The Simple Life

faith questionOh gee, we can help with that.


Here’s a chapter list.


Chapter One Feeling Smug While Doing Fuckall

Chapter Two“Please, Sir, I Want Some More.”

Chapter ThreeDelegating: All Work Becomes Unschooling Leaving More Time For Facebook

Chapter Four – Managing the Hypocrisy: Asking Online Sources for More Online Sources Regarding How to Keep Your Children From Being Attached to Electronic Devices

Chapter Five– Baby-Making and Pyramid Schemes Are More Alike Than You Thought

Chapter Six – It’s All About The Image You Project

Chapter Seven– How To Hide In the Woods: When CPS Inevitably Comes Knocking

Chapter Eight – Zen and the Art of Baby Making  (Without the Hassle of Raising Them)

Chapter Nine – Boob for the Photo-Op, Sippy Cup All Other Times

Chapter Ten – It’s Not Slave Labor, It’s Family

Chapter Eleven -Mud for Christmas: How to Lower Your Children’s Expectations During the Holidays

Chapter Twelve – Use Pencils, Not Tablets

Chapter Thirteen – Who Needs Sports: Tote Those Buckets to the “Compost Heap”

Chapter Fourteen – Grifting: It’s An Art

Chapter FifteenHow to Raise Tech-Illiterate Kids When You Have an Internet Addiction

Chapter Sixteen – Rainy Days and Wednesdays Always Mean a Bath

Chapter Seventeen – Vaccines Aren’t Needed if You Eat at Hardees

Chapter Eighteen – Free-Range: Make Your Neighbors Love You

Chapter Nineteen – The Gentle Art of Scamming: How to Use People to Get Money and Things

Chapter Twenty – Con That Church

Chapter Twenty-One – You Don’t Have to Drag Them to the Library if They Can’t Read

Appendix Whatever You Do, Don’t Forget to Take Your “Me Time”


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You’re welcome.







40 thoughts on “The Simple Life”

  1. N & J are lying scammers and terrible parents and neighbors. But that’s not what I find so appalling, since they are not the only lying, scamming people in this world. No. What truly boggles the mind is that there are people who are so stupid that they believe every word N & J post, even though there are dozens of other posts, as well as PICTURES, that contradict everything the N parents say. It’s not even just a lack of logical thinking, which would involve questioning what you read and researching to see whether something is true or not. Instead, it is the inability to believe a picture! Right in front of your eyes! Why don’t they stop by and visit the homestead, maybe stay a few days, maybe have their own kiddos haul some poop? Would they still consider it just a “simpler” way of life? We can even extrapolate this level of stupidity to our current political crisis. If only people would look with their own eyes, listen with their own ears and think with their own brains. OK. I’m done now. Thank you for listening.


  2. Ta, Beth. Great rant and I agree wholeheartedly.

    Spent part of my day watching Sassy Trump ( how had I missed him) videos and for some inexplicable reason it made me feel better. (Trump as overly dramatic queen makes more sense?) Give it a try. Humor improves so many horrible things and makes them more palatable.


  3. I do hope there are Prologues by Donny, April and Larisa.

    *Note: one of the aforementioned is actually a real life friend who has stood beside the Nauglers all along while two of them are random internet strangers who have surgically grafted themselves into the story by playing internet bulldog, likely while doing drugs.


  4. A correction needs to be made to chapter 9. Breastfeed baby in court in front of judge for maximum effect.


  5. Thank you very much, Sally. I just snorted Coke out through my nose reading that TOC. Owe but dead funny.


  6. Chapter 24: the erotic joys of man musk and how to grunt silently * foot notes include; if it feels too firm it’s probably the babies head your squeezing


  7. Me thinks ole’ Faith Loveland is just a sock account, likely run by Nicole, and almost certainly by someone who had administrative privileges on the BLH FB page.

