The Toilet, Take Two

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First off, I really doubt that people wanted just photos of your little poopy shack, Nicole. What they were attempting to show, at least in part, was just how close to the road the Blessed Little Garden Shed is. You know, the whole wilderness thing?

Here’s the photo.

photo interior

Delightful, isn’t it?

This is not a “composting toilet.”

We have been all over this already.

Nicole just thinks if she keeps asserting stuff, it will be true.  Just keep calling it a “composting toilet,” and people will buy it. And of course, some of them have only their lizard brains, so they do buy it.


No.  Just no.  There is a tremendous, very large difference between a real composting toilet and white buckets in a makeshift not-going-to-last-very-long enclosure.  The real composting toilets actually compost the excrement in their base.  They operate off electricity (either grid-powered, or solar-powered).  They heat the waste to destroy pathogens.

And pathogens are the reason this matters, both to those of us on the internet watching this disaster unfold, and to the local health department.

Ever hear about cholera? You might not have, except maybe in historical novels or stories about third-world countries, because it’s rare in the US. Only one case in 2015 reported.

It’s deadly.  And it is spread by water and food contaminated with fecal matter.  In the developing world, epidemics still occur every year.  People in Haiti died in as little as two hours after exhibiting symptoms in an outbreak several years ago.

The reason that it is rare in the US (and other developed nations) is that we don’t typically do what the Nauglers are doing.  We dispose of human waste in a way that protects us from contaminated water.  If I were a neighbor of the Naugler family, I would be at the health department daily complaining loudly.  The next-door neighbor does not have a well, and that’s probably a good thing, since the risk of contamination would be very high.

I have never been very interested in seeing photos of the Blessed Poop House. I understand the process involved in shitting into a bucket.

What I am interested in is what they do with the bucket when it’s full.

Nicole just does a little hand wave and says that somebody (translation: kid) lugs that bucket of shit (do you know how heavy that would be?) 100 yards away (the length of a football field) and dumps it on this lovely compost pile.  Seriously.

humanure handbookSee?  She just casually says, “It’s composting.”  And then somebody posts a link to The Humanure Handbook, only I do not believe Nicole or anyone else there has ever read the damn thing.  I have.

The compost has to be very carefully layered and monitored.  It must reach a certain temperature and stay there for a certain length of time.  Or alternatively, it has to compost for a year or more.  And during that year, it has to be contained.   You don’t just dump shit in a big pile.

There is a reason why diseases like cholera are practically non-existent in the US and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths world-wide in less developed countries.  If you could just dump the shit in a big pile and forget it because “it’s composting” and this is so easy to do because YouTube, don’t you think they’d do this in those developing countries and save their own lives?

sink nearby

And they have a sink nearby.  With no running water.  They do not have running water.

Stacy is the one who is smart.  It’s not about being “paranoid about germs.”  It’s about basic sanitation. Very, very basic sanitation. The kind of sanitation you teach to toddlers.


We have plans.

Of course you do.


Click here for the latest update on their “composting toilet”

Perhaps they should have hastened their plans to prevent their fecal matter, toilet paper, and other refuse from washing over onto the neighbor’s property. Still believe they have a composting toilet?

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50 thoughts on “The Toilet, Take Two”

  1. Yeah, didn’t really want to see the actual shitter. Don’t really want to see the pile, either.
    Just confirming what everyone suspected.


  2. I’m in the middle of potty training my two year old. I can’t imagine trying to teach her to use….that thing.


  3. “People are claiming that we shit in buckets!!!!”

    How very wrong they are.

    “We have a toilet seat on a *not so fancy* plywood box and we shit into the void below the seat. The fecal funk just happens to go into a bucket. Technically we are pretty high speed. We have a seat . . . and plywood. It’s not so fancy and it may or may not be completely saturated with errant urine and splashback fecal matter . . . but it’s home. Bucolic and idyllic and it’s country life. We love it. The trolls and haters are jealous. And we’re all green and natural because we do in fact compost. No, really, we do. We watched a YouTube video and we got this. Not sure why everybody thinks we’re full of shit. Well, we were until we built this rig. Now the environment and the groundwater is”

    As Cousin Eddie once said “Shitter’s full!”


  4. What agitates me are the supporters who egg them on with comments like “This is awesome. I never wondered either. But now you guys seem even cooler! Keep being awesome.” or “Nice, But I find it a shame that people can be that rude” and this ” I have a question! Why in bloody hell is it anyone’s business how you do your business!!! Omg people get a life. Seriously….”.

