you’re like me and you were raised in a fundagelical religious family and you were forced to memorize huge portions of the Bible and go to church three times a week for years and years, you already know what 1 Samuel 8 is about.

Remember? We named our son “Nathan.”  After the prophet.  You know, from the Bible.

Anyway, the chapter is the story of how the stupid Israelites decided that they wanted a king.  What had happened is that Samuel (who was the prophet at the time anointed by God) had some sons and he made them judges over various parts of the land, and they were corrupt.

So the people got sick of the whole damn thing and decided that they wanted a king instead.

And Samuel tried to tell them that a king would be worse than his corrupt sons and goes into verse after verse about what having a king would do.

Here’s a sample:

He [meaning the king] will take the tenth of your sheep: and ye shall be his servants.

And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you; and the Lord will not hear you in that day.

So, the people say, “Fuck you, Samuel. We want the king anyway. Your sons suck.” [I am paraphrasing. The Bible actually doesn’t say “fuck,” but I bet the people did.]

And “God” tells Samuel, “Oh, well. Give them what they want.”

And “God” says something interesting as well.  He says to Samuel, “Don’t be upset about this. They have not rejected you, but they have rejected me.”

In other words, the people rejected theocracy (rule by “God” or religion).

Nicole, by referring to this chapter, is advocating theocracy.

Not voluntaryism, or libertarianism, or “freedom,” but theocracy.

You can just imagine how this goes over with people like me. Samuel, of course, was channeling the words of a non-existent, made-up deity because he was trying to keep his sons in power. (That is, if there really was any Samuel at all—much of the Bible, especially the Old Testment, includes characters that are entirely fictional.)

Anyway, of course, the end of the story is that they crowned David king and everything just slowly went all to hell from there. Because the only good ruler is “God” and of course, since “God” doesn’t actually exist, the only good ruler is “God’s” representative and you can see how well that works out if you visit, oh, say, Iran.

But most of Nicole’s little followers won’t bother to look up the reference and most of them will just think of her as so wise and well-read.

She is advocating a theocracy.


9 thoughts on “Theocracy”

  1. The only truly religious leaning I’ve seen is the devout and sincere aversion to the truth, to hard work, to honesty and to reality.

    Throw in a little deception, projection, deflection and objection and you’ve got a church.

    A rotund prophet that can switch hit between deeply faithful gibberish and the C word. An F bomb here and “the ways of man” there and you’ve got a whole book that was left out at the council of Nicaea.

    Baby Jesus was ostensibly born in a manger, so there’s some parallels there.

    The “spirit” moving him to stop and look at his neighbor’s place and the spirit ensuring he mentions the neighbor’s daughter.

    A careful and false portrayal of the actual state of affairs in an effort to deceive the many supporters and charitable followers.

    Spinning actual events like the noise complaints and lease renewal at the salon into a business expansion.

    Accusations of stalking and harassment that are wholly unfounded and . . . complete bullshit.

    Faith driven.

    Let us prey.


  2. I’m surprised that Hardee’s gets Joe’s nod rather than Burger King. Sounds as though Nicole is also casting her vote for her prophet, Joe.

    I’ll pass. I’m also going to give a miss to this opportunity to cast my vote(s) in the primaries and general election for anyone who has the slightest whiff of theocracy about them. That is a perfume that has a heavy note of iron.


  3. But a “Christian” theocracy would be good, right?

    Lately, I’ve been thinking about Oliver Cromwell a lot



  4. I’m not sure if the message is religion or politics. They know little about either.

    They don’t vote. And are proud of it.
    They both swear like sailors and lie like a rug. And are proud of it.
    They don’t take government handouts (no whores of the state about those two). And are proud of it. They DO, however, ask for and accept your hard-earned cash if you freely give it. And are proud of that, too.


  5. I will admit, her referencing 1 Samuel 8 to politics, flew over my head. I am not well versed on the Bible, so that is that. I appreciate your telling the story of 1 Samuel 8, Blessed Blogger. I second you, Josie, “I’m not sure if the message is religion or politics. They know little about either.”

    These type people that sprinkle “faith driven” and biblical quotes, I call them “salt n pepper”. They are all up in pretending to be the salt of the earth, God fearing, faith driven. But then they pepper it, dirty it all up as Al said, with deception and projection and so on. Reminds me of those other salt n peppa peeps, like Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. And several others. Yeah, I guess Jim and Tammy Faye made it to the east side, getting all the faithful flock’s love donations. Well, for a while, anyway. Then their ways caught up with them, and Jim did his time in prison.

    Good one Al, “Let us prey”.

    Still scratching my head, how is 1 Samuel 8 aligned with her politics and governing ideals?


  6. Al Wilson have I told you I absolutely love your approach and opinion all of this. You keep it real and straight to the point. I like that. Hate it that you have such shitty “neighbors” Pa should of taken up the offers to meet with you hell maybe he would of learned something beneficial. But then again with so few brain cells left he wouldn’t be able to retain it long. I would also like to thank you for your service.


  7. Still scratching my head, how is 1 Samuel 8 aligned with her politics and governing ideals?

    It’s not. She just tosses stuff out there so she can look all pious and religious and righteous.

    If she’s going to quote the Bible regarding her politics, she should use Judges 17:6:

    In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.


  8. There is nothing I enjoy more then when you take the blessed idiots own words and spank them with them


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