    I say this because:
    1. I realize Nicole has some dedicated leghumpers over at the BLH, but the comment from Faith just seemed a little too choreographed.
    2. Hop on over to the profile for Faith Loveland. Not even a “scrubbed” profile is that clean and shows main header and profile images loaded so recently. It screams sock account. It screams, new.
    3. Go to Faith’s comment on the BLH page and hover your mouse over the only “like” on the comment. It’s by Faith herself. I think Nicole was just doing a little self stroking (with the Faith sock account), then meant to like”Faith’s” comment as the BLH page itself, not realizing she was still signed in as Faith. Make sense? (I think those of you with a FB Biz page understand what I mean and how that can happen)

    Sally, I sent you a shot of the comment illustrating what I am talking about.

    It also bears noting that the name on the account is reminiscent of a couple of acronyms I’ve seen used online pertaining to what was referred to as a homesteaders “creed”. FFLL (Faith, Family, Love, and Land) and FLL (Faith, Love, and Land).

    Just thinking out loud.


  8. Oh my god!! Sally this has got to be one my favorites blogs of yours so far. My son heard me laughing out loud and asked me if I was on SnapChat. ?


  9. I agree, MyOhMy. Faith appears as a lost in distress. Faith’s page certainly appears to be a sock, created fairly recently. How did that sock find it’s way on BLH page, as lost as Faith plays in her commentary.

    “That helps parents raised in this techno-crazy world learn how to provide a lifestyle for their children that can happily and fully be lived right on their own land without feeling like they need to GO anywhere or have some electronic device to keep them occupied.”

    Faith, Nicole also may want to educate self on that site, link or book. Between social media sites, facebook pages, youtube channels, blogs. There is not much time left in the day, when she isn’t occupied on an electronic device called her iPhone. I know, that’s how to keep the kids off the electronic device, hog it. Easy peasy. Or discipline the kids with a “do as I say, and not as I do.”

    There was a photo last year, from clean up day. One of the news media was invited to capture the day in photographs. That one, Joe in the background. Head dropped down, gazing at his phone. Nicole sitting in the foreground. I think on a white bucket. Face barely visible, head dropped down too. Scrolling her phone. If you get my drift. Go take a look, Faith, see for yourself.

    Silly Sock…


  10. Yep. Faith Loveland “liked” both of her own comments! I think NicNog forgot to sign out as Faith and sign back in as BLH! What an idiot. But without this slight faux pas, Sally would have been without such great inspiration for this post. It definitely made my night!


  11. Things I hate:

    1) People who view their children as possessions and not people in their own right that they are charged with caring for and guiding to adulthood.

    2) People who don’t think neglect “counts” as abuse.

    3) People who seem to want to elevate the neglect of said children/possessions to an art form and dress it up as a “simple life” or some other homespun, wholesome sounding vomit (important note – you can be dirt poor and yet not neglectful towards your children, it’s a choice to abuse like any other).

    4) People who want to isolate their children from others to such an extent that no one will be able to tell if the children are being abused and the children have nowhere to turn for help if the parents haven’t succeeded in making them think their abuse is normal.

    5) People that refer to themselves as “this mama/momma”. My mother is mama, it’s not the word itself but “this mama thanks you!” “this mama could use a hug!” “it was so hard for this mama to sit by for 5 months while her children suffered from whooping cough and this mama would only give them essential oregano oil as treatment!” I see here and there on the web make me REALLY twitchy.


  12. Faith has got to be a sock. Nicole was there “the morning after” some undisclosed event, which would mean they’re somewhat close, yet they never talked about this “simpler” lifestyle?

    Let’s say Faith’s real. Well. What she’s looking for isn’t the simpler life. It’s a life where parents don’t have to do anything. Even kids living the “simpler” life (it is simpler when doing it right means a ton more work?) have activities, and always have. Even homesteaders in Laura Ingall’s days understood the importance of activities and socializing. But Faith-No-More does’t.

    How often do you think the Naugs wash socks? No, better question is how many layers of crust must there be.


  13. Chapter 25: The Necessity of Sock Accounts to Lurk, Dox, Intimidate and Post Self Congratulatory Comments About a Job Undone.

    Chapter 26: If Caught, Deny, Deflect, Minimize, and if All Else Fails Scream Troll.

    Chapter 27: It’s Easier to Fake It If You’re a Narcissist.