    Seriously are they for real or are they just having a good laugh at the expense of 11 kids. They can make all the snide comments they want but supporting these parents that are so lax, lazy and inept that they put the children at real risk of illness with their gross mismanagement of human waste. How is that being supportive? Quite frankly I believe the so called supporters care less about the kids and we the folks who are brave enough to cry foul and try to draw attention to the neglect these kids live with are the real supporters. Yes, real supporters of the children because we care about the welfare of these 11 neglected kids whilst the so called supporters think exposing kids to deadly pathogens is okay. Now, the poor neighbours are at risk to the Naugler shit, and not in a figurative sense. They should be reported and forced to upgrade to a proper sanitation system. I also think CPS should come back and take a look. This is so below basic standards that I find it hard to imagine it would be deemed acceptable or safe for young children.


  5. ” Maybe next week or so I will get out there and post about it. “. Apparently Ma isn’t part of the “dump” crew. Shame on you and Joe!


  6. OMG I don’t know what to say other than I am glad that I wasn’t eating when I saw this.
    It’s bad enough that one, two or even three people use this but ten or eleven of them?? (and probably nappy contents too)
    I know how much poop my 5 indoor cats produce so how many buckets get used a day? Sorry but no matter what they say – their compost pile must be eau d’poop!

    I feel sick – and very grateful for my toilet with a flush.


  7. @ Knock Knock ” Maybe next week or so I will get out there and post about it. “. Apparently Ma isn’t part of the “dump” crew. Shame on you and Joe!

    I do not know you but if you are a journalist or a city official I hope you can use your position to shed light on the unsanitary conditions these children are exposed to. I pray that local authorities are formally alerted and will investigate this disaster waiting to happen. Honestly, anyone who thinks these kids only deserve this is misguided.

    I urge anyone in a position of authority to use their networks to have the Nauglers investigated.


  8. Unsealed wood can not be disinfected properly to insure that disease isn’t transferred. While cholera may not be a big deal in the US right now C-Diff is a huge problem. C-Diff is a bacterial infection that can not be treated a home, with essential oils, or with herbs. Sorry, Nicole. C-Diff is serious stuff the patient is put in isolation and the staff at the medical facility has to wear PPE. PPE means the staff has to go beyond just wearing gloves. C-Diff loves warm, dark, moist places. Gee, that sounds exactly like what Nicole’s “outhouse” is during the warmer months. C-Diff is so powerful it can not be killed by hand sanitizer. C-Diff can also live on surfaces for up to six months. C-Diff is commonly spread in healthcare facilities but can be spread anywhere and is a growing threat.

    One more thing Nicole claims they are carrying toilet paper or wipes to the outhouse. Why on earth would they do that. You can put toilet paper or wipes in a 5 dollar plastic container for Dollar General or Family Dollar to keep your things dry in damp areas. I am guessing they don’t use toilet paper or wipes and she feels some need to over explain the situation. Gross.


  9. Not so much as a package of wipes or a bowl and pitcher to be seen. But then, it’s a known tactic of child abusers to keep their victims so smelly and filthy that nobody wants to go near them.


  10. Jenny Islander your statement struck fear into my heart. This is so true. I don’t think these are your run of the mill abusers. These parents are cold and calculating. They want the kids to be broken. They are willing to harm the kids so the tribe stays together forever.


  11. Presumably the oldest and strongest boys get regular “bucket duty” to traverse the 100 yards to dump the shit. But then again, who knows? Maw filmed one of the toddler boys (maybe age 3) hauling wood logs from the wood pile up some steps and into the prefab they previously lived in. He was too little to carry those wood with splinters up the steps. He was obliged to, even though he pleaded to his mother “All done?” as she filmed him. No, he wasn’t done.

    So sad for these kids. Worker bees in a hovel. Knowing little more than lugging buckets of shit, hauling water, schlepping laundry, cleaning laundry, chopping wood, setting up cinder block beds for gardens, cooking for the family, washing and trimming dogs. “This is unschooling,” chirps Nicole.


  12. Yes. This is all the grunt work that an adult should have been doing so the kids could have a relatively warm, relatively clean life. But, you know, their parents have plans.

    Lots and lots of plans.


  13. Ye who seek a glimpse into the future . . .

    After Nicole’s very foolish post on BLH. Essentially an admission of non-compliance . . .