  14. I am not sure the exact reasons N and J sought viral status but I do know, they didn’t think through how they would be perceived by average Americans: In essence, they didn’t know or care about branding. Perhaps N thought since the children were removed from her care, she should get the public behind her. If that was her motivation, she lacked the good sense to know what “the public” would get behind. In every news story published about the Ns, the more literate sounding public condemned the Ns for living in filth. Another and probably more accurate motivation was to get funding for “getting the kids back” but, again, she didn’t think that one through. Instead of defending herself and taking steps to improve their living conditions, which would have garnered much more money than what they posted on their gofundme, she went on attack and began attacking everyone. Anyone who knows anything about rhetoric knows that arguments based on attacking the person (ad hominem) instead of the position is not worth its weight in salt. She attacked her neighbors, folks in town, the evil government, and, of course, anyone on her Facebook page who dared to disagree with her. Bless her heart; she continued attacking anyone and often everyone but didn’t have the foresight to predict that average Americans will not support people who neglect children, so her posts of picture after picture of children living in squalor accompanied by inaccurate information about homeschooling, nurturing, gardening, animal husbandry, composting, and handling biological wastes continued. I believe her creation of all these “supporters” who want to learn how to bring their families into the same “blessed” conditions as the Ns is one of her many rhetorical devices. She has a few but none are logical and these little “leghumpers” real or created, she thinks, will give her validation and legitimize her life style. I can only imagine how she stomps her feet and screams while pulling her dreadful dreadlocks right out of her tiny little head when she realizes that we don’t buy it…not one iota. Now, I think her motivation for keeping her face and the face of her children so public is to win….she cannot stand to lose and even though she has to know that the way she lives is putting her children at risk, she will never, ever admit her wrong doing because she, like so many of us have realized, is not a critical thinker and her emotional IQ ranges down there around an 11 year old, so, for her, it’s about winning. She will not lose to those evil, educated snobs. I can hear her telling her children…you see, there are those who are educated and read all that crap and waste all their time learning, but they have no “commonsense” and there are those of us unschooled folks who work hard to learn by doing…see we learn by doing. See how smart we are by doing all this homesteading, we’ve learned so much. So, I think a chapter on smart versus smug is in order: Chapter Something: How to get your common sense on while leaving the education on the shit pile.


  15. I read Nicole’s blog description of how they spend their time. Sadly, she seems happy with isolating and restricting her kids.
    A tire swing and forts? Spending time working along side a parent? Really?
    Isn’t that what most homeschool kids do when they aren’t at soccer or play practice, piano or science class, youth group or co-op, Scouts or Boys and Girls Club?

    We have homeschooled for 15 years because we believe that our kids need lots of free time to play and explore. We want them to grow up spending time with their siblings and with us.
    Family time and free time is important. But how sad for the Naugler kids that they have nothing else.
    Who would want to spend their childhood isolated that? Doesn’t Nicole realize that those kids will figure out someday that other kids had swings and forts, had hours of free play, worked along side a parent, played at the lake AND had friends their own age, joined clubs, took classes, played sports, spent the night at friends houses and had friends over to play?


  16. Faith, Faith, Faith…..Smh. If you do not want you kids to be tech-crazed savages try setting up rules about technology and enforce them. It is called parenting.

    For example, my 12 year old has an Ipod. It was a gift from another family member, and honestly we were not wild about her having it. Cyberbullying (not the Nauglers’ version, but actual cyberbullying) does exist and I did not want her being part of, or being a victim of it. She is at the prime age where these sorts of things happen. So we told her one hour a day, at a set time, we get all of her passwords, and we are added on all of her accounts. Guess what? She doesnt even ask to get on her Ipod outside of the set hour anymore, because every single time she did (and she did ask initally) we said no. We monitor what goes on in our house….period. I dont need parenting advice from some half literate woman who lives in a shack.

    There is an honest to goodness dose of common sense. Instead if blaming your kids’ issues on the world, step up and run your darn household. It is time consuming, but not really that difficult.


  17. Any idea what happened at the court hearing?

    Yes, but I’m waiting for the court documents so I can be sure and definitive.


  18. When Nathan was little, the big tech thing was television. The people at our fundy church were very opposed to it. We thought that was dumb, that they come with off switches for a reason. So we allowed him X hours of TV per week. He could choose what he watched and we would approve it. He would go through the TV Guide with a pencil and mark his choices carefully, spending his time wisely.

    When he was grown, he could take or leave TV. He did not grow into one of those people who is mesmerized by it and has it on every waking moment.

    We’re supposed to help our kids learn to make choices, not isolate them totally.


  19. I have never really worried about technology with my children. Sure they love technology but they also enjoy boating, biking, reading, hanging out with their friends, playing various musical instruments, playing with their animals, etc. It’s all about balance. When children are given a full life with lots of opportunities and exposure to different people and places they will live a balanced life. When parents model a balanced life, kids tend to mirror that. Anyhow we’ve never really had restrictions, it’s always been a non-issue. I do remember when my kids were little and other kids would come over, the tv would go on and they would be glued to it. And then I understood why people worried. It just wasn’t something I worried about with my kids. Not that our family was better, I had other stuff I worried about with my kids. Technology just hasn’t been one of those things.


  20. Faith asks for a information on how to NOT provide extracurricular activities for your kids and then how to NOT feel guilty for NEGLECTING this important part of child rearing.
    Answer: Joe drinks beer and smokes pot and Nicole hides out at the salon and on the internet all day and night. That’s the Naugler way. (Agree, it’s a NN sock asking.)

    I cannot tell you how many miles and hours I spent “running” my kids all over town and sometimes across the country for extracurricular activities. Today we all have lifelong friends, memories and incredible opportunities continually cropping up from all that “running” around. What great memories and fun, wouldn’t trade it for anything.
    Highly recommend to all parents: run your kids everywhere their interests and talents lead. Use your common sense to limit it as your family needs dictate.


  21. “There is an honest to goodness dose of common sense. Instead if blaming your kids’ issues on the world, step up and run your darn household. It is time consuming, but not really that difficult.”

    Hear, hear. We live in the modern world. As parents, we ought to do our best to prepare our children for the world they will be living in, including how to wisely use their time. When my child was young, he loved his Nintendo. We started with the little black and white version! I allowed him to play on it for a set amount of time per day, which was always after all homework was completed. At bedtime, no Nintendo, no tv. I either read to my child or as he got older, he read to himself before lights out.
    Now grown, my son is like most other young people – very attached to his cell phone. But he’s also very social, has many friends, had a part-time job during his senior year, played sports, and was active in student government.
    I think Faith is a sock; but there are people like that – who sit and dream about some mythical simpler time, where everything was supposedly so much better. Heck, sometimes I yearn for a simpler time myself, but in reality, what I want is usually less traffic on the road, less stress at work, more quiet time. I really don’t want to give up my modern conveniences: I love my indoor plumbing, love the fact that when I turn the tap, clean water flows from the faucet. I love paved roads, knowing that police and fire will respond if I call 911 in an emergency. Love my local farmers who sell their produce at the farmer’s market, because I could never grow everything I need in my small backyard.
    Those longing for the “olden days” probably would never last a month if they actually had to go back in time and live like Laura Ingalls Wilder. I sure wouldn’t!


  22. I lover the fact that my kids do after school activities. My son plays football and is talking about getting back into baseball. My daughter loves archery. In fact I took her to myrtle beach over the summer cause her team qualified for worlds.

    I will never ever understand why some parents will not allow this kind of stuff.


  23. I know I could never give up modern day conveniences. Yes I’ve used real outhouses but they are not something I would want to use on a regular basis. Heck even camping for a week is a bit much for me, although I love getting away from it all.

    As far as running kids all over I have a handful of children, although several are now grown. I have mornings where I run from 6am to late at night because it is my job as a parent to help them explore the world and their interests. I see it as a privilege to drive my children to music lessons, scouts, sports practices, part time jobs, homeschool co-ops, classes, outings with friends, etc. Denying children opportunities to be involved does seem neglectful. Hiding them away from the world is neglectful. It’s sad that children are denied opportunities to step outside of their home especially under the guise of living in a simpler time. It’s merely an excuse for laziness.


  24. –“It’s sad that children are denied opportunities to step outside of their home especially under the guise of living in a simpler time. It’s merely an excuse for laziness.”–

    I think laziness is actually the least of it, although I would never accuse Nicole or Joe either one of being big go gitters.