    Coupled with this blog (read by many who are inclined to contact the health department) . . .

    I predict the following. The environmental department of the County Health Department will be deluged with anonymous as well as other complaints . . .

    They will have no choice but to investigate given the information provided . . .

    Joe and Nicole will spin it into a tyrannical imposition of their liberties. They will cry foul, they will demand warrants, they will use it to garner sympathy. They will claim that their rights are being violated, that their freedoms are being imposed upon by the statist machine . . .

    “The evil state and the trolls and haters” all conspiring to “harass and bully” a faith driven unschooling off grid wilderness homesteading family of 13 people, pets and a few random farm animals living a back to basics minimalist life . . .

    They will try to drum up sympathy and quite probably funds to combat the evil apparatchik . . .

    They might even make the news again . . .

    I’d hate to be the guys at environmental services. I’d get a warrant and take law enforcement with me.

    The Nauglers will NEVER accept, understand, or realize that they forced this to happen and will once again portray themselves as victims.

    Of course.

    Then again, maybe they did it on purpose to start another crowd funding deal. Maybe, just maybe, they actually have a compost system that complies with 902 KAR 10:085 Rev 08-2002. Maybe they are in compliance with KRS 211.210.

    Let’s see how this plays out.

    Bad idea Ms. Naugler. Now you’ve essentially forced authorities to come investigate.

    Think . . . post. In that order


  14. It takes a lot of wood to heat up enough water to bathe 13 people, not to mention the hassle of toting the water onto the site to be heated. I wonder if anyone besides Joe regularly showers? It well and truly sucks to have to don clean clothes when you’re dirty.


  15. @Sarah – It wouldn’t surprise me one tiny little bit if the Nauglers think they can bankroll their operation by selling their feces to physicians who are performing fecal transplants on C. diff patients. Completely overlooking the forms they would have to fill out to participate and at this point in time – they’re DONORS and not paid.


  16. The point of Mrs Nauglers post? To prove what everyone already knew?
    They shit in buckets and dump it on the ground.


  17. Sarah—
    THANK you for bringing up C-diff, a subject not suitable for dinner party company but once I learned about it, felt I needed to share information with others. You see, my mother contracted it in the hospital or in the rehab facility, likely the former.

    It was horrible and caused her to be re-hospitalized twice. She had it four months off and on, I don’t think she ever really got rid of it prior to her death. Extremely difficult to eradicate once it has colonized your gut, and the powerful antibiotics to treat it often come with other side issues.
    If untreated, C-diff can at best cause chronic dysentery and worst, a ruptured colon, a life-threatening condition. People do die of this, generally from sepsis. While it’s more present in community settings, C-diff is a bacteria that we ALL have present in the gut. It is minimized for the most part within healthy immune systems. However, even young people can contract it through touching contaminated surfaces. And yes, that nasty bacteria lives on surfaces a long, long time.

    For the Naugler children’s health, I urge the parents to make sure there is plenty of water and soap and paper towels to dry hands after using the john. That outhouse should be cleaned every couple of days given the sheer number of people using one toilet and amount of fecal material produced. I would also strenuously recommend they replace the exposed plywood that houses the john with some plastic or formica-type covering, as well as a smooth, cleanable surface for the outhouse walls. What they currently have can’t be thoroughly cleaned.

    Please do not use “family wipes” in the form of old rags, this just adds to the hazard potential when you have lots of little ones that don’t always know what not to touch. Toilet paper may be expensive but your health is at stake. Further, reusable “family wipes” have no business being laundered at a public laundromat. Unless you are using loads of bleach to ensure disinfection. Even then, I would bristle at the thought of using a public washing machine knowing that the previous person’s laundry contained poop on the cloth.

    What Nic and Joe don’t get is that our “pioneer forefathers” died of all manner of now curable illnesses, from pneumonia to pre-eclampsia to C-diff. That the USA has eliminated or cut down substantially on diseases of fecal origin is the result of three magical things. Running water, soap, and a sewage system. And thank God for that.


  18. This morning, 3/6, a picture of a disgustingly filthy makeshift outdoor place for pooping was posted on the BLH facebook page. It’s for the children, provided by their parents. Thirteen hours later over 300 people on FB approve of the picture!

    Today, 3/6, a picture of a sparkling clean, freshly painted salon, with an indoor toilet with sink, water, electricity and a door to open and close was proudly showcased on BLB. The facility serves dogs. It is provided by the same people who deny their children. At almost 2 hours later, already almost 200 people approve.

    How can anyone, especially parents, think this is ok? How can all of those people see those two pictures, posted practically side by side, by a mother, and not shout out in alarm for the children? How is this allowed to happen, and be documented as if all is well?

    All is not well. The children are hostage to unwell parents. This situation makes me cry.


  19. Bill, I too have always had difficulty understanding the “support” of the great hypocrisy the N’s represent. Mind boggling, frustrating, sickening and complete sadness consume my brain. But I have those same thoughts when I see certain political candidates with the same caliber of blind followers.

    Welcome to America


  20. OMG Jack, the political scene right now is mortifying. We need a whole ‘nuther blog to discuss our second hand embarrassment! There are candidates who are as absolutely delusional as the parents we discuss, but they don’t put and post about their own families in such dismal danger.


  21. Makes me wonder how the land company holding the title to this land would feel knowing their tenants were polluting this land. Makes me wonder what the neighbor closest to the shit shed, outhouse and their “compost” pile would think. Makes me wonder how that neighbor even deals with having low life slobs like that living so close to his well kept property.


  22. “Makes me wonder how the land company holding the title to this land would feel knowing their tenants were polluting this land.”

    I doubt they care. These are the same sort of people featured in Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” as the title holder of the “new” house sold to the protagonists. No, really.

    “Makes me wonder what the neighbor closest to the shit shed, outhouse and their “compost” pile would think.”

    I bet they care!

    “Makes me wonder how that neighbor even deals with having low life slobs like that living so close to his well kept property.”

    Citronella candles? Necklaces made out of garlic? Maybe a hedge will be planted with plants that grow thorns.


  23. Hedge, fence, cinderblock wall…

    Would will somebody be forced to care if when pathogens were inevitably are found in the neighbors’ groundwater?


  24. It was my understanding that the individual that took the photo in question was just observing that not many changes are visible and doesn’t look like much has been done to clean up any more since the volunteer day.

    I wonder if Nicole has ever stopped to think that in taking pics of her own shed, she has posted pics of her neighbors property as well. What’s the difference?


  25. Another observation of the pic of her shithouse. There is a rather darkish brown spot right above the wooden box and toilet seat. Now I can understand mud on the floors, but mud on the wall above the toilet? Wait hmmm, what if that isn’t mud?? Ewwwwwwww!!!


  26. I noticed that spot too. To me it looked like what my uncle use to call piss art when one of the
    little boys missed the drop while peeing and peed every where.

    I am sure there are laws about tossing raw human waste about any where. Would be interesting to know what KY laws are on that.


  27. I infer from the three(?) (four?) burned-out trailers scattered around the property that this land has been subject to rent-to-own contracts multiple times. Maybe that’s why the owners don’t care: there’s always another buyer.

    But I wonder whether they’ve considered that it’s a lot easier to rent/sell land that doesn’t feature a sludgy, trashed-out pond or a heap of human feces.


  28. I keep my home clean, very clean yet you know its lived in we have midsized family and a spacious home, all walls & roof too, indoor PLUMBING, running water & electricity. That being said my OCD is so bad, I have to clean my toliet seat every time before my ass graces it. Idc if my ass was the last one on it. I come to the bathroom, get my cleaning stuff, scrub down my seat, dry it and then & only then will I use it. I don’t get their willingness to be so nasty and disgusting an then have the guts to openly post it for the www. Then they post the pet facilities, how can theys show those kids the dogs mean more than them and essentially saying dogs deserve better. Now don’t get me wrong a dog lover, passionate about my fur children but the NogNuts are showing who & what is most important to them and its very obviously not their children. I hope the children can break the cycle one day and move far away from tgeir nutcase parents . NogNut 1 & 2 have those poor children brainwashed! !!


  29. “I wonder if Nicole has ever stopped to think that in taking pics of her own shed, she has posted pics of her neighbors property as well. What’s the difference?”

    It’s Nicole. She would note that she’s perfectly entitled to do so as long as there are no people in the frame and therefore if her neighbor was upset by it, tough. She’s posted in the past about taking photos of a person’s home, from the street, with no people visible in the frame and the homeowner came out and was quite upset with her. Didn’t want her taking photos of her home. Nicole told her it was legal (and it is) and apparently the woman wasn’t mollified by this explanation. Nicole SAYS she opted not to post the photo but this is Nicole. I bet she did so just to spite the woman.