    Cost likely contributes. Sports, scouts, etc. are expensive; uniforms, shoes, equipment, enrollment fees, camps and fairs, picture day, field trips, food, gas, etc….. If just the oldest five were to participate, in just one activity each, you can imagine the cost. They don’t have cash like that.

    But I think Nicole’s paranoia is the real deciding factor in what the children are allowed to do independently. There’s that whole risk factor- a chance that if allowed to socialize, one of those kids might talk too much! Social activities would mean that they could have conversations, completely unsupervised by Nicole or Joe. The only reason I think that the oldest boy is allowed to work is based solely on their need for income and I’d bet Nicole sweats about what he might eventually say to someone he becomes close enough to, to really confide in.

    Effort+cost+risk= secluded Naugler kids.

    Very sad now, but their independence is inevitable. I am very hopeful that at least one of them loves to write 🙂

    You all chose to name chapters. Please do allow me to name the book, “Life under the Naugler Rainbow.”



  25. I really hope the eldest boy is able to keep his wages from his job, and sock it all away in the bank , so he can afford a car in the near future, and really become independent. Well done to him for getting out and working, he should be proud.
    It would however, be hard to bank your wages knowing that your younger siblings have so little. Sadly though, it’s not his responsibility to provide for them, and him becoming independent from Joe and Nicole is of more use to the younger kids in the long run.

    As far as Nicole goes, I really think Joe is the root cause of a lot of her problems. When she was a child, she had an education and wanted to be a vet (IIRC). She had ambition and she still does to an extent. Sadly though, she met Joe. I really think they are awfully bad for one another, particularly him. He has dragged her down, alienated her from her family, does nothing whatsoever, and generally just mooches off his wife. It’s Nicole who works, it’s Nicole who tries to provide (albeit by grifting), it’s Nicole who seems to be the family spokesperson and it’s Nicole that has become an embittered shadow of that young girl who wanted to be a vet.
    I feel so badly for the children, growing up with them as parents. Hopefully, they can all flee the homestead eventually, if they aren’t removed again soon, and begin their lives.


  26. MyOhMy your points are well taken but court costs and attorney fees are very expensive. The parents place their never ending legal battles at a higher priority than outside opportunities for their kids and that is where they spend their money. It is the “sport” ma and pa love more than anything else.
    The problem is their priorities on how their budget is spent.


  27. “You all chose to name chapters. Please do allow me to name the book, “Life under the Naugler Rainbow.”

    I think that one chapter has to be entitled, “Golden Shower”.


  28. The trick to raising kids the Naugler way is to not give a rat’s ass about what your kids are missing out on. Education, friends, baths, dignity. It is all about not caring. You can’t learn that from a book.


  29. I have six kids. Believe me, most kids clubs and sports have scholarships for kids who need it. There are always ways to afford activities for your kids. All you have to do is ask about scholarships, sliding scale fees based on your income, ways to work off the fees (like mowing the grass on the field, cleaning the facility after events, etc.). Lots of people donate old uniforms and equipment as their kids outgrow it.
    Heck, the Boys and Girls Club has an after school program from 3-6 on weekdays. In our little town they charge 20 dollars for the YEAR. That includes transportation from school, transportation for field trips, snacks, dinner each day, and every program and activity for the whole school year.

    I seriously doubt the Nauglers have ever paid a dime in legal fees. With that many kids and only one income, they can get free legal representation. Just like with their child welfare case.
    That is the same reason the county won’t see any payments on any fines they try to impose. How do you get money from people who owe no taxes are living below the poverty level?

    Sadly, the oldest son is probably working to get some cash built up so the family can afford first and last months rent for a new place to live.


  30. When I hear parents bitch about having to run their kids around town so they can partake of activities, it pisses me off. If you can drive your kid around town you are blessed with the privilege of being able to drive. A privilege I have never had because I am legally blind and unable to do so. But, despite that I managed to take my child to activities. It was very time-consuming and sometimes I had to say no because the logistics were too difficult. That always made me sad. That women must be a total lazy ass bitch. How hard is it to get into your car and drive your kids to swimming or socer? Not that hard. Try doing without your car for a month and you won’t bitch about it again.


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