    Nobody tells Nicole that she’s overstepped a social boundary, let alone a legal one.

    Well, taking photos from the road, with no people in the frame (or even animals!) and posting them is perfectly legal. Nicole may not like it and she may not have the backbone to call the police on her own behalf (she asks for others to do it for her), but it’s legal.

    I doubt that whatever they had set up (cough cough) several days ago when they featured their newest engineering project meets code or would pass muster with people who really and truly DO know how to compost human waste. I also doubt that either of the adults understand why it’s so important that it do so.

    We all live downstream. Some live downwind, too.


  30. @nk: I haven’t written any articles, but I did comment a lot on Homeschoolers Anonymous articles posted by people who’d lived the island missionary/back-to-the-land lifestyle and pointed out the glaring differences between their lives and what the Nauglers are doing to their kids.

    As I said there, even in parts of Africa where people live right next to herds of pooping, farting cows all day long, cook over dried cow poop, and use cow poop to plaster their walls, they keep their homes scrupulously clean. And their outhouses don’t look like…that…thing up there.


    These children do not even have the privacy to do their business in private.
    ( And Joe is there to watch them all day long…sick, just sick! )

    Where is a lamp or even a light for them to see if there is a snake or anything is crawling up from that ever so expensive palette floor their parents have installed for them?
    (O’but Mommy Dearest got new plumbing and all new grooming bath’s and stations set up for strangers to use at her buissness and new paint….how fancy! But Joe and Nicole could not even spring a few bucks for a full sheet of plywood to lay on the floor of the Outhouse for their kids.)

    And look at the size of that Outhouse !!!! That’s a lot of room for these children to teach the younger ones how to use this fancy get up….custom build just for them by their ever so caring parents…. that did not even think to put a Dry Sink in there so the kids could WASH there hands.

    I think not, these poor kids are not even having their basic needs met while their parent’s waste money selflessly on YET another Dog Grooming Business.


  32. Convoluted, is that the term? On so many levels. So, the kids get a bucketshed. No handwashing sink or white water bucket. But the customers at the business, have nice restroom facilities. She practices minimalist, for the children. But in servicing customers, keeping to the customer’s standards.

    So kids get to celebrate Christmas, in playing in God’s mud. No celebration of Christmas, it’s just another day, for the kids. But for the customers at the business, Christmas decorations. Christmas bows and ties and festive seasonal photos of the client’s dogs.

    No running water, bathing or laundry facilities for the kids, at the shedstead. But kiddos, come on to the grooming salon to relish in the conveniences.

    Is the martyrdom convoluting to you, too?

    p.s. I still stuck on carrying shit filled 25lb buckets a full 100 yards to the shit pile. Somebody would have monster biceps before long.


  33. As soon as the warm weather kicks up there’s going to be swarms of flies through out the Naugler property. And I would hate to be a neighbor.
    Granted I know flies and farm animals are a given, but flies and human feces are what epidemics are made of.
    Conjunctivitis, Cholera, Diptheria, Dysentery, Typhoid fever, Salmonella ( food poisoning) and other bad infectious diseases ( polio) can be transported by infected flies.
    Nicolle doesn’t believe in vaccinations. So if her children come down with a transferable disease, count on their feces carrying the bacteria across her property lines.
    I’m guessing she’s thinking that’s not her problem.

    She may be proud of her unsanitary backwoods ignorant way of handling poop, but similar ignorance has brought armies to their knees, and reduced the populations of villages.
    Yes, I know there are verifiable ways to compost human feces. But a strict and sanitary methods have to be followed. It’s a science.

    The Nauglers have an open air kitchen, no running water to clean dishes, pots and pans or closed place to store them when clean.
    They have an open spot for feces ( the toilet lid will not keep out the flies) and a very iffy technique of carting buckets of feces to another area to dump with saw dust. I doubt the flies will be put off from the feces by some sawdust any more than if there were a dead body bury under there.
    How are the then emptied buckets cleaned? Where does the “cleaning water” go to?
    Do those who are on poop detail, get to wash their hands, assuming there was no splatter?
    Actually, I only ask because of the kids being exposed to this potential nightmare. I know the neighbors can take care of themselves. I’m just glad I’m not one of them.

    One interesting thing that might be fun for one of the kids to try, is to fill zip lock baggies with water and drop in a penny. Hang the bags at doors and windows and eating areas and at the poop house.
    I saw this done all over Polly’s Island at eating establishments. There were no flies. I have no idea why it worked… But I have to admit there were no elephants trying to get in either.


  34. Well I think its time for BLH to get a well child(ren) check! I mean there literal shit pile can infect the ground and cause all kinds of havoc.
    *e coli
    *hand foot & mouth disease
    * pinworms
    For the kids, animals & neighbors, plus imagine what they track in on their shoes at the salon. They could introduce it there, infect customers and their pets which could pass to the customers family and friends. Ect.. vicious cycle.


  35. I would like to point out that the Naugler Family toilet is – conveniently, selfishly – sized high for a large adult male – of which there is really only 1, in this family of 13. The toilet in question is higher than your standard toilet, and thus more difficult for use by young children. This is horribly off-putting, considering the demographic.

    Sadly, there is no facility built for the children, or with them in mind – just a simple child-sized model would do!

    And honestly, that is what saddens me the most. For, I have long-imagined what the recent visual confirms, and I am over the horrors of pathogens amok, instead finding more heartbreak in the lack of thought and veneration for the youngest and most overlooked children in the bunch. There is an apathetic coolness in their regular disregard.



  36. Was it here where somebody posted a link to a blog by a couple who had some peculiar political ideas, about as many children as the Nauglers, a bunch of unimproved land to homestead, and plans to homeschool–and actually made it work?

    That family had no problem posting clear and detailed pictures of the place where they put all their poop. Because they had an actual contained humanure composting system–not a pile of feces and sawdust.

    And, you know, competence. And follow-through. And willingness to learn. And a work ethic. And empathy for their children. And…


  37. BlessedOneIsOffHerRocker, I can’t agree with you more !
    It is time for the State to do a Welfare Check on these children.

    Looks like the two oldest boy’s are fed up and moved BACK into the Shit Shack, the very place THEY were removed from.

    Maybe by now they are sick and tired of carrying all those buckets of human waste and babysitting their DAD all day and their little brother’s and sister’s.

    Honestly, Teenage boy’s have other things they want to do with there lives. I’d say these boys are looking for away out of there and will someday get out soon like most Amish teenager’s do.
    In the dead of the night……I hope they make it.

    Then Joe and Nicole can carry all them buckets themselves !!!


  38. I’m wondering if the Nauglers will remove a wall from the shit shack now that the weather is warming up. If they do, I hope they don’t lose the wall, you know, like they did last year.


  39. Cue Ominous music . . .

    Fade in to the rhythmic steps of jackboots squishing through mud. Pan up to a plastic covered front porch on a garden shed . . . Dogs bark and goats bleat.

    A slender man in a tight black uniform gathers himself and taps the door.

    *Knock knock knock*

    A flurry of activity is heard– a small child opens the door and says “Mama, it’s the Empire”

    A woman with dreadlocks comes to the door and asks why the man is there. The following discussion and actions ensue . . .

    ~Nicole~ “What are you doing on my property? Didn’t you see all of the keep out and no trespassing signs?”

    ~Agent of the Empire~ “Madam, I am Darth Cholera from the Empire Environmental Squadron. I am here to investigate reports from across the galaxy of sentient misbehavior. We are told you are dumping the waste of 13 humanoids onto the watershed. This is a violation of galactic decency and even the Fecalites from the lower colon system have enough sense not to engage in, and advertise such foolish behavior. I must ask you to take me to your dumping grounds so that we may ensure you are not actually endangering your own children and everybody in this settlement utilizing the ground water”

    ~Nicole~ “I am a free woman of planet earth and I protest this invasive action . . . who are the other individuals behind you? What makes you think you can do this?”

    ~Agent of the Empire~ “Madam, those are clone storm troopers and bounty hunters from the statist system. They are here for my protection and yours. Additionally, we are being watched via drone and microbot. Will you please take me to the facility that you treat your waste in so that I may return to the battle cruiser and dispense with this bothersome investigation?”

    ~Nicole~ (her voice elevated) “I am a free agent and not subject to galactic or Empirical law. I have inalienable rights and you cannot step foot on my property. I don’t need to show you anything, you need to show me a Warrant signed in blood by the Emperor himself!”

    ~Agent of the Empire~ (signals droid to come to the front of the shed. The droid vibrates, chirps, and prints out a warrant. The droid dispenses the warrant and quickly darts away) “Madam, your Warrant”

    ~Nicole~ (Now frantic) “This is NOT valid, this is an obtrusive and illegal act! I will not be subjugated and I will not answer to you. Fecal borne diseases actually make humanoids stronger. Only those vaccinated will suffer due to their weak statist constitutions. I am a bastion of freedom and my actions here are not subject to the whims of those others sharing the watershed! You will NOT kidnap my compost pile . . . go ahead and shoot me!!!”

    ~Agent of the Empire~ (Waves droid back. Nods. Droid tazes Nicole. Nicole is encased in carbonite. Joe eats another ho-ho.)

    Nicole is placed on levitating carbonite sled. As the agent and the storm troopers depart, Tatooine Scavengers, Jawas, come out of the “wilderness” and approach the farm. They are repulsed by the stench of the compost pile and they decide it’s not worth the trouble.

    A dog barks. A goat bleats.

    Joe eats another ho-ho and asks what that was all about.


  40. LMAO Empire that was great.

    Sad part is that is how she would act.
    Even more sad is that is how Joe would act. He hides behind his wife. Even when he tries to talk she is trying to out shout him. She does not let him wear pants as she is the boss.

    Thanks for the great laughs. I do get good laughs daily reading the dribble that Mrs Naugler post as it is so damn funny one can not help but laugh at her shit. But at the same time one has to wonder what kind of a warped messed up mind must a person have to believe that shit and actually try to live it and with 11 kids to boot.


  41. That was very funny and I can easily envision it playing out in exactly that way. With a minor change. Joe would first eat a ho-ho and then eat a twinkie.

    Afterward, the whole family would jump into the van and go to Hardees. No, better still, Burger King.


  42. Dear “Oh, Empire Strikes Back (Please)”—

    New World Pictures appreciates the enthusiasm with which you have pitched this feature film project. As you know we did a first-look deal and you were paid accordingly for your script.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but unfortunately the Studio killed the project.

    Despite the state of the art visual effects planned, the breathtaking cinematography of the Naugler wilderness, as well as the compelling emotional back story of 11 adorable children living a surreal existence, the Studio did not think anyone would be interested in the pivotal characters, i.e. the mentally ill parents. Their characters were focus-grouped and found to be “too grotesque and repugnant”, “dreck” and “low life” for any paying audience to relate to with a modicum of empathy.

    Your script option has not expired, however, for another year. If you do a rewrite and work in some interesting angles like Bitcoin scamming and Internet fraud, conspiracy to murder dogs, Mafia-like trolls and intentional assault by vehicles, we may be able to turn this into an action thriller. Think “The Hustler” or “Wall Street” meets “Little House on the Prairie”. Air kisses!


  43. Thanks for the update, nefarious
    My opinion for what it’s worth, is that the naugler adults have finally shit in the ‘homestead’ not off grid woods,too often.


  44. These psychopaths have smeared shit from Maine to Texas and back. They are rebels without any cause but to offend every person they are in contact with on a regular basis.

    Their “friends” who come to their defense no them from squat -good ole face book friends who only tune in for the shit show which started way before today.

    Oh, and for the love of God could someone please buy that woman another skirt! A year later and she is wearing almost the same damn clothes!


  45. I simply cannot fathom, first of all, the amount of human shit there would be. These people are mental! Composting the waste from all those humans? I have lived in remote Arctic villages where the “honey bucket” was in use. You pooped in a bucket but then the tribal government had a truck that came around and collected all the waste, which was then treated at a plant. Not a fun or private way to take a dump, but much healthier than these people!
    Second, whenever possible, urine was not mixed with pooped. Boys, please go pee outside. Solid waste is more amenable to composting.
    And what are they using this supposed compost for? It has been documented that composted human waste is only good for flowers.


  46. It has been documented that composted human waste is only good for flowers.

    Depends on how it has been treated. Milwaukee wins the crown, I think, for figuring this out in their fertilizer called “Milorganite,” which has been on the market for decades. They basically introduce microbes into the sewage slurry, let them eat it all up (yum) and then dry out the microbes. Technically, it’s not human waste any more. But then, when we make compost from garden waste, the resultant black soil isn’t peach skins any more either.

    Because a DIY approach is fraught with opportunities for error, it’s certainly advisable to keep the stuff away from your veggie garden. It’s safe, I think, to say that the Nauglers are good at error, so. . .